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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 54 – A Surprising Gift

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Everyone in the palace hall had their gazes gathered on Zhou Xian's hand.

Floating above Zhou Xian's right hand was a nine inch tall Phoenix Crown. In the front part of the Phoenix Crown were nine golden dragons and eight green-jade colored golden phoenixes. To the back of the Phoenix Crown was another golden phoenix

The nine golden dragons all possessed different postures. Some were soaring, some flying, some had their four feet fully upright, some were walking and some were running. At the same time, these nine dragons were all holding a spiritual pearl.

The entire Phoenix Crown radiated all kinds of dazzling lights causing one to be unable to help themselves but squint their eyes for a moment.

"This Nine Phoenix Crown is also called the Nine Dragon Nine Phoenix Crown. The Phoenix Crown is composed of various precious materials. Among them, there are three thousand six hundred spiritual pearls. Each and every one of the spiritual pearl arrived from a different cosmic space. In order to search for the sufficient number of pearls, in the past years, I have been constantly on the move. I have searched through over ninety thousand different cosmic spaces in order to gather the three thousand six hundred spiritual pearls. At the same time, I have also gathered various different kinds of precious gems."

Zhou Xian pointed to a golden ring on the opening of the Nine Phoenix Crown. "Look, take this little ring as an example. It is composed of a total of eighteen different peculiar, sparkling and translucent gems. There are total of a hundred and ninety eight gems used to create this Nine Phoenix Crown. Each and every gem originates from different cosmic spaces. Other than these…"

Zhou Xian pointed to the nine spiritual pearls the nine golden dragons were holding in the top of the Nine Phoenix Crown. "These nine spiritual pearls are the nine most precious spiritual pearls among the three thousand six hundred pearls. Everyone ought to be able to sense it. That's right, these nine spiritual pearls are all Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

"Led by Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi, our Thunder Punishment City has gathered a total of eighty one expert artifact craftsman to assist him. We only managed to craft this Nine Dragon Nine Phoenix Crown after spending half an entire year. I hope that during the date of the marriage with my cousin, she will be wearing it!"

After he finished saying that, he looked to the thirteen Godkings above with a smile on his face. He was extremely confident in himself.

Everyone was holding their breaths.

What a luxurious Nine Dragon Nine Phoenix Crown!

This was indeed the most luxurious Nine Phoenix Crown in the entire history of the Divine Realm. Especially those nine most precious spiritual pearls. Although they were merely third-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, they were still extremely rare.

What was the most important was that those materials had all originated from different cosmic spaces.

"What, what a great Nine Phoenix Crown." On the stage above, the Utmost North Sage Emperor's wife, Chunyu Rou's face was filled with joy. She spoke and praised the Phoenix Crown. The thirteen Godkings also nodded.

Indeed, among the fourteen gifts that were displayed so far, it was truly Zhou Xian's gift that was the most stunning.

The other people's gifts, there were those that were clever, there were those that were novel, however, in terms of diligence, none of them were comparable to the history's most luxurious Nine Phoenix Crown.

Zhou Xian was smiling. At the same time, he also cast a glance to Qin Yu beside him.

Zhou Xian was anticipating for Qin Yu's expression to turn ugly. However… the current Qin Yu was still smiling. He was also looking at the Nine Phoenix Crown with an appreciating gaze.

Seeing Zhou Xian had walked over, Qin Yu even slightly nodded to him.

Zhou Xian was slightly startled. However, he also nodded back.

"Merely, nine ornamental Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Third-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, they're merely the same quality as High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. If you all were to find out that my Purple Mystic Mansion possesses sixty two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts just for ornamental purposes, what sort of expressions would you all show?"

Qin Yu was extremely confident.

Although this Nine Phoenix Crown was precious, it was at the very most as precious as the miraculous Mirage Spirit Mirror. Yet, Qin Yu's Purple Mystic Mansion contained even the Mirage Spirit Mirror within it.

"Zhou Xian, this Nine Phoenix Crown is indeed very good." The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan also nodded satisfiedly. "Next, it should be Qin Yu's turn to display his gift now."

Zhou Xian retrieved the Nine Phoenix Crown. He slightly nodded and then returned to his own seat.

At this moment, Qin Yu stood up. He walked to the center of the palace hall and slightly bowed. He then raised his body and looked to the various Godkings on the stage. Among the Godkings above, Uncle Lan, Asura Godking, Blood Demon Queen and several others were all smiling to Qin Yu.

"Godkings, this gift of mine is called the Purple Mystic Mansion." Qin Yu said in a clear voice. "The Purple Mystic Mansion is the mansion where I plan to get married with Princess Jiang Li. However, the Sage Emperor's Palace is a bit too small and hard for me to show my Purple Mystic Mansion to everyone. How about…"

"Qin Yu."

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan smiled and said. "There's no need for you to be worried. It's merely a space that you need." The Utmost North Sage Emperor pointed to the air. An enormous door of several tens of meter appeared in the middle of the air.

"I have already formed a space. Everyone, how about we go into that to view the 'Purple Mystic Mansion?'" The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan looked to the various Godkings.

The Wood Mansion's Godking Jiang Lan was the first to stand. He smiled and said. "Fascinating, fascinating. Zhou Xian said that he would have Li'er wear the Nine Phoenix Crown during their marriage. Qin Yu said that his Purple Mystic Mansion would be the mansion that he would marry Li'er in. Haha. Truly fascinating, fascinating."

The various Godkinds also started to smile and laugh.

Soon after, the thirteen Godkings all walked into the space created by the Utmost North Sage Emperor one after the other. Qin Yu and them also entered the space one after the other. The various other Heavenly Deities came last.

Inside the space created by the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

When Zhou Xian walked by Qin Yu, he said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Qin Yu, your gift is the Purple Mystic Mansion? What about the Mirage Spirit Mirror?" Zhou Xian was awfully baffled.

The Mirage Spirit Mirror being an wondrous object in the Divine Realm was something that everyone knew about.

Even the Nine Phoenix Crown would at the very most be able to match up against the Mirage Spirit Mirror. Zhou Xian knew that Qin Yu possessed the Mirage Spirit Mirror. However, why didn't he use it even though he possessed it?

Zhou Xian did not understand.

Against Zhou Xian's questioning, Qin Yu merely smiled mysteriously. He said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Brother Zhou Xian, you'll understand soon."

After entering this space, everyone got into their own respective positions. Their gazes were all gathered upon Qin Yu who stood in the middle. They were all looking forward to this Purple Mystic Mansion. Last time, Qin Yu took out a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. What would he be taking out this time?

Qin Yu looked to everyone. He smiled and said. "Everyone, please observe the Purple Mystic Palace and decide for yourselves how it is."

Qin Yu waved his hand. Immediately, everyone felt that the sky and earth had become dark. They raised their head to look. It turned out that there was an enormous mansion floating above their head. That mansion flew over and landed before everyone.

The mansion occupied an area of over a thousand miles long.

"What a mansion!" Asura Godking exclaimed in admiration.

At this moment, no one paid attention to the words the Asura Godking said. That was because their focus were all attracted by the Purple Mystic Mansion. The majestic fire and ice aura twining together had caused the entire Purple Mystic Mansion to appear extremely charming.

What attracted the focus of everyone wasn't anything else, it was the extremely dense aura of Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

The aura that only Heavenly Divine Artifacts possessed!

"This entire mansion is a Heavenly Divine Artifact?" The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan looked at Qin Yu and asked.

Qin Yu nodded with a smile. He said. "That's right. This Purple Mystic Mansion was created by me through using the same method of crafting Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Of course, we cannot see much from the outside. Please follow me."

Qin Yu stood next to the Purple Mystic Mansion. With an intention from him, the enormous gate of the Purple Mystic Mansion started to open. The thirteen Godkings all stepped into it.

The various other Heavenly Deities and candidates also stepped into it.

Once they entered the Purple Mystic Mansion, what appeared before them was a world like that of a painting. All kinds of strange stones and plants appeared there as if they were naturally occurring. All the sceneries were in natural harmony.

"The Purple Mystic Mansion is separated into Three Great Regions. This is the first region. This region is called the Divine Realm Region." Qin Yu smiled and said.

"Divine Realm Region, what's the implication behind that?" Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha looked to Qin Yu with a smile on her face.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Blood Demon Queen, please don't be anxious. You'll naturally come to understand in a short moment." As Qin Yu said that, he proceeded to bring everyone to tour the various sceneries of the first region.

Suddenly, the Southwest Sage Emperor looked at a stone carving on the flowerbed in shock.

"That is?" The Southwest Sage Emperor's eyesight was extremely astonishing. She immediately saw the marvelous aspect of the stone carving. With her words, everyone immediately looked over at the stone carving.

Qin Yu smiled. He said with a nod. "That's right. That stone carving is a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. However, this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact's true form is that of a stone carving because I crafted it for the purpose of using it as an ornament. The stone carving possesses the special effect of 'Meditation.'"

Everyone present was stunned.

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were also relatively precious to Godkings. In the entire Divine Realm, including Qin Yu, there were only three grandmaster artifact craftsmen.

Generally, when crafting a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, who would craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts for the purpose of using it as an ornament?

The Blood Demon Queen's pair of elegant almond-shaped eyes' gaze became even more passionate as she looked at Qin Yu.

"That water spraying golden dragon sculpture also seems to be a Heavenly Divine Artifact." In an instant, someone else discovered another Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"That water spraying golden dragon is merely a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact." Qin Yu said with a light smile.

Everyone was stunned. Oh how casually he said those words! 'Merely' a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact! Merely!

"In the Purple Mystic Mansion, the number of Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact ornaments numbers in the several hundreds. As for High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact ornaments, there are a total of sixty two." Qin Yu said with a smile on his face.

All of the Heavenly Deities were looking at Qin Yu, including even the thirteen Godkings.

Even the Asura Godking who had been lightly smiling the entire time also had his expression frozen by Qin Yu's words.

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Many High Level Heavenly Deities did not possess a single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Everyone knew how rare and precious a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact was. However, Qin Yu actually crafted sixty two of them.

And what was the most important… all sixty two of these High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were used as ornaments for decorational purposes. They were not crafted for the purpose of using to attack or defend.

Truly a prodigy!

However, other than a grandmaster artifact craftsman, who else possessed the ability to be this wasteful? Even the other two grandmaster artifact craftsmen, Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng, for them to craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts required them to spent a large amount of time and effort. For them, every single time they did the Spirit Awakening process would be the same as tormenting them.

Were they able to be as relaxed as Qin Yu?

"Qin Yu, what an amazing display you've shown." Jiang Lan merely offered a few words of praise. He was speechless afterwards.

The attitudes that everyone had toward Qin Yu was now completely different. To be able to craft sixty two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and several hundred Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, although they were merely ornaments, his craftsmanship ability was already well in display.

"The entire mansion, other than the ordinary plants, the walls on the courtyard, the various houses, is all a single entity composed of the Purple Mystic Mansion. The Purple Mystic Mansion itself is a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact." Qin Yu said with a smile. "Everyone, please follow me. We are about to enter a pond within trees now."

Following the cobblestone road, everyone entered a pond surrounded by trees.

Right after entering it, everyone felt that the world had taken a huge change. Then, everyone looked to everything with shock. This was a space. This was the Divine Realm Space.

"I have used my formation array space to create a pond surrounded by trees. Within it is a world that's exactly the same as the Divine Realm. The only difference is… there is no Divine Spiritual Energy and the restriction of the Divine Realm here." Qin Yu said while smiling.

The people present all felt that. The Heavenly Deities were even able to casually use their Divine Awareness to cover the entire 'Second Divine Realm.' If they were in the true Divine Realm, their Divine Awareness would only be capable of covering a range of several hundred miles.

"What a great display." Immediately, someone gasped in admiration.

After exiting the first region of the Purple Mystic Mansion, everyone continued onward to the second region. The second region was the living region. The area of the second region was extremely large. There were numerous different kinds of peculiar buildings here.

"This main hall is the location where our family will have our dinners together. The painted wall behind the main hall… is another space. It's is called the 'Second Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm!" Qin Yu pointed to painted wall behind the main hall.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu said in shock. "Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm? Is that the cosmic space underneath my Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold?"

"Precisely." Qin Yu said while smiling.

"That is Qin Yu's homeland." Zhou Xian said indifferently. Zhou Xian knew very well of where Qin Yu came from.

An enormous space as a painted wall. Even ordinary Godkings would find that to be very difficult to accomplish. That was because it was extremely hard for those Godkings to stabilize a space.

Yet, what about Qin Yu?

Qin Yu had merely created a 'formation array space.' As long as Qin Yu did not remove the formation array, this space would remain for eternity.

In the Purple Mystic Mansion's second region's living region existed the location where Qin Yu and Li'er would be living in the future.

"Everyone, did you see that little mirror there? Please do not think that it is merely an ornament. This mirror is an extremely wondrous item of the Divine Realm, the Mirage Spirit Mirror." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Those Godkings all glanced at one another.

They were completely stunned!

Merely, none of them said anything. It was because they were too shocked.

And at this moment, Zhou Xian also came to understand why Qin Yu's gift wasn't the Mirage Spirit Mirror. So it turned out that… the Mirage Spirit Mirror was merely a portion of the Purple Mystic Mansion.

After exiting the second region, everyone entered the third region of the Purple Mystic Mansion. The third region of the Purple Mystic Mansion was the leisure area.

In here was an enormous lake with a circumference of several hundred miles. There were several small boats on the lake and numerous pavilions. Those pavilions were connected with one another. Windingly, they actually ran through the entire several hundred miles circumference lake.

"There are a lot of pavilions on this lake. There is a pavilion that's relatively larger compared to the rest located on the edge. That pavilion is actually a Mortal Realm planet's scene. That is also the appearance of my hometown." Qin Yu pointed to the bottom of the lake. "In the bottom of this lake lies a palace. This palace is another residence for Princess Jiang Li and I in the future."

[TL: Phoenix Crowns were worn by ancient noble chinese women for special occasions such as marriage. Learn more here. ]

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