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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 30 – The Fall of a Sage Emperor

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"How could there be anyone using Time Stop? Impossible. Neither Jiang Lan nor the Asura Godking is here." Duanmu Yun was extremely anxious, extremely terrified.

Time Stop!

The Time Stop had only stopped him. He was only a single Sage Emperor, had it been all eight Sage Emperors joining hands, then they could easily use their powerful Origin Energies to forcibly break the Time Stop. However, if he wanted to break the Time Stop by himself, then it would require a very long period of time.


The white spiritual pearl above Duanmu Yun's head was shining brighter. However, this light seemed to have been under restriction and was incapable of expanding. Under the Time Stop, the movement of the Light Origin Energy was completely stopped.

"What's happening? Why is Duanmu Yun not moving?"

Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, Huangfu Yu and the other Godkings above were all confused. Right when they were confused, a crimson colored figure arrived at Duanmu Yun's side in a blink of an eye.

Once Duanmu Yun saw the Blood Sea Queen, he immediately recognized that the person before him was the cold Godking who did not bother with anyone else.

"No, no…" Duanmu Yun was angrily howling in his heart. However, on the surface, he was not moving in the slightest. Even speaking was impossible for him.

The Blood Sea Queen held a Blood Fork with one hand and ruthlessly pierced it through Duanmu Yun's head. Because of the fact that the Light Origin Energy was unable to move due to Time Stop, Duanmu Yun body did not have much defense at all.


The Blood Fork directly pierced into Duanmu Yun's head. Blood started to fly out…

Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, Huangfu Yu and the other Godkings in the distance were all stunned. From the time when Duanmu Yun's body was stopped till the time when the Blood Sea Queen attacked, it was merely a blink of an eye. The other Godkings were simply unable to react in time.

"Eh? This spiritual pearl even possesses defense for one's soul."

The Blood Sea Queen cried out in surprise. When the Blood Fork entered Duanmu Yun's head, the special energy of the Blood Sea Queen immediately started to attack Duanmu Yun's soul. However, it was blocked by a layer of Origin Energy that covered his soul.


The Blood Fork ruthlessly thrust itself into the soul. In an instant, it pierced the soul over a hundred times.

Under Time Stop, the Origin Energy stopped flowing. Thus, the Origin Energy that protected Duanmu Yun's soul did not receive any more energy from the Light Origin Spiritual pearl. In the blink of an eye, the Blood Fork ripped apart Duanmu Yun's soul and shattered his True Spirit.

"How, how could this be, I, I…"

At the moment when his True Spirit was shattering, Duanmu Yun was still finding all this to be unbelievable. He, who was one of the Eight Great Sage Emperors, was actually going to die. He, one of the Sage Emperors who have never died since the birth of the Divine Realm, was actually going to die today!

"Haha, hahahaha…" The Blood Sea Queen pulled out her Blood Fork. In her hand was the All People Seal. She started to happily laugh.

As Duanmu Yun had died, the Blood Sea Queen naturally removed the Time Stop. Duanmu Yun's corpse immediately fell from the sky powerlessly. Merely, the light of the white Light Origin Spiritual Energy suddenly started to shine vigorously.


The Light Origin Spiritual Pearl who had already lost its master started to shine to an unprecedented level. However, it's tremble seemed to be a wail, a wail for its master's death.

The Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun had died!


All of the Godkings were silent. Perhaps even if the Asura Godking were to die, they would also not be this shocked. That was because an expert at the level of the Asura Godking had already died in the last battle of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

However, the Eight Great Sage Emperors were existences who have existed since the birth of the Divine Realm and continued to exist the entire time.

As for the Eight Great Sage Emperors themselves, they all knew that they were in charge of one of this Cosmos's Eight Great Origin Energies that stabilized the entire Cosmos. They had believed themselves to be people who would never die.

Although in theory, for people like Jiang Lan and the Asura Godking who could use Time Stop, they would be able to kill one or two Sage Emperors.

However, that was after all a theory.

In actuality, there had never been a Sage Emperor dying!

In this battle of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, numerous Godkings had died. However, the Sage Emperors remained living. The Sage Emperors had thought that they would continue to be fine. But earlier, the Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun had died.

"Duanmu, Duanmu Yun, he died?" Zhou Huo said in shock.

Beside him, Jiang Lan, Shentu Yan and them were also in a state of chaos. The shock to them was truly too great. The Eight Great Sage Emperors had always been the Eight Great Sage Emperors. Yet now, one had died.


Suddenly, a mournful voice sounded. The voice was so mournful that it could shiver one's heart. Duanmu Yu who had been staying at the side and never participating in the contest for the treasures the entire time was shivering slightly. His eyes were reddened. He was firmly staring at the Blood Sea Queen.

"Big brother!"

"Duanmu Rufeng also shouted. During the massacre from the Asura Godking last time around, one of the Godking from the Light Lens City, Duanmu Liu, had already died. Never did he expect that in such a short amount of time, the leader of the Light Lens City, Duanmu Yun, would also die.

Currently, the remaining Godkings of the the Light Lens City was only a woman, Duanmu Rufeng, and Duanmu Yu who had only became a Godking not long ago.

"Haha, Eight Great Clan Protection Treasures, I have obtained one today." The Blood Sea Queen laughed loudly. Complacently, the extended her hand toward that Light Origin Spiritual Treasure. The current Blood Sea Queen was extremely confident.

However, at the moment when the Blood Sea Queen tried to grab the Light Origin Spiritual Pearl…

The Origin Energy of that white Light Origin Spiritual Pearl suddenly moved violently. A non-opposable energy directly forced the Blood Sea Queen away to the side and made her unable to approach the Light Origin Spiritual Pearl.

"Mn? An ownerless item is still resisting?" The Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun was shocked.


After that, the Light Origin Spiritual Pearl turned into a ray of light and directly flew toward that Duanmu Rufeng as if it possessed intelligence. The Light Origin Spiritual Pearl appeared before Duanmu Rufeng. A drop of blood also floated out from Duanmu Rufeng's finger.

After the Light Origin Spiritual Pearl absorbed this drip of blood, its radiance became dim and it directly hovered over to above Duanmu Rufeng's head. The Light Origin Spiritual Pearl immediately began to radiate numerous rays of light. Like a light ribbon, those lights spread all around. The surging Origin Spiritual Energy that was spread around was so powerful that it was not at all weaker than Duanmu Yun's.

A new Utmost Southern Sage Emperor, Duanmu Rufeng.

Sounds of surprise filled the Purple Mystic Mansion.

"She finished refining it so easily?" Qin Yu was also a bit surprised.

Generally, it required a very long period of time to refine a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. However, this Light Origin Spiritual Pearl was actually refined by Duanmu Rufeng in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, if she had not completely refined it, then it would be impossible for her to utilize this much of the Origin Energy.

"This is very normal." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

"Uncle Lan, this shouldn't be the case." Qin Yu looked to Jiang Lan. Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng and them also looked to Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan lightly smiled and said. "To be honest, the death of Duanmu Yun is a great shock to me. When the Divine Realm was born, eight Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures descended from the heavens. They just so happened to be fused with the bloodlines of the Eight Great Divine Families. These Eight Great Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures were extremely peculiar… regardless of which spiritual pearl it was, only those who possessed a matching bloodline were capable of refining and absorbing it."

"These eight Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures, they do not care about anything else other than the bloodline." Jiang Lan knew about these secrets.

"Only the bloodlines?" Qin Yu thought for a bit and then nodded.

No wonder when Duanmu Yun died, the ownerless Light Origin Spiritual Pearl would automatically fly toward Duanmu Rufeng.

"Something's amiss." Qin Yu remembered the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl that Lin Meng had gifted to his son. That Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl was identical with the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure of the Shentu Clan.

"Uncle Lan, Little Si's Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl ought to be identical as the one that the Shentu Clan possessed. Why is it that Little Si was capable of refining this Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl?" Qin Yu asked.

Jiang Was was slightly startled. He then shook his head and said. "I am also uncertain about that. However, I knew very well that the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures of the Eight Great Divine Families absolutely requires the special bloodlines of the Eight Great Divine Families to refine. It is simply impossible for others to refine them. Although Little Si's Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl is also a Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl, but I think that it only appears to be identical but is actually different from the Shentu Clan's Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl."

Qin Yu's heart moved.

Qin Yu remembered his second brother Lin Meng. This Lin Meng had given the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl and then waved his hand on Qin Si's body. With only that, Qin Si's Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl was completely refined.

"For it to be related to this mysterious second brother of mine, everything is possible." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

"When the old Sage Emperor dies, that Light Origin Spiritual Pearl will automatically find a new owner. Both Duanmu Rufeng and Duanmu Yu are Godkings. Merely, Duanmu Rufeng has already comprehended Time Acceleration and is not someone that Duanmu Yu can match up against. Furthermore, Duanmu Rufeng is also of the Duanmu Clan's first generation, the same generation as Duanmu Yun. Thus, her bloodline is more pure compared to Duanmu Yu." Jiang Lan said with a smile. "It is extremely natural for the new Utmost South Sage Emperor to be Duanmu Rufeng."

On the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

The Sage Emperors all had sunken and gloomy expressions. One by one, they began to fly toward the Blood Sea Queen. However, the Blood Sea Queen appeared to have not noticed them at all and continued to stand there with her Blood Fork. Her crimson colored gown and her long crimson hair were all drifting with the wind.

"Haha, are you all thinking about killing me? Haha, how could I, the Blood Sea Queen, possibly fear you all?" The Blood Sea Queen stood in the air and said with a tone of absolute dominance.

The Sage Emperors, including that new Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Rufeng all possessed gloomy expressions.

For a Sage Emperor to be killed, the other Sage Emperors naturally also griefed.

"You even dared to kill a Sage Emperor? Blood Sea Queen, today, you shall be buried alongside Brother Duanmu Yun." Zhou Huo said coldly. The other seven Sage Emperors began to surround the Blood Sea Queen.

However, the Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun seemed to not worry in the slightest and continued to stand there.

"You all want to bury me alongside that Duanmu Yun? Interesting, interesting." The Blood Sea Queen was high-spirited. She had a completely confident appearance. "Even if I, the Blood Sea Queen was to be killed by you all, at least two or three of you Eight Great Sage Emperors shall join my death. Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan, Huangfu Yu, say, who do you think I should kill?"

The Blood Sea Queen asked with a smile on her face.

The Sage Emperors were all trembling in their hearts. For the Blood Sea Queen to be able to kill Duanmu Yun that easily, they were all able to speculate that… the reason that Duanmu Yun was incapable of moving was likely because he had been affected by Time Stop.

Time Stop!

Another Godking who knew Time Stop appeared in the Divine Realm. The Sage Emperors were confused the entire time why this Blood Sea Queen did not flee after she snatched away the All People Seal. Could it be that this Blood Sea Queen was truly planning to fight against them with her life on the line?

The Sage Emperors have grew a bit terrified in their hearts.

"I'm not going to wait anymore, I'll have the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial act." Jiang Fan made his decision.

"Senior Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, Senior Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial." Jiang Fan directly called via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. Jiang Fan knew very well that the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's Divine Awareness had covered the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain the entire time.

"Jiang Fan, what's the matter?" The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's voice sounded directly in Jiang Fan's mind.

Jiang Fan replied respectfully. "Senior Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, you also know about the current situation. Senior Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, please act immediately and control the Godkings on the Exalted Celestial Mountain as well as the Asura Godking outside of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. As for whether you shall kill them, Senior can decide that. You merely need to make it so that they do not obstruct me."

"Very well!" The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial replied.

"Haha… Eight Great Sage Emperors, look at the scared witless expressions that you all have. A bunch of cowards. Did you perhaps think that I, the Blood Sea Queen, would truly risk my life fighting you all? Truly hilarious! Everyone, farewell!"

The Blood Sea Queen laughed complacently.

Immediately after…


Countless amount of crimson colored sea water covered the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain in an instant. The amount of crimson colored sea water was truly too great. In an instant, it covered the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain and spilled out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and even covered practically half of the Asura Sea outside of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

The boundless Blood Sea was floating above the Asura Sea.

"What a large crimson colored sea. How did this sea come to be?" Jiang Xing and the other Godkings were all stupefied. They do not know why such an enormous sea suddenly appeared on the Exalted Celestial Mountain.


This boundless Blood Sea immediately started shrinking again and turned into the crimson gowned Blood Sea Queen.

The Blood Sea Queen looked to the Asura Godking Luo Fan outside of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel with a smile on her face. "Luo Fan, were you waiting for me? Unfortunately, the method in which I came out surpassed your imagination, right? Actually, even if you used Time Stop, it would also be useless against me."

After one comprehended Time Stop, one was able to easily break apart Time Stop.

Seeing this Blood Sea Queen, the Asura Godking Luo Fan was momentarily speechless. After seeing the Blood Sea Queen's true body, he knew right away that it would be very difficult for him to kill her.

"Haha, farewell." The Blood Sea Queen laughed complacently.

"Little girl." Suddenly, a hand lightly tapped the Blood Sea Queen's shoulder. The Blood Sea Queen's smile immediately disappeared. In shock, she turned her head around. A purple gowned silver haired old man was standing behind her indifferently. A single gaze from him seemed to be able to pierce through her soul.

"You do not have to leave, continue to stay here."

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