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B10C30: Elemental life force

The Qin dynasty’s capital, inside the Practice Room of Lei Mountain House in Prince Yu’s Mansion,

Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed quietly in the room.

Li’er’s dejected departure, Zhou Xian’s mighty appearance and everything Uncle Lan said just before leaving, after experiencing all of these things, now Qin Yu’s heart is filled with emptiness. There is already no strain in it. At the moment, what he has to do is none other than practice quietly to improve his power as fast as possible.

Since he wants to improve his power, he has to understand his body clearly first!

“When that Zhou Xian attacked with the blue ripple, my body was unexpectedly able to persist for longer than the Solar Core’s energy was. It seems at that time every place of the body automatically had a comfortable clear stream that heal the body’s injuries.” In his heart, Qin Yu is still doubtful about that occurrence.

After being transformed by the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu’s body was indeed comparable to that of a Dacheng-stage expert, but even so, it should not have been able to resist the blue ripple for so long. However, Qin Yu managed to persevere for so long and in the end even succeeded in neutralizing the ripple. The cause of all of this was — his resilience.

Moreover, all of the energy from his Solar Core that had been consumed was restored completely in just a while. Not only can his bodily injuries be healed, even his spent energy can also be replenished. This is truly very miraculous.

Qin Yu knew long ago that the Meteoric Tear performs a function of restoring things.

However, the restoration of his body and energy did not come from the Meteoric Tear itself at all, but came from every corner of his body. It seems that the moment his body was injured, every place of his body generated a clear stream to heal the injuries extremely fast.

Qin Yu mentally observes every place of his body carefully, especially the muscles and bones.

The more he observes with the mind’s eye, the finer his observation becomes. Along with this, the secret of his body and energy recovering extremely fast emerges before him gradually.

“What is this?” Qin Yu is astonished inside.

His mind discovers clearly that in the microcosmic world of the muscles and bones, there is some green light in every place of his body and even in every cell.

These green masses of light have totally fused with the depths of his body. Not only the muscles and bones, even the surface of the planet inside his dantian are also containing mysterious green masses of light. These green masses of light are basically different from the greenness on the surface of the celestial body of the Planet stage.

With a thought, Qin Yu unexpectedly intentionally causes the green mass of light in a certain place of his body to fly out through his palm like energy.

“What is this green mass of light actually?” He mumbles in a low voice while looking at the green mass of light in his palm.

“Oh.” When Qin Yu is feeling doubtful, he suddenly notices a green dot of light floating out from the Meteoric Tear in his chest. That green dot of light flies straight to the place from which he gathered a green mass of light just now and replenishes the green energy of that place.

“It’s the Meteoric Tear!”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. “Just as I expected, this mysterious green energy is related to the Meteoric Tear. Since I sucked it into my body at that time, it has always been outside my control, but now … at least I can control these green masses of energy.”

He gives the writing brush he personalized by blood and sucked into his body in the past a thought, making it fly out. Only at the moment the brush is in the shape of a short sword. Even though the true form of this middle-grade immortal weapon left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is a writing brush, its offense is even stronger than that of an ordinary middle-grade immortal sword.

Holding this middle-grade immortal short sword, Qin Yu gives his own arm a fierce hack without hesitation. Even though he is using a middle-grade immortal weapon, he has to spend quite a lot of strength to create a large wound. Blood flows out from it nonstop but this kind of pain can only make him slightly frown once.

“Now let’s see if these green masses of light are the cause of my restoring ability or not.” He immediately controls the green masses of light in his body not to go to heal the wound.

At the same time, he observes the wound attentively.

“Ha-ha, just as I expected.” A hint of delight appears on Qin Yu’s face. “These green masses of energy are the cause of that frightening resilience.”

Without being restored by the green masses of light, his wound does not seem to be healing.

Afterwards, Qin Yu releases his suppression on the green masses of light. They immediately fuse with his wound. In the blink of an eye, that massive wound is healed completely, leaving not even a visible scar.

“Phew, what frightening resilience.” Qin Yu exclaims in his mind.

Even though he already knew earlier that the injury-healing ability of the green energy is astonishing, he is still very shocked to see it with his own eyes.

“I’ve never been able to actively control the Meteoric Tear before. This green energy should be considered the 1st type of energy from it that I can actively control. Since its healing and restoring ability is so amazing, let’s call it … elemental life force.”

Just as Qin Yu anticipated, the testing of this elemental life force shows that it not only can heal injuries rapidly, it can even restore the energy inside his body too.

It can be said that this elemental life force … is superior to all energy-restoring holy pills and precious medicines.

At the moment, the 5 people consisting of Qin De, Fengyuzi, Xu Yuan, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng are gathering in a small courtyard house of Prince Yu’s Mansion. There was a heavy snow yesterday so the roof and trees of this courtyard house are being covered completely in countless snowflakes. The world is now a vast expanse of white snow. There are even tinges of chilliness in the air.

“Father, Uncle Feng, Uncle Xu, big brother, 2nd brother, there’s something I have to tell you.” Qin Yu’s face has a faint, calm smile, but his tone appears to be somewhat solemn.

Because he has gathered so many people at once, he must have an important matter to deal with. Qin De and the others can tell quickly.

“Yu’er, tell us everything about it.” Qin De says smilingly. “I’ve been living for so long, seen everything and experienced many life-or-death situations. Don’t worry about us too much.”

He wants to loosen Qin Yu up a bit.

“Father, this matter isn’t so terrible at all. To be exact, when I went to the immortal mansion last time, I obtained a treasure. This treasure is extremely precious.”

“It’s coveted by other people?” Xu Yuan says slowly.

“Yes, I obtained an ink-wash painting. This painting is related to an exceptionally important secret so it can drive all loose immortals, loose devils and loose demons crazy, including 12th tribulation experts.” Qin Yu says with a forced smile.

Now he finds the ink-wash painting to be a kind of burden.

If both Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo had kept the secret, naturally he would not be in any danger. However … when he and Yan Mo exchanged information a few days ago, Yan Mo told him very straightforwardly that he had given his ink-wash painting to the dragon clan!

Thus the situation has become just terrible.

“12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils?” Fengyuzi is shocked. Now he has only reached the Yuanying stage so 12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils are unsurpassable legendary beings in his eyes.

Qin Yu nods in frustration: “Yes, the matter is a bit troublesome.”

Xu Yuan frowns.

When the enemies are much more powerful than his side, all of his stratagems are useless. But Xu Yuan does not know at all that Qin Yu has 3 trump cards so he basically does not fear these experts.

“This is troublesome.” Qin De also frowns. At the moment Qin Feng and Qin Zheng are somewhat distressed too.

“Right, Xiao Yu, what’s the level of that senior Uncle Lan of yours?” Xu Yuan suddenly says.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Uncle Lan is absolutely superior to 12th tribulation loose immortals.”

2nd brother Qin Zheng now smiles: “Xiao Yu, then this matter is simple. With that senior Uncle Lan here … there shouldn’t be any great dangers.”

“It would indeed be so if he were still here. But … he already left. He’s no longer in the mortal world.” Qin Yu says with a shake of his head.

“No longer in the mortal world?” Fengyuzi says in amazement. “Could it be … senior Uncle Lan was a 12th tribulation loose immortal and now he has transcended the last barrier to become a level-1 golden immortal and therefore has ascended?”

Previously, during a chat Qin Yu had with Fengyuzi in Prince Yu’s Mansion, he told Fengyuzi everything he knew about loose immortals, standard immortals and golden immortals. Otherwise, given his status, Fengyuzi would not have been able to know these things.

“Ascended? Well … you can say so. Anyway, Uncle Lan won’t return here.” Qin Yu does not know how to explain so he can only give a vague answer.

“Senior Uncle Lan is no longer here, then …” Qin Zheng mumbles frowningly.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Don’t worry, father. I asked you all to come here definitely not to make you worry about these things. Previously 4 loose immortals from the Qingxu Temple on the Teng Long continent once attacked my Stellar Tower. In the end they were stopped by Uncle Lan. Noticing that the Stellar Tower’s Great Heavenly Stellar Formation wasn’t powerful enough, he changed it a bit. Now the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation can’t even be broken by 12th tribulation loose immortals.”

Zhuang Zhong informed him of this matter after the formation had been improved.

In the past, the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation could only withstand the attack of an 8th tribulation loose immortal at most. After being altered by Uncle Lan, the formation absorbed natural holy energy to become a frightening defensive, illusionary formation.

Now even 12th tribulation loose immortals can forget about breaking into it.

“Yu’er, you mean that we …” Qin De has already figured it out.

“Yes, father. I want all of you to go into the Stellar Tower and live there for a period of time first. Anyway, the scenery there is pretty good too. If I guess correctly, storm clouds will rage on the Teng Long continent during this period. When the time comes, even the Qian Long continent will possibly become chaotic as well.” Qin Yu says solemnly.

Qin De gives a smile: “I don’t mind that. I’ve already become a Xiuzhenist so my time is unlimited. Naturally I don’t care about that period. But … I’m worried about Zheng’er.”

Qin Zheng looks at Qin Yu with a forced smile: “Xiao Yu, you take father, big brother, Uncle Feng and Uncle Xu to the Stellar Tower first, okay? I’m the emperor of the Qin dynasty after all, how can I leave at will?”

Qin Yu also understands this reason. But he already prepared for this.

“2nd brother, that Lei Mountain House of mine is made from extremely rare ores. Its defense is very amazing. And it has defensive formations too.”

Lei Wei forged Lei Mountain House from some top-grade ores he had gathered while roaming universes so naturally its defense is high.

“2nd brother, you immediately build an underground space behind your resting house. I’ll put Lei Mountain House there. If you encounter any dangers, just hide in Lei Mountain House. At least you’ll be somewhat safe in there.” Qin Yu says seriously.

Now he already has the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, which is far superior to Lei Mountain House in defense and in any other respect, so it is suitable for him to leave Lei Mountain House inside the Imperial Palace.

“Father, I’ll immediately arrange for someone to take you and the others to the Stellar Tower. But I … intend to go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean to train. If any matter arises, you can tell me about it through a transmitter.” Qin Yu says seriously.

He decided to enter the Chaotic Astral Ocean to practice long ago.

Now his soul has already reached the late Dujie stage and is even on the verge of reaching the Dacheng stage, but his power is only at the late Planet stage. In order to improve his power quickly, he intends to … kill ferobeasts and refine their neidans.

Even though the Chaotic Astral Ocean is dangerous, Qin Yu is not afraid of it.

He has the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, an immortal mansion left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Not only does it have an extremely high defense thanks to it being made entirely of elemental holy ore, it is also defended by extremely formidable formations and restrictive spells.

At that time Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that he would remove the formidable offensive formations and offensive spells, leaving behind only the defensive restrictive spells. However, this is already enough to Qin Yu.

Perhaps not even golden immortals can break the defensive restrictive spells set up by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, let alone loose immortals. After all, this is the mansion of an immortal emperor. This Qingyu Immortal Mansion therefore can be regarded as a life-saving shelter.

Furthermore … Qin Yu also has the sword immortal puppet. Although he has only one piece of top-grade elemental holy rock, at any rate, he can unleash the power of a level-1 golden immortal. It should be known that this is a sword immortal, whose offense is stronger than that of any other path of practice.

After ordering his subordinates to take the people such as his father to the Stellar Tower and giving Lei Mountain House to his 2nd brother Qin Zheng to use, Qin Yu himself rides his middle-grade immortal weapon, rushing towards the Chaotic Astral Ocean extremely fast alone.

In the Chaotic Astral Ocean, the waves are sky-high and the natural holy energy is exceptionally chaotic.

Standing on the flying sword transformed from his writing brush, Qin Yu pierces the towering billows. Various ferobeasts cross his way at very high speeds in the distance. He basically will not target the ferobeasts that have not reached the Dujie stage.

“Dujie-stage ferobeast!”

Qin Yu has seen a huge silvery crab in the distance. Those blood-red eyes are glaring at him. This crab ferobeast does not seem to have noticed the threat he poses to it.

“Xiuzhenist, prepare, to die!” Having reached the middle Dujie stage, the crab is intelligent enough to talk like an average person.

“I haven’t decided to get into action but you already want to kill me.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile. Right afterwards, his whole body shoots at the silvery crab like a beam of light at a speed that is simply shockingly fast.

In the beginning, he is like a black beam of light, but after a while, he turns into a purple flame.

“Ah, the heavenly flame …” That crab ferobeast has no time to flee at all as it is immediately surrounded by the Heavenly Flame Field. In just a short time, it is burnt to ashes. A neidan then falls into Qin Yu’s hand.

At that time, even Dame Yan Ji could only withstand 2 or 3 heavenly flames, so now, how can a middle Dujie-stage ferobeast possibly escape from the Heavenly Flame Field?

“An expert comparable to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang like Lord of Black Flame is indeed formidable. The fire energy inside this Lord of Black Flame’s Ring of his is really powerful. Pity I’m too weak, so I can only draw forth an extremely small part of it, creating a Heavenly Flame Field with a range of 2 to 3 m.” Qin Yu looks at the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring and gives a smile. He then immediately continues going forwards like a beam of light.

End of b10c30.

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