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B10C26: The 3 worlds are one

In the main hall of the Stellar Tower, manager Zhuang Zhong and the guardians look at each other, their eyes full of astonishment.

“My guardians, today all the 3 tower masters aren’t here so we can’t let the enemy destroy the formation whatever happens. I’ll message the tower masters immediately. Please hold on until they come back.” Zhuang Zhong glances at the guardians present with a very solemn expression.

Nearly all of the guardians present are at the Dongxu stage. At the moment, their faces are solemn and full of resolution.

However, outside the Stellar Tower, the 4 Shan-generation loose immortals are being shocked by the fact that this formation was able to withstand a strike of Shan Qu’s immortal sword. It should be known that Shan Qu is an 8th tribulation loose immortal so he can kill even a Dacheng-stage expert in just one hit with his power.

In the eyes of the Teng Long continent’s experts, the Xiuzhenists of the Northern Territory are exceptionally weak, which is indeed true as well. But now a formation that can withstand a strike from an 8th tribulation loose immortal has unexpectedly appeared in the Northern Territory.

“How is this possible? This little defensive formation of the Stellar Tower was unexpectedly able to withstand a strike of my sword?” Shan Qu is astounded, but gives a smile after a while. “I see. Perhaps this is the formation left behind by that ‘Uncle Lan’ loose immortal.”

Shan Ming narrows her eyes and says smilingly: “Senior brother, looks like this loose immortal is really formidable. I never thought he could arrange such a formation. But … even though this formation is formidable, obviously its controller is too weak. Senior brother, we need not waste time. Let’s get into action together and destroy this formation right away first.”

Shan Qu nods his head while looking at the Stellar Tower and its illusionary radiance.

Even though this defensive formation of the Stellar Tower is formidable, if he goes all out and performs his special skill, he will almost certainly break the defense of this place. But there are his 3 junior brothers and junior sister with him here at the moment so why should he go all out?

“Junior brothers, junior sister, prepare to get in formation!”

Shan Qu shouts in a low voice. His body then immediately flashes with a light. A low-grade immortal sword flies straight up. The other 3 Shan-generation experts also make their immortal swords fly up under their control without delay. The 4 immortal swords are radiating lights of different colors.

“Furious Lightning — Break!”

Shan Qu slightly opens his mouth and says softly while making a hand sign then pointing with a hand.

The 4 immortal swords fly towards the Stellar Tower at an extraordinarily high speed while spinning like drill bits. In the blink of an eye, they hit their target like an extremely fast thunderbolt. An explosion is heard as the entire formation of the Stellar Tower begins to shake.


Like a burst bubble, the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation is broken into pieces by the joint attack of the 4 loose immortals. At this moment, the 200,000 guards all vomit blood and are badly injured.


In the main hall, all of the guardians vomit a large mouthful of blood, their faces turning pale. Wind sounds rise. A short time later, the 4 loose immortals fly straight into this hall. The leading one has swift and fierce eyes and his aura covers the entire hall like a great mountain.

Shan Qu glances at Zhuang Zhong and the guardians indifferently as if he does not see them at the scene. Indeed, in the eyes of this 8th tribulation loose immortal, these Dongxu-stage experts can be disregarded completely.

“Say, where’s tower master Qin Yu of the Stellar Tower?” Shan Qu asks indifferently.

Although his voice is not fierce at all, it carries an irresistible pressure. This is the domination of someone of high status.

Zhuang Zhong takes a deep breath and slightly bows, saying: “Senior, I am manager Zhuang Zhong of the Stellar Tower. May I ask why you want to find our tower master?”

“I’m asking you or you’re asking me?” Shan Qu asks in reply lightly with a faint cold smile on the corners of his mouth.

Zhuang Zhong is startled. His heart palpitates uncontrollably as he knows that this is someone with ill intentions!

Shan Qu’s junior brother Shan Nian looks coldly at Zhuang Zhong: “We’ve come here to find Qin Yu. You lot only need to answer the questions, and don’t ask much. You better answer honestly, otherwise … I won’t mind killing some Xiuyaoists.”

Xiuxianists are narcissistic, always looking down on Xiumoists and Xiuyaoists. In contrast, Xiumoists are ruthless and cruel. Xiuyaoists are the strongest power and generally do what they please.

“I am but a manager. How can someone like me know where tower master wants to go or where he wants to train? After all, tower master Qin Yu is the leader of our Stellar Tower. Ah, seniors, there is someone who may know tower master’s whereabouts, you should go and ask him.” Zhuang Zhong says smilingly.

“Say.” Shan Qu says indifferently.

“He is Senior Lan. Tower master always calls him ‘Uncle Lan’. He is a loose immortal respected deeply by tower master. I think Senior Lan should know where tower master is.” Zhuang Zhong says in detail.

Shan Qu, who had an indifferent expression a moment ago, stares at Zhuang Zhong, his eyes flashing with fierceness.

He does not want to see the unfathomable ‘Uncle Lan’ the most because, according to his information, the protective magic treasure Li’er was wearing at that time was really too powerful to be a low-grade immortal item. It should at least be a middle-grade immortal item. Extrapolating from this, he can partially figure out Uncle Lan’s power.

Facing the look in Shan Qu’s eyes, Zhuang Zhong appears to be terrified: “Senior, I am telling the truth. If you want to know tower master’s whereabouts, perhaps you can only go and ask Senior Lan. Could I have said something that offended you?”

“Humph, Zhuang Zhong, you’re faking it very well. The type I hate the most is … cunning lowlifes.” Shan Qu is greatly annoyed. He can tell that Zhuang Zhong mentioned Uncle Lan to frighten him, which makes him feel very unhappy.

Exceedingly unhappy!

If Shan Qu had enough power to deal with Uncle Lan, he probably would not mind Zhuang Zhong’s little trick at all. But … he is not confident of handling Uncle Lan so he is very annoyed.

“Cunning little crab, you think I’m afraid of that Senior Lan or something so you’re using him to intimidate me, right?” Shan Qu looks coldly at Zhuang Zhong.

The latter’s heart skips a beat: No good.

As soon as Shan Qu recalls the seniors of his own Qingxu Temple in the Chaotic Astral Ocean and what that immortal emperor lord said in the end that day, his face has a faint air of domination: “Senior Lan? You’re wrong, little crab. Even if he’s a 12th tribulation loose immortal, he won’t be able to resist my Qingxu Temple.”

“I haven’t found that ink-wash painting, but I hate you little crab very much. Demons and devils must be exterminated …” Shan Qu makes a wave of his sleeve indifferently.

Xiuxianists call Xiumoists and Xiuyaoists devils and demons. Killing demons and devils is perfectly justified in the eyes of Xiuxianists. Of course, if demons and devils are too powerful, Xiuxianists will enthusiastically call them ‘my fellow Xiuzhenists’.

In the world of Xiuzhenists, the absolutely righteous, kind-hearted type is exceptionally rare.

“Demons and devils must be exterminated … ha-ha, what you said is so insolent, sonny.”

That indistinct voice resounds through the whole main hall. At the same time, everybody present including 8th tribulation loose immortal Shan Qu feels mentally suppressed.

“So strong!” Shan Qu’s face changes color.

Uncle Lan, dressed fully and casually in a blue gown, is standing in front of Zhuang Zhong, looking at the 4 Shan-generation experts with an indifferent smile. There is an indifferent, smiling look in his eyes, but it makes the 4 loose immortals feel cold inside.

“To my knowledge, in the immortal world, which can also be called the demon world’s or the devil world’s universe, your immortal world is only half as strong as the demon world. It is even so in this mortal world as well.” Uncle Lan says smilingly.

The immortal world, the demon world and the devil world do not belong to different universes at all. In fact, these 3 worlds are located within the same universe, only this universe is extraordinarily large.

The immortal world, the demon world and the devil world each occupy a part of this universe. This has resulted in complicated relations between immortal emperors, devil emperors and demon emperors. This is also the reason why experts of all 3 worlds are so familiar with the Ni Yang Realm.

“You are … that Senior Lan?” Shan Qu is not frightened at all.

“Correct.” Uncle Lan nods.

“How did you know that the immortal world, the demon world and the devil world are in the same universe?” At the moment, he is still astonished in his heart. This information is general knowledge to immortals and devils, but it is a secret to loose immortals and loose devils. He knows some secrets only because he often communicates with the immortal world’s heralds.

Uncle Lan says with a ha-ha laugh: “How much do you know, junior? The immortal world, the devil world and the demon world are within the same universe. It’s just that this universe is in a higher plane than the mortal world. To a certain extent, space isn’t divided between immortals and devils. It’s only divided into different energy levels. When the energy inside a Xiuzhenist is high enough, they will ascend to a higher plane.”

“When the Xiuxianists, Xiumoists and Xiuyaoists of this world achieve ascension, naturally they fly to the nearest universe of the next higher energy level. Xiuxianists call this universe the immortal world, Xiumoists the devil world and Xiuyaoists the demon world. In fact, they are the same place.”

The 4 Shan-generation experts all look shocked.

All of a sudden, Uncle Lan smiles: “I suddenly remember one thing. You Xiuxianists often tell your disciples that the devil world and the demon world are places of chaos, fighting, blood and filthiness and only the immortal world is the happy, perfect place. You’re just fooling yourselves and others. How can those disciples possibly know that the immortal world, the devil world and the demon world are actually the same universe?”

This is indeed very laughable and is worth laughing at as well.

Xiuxianists vilify the demon world and the devil world as much as they like according to their own imaginations. Those 2 worlds are so unbearable in their imagination but the demon world, the devil world and the immortal world are actually the same universe.

The immortal world is the devil world, which is the demon world, which is the immortal world!

“Senior, may I ask how many loose immortal tribulations you have passed and if you know Reverend Ming Liang of my Qingxu Temple?” Shan Qu suddenly says.

This Reverend Ming Liang is no ordinary person. He is Shan Qu’s senior and currently the strongest expert of the Qingxu Temple, having already become a 12th tribulation loose immortal.

“You don’t need to care about how many tribulations I have passed. Reverend Ming Liang? I don’t know such a pipsqueak.” Uncle Lan says indifferently as if he is mentioning an ant.

Shan Qu’s face changes color: “Don’t be excessive, my fellow Xiuzhenist. Reverend Ming Liang of my Qingxu Temple is already a 12th tribulation loose immortal now. Not even the masters of the 3 main islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean dare to look down on him but you unexpectedly called him ‘a pipsqueak’!” He is annoyed.

“Reverend Ming Liang? I don’t know him, but I know the little golden Peng of the 3 main islands. I and you have been talking to each other long enough. You can leave now.” Uncle Lan says with an indifferent smile.

Shan Qu does not know at all who the ‘little golden Peng’ Uncle Lan mentioned is. He thinks that this is a certain expert of the 3 main islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

Members of the 3 main islands must not be offended lightly.

“My fellow Xiuzhenist, are you a member of the Chaotic Astral Ocean’s 3 main islands?” Shan Qu asks carefully.

“Juniors, I already told you to leave, but you’re still staying here. Looks like I have to personally expel you.” Uncle Lan lets out a sigh.

Hearing him say so, the 4 Shan-generation experts all begin to focus their energy for fear that Uncle Lan is about to get into action now. Based on the talk and probe a moment ago, they have concluded that this Uncle Lan is very powerful, at least more powerful than they are.

“Could it be you want to use force, my fellow Xiuzhenist?” Shan Qu asks while appearing to be tough outwardly.

“Use force? Why do some people always flatter themselves?” Uncle Lan sighs then makes a wave of his sleeve. These 4 loose immortals immediately vanish into thin air in the main hall.

At this moment, Zhuang Zhong is delighted inside. Those 4 loose immortals are very fearsome but it looks like Senior Lan is even more fearsome than them.

“Senior Lan …” When he has just said those words, Uncle Lan says frowningly: “The formation is indeed a little weak when activated by the energy of the guards. I should improve it a bit.”

In the sky above the ocean, the 4 loose immortals appear out of thin air.

“What’s happened, senior brother?” Shan Ming looks around in shock. They have come out of the ocean from inside the Stellar Tower’s main hall in the blink of an eye.

Shan Qu’s face becomes solemn: “Teleportation, he’s teleported us out. Though this place is not far from the Stellar Tower, we’re still 8th tribulation and 7th tribulation loose immortals after all. Teleporting us to this place directly with a wave of his hand, perhaps only 12th tribulation loose immortals can possibly have this kind of power.”

Shan Qu only said ‘can possibly have’ so clearly he is uncertain if 12th tribulation loose immortals have this power. After all, the fact that such a move was executed neatly with just a wave of the hand has caused him to be overcome with fear.

It is obvious that if Uncle Lan had wanted to kill them, he would have only needed to wave his hand!

“Go, let’s return. It seems we still underestimated the Uncle Lan behind Qin Yu. This matter must be reported to uncle master Ming Liang first. If he can’t do anything, we’ll have no choice but to wait for the immortal world’s experts to descend.” Now Shan Qu feels unsure if the guarantee he gave that immortal emperor of the immortal world at the time can be fulfilled.

Immediately, the 4 loose immortals fly extremely fast towards the Golden Tree Island like 4 beams of light.

In the Ming dynasty,

There is a white-robed young man with an indifferent smile on his face. Anybody who sees his smile cannot help feeling a wave of warmth inside and liking him from the bottom of their heart.

At the moment, this white-robed man is walking on the street as if taking a stroll.

Even so, with just 2 steps, he reaches the east end of the city from the west end. Using just several steps, this white-robed young man then goes from Fengyang City of the Ming dynasty to Xuzhou City.

His technique is even more formidable than ordinary distance-shrinking techniques. If Qin Yu were here, he would immediately feel that the walking method of this white-robed man is very similar to Li’er’s. Even though he is taking steps leisurely, his speed is simply shockingly fast.


Peng is the largest bird in Chinese mythology:

End of b10c26.

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