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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 15 – Persuasion

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The sea breeze brushed pass. The ocean of countless bamboos of the Bamboo Forest Island waved with the wind and gave birth to a burst of 'rustle' sounds. The sound continued for quite some time before stopping.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li were standing on the beach of the Bamboo Forest Island.

"What a beautiful ocean of bamboos. There's actually this many bamboos on an island." Jiang Li looked at the jade green bamboos and gasped.

Qin Yu was familiar with this Bamboo Forest Island. He immediately pointed to the ocean of bamboos ahead. "Li'er, this ocean of bamboos was not birthed by nature. Instead, it is the transformation of an extremely powerful treasure. Once one enters the ocean of bamboos, one would be trapped within. Of course, Li'er, you're already a Godking now. Even if you were trapped within it, you'd still be able to easily escape."

"Transformation of a treasure?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu in shock.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Wait a moment. Once you see that Godking Yi Feng, you'll understand then."

"Could it be Godking Yi Feng's treasure 'Vast Territory?'" Jiang Li suddenly said in shock. "That was the sole Spatial Grandmist Treasure among all the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

Qin Yu looked to Jiang Li in shock. How did she know about this?

After seeing Qin Yu's expression, Jiang Li smiled. "Brother Yu, after the two Soul Tears of Life completely fused with me, I gained access to all of Aunt Zuo Qiumei's memories. This Godking Yi Feng is one of Aunt Zuo Qiumei's two great followers and is also the possessor of the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Vast Territory'. Back then, Godking Yi Feng was only able to escape with his life after being surrounded and attacked by the Sage Emperors by using this Vast Territory."

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu also knew a bit about the battle from back then. The Sage Emperors joined hands and froze the space. This caused Zuo Qiumei and them to be incapable of teleportation. In that sort of situation, Zuo Qiumei and them had no way of escaping.

Before Qin Yu's emergence, there were only ten publicly announced first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors each possessed a single first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. The Asura Godking possessed one. The last one was this Godking, Yi Feng's. Merely, his Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Vast Territory' was a Spatial Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. In terms of attack power, Vast Territory was inferior to the other nine first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. However, if one were to compare the ability of trapping others and helping one escape, then Vast Territory was extremely powerful.

"Brother Yu…" Jiang Li suddenly frowned. She said anxiously. "If Godking Yi Feng has been in the ocean of bamboos the entire time, how do we speak with him? This ocean of bamboos itself should be the Vast Territory. This first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, once one enters it, it will be difficult for one to escape even if one is a Godking."

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

"How to speak with him? We can just speak directly." Qin Yu looked at the ocean of bamboos. In a clear voice, he said. "Godking Yi Feng, I am Qin Yu. This person next to me is my wife Jiang Li. I wish that Godking Yi Feng would come out to meet us."

Qin Yu's voice was so loud that it echoed through the heaven and earth like thunder. Merely, no matter how much this voice echoed, it remained in the several thousand miles range.

"Jiang Li?"

A surprised voice was heard. A thin man wearing a white gown appeared. Qin Yu immediately recognized that this man was Godking Yi Feng. Compared to the last time they met, this Godking Yi Feng seemed to have become even skinnier. His appearance was like that of a sick and weak man.

"Uncle Yi Feng." Jiang Li bowed cleverly.

Yi Feng looked at Jiang Li. Hearing her call him 'Uncle Yi Feng', had caused Yi Feng to be extremely happy. He displayed a rare kind smile. "Little girl Jiang Li, never would I have expected that since our last meeting, you've actually already become someone's wife. Furthermore, you've also reached the Godking level."

"Its due to the help from Aunt Zuo Qiumei. Had it not been for Aunt Zuo Qiumei's Soul Tears of Life, I'm afraid that it would have taken me countless years to reach the Godking level." A sentimental expression was shown in Jiang Li's eyes.

"Aunt Zuo Qiumei? A'mei?"

Yi Feng was slightly startled. His gaze had turned misty. He seemed to have recalled the days when he had followed Zuo Qiumei.

"Little girl Jiang Li, according to what I know, you ought to only have obtained a single drop of Soul Tear of Life. How did you manage to obtain two Soul Tears of Life?" Yi Feng looked at Jiang Li and asked. "Could it be that this second Soul Tear of Life was obtained by your husband, Qin Yu?"

Jiang Li took a glance at Qin Yu. Her eyes displayed the radiance of happiness. "Mn, it's Qin Yu who gave me the other Soul Tear of Life."

Yi Feng looked at Qin Yu. He nodded satisfied and said. "Little girl Jiang Li, this husband of yours is truly not bad. Surprisingly, he was actually willing to give the Soul Tear of Life to you."

"Furthermore, ever since the last time this Qin Yu came here, I started paying attention to what's happening in the Divine Realm. These years, the news of Qin Yu continued to arrive. This husband of yours is truly extraordinary." Yi Feng looked at Qin Yu with a gaze of admiration. "To be able to craft a new first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and become the new Craftsman God. Using first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures as gifts. Publicly kidnapping the bride in the Sage Emperor's Palace. He even defeated two Great Godkings on the Eastern Sea in succession. Little girl Jiang Li, for you to be able to find such a husband, I am also happy for you. If A'mei were still here, she would definitely also be happy for you."

To be praised like so by another, Qin Yu also felt happy in his heart.

"However, the two of your should not be too complacent." Godking Yi Feng's expression sunk.

"The Eight Great Divine Families of the Divine Realm have a joint agreement. They would not allow for another power to grow again and would definitely extinguish them during their budding stage." Yi Feng said solemnly as he looked at Qin Yu and Jiang Li.

Qin Yu frowned.

Jiang Li asked in confusion. "Didn't the Divine Realm already have the Three Great Ascender Powers? How did these Three Great Ascender Powers manage to become established in the Divine Realm?"

Yi Feng lightly smiled and said. "The emergence of the Three Great Ascender Powers were formed by a certain chance. One was because of the birth of the Unfettered Exalted Celestial six quadrillion years ago. This allowed the ascenders to have a backing. The other was from the sudden emergence of the Asura Godking. Furthermore, the Blood Demon Queen and the Asura Godking possessed an ambiguous relationship. As for the Godkings of the Dual Domain Island, they are also extremely powerful. The Three Great Ascender Powers managed to set foot to power due to many reasons."

"By the time they finished emerging, if the Eight Great Divine Families wished to extinguish them, they would definitely have to sustain heavy losses. On top of that, there's the Unfettered Exalted Celestial in the shadows. Thus, the Eight Great Divine Families ended up maintaining a peaceful relationship with the Three Great Ascender Powers."

Yi Feng suddenly started to laugh mockingly. "However, the Eight Great Divine Families have an agreement with each other. The emergence of the Three Great Ascender Powers was already the limit of their tolerance. They would definitely not allow for a fourth ascender power to be born. If an indication of such a thing was ever to appear, then the Eight Great Divine Families would eliminate them during their budding stage."

"Back then, my big brother and I followed A'mei. Because of the fact that three Godkings were together and A'mei also possessed leadership capability, we managed to gather quite a few people underneath us. This caused the Eight Great Divine Families to feel threatened. Thus, they decided to extinguish this power that had yet to mature. The Eight Great Divine Families were extremely unwavering in their methods. Once they set off, they did not allow anyone to survive. Because of this, my big brother died and A'mei also ended up dying in the end. Only I managed to barely escape with my life."

Yi Feng had a self mocking smile on his face.

Yi Feng suddenly looked at Qin Yu and Jiang Li. "Qin Yu, if my guess is correct, then the sign signaling the birth of a Godking that occurred not long ago ought to be little girl Jiang Li's, right?"

"Yes, that's right." Qin Yu nodded.

Yi Feng's expression turned solemn. "Qin Yu, from the battle on the Eastern Sea, you've already displayed your strength and made the Eight Great Divine Families completely realize it. You are definitely comparable to a powerful Godking. Adding on the fact that Jiang Li has also become a Godking; and the most important matter being… you two are in odds against them. I think… those Eight Great Divine Families will be planning to kill the two of you."

"There's no need for us to fear that. Brother Yu defeated two Godkings last time." Jiang Li was completely confident of Qin Yu.

Yi Feng shook his head.

"You're wrong. Last time, the Eight Great Divine Families were caught unprepared. At the beginning, they had only thought Qin Yu to be a High Level Heavenly Deity. Thus, they did not think too deeply of how to take care of Qin Yu. However, if they were to set off again, then it would be completely different! Because they know of Qin Yu's might, once they set off to attack again, they would definitely do so with absolute certainty. By the time you all regret your decisions, it would be too late already!"

Yi Feng's eyes were brightly locked on to Qin Yu and Jiang Li. "I advise you two to join the Asura Sea and seek help from the Asura Godking Luo Fan. Luo Fan's might is extremely astonishing. His might is even more terrifying after he obtained a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. The Eight Great Divine Families would also not be willing to go and provoke him."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

All that Yi Feng had said were things that Qin Yu knew very well in his heart. However, this Yi Feng did not know of his true trump card. Qin Yu's true trump card was his New Cosmos. The only reason the Eight Great Divine Families were able to kill Zuo Qiumei was because the Spatial Freezing caused her to become unable to escape.

However, was there anyone capable of preventing Qin Yu from teleporting?

There wasn't!

"Godking Yi Feng, please listen to me." Qin Yu looked to Godking Yi Feng.

Godking Yi Feng nodded and looked to Qin Yu. "Go ahead."

"Godking Yi Feng, Li'er and I are capable of hiding ourselves, making the Eight Great Divine Families unable to find us. However, Li'er is currently pregnant. I am incapable of putting up with having my child to hide for eternity too. I am also incapable of putting up with making my friends and relatives unable to live their lives openly because of me. Thus, I wish to fight against those Sage Emperors. I… require your assistance too, Godking Yi Feng."

Qin Yu said his request. Qin Yu did not want to speak too many emotional words. After all, the person he's trying to persuade was a Godking. Yi Feng would also have his own beliefs.


Yi Feng displayed a trace of anger within his eyes. "Qin Yu, don't you dare be too arrogant. Who do you think the Sage Emperors are? How could the Sage Emperors who have existed since the birth of the Divine Realm be so easy to handle? If you do not wish to live, then do not make Jiang Li suffer with you. As for I, I too will not become crazy like you."

Yi Feng humped, turned around and proceeded to walk toward the ocean of bamboos. After two to three steps, he had already entered the ocean of bamboos.

"Godking Yi Feng."

"Uncle Yi Feng."

Qin Yu and Jiang Li voiced at the same time. However, Yi Feng didn't come out. Only his voice sounded beside Qin Yu's ears. "Qin Yu, do not repeat the tragedy that befell A'mei again. Also, do not believe that just because you've defeated two Godkings that you'll be able to fight against the Sage Emperors. The attack power of Sage Emperors combined with their Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures is something that you could never imagine."

After the voice dissipated, regardless of what Qin Yu and Jiang Li said, Godking Yi Feng would not respond. Only the 'rustle' sound of the ocean of bamboos was heard.

After some time, Qin Yu and Jiang Li had no choice but to admit that their efforts had failed.

"Never had I expected for the first target, the target that we've determined to possess the highest possibility of success, was a failure. The beginning of the journey is truly detrimental!" Qin Yu smiled a self mocking smile.

Jiang Li could also only helplessly smile.

"Brother Yu, why didn't you say that the Sage Emperors' Spatial Freezing is useless toward you? If you had said that, then Godking Yi Feng might consider it more." Jiang Li asked Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled helplessly. "After he finished his words, he immediately left. Did I even have the time to speak of that? Furthermore, even if I said it, would he even believe me? Li'er, had you not been to the New Cosmos, would you believe that there's another different set of spatial laws and temporal laws? Would you believe that there's an unimaginable amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy?"

Jiang Li was startled.

That's right, some things regarding Qin Yu were truly too miraculous. If one did not see it for themselves, they would definitely not be able to believe it.


Qin Yu suddenly frowned. A Divine Awareness originating from a Godking from Mount Blazing Flame had suddenly covered the entire Divine Realm. It so happened to discover Qin Yu and Jiang Li. At this moment, Jiang Li also sensed the search of the Godking's Divine Awareness. Jiang Li immediately said to Qin Yu. "Brother Yu, a Godking has discovered us. Let's return."

Qin Yu's eyes suddenly started shining. He started to smile.

"Li'er, the most major reason why this Godking Yi Feng was unwilling to help us was because he believes that I am incapable of escaping the killing encirclement of the Eight Great Divine Families. If I were to fight against those Sage Emperors in front of his home and slightly display my skills, then he ought to believe my abilities if he were to see it for himself." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Jiang Li grew silent for a moment. She then also nodded.

"Merely, I wonder how many Godkings the Eight Great Divine Families would dispatch to handle us?" Qin Yu said with a smile. "Li'er, if danger comes, you are to immediately enter the New Cosmos, got it?"

In terms of defense, Jiang Li was actually even more powerful than Qin Yu. Jiang Li wore the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Purple Rain Dress. The ordinary Godkings' attacks would not injure her in the slightest. Furthermore, she possessed the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Water Splitter. Thus, her safety was definitely secure. However, Jiang Li still felt a burst of warmth from Qin Yu's words.

Qin Yu's New Cosmos' Spatial Energy covered the entire Divine Realm. Of the Divine Realm's Eight Great Sacred Lands, other than the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold and the Subterranean City, there were people dispatched from the rest of the Six Great Sacred Lands.

"Hff, they've actually only dispatched six Godkings. However, all six of them are Sage Emperors. Six Great Sage Emperors joining hands, what a great display! Could it be that these Six Great Sage Emperors want to eliminate this threat, me, during my budding stage?" Qin Yu said softly. His eyes were instead bursting with excitement.

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 16 – Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin


LIke a black dragon, an enormous lightning suddenly flashed through the heavens and earth. It connected the dusky sky with the vast earth. Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo's body was faintly flickering with lightning. He was standing in the airspace before the Thunder Punishment City. In his surroundings, countless electric snakes were revolving around him like lively children.

"Everyone, the truth has revealed itself. The Godking that was born that day is Jiang Li. According to our agreement back then, since the new Godking belongs to Qin Yu's party, then we must exterminate them." Zhou Huo's expression was cold. Within his eyes was flickering lightning. As for his voice, it was resounding in the other seven Sage Emperors' minds.

At the same moment, the other Seven Great Sage Emperors  were all clearly listening.

"What Brother Zhou Huo say is reasonable. This Qin Yu is already antagonistic against our Eight Great Divine Families and that Qin Yu himself is comparable to Two Great Godkings. If we were to add on his ability of craftsmanship, if we were to allow him to grow, his threat to us would be even greater." The Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun's clear voice sounded in the other Sage Emperors' mind.

"Brother Jiang Fan, this Jiang Li is your daughter. What is your take on this?" The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu's voice sounded.

Once the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu said those words, the Eight Great Sage Emperors immediately grew quiet. Only after some time did Jiang Fan finally say in a very slow manner. "We'll move according to what we decided back then and directly root out the threat!"

"Haha…" Zhou Huo started laughing. "Brother Jiang Fan doesn't have to be too ruthless. We merely need to kill that Qin Yu. As for Jiang Li… we can let her live. However, that vile spawn between her and Qin Yu…"

"That vile spawn naturally would not have the opportunity to exist." Jiang Fan said indifferently.

"Good." Zhou Huo started to set up the arrangements as if natural. "According to what we have discussed last time, Brother Huangfu and Brother Putai do not need to participate in the manner of encircling and killing Qin Yu. The two of you merely need to block Luo Fan who might appear. As for us six, we will set off directly."

The Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo, the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan, the Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun, the Utmost West Sage Emperor Shentu Yan, the Southwest Sage Emperor Tang Lan and the Northeast Sage Emperor Mu Qin.

The Six Great Sage Emperors directly used their teleportation and appeared at the Southern Boundary Archipelago at the same time.

The sky was murky. The vast and boundless ocean was currently blustering and rolling.


The enormous wave struck on a large dark reef of the island. The reef remained standing and did not move in the slightest. Yet, the enormous wave had shattered into countless splashes and fell to the beach.

In the sky above the large dark reef, Qin Yu and Jiang Li were standing alongside each other. The Six Great Sage Emperors had suddenly appeared and surrounded Qin Yu and Jiang Li.

Qin Yu's swept his gaze at the Six Great Sage Emperors. With a smile on his face, he said. "What might have brought the Six Great Sage Emperors to come to this remote Southern Boundary Archipelago at the same time? Could it perhaps be for sightseeing? Oh, that doesn't seem to be it. Could it be…" Qin Yu's gaze suddenly turned sharp. "For me, Qin Yu?"

Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan, Duanmu Yun, Shentu Yan, Tang Lan, and Mu Qin, five men and a woman, these six people all possessed a cold and indifferent gaze. When facing a man who was about to die, they would naturally be cold and indifferent!

"Qin Yu, you are a genius. If you were capable of becoming aware of your own standing and follow the rules accordingly, then perhaps your future achievements would be astonishing. However… you no longer possess a future." Zhou Huo laughed indifferently. At the same time, a spiritual pearl flickering with lightning suddenly appeared on top of Zhou Huo's head.

Right after this spiritual pearl appear, Qin Yu felt that the surrounding space started to vibrate. Soon, the ten thousand miles space surrounding them actually didn't have any movement at all.

"This is Spatial Freezing? It's indeed amazing." Qin Yu praised in admiration in his heart.

Qin Yu knew very well of the principle of Spatial Freezing. Generally, space would always be in a state of motion. Only through this could the Godkings borrow the movement to teleport away. Thus, once the space stopped moving, then Godkings would become incapable of teleportation.


Spatial Freezing was only effective against ordinary Godkings. It was useless toward Qin Yu.

"Zhou Huo, is that little pearl that's flickering with lightning the legendary Clan Protection Treasure of the Thunder Punishment City? That first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Qin Yu asked with a smile.

Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan, Shentu Yan, Tang Lan and them were all shocked.

They were certain that since Qin Yu was capable of teleportation, he must've sensed that the surrounding space had already been frozen. Thus, he must've known that he could not teleport to flee away. In a situation where he couldn't escape, instead of worrying about how to escape, he instead started asking about the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Truly ballsy!

As Zhou Huo had already frozen the space, he naturally did not fear Qin Yu escaping. He nodded and said with a smile. "When the Divine Realm was born, the Eight Great Divine Families' Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures were born together with the Eight Great Sacred Lands. This spiritual pearl is precisely the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It is also our Thunder Punishment City's Clan Protection Treasure. It's name is the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl. Combined with my Zhou Clan's bloodline, its might is even more powerful." Zhou Huo had a pride expression on his face.

"Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl?"

Qin Yu's heart moved. He began to think. "When I went to the Mountain Sea Palace, that silver haired silver eyed youngster had delivered three first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to me that was given by his master. Among them, one was called the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl. Could this Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl be similar to the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl?"

"It's truly a pity. A new Craftsman God had only just been born in the Divine Realm. Yet, he will be dying already." A gentle voice sounded. The person who spoke was the Southwest Sage Emperor, Tang Lan, the only female among the Sage Emperors. Above Tang Lan's beautiful long blue hair also floated a spiritual pearl. Merely, this spiritual pearl was encircled with streams of water.

"Your death cannot be blame on others." The Northeast Sage Emperor Mu Qin said coldly. A cyan colored spiritual pearl was floating above his head.

The Six Great Sage Emperors each possessed a spiritual pearl floating above their head. They were all of different colors and radiated a different sort of energy from the other. Merely, the auras from all of them were capable of vibrating the entire world.

"Qin Yu, prepare to receive your death." Zhou Xian said coldly. This sentence from him was equivalent to the attack signal. Immediately, the Six Great Sage Emperors all started to increase their aura…

"Wait a moment." Qin Yu suddenly shouted.

"What's wrong? Are you afraid of death? Are you regretting?" Zhou Huo said in ridicule. Zhou Huo loved to see people to were about to die displaying their weak sides before him.

"Utmost West Sage Emperor." Qin Yu's gaze was focused upon the red spiritual pearl above Shentu Yan's head. "This spiritual pearl of yours, is it called the 'Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl?'"

Although Shentu Yan was confused as to why Qin Yu asked this question, he still nodded and said. "The Spiritual Treasures of the Eight Great Divine Families were the Eight Great Origin Spiritual Pearls. My Shentu Clan controlled the fire attribute energy. This Clan Protection Treasure is called the 'Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl.' Could there be something strange about that?"

"This Qin Yu, I reckon that he's afraid of death and is trying to delay time. Haha…" Zhou Hou sneered.

At this moment, Qin Yu's imagination was running wild.

When he saw the Spiritual Pearl on Shentu Yan's head, Qin Yu sensed from the color, aura, luster and various other aspects of the spiritual pearl that… this Shentu Clan's Spiritual Treasure was exactly the same as the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl that he received from the silver haired silver eyed youngster.

"Even their names are the same. They're both first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. According to what these Sage Emperors said, the Eight Great Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures emerged during the time when the Divine Realm was born. Logically, such Spiritual Treasure would be unique. In that case, why did that silver haired silver eyed youngster give me a Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl?"Qin Yu was pondering in his heart.

"Furthermore, the Shentu Clan's Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl appeared when the Divine Realm was born. How did that silver haired silver eyed youngster's master obtain another Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl? For there to be two Fire Origin Spiritual Pearls, could it be that there are more than one Spiritual Pearl for the other seven Spiritual Pearls too?"

Qin Yu was immediately filled with puzzles.

However, the Six Great Sage Emperors would not allow Qin Yu to continue to think.

The sea wind swift past. It blew Qin Yu's hair into motion.


Zhou Huo suddenly shouted coldly. Immediately, Zhou Huo started to emit a large amount of lightning from his body. He looked like a god of lightning. At the same time, a long whip that was formed completely out of lightning appeared in his hand. On the long whip, there were purple, cyan, black, white and various other colors of lightning revolving around it.


The long whip shook. Like a godly dragon stretching its body, that lightning whip's length greatly increased to a hundred meters after a single shake. The enormous lightning whip immediately covered the space above Qin Yu. In the space where Qin Yu was, countless lightning bolts immediately covered it.


Ear piercing whistle was being fiercely heard. The long whip immediately reached the top of Qin Yu's head.

Qin Yu's hands were light rays of light. He abruptly started to grab the lightning whip. The silver gloves automatically appeared on Qin Yu's hands. Seeing that Qin Yu was actually trying to grab the lightning whip, Zhou Huo merely smiled grimly.


Qin Yu's hands seemed to have completely covered the world and directly covered the lightning whip. However, in the very next instant, Qin Yu felt a pricking sensation coming from his hands. Immediately, his arms became completely numb.

"What level of lightning is this?" Qin Yu started to feel a terror in his heart. He was wearing second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure gloves, yet he was still injured.


Zhou Huo coldly humphed. At the same time, several tens of enormous whips appeared beside Zhou Huo. The current Zhou Huo was like an octopus, where his several tens of enormous whips were the enormous feet of the octopus.

A single lightning whip was already this powerful, if all several tens of them were to come at the same time… Thinking of that scene, Qin Yu's body felt a burst of numbness.

"Earlier, I only touched the lightning whip with my gloves, yet I still felt numbness through my arms. If my body were to come in contact with those lightning whips directly, I reckon that my body would be burned to dust." Qin Yu became alarmed. Immediately after, he started to smile. "I am not my clone. My defense is unable to resist the attacks. Mn… I shall give my all and test out my strength today."

Light flashed through Qin Yu's eyes.


At this moment, the other five Sage Emperors were not in a rush to attack. They were merely looking the entire time. At this moment, they all saw with their own eyes that Qin Yu had turned into two.

One was a cyan gowned Qin Yu whereas the other was a black gowned Qin Yu. The black gowned Qin Yu rapidly retreated whereas the cyan gowned Qin Yu rushed toward those lightning whips.

"To even dare to face the Thunder Origin Energy, he's courting death." Thought the surrounding Sage Emperors.

"Bang!" The several tens of lighting whips struck on the cyan gowned Qin Yu.

The cyan gowned Qin Yu had a stunned expression. However, his body was not injured in the slightest!

"How is that possible?!"

Zhou Huo opened his eyes wide. The other five Sage Emperors were also shocked. "No matter how strong one's defense is, it shouldn't be possible for them to resist against the power of the Thunder Origin." Zhou Huo was unable to believe what had happened.

How could the Six Great Sage Emperors possibly know that the cyan gowned Qin Yu was actually a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure? Since the birth of the Divine Realm, there had never been an incident of a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure being smashed apart.

After all, first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were simply too hard.

Thus, the cyan gowned Qin Yu's body's defense was also extremely terrifying. Furthermore… even if the attack were capable of breaking apart the cyan gowned Qin Yu, the cyan gowned Qin Yu was still capable of turning into Coldmist Air.

An undying body!

"Zhou Huo, is this your power? As Sage Emperors, could it be that you all had thought that you'd be able to defeat me with merely a single Zhou Huo?" The black gowned Qin Yu said with an indifferent laughter from far away. And at this moment, the black gowned Qin Yu was holding a simple and unadorned black spear in his hand. This black spear also had strains of dark and yellow color on it.

Divine Spear Waning Snow. Qin Yu had finally taken out the Divine Spear Waning Snow which was even more frightening than a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

"Competing the attack power? How could the attack power of the Divine Spear Waning Snow possibly be inferior to your first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Qin Yu began to have an excitement for battle. It had already been a long time since he last felt like this.

"Brother Jiang Fan, you go and take care of Jiang Li. As for that Qin Yu, we'll take care of him." Said the Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Brother Zhou Huo, Tang Lan, us three shall handle the cyan gowned Qin Yu. As for the black gowned Qin Yu, Brother Shentu and Brother Mu shall handle him. What does everyone think about this?"

None of the Sage Emperors had any complaints on the arrangement set by the Utmost South Sage Emperor.

Even when killing a chicken, one must use an ox-killing knife. In battles, one must go all out! Furthermore, the strength displayed by the cyan gowned Qin Yu was obviously stronger than the black gowned Qin Yu. Merely, the current Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan and them, none of them had sensed the might of Qin Yu's Divine Spear Waning Snow!


Bodies were moving like lightning. Zhou Huo, Tang Lan and Duanmu Yun immediately surrounded the cyan gowned Qin Yu. As for Shentu Yan and Mu Qin, the two of them had reached the black gowned Qin Yu. Finally, Jiang Fan was standing before Jiang Li.

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