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B10C12: The last move

Now Dame Yan Ji is in control of everything. Of the 3 loose immortals, 2 have been surrounded by the bloody clouds and the other one, Old Taoist Gan Xu, has suffered exceptionally serious injuries. If she wants to kill him, it will be as simple as turning her hand over.

Chi chi ~~~~

Noises which sound like a flaming stick entering water are heard. Both Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou are spurting forth powerful amounts of energy from the surfaces of their bodies to wear away the Devil’s Bloody Clouds nonstop. But they can only wear it away slowly whereas their power is depleted much faster.

“3rd tribulation loose immortals like you want to break the Devil’s Bloody Clouds? You’re simply dreaming fools.” Dame Yan Ji says indifferently, but a Poisoned Tail Needle appears between her fingers.

The point of the needle is aimed at Old Taoist Gan Xu.

“Gan Xu, your 2 junior brothers are waiting for you.” Dame Yan Ji says smilingly and makes a slight shake of her hand. The Poisoned Tail Needle is immediately shot out like a sharp arrow.

The moment the needle is fired at him, Old Taoist Gan Xu, who has been staying motionless, rushes towards the outside of the main hall extremely fast like lightning.

He took pills right after falling to the floor and has been saving his energy and waiting ever since. Only at the last moment, when Dame Yan Ji attacks him again, does he unleash the energy inside his body completely to grab the last chance to flee for his life.


A Poisoned Tail Needle pierces through the midpoint between Old Taoist Gan Xu’s eyebrows. The devil elemental energy contained in that needle even shakes inside his body. In a short time, that small amount of energy vanishes and Old Taoist Gan Xu’s whole body falls straight down from the air.

“You, you fired 2 needles?” He has seen Dame Yan Ji’s stretched-out left hand. It should be known that just now she fired the 1st Poisoned Tail Needle using her right hand.

“You’re smart. Pity … it’s too late.” Dame Yan Ji walks to the side of Old Taoist Gan Xu very slowly.

As a 4th tribulation loose devil, she can go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean but she has not because she does not like to be inferior to people. She would rather be a big fiend on the Teng Long continent than enter the Chaotic Astral Ocean to obtain those treasures.

She wants to be a big fish in a little pond instead of a little fish in a big pond.

However, now the time she leaps through the sky is about to come.

The smile on Dame Yan Ji’s face becomes even more brilliant.

At this moment —

Moans and anguished cries come from behind her. After resisting for a long time, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou eventually cannot withstand those Devil’s Bloody Clouds anymore. When the clouds come near them, even though they resist using their internal energy, their bodies still begin to decay little by little.

Pains, heart-piercing pains,

“You’ll … all die.” Dame Yan Ji seems to enjoy those anguished cries very much. She then immediately reaches out a jade-like hand, which is instantly thrown at Old Taoist Gan Xu in an open-hand strike like lightning.

Outside the main hall,

Yan Mo, Yi Da and the others all secretly sigh when they see this scene.

But they can tell that Dame Yan Ji has been severely injured. However, she is a 4th tribulation loose devil, who is equal to a level-1 devil, so she can still kill them all with just a Devil’s Bloody Cloud. After all, the gaps between them and her are too great.


There is a sonic boom. 3 yellow silhouettes shoot into the main hall extremely fast, so fast that they even cause the air in the main hall to explode.

“What?!” As soon as Dame Yan Ji turns around to take a look, her face changes color greatly.

As the 3 yellow silhouettes are coming, they quickly transform into 3 over 100 m long azure dragons then let out dragon roars that can awaken the deaf. At this one moment, ripples even seem to appear in the air.


Clenching her silvery teeth, Dame Yan Ji attacks the incoming azure dragons with her 2 palms, which are white like the bones of the dead.

But the 3 azure dragons wind around each other and open their mouths at the same time. 3 blasts of energy which look like 3 azure dragons shoot out. Concurrently with this, 3 golden balls shoot out from inside their bodies. The 3 golden balls revolve as they move and their paths intertwine.

Those 3 dragon-shaped blasts of energy circle the 3 golden balls once then unexpectedly combine to form a seemingly real small azure dragon.

That small azure dragon charges towards Dame Yan Ji. The whole thing appears slow in description but in fact it happens in the blink of an eye.

Dame Yan Ji’s face changes color. She dodges without delay but the small azure dragon seems to have its own intelligence. It goes around in a curved path and rams into her.

An explosion is heard!

When that explosion is still echoing in the main hall, Dame Yan Ji is sent flying, spouting blood. She does a somersault while she is in the air then immediately lands on another side of the main hall.

The Devil’s Bloody Clouds surrounding Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou also fly away from these two and gather inside her body directly.

Only after she has absorbed the energy of the Devil’s Bloody Clouds does the condition of her injuries stabilize.

“Good, good.” Dame Yan Ji looks at the 3 yellow-clad men in front of her and says while gasping for breath: “I thought I was concealing myself well enough. Who could have thought the dragon clan was even better at concealment? Even I didn’t notice anything.”

Azure Dragon Yan Lang now calmly walks into the main hall and says with an indifferent smile: “Dame Yan Ji, it would be strange if you had been able to discover my 3 uncles’ true identities.”

Very knowledgeable, Dame Yan Ji says with a chuckle: “If my guess is correct, those 3 golden balls should be an extremely famous concealing treasure of the dragon clan called Illusion Dragon Balls, right?” She unexpectedly does not go mad at the moment.

“Yan Ji, you’ve also tasted defeat, right? Ha-ha …” Reverend Yue Yan says with insolent, loud laughter.

Luckily for him and Reverend Shui Rou, in the end Dame Yan Ji withdrew the Devil’s Bloody Clouds so they were able to keep their lives. Even so, their physical bodies were finished, and now they are relying on their yuanyings to materialize their physical bodies again.

“Even if it’s true, do you believe that I can still kill you?” Yan Ji says coldly.

The leader of the 3 yellow-clad men takes a step forwards, saying: “Don’t waste time, everybody. I’ll introduce ourselves a bit first. I am Yan Lanshan. These two are my brothers. Let me make it clear to you: This palace of the immortal mansion will belong to my dragon clan.”

“Yan Lang, you personalize the mansion-guarding stele.” Yan Lanshan orders.

“Yes.” Azure Dragon Yan Lang immediately goes towards the mansion-guarding stele.

“Illusion Dragon Balls can not only conceal auras but also imitate the auras and energy of other experts or the weak. They are indeed the most valuable disguise treasures. Using 3 Illusion Dragon Balls to conceal 3 late Dujie divine beasts, the dragon clan has made such a big move.” Old Taoist Gan Xu now slowly stands up.

Dame Yan Ji however says: “Big? Gan Xu, could it be you don’t know the dragon clan’s true power? They don’t care about ordinary immortal mansions. If they did, they wouldn’t have sent just 3 late Dujie azure dragons to this place. Instead, they would have sent 6th tribulation loose demons, or even more formidable loose demons.”

The dragon clan is extremely powerful. Even on the Teng Long continent, it is still an extremely terrifying clan. And among underwater demonic beasts, the dragon clan undoubtedly reigns supreme.

Even any of the various families in the dragon clan is an extremely strong power.

“Clan leader and the elders really made a wrong guess this time. If they had known that there’s an immortal mansion made entirely of such high-grade elemental holy ore in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, perhaps elder-class experts would have come here instead of 3 azure dragons about to reach the Dacheng stage like us.” Yan Lanshan says smilingly.

A late Dujie-stage divine beast azure dragon is actually a little more powerful than an ordinary Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist.

Even without cooperation, 3 such azure dragons can definitely rival 3 3rd tribulation loose immortals.

The most important thing is … these 3 azure dragons are not only at the late Dujie stage but also brothers in a family. Nobody doubts that they have any formations to execute joint attacks. When they got into action just now, the strike they used to badly injure Dame Yan Ji was obviously performed through a certain formation.

Moreover, they even have … Illusion Dragon Balls.

Not only can these balls disguise their identities, they are also offensive weapons. At least, it is easy to deal with a seriously injured 4th tribulation loose devil using them.

At the moment, Dame Yan Ji is pondering extremely fast in her mind. With 3 Illusion Dragon Balls, if these 3 late Dujie-stage azure dragons want to target her, she will really have little power to resist. If she was not injured and the loose immortals were still in good condition, they would definitely be able to defeat the 3 azure dragons with ease by joining forces.

Too bad, all of them are seriously injured.

“Want to kill me?” There is a tinge of coldness on Dame Yan Ji’s face. If they want to kill her, she will try to take 2 of them to Hell with her.

“Yan Ji, don’t try to threaten us with your self-destruction.” Yan Lanshan says smilingly. “As a 4th tribulation loose devil, if you go all out by exploding yourself to execute the Devil’s Bloody Clouds, you’ll indeed be able to injure us 3 brothers badly. But we got Illusion Dragon Balls in our hands so you absolutely won’t be able to kill us.”

The pupils of Dame Yan Ji contract. This man from the dragon clan before her seems to be able to see through her mind.

“Don’t worry, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Dame Yan Ji, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou. Our dragon clan won’t kill you. After Yan Lang has personalized the mansion-guarding stele, we’ll immediately send you out of here.” Yan Lanshan says calmly.

His meaning is very clear. After personalizing the mansion-guarding stele, naturally Yan Lang will be able to control this whole immortal mansion so he will be able to send everybody out too.

“Humph, what can we do if you want to kill us using the restrictive spells of this immortal mansion after personalizing the mansion-guarding stele?” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts.

Dame Yan Ji and the others also look at Yan Lanshan. At the moment they can still put up a fight by going all out, but when the restrictive spells of the immortal mansion have been controlled, they will have absolutely no chance to strike back.

“Ha-ha …” Yan Lanshan laughs out loud generously. “Our dragon clan will fool you? Have you ever heard of the dragon clan fooling anyone?”

The people such as Dame Yan Ji relax in their hearts.

The dragon clan is a clan of divine beasts. Divine beasts are haughty so naturally the dragon clan, which can be considered the most powerful clan of divine beasts, is even haughtier. To them, sometimes their beliefs are even more important than their lives. It is indeed difficult to make a member of the dragon clan go back on their word.

“Aren’t you afraid they’ll cause you trouble in the future if you let them go?” At this moment, Yi Da and Yan Mo come in.

“Causing trouble in the future? Ha-ha …” The 3 brothers, Yan Lanshan, Yan Lanxu and Yan Lanlei, all burst out laughing.

However, Yan Mo says: “Yi Da, you simply can’t imagine the dragon clan’s true power. Even if the Yinyue Palace, the Qingxu Temple, the Lanyang School and the Ziyang School joined forces, perhaps they’d still be no match for a family in the dragon clan, let alone the whole clan.”

The dragon clan will fear someone?

That is truly a big joke.

Dame Yan Ji, Old Taoist Gan Xu and the like cannot help feeling a bit embarrassed. Even though this hurts their pride, they have no choice but to admit that the dragon clan is extraordinarily powerful. Even several large schools combined are merely a piece of cake to it.

Causing trouble in the future?

Facing the dragon clan, will the people like them still dare to cause any trouble?

“Perhaps only if the tens of thousands of Xiuxian schools combine can they compare with my dragon clan. And this must include the loose immortal seniors who have gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean of theirs.” Yan Lanshan says indifferently.

In a resting house of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

Qin Yu and Li’er are watching everything happening in the main hall through that mirror.

“The dragon clan is really so formidable?” He is shocked in his heart when he hears what Yan Lanshan says.

Li’er says with a nod: “The dragon clan is indeed formidable. Besides, they have a big advantage because their number is extremely large while most other divine beasts are exceptionally rare. Even the ones which are not rare can’t reach the level of the dragon clan in number. The dragon clan alone is indeed superior to all the Xiuxianists on the Teng Long continent put together, unless the loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean all return.”

“Big brother Qin Yu, to my knowledge, the dragon clan is … in short, very powerful.” She sighs, seeming to think of something.

There are only a few members of the dragon clan in the Northern Territory, but there are a large number of its members in the Southern Territory’s ocean, and even in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. As a huge clan consisting of only divine beasts, they are inevitably powerful when grouping together.

Inside the main hall,

“Yan Lang, what’s the matter? Why haven’t you succeeded in personalizing it?” Yan Lanshan asks Azure Dragon Yan Lang frowningly.

Azure Dragon Yan Lang says in frustration: “This mansion-guarding stele is a bit difficult to personalize. Please wait for a while.” After saying so, he continues personalizing the stele with his full concentration. However, when his voice has just faded away —

“What’s going on? What is this?” Azure Dragon Yan Lang exclaims.

Yan Lanshan, Yan Lanxu, Yan Lanlei, Dame Yan Ji, Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others all see a shocking scene. That mansion-guarding stele, which is standing on the floor made of elemental holy ore, unexpectedly begins to sink slowly at this moment.

That floor made of elemental holy ore is now like a water surface.

The stele sinks into the floor just like that.

Everybody is dumbfounded.

“Uncles, I haven’t succeeded in personalizing it yet. There’s just such a small part left!” Now Azure Dragon Yan Lang is about to go crazy. His Yan family used so much effort and then discovered such a precious palace in the immortal mansion, but in the end, he himself has failed to personalize the mansion-guarding stele.

It is like there was a pile of gold ingots in front of him but he dozed off and when he wanted to grab the gold ingots after waking up, they were all already gone.

“This …”

For the moment Yan Lanshan and his 2 brothers basically do not know what to do. Cry? Laugh? They feel deeply wronged, so wronged that they just want to go mad and kill people!

However, at this moment —

Qin Yu, who is watching everything through the mirror, gives a faint, prankish smile.

End of b10c12.

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