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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 55 – Sudden Change

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the Purple Mystic Mansion, one could encounter Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts ornaments at all times. As for High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts ornaments, one would also be able to encounter them occasionally.

Three great fixed spaces.

A single mansion containing three fixed spaces within it. Furthermore, even the Mirage Spirit Mirror was merely an ornament within it. The High and Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts ornaments were omnipresent throughout the mansion. It was so much that even the entire mansion itself was a Heavenly Divine Artifact!

What a great display.

Truly too imposing!

With spaces within it and Mid and High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts as ornaments… in the entire Divine Realm, who would dare be this bold, this imposing?

When the thirteen Godkings and the various Heavenly Deities walked out from the mansion, their hearts were still in a state of shock. Only after a very long time did everyone calm down. Everyone left the space created by the Utmost North Sage Emperor, and returned to the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace's palace hall to their own seats.

"Haha… what a mansion." The Utmost North Sage Emperor praised while smiling. "This is truly an eye-opener for me. Qin Yu, that Purple Mystic Mansion of yours is truly unprecedented and extremely novel."


Chunyu Rou spoke.

Qin Yu immediately started to frown. He knew that what Chunyu Rou was about to say would definitely be detrimental to him. Merely… Chunyu Rou was Jiang Li's mother. Qin Yu had no choice but to endure it.

"My wife, what's the matter?" Jiang Fan looked at his wife.

Chunyu Rou smiled to Qin Yu and said. "Qin Yu's mansion was also an eye-opener for me. However, the second competition's tests the gift's diligence, attentiveness and novelty. It doesn't test how luxurious the gift is. Qin Yu… it was indeed the first time I've seen a mansion that itself is a Heavenly Divine Artifact. However, it was a bit too luxurious and extravagant, no?"

The main material that Qin Yu used to crafting his mansion, the Cyan Nightmare Stone, was a relatively rare material. However, merely by looking at the fact that Qin Yu was able to find enough Cyan Nightmare Stone to create a mansion with a circumference of over a thousand miles, one would know that Cyan Nightmare Stones weren't that precious at all.

Had it been Ou Yezi or Duanmu Feng who was tasked with crafting the mansion, then with their craftsmanship ability, they would definitely have been unable to create a Low Heavenly Divine Artifact quality mansion using only Cyan Nightmare Stones.

To craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact quality mansion, even if another thought about it, they would not have the ability to do it.

"Everyone, please remember that this second round's gift does not test the preciousness of the gift nor does it test the luxuriousness of the gift. Instead, it is a test for how attentive and diligent the gift was. When comparing Qin Yu's gift with others, that Nine Phoenix Crown, each of its spiritual pearls are from different cosmic spaces. The three thousand six hundred spiritual pearls, they were found only after searching over ninety thousand cosmic spaces. One can clearly tell how diligent it is." Chunyu Rou praised.

At this moment, Jiang Lan who sat on the stage and rarely spoke had finally grown angry.

[Robin: Praise Uncle Lan!!!!!!]

"Elder sister, those words you spoke are truly wrong. Are you trying to say that crafting a Heavenly Divine Artifact mansion is not diligent? Crafting several hundred Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and several tens of High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts just for ornamental purposes, are you saying that too is not being diligent? Furthermore, you have also entered it and seen it for yourself. The whole arrangement of the entire Purple Mystic Mansion, which region among it gives the sign of not being diligent and attentive?" Jiang Lan coldly refuted..

"What second brother said is reasonable indeed. Merely, each person has a different view as to which among these two gifts is more diligent. At the very least, I feel that the Purple Mystic Mansion is merely a display of Qin Yu's craftsmanship ability." Chunyu Ruou said with a light smile. "However, in the end, it is still up to the various Godkings to give the final judgement. As the mother of Jiang Li, I am merely voicing my own opinions."

As Chunyu Rou was, after all, Jiang Li's mother, she possessed the privilege to speak.

"That's enough, let's continue and see the next gift." Jiang Fan said.

At this moment, the shy youngster behind Qin Yu, Shentu Fan, walked to the center of the palace hall and displayed his gift.

Both Shentu Fan and Kuiyin Hou quickly displayed their gifts. After the display of the Nine Phoenix Crown and the Purple Mystic Mansion, the other people's gifts had all been overshadowed.

Everyone knew very well that this second chosen candidate spot would only end with either Qin Yu or Zhou Xian.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan said while smiling. "Good. Now that all seventeen gifts have been displayed. Each of the seventeen gifts contains the intentions of the seventeen candidates. Who exactly will obtain the second chosen candidate spot? It shall now be decided by the various Godkings. Whoever possesses more Godkings in favor of him shall obtain the second chosen candidate spot."

At this instant, all the people down below started to hold their breath.

Qin Yu and Zhou Xian glanced at each other. The two of them both possessed a sharp light within their gazes. Neither one of them would easily concede to the other.

"I shall be the first then." With misty eyes, the Asura Godking stood up. He smiled and looked at Qin Yu. "To craft a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, one would also require the usage of precious materials. To craft a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that possessed a true form of over a thousand miles circumference, I reckon that it would be hard to find this many precious materials in the entire Divine Realm. What I felt the most surprised over by this Purple Mystic Mansion is this. Thus… I am in favor of Qin Yu!"

Qin Yu was slightly delighted in his heart.

The Southwest Sage Emperor, the beautiful dame, stood up. She also nodded and praised. "The Purple Mystic Mansion has also caused me to exclaim in astonishment. Merely, I felt that what sister Chunyu said was reasonable. This Purple Mystic Mansion is only something that Qin Yu managed to craft through materials and was only a display of his craftsmanship ability. As far as being diligent… I felt that his is inferior to that of Zhou Xian's. I am in favor of Zhou Xian."

Qin Yu felt that the situation had turned amiss.

This was a display of his craftsmanship ability? Qin Yu found that to be ridiculous.

That enormous Purple Mystic Mansion was definitely something unprecedented in the entire Divine Realm. Thus, it would naturally be novel.

Furthermore, those Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts ornaments, which one among them were not something that Qin Yu had crafted after wholeheartedly devoted himself to craft them?

Perhaps, are they to say that for a grandmaster artifact craftsman, crafting a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts would be that easy a matter?

Were there any High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts among those present that didn't contain Qin Yu's meticulous effort?

Furthermore… what about the Mirage Spirit Mirror? The Mirage Spirit Mirror ought to be novel enough.

Among the thirteen Godkings, six of them have quickly displayed who they support. Among the six, three supported Qin Yu and three supported Zhou Xian.

The three that supported Qin Yu were the Asura God King, the Blood Demon Queen and Uncle Lan.

The Utmost West Sage Emperor from Mount Blazing Flame also stood up. He cast a pampering look at his own son, Shentu Fan. "My son, in these ten years, has neither slept nor rested, at all times, he has been making this Thousand Heart Phoenix. Although the materials that he used were merely ordinary trees from the Divine Realm, he had neither slept nor rested in these ten years. In terms of his diligence, I am extremely certain of it as I have personally seen it myself. Thus, I support my son, Fan'er. I know that this chosen candidate spot is unlikely to end up in my son's hands. This, you all could just consider it as a father's encouragement toward his son." The Utmost West Sage Emperor smiled lightly to Shentu Fan. He then sat back down.

One after the other, the Godkings have expressed who they are in favor of. Among the thirteen Godkings, the Utmost West Sage Emperor and the Utmost South Sage Emperor had supported people other than Qin Yu and Zhou Xian. As for the other eleven Godkings, they all supported either Qin Yu or Zhou Xian.

"In terms of diligence, with that many High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, even if a grandmaster artifact craftsman were to craft them, would it be that something that easy to do? In all these years, how many Heavenly Divine Artifacts did Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng craft? And among those, how many of them were High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts? They number merely several tens. Yet Qin Yu, he has taken out sixty two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts at once. Furthermore, they are all ornaments. One can clearly see how diligent he was."

"In terms of novelty, this Purple Mystic Mansion is an awe-inspiring mansion that I have never seen before. Furthermore, there's that Mirage Spirit Mirror… For Qin Yu to be able to obtain this wondrous item of the DIvine Realm, I too am full of endless admiration. Moreover, the composition within the entire Purple Mystic Mansion, when Qin Yu was introducing the various functions of the various places, he clearly was thinking about the livelihood that he would have with my daughter Li'er in the future. For him to be that attentive, I am also happy for my daughter. Thus, I am in favor of Qin Yu." The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan said.

[Robin: Exactly! Li'er's damn mother cares more about the Thunder brat than her own daughter, hmpf!]

At this moment, there were finally four Godkings in favor of Qin Yu.

However, there were five Godkings in favor of Zhou Xian.

"I am in favor of my son, Zhou Xian." Zhou Huo stood up. "It is not because I am his father. Instead, it is because in the past years, I have seen the scenario of my son bustling for the Nine Phoenix Crown. Thus, I naturally know how diligent he has been."

Six Godkings.

There were six Godkings in favor of Zhou Xian now. There were only four in favor of Qin Yu. There were two Godkings that supported other candidates. And now, only a single Godking remained who have yet to shown who he supported.

"I've lost?"

Right when the judgement began, Qin Yu felt as if he were having a nightmare. The Godkings that were gasping in extreme admiration back in the Purple Mystic Mansion, many of them actually ended up supporting Zhou Xian.

"I am in favor of Qin Yu!" The final Godking, the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu spoke of his selection.

Unfortunately… even if he supported Qin Yu, there would only be five Godkings in support of Qin Yu. Yet, Zhou Xian had six Godkings.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan was frowning. The various Godkings above were all silent. Ever since the Utmost East Sage Emperor finished his sentence, everyone had grown silent.

Chunyu Rou lightly pushed Jiang Fan.

"Husband, it's time for you to announce the result." Chunyu Rou said in a low voice.

Jiang Fan took a deep breath. He then stood up and said in a clear voice. "Everyone, the judging have ended. There are six Godkings in favor of Zhou Xian. As for Qin Yu, there were only five. Thus… this second chosen candidate spot is Zhou Xian's!"

Zhou Xian immediately displayed a smile on his face.

Qin Yu had a sunken expression the entire time.

Suddenly, Qin Yu started to laugh. He laughed amiably.

He raised his head and looked at the various Godkings above. His gaze was especially focused upon the Southwest Godking and several other Godkings. "Godkings, I dare to ask, has everyone been as they promised in the beginning of the groom search and judged with an impartial heart?"

"Impudent." Zhou Huo was the first to shout.

The expressions of the Godkings above had all turned ugly.

"Qin Yu." Jiang Lan also shouted in a low voice. Uncle Lan knew very well that Qin Yu couldn't afford to anger all the Godkings above right now. The situation would turn bad if that were to happen.

Qin Yu also understood in his heart that the second chosen candidate spot had already been determined. As for whether it was fair and impartial, only those Godkings knew within their hearts. However, he was unable to change the fact.

"It's nothing, I was merely asking." Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Your Majesty Utmost North Sage Emperor, I have a matter that I do not know if I should speak or not."

The various Godkings above were all silent. They were afraid that Qin Yu would make an unreasonable scene. If he was to do that, then the situation would turn bad.

"Speak." Jiang Fan displayed a smile to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu then said. "According to the rules at the beginning, after obtaining a chosen candidate spot, one would be considered as being chosen for the preliminary round. In the end, the final result would be determined by Your Majesty Utmost North Sage Emperor and Her Highness the Empress personally, right?"

"Precisely." Jiang Fan nodded.

"What I wanted to ask was that since the first two chosen candidates were already determined. Then, for the third chosen candidate spot, if either Zhou Xian or I were to obtain it, would there be any difference between having two chosen candidate spots and having only a single chosen candidate spot?" Qin Yu directly asked.

As a loss was a loss, Qin Yu did not obtain the second chosen candidate spot.

Qin Yu was naturally enraged and filled with resentment. However, nothing could be done about it. Qin Yu knew very well that Zhou Xian possessed a background that he was incomparable to.

There was no such thing as absolute fairness in this world to begin with.

Thus, what Qin Yu wanted to know right now, was whether there would be any difference if he obtained the third chosen candidate spot or not.

If there would be a difference, then Qin Yu would strive harder to contest for the third chosen candidate spot. If there weren't… Qin Yu might as well give it up and directly prepare for the betrothal gift.

The Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo started to laugh. "Haha, Qin Yu's question was good indeed. Brother Jiang, tell us, is there any difference between obtaining a single chosen candidate spot and obtaining two chosen candidate spots?"

"Of course there is."

Jiang Fan said with a smile. "I can speak with clarity that if a  person obtains two chosen candidate spots, he would have an enormous advantage compared to the person who only obtained a single chosen candidate spot."

"For example, if the two people both presented their betrothal gifts and there weren't a large gap between their betrothal gifts, or if the gap between the betrothal gifts were large, but incapable of completely shaking up my wife and I, then the candidate who obtained two chosen candidate spots would definitely be the one to be my son-in-law." Jiang Fan said with a smile.

Completely shaking?

Qin Yu frowned. What was said was truly too vague.

"What do you mean by completely shaking?" The Blood Demon Queen said with a smile.

Jiang Fan said while smiling. "It's very simple. For example, first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. For example, several hundred High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts… for example, over a hundred thousand Heavenly Divine Artifacts. All of these are capable of completely shaking me."

"Haha, Brother Jiang is dreaming." The Utmost South Sage Emperor said with a smile. "Was there even a hundred thousand Heavenly Divine Artifacts if the entire Divine Realm's artifacts were added all up?"

Jiang Fan didn't get angry. He merely said. "I merely said this as an example."

The various Godkings above were all chatting and laughing. The Heavenly Deities below also started to chat with one another.

Zhou Xian smiled to Qin Yu. He said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Brother Qin Yu, I have already obtained the second chosen candidate spot. As for the third chosen candidate spot, I believe that it will also be mine. After all, the people making the judgements are all Godkings. These Godkings, a majority of them possesses relationship with my Zhou Clan. Haha…"

Zhou Xian said to Qin Yu through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. However, he still displayed a modest smile on his face. He then turned around and started chatting with the people beside him.

Qin Yu also lightly smiled. He had made his decision in his heart.

"I must definitely obtain the third chosen candidate spot. Furthermore, my betrothal gift shall be the over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts! I truly do not believe that Zhou Xian would be able to make a comeback still."

"If I were to lose even after obtaining two chosen candidate spots and presenting over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts as my betrothal gift; humph, then…" Qin Yu's killing intent within his heart was flourishing.

However, Qin Yu was currently enduring it.

The situation had still not reached Qin Yu's baseline. Qin Yu was still wishing for Li'er to marry him openly. However, if his string was touched and his Li'er was to be snatched away.

Then Qin Yu would not be able to bear any longer.

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