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B10C39: The wind rises

In the pavilion in the center of the lake,

Lian Xiao, Hu Yi and Lian Chong soar into the air then fly straight into the pavilion. Qin Yu, who is pondering quietly, raises his head then immediately stands up with a smile.

“Seniors, what’s the matter?” He asks.

Actually he has pretty much figured out in his mind why they are here.

“Little brother Qin Yu, you spent a precious Eternal Creation Pill to save my son. My wife and I can’t be grateful enough to you for that. But even after worrying ourselves for several days, we really still don’t know what we can do to express our appreciation. Therefore …”

A spatial ring flies out from Lian Xiao’s finger: “This is my spatial ring. The treasures I’ve collected for 10,000 years are in it, including elemental holy rock, various precious kinds of medicinal herbs and some ores that can be used to forge items … You can choose whatever you like and as many as you like from these things, little brother Qin Yu.”

“Me too, I’ve already removed the blood bond between me and this spatial ring. You can even take everything if you like.” Hu Yi says smilingly.

This married couple does not care about the treasures they have collected in 10,000 years at all.

“Seniors, this …” Qin Yu simply does not know what to say. He saved their son’s life so it is very normal for them to give him a gift, but they are offering him all their possessions and he does not know what to do in response to this.

Could he really take away everything like a self-interested person?

Lian Chong gives Qin Yu a pat on his shoulder and says smilingly: “Take whatever you like, brother Qin Yu. Don’t restrain yourself too much like that. Your Eternal Creation Pill was comparable to another life, you know.”

Qin Yu gives a smile then receives the 2 spatial rings.

He makes a sweep of his holy sense over their insides.

Herbs for pill making?

There are a large number of rare herbs in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Nobody knows how old those rare herbs are and they are much more precious than the herbs in these spatial rings in terms of medicinal effects.


Even though there is not a large amount of ore in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, there is still much more ore in there than in these spatial rings, and of much higher grades too. The Qingyu Immortal Mansion belonged to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang so even some random things in it are already much more valuable than these things.

Qin Yu received these spatial rings only because he wants to see if there is any top-grade elemental holy rock in them.

If he has one more piece of top-grade elemental holy rock, he will be able to improve the power of the Sword Immortal Puppet by one level, giving it the power of a level-2 golden immortal.

A level-2 golden sword immortal puppet will be so powerful that perhaps even Zong Jue will have great difficulty in trying to defeat it.

“Several thousand low-grade pieces of elemental holy rock, several tens of middle-grade pieces and 2 high-grade pieces, these are still called precious?” Qin Yu gives a forced smile inwardly.

“Looks like I was over-optimistic about the deposit of elemental holy rock on the Devil Peng Island.”

The pieces of high-grade elemental holy rock he possesses can be counted by the hundred. If someone has top-grade elemental holy rock, he is willing to exchange 100 pieces of high-grade elemental holy rock for a piece of it.

Too bad, he has never found anyone who has top-grade elemental holy rock in the mortal world except for perhaps … Zong Jue.

He passes the 2 spatial rings to Lian Xiao and Hu Yi. His hand, however, is holding a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock.

“Seniors, this piece of low-grade elemental holy rock is the present you give me, all right?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

“Little brother Qin Yu, this …”

Lian Xiao and Hu Yi are totally astounded for the moment.

They certainly know what things there are in the rings but Qin Yu has unexpectedly chosen just a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock.

In the mortal world, where elemental holy rock is extremely scarce, a low-grade piece can be regarded as precious, but it is basically nothing in comparison with the Eternal Creation Pill. After all, the pill was no less effective than a Tribulation Holy Pill, which is greatly treasured by even the first master of the Lianyun Island.

Hu Yi looks at Qin Yu, a wave of emotion suddenly sweeping through her heart.

“Little brother Qin Yu, you were afraid that we would feel uneasy about owing you a debt of gratitude so you took a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock, the least valuable type of elemental holy rock, weren’t you?” Hu Yi asks in reply.

To her and her husband, a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock is dispensable.

Qin Yu did so indeed because he wanted to make the 2 of them feel somewhat easier.

If he had not taken anything, he would have made them indebted to him forever. But he already took something, albeit only a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock.

“A low-grade piece is already enough to be the reward. It’s just that I want to ask you something …” Qin Yu says while looking at Hu Yi and Lian Xiao.

Lian Chong gives him a pat on the shoulder, saying: “You’re something, brother, taking just a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock. I admire you. Feel free to ask whatever you want, we’ll definitely answer you.”

Hu Yi and Lian Xiao also nod then look at Qin Yu.

He says with a nod: “Seniors, now I need to handle a matter, but I’m in dire need of a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock to handle it. I wonder if this place has top-grade elemental holy rock. Of course … I will exchange my Eternal Creation Pills for it. I still have several Eternal Creation Pills here.”

Qin Yu did not make a large number of Eternal Creation Pills.

Firstly, even he did not know if those green dots of light in the Meteoric Tear were limitless. If they were limited and were used up, that would be terrible for him.

Secondly, treasures must be rare. Something that is not rare is not regarded as a treasure.

Only a small number can raise the value of Eternal Creation Pills.

“Top-grade elemental holy rock?” Hu Yi frowns and says slowly: “If we had it, you simply wouldn’t need to exchange your Eternal Creation Pills for it because we would give it to you directly. But we don’t have it at all.”

Lian Xiao also says frowningly: “Big brother has it, but … there’s little chance of him taking it out.”

Lian Chong, however, refutes: “Father, mother, big uncle has even passed the 12th tribulation. Perhaps he will ascend to the demon world sometime soon. There is more elemental holy rock in the demon world than in the mortal world so big uncle won’t need to bring that top-grade elemental rock with him. Plus, I see that big uncle is exceptionally good to brother Qin Yu, so maybe he will take it out.”

Qin Yu understands in his mind that obviously Zong Jue is the only one who has top-grade elemental holy rock.

“The first point Chong’er said is correct.”

A voice rises in everybody’s ears. Zong Jue has appeared in the pavilion out of thin air. There are a stone table and 4 seats in this pavilion.

“I’m indeed a 12th tribulation loose demon so it definitely won’t be long before I ascend to the demon world. To me, this piece of top-grade elemental holy rock isn’t very important.” Zong Jue says.

Lian Chong says at once: “Then let’s take it out, big uncle.”

“It can’t be taken out.” Zong Jue says with a shake of his head.

Qin Yu is startled inside, but he says nothing and quietly listens to Zong Jue’s explanation.

“You all know that there’s a deposit of elemental holy rock in the central area of our Devil Peng Island. This is the largest deposit of elemental holy rock in the entire Chaotic Astral Ocean, and this piece of top-grade elemental holy rock is the core of this deposit!”

Zong Jue sweeps his eyes over the others.

Qin Yu nods inwardly.

A small deposit of elemental holy rock that is only several tens of li in extent may not even have top-grade elemental holy rock. If it has top-grade elemental holy rock then the top-grade elemental holy rock will most probably be its core.

“I once took out that top-grade piece only to discover later that the whole deposit had become exhausted. But after putting the piece of top-grade elemental holy rock back, I noticed that the deposit was slowly generating some elemental holy rock.”

Zong Jue looks at Qin Yu: “Little brother Qin Yu, this deposit of elemental holy rock is just a small one. In the demon world, there are so many deposits so even if you take away the core of a deposit or even hollow out a deposit, that will count for nothing. But there are too few deposits of elemental holy rock in this mortal world. If the core, that is, the top-grade elemental holy rock, is taken away, this deposit will become a dead one. And if elemental holy rock keeps being extracted from it, it will become exhausted.”

Zong Jue looks at Hu Yi: “2nd sister, in so many years, have you ever seen the elemental holy rock deposit of our Devil Peng Island diminish?”

Hu Yi shakes her head, saying: “Never.”

Zong Jue says with a nod: “That’s right. The amount of elemental holy rock I take out every year is equal to the amount of elemental holy rock generated every year. Only this way can we preserve this deposit forever.”

Now Qin Yu understands Zong Jue’s meaning in his heart.

“There are seniors who had occupied this Devil Peng Island before I did. But none of those seniors dug out that piece of top-grade elemental holy rock. It’s been this way in several million years! I definitely don’t want this deposit to end because of me.” Zong Jue’s eyes are being fixed on Qin Yu.

Knowing what Zong Jue means, Qin Yu says smilingly: “There’s no need to say much, senior Zong. I understand your difficulty. This deposit has been able to last for several million years so it should continue to last.”

Right at this moment, his heart leaps. He immediately turns his hand over, his transmitter appearing in it.

“Big brother, I and the monkey already passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. Ha-ha … succeeded, we succeeded! Ha-ha …” Xiao Hei’s words have been sent to his transmitter.

Obviously Xiao Hei is very excited now.

Qin Yu, who a moment ago was still somewhat regretful, becomes excited instantly: “Succeeded? Both of you already passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation? Very good, this is very good.”

But there is still a tinge of doubt in his heart. Even the five-clawed golden dragon and the golden-winged great Peng failed to pass this tribulation, so Xiao Hei and Hou Fei should not have passed it with ease, considering they are at least high-class divine beasts.

“Kaka, big brother, this time I and the mixed hairy bird were in real danger. Luckily, the directions Uncle Lan had given us before were very effective so we dangerously succeeded in passing the tribulations.” Hou Fei is also very excited at the moment.

Only now does Qin Yu understand that their success in overcoming the tribulations had to do with Uncle Lan’s instructions.

“Big brother, I and the monkey will come over right away. Where are you?” Hei Yu asks impatiently.


When Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers are messaging each other, the Xiumoists and Xiuxianists on the Teng Long continent already engaged in the most violent clash ever between them.

Back to the point when Reverend Ming Liang was interrogating Dame Lian Yue about her ink-wash painting,

Inside the Ethereal Hall of the Yinyue Palace, by now the Lian Yue Hall had been blown up. Reverend Ming Liang was holding Dame Lian Yue’s yuanying while Wu Hei was charging furiously at Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing.

“You don’t want to say it? Very well …” Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes, which normally were calm like deep ponds, radiated a frightening light.

“Hold it!”

A loud roar resounded through the entire Ethereal Hall. Wu Hei was rushing over extremely fast like a devil.

“If you take one more step forwards, she’ll definitely die.”

Reverend Ming Liang only took a glance at Wu Hei. His eyes had regained their calmness. Wu Hei stopped abruptly because just now Reverend Ming Liang’s voice had already risen in his mind.

Reverend Ming Liang looked at Dame Lian Yue, saying through his immortal sense: “It seems you’re really seeking your own death.”

“If you want to kill me then kill me. Don’t waste time.” Dame Lian Yue’s yuanying, however, gave a cold smile.

“Then … die.”

Reverend Ming Liang’s right hand, which was holding Dame Lian Yue, suddenly brightened.

Seeing this scene, Wu Hei was enraged. He charged at Reverend Ming Liang while raising his black great ax. Facing such a frighteningly powerful opponent as Wu Hei, Reverend Ming Liang only made a slight poke with a left-hand finger.

A point of light;

It filled Wu Hei’s entire field of vision in an instant.

At this moment, Wu Hei unexpectedly could feel death. He swung his black great ax at that point of light immediately. As soon as his ax hit, he felt his body get a huge shock. Afterwards, he could not help retreating several hundred meters continuously and ramming into another palace.

“How powerful!”

All the other loose devils at the scene were shocked in their hearts.

Wu Hei’s power was beyond doubt as he had even been able to overwhelm Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing. But, surprisingly, Reverend Ming Liang had just injured him with a gentle poke.

What kind of power was this?

No wonder he was the spiritual leader of the side of Xiuxianists.

“Don’t overestimate yourself. If Wu Kongxue came here, I could still let him save a little face, but you … aren’t qualified.” That mouth with thin lips said indifferently words that made Wu Hei so angry that he vomited blood.

Even though Reverend Ming Liang was being surrounded by the loose devils, his Taoist robe was flowing. His indifferent, calm eyes showed obviously that he looked down upon the people in front of him.

“Ha-ha … Ming Liang, you said if I came here, you would let me save a little face, right? Now I, Wu Kongxue, have arrived. You better release Lian Yue.”

An arrogant, loud kind of laughter rose.

At the same time, blood-red clouds floated over, blotting out the sky.

Dame Yan Ji had had to risk her life to use several clouds of the Devil’s Bloody Clouds in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, but as soon as Wu Kongxue appeared, there were tens of thousands of bloody clouds with him, and his clouds even had a thick smell of blood.

“Wu Kongxue.”

Reverend Ming Liang stopped his right hand, which was about to deliver a killing blow, and stared at that blood-red layer of clouds in the sky.

A red beam of light then came down from the sky. In an instant, a figure appeared in the Ethereal Hall. This person was so handsome that he almost looked like a girl. To be exact, he somewhat resembled Reverend Ming Liang.

Wu Kongxue also had red lips, white teeth and jade-like skin. Only he had terrifying blood-red eyes and was dressed in a blood-red robe which seemed to be dripping with blood.

“Long time no see, Ming Liang.”

“Wu Kongxue, you were really lucky enough to survive a fight with Hu Yi.” Reverend Ming Liang said indifferently.

Wu Kongxue gave a broad smile: “When we were at the 11th tribulation stage, we once fought each other to a draw. Now both of us are already at the 12th tribulation stage but I still don’t know what level your Stellar Ignition Art has reached and if it can resist my Blood Devil Path.”

“Do you want to have a try?” Reverend Ming Liang’s right hand, which was still holding Dame Lian Yue’s yuanying, began to shine intensely again.

End of b10c39.

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