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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 13 – Godking of Life

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The jade green light was slowly circulating through the pavilion building. The surrounding grass and flowers seemed to have been affected by the surging energy of life and was growing unceasingly.

"Is the fusion finally going to succeed?" Qin Yu looked at the pavilion building before him,

In the second floor of the pavilion building Jiang Li was sitting cross-legged with long hair draping over her shoulders. Her sparkling and translucent face was emitting a radiance of life. Her entire body was surging with life energy.

Those with a high power level, for example Jiang Lan, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, were all able to sense the change that had occurred here. They all rapidly rushed over to the pavilion building. They also knew that at this moment, Li'er had reached the final junction. Thus, they all stayed outside of the pavilion building. Not a single one of them took their own initiative to enter.


The air suddenly started to fluctuate. That jade green colored light abruptly shrunk back. In an instant, all the jade green color light disappeared from the surface of the pavilion building, returning it to its former appearance.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

"Little Yu, how are things inside?" Jiang Lan asked in a low voice. He was also worried about Li'er. Among everyone present, only Qin Yu was connected with Jiang Li through their hearts and souls. Furthermore, Qin Yu was the master of the New Cosmos. Thus, he would naturally be the one who knew the most about Jiang Li's situation.

Qin Yu's gaze was fixed upon the second floor of the pavilion building. He only turned around to look at Uncle Lan after hearing his question. With a slight smile, he said. "Li'er's current state is very good. The two Soul Tears of Life have completely fused into one and also fused with Li'er's Nascent Soul. I presume… Li'er will be coming out in a bit."

Jiang Lan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. "That's good."

"Big brother, that why hasn't Big Sis Li'er come out yet?" Confused, Hou Fei asked.

Qin Yu was also a bit puzzled about this. He was able to sense that Li'er should've successfully accomplished everything. In that case, why hasn't she come out yet?

"Monkey, don't worry. Wait a bit longer." Hei Yu said in a low voice.

Hou Fei shriveled his mouth and shot a glance at Hei Yu. However, he did not say anything. Just like that, Qin Yu and them started to calmly wait outside the pavilion building. None of them knew what Li'er was doing.

However, this wait turned to be very long.

After a day.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Jiang Lan was still waiting outside. It had been an entire day now. However, there was not the slightest sign of Jiang Li coming out.

"Big brother, do you know what's happening with sister-in-law?" Hei Yu asked in a low voice. At this moment, Xiao Hei had also grown a bit worried.

Qin Yu frowned. He shook his head and said. "All I know is that there is not the slightest amount of energy circulating through Li'er's surface right now. Merely, her soul has entered into a very deep state of training."

"Oh?" Jiang Lan frowned. "Could it be, could it be that Li'er is comprehending those spatial laws?"

"There ought to be no other reason other than that." Qin Yu said. Qin Yu was anticipating in his heart. After all, no one had ever fused two Soul Tears of Life before. Although it appeared to not be dangerous, it was still very hard to determine if it was actually dangerous in reality.

As Qin Yu and them have stayed here for a long period of time, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng who were trying to find Qin Yu managed to find this place.

"Little Yu."

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng suddenly walked in from outside the courtyard manor's entrance. Seeing Qin Yu and them standing outside of the pavilion building, Qin Feng sighed in his heart. He naturally knew that Jiang Li had been in seclusion training the entire time. He was also well aware of the relationship that his third brother had with Jiang Li.

Qin Feng spoke in persuasion. "Little Yu, don't bother to foolishly stay and wait anymore. When sister-in-law successfully finishes, she will naturally come out."

However, right after Qin Feng said those words, Qin Yu rushed into the second floor of the pavilion building with a lightning-like speed. The window of the pavilion building's second floor opened by itself to allow Qin Yu to enter.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu glanced at each other.

"It would seem that Li'er has woken back up already." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

The second floor of the pavilion building was extremely spacious and empty. The dark red colored floor was emitting a fragrant smell of sandalwood. As for Jiang Li, she was sitting cross-legged on the floor. The bottom of her Purple Rain Dress was scattered on the ground.

Right after Jiang Li opened her eyes, she saw Qin Yu standing before her and watching her.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li said in a low voice. Within her eyes was a trace of joy.

Qin Yu carefully observed Jiang Li. His heart gasped. The complete fusion of these two Soul Tears of Life was truly miraculous indeed. Even Li'er's temperament had slightly changed. As for her appearance, the change in that was even greater. Her long hair that used to be jet-black now possessed jade green light circulating through each strand of hair. Even her pupils were a bit jade green color.

"Brother Yu, what are you looking at? Could it be that Brother Yu doesn't like my current appearance?" Jiang Li puffed up her cheeks and said that deliberately.

Qin Yu smiled. "Of course not. Oh, that's right, I felt that those two Soul Tears of Life had completely fused yesterday. Why did you only wake up now?"

A blush appeared on Jiang Li's face.

Seeing Jiang Li's expression, Qin Yu became even more confused.

Actually, the moment when the two Soul Tears of Life completely fused together was also the moment when all the information regarding Zuo Qiumei entered Jiang Li. In this period of time, Jiang Li even came to know about everything that had occurred to Zuo Qiumei in her life.

In this period of time, Jiang Li had also completely comprehended the lump of spatial laws in her body. As for the day when the two Soul Tears of Life completely fused with one another, Jiang Li was actually… remembering the time when she was dual training with Qin Yu.

That was because she was able to discover a bit of Qin Yu's comprehension of the spatial laws during their dual training.

This single day of recalling had actually allowed Jiang Li to completely comprehend the portions of the spatial laws that she was unable to comprehend. In other words… Jiang Li had already comprehended the spatial laws.

Merely, the current Qin Yu didn't know about it.

After all, what Jiang Li had comprehended was the Divine Realm's spatial laws. The spatial laws of the Divine Realm were simply of no use within Qin Yu's New Cosmos.

"What's wrong? Could it be that there's something that's embarrassing to say?" Qin Yu said with a smile.

Jiang Li's face was red. She muttered. "It's just, it's just that I've comprehended the spatial laws, comprehended the spatial laws, so I woke up."

"Oh." Qin Yu answered. Immediately after, his reaction came. "What did you say?" Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Li in shock. "You said you've comprehended the spatial laws?"

Jiang Li nodded. She raised her head and looked to Qin Yu and smiled brilliantly. "What? You don't believe me?"

"Li'er, you're not lying?" Qin Yu burst into ecstasy. If Li'er were to become a Godking, then her safety would've been guaranteed. Furthermore, he would also not have to be too fearful in his conduct.

After two hours.

Inside a pavilion in that hundred mile circumference internal lake in the Purple Mystic Mansion's back garden. Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Jiang Lan were seated around a cyan colored stone table.

"Little Yu, you said that Li'er has comprehended the Spatial Laws and become a Godking?" Once Jiang Lan Qin Yu's words, he was immediately shocked. Jiang Li had not cultivated for a long time. Furthermore, the amount of time she had been a High Level Heavenly Deity was even shorter. How could she possibly become a Godking so quickly? This was indeed an unimaginable thing.

Qin Yu looked to Jiang Li with a smile.

"Uncle Lan, it's better for Li'er to explain herself." Qin Yu remembered the explanation that Jiang Li gave him while he was in the pavilion building. Even now, he was still shocked.

Jiang Li looked to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, it's because of Aunt Zuo Qiumei."

"A'mei?" Jiang Lan's expression slightly changed.

Jiang Li lightly nodded and said. "Yes, that's right. When the two Soul Tears of Life completely fused together, it entered my soul, dissipated and then fused with me, I came to a complete understanding."

Jiang Lan was calmly listening.

"Aunt Zuo Qiumei's study of the soul had already reached an extremely high level. One could even say that she have thoroughly studied the soul. As for the even more important 'True Spirit,' Aunt Zuo Qiumei was unable to comprehend it."Jiang Li slowly said. If one were to ask who knew Zuo Qiumei the best in the world, then it would be Jiang Li.

"When Aunt Zuo Qiumei received the attack from the Sage Emperors, the space surrounding her was frozen and she was incapable of teleportation. Of her two great followers, one died on the spot and the other one was heavily injured. To be attacked by the Sage Emperors together, Aunt Zuo Qiumei knew that she was unable to escape. Thus, before her death, she completely fused her understanding of the spatial laws, all her energy as well as her soul itself into two drops of tears. Only her True Spirit was dissipated by the attacks." Jiang Li's voice was downcast. Her eyes were also slightly red.

Back then, Zuo Qiumei had treated Jiang Li as if she were her own daughter. Thus, Jiang Li naturally felt extremely painful right now.

"Had it been other Godkings, they would definitely be unable to do such a thing. However, Aunt Zuo Qiumei's study of the soul had already reached the pinnacle level."

"When these two drops of Soul Tears of Life completely fused, I came to understand everything that Aunt Zuo Qiumei experienced. I also easily comprehended the spatial laws left behind by Aunt Zuo Qiumei." After Jiang Li finished her speech, she grew silent.

At this moment, Jiang Lan was also silent.

It was very easy to understand why Jiang Li managed to reach the Godking level right away. This was actually completely contributed to Zuo Qiumei. She had directly passed on everything to Jiang Li through the soul.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li glanced at each other.

The two of them were both able to imagine Jiang Lan's current frame of mind.

Jiang Lan softly exhaled. He displayed a smile on his face and looked at Qin Yu and Jiang Li. "Little Yu, Li'er, now that the two of you both possess the strength of Godkings, what do you plan to do from now on?"

Jiang Li looked at Qin Yu. Jiang Li was determined to support whatever Qin Yu chose to do.

Qin Yu already had a plan as to what to do in the future.

"Uncle Lan, there is still a major gap between our current strength and the strength of the Sage Emperors. Thus, I plan to take two separate steps." Qin Yu directly said. "The first step could be considered as an incubation period. In this period of time, I will not create a major disturbance. After all, I would have to wait till Li'er gives birth in order to advance to the second step."

Jiang Lan looked at Jiang Li's stomach. Her stomach was bulging. Although it wasn't small, it was still quite far away from labor and delivery.

Jiang Lan slightly nodded.

Qin Yu continued. "There are two matters to be done in the first step of incubation period. The first matter is to strengthen our own power and the second matter is to reduce the morale of the Sage Emperors and disrupt the unity between them."

Jiang Lan's eyes shined.

"What you said is very reasonable. Merely, how do we go about raising our own strength? One can't just increase strength easily through training." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

Qin Yu nodded while smiling. "I understand this too. I plan to… invite the hidden Godkings to help us."

"Invite the hidden Godkings?" Jiang Lan started to shake his head.

Qin Yu knew very well that the possibility of successfully inviting hidden Godkings was extremely low. However, Qin Yu still had his preparations.

"Uncle Lan, I know that Senior Zuo Qiumei has a follower called Yi Feng. Now that Li'er has become the Godking of Life, I believe that Godking Yi Feng would agree to help us because of Li'er and some persuasion from myself." Qin Yu's first target was that Southern Boundary  Archipelago's Bamboo Forest Island's Island Master Yi Feng.

"Yi Feng?"

Jiang Lan's eyes shined. He then slightly nodded. "If you were to ask him, then there is indeed a possibility of success. However, Little Yu… have you seen Yi Feng before? Do you even know where he is?"

"Uncle Lan, you can rest assured. Last time when I went to search for the Mirage Spirit Mirror, I've encountered Yi Feng. Thus, I am familiar with his aura. Even if he has left the Southern Boundary Archipelago, I would still easily be able to detect him through the use of my Spatial Energy." Qin Yu said confidently.

Qin Yu then smiled. "As for the other Godkings… although it is extremely difficult to make them join us, I am nevertheless a Craftsman God."

Jiang Lan grew silent. He then shook his head and said. "Using Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to invite Godkings would not present a high possibility of success. Unless, you are to be willing to use first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to invite them."

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu also knew very well that it would definitely not be easy to invite hidden Godkings that could conceal themselves for so long. Merely… no matter what, it is better to try.

If they were able to invite two or three Godkings, then with Qin Yu, his clone, Jiang Li and the hidden Uncle Lan, Qin Yu's side would possess sufficient strength.

[TL: Found out in this chapter that Zuo Qiumei should be Zuoqiu Mei. Li'er actually called her Aunt Zuoqiu. However. I'm changing that to Aunt Zuo Qiumei. Because… well… it's too many Zuo Qiumei to change to Zuoqiu Mei.]

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 14 – Water Screen

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"You mentioned lowering the morale of the Sage Emperors and destroying their unity. How do you plan to do that?" Jiang Lan asked.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "It is extremely easy to lower their morale. As long as I occasionally attack and defeat their Godkings, then after this matter becomes spread through the Divine Realm, the Sage Emperors' morale will naturally lower."

"Moreover, as long as the Sage Emperors fight me a few times, they'll come to realize… that Spatial Freezing is useless against me." Qin Yu had a confident expression on his face. "No matter how they surround me, I am still capable of instantly entering the New Cosmos. Furthermore, last time when I fought against Zhou Tong, I only accelerated the time by a thousand times. Actually, time acceleration of a thousand times is nowhere near my limit."

Jiang Lan was startled.

His gasp was almost too much, that the youth from the Mortal Realm had now become an expert of the Divine Realm.

Currently, the New Cosmos' Mortal Realm space was completed and the temporal laws were also completed. Merely, because the higher level of cosmic space was still in the process of growing, Qin Yu was only capable of using Time Acceleration.

As for Time Stop and Time Reversal, they were still impossible for Qin Yu to use.

However, even if it was only Time Acceleration, Qin Yu's time Acceleration still greatly surpassed only a thousand times.

The reason why Qin Yu had only accelerated time by only a thousand times back then was because… with only a thousand times and Qin Yu's reaction speed, it was more than sufficient to block the incoming attacks from Zhou Tong.

"As long as the Eight Great Sage Emperors continue to be defeated several times in a row, I truly wonder how they'll continue to have morale." Qin Yu continued. "As for destroying their unity, it's even easier. That's because… the Eight Great Sage Emperors were not united to begin with."

Qin Yu still clearly remembered that in the skies above the Eastern Sea, that Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu even hinted at Qin Yu with his eyes.

That expression of his eyes had allowed Qin Yu to understand that Huangfu Yu's was still on Qin Yu's side.

"All of this is merely the first step, the incubation period. As Li'er is still pregnant, I can only search for stability. Once Li'er finishes giving birth, I shall set forth the second step and conduct a grand ten thousand thunder-like attacks on the Thunder Punishment City!" A cold sharpness flashed through Qin Yu's eyes.

Jiang Li and Jiang Lan both gasped a mouthful of cool air.

Attack the Thunder Punishment City?

The Thunder Punishment City was the most otherworldly amongst the Eight Great Sacred Lands. Standing behind it was the Thunder Punishment Godking. This had given rise to no one daring to provoke it in the countless number of years.

"Others fear that Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial. However, I…" Qin Yu coldly smiled in his heart.

The Exalted Celestials were merely people who had comprehended the spatial laws as well as the temporal laws. Unfortunately… what the Exalted Celestials had comprehended was merely the Divine Realm's spatial laws and temporal laws. Once they enter the New Cosmos, their abilities would become useless.

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the responsibility on his shoulders.

The current him was no longer alone like before. Instead, he had a wife and would also soon have a child. All of this had caused Qin Yu to be on strong alert against dangers.

The existence of the Thunder Punishment City was something that brought about dangers to his relatives.

Since it was a threat, Qin Yu would naturally not allow this threat to continue to exist!

"Qin Yu, your second step of attacking the Thunder Punishment City, you must make sure to have the adequate preparations. Without absolute certainty of success, you must definitely not launch your attack." Jiang Lan warned Qin Yu solemnly.

After all, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was not an easy target.

"I know. That's the reason why I decided this to be the second step." Qin Yu slightly smiled.

Jiang Lan nodded. Jiang Lan was very assured as to the way Qin Yu handled things.

The Purple Mystic Star gradually grew colder. Goose feathers like snowflakes started to float from the sky. Qin Yu and Jiang Li were snuggled up against each other inside the Purple Mystic Mansion's pavilion, as they watched the snowflakes swirling in the air.

"Brother Yu, when I was at the Divine Realm's Floating Snow City, I would see snowflakes everyday. Sigh, I truly wonder how Yan'er is doing right now." Jiang Li said softly.

Qin Yu lightly smiled to Jiang Li. "Li'er, do you want to see what Yan'er is doing?"

Jiang Li immediately looked at Qin Yu in confusion.

Qin Yu waved his hand. Immediately, an enormous water screen appeared in the air before the pavilion. The scene of the Divine Realm was surprisingly on the water screen.

The New Cosmos' Spatial Energy was still capable of travelling through the channel and covering the entire Divine Realm. Thus, Qin Yu knew about everything that occurred in the Divine Realm. Currently… Qin Yu had only transmitted what he had seen to the water screen.

"Ah, Floating Snow City." Jiang Li was pleasantly surprised.

The Floating Snow City in midair appeared in the enormous water screen.

"Is Yan'er inside the Floating Snow City?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu with anticipation. Qin Yu smiled and said. "Jiang Yan is not in the Floating Snow City. Instead, she's at…" Qin Yu smiled and then turned over to face the water screen.

The scene within the water screen immediately changed. An enormous city on the ground appeared on the water screen. Rapidly, the water screen enlarged the city. Soon, a courtyard manor appeared on the water screen. After passing through the walls of the courtyard manor, what appeared was a white gowned Jun Luoyu sitting side by side with Jiang Yan on the grass. The two of them were chatting with one another.

"Yan'er seems to be very happy." Seeing this scene, Jiang Li displayed a smile.

"Li'er, should we go and do 'that'?" Qin Yu suddenly said to Jiang Li's ears.

Jiang Li turned around and looked to Qin Yu in shock. "Right now?"

"Mn, it's been a long time already. Let's do it now." Qin Yu smiled and said. Jiang Li also nodded with an expression of anticipation.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li disappeared from the pavilion in the center of the lake.

In the skies of the Divine Realm's Eastern Sea. This was the same region where Qin Yu last fought the two Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li appeared in the sky.

"It's been so long since we've been to the Divine Realm. This time, we shall jolt the Divine Realm once again." Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Jiang Li. As for Jiang Li, she raised her head and looked to the sky.

The ocean that was originally calm and tranquil seemed to have been stirred up by a giant. Gradually, the ocean waves started to roll. As for the sky, various multi-colored clouds appeared. More and more clouds of various colors were gathered. The clouds were red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple colors. This was precisely the 'Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds' that appears when a Godking was born.

In the surroundings of every cloud were all kinds of gorgeous colored lights circulating through. It was extremely dazzling.

"Chi!" A lightning streaked through the vast sky. Soon, lightning after lightning appeared. A countless number of lightning snakes soared to the skies. The number of Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds grew more and more too.

"Brother Yu?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu.

"It's about time to leave. All those Godkings have taken note of us already." Qin Yu smiled. He held Jiang Li's hand and disappeared from the Eastern Sea with her.

The Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds appeared in the thousands of miles wide vast sky. The sound of the thunder and lightning was so loud that it resonated through the entire Divine Realm. Naturally, the Godkings of the Divine Realm all took note of this.

The message sent forth by this matter was extremely clear… another Godking was born.

When Zhou Xian discovered this scene in the Thunder Punishment City, his expression turned gloomy.

"Another Godking was born?" In these past years, Zhou Xian had felt that he had been unlucky the entire time.

Duanmu Yu had become a Godking and that Qin Yu who had suddenly emerged, although he did not become a Godking, was even more powerful than ordinary Godkings!

Yet he, Zhou Xian…

How many hundred of millions of years had it been? Yet he was still only a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Crossing the step from the High Level Heavenly Deity stage to the Godking stage was indeed extremely difficult. It was extremely normal for him to not reach the Godking stage. However, the emergence of Duanmu Yu and Qin Yu in succession naturally caused Zhou Xian to feel extremely unfairly treated in his heart.


Another Godking was actually born today.

"Imperial Father, where is that newly born Godking?" Seeing Zhou Huo in the sky, Zhou Xian immediately flew over and promptly asked his father.

Zhou Huo was frowning. He said in suspicion. "According to the location where the Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds appeared, underneath the center of the Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds would be where that Godking is at. That place, it's actually…"

"What is it actually?" Zhou Xian grew a bit impatient.

"It's actually the location where Zhou Ran and your Second Uncle fought against Qin Yu." Zhou Huo also grew suspicious.

Neither Zhou Huo nor the others managed to see Qin Yu and Jiang Li. That was because Qin Yu had been using his Spatial Energy to observe the entire Divine Realm the entire time. Right after those Godkings became alarmed by the change in the sky, Qin Yu had already brought Jiang Li and returned to the New Cosmos.

Those Godkings were only capable of determining where the newly emerged Godking appeared based on the location of the Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds.

Usually, when a newly emerged Godking appeared, they would immediately be detected by the Divine Realm and cause the signs signaling the birth of the Godking. From the way Zhou Huo and them saw it…

As the signs signaling the birth of the Godking appeared there, then the newly emerged Godking ought to have became a Godking there.

"Xian'er, stay here. I'll go over to the Eastern Sea to check it out." Zhou Huo suddenly said.

"Imperial Father, I also want to go." Zhou Xian was also curious of that newly emerged Godking. Especially because… that newly emerged Godking appeared at where Qin Yu last fought his cousin and uncle.

Confronted with his son's request, Zhou Huo could only nod.

Many people of the Divine Realm were curious of the newly emerged Godkings. Especially because this newly emerged Godking had suddenly disappeared and surprisingly no one knew about this Godking's identity.

New Cosmos. Purple Mystic Star. In the pavilion in the center of the lake in the Purple Mystic Mansion. Qin Yu and Jiang Li returned to this location.

"Brother Yu, I reckon that even if those Godkings thought till their brains exploded, they would still not be able to realise that I did not become a Godking at that location at all." Jiang Li was smiling extremely happily.

Jiang Li had completely comprehended the Divine Realm's spatial laws within the New Cosmos.

Merely, the Divine Realm was incapable of sensing Jiang Li who was in the New Cosmos.

"Li'er, look over there." Qin Yu pointed ahead.

Before the pavilion in the center of the lake, on the enormous water screen, appeared the scene of the Divine Realm's Eastern Sea. At this moment, two Godkings had appeared in the skies above the Eastern Sea.

In the skies above the Divine Realm's Eastern Sea.

In a short moment, eleven people appeared here. Among these people, only Zhou Xian was not a Godking. The other people all greeted each other. The eleven people that appeared were all from the Eight Great Divine Families. Not a single person from the Ascender Powers appeared.

"Everyone, did any of you all discover who this newly emerged Godking was?" Huangfu Yu was the first to ask.

Immediately, those Godkings all looked at each other. After a short moment, all of them came to an understanding. Surprisingly, not a single one of them knew who the newly emerged Godking was.

"Why is this newly emerged Godking hiding his or her identity?" Jiang Fan frowned and said.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors generally wanted to investigate all of the experts of the Divine Realm. Yet now, a newly emerged Godking actually disappeared, causing them to be unable to investigate him or her.

"Let's not talk about the fact that they're hiding their identity. The most important matter is… why did this newly emerged Godking managed to achieve comprehension and reach the Godking stage here?" Zhou Huo's expression was solemn as he said that. "This location is where Qin Yu last appeared. I find it very hard to believe that a High Level Heavenly Deity just so happened to achieve comprehension and become a Godking here."

Was it coincidental?

More than half of the Godkings present did not believe that it was coincidental.

The Divine Realm's ocean space was extremely vast. It was greater than even hundreds of millions of miles wide. How could there be such a coincidence?

"Brother Zhou Huo, you mean to say that this newly emerged Godking is related to Qin Yu?" The Utmost West Sage Emperor asked.

At this moment, Zhou Huo grew silent for a moment. He then said. "Although I am not completely certain, the possibility is very large. Everyone, we should carefully think over the proposal that I gave after the battle last time."

"Brother Zhou Huo, you all can chat about this matter. I shall take my leave first." Huangfu Yu laughed and then disappeared with a teleportation.

Zhou Huo glanced at the location where Huangfu Yu disappeared from. He frowned but did not say anything.

Inside the New Cosmos's Purple Mystic Mansion's pavilion in the center of the lake. Qin Yu and Jiang Li were watching all of this unfold.

"Brother Yu, this Zhou Huo is indeed extremely ruthless. He actually wanted to handle you like how they handled Aunt Zuo Qiumei." Jiang Li displayed an angry expression on her face.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Rest assured, Li'er. This Zhou Huo will soon find out that his scheme is worthless. I truly want to see what his expression will be like when he believes that I am unable to escape after he freezes the space, yet I suddenly disappear."

A year later.

In the Divine Realm's Southern Sea's airspace. Qin Yu and Jiang Li were flying against the wind. In a blink of an eye, they had traveled through the space and reached the Southern Boundary Archipelago.

"Brother Yu, is that Godking Yi Feng here?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly smiled. "That Godking Yi Feng is located on the Southern Boundary Archipelago's  Bamboo Forest Island. Surprisingly, he did not change his location after his appearance last time. He is still on the Bamboo Forest Island."

Afterwards, Qin Yu held Jiang Li's hand. The two of them turned into two rays of light and descended onto the Bamboo Forest Island.

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