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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 31 – Freezing

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

When Qin Yu discovered that the person who had suddenly tried to sneak attack him was Zhou Wulian, Qin Yu's guard had instantly risen to its highest level.

Among the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, this Zhou Wulian was the one that Qin Yu wanted to avoid the most. Although Zhou Huo possessed the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure and appeared to be even greater of a threat, Qin Yu's current understanding of the Origin Energy was much greater than before. It was so high that his soul had even absorbed the Cosmic Origin Energy.

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy and you will never be defeated.

Qin Yu naturally pay no attention to Zhou Huo at all. However, this Zhou Wulian was different. According to what Qin Yu knew, this Zhou Wulian merely used a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure as his weapon. However, his individual power was extremely powerful. Why was he this powerful? What about him was powerful? All of these were something that Qin Yu did not know about. What one didn't know was the most frightening!


The cyan colored blade ray was rapidly slashing toward Qin Yu. Qin Yu was able to tell that the flow of time surrounding this cyan colored blade ray would occasionally increase by millions of times and occasionally only increase by several tens of times. However, this cyan blade ray appeared to be extremely harmonizing naturally. At the same time… the countless amount of bamboos within the Vast Territory was actually unable to stop the blade ray in the slightest.


When the blade ray approached Qin Yu's body, the blade ray suddenly grew bigger. A neat blade trace unexpectedly appeared in that space. Fortunately they were located within the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure where the space was so stable that even first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures cannot easily cut open.

As for Qin Yu himself, he too had directly teleported away.

When Qin Yu reappeared, he had appeared behind the Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian. Without the slightest hesitation, he thrust the Divine Spear Waning Snow within his hand. The vague Dark and Yellow Energy on the shaft of the Divine Spear Waning Snow began to move. Like a dragon leaving the water, bringing along it a fatal killing intent, the Divine Spear Waning Snow was thrust toward Zhou Wulian.

The speed was too fast.

Teleport, spear strike, Time Acceleration! All of this was coordinated to perfection.

"This Zhou Wulian, if he do not wish to die, then he could only escape with teleportation." Qin Yu looked to the Divine Spear Waning Snow with his eyes. With a might of breaking apart everything, he thrust it toward Zhou Wulian. Qin Yu was absolutely confident of the Divine Spear Waning Snow.

At this moment…


The bamboos surrounding Qin Yu actually split apart and turned into dust. Qin Yu's attack was too powerful. It had even caused the Vast Territory to receive an enormous shock.


Zhou Wulian noticed this spear strike. The cyan short blade in his hand took an elegant change in direction. It streaked across a strange curve. Surprisingly and miraculously, the blade blocked the spear right before the spearhead reached Zhou Wulian.

Merely, was the Divine Spear Waning Snow something that one could block head on?

"Eh?" Qin Yu's expression suddenly changed.

Two extremely soft collision sound was heard. Like a leaping music note, Zhou Wulian's cyan short blade gently tapped the Divine Spear Waning Snow's spearhead twice. The accuracy of the Divine Spear Waning Snow was shifted.

It was the first time that Qin Yu met someone who blocked the Divine Spear Waning Snow through using softness to conquer strength.

In order to use softness to conquer strength, it must also be dependent on how 'firm' something was.

Against the Divine Spear Waning Snow, a weapon that possessed a terrifying attack, not many people in the entire Divine Realm would be capable of doing what Zhou Wulian had did.

Like a deep pond, Zhou Wulian's eyes were extremely tranquil and serene. However, at this moment, he still looked to Qin Yu's Divine Spear Waning Snow with shock. He nodded and said. "Qin Yu, that spear that you held is truly powerful. Just from the slight touch of it earlier, I managed to sense the oppression brought by the Divine Spear Waning Snow… however, a weapon is only a portion of a person's true strength."

Qin Yu smiled.

"Zhou Wulian, are you trying to delay?" Qin Yu said with a smile.

Qin Yu was able to guess Zhou Wulian's current purpose. That was because the current Zhou Huo was wholeheartedly trying to break open the Vast Territory so that they can escape. As for Zhou Wulian, he had came to stop Qin Yu. Merely, from the short exchange earlier, Zhou Wulian already came to know that he cannot face Qin Yu head on. Thus, he began to delay time through speech.


Zhou Wulian nodded indifferently. "Qin Yu, I am able to sense your strength. For example, the temporal laws… you have reached an extremely high level in Time Acceleration. Your talent is something that I truly admire. Merely, Time Acceleration is not something where faster equates better. Sometimes, one must combine the fast and slow of Time Acceleration to create the best effect. This is something that one could only learn through the accumulation of countless years of experience. For example me… in the entire Divine Realm, other than the Asura Godking and the Eight Sage Emperors, there is no other expert that is capable of killing me. Even if they knew Spatial Freezing, they would not be able to do it. This is experience… Qin Yu, properly comprehend this."

Qin Yu began to smile in his heart.

Although what Zhou Wulian said was reasonable, was it actually useful to Qin Yu?

Qin Yu looked to Zhou Wulian. He smiled and said. "Experience is something useful to experts of the same level. However, toward those experts that are definitely stronger than you, experience would be useless. It's just like how no matter how much experience you possessed, you are still not match for the Asura Godking." If a place was to be Time Stopped, then you could only allow yourself to be trampled upon."


Qin Yu pointed the spearhead of the Divine Spear Waning Snow toward the front. "Earlier, you had merely seen the tip of the iceberg of my Divine Spear Waning Snow." Qin Yu curled his lips and said with a smile. "Well then, I reckon that Zhou Huo was about to break open this space now. Before then, I'll have a final battle against you."

"Final battle?" Zhou Wulian frowned.

Qin Yu did not bother to explain. He merely held his spear and said with a light smile. "Be careful." After that, the shaft of the Divine Spear Waning Snow swayed. Countless amounts of spear silhouettes appeared from the spearhead. One by one, they were cast forth toward Zhou Wulian like a group of pythons trying to engulf him.

"Third brother, second brother, persist for only a bit longer. I am about to be able to break apart the space sealed by this Vast Territory." Seeing the countless amount of jade green bamboos that were floating before him, Zhou Huo was putting all his focus on using his Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure, Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl's might.

The light of the electric Spiritual Pearl that floated above Zhou Huo's head shrunk a bit. Immediately after, it burst into an even greater range.

The bamboos that approached him were being shattered unceasingly.

Zhou Huo's tactic was extremely simple. He planned to have Zhou Wulian and Zhou Tong delay Qin Yu. Only after they break apart the Vast Territory and returned to the Divine Realm could they be at ease again.

In the Divine Realm, they could attack Qin Yu's Fog City. If they were unable to win against him, they could also run away and teleport back into the Thunder Punishment City and then have the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial come and take care of him.

Back then, the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial had given the order that… when the Exalted Celestial Mount descended till the time when the new Exalted Celestial is born, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial could only attack once. However, before the arrival of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial possessed the privilege to kill Godkings.

"How come this Qin Yu's luck is this good? It's one thing for his own strength to be powerful. He actually also has several Godkings helping him." Zhou Huo was striving his best to eliminate the Vast Territory's layer upon layer of obstruction.

Qin Yu's true body was fighting against Zhou Wulian. As for Qin Yu's clone, it was fighting against Zhou Tong. From the surface, it appeared as though his clone had been pinned down by Zhou Tong. However, in actuality…

"If the clone wished to go and disturb Zhou Huo, how could Zhou Tong possibly be able to stop it?" The cyan gowned Qin Yu was like an unequalled God of War. Each fist strike and leg strike from it would cause the space to tremble.

Just its simple attacks possessed extremely frightening power.

Zhou Tong stopping this cyan gowned Qin Yu with great difficulty. He could accelerate time but the cyan gowned Qin Yu was also capable of that. Qin Yu's clone also possessed the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy and the ability of Time Acceleration.


The cyan gowned Qin Yu teleported above Zhou Tong in an upside down position. Its fist struck downward violently. That simple fist contained within it a countless amount of oppression and might. It was like a mountain smashing down from above. Down below, Zhou Tong felt shivers go down his spine.

"Block it?"

Zhou Tong had a bitter smile on his face. He chose to dodge the strike with a teleportation.

The Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong was famed for his braveness. He loved fighting others head on, using force against force. His body's defense was indeed extremely powerful. However, when encountering the Qin Yu clone that was formed by a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, his prided defense, when compared to Qin Yu's clone, was like the cheek of an infant encountering a galvanized iron sheet.

They were simply not of the same level at all.

"Zhou Tong, it appears that you only know how to flee." The cyan gowned Qin Yu stopped his movement. He did not continue to attack.

Zhou Tong also stopped moving. He was happy that Qin Yu stopped attacking. Merely, after hearing what Qin Yu said, he coldly humped and said. "Qin Yu, we are not sparring here. Instead, this is a battle of life and death. I admit that my defense is inferior to yours. However, does that mean that I must be killed by you because of that? If you do not have the ability to kill me, then stop making those cynical remarks."

"Oh? You're trying to justify your actions?" The cyan gowned Qin Yu said with a light laughter.

Zhou Tong's old face turned angry red.

In the Divine Realm, it was extremely difficult for a Godking to kill another Godking. That was because the Godkings were capable of teleportation! The exception was the Sage Emperors. That was because they possessed the ability of Spatial Freezing that caused others to be unable to teleport. Of course, the Asura Godking was also capable of easily killing other Godkings.

Merely, there were only eight Sage Emperors. As for those who have comprehended Time Stop, the amount was pitifully few.

Thus… in normal circumstances, when a Godking fought another Godking, once a Godking began to continuously teleport and tangle with his or her opponent, that could only be considered as a conduct of acting shamelessly. That was because if one was unable to win against another but still continue to tangle with one's opponent, then it was indeed a shameless act.

Zhou Tong's heart was filled with anger. However, he possessed a mission… of tangling around Qin Yu's clone. That was the reason why he continued to tangle with Qin Yu's clone even though he was unable to win against it. He himself was also feeling extremely helpless.

After all, of the Four Great Godkings, Zhou Wulian and him were tasked with tangling Qin Yu's main body and his clone. Zhou Huo was tasked with breaking apart the Vast Territory. As for Zhou Ran… The Zhou Ran who was not in the slightest knowledgeable of the temporal laws was simply unable to even accomplish a state of tangling against Qin Yu's clone that was capable of Time Acceleration. It was likely that he would be knocked half deaf by a fist strike before he could even react

"Mn? It's about to break." The cyan gowned Qin Yu said in a low voice.

Qin Yu's main body and his clone were intrinsically a single person. The clone's soul was created through a portion of Qin Yu's spiritual awareness and the soul's body. The cyan gowned Qin Yu was also capable of sensing the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy.

At this moment, he was able to clearly sense that this Vast Territory was in a state of collapse.

"Buzz~~" The space shook. One by one, the bamboos cracked apart and turned into dust. Seeing this, Zhou Tong displayed a cheerful expression on his face.

"Zhou Tong, before you leave, I shall give you a gift." The cyan gowned Qin Yu said indifferently.

"What?" Zhou Tong looked to the cyan gowned Qin Yu before him. Suddenly, his expression changed.

That was because this cyan gowned Qin Yu turned into a cyan gas. Furthermore, this cyan gas had spread open. The portion of cyan gas that had approached Zhou Tong suddenly turned into a leg. With sharpness, the leg was kicked outward.

Zhou Tong teleported away to dodge the kick.

However, that leg had once again turned into gas. At this moment, Zhou Tong sensed that… in merely a couple breaths more time, the entire space would completely collapse. Thus, at this moment, all of his concentration was placed upon this cyan gas that appeared like a flowing water.


Another portion of cyan gas that approached Zhou Tong turned into a fist. In an instant, the fist was struck forth. Zhou Tong teleported again!

"Bang!" Zhou Tong felt that his body had tightened. After that, he felt a bust of pain in his soul. "Not good." Zhou Tong directly teleported away. And at this moment, the space created by the Vast Territory had finally completely collapsed. Zhou Wulian who had been tangling with Qin Yu the entire time had also teleported out.

In the sky outside of the Fog City. Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Godking Yi Feng and Zuo Qiulin were all standing in the air. As for Zhou Huo and the other three Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, they all possessed an unsightly expression on their faces.

"Second brother, how is it?" Zhou Huo looked to the pale faced Zhou Tong beside him.

Zhou Tong's complexion was extremely pale. He seemed to be in poor health. "It's nothing. I merely did not notice it at the moment. Truly never had I imagined that not only could Qin Yu's clone turn into gas, it can also turn into other weapons."

"Big brother." Zhou Wulian took a glance at Zhou Huo. He slightly shook his head.

Zhou Huo understood what his third brother was trying to say. Evidently the Fog City was too powerful. The four of them were likely unable to even destroy the Fog City itself.

After taking a glance at the Four Great Godkings that stood side by side before the Fog City, Zhou Huo was about to send a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to have everyone leave together. It would seem that the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial must set off in the end.

"Everyone of the Thunder Punishment City, today, you all desired to destroy my Fog City and kill those of my Fog City. I believe that it is proper for me to return politeness for politeness." Qin Yu suddenly said with a smile.

Zhou Huo and them sneered in their hearts. They were all anticipating for their father to come handle the matter after they returned.

However, what Qin Yu ended up doing afterward had shocked them.

Qin Yu smiled and pointed with one hand. "Spatial, Freezing!" Right after, with the Fog City as the center, the space within the ten thousand mile range was completely frozen. It was impossible to teleport anymore!

The expression of Zhou Huo and the rest instantly became frozen.

An aura of viciousness  was emitted from Qin Yu's heart. "It's time to settle the matter."

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 32 – The Death of Godkings

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"This, this is… impossible, impossible!" Zhou Huo's expression immediately turned pale. At this moment, the space that had already been frozen had already clearly told him that this was truly real. Merely, he was unable to accept it.

Even the cold and indifferent Zhou Wulian eyes were overwhelmed with shock.

"Father, this, this is Spatial Freezing?" Zhou Ran stood beside Zhou Wulian. He had been completely dumbstruck.

"This Qin Yu…" Zuo Qiulin looked to Qin Yu. She too had become speechless.

When Qin Yu used this move, other than Jiang Li who already knew about this, all the rest of the people were shocked.

Spatial Freezing!

The Spatial Freezing that only Sage Emperors could use!

The reason why the Sage Emperors were so revered was precisely because of Spatial Freezing, the ability that brings the most fear to the other Godkings. In the countless years, the Sage Emperors were capable of indirectly freezing the space through the use of their Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures. It was also because of this move that they could be considered as the people at the apex amongst Godkings. This Spatial Freezing was a remarkable ability that even powerful experts like the Asura Godking cannot use.

Practically all of the Godkings had determined in their hearts that this Spatial Freezing was a move that only the Eight Great Sage Emperors could use.


At this moment, Qin Yu actually used Spatial Freezing.

"Have you all finished preparing yourselves?" A cruel smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. He did a grabbing motion and then the Divine Spear Waning Snow appeared in his hand.

Zhou Huo's expression was gloomy like the cold pond's water. He coldly looked to Qin Yu and sneered. "Qin Yu, you are indeed a creator of miracles. Merely, this Spatial Freezing would only make us unable to teleport. Even if we do not teleport, it doesn't mean that you possess the strength to be able to kill us."

Without teleporting and relying merely on speed and attack.

It was no easy feat for Qin Yu to kill the Four Great Godkings.

"Furthermore…" Zhou Huo began to spread his Divine Awareness. In merely a short moment, his Divine Awareness had reached the Thunder Punishment City. Zhou Huo's Divine Awareness immediately reached his father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's residence.

"Sometimes, the conclusion would not be what one anticipates." Zhou Huo had a slight smile on his face.

Zhou Huo, Zhou Ran, and Zhou Tong began to think that Qin Yu was merely displaying his Spatial Freezing ability. They regained their original confidence. The Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City possessed an Exalted Celestial behind them, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial!

If an Exalted Celestial was to attack, even the Asura Godking would be instantly turned into ashes.

"Truly too arrogant. Qin Yu, allow me to handle this Northwest Sage Emperor." A hoarse voice sounded. At the same time, Zuo Qiulin flew forward.

Qin Yu extended his hand and stopped Zuo Qiulin. He smiled and said. "Senior Zuo Qiulin, I am sufficient enough to take care of the four of them."


Zhou Huo and Zhou Tong practically shouted at the same time. That Zhou Ran and Zhou Wulian also displayed a cold smile on their faces. Spatial Freezing would only cause others to be unable to teleport. One was still capable of flying. To kill four with one, that would simply be dreaming.

Thunder Punishment City. In a quiet courtyard. A purple gowned silver haired old man had a cold expression on his face. With his hands behind his back, he looked to the east. His gaze seemed to be seeing through the space.

"Spatial Freezing? This Qin Yu is indeed exceptional." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice. The scarlet mark within the center of his eyebrows started shining.

After being silent for a moment…

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said in quietly. "Yan'er… You four are to promptly leave the frozen space area. In a short moment, the hundred thousand miles surrounding the Fog City shall all turn into the Divine Realm's history."

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestials voice strangely sounded in Zhou Huo, Zhou Ran, Zhou Tong and Zhou Wulian's mind. At the same time, this voice was only heard by the four of them. Qin Yu and the rest were unable to hear it at all.

"Mn? It seems like something happened?" Qin Yu's chest tightened. It seemed like something had happened earlier. However, Qin Yu was unable to determine what had occurred.

The current Qin Yu still didn't know that this was a remarkable ability created by the combination of the spatial laws and the temporal laws.

"Second brother, third brother, Ran'er, let's leave first." A joyous expression appeared on Zhou Huo's face.

"Let's see how this Qin Yu will die." The resentment that Zhou Tong had toward Qin Yu was not inferior to any other person.

The words spoken by the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial earlier were heard and understood clearly by them… it was evident that their father was going to turn the hundred thousand mile area surrounding the Fog City into ashes!

Causing the collapse of the world in an instant. This was the strength of Exalted Celestials.

Before Exalted Celestials, Godkings were merely children. The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial attacking and destroying the hundred thousand mile surrounding area, that was definitely something that he could accomplish.

"Let's go!"

Zhou Huo, Zhou Wulian, Zhou Tong and Zhou Ran turned into four rays of light and began to fly away.

"Qin Yu, you wish to kill us? Haha, in your dreams!" That Zhou Tong's loud laughter that contained traces of anger echoed through the heavens. Immediately after…

"Little Yu." Jiang Lan also flew out from the Fog City. He promptly said. "Quickly, we got to go." Jiang Lan himself was set to leave too. However, Qin Yu lightly smiled to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, there's no need to worry."

"No need to worry? Are you saying that your flying speed would be much faster than them? They would be able to fly out of a ten thousand mile area very fast." Jiang Lan was a bit impatient.

Qin Yu took a glance at the four people before his eyes that were about to disappear.

"Let's go!"

Qin Yu said in a soft voice.

Just like that, Zhou Tong, Zhou Ran, Zhou Huo and Zhou Wulian stopped in midair. They were unable to move at all. This had stunned Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng and Jiang Lan.

"This, is Time Stop?" Jiang Lan and them looked to Qin Yu.

What had occurred was very similar to Time Stop as Time Stop also causes others to be unable to move.

"Uncle Lan, could it be that you all have forgotten… that the Spatial Freezing would merely freeze the Divine Realm's space." Right after Qin Yu said that, he disappeared before Jiang Lan and them with a teleportation.

Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng remembered.

To use the spatial laws to attack would be extremely powerful. Merely, because all Godkings knew how to teleport, teleportation was useless against Godkings. However now, after Qin Yu had used Spatial Freezing, no Godking could teleport in this region anymore!

What Spatial Freezing froze was merely the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy.

The New Cosmos's Spatial Energy was not affected. Qin Yu was able to use the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to oppress the Four Great Godkings. Although the strength of these Four Great Godkings were pretty good, but in a situation of being incapable of teleportation and oppressed by a boundless amount of Spatial Energy, it was also extremely difficult for them to resist it.

"Not good."

The expression of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial within the Thunder Punishment City changed. Although he cannot understand why Qin Yu was capable of teleportation in that sort of circumstances, but he knew…

If he were to not attack by now, then his children will die.

"Humph, I could care less of what sort of genius you are, drop dead!" The red mark in the center of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's eyebrows became even more vibrantly red. He cast a palm strike out and said softly. "Single Aura Eight Elements!"

Single Aura Eight Elements!

Back when the Six Great Sage Emperors joined hands to handle Qin Yu, their strongest attack was merely the Single Aura Six Elements. Even if the Eight Great Sage Emperors were to join hands, their strongest attack would only be the Single Aura Eight Elements. However, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was able to easily use the Single Aura Eight Elements.

Back then, the combined Spatial Freezing of the Six Great Sage Emperors started to tremble from the Single Aura Six Elements. This Single Aura Eight Elements… according to what the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial believed, it ought to be extremely easy for it to break apart the frozen space and kill Qin Yu.

With a teleportation, Qin Yu appeared before the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City.

"You, Qin Yu, how are you still capable of using the Spatial Energy?!" Said Zhou Huo with a stern voice in disbelief. The other three Godkings possessed shock, anger, helplessness and anger within their eyes.

The four people that were oppressed by the Spatial Energy all knew very well that this was not Time Stop and was instead Spatial Oppression!

However, the space had clearly been frozen. How was this Qin Yu still capable of using Spatial Energy? This was truly conflicting!

"Don't bother thinking. It's impossible for you all to understand why. I shall send you all to your journey. From today hence, the Thunder Punishment City would not have any more Godkings." Qin Yu thrust the Divine Spear Waning Snow he held in his hand directly toward the one displaying the most hatred in his face, Zhou Tong.

It was an ordinary spear strike. The speed of the spear was not fast either.

Had it been before, Zhou Tong would have many ways to dodge the spear strike. However, the current Zhou Tong who was incapable of moving after being oppressed by the Spatial Energy could only watch as the spear thrust into him.


A large rumble was heard.

In the enormous Fog City in the distance was the movement of a frightening energy. As for the Fog City, it turned into ashes in an instant. The boundless amount of Origin Energy was about to spread through the surrounding. Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the surging Origin Energy. Even the frozen space began to tremble.


Qin Yu's spear continued to thrust forward. At the same time, his expression took a slight change. He immediately started to move his Spatial Energy to block the Origin Energy. "The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's attack? What a powerful attack. He ought to be trying to destroy the Fog City and my Spatial Freezing. However, he had miscalculated."


The sound of bones and flesh being penetrated was extremely clear. The spear was thrust into Zhou Tong's chest. Countless rays of energies were shot out from the spearhead. Following the body cavity, those energies entered into the brain and directly shattered the Nascent Soul within the brain. The True Spirit had also been shattered to beyond repair.

"Second brother!"

"Second brother!"

"Second Uncle!"

Zhou Huo, Zhou Wulian and Zhou Ran shouted simultaneously.

"Qin Yu, it's either your death or the destruction of our Thunder Punishment City!!!" Zhou Huo seemed to have gone mad.

"Are you suggesting that the relationship between us in the past was good?" Qin Yu said with a light smile. Zhou Huo and them were immediately speechless.


Zhou Huo was sorrowly shouting in his heart. Why didn't his father, an Exalted Celestial, come kill Qin Yu and save them?

Holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow, Qin Yu flew over to Zhou Wulian's side. With a smile, he said. "Are you confused as to why the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial hasn't come to save you all?"

"Unfortunately, I will not tell you why."

Qin Yu thrust his spear outward once again.

"Impossible. Even if the seven Sage Emperors were to join hands and freeze the space together, they would still not be able to block the Single Aura Eight Elements. Only if the Eight Great Sage Emperors join hands and borrow the Origin Energy to use Spatial Freezing together would they be able to reach the most optimal might for Spatial Freezing. This, this Qin Yu, could it be that he could control eight different kinds of Origin Energy?"

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial had miscalculated.

The move that he thought would definitely bring him victory actually did not manage to break the Spatial Freezing.

"Tong'er, your father will avenge you." A single miscalculation from the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial had lost him a son. This time around, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial took out his strongest weapon… the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, Original Sin Sword.

An enormous sword with a width the length of a palm appeared in the Thunder Punishment Exalted hand. A frightening shockwave was sent forth.

With a single wave of the enormous sword…

The space slightly vibrated and then stopped moving.

Facing Qin Yu's incoming spear, Zhou Wulian unexpectedly had a smile of freedom. "Death, let it be. There's no need to endure any more hardships. Merely, I would forever be unable to wait until the day where the candles finished burning…"


"Bang!" A frightening shockwave was emitted from Zhou Wulain's entire body.

Self denotation!

The self denotation of a Godking!

Qin Yu's true body's defense was inferior to his clone's. He do not wish to receive a self denotation attack from a Godking head on. Qin Yu immediately made multiple teleportations to escape.

"Not good."

Qin Yu's expression suddenly took a huge change.


Like a blade slashing apart paper, a ray of transparent sword energy rapidly cut apart the frozen space. The frozen space was being ripped apart unceasingly.

"What a terrifying attack." Qin Yu was stunned. His soul had fused with the Eight Great Origin Energies, the stability of his Spatial Freezing had already reached its pinnacle. However, his opponent's attack was actually this strong.

Furthermore, this ray of sword energy was coming toward Qin Yu. While the ray of sword energy slashed apart the frozen space, it was being continuously weakened.


Qin Yu also retreated. He began to unceasingly utilize the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to stop this ray of sword energy. While his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy proceeded to withstand the ray of sword energy, the sword energy was also being weakened unceasingly.

The ray of sword energy, after cutting apart Qin Yu's frozen space and a large amount of the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy, finally dissipated. Qin Yu gasped in surprise. For a single sword energy attack to be this powerful, Qin Yu was certain that the attack power ought to be even more frightening than his own Divine Spear Waning Snow. However, Qin Yu didn't know that… the reason why this attack power was even more frightening than his Divine Spear Waning Snow was not only because the weapon was an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, but also because his opponent was an Exalted Celestial.


Zhou Ran cried out painfully. His father Zhou Wulian had already died from self denotation.

"Quickly, run away!" Zhou Huo grabbed Zhou Ran and escaped with a teleportation. If they did not escape now, when would they be able to escape? This time around, the Thunder Punishment City had lost Two Great Godkings. It was an unprecedented enormous loss.

Qin Yu was about to become a nightmare of the Thunder Punishment City.

"Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial?" With an intention from Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng were all sent back into the New Cosmos by him. "I must at the very least experience an Exalted Celestial's strength."

Without any worry now, Qin Yu became eager to test out the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's strength.

Inside the Thunder Punishment City.


The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial felt that his sight had turned into one of darkness. The third son that he was most fond of actually died! Zhou Yan actually died!

"Qin Yu."

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial held the Original Sin Sword in his hand. He was planning to attack without regard for anything else.

Suddenly, at this moment…


The world was shaking. Red clouds covered the sky and golden light illuminated the heaven and earth. A shocking noise of the world vibrating was heard. At this moment, all of the people in Divine Realm stopped their movements and activities. They all raised their head and looked up toward the sky.

An enormous floating mountain slowly descend from above the clouds.

"Martial Younger Brother, according to the rules, from the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain till the birth of the New Exalted Celestial, you only have a single opportunity to attack. As for that opportunity, you have already promised it to Jiang Fan. Now that the Exalted Celestial Mountain has descended, if you were to attack Qin Yu now… then you would be violating the rules. In that case, I can only implement the punishment of the Heavens and kill you on behalf of master!"

A figure appeared before the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial. This figure was gradually becoming more clear. It was precisely that silver haired and silver eyed youngster. On the back of his head were three black horns that appeared like feathered crests.

When the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial saw this man, his expression took a huge change. Immediately, he said respectfully with a bow. "Eldest Martial Brother!"

Chapter 32 – The Death of Godkings

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