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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 63 – Soul Tears of Life

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Sage Emperor's Palace. Inside Jiang Fan's study room.

The door of the study room was tightly closed. The windows were also tightly closed. The entire study room was dim and dusky. Without moving, Jiang Fan sat before the table all alone.

"Woosh!" Jiang Lan appeared in the empty space before the table.

Jiang Fan raised his head and took a glance at Jiang Lan. Jiang Fan's eyes were slightly dark red. It seemed that his aura was somewhat heavy. Jiang Lan was unable to refrain himself from frowning. "Big brother, what are you thinking of? Why are you acting like this?"

Jiang Lan also managed to sense that something was wrong with Jiang Fan.

Why would the Jiang Fan who used to be confident and at ease become like this? Furthermore, the betrothal gifts that Jiang Fan managed to obtain should be something that he was proud of.

"Second brother, so you've come." Jiang Fan said unenthusiastically.

Jiang Lan frowned and said. "Big brother, that Qin Yu's betrothal gift should be that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, right? He has already obtained two chosen candidate spots and his betrothal gift is also a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. There should be no need for any doubt for him to attain the victory. Thus, what are you so vexed over?"

"No need for any doubt?" Jiang Fan sneered. "Second brother, the way you think is too simplistic."

"Oh? Are you saying that Zhou Xian's betrothal gift was even more precious than a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Jiang Lan asked in suspicion.

Jiang Fan grew silent.

Jiang Lan and Jiang Fan were blood brothers. The two of them were brothers since the time of the birth of the Divine Realm. They knew each other very well. Jiang Lan frowned and said. "Big brother, what exactly is the betrothal gift that Zhou Xian listed?"

Jiang Fan continued to remain silent.

"Big brother!" Jiang Lan had grown a bit angry.

"Don't ask anymore." Jiang Fan flipped his eyelid and coldly shouted.

Jiang Lan was frowning. However, he took a deep breath and restrained his anger. "Big Brother. You must know that Qin Yu is the new Craftsman God. If you were to allow him to win, then not only would you obtain a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, you would also obtain a new Craftsman God as your son-in-law. It is obvious that in the future, our Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City's status would become the highest among the Eight Great Sacred Lands. Thus, why are you hesitating right now?"

"Do not bother me. Let me personally ponder over this myself." Jiang Fan's deep and low voice sounded through the study room.

Jiang Lan was angered. If Jiang Fan were to tell him of the reason, then he would've been able to feel better. However, at this moment, Jiang Fan refused to tell him why.

"Get out!" Jiang Fan suddenly raised his hand and stared at Jiang Lan coldly.

Jiang Lan strongly repressed the anger that he had in his heart. He coldly humphed and then left the Sage Emperor's Palace with a teleportation. Jiang Lan did not wish to become hostile against Jiang Fan head on because, after all, the person who gets to decide who the victor of the groom search was still Jiang Fan.

Inside the Wood Mansion.

Qin Yu had been quietly waiting for Jiang Lan the entire time. He did not even bother to go see Jiang Li. Instead, he was sitting beside the pond all by himself and waiting for Jiang Lan's return. After only a short moment, Jiang Lan had returned.

"Uncle Lan?" Seeing Jiang Lan's expression, Qin Yu's heart started to violently jump.

The situation was bad!

Jiang Lan slowly exhaled. His expression slowly returned to normal. He looked at Qin Yu and sighed. "Little Yu, the situation is exactly as you imagined it to be. It's not good."

"What happened? Is the Utmost North Sage Emperor planning to choose Zhou Xian?" Qin Yu had became impatient.

"No." Jiang Fan had become calm again. "I know Jiang Fan very well. If he had already decided to choose Zhou Xian, then he would not have that sort of appearance. His appearance…evidently, he is still hesitating."

"Hesitating?" Qin Yu frowned.

"That's right. Jiang Fan is unable to decide who to choose yet. I truly cannot imagine what was written on the Zhou Clan's betrothal gift list; it actually managed to make Jiang Fan hesitate on who to choose."

Jiang Lan shook his head and frowned. "You've obtained two chosen candidate spots, your betrothal gift is also a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and you're also the new Craftsman God! All of this actually can't make my big brother become resolved to choose you. What exactly was written on that Zhou Clan's betrothal gift list?"

Qin Yu also started to frown.

Not only Jiang Lan, Qin Yu too was confused.

Qin Yu felt that he already had more than enough things to rely on. There should be no possibility for him to lose. However, the fact remained… that Zhou Xian's betrothal gift list had caused Jiang Lan to hesitate.

"No matter what, I absolutely cannot lose." Qin Yu's gaze grew sharp.

"Uncle Lan." Qin Yu looked to Jiang Lan. "Currently, the Utmost North Sage Emperor is pondering. Do you think it'd be possible for me to make him support me if I were to increase the weight of my betrothal gift?"

Jiang Lan grew silent for a moment.

"Little Yu." Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu. "Your betrothal gift is already extremely weighty. The first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure is an extremely precious treasure. Even if you were to increase it, I reckon it would still not account to much."

Qin Yu frowned.

Jiang Lan continued. "However…" Hearing this word, Qin Yu immediately pricked up his ears. It seemed that there was still hope.

"Jiang Fan, as the clan leader of the Jiang Clan, the reason why he values first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures and other treasures like so, is because he wants to increase the strength of the Jiang Clan. Since that is the case… then we still have two more methods."

"What are the two methods?" Qin Yu said confusedly.

Jiang Lan smiled and said. "The first method is to begin from the father and daughter relationship of Jiang Fan and Li'er. Although Jiang Fan had Li'er do a public groom search, one cannot deny that he still has feelings of affection for her. I'll bring Li'er over and have her tell him directly… that the person she likes is you, and ask him to help you two be together."

"The happiness of her daughter ought to be able to affect him." Jiang Lan nodded.

Qin Yu felt a burst of happiness.

That's right. If he were Jiang Fan, then he would definitely have to consider the desire of his daughter.

"The second method." Jiang Lan continued." Didn't Jiang Fan want the Floating Snow City to become even more powerful? It's very simple. We can directly tell him that you possess the other Soul Tear of Life."

Qin Yu was startled.

Indeed, not many people knew of the secret of him possessing the Meteoric Tear.

Jiang Lan continued. "Li'er possesses a single Soul Tear of Life and you possess the other. If the two of you were to dual train, then your comprehensions would be linked together. Between the two of you, it would be extremely easy for a single person to become a Godking."

"Furthermore, the two drops of Soul Tears of Life were left created by the Godking of Life peculiar energy during her death. If the two Soul Tears of Life were to combine, then the energy of the Godking of Life would arise once more. Regardless of who obtains these two Soul Tears of Life, that person would have a chance of becoming the new 'Godking of Life.'"

At that point, Qin Yu started to understand.

The Meteoric Tear was composed of two parts. The first part was the comprehension of the spatial laws whereas the second part was the energy of the Godking of Life. The Godking of Life's energy was extremely peculiar. It was even capable of restoring one's soul.

"With the two of you together, it would be very possibly for Li'er to become a Godking. His own daughter becoming a Godking, I reckon that this should be very attractive to Jiang Fan." Jiang Lan said while smiling.

Qin Yu repeatedly nodded.

That's right, the two methods that Jiang Lan spoke of were both extremely feasible.

"If we were to use both methods at the same time, then the possibility of success would be even greater." Jiang Fan nodded and looked toward the entrance of the courtyard. "Li'er, you've been eavesdropping so long by the entrance. Come on in."

"Li'er?" Qin Yu immediately spread out his Spatial Energy. Sure enough…. Jiang Li with slightly reddened eyes was currently behind the courtyard's entrance.

When he was chatting with Uncle Lan earlier, Qin Yu's frame of mind had been in a nervous and tensed state the entire time. He didn't even manage to discover that Jiang Li was outside of the courtyard's entrance. Of course, this was also related to Qin Yu not having spread his Spatial Energy.

"Big Brother Qin Yu, what Uncle Lan said is correct. I'll go together with Uncle Lan." Jiang Li walked over and said to Qin Yu resolutely.

Qin Yu grew silent for a moment and then nodded. "Then I shall trouble you." Qin Yu smiled a guilt-ridden smile to Jiang Li. Jiang Li immediately shook her head.

After a short moment, Jiang Lan brought Jiang Li and once again teleported to the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace.

It was still that dusky and quiet study room.

"It's been twelve quadrillion years already. Must I continue on like this for ever?" Jiang Fan mumbled in a low voice. Suddenly Jiang Fan raised his head. In the middle of the study room, Jiang Li and Jiang Lan appeared at the same time.

"Second brother, you've come again?" Jiang Fan frowned. After seeing Jiang Li, Jiang Fan took a long sigh. "Li'er, what matter do you have?"

Jiang Li looked to her father. Resolutely, she said. "Imperial Father, I wish that you select Big Brother Qin Yu."

"You wish?" Jiang Fan frowned.

"That's right."Jiang Li nodded and said. "Actually, I already knew Big Brother Qin Yu back from the Mortal Realm. The only reason he trained and cultivated all the way to the Divine Realm was for me."

"You said, you said that Qin Yu?" Jiang Fan found it to be hard to believe. "The matter of you going to the Mortal Realm was something that had only happened about twenty thousand years ago. That Qin Yu, how could his cultivation speed be that fast?"

"That's right. If you don't believe me, you can ask Uncle Lan or even that Zhou Xian." Jiang Li directly replied.

Jiang Lan nodded and said. "Big brother, this is indeed the case. Little Yu has always been striving his best to train. The reason why his cultivation speed was that fast and even the reason why he became the new Craftsman God, they were all so that he could marry Li'er. That's why… he was capable of gifting the Gauze Feather Blade to you without the slightest hesitation and write down a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure as his betrothal gift."

Jiang Fan started to believe now.

"No wonder, no wonder he was willing to part with two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures." Jiang Fan nodded. He then frowned and looked at Jiang Li. "Li'er, could it be that you believe that your older cousin Zhou Xian is not good toward you?"

Jiang Li shook her head and said. "I will marry no one else other than Big Brother Qin Yu!"

Jiang Fan was startled. He then humped. "Absolutely disgraceful!"

"Big brother." Jiang Lan also became a bit angry. "Big brother, are you implying that Li'er would have nothing to say in the matters of her own marriage? From the way I see it, you've gone mad today. What exactly are you thinking of?"

Jiang Fan raised his head and glowered at Jiang Lan.

"What, you plan to fight me?" Jiang Lan sneered. "Do not forget that you gave Qin Yu's Gauze Feather Blade to me." As he possessed the Gauze Feather Blade, it was indeed impossible for Jiang Fan to defeat Jiang Lan.

Jiang Fan coldly humphed and then said no more.

After all, he already possessed a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. He had merely given the Gauze Feather Blade to Jiang Lan so that the strength of the Floating Snow City would become even more powerful.

"Jiang Fan, I'll let you understand everything today. That Qin Yu, he is the host of the other Soul Tear of Life that was left behind by A'Mei after her death." Jiang Lan coldly looked at Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan was startled.

"What did you say?" Jiang Fan said in shock.

"Could it be that you've already forgotten about it this quickly?" Jiang Lan sneered and said. "When you people combined forced to kill A'Mei, before she died, she left behind two Soul Tears of Life. One of it merged with Li'er. If it weren't for this, would there even be anyone wanting to participate in your public groom search?"

Jiang Fan was stunned.

Indeed, practically all the participants of this groom search were here because of the Soul Tear of Life.

"I value the two of them as much as I would my own children. Jiang Fan, you'd best not be too heartless." A cold light was flickering through Jiann Lan's eyes. "Moreover, once the two of them get married, after they enter dual training, their two Soul Tears of Life will fuse together. Oh how easy it would be for a new Godking of Life to be born between them. Little Yu had also said that he would be giving his Soul Tear of Life to your daughter!"

"If that was the case, then it would be very likely for you to have a new Godking of Life as your daughter." Jiang Lan continued. "Furthermore, you would also have a Craftsman God as your son-in-law."

"With Qin Yu here, it is without a doubt that the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City will become the strongest among the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm. I want to ask you now, what exactly are you still hesitating for?" Jiang Lan glowered at Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan's deep breathing sound echoed through the study room.

"Second brother, let me calm myself. Okay?" Jiang Fan started to became a bit amenable to persuasion.

Jiang Lan took a breath of relief in his heart. Jiang Fan's attitude at the beginning had also caused Jiang Lan to feel uneasy. His attitude had shown that he was somewhat supporting Zhou Xian.

However now, he had became amenable to persuasion. It ought to be that the words spoken earlier had reached Jiang Fan.

"Big brother, I wish that you do not make a decision that will disappoint everyone. You ought to know what… what A'Mei meant to me and what these two children mean to me." Jiang Lan decided to urge his brother once more.

Jiang Fan slowly nodded. "Second brother, I understand all of this. Well then, the two of you should leave first. I need to carefully debate over this by myself after calming down."

"Okay. In that case, I'll wait for the result that you will be declaring in several days." Jiang Lan said indifferently.

After that, Jiang Lan held Li'er's hand and then the two of them disappeared from the study room. The study room once again returned to the quietness and duskiness of before. Only a deep sigh was heard.

"It would seem that I must make a decision now."

Jiang Fan flipped his hand. What appeared in his hand was the the betrothal gift list that Zhou Xian had presented. The contents within the betrothal gift list was what had caused Jiang Fan to be unable to set his heart at ease no matter what.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 64 – Announcement

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the betrothal list, there were only two things written.

"Brother Jiang Fan, this time around, our Zhou Clan's betrothal gift is merely going to be an information and a promise. I shall tell you about this information on behalf of my son at no cost. Within a thousand years, the Exalted Celestial Mountain will once again descend! I presume that Brother Jiang Fan knew the implication behind the arrival of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Six quadrillion years ago, the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain gave birth to the Unfettered Exalted Celestial. As for this time, who would become an Exalted Celestial? Every single Godking would have the opportunity to become the next Exalted Celestial".

"As for the promise, it is my father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's personal promise. Once Brother Jiang Fan allows my son, Zhou Xian, to become Jiang Li's husband, then my father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, would promise Brother Jiang Fan that he would help Brother Jiang Fan once in the battle for the chance of becoming an Exalted Celestial. As for when he would help you out, this shall be decided by Brother Jiang Fan yourself"."

"Exalted Celestial Mountain…" Jiang Fan sighed in a low voice. The scene of the bitter battle from six quadrillion years ago appeared in his mind. One by one, the Godkings, for the purpose of becoming an Exalted Celestial, all for that tiny little bit of opportunity, risked their lives to fight against one another.

One Godking after another, they fell from the sky.

"Am I to give up this opportunity?" Jiang Fan's two brows were frowned together. His eyes were filled with worries.

"Creak!" The side door to the study room have been opened. A familiar footstep sounded in the study room. Jiang Fan slightly took a break of air. In a low voice, he said. "My wife, you've come."

The person who had come was Chunyu Rou, Jiang Fan's wife.

"Husband, do not vex yourself anymore. Do whatever you wish to do. I support you." Said Chunyu Rou in a soft voice as she gently stroked Jiang Fan's long hair.

Before his own wife, Jiang Fan did not conceal what he was thinking of his in heart.

"My wife, it has already been twelve quadrillion years now. In all this time, I have always been the Utmost North Sage Emperor. Forever, I will be the Utmost North Sage Emperor… However, I am truly fed up with days like this. I truly wanted to become an Exalted Celestial, the supreme and paramount Exalted Celestial!" Jiang Fan slowly said.

The Sage Emperor's position is extremely revered.

However, when a person was a Sage Emperor to begin with and had been one for a twelve quadrillion years, he would begin to think that the status of a Sage Emperor was nothing outstanding.

Instead, he would be longing for an even higher status of…  Exalted Celestial!

"Last time the Exalted Celestial Mountain descended, although I tried, in the final moment when the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial quietly joined the fray, all of us Eight Great Sage Emperors were defeated. This actually led to the birth of the Unfettered Exalted Celestial."  Jiang Fan shook his head and lightly laughed. "The Exalted Celestial Mountain is going to descend again. I am truly looking forward to it."

Chunyu Rou picked up a golden scroll from the desk. This was the betrothal gift list that Qin Yu had given.

"First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, this Qin Yu is indeed no ordinary character." Chunyu Rou exclaimed in admiration.

Jiang Fan glanced at this golden scroll. He nodded and said with a light smile. "Had it not been for the arrival of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, then I would definitely choose Qin Yu as my son-in-law. But…"

Jiang Fan shook his head. "Although a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure is precious, I already possess my Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure. The Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure appeared during the birth of the Divine Realm. Furthermore, after it bound to my Jiang Clan's bloodline, its strength grew even more powerful! Even if I managed to obtain a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, I would only end up giving it to my second brother or Jiang Xing. There is simply no need for me to have it myself. "

Jiang Fan indeed didn't need it.

When Qin Yu gifted the Gauze Feather Blade, Jiang Fan had given it to his second brother Jiang Lan. Even if he obtained another Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, he would only end up gifting it to the third Godking of the Floating Snow City.

All of this would only allow the Floating Snow City to become more powerful and not have much of an affect on Jiang Fan himself.

"In all these years, I have been doing everything for the clan. However now, I ought to consider for myself too. Exalted Celestial… oh how I yearn to become one." Jiang Fan had a trace of hope and admiration in his eyes.

Exalted Celestial.

The supreme and unsurpassed Exalted Celestials. In front of Exalted Celestials, the Godkings were only nobodies. Only the Exalted Celestials possessed the highest and most supreme status.

"Husband, I am worried about a single matter." Chunyu Rou said in a low voice.

Jiang Fan turned around and looked at his wife. He had never suspected the feelings and relationship that he and his wife had. The two of them were married to each other for over ten quadrillion years. The depth of their relationship was something that didn't need words to describe.

"This Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said that he'll help you once. However, if he were to help others after helping you, then what do we do?" Chunyu Rou said in concern. She was truly worried for her husband.

Jiang Fan slightly frowned.

"Regarding this, I too have been having misgivings the entire time. However, during the last time when the Exalted Celestial Mountain descended, the various Exalted Celestials did not stick around. Only at the final moment did that Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial act, changed the conclusion of the battle and made the Unfettered Godking become the final victor and an Exalted Celestial." Jiang Fan's brows were condensed together. "Merely, would the Exalted Celestial act multiple times this time around?"

Chenyu Rou was quietly accompanying Jiang Fan beside him.

Jiang Fan and Chunyu Rou were quietly chatting with each other like so. Chunyu Rou knew very well of what Jiang Fan was thinking in his heart. Thus, when they chatted, the two of them were able to chat extremely openly.

After about half a day.

"Mn?" Jiang Fan raised his head and looked over to the center of the study room. A man suddenly appeared in the center of the study room… Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo.

"Brother-in-law, what brings you here?" Chunyu Rou said in a low voice.

Zhou Huo had a smile on his face. He directly said. "Little Rou, I have come today in order to personally explain everything to Jiang Fan. After all, I had only written briefly about the matters on the betrothal gift list. I fear that Brother Jiang Fan would not be clear about the situation written there."

Jiang Fan raised his head and took a glance at Zhou Huo. "Zhou Huo, I indeed have some confusions. I want to ask you… the Exalted Celestials, after the Exalted Celestial Mountain descends, are they capable of acting as they wish?"

"Of course not!"

Zhou Huo directly said. "If they were capable of acting as they wished, then why didn't my father act last time around?"

Jiang Fan slightly nodded.

During the last battle for the opportunity to become an Exalted Celestial, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial did not act at all. As for the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial, he had only acted at the final moment.

"Can you tell me the reason?" Jiang Fan asked.

Zhou Huo nodded and said. "Brother Jiang Fan, this matter is also something that I only found out about recently. My father told me… that the last time when the Exalted Celestial Mountain descended, the reason why he didn't act was because the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial had prevented him from doing so."

"Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial?" Jiang Fan was slightly stunned.

Just merely from the fact that the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial could stop the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, it showed that although they were both Exalted Celestials, but there was still a major difference in status between them.

"Last time, the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial, in order to achieve equilibrium, gave the opportunity to become an Exalted Celestial to a Godking who was an ascender. Yet this time… the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial had told my father that this time around, he would not act and that my father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, would only possess a single opportunity to act." Zhou Huo looked straightly at Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan's eyes shined.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial actually only possessed a single opportunity to act. And now, this Zhou Clan actually gave this opportunity to him? This betrothal gift had indeed caused Jiang Fan's heart to waver.

"Brother Zhou Huo, is what you spoke true?" Jiang Fan was unable to refrain himself from asking again.

"You're still worried that I would be lying?" Zhou Huo lightly laughed. "Brother Jiang Fan merely needs to carefully consider it. If one is capable of having an Exalted Celestial to act on one's behalf, then the battle for the opportunity to become an Exalted Celestial would be within their grasp."

Jiang Fan also nodded.


If the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial acted out and helped Jiang Fan once, then it could only signify that Jiang Fan would have a thirty percent chance of becoming the Exalted Celestial. However, if the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was able to act a couple more times, then wouldn't that meant that whoever it was that would be the Exalted Celestial would be depended upon the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial?

"The Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial would not allow such a thing." Zhou Huo lightly laughed.

"In that case, why aren't you using this opportunity to help yourself?" Jiang Fan looked to Zhou Huo.

Zhou Huo lightly smiled. "Jiang Fan, I am different from you. Our Zhou Clan is currently above worldly matters and standing behind it is my father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial. I am capable of enjoying this sort of peaceful life as much as I wish. As for becoming an Exalted Celestial? I do not have any extravagant hope. Furthermore… The Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial will not allow the Zhou Clan to have two Exalted Celestials."

Jiang Fan also slightly nodded.

Among the three Great Exalted Celestial, the one who possessed the true power to make decisions was still the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial!

"I have offered you the single opportunity that my father has to act. Brother Jiang Fan, I believe you ought to know who you should be choosing during the time of the groom search, right?" Zhou Huo said with a light smile.

Jiang Fan started to frown.

He began to recall his second brother Jiang Lan's words. If he were to select Zhou Xian, then his relationship with his second brother would likely end up being truly at odds. Furthermore, his relationship with his own daughter, Jiang Li, would also be adversely affected.

"Forget about it. Ever since that Zuo Qiumei died, my second brother has never truly had a good relationship with me. As for Li'er…forget about it." Jiang Fan sighed in his heart.

He possessed many children. He cannot just, for a single daughter, lose the opportunity that comes by once in billions of years.

"Brother Zhou Huo, I know how to select. You can return." Jiang Fan said indifferently.

Zhou Huo looked to Jiang Fan. He wanted to determine Jiang Fan's selection based on his expressions. However, he was unable to tell. He could only lightly smile. "In that case, I'll quietly wait for Brother Jiang Fan's selection." After that, Zhou Huo disappeared from the study.

In a blink of an eye, the ten days' time have arrived. All the Palace Masters, imperial family clansmen, the Heavenly Deity large squadron captains… and various other people from the Floating Snow City had neatly gathered at the Sage Emperor's Palace.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace was extremely lively. Everyone was also extremely enthusiastic.

Qin Yu, on the other hand, was sitting to one side. He was truly unable to smile. At this moment, Qin Yu was extremely worried. Especially after he obtained the news from Uncle Lan. Evidently, his chance of success this time around was only half.

"Brother Qin Yu."

Qin Yu raised his head and looked over. It was Kuiyin Hou walking over while raising his cup of wine with a smile. "Brother Qin Yu, what's wrong? Could it be that you're still worried? You've obtained two chosen candidate spots. I think that you ought to be able to win without any problem."

"Thank you for your kind words." Qin Yu squeezed out a slight smile.

"Oh, that's right. Brother Qin Yu, what is the betrothal gift of yours? If that Zhou Xian's betrothal gift is better than yours, then it was still possible for him to win." Kuiyin Hou asked.

"Betrothal gift?" Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "It's that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure that I crafted."

"It's that Grandmist Spiritual Treasure that gave rise to the sky covering crimson clouds and the Spiritual Treasure Tribulation Lightning?" Seeing Qin Yu's reaction, Kuiyin Hou immediately laughed out loud and patted Qin Yu's shoulder. "Brother Qin Yu, you can rest assured. With how outstanding your betrothal gift was, you're definitely going to win."

Qin Yu suddenly looked behind Kuiyin Hou.

Kuiyin Hou also looked behind him. It turned out that Zhou Xian had arrived.

Zhou Xian also had a worried expression on his eyes. On his face was a hollow smile as he greeted his acquaintances. After that, he arrived at his seat and sat down.

"The situation's not good." Qin Yu frowned.

If Zhou Xian does not have any hope of winning, he would be acting free and at ease or extremely gloomy as opposed to his current appearance of anxiety and distress.

Right when Qin Yu was pondering, suddenly…

The entire palace hall had grew quiet. Qin Yu also turned around to look. The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan and his wife had walked into the Sage Emperor's Palace with their daughter Jiang Li. The other Godkings also walked in following them.

Jiang Fan had a smile on his face. He turned to the people in the surrounding and nodded while smiling.

The thirteen Godkings all took their seats. This time around, Jiang Li sat beside Jiang Fan and Chunyu Rou. She was even holding hands with Chunyu Rou.

"Li'er." Qin Yu slowly exhaled. He tried his best to calm himself down.

Jiang Li also took a glance over at Qin Yu. The affection that she had in her eyes were clearly felt through by Qin Yu. After all the Godkings finished chatting with each other, everyone took their seats.

"Brother Jiang, there's no need to waste any time. Just directly announce who exactly it is that you have chosen as your son-in-law." The Blood Demon Queen said softly.

Jiang Fan nodded with a smile. "I should also not waste any more time."

Everyone below all started to held their breath. Zhou Xian was even firmly staring at Jiang Fan. As for Qin Yu, he too was holding his breath. All the focus of everyone here was gathered upon Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan surveyed everyone present. With a smile, he said. "This groom search has lasted nearly thirty years. In the process of this groom search, Duanmu Yu even managed to become a Godking. Qin Yu and Zhou Xian also each managed to obtain a gift bestowed by the Exalted Celestials. Furthermore, Qin Yu also managed to craft a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. These are all matters worthy of immense joy. For all of these to happen in the process of the groom search, I too am extremely honored. As for the chosen candidates, there are two; Qin Yu and Zhou Xian. Either one of them is extremely outstanding. However, in the end, only a single one of them can be my son-in-law. I hope that the person who does not become my son-in-law won't mind too much about it." Jiang Fan smiled to Zhou Xian and Qin Yu.

Qin Yu felt that his heartbeat had accelerated to a frightening level.

For Jiang Fan to not say who the winner was yet, this sort of feeling was truly extremely anxious. However, Qin Yu could only bear this.

"After carefully considering it, I have finally decided who my son-in-law shall be. He is…" Jiang Lan was displaying a brimming smile.

All the people below were quiet. The various Godkings above were also carefully listening.

Jiang Li was staring at her father.

As for Qin Yu, he was feeling that the time was flowing extremely slow. It was so slow that it was about to drive him crazy.

"He is, from the Northwest Thunder Punishment City, Zhou Xian!" Jiang Fan said with a loud laughter.

"Me?" Zhou Xian seemed to be stunned by the suddenly arriving happy surprise. After he was stunned for a moment, his face turned into one of ecstasy.

At this moment, Jiang Li looked to her father with an unbelieving expression.

"Zhou Xian? It's Zhou Xian?" At this moment, Qin Yu felt as if there were only him remaining in the entire world. The final verdict that Jiang Fan had given was still resounding in his ears.

That's right, it was an verdict.

It was a verdict sentencing the death of him and Li'er!

"No, Imperial Father, you cannot…" Jiang Li suddenly spoke out. Jiang Fan turned around and coldly stared at Jiang Li. After that, no matter how hard Jiang Li tried to speak, no word managed to come out from her mouth.

At this moment, Qin Yu was violently woken up.

Qin Yu's facial muscles started twitching. His chest was panting like bellows. As for his gaze, he was firmly staring at Jiang Fan who stood above the stage. "You chose Zhou Xian?"

Jiang Fan displayed a smile to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you shouldn't mind too much about this. This…"

Shouldn't mind too much?

Qin Yu started to laugh grimly. For this date, how much effort had he put forth. For this groom search, Qin Yu strived his best to study artifact crafting. He had spent several millions years to do that.

In order to openly marry Li'er, that Gauze Feather Blade, that Purple Mystic Mansion… all kinds of Spiritual Treasures…. Qin Yu did not care for any of them.

However, now…

This Jiang Fan was still trying to comfort him with words and told him to not mind about it?

How could he possibly not mind?

"Shut up!" Qin Yu violently shouted. This startled Jiang Fan. Immediately after, Jiang Fan's expression turned ugly. However, at this moment, all the Godkings were looking at Qin Yu with surprise.

Qin Yu's aura had suddenly grown extremely sharp. A coldness was shown on his face. He coldly looked at Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo. "It's you all that have forced me, forced me!" Qin Yu looked at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li also looked to Qin Yu.

The two of them looked to each other. Just by looking at each other's eyes, they both knew what the other was thinking. Jiang Li displayed a smile on her face. Qin Yu also displayed a loving smile on his face.

"Li'er, no one can break up the two of us. There is absolutely no one who can do that!" Qin Yu said softly.

"Qin Yu, what are you planning to do!" Jiang Fan shouted in anger. He already felt that the mood had turned abnormal.

"Haha, what I'm planning to do? You asked what I plan to do? Haha. What do you think I'm planning to do?" Qin Yu's voice resounded through the entire palace hall. The smile on his face was extremely cold and containing within his gaze was a trace of craziness!

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