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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 1 – Parting Ways

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace. The various Godkings were engrossed by the scene before them. All for the sake of a single woman, this new Craftsman God, Qin Yu, whose status was rapidly rising in the Divine Realm, actually lost his sense of propriety and began to argue with a Godking.

Truly interesting.

Although Qin Yu's strength was pretty good, he was, after all, not a Godking. In the eyes of all the Godkings present, they believed that no matter how strong a High Level Heavenly Deity was, he would still not be able to harm a Godking in the slightest.

A person who was not a Godking, was merely a little ant to a Godking. What exactly would such a person capable of accomplishing?

"Truly do not know your own standing." Zhou Xian who was overjoyed and complacent shot a side-eye glance at Qin Yu. Within his eyes was traces of disdain. "To act so arrogant before the Utmost North Sage Emperor, oh, my lord father-in-law, you are truly asking for troubles."

However, the Jiang Fan at this moment had a rather heavy expression.

That was because…

"Big brother, you still did not care for Li'er's own desire, my warning and still selected Zhou Xian." Jiang Lan's voice sounded in Jiang Fan's mind.

Eighty percent of Jiang Fan's focus was on Jiang Lan. Twenty percent of it was on Qin Yu. However, on the surface, Jiang Fan was coldly staring at Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, I can understand your frame of mind. Merely, this groom search was impartially conducted before all various Godkings present. You must accept this outcome." Jiang Fan coldly said in a matter of fact tone.

Staring at Jiang Fan's eyes, Qin Yu started to laugh.


Qin Yu glanced at the Godkings above. "Godkings. This groom search, the display that I, Qin Yu, had shown was something that you all have observed. Of the three chosen candidate spots, I've obtained two. That Zhou Xian only obtained one. Furthermore… my betrothal gift is a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure! I truly want to know,for you to still select Zhou Xian in such circumstances, what sort of impartialness is there?"

"First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?"

The Godkings above all started to discuss among each other.

"Jiang Fan, could it be that the Zhou Clan's betrothal gift is an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure? Otherwise, how could you possibly select Zhou Xian? We too do not understand your reasoning." The Blood Demon Queen deliberately said this on the side with an eccentric tone.

The other Godkings all looked to Jiang Fan suspiciously. Indeed, Qin Yu had obtained two chosen candidate spots to begin with. On top of that, his betrothal gift was a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. In such circumstances, how could he possibly lose?

Jiang Fan's expression instantly sunk.

Zhou Huo on the other hand stood up. He shot a glance at Qin Yu and then said in a clear voice. "Everyone. Do you all remember back then that Brother Jiang Fan had said that as long as the betrothal gift could surprise and excite him, that the more he liked the betrothal gift, the better it was. The betrothal gift that my Zhou Clan had proposed to the Jiang Clan was indeed more precious than a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to Brother Jiang Fan."

Jiang Fan also nodded and said. "I can guarantee you that this betrothal gift was much more important than a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to me. That's the reason why I ended up choosing Zhou Xian. It is extremely impartial."

For two Great Sage Emperors to both say such thing, the other Godkings also started to believe them. After all, what was most important to a person was one's face. No one would believe that the two Great Sage Emperors to be speaking lies in public.

"Extremely impartial?"

Qin Yu was laughing. He actually stepped onto the steps connected to the stage. Step by step, he slowly walked up toward the stage. "Why is it that I cannot see where the impartialness lies in? Jiang Fan, Your Majesty Utmost North Sage Emperor! How about you tell us what exactly that betrothal gift was?"

As Qin Yu said this, he was walking up the steps and toward the stage.

Zhou Huo coldly shouted at him. "Impudent. Qin Yu, this is no place for you to act rampant in! Get down at once!" Hearing those words, Qin Yu sneered and cast a glance at Zhou Huo. "I am currently speaking with the Utmost North Sage Emperor, why are you sticking your mouth in?"

Zhou Huo was stunned.

Everyone in the palace hall became stunned. In the moment after, Zhou Huo's complexion had instantly turned red. It was so red that it appeared that he was about to bleed. In the entire twelve quadrillion years, who dared to speak with him, the Northwest Sage Emperor, like this?

"Qin Yu, you…" Zhou Huo was about to attack.

"Brother Zhou Huo." Jiang Lan coldly spoke.

"Do not be anxious. You can take care of the disrespectfulness that Qin Yu had toward you later. As of now, I too am very suspicious of the impartialness of this groom search. I too want to know what exactly was written on your Zhou Clan's betrothal gift list." Jiang Lan's ice cold and indifferent voice resounded through the entire palace hall.

The other Godkings were all astonished. Jiang Lan is Jiang Fan's second brother. Why did he instead turn against him at such a moment?

Qin Yu and Jiang Lan took a glance at each other. Their gazes soon separated.

The two of them both understood what the other was thinking.

Qin Yu took a glance at Jiang Fan. He then looked at Jiang Li beside him. At this moment, Jiang Fan's wife, Chunyu Rou, was coldly staring at Qin Yu. It was as if she was trying to stop him with her gaze.

"Li'er, I'm sorry." Qin Yu said softly.

Jiang Li softly shook her head. She knew the implication behind Qin Yu's sorry. It was because Qin Yu did not managed to achieve the promise that he had made to her, the promise that he would openly marry her. It would seem now that the promise from back then couldn't be realized anymore.

"Let's leave first." Qin Yu slightly smiled.

Everyone felt extremely puzzled when they heard Qin Yu's words. At this moment, Jiang Li stood behind Jiang Fan. Furthermore, there were numerous Godkings in the surrounding. Was Qin Yu implying that he would be able to snatch away Jiang Li in such a situation?

"Qin Yu, even if there were Godkings helping you today, I would still not let you snatch away my daughter." Jiang Fan smiled indifferently and said. At this moment, the space surrounding Jiang Li had been confined.

It was impossible for other Godkings to use the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy to take her away.

Qin Yu did not even bother to take a glance at Jiang Fan. He had merely considered him to be air. His gaze was completely on Jiang Li. Against Qin Yu's suggestion…

Jiang Li nodded.

"From today hence, the two of us will never separate from each other again." Qin Yu said with a smile.

The New Cosmos's Spatial Energy had long since covered the region of several hundred miles. Thus, this entire Sage Emperor's Palace was naturally also covered by the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy. With an intention from Qin Yu, Jiang Li who was originally behind Jiang Fan disappeared.

She disappeared.

In front of the thirteen Godkings, inside the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace, before the gaze of all the Heavenly Deities, Jiang Li disappeared.

"Where's Li'er?" Jiang Fan had become dumbstruck.

This scene was truly too shocking. The other Godkings were unable to make head or tails either. Jiang Fan was extremely certain that he had already completely confined the space surrounding Jiang Li. It was impossible for even Godking level experts to use their Spatial Energy to snatch away Li'er.


The Spatial Energy that Qin Yu used was not from the Divine Realm. Instead, it was originated from the New Cosmos that Qin Yu had created. For the Godking level experts of the Divine Realm, they were incapable of even detecting the Spatial Energy from the New Cosmos.

"Qin Yu, return me my wife!" Zhou Xian suddenly shouted.

"Wife?" Qin Yu's gaze grew cold. He turned around and coldly looked at Zhou Xian. He was about to attack Zhou Xian. However, at this moment, Qin Yu discovered that Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan surprisingly came at him together.

Within the cover of his Spatial Energy, Qin Yu's reaction was astonishingly fast.


Before the gaze of everyone present, Qin Yu casually took a step toward Zhou Xian who stood below the stage. His gaze was completely on Zhou Xian. It was as if he did not notice the two Godkings behind him.

"Ah!" The various Heavenly Deities below was unable to help themselves from becoming worried for Qin Yu.

However, what ended up occurring completely stupefied everyone…

A person actually metamorphosed out from Qin Yu's body. It was another Qin Yu. It was a cyan gowned Qin Yu. The black gown Qin Yu started to rush toward Zhou Xian who stood underneath. As for the cyan gowned Qin Yu, he was facing the two Great Godkings with a smile on his face.

Clone Technique?

Both Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo were shocked. However, the two of them still had a calm and collected expression and continued to attack Qin Yu. Jiang Fan's palm strike appeared to be able to contain the entire world, leaving one to have nowhere to escape.

As for Zhou Huo, he had completely turned into a thunderbolt and directly struck toward Qin Yu.

The combined assault from two Great Godkings. The situation was extremely bad.

"Big Brother!" A voice sounded in Jiang Fan's head. At the same time, Jiang Lan appeared before Jiang Fan. He struck forth a fist strike with his hand and collided with the palm strike from Jiang Fan.

The space surrounding them burst into a tremble. At the location where the fist and the palm collided, the space completely crumbled.

"Second brother." Jiang Fan glowered at Jiang Lan.

However, Jiang Lan merely replied with a grim smile.

"Not good." At this moment, Shentu Fan and Kuiyin Hou were both worried for Qin Yu.

Although Jiang Fan was able to stop a single person, he was incapable of preventing two. The thunderstrike that the Northwest Sage Emperor had turned into was about to land already. "Don't you dare harm my son!" Divine Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

"Your son is dead." The cyan gowned Qin Yu suddenly cast a fist strike toward the thunderstrike.

Fighting the Northwest Sage Emperor head on? The various Godkings above all felt this to be ridiculous. Could this clone of Qin Yu's possibly be trying to throw his life away?


The fist ruthlessly collided with the thunderstrike.

"Wham~~~" The surrounding space was floating and drifting like a painting. It then started to rip apart. Even though there was an enormous barrier protecting the surface of the palace hall, it had now crumbled with a loud bang. The ground was completely cracked apart. The space in the entire Sage Emperor's Palace was vibrating. The pillars of the Sage Emperor's Palace had loudly collapsed.

Those Heavenly Deities all promptly flew back. Fortunately, the Sage Emperor's Palace contained an extremely powerful barrier with a very strong binding power. Otherwise, this single exchange would've been able to collapse and tear the space in the several miles radius.

"What a hard fist." Zhou Huo was shocked.

The cyan gown Qin Yu was created through the fusion of the Nine Petal Magnificent Lotus's Lotus Core and the Golden Bead. Its true form was that of a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. The hardness of a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, how could it possibly be fake?

However, Zhou Huo still had a smile on his face.

How could the remarkable ability of a Godking possible be for jokes and laughter? The most powerful aspect of a Godking was their control over the space!

"Huu!" The space surrounding the cyan gowned Qin Yu suddenly started to cave in. The cyan gowned Qin Yu had instantly entered the spatial cracks.

"What a frightening engulfing power." Having caught in in the spatial cracks, the cyan gowned Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from exclaiming in admiration. In a blink of an eye, the space returned to normal. As for the cyan gown Qin Yu, he was banished to the spatial cracks.

"Humph." Zhou Huo had an indifferent smile on his face.

However, Zhou Huo didn't know that after Qin Yu's clone entered into the spatial cracks for a short moment, it had already directly teleported back into the New Cosmos.

While Zhou Huo was fighting against the cyan gown Qin Yu, Qin Yu himself had rushed over to Zhou Xian. However, the spatial attack that Zhou Huo had displayed earlier was not merely an attack toward Qin Yu's clone. It had also attacked Qin Yu's true body."


Qin Yu felt that the space surrounding him appeared to be about to collapse.


A spear suddenly appeared in Qin Yu's hand. It was the Divine Spear Waning Snow. The Dark and Yellow Energy above the Divine Spear Waning Snow bursted forth and started to wind around. The space that was about to collapse was solidified by it just like that.

A special effect that the Dark and Yellow Energy possessed, Fixing of the Five Elements, which could stabilize the cosmic space!


Just like that, the Divine Spear Waning Snow was thrust forward.

Seeing Qin Yu rushing over, Zhou Xian had a disdainful expression on his face. He was thinking. "Qin Yu, you're merely a High Level Heavenly Deity. You want to kill me without relying on formation arrays? In your dreams." With a flip of his hand, a long whip with flickering lightning appeared in Zhou Xian's hand. He ruthlessly thrashed the whip toward Qin Yu.

What Zhou Xian didn't know was that Qin Yu had already received the attack of spatial destruction earlier. To possess the strength of handling spatial destruction that easily, how could Zhou Xian possibly be a match for Qin Yu?


"Bang!" Zhou Xian's long whip that was flickering with lightning actually wrapped itself around Qin Yu's Divine Spearing Waning Snow. The Divine Spear Waning Snow merely shook and that long whip was directly jolted apart by it. It turned into over a dozen sections.


Because of the fact that the Spatial Destruction did not work, Zhou Huo was still in shock. Seeing how frightening Qin Yu's spear was, he was unable to refrain his fear.

"Ah!" Zhou Xian himself had also been scared stunned.

Second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Lighting Whip' was actually split into pieces just like that. What sort of level was the weapon that Qin Yu held in his hand? Could it be another first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?

Unfortunately, Zhou Xian didn't know that the Divine Spear Waning Snow was even more terrifying than a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Although this took time to describe, Qin Yu's spear thrusting speed was actually so fast that he did not even give people the opportunity to think. The various Godkings above were all in a daze. However, Qin Yu's spear had already reached Zhou Xian.


The spear strike landed on Zhou Xian's body. Like a sandbag, Zhou Xian was sent flying. He then firmly smashed into the walls of the Sage Emperor's Palace. His blood had dyed the wall red.

"Strange. He's actually not dead?" Qin Yu found a strange matter.

"Qin Yu, impudent!"

The Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo flipped his hand and took out a black hammer. That Southwest Sage Emperor took out an extremely thin water-blue color sword. The Utmost North Sage Emperor took out a white spear.

"Three Great Sage Emperors, three Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures?"

Qin Yu started to smile. Much less three, even if only a single Sage Emperor fought against him wholeheartedly, he would not be able to stop them. With three coming at him with all their strength, if he didn't leave now, he'd only be seeking death.

"You want to kill me? In your dreams!"

Qin Yu suddenly started to laugh out loud.

"Consider yourself lucky." Qin Yu sneered as he cast a glance at Zhou Xian who was lying on the floor. He then disappeared from the palace hall.

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 2 – Oath to Kill Him

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

When Qin Yu disappeared with teleportation, Uncle Fu and them who had been waiting for Qin Yu outside of the palace hall, were also sent into the New Cosmos by Qin Yu.


With a teleportation, Qin Yu arrived at the main street of the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, we're leaving." Qin Yu directly sent a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to Hou Fei and Hei Yu. This time around, Hou Fei and Hei Yu did not go to the Sage Emperor's Palace.

That was because Qin Yu already made preparations to elope with Li'er in case Jiang Fan truly did not select him.

"Fucking hell. That fucking ingrate Jiang Fan." When Hou Fei heard Qin Yu's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission, he started cursing. After that, he was absorbed into the New Cosmos.

His brothers, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, along with the rest of his servants in the Floating Cloud Mansion, were all absorbed into the New Cosmos. Qin Yu then teleported again with lightning speed and left the Floating Snow City.

Each of Qin Yu's teleportations was only several hundred miles.

After two teleportations, he had left the Floating Snow City. After that, he disappeared. No matter how hard the Godkings tried to search for him, they were incapable of finding him.

"Want to kill me? In your dreams!"

Although Qin Yu had disappeared, his loud laughter continued to resound in the Sage Emperor's Palace.

Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo, Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan and the other Sage Emperors watched as Qin Yu disappeared. They were all stunned. Teleportation? How was it possible for Qin Yu to know teleportation? In almost no time at all, all of the Sage Emperors managed to react. Almost simultaneously, they spread out their Divine Awareness and covered the entire Divine Realm.

However, how fast was Qin Yu's teleportation speed?

His two teleportations took merely the blink of an eye's time. By the time the several Sage Emperors managed to react, Qin Yu already disappeared. Even Qin Yu's troops within the Floating Cloud Mansion had disappeared.


Zhou Huo roared in a low voice. He frantically spread his Divine Awareness and began to carefully search the entire Divine Realm. It covered the boundless ocean and searched through the various islands. However, he was still unable to detect Qin Yu's aura.

The entire palace hall had become frighteningly quiet. The Heavenly Deities below were all scared stupid.

What exactly happened earlier?

That Qin Yu actually looked down upon the Utmost North Sage Emperor and the Northwest Sage Emperor. He then berated the Northwest Sage Emperor and even brazenly wanted to kill Zhou Xian in the Sage Emperor's Palace. Lastly, that Qin Yu actually left with a teleportation.

"Am I dreaming?' A Mid Level Heavenly Deity down below said in a low voice.

However, within the Sage Emperor's palace, the pillars had broken apart and collapsed, the ground had been cracked, and on the walls was the blood left behind by Zhou Xian. They all signified that what happened earlier was indeed real.

"You all can return first." Jiang Fan said in a cold voice.

Those Heavenly Deities all left one after the other. Those Heavenly Deities knew… that this time around, that Qin Yu had truly pierced through the Heavens.

Only fifteen people remained in the Sage Emperor's Palace – the thirteen Godkings, Chunyu Rou and Zhou Xian. At this moment, Zhou Xian's complexion was still extremely pale and within his eyes was terror.

"Imperial Father." Zhou Xian stood beside Zhou Huo.

"It's gone?" Zhou Huo asked.

"It's already gone." Zhou Xian nodded and said. At this moment, Zhou Xian's frame of mind was a mess. "Imperial Father, how could that Qin Yu's attack be that powerful?"

Zhou Huo softly shook his head. He too was confused.

"Actually, I too want to know about that." Thought Zhou Huo. Zhou Huo still remembered the scene when Zhou Xian was born where his father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, had gifted a present to Zhou Xian.

"Zhou Huo, this jade pendant is a little gadget that I had created through gathering precious materials and then spending a hundred years crafting it. Once you have Xian'er drip his blood on it and become its master, this jade pendant would be able to protect him. As for its defensive power… this jade pendant would be able to defend against the attack of an ordinary Godking several times. Even if you were to use the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure to attack, this jade pendant would be able to defend against it once before shattering."

His father's words appeared as if they were still beside his ears.


That Qin Yu was only a High Level Heavenly Deity. However, he actually, using that spear, managed to shatter the jade pendant gifted by the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial.

"What exactly is the strength of this Qin Yu? That spear is definitely a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Why is it that there were no sign of the birth of the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Zhou Huo also felt the mysteriousness of Qin Yu.

Zhou Huo had only thought that spear to be a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

As for whether or not it was possible for Qin Yu's spear to be an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, this was something that Zhou Huo didn't dare to think about. After all, even the Exalted Celestials themselves would only be bestowed an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure by the world during the time when they become an Exalted Celestial.

"Wow, it seems like everyone truly looked down upon that Qin Yu." That Blood Demon Queen mocked from the side.

For the Sage Emperors to be humiliated, this had caused her to be overjoyed as she watched from the side.

"From the way I see it, there ought to be another Godking level expert behind that Qin Yu. Otherwise, how could he possibly teleport out of the Sage Emperor's Palace?" The Utmost South Sage Emperor said with a frown. "Brother Jiang Fan, what do you think? I reckon that Jiang Li was also taken away by that hidden Godking."

Jiang Fan was silent.

He knew very well of what had happened. He had actually placed a spatial confinement around Jiang Li. It was impossible for others to be able to take Jiang Li away.

However, Jiang Li was still taken away.

No matter what, Jiang Fan was unable to understand that. After all, if one wanted to shift the space and teleport, one must use Spatial Energy. Even if the Exalted Celestials were to appear, they would still be required to enter through the Spatial Energy of the Divine Realm.

If one doesn't use the Spatial Energy of the Divine Realm, how could they possibly be able to teleport another?

He was unable to understand it.

"Could it be that when I set up the spatial confinement earlier, I had made an mistake in the process?" Jiang Fan started to suspect himself. After all, it was absolutely impossible to teleport without using Spatial Energy. This was the common knowledge of everyone in the Divine Realm.

Unfortunately, Jiang Fan would never be able to guess that what Qin Yu had used was another Cosmos' Spatial Energy.

"That Qin Yu was capable of teleportation and bringing Li'er away. It ought to be because he had a Godking behind him." Jiang Fan nodded and said. He then coldly laughed and said. "No matter what, we must definitely retrieve Li'er."

"Brother Jiang Fan, why didn't you place a spatial confinement around Li'er? If you had done that, then wouldn't Li'er still be here?" Immediately, a Godking spoke.

Jiang Fan was bitterly smiling in his heart.

"This, I merely didn't think that he had a hidden Godking level expert behind him." Jiang Fan laughed embarrassedly and said. This was the only way that he could explain himself. After all, this was better than him telling them that he had placed a spatial confinement but made a mistake while doing so.

A Godking that controlled the Spatial Laws making a mistake when placing a spatial confinement, this would definitely be an immense embarrassment.

"That Qin Yu is truly powerful. That Zhou Xian's whip ought to be a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure right? It was actually broken apart just like that. It would seem that spear that Qin Yu held must be a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. That Qin Yu is truly amazing… Exactly how many first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures does he have?" Said the Blood Demon Queen at the side with a frivolous tone.

Wasn't that right?

Qin Yu had already publicly announced three first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Of them, the Gauze Feather Blade was presented to Jiang Fan. The others were that scepter and that spear from earlier.

"Jiang Fan, from the way I see it, it seemed that you've chosen the wrong son-in-law." The Blood Demon Queen mocked and said.

"Yu Cha, stop mocking at the side." Jiang Fan frowned and said. The Blood Demon Queen lightly laughed with her crisp voice a couple times and then stopped saying anything anymore.

"Everyone, let's not talk about anything else anymore." Zhou Huo had an ugly expression on his face. "This Qin Yu does not respect his superior. In front of everyone, he publicly provoked the Sage Emperors and even brazenly attacked my son Zhou Xian trying to kill him. Everyone, you all saw this. Furthermore… this Qin Yu even openly snatched away my Zhou Clan's daughter-in-law, Jiang Li."

Zhou Huo's eyes were flickering with a cold light. "This groom search is conducted and judged by all of us. For him to do such a thing, he clearly does not take any of us into consideration. I suggest that… all eleven parties of us shall chase after and kill this Qin Yu!"

"Hey, what's with the eleven parties?" The Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha spoke again. "It's you all who want to chase and kill that Qin Yu, don't drag our Mount Blood Demon into it."

Seeing Yu Cha's reaction, Zhou Huo started to frown. Zhou Huo felt that this Blood Demon Queen was truly too annoying. However, because of her identity as the Blood Demon Queen, he too cannot say anything about it.

The Asura Godking 'Luo Fan' lightly laughed and said. "Qin Yu is an ascender. He too could be considered as being a part of our ascender powers. You want us to chase after Qin Yu to kill him? You must be dreaming. Everyone, if you want to chase after and kill Qin Yu, then I will not accompany you. Farewell."

Luo Fan waved his sleeve. Without even bothering to take into consideration of the others, he directly stepped out of the Sage Emperor's Palace.

The Dual Domain Island's Floating Mist Godking also stood up, lightly laughed and left the Sage Emperor's Palace. As for the Blood Demon Queen, she naturally also swiftly left.

The Three Great Ascender Powers were headed by the Asura Godking. From the speech given by the Asura Godking, the standing of the three Ascender Powers was determined.

"Humph." Seeing this, Zhou Huo lowly humphed.

However, standing behind three Ascender Powers was the Unfettered Exalted Celestial. Thus, they did not fear the Eight Great Divine Families.

"Everyone, what do you all think? Are we to jointly chase after that Qin Yu to kill him?" Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo once again looked to the other people. In the end, his gaze landed on Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan also looked to the Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo. He said. "Brother Zhou Huo, I am truly sorry for this. My daughter was seized by that Qin Yu, thus, I am embarrassed to accept your betrothal gift."

Zhou Huo sneered in his heart.

"This Jiang Fan, the reason why he didn't answer, so it was because he was worried about the betrothal gift." Zhou Huo immediately laughed and said. "Brother Jiang Fan, there's no need for you to say such a thing. According to what was written on the betrothal gift list; as long as Brother Jiang Fan's son-in-law is my son, we would definitely present the betrothal gift. As for the matter of my daughter-in-law being snatched away by Qin Yu…. we naturally would have to get her back."

A ray of light flashed through Jiang Fan's eyes.

"That's right. Of course we have to get her back." A trace of anger also appeared on Jiang Fan's face. "This Qin Yu actually dared to openly snatch away my daughter in the Sage Emperor's Palace. No matter what, we must definitely make him pay the price. Brother Zhou Huo, my Floating Snow City shall join you in the matter of chasing after and killing that Qin Yu."

"I am also in favor of that." The Utmost West Sage Emperor who was in the same faction as the Utmost North Sage Emperor the entire time also said.

"Brother Zhou Huo, I too am in favor of that." The Utmost South Sage Emperor also nodded and said.

Seeing that the Utmost South Sage Emperor had decided to help, Zhou Huo was overjoyed. That was because as long as the Utmost South Sage Emperor decided to help, his two allies would definitely be in favor of that too. Sure enough…

"This Qin Yu looked down upon the Godkings, truly too excessive. Brother Zhou Huo, I too am in favor of your proposal." The Southwest Sage Emperor from the Jade Ripple Lake also nodded and said.

"I am also in favor of it." The Northeast Sage Emperor from the Forest Ocean City also nodded and said.

All of a sudden, six Sage Emperor had voiced their approvals.

Of the Eight Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm, the Floating Snow City and Mount Blazing Flame were in the same faction. The Light Lens City, Jade Ripple Lake and Forest Ocean City were in the same faction. These two factions were antagonistic toward the other.

As for the Mount Blazing Gold and the Subterranean City, they helped neither factions.

And the Thunder Punishment City, it was above worldly matters.

"Brother Huangfu, what about you?" Zhou Huo looked to the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu. Huangfu Yu lightly laughed and said. "This Qin Yu was the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master of my Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold. Although what he did this time was indeed excessive, he used to be my subordinate. If I were to chase after him trying to kill him now, it would not be pleasant to hear once others get to know about it. Moreover, with the Six Great Divine Families acting together, not having myself would not amount to much either."

"My Subterranean City does not like to participate in this sort of matter." The Southeast Sage Emperor also spoke.

Zhou Huo immediately started to frown.

Zhou Xian also grew a bit anxious. He was about to say something but Zhou Huo extended his hand and stopped him. Zhou Huo smiled as he looked at the Utmost East Sage Emperor and the Southeast Sage Emperor. "Brother Huangfu, Brother Putai, since the two of you do not wish to participate, I will not force you. However, I will still announce that the Eight Great Sage Emperors jointly decided to chase after and kill Qin Yu to the public. Merely, I do not wish for you two to chase after him with us. It would suffice as long as you two do not assist him. What do you think?"

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu started to frown. He was about to speak but was prevented by the Southeast Sage Emperor beside him who sent him a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"In that case, okay." Huangfu Yu said indifferently. "Then you all shall talk among yourselves as to how to chase and kill Qin Yu. I shall take my leave." Huangfu Yu directly left with a teleportation.

"I shall also be leaving." The Southeast Sage Emperor slightly smiled and also left.


A low humph. By the time the various Godkings turned around to look, the Wood Mansion's Godking had already disappeared.

"Brother Jiang Fan, that Jiang Lan, what's with him…." The Utmost South Sage Emperor looked to Jiang Fan with a confused expression. Jiang Fan naturally remembered the warning that Jiang Lan had given him earlier.

Once he chose Zhou Xian, it could be considered that he had completely broken off the relationship with his second brother.

"Ever since Zuo Qiumei died, my second brother's relationship with me has never been good. Forget about it. Let's discuss about how to chase and kill that Qin Yu." Said Jiang Fan with a light laughter.

All of these Godkings knew about the matter with Zuo Qiumei. Thus, they naturally all stopped asking.

"Sigh." Jiang Lan teleported back into the Wood Mansion. He walked to the outside of the pavilion building that Jiang Li used to be in and sighed a couple times.

However, right at this moment…

"Uncle Lan, do not resist." A familiar voice sounded in Jiang Lan's mind.

"Little Yu?" Jiang Lan was delighted. After that, Jiang Lan disappeared from the Wood Mansion.

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