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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 25 – Fierce Action

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Asura Sea possessed Four Great Godkings. The leader among them was the Asura Godking Luo Fan. To Luo Fan, Godking An Xun was a younger brother who possessed a great spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. However, his younger brother had been killed right before his eyes.

Sadness, regret, anger.

In an instant, all sorts of chaotic feelings flooded the Asura Godking Luo Fan's mind. The killing intent that he had in his heart also soared.

"Jiang Lan…" Luo Fan snarled with anger. The Blood Ruler Life Sunderer that he held in his hand was giving off a mournful sound and its eye-catching crimson colored light immediately became much more vibrant. The Blood Ruler immediately flew under Luo Fan's foot. Luo Fan was planning to immediately rush over to kill Jiang Lan.

However, Qin Yu would not allow the Asura Godking to go handle Jiang Lan.

From a state of not moving, Luo Fan's speed instantly reached its peak. He rushed over. However, when he only managed to rush with all his speed two or three meters, Luo Fan felt that he seemed to have crashed into an extremely hard boulder.


Luo Fan firmly crashed into a spatial wall that Qin Yu had created in an instant. Luo Fan felt that his head was a bit dizzy. However, when Luo Fan planned to break apart the spatial wall and continue onward, he discovered…

Up and down, left and right, front and back, he was covered by spatial walls from all directions. It was like Luo Fan was trapped by a cage and could only move about in a small scale range of several steps.

"Qin Yu, it's definitely Qin Yu!"

Luo Fan immediately thought of Qin Yu. Other than Qin Yu, there was no other person who could trap him like so. The current Luo Fan appeared like a ferocious trapped lion.

Luo Fan angrily turned his head around and looked at the black gowned Qin Yu who stood not far from him in the sky. At this moment, Qin Yu was holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow and coldly looking at Luo Fan. However, he was not moving.

"Luo Fan, do not forget about the agreement that we had at the beginning." Qin Yu's voice sounded in the Asura Godking Luo Fan's mind. "If you were to act and attack, then you'd be forcing me to act and attack also."

Luo Fan took a deep breath and then looked at Qin Yu with his cold gaze for a long time.

"Spatial wall…" As Luo Fan looked to Qin Yu, he began to gradually calm down. According to what Luo Fan knew, the space had been frozen right now. Logically, it was impossible for one to use spatial walls to trap another.

However, Qin Yu managed to do it.

Furthermore, Luo Fan was unable to sense the Spatial Energy that had trapped him at all. As a Godking who has control over the Spatial Laws, it sounded a bit ridiculous for him to not be able to sense the Spatial Energy. However, this was a fact.

"These Spatial Laws, it's the Spatial Laws from my New Cosmos." Qin Yu was smiling in his heart.

He possessed sufficient confidence.

Luo Fan looked at the Divine Spear Waning Snow that Qin Yu held in his hand. The Divine Spear Waning Snow had displayed its astonishing strength many times already. Whether it be the time on the Utmost Northern Sage Emperor's Palace or the battle against the Sage Emperors above the Southern Sea, the Divine Spear Waning Snow's strength was already revealed.

"His attack power ought to be stronger than mine. Furthermore, he's able to control the 'special Spatial Energy' to bind me under such circumstances. In addition to that, he is able to teleport." Luo Fan felt that his heart was hurting.

His rationality had told him that it was impossible for him to break away from Qin Yu's binding.

"Little An, I am sorry." Luo Fan said in a soft voice.

In the end, Luo Fan decided to remain silent. He would not be able to accomplish anything by acting. Instead, he would only make Qin Yu become completely antagonistic against the Asura Sea. This was not something that Luo Fan wished to see.

As a leader, he must first consider the people who were still alive.

"Qin Yu, I will not act. Merely, if that Jiang Lan attacks people from my Asura Sea again, then I shall not give up unless I die!" Said the Asura Godking Luo Fan via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

"Rest assured, Uncle Lan would not kill any of your Asura Sea's people again." Qin Yu guaranteed Luo Fan through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Following which, Qin Yu's indifferent gaze shifted from the Asura Godking and looked toward Jiang Lan. At this moment, Jiang Lan already had a trace of bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. However, his injury was not severe.

Qin Yu who was monitoring the battle with his Spatial Energy knew very well that this injury was resulting from Uncle Lan blocking the five colored blade ray and the two sword rays with his Gauze Feather Blade, Time Acceleration and Time Stop. The offensive power of Origin Energies were truly too great.

"Truly marvelous."

Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Jiang Lan's attack. Jiang Lan's usage in Time Acceleration was truly exquisite to the extreme. Wherever Jiang Lan's body passed, the flow of time at that region would be changed unceasingly.

With space-time changing constantly, Jiang Lan's speed was also extremely weird.

"It's extremely difficult for the Eight Great Sage Emperors to catch Uncle Lan. Although that Asura Godking had also comprehended Time Stop, he is inferior to Uncle Lan when it comes to Time Acceleration." Qin Yu judged in his heart.

In Time Acceleration, the greater one could accelerate the time, the better one's accomplishment was said to be. Thus, when one's acceleration of time reached the limit, then one could consider to have reached the peak of Time Acceleration. The step above that was the Time Stop.

As for how one used Time Acceleration, that would be determined by experience.

For example, among individuals who were able to accelerate time by a million times.

Some people only knew how to accelerate time by a million times rigidly. Uncle Lan, on the other hand, knew how to ingeniously change the acceleration of time irregularly and unceasingly, to achieve an ingenious result.

This was experience. Or, in another words, a talent for battle!

Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, Duanmu Yun and the other Sage Emperors all had extremely complicated feelings right now. Never had they imagined for there to be a super expert that was comparable to the Asura Godking appearing from the Eight Great Divine Families.

Time Stop.

It was a remarkable ability that these Godkings had sought to have in even their dreams. However, it now appeared in Jiang Lan's hands.

"Second brother!" Jiang Fan's heart seemed to have overturned. He was both filled with joy and sorrow.

Within the sky covered by dense fog, several tens of rays of light were traveling back and forth with rapid speed. Jiang Lan's flying trajectory was extremely fast and elegant. Although many ordinary Godkings feared Jiang Lan, overcome by greed, they also began to fly and encircle him, preparing to attack at any moment, when they saw that he was injured by the Origin Energies.



Suddenly, Jiang Lan flew through a practically perfect trajectory and proceeded to directly fly toward Huangfu Lei. That Huangfu Lei's expression changed. He immediately also began to utilize all of his skills to attack Jiang Lan. With a single breath, he cast forth eight sword rays. At the same time, he also started to rapidly evade the incoming Jiang Lan.

Eight sword rays, this was the strongest attack that Huangfu Lei had. These eight sword rays appeared like a single net and blocked Jiang Lan's path. Practically all of the Godkings in the surroundings were looking at Jiang Lan. They were waiting to see how Jiang Lan would handle these sword rays. These Godkings thought that even if Jiang Lan doesn't receive any injuries, his speed would still slow down.


Jiang Fan light smiled as if he did not see the eight sword rays. As if he had entered another parallel space, Jiang Lan easily shuttled through the eight sword rays without being injured at all.

Entered into another space?

That was of course not the case.

All of the Godkings present were no average individuals. They were all able to tell that it was an extremely exquisite usage of Time Acceleration. However, Jiang Lan shifting through those sword rays had caused the distance between him and Huangfu Lei to increase.

"Amazing." Seeing Jiang Lan flying through the sword rays, Huangfu Lei gasped in admiration.

"Liuxiang, let's distance ourselves. This Jiang Lan is hard to deal with." Huangfu Lei said to Huangfu Liuxiang via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. From the exchange, Huangfu Lei came to know of the insurmountable gap between him and Jiang Lan.


Huangfu Liuxiang's gaze was continuously fixed upon Jiang Lan. "Big brother, it is true that Jiang Lan's strength is powerful, but didn't you see that his injury grew even more severe every single time he took on the Origin Energies?"

Huangfu Liuxiang had still not given up.

"Liuxiang, don't think about that anymore. Didn't you see that Qin Yu had been standing in the side the entire time? From the way I see it, if that Jiang Lan was unable to handle it anymore, that Qin Yu would likely set out to assist him right away." Huangfu Lei persuaded.

"Qin Yu?"

Huangfu Liuxiang said confidently. "Big brother, didn't you see that Qin Yu is in a stalemate with the Asura Godking? It's impossible for Qin Yu to act. Once he acts, that Asura Godking would also act. Thus, we do not have to consider about Qin Yu. Moreover, that Qin Yu also possesses somewhat of a friendly relationship with us. Even if he were to attack, he likely would not try to kill us."

Huangfu Lei didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

When you are planning to kill Qin Yu's Uncle Lan, how can Qin Yu possibly still be lenient toward you? If Qin Yu were to hear what Huangfu Liuxiang said, he would definitely ridicule incessantly.


Sonic booms from Jiang Lan's rapid flying were being heard unceasingly. However, the sound of sonic booms suddenly stopped.

For the sound to suddenly disappear, everyone knew that Jiang Lan had used Time Stop again.


A mournful sound was heard. A blade ray hacked down a green gowned old man from above. As if he had not done anything, Jiang Lan continued flying ahead.


Time Stop disappeared. That green gowned old man who was motionless before suddenly started moving. From head to hip, the green gowned old man was chopped into two. The blood, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, large intestine and small intestine flowed out from his body. The two halves of the old man fell from the sky.

As for the True Spirit of this green gowned old man, it had long since been split into two by the blade strike.

Another Godking died.

Seeing this scene, many Godkings were intimidated and became worried. Jiang Lan was too powerful. Furthermore, he possessed a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. In terms of speed, the Eight Great Sage Emperors were inferior to Jiang Lan.

"This Godking who died ought to be a hidden Godking." Qin Yu took a glance at the corpse of the dead green gowned old man.

Qin Yu was able to guess what Jiang Lan was planning by doing all this. What Jiang Lan was doing was… slaughtering to intimidate others. If his opponents were to continue to chase him, then he would continue to kill them. He would continue to kill until his opponents began to tremble in fear, until they did not have any confidence left!

Actually, the targets of Jiang Lan's killings had also undergone selection by him.

From the birth of the Divine Realm till the twelve quadrillion years afterwards, Jiang Lan was a member of the Eight Great Divine Families. Thus, he had mostly incurred hatred with those of the Ascender Powers. Of course, within the Eight Great Divine Families, there was also a small portion of Godkings with bad relationship with Jiang Lan.


Jiang Lan once again used the Gauze Feather Blade and Time Stop to block the five colored blade ray. However, even though he did that, Jiang Lan still felt as if his body had been struck by lightning. Blood directly rushed out of his throat and seep out from the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Lan gazed to his surroundings.

Suddenly, Jiang Lan fixed his gaze on Huangfu Liuxiang who was not far from him. From the start till now, this Huangfu Liuxiang had been hovering around Jiang Lan the entire time. She had planned to kill him at any moment.

"Huangfu Liuxiang, I have already spared you twice."

Jiang Lan's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in Huangfu Liuxiang's mind. Huangfu Liuxiang was startled. Immediately after, she saw that Jiang Lan had turned into a ray of light and was rushing towards her.

Actually, from the start till now, Jiang Lan possessed two opportunities to kill Huangfu Liuxiang. However, because he saw that Huangfu Liuxiang belonged to the Eight Great Divine Families, he had been flying toward other Godkings the entire time and spared her life.

However, Jiang Lan discovered…

Although he was sparing the lives of the Godkings from the Eight Great Divine Families, other than Duanmu Yu, Jiang Xing and a few other, the remaining Godkings were all restless and prepared to kill him at any moment.

Jiang Lan finally became ruthless. He no longer bothered to take into consideration that they were from the Eight Great Divine Families.


Huangfu Liuxiang was greatly shocked. She immediately waved her hand and cast several rays of green ribbons toward Jiang Lan. A coldness appeared in Jiang Lan's eyes. His mouth slightly moved.

Time Stop!

The flying green ribbons stopped moving. Huangfu Liuxiang had also became motionless.

"Liuxiang!" Huangfu Lei who had already retreated far away was unable to save her in time. He could only watch as Jiang Lan fly past Huangfu Liuxiang like a lightning. A moment after, Time Stop disappeared. Huangfu Liuxiang's body powerlessly fell from the sky.

Shentu Yin, Duanmu Rufeng, Putai Tu, Tang Xiang and many other Godkings of the Eight Great Divine Families were shocked.

Jiang Lan had finally decided to kill the Godkings of the Eight Great Divine Families.

"Uncle Lan." Seeing this scene, Qin Yu smiled and nodded. Qin Yu saw that Jiang Lan's ruthlessness had achieved its result. Not only the Godkings from the Ascender Powers and the hidden Godkings, even the Godkings from the Eight Great Divine Families no longer dared to approach him.

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