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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 34 – Three Presents

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Brother Luo, I am very happy for you to come here personally." The Utmost North Sage Emperor stood up and said to the Asura Godking while smiling.

The Blood Demon Queen smiled charmingly. "A while ago, I had gone to the Asura Sea to find Brother Luo and the people from the Asura Sea used the reason of Brother Luo instructing your newest disciple to hinder me. Never would I have expected that Brother Luo would be free today."

The tone of complaint within the Blood Demon Queen's words was something that practically everyone in the palace hall managed to sense.

The Asura Godking smiled indifferently. "Yu Cha, I was indeed instructing my disciple."

"Is that disciple of yours present today?" The Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha continued to ask. At this moment, the Asura Godking had walked to his own seat and sat down. He then said. "He's here. He's behind me." As he said that, he looked to Hou Fei behind him.

Immediately, everyone in the palace hall looked to Hou Fei.

"Fei Fei has become the disciple of the Asura Godking?" Qin Yu felt a burst of happiness.

Hou Fei and Qin Yu exchanged glances. Neither said anything. The two brothers knew what the other was thinking with merely a single glance. Furthermore, it was also inconvenient for the two of them to chat with each other in the palace hall right now. Both Qin Yu and Hou Fei had decided to leave the palace hall first before chatting with each other about the times they haven't seen each other.

"Junior Hou Fei pays his respects to the various Godkings." Said Hou Fei courteously.

"Haha…" A loud and candid laughter was heard. Mount Blazing Flame's Utmost West Sage Emperor spoke. "Brother Luo doesn't like to take in disciples, this is something that we all know about. Brother Luo, how come you took on this disciple this time? Could it be that this lad called 'Hou Fei' has something special to him?"

Asura Godking laughed indifferently. "Today is the date on which the Utmost North Sage Emperor would help his daughter determine her groom. There is no need for everyone to chat about this disciple of mine."

Although the Asura Godking tone of speech sounded extremely friendly, but the Eight Great Sage Emperors that knew him very well already know that he was already a bit unhappy.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors and the representatives from the Three Great Ascender Powers had all been seated.

"Everyone." The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan stood up. With a smile on his face, he said. "Today is the date of my daughter's public groom search. These past few years, there were numerous people who wanted to participate in the groom search. However, after a foundational screening, only eighteen elites of the Divine Realm remain."

As the Utmost Sage Emperor said that, he pointed to the row where Qin Yu sat in.

The row had a total of eighteen people. Kuiyin Hou, Shentu Fan, Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and Duanmu Yu were seated in the first row. Behind them were numerous other rows of people.

The Godkings above all nodded and smiled to the eighteen candidates below.

Many of the people below were related to the Godkings above. Not only Qin Yu and them, for the other thirteen candidates to be able to pass a foundational screening, each and every one of them also possessed a high status. Even the weakest among them possessed the status of a prince.

"Brother Jiang, there's a total of eighteen candidates here. That precious daughter of yours most definitely cannot be married to eighteen individuals. There must be an impartial screening method, otherwise, none of us would be able to accept it." Thunder Punishment City's Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo said with a chuckle.

"I am in agreement with what Brother Zhou had said. Of these eighteen people, seventeen of them would be eliminated. The method of elimination must allow all of us to be convinced." Light Lens City's Utmost South Sage Emperor also voiced his opinion.

Right away, on the platform above, the Eight Great Sage Emperors, Blood Demon Queen, Floating Mist Godking and them all started to discuss about this matter while smiling and laughing. The atmosphere was extremely friendly. As for the people below, they were all listening to the conversations between these Godkings.

"Everyone, please rest assured." Jiang Fan's smiling face had turned somewhat red. "I naturally possess a fair and impartial method of screening. Actually, each and every one of these eighteen elites are extremely outstanding. I would hate to eliminate any single one of them. Haha… merely, my daughter could only have a single husband."

Jiang Fan smiled as he looked to Jiang Li beside him.

Numerous people below looked to Jiang Li, the main character in this groom search.

"As for the specific screening method, I'll have my wife inform everyone about it. Of course, this method would definitely please everyone." Said Jiang Fan with a light smile. He then sat down.

Jiang Fan's wife, Chunyu Rou stood up.

Qin Yu, Zhou Xian, Shentu Fan, Kuiyin Hou… and the others all looked to Chunyu Rou. They all wanted to hear what exactly the method of screening was.

"Everyone." Chunyu Rou had an extremely amiable expression. "I wish that my son-in-law must be sincere and heartfelt toward my daughter. He must care for my daughter and must be diligent and attentive toward her. Furthermore, he must possess sufficient strength and status to match her. Everyone, do you believe what I said to be correct?"

All the people underneath nodded. At this moment, they seemed to have a mutual understanding and did not say anything to disturb Chunyu Rou.

Chunyu Rou continued. "With what I have said earlier in mind, sincerity, heartfelt, concern, diligent, attentive, sufficient strength and position, my husband and I have worked out a method of screening."

Chunyu Rou extended three fingers.

"Three presents, three chosen candidates!"

All the people below were startled. Immediately after, they all began to guess as to what the screening method that Chunyu Rou spoke of was.

Qin Yu was also guessing. "Three presents, three chosen candidates? Are we to present gifts in order to determine the three selections?"

The people below were thinking about the same thing as Qin Yu.

"Let me explain the screening method in details." Chunyu Rou smiled and said. "In order to determine who among you eighteen is the most sincere and heartfelt toward our daughter, we have determined the method to select the first slot. The eighteen of you are to take out a present that represent your sincerity and heartfeltness."

"Sincerity? Heartfeltness? How could you judge that by merely looking at a single gift?" Floating Mist Godking said softly.

The numerous people below also nodded in their heart.

Although treasures are separated into different levels of preciousness, but how could one determine who was the most sincere and heartfelt? If two people with different status took out the same treasure, then their treasures would be the same, but could one say that the two people were equally sincere?

Jiang Fan stood up. He smiled and said. "Everyone, please do not feel anxious. I will naturally explain in details. I will definitely allow everyone to feel that our selection method is fair."

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

As the other Seven Great Sage Emperors and the three representatives from the Ascenders Powers were also present, Jiang Fan would definitely make himself out to be a fool.

Chunyu Rou continued. "Whoever's present was determined to be the most sincere, the most heartfelt, then… he shall become the first chosen one."

Jiang Fan also spoke. "As for who determine which present is the most sincere and heartfelt, it would be the Thirteen Godkings, including me, that is present here today. What do everyone think about this?"

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

The Thirteen Godkings present here, other than the three from the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City, the other ten were all from different powers. With how revered their status was, there would definitely be no need to be anxious with them being the judges.

The people below have no objection to this at all.

"The second present determines the second chosen person. This present determines everyone's diligence and attentiveness. This present doesn't need to be precious. It merely need to be novel,  wondrous and possessing various other aspects. Once again, the thirteen Godkings would be the judge of the present. The candidate who presented the most diligent and attentive gift shall be the second chosen person."

Chunyu Rou continued. "As for the third treasure, it emphasizes the candidate’s strength and status! This treasure, the selection for this would be based on preciousness! Whoever present the most precious treasure, he shall be the third chosen one."

After hearing the selection method for the second slot and the third slot, practically everyone below sighed a breath of relief.

Determine who was the most diligent and attentive?

This gave those people with lower status and strength a hope.

Determine who's present was the most precious?

This gave Zhou Xian and them sufficient confidence.

Evidently… everyone had the hope of becoming a chosen one.

Jiang Fan said in a clear voice. "After we determined the three chosen candidates, these three candidates would then have to present their betrothal gift. My wife and I would then determine the three candidates through the various aspects the candidates shown. Whoever we selected, we would then accept his betrothal gift. As for the betrothal gifts from the other two candidates, we would return them."

Everyone understood it now.

Even after the selection of the three chosen candidates, the final determination was still done by Jiang Fan and his wife.

Zhou Xian suddenly stood up. "Uncle, I have a matter that I am confused about. The three presents determined the three chosen candidates. However, what if a person were to present three different presents that was the most sincere, the most diligent and the most precious, then what do we do?"

Jiang Fan started laughing. "Haha. This is a good question. If an outstanding talent below were to present three treasures that are the most sincere, most diligent and the most precious, then the chosen candidate would only be him… At that time, my wife and I would not have to choose anymore as that man shall become the husband of my daughter."

The people below immediately started to discuss with one another.

Qin Yu had completely understood the screening method.

There would be three rounds of screening. In each round, everyone was to present their gift and the gift would be the determination of the chosen candidates.

After the three rounds, the three chosen candidates spots would then be selected.

"If it is possible, then I must definitely take all three of the chosen candidate spots." Qin Yu thought in his heart. Qin Yu did not wish to have any accidents. He wanted to marry Li'er with even more certainty.

"Brother Jiang, regarding this most diligent gift, we could determine it through the novelty of the gift. As for the most precious gift, there was no need to mention it. However, as for the most sincere and heartfelt gift, how shall we determine that?" Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu asked with a smile.

Jiang Fan nodded while smiling.

"This is precisely what I am about to carefully explain. We are to determine this round based on who present the most sincere and heartfelt gift. Although… it seemed as if there would be a chosen candidate, but in actuality, it might be possible for this chosen candidate spot to be wasted."

Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and them all listened carefully. They feared to miss a single word.


How could the spot be wasted?

Qin Yu was unable to understand.

"As for who is the most sincere and heartfelt, my wife and I have determined to have the Exalted Celestials come and decide!" Jiang Lan face started to shine.

[TL: WUT? You literally said the thirteen godkings would be deciding that like 2 mins ago.]

Exalted Celestials?

Those Godkings all looked to Jiang Fan with a shocked expression.

"Everyone, please don't be surprised. This round, it is for the eighteen candidates to all proceed to the 'Mountain Sea Palace.' If anyone of them were to be able to move the Exalted Celestials and obtain a gift from him, then he shall be the most sincere. If only a single person obtains the Exalted Celestials' gift, then he shall directly be the chosen candidate for the first round. If there are to be two people who obtain the Exalted Celestials' gift, then we thirteen Godkings shall determine the merits and drawbacks of the two gifts to determine who the chosen candidate shall be!" Jiang Fan said while smiling.

Everyone understood now.

Proceed to go to the Mountain Sea Palace to try to obtain an Exalted Celestials' gift?

Are Exalted Celestials that easy to meet? After all, they are legendary beings. It was very possible for everyone to not obtain any treasure and waste this chosen candidate spot.


"That Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, he's from the Zhou Clan, right?" Qin Yu frowned. He took a glance at Zhou Xian beside him. At this moment, Zhou Xian had a smiling expression in his eyes.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 35 – Entrusted by Someone

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

After the screening method was determined, everyone in the palace hall started to discuss with one another.

"Go to the Mountain Sea Palace to try to obtain a present bestowed by the Exalted Celestial?" Duanmu Yu smiled as he shook his head. He then raised his cup and drink the wine within it.

"Brother Duanmu, would Exalted Celestials frequently appear in the Mountain Sea Palace?" Qin Yu asked.

Qin Yu was not very knowledgeable about the Mountain Sea Palace.

Duanmu Yu smiled and said while shaking his head. "No. The Three Great Exalted Celestials are all people of legend; it is extremely hard for one to encounter them. As for the Mountain Sea Palace, it is the only temporary residence of the Three Great Exalted Celestials that they publicly announced to the world. Merely, the chance for the Three Great Exalted Celestials to appear in the Mountain Sea Palace is extremely low. However… they would definitely know, should we appear in the Mountain Sea Palace."

Regarding this, Qin Yu also understood.

The Mountain Sea Palace could basically be considered as a residence of the Three Great Exalted Celestials.

Should others arrive at the Three Great Exalted Celestials' residence, how could they possibly now know of it?

"The Three Great Exalted Celestials would definitely know every single move that we make in the Mountain Sea Palace. If we are capable of obtaining a gift bestowed by them, then we could be considered as having succeeded." Kuiyin Hou also spoke. He then looked to Zhou Xian while smiling. "Brother Zhou, it seemed that the contest for the spot of the first chosen candidate is very advantageous for you."

Kuiyin Hou had lived in the Divine Realm for a very long time. Thus, he knew a lot more stuff than Qin Yu. The identity of the Thunder Punishment Godking was naturally something that Kuiyin Hou knew about.

"That's hard to say. Once one becomes an Exalted Celestial, their temperament would no longer be something that we could forecast. It is still extremely hard for us to be certain that I'll be able to obtain a gift." Zhou Xian said modestly.

"Come, let's not talk about that. After all, there are a total of three chosen candidates. Everyone, let's just try our best to attain for a spot. As for now, let's drink." Kuiyin Hou laughed heartily as he said that.

Inside the Floating Cloud Mansion.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were gathered together. After the banquet was over, Qin Yu sent a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to Uncle Lan to have him send Hei Yu over. Thus, the three brothers managed to have a reunion.

"The two of you, your cultivation speeds are extremely fast. I happen to be the slowest one among us." Hei Yu deliberately frowned and said.

At this moment, both Qin Yu and Hou Fei had reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level; only Hei Yu was still a Mid Level Heavenly Deity.

"I know of your cultivation speed, Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei, you have been in the Wood Mansion for about six thousand years. That equates to about six million years in the Jiang Lan's Realm's third layer space. To reach the Peak Mid Level Heavenly Deity from Low Level Heavenly Deity in six million years, this speed was already very fast." Qin Yu nodded and said.

"However, Fei Fei, your cultivation speed…" Qin Yu looked to Hou Fei.

Hei Yu's cultivation method was extremely peculiar. He was even capable of comprehending the temporal laws. Thus, his cultivation speed being fast was granted.

Qin Yu's clone had been comprehending the comprehension left behind by the Godking of Life at all times. It was also natural for his cultivation speed to be fast. However, what about Hou Fei?

Since the separation they had with each other at the Yuchi City, it had only been approximately twenty thousand years. However, Hou Fei had actually already reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level. His cultivation speed was truly astonishing.

"Haha, regarding this, I am also a bit muddle-headed." Hou Fei rubbed his head. "At the beginning, it was my Monkey Clan's senior that took me away. However, after I reached the Asura Sea, in less than a year's time, that Asura Godking came and said that he wanted to take me in as his disciple. That Monkey Clan's senior of mine gladly handed me over to the Asura Godking."

Qin Yu and Hei Yu were carefully listening.

When Hou Fei said to this point, he blinked his eyes a couple times. "After that, the Asura Godking created a space and increased the flow of time in that space by ten thousand fold. Ten thousand years in that space was only a single year outside. Although it seemed that I have only trained for approximately ten thousand years, I have actually already trained for close to a hundred million years. In this nearly a hundred million years, it has   always been the Asura Godking who had been guiding me."

Qin Yu and Hei Yu glanced at each other. They gasped in admiration of Hou Fei's luck.

Qin Yu suddenly asked in confusion.

"Something's amiss." Qin Yu frowned and said. "Fei Fei, according to what I know, if one were to create a space with time disparity, then that space would be very unstable and easily crumble. It is very hard for one to stabilize that space. The greater the time disparity, the harder it would be to stabilize the space."

Qin Yu looked to Hou Fei. "According to what you said earlier, that Asura Godking had directly created a space and did not used Spatial Divine Artifacts, right?"

"That's right, he had directly created a space. I am certain of that." Hou Fei nodded determinedly.

"To maintain a space with a time acceleration of ten thousand times for ten thousand years, this, it is truly incredible." Qin Yu found it very hard to believe.

When Uncle Lan crafted the Jiang Lan's Realm, he was only capable of accelerating the time by a thousand fold.

"He is indeed worthy of being called the Number One Godking." Qin Yu exclaimed in his heart. This Asura Godking was indeed extremely and abnormally amazing.

Hei Yu suddenly said. "Hey, Monkey? I am confused, why would that Asura Godking have you become his disciple for no reason? He even created a space with a time acceleration of ten thousand times for close to ten thousand years? What exactly was he planning?"

Hearing Hei Yu saying this, Qin Yu also grew confused.

What was this Asura Godking planning?

"I am also confused. I have also once asked the Asura Godking, umm my master about it before." Hou Fei seemed to not be accustomed to calling the Asura Godking master.

"How did the Asura Godking respond?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

A trace of confusion flashed through Hou Fei's eyes. "Back then, the Asura Godking did not say much. He only said… he was entrusted by someone!"

Qin Yu and Hei Yu looked to each other. They were both confused.

Entrusted by someone?

There was someone who wanted the Asura Godking to help instruct Hou Fei?

Who was this person?

In the entire Divine Realm, how many people were actually capable of having the Asura Godking help them? Furthermore, the Asura Godking was even willing to maintain a space with ten thousand times time acceleration for ten thousand years?

"Someone like the Asura Godking ought to have no reason to lie. Who exactly was it that sought for his help? This secret, I reckon that Fei Fei, you can only search for the answer yourself." Qin Yu smiled and looked to Hou Fei.

Hou Fei said helplessly. "I also know about that. The Asura Godking had said that when I reach the Godking level, he would tell me about it. Sigh, truly troublesome. It's Godking level, what did he think it was? Did he think that it's that easy to become a Godking?"

"Monkey, let's not talk about this anymore. Big brother still has to set off for the Mountain Sea Palace tomorrow." Hei Yu smiled and looked to Qin Yu. "Big brother, only eighteen people are going to the Mountain Sea Palace, we won't be able to accompany you."

Only the eighteen candidates were allowed to enter into the Mountain Sea Palace. The other people were not allowed to disturb them at all.

"Mountain Sea Palace?'

Qin Yu said in a low voice. "No matter what, I would definitely give my best to try to obtain this chosen candidate spot." This groom search, Qin Yu must win, defeat was not allowed.

After passing through the Conveying Array below the Floating Snow City, Qin Yu and them directly arrived at the Conveying Array located at the northern extremity of the Divine Realm.

A group of people were gathered on the north coast.

Toward the north was the vast and boundless ocean. One could see various coastal tides from afar.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan said in a clear voice to these eighteen candidates. "Everyone, for every round of competition, everyone will have ten years of time to prepare. After ten years, the other Godkings and I will await everyone in the Floating Snow City. If anyone is to be late, then that person will be considered to have forfeited that round of competition."

There was no Conveying Array from here to the Mountain Sea Palace.

In order to go to the Mountain Sea Palace, one would need to fly toward there.

Merely flying back and forth would require several months. Furthermore, in order to try one's luck in the Mountain Sea Palace, one would also require a sufficient amount of time. Ten years, it cannot be considered as a long period of time.

"Is everyone ready?" The Utmost North Sage Emperor was filled with smiles. "Well then, everyone, you can set off. Remember, you must return to the Floating Snow City on this date ten years later. You must arrive early, you cannot be late!"

"Your Majesty Sage Emperor, farewell."

The group of people all bowed and saluted. After that, they all started to step on their weapons and started flying toward the north. As for Qin Yu, he was stepping on the Divine Spear Waning Snow.

The Divine Spear Waning Snow, just by merely looking from the outside, even Godkings would find it difficult to determine its might.

"Dark and Yellow Energy, I reckon not even Godkings have seen it before." Qin Yu thought in his heart. If one hadn't seen Dark and Yellow Energy before, then how would one know about the frightening power brought about by it after the assimilating it into weapons?

Stepping on the Divine Spear Waning Snow, Qin Yu's flying speed was extremely fast.

As for Duanmu Yu, he was the sole person who was flying alongside Qin Yu. The rest of the people had all fallen behind them.

Below them was the boundless ocean. The waves were violently surging. Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu were chatting and laughing as they continued to rapidly fly toward the Mountain Sea Palace.

In a blink of an eye, close to two months passed.

After getting to know each other for close to two months, Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu's relationship had grown a lot better.

"Brother Qin Yu, it's best to not have extravagant hope for this round of competition. That Zhou Xian's advantage is extremely obvious. The most extravagant your hope is, the more disappointed you will be." Duanmu Yu said to Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu felt as if that this Duanmu Yu, regardless of what he said or did, he didn't seem to care much about it. He didn't care if he failed, he didn't care if he succeeded.

It was like…

There was nothing that could cause him to be angry or surprised.

"Brother Duanmu, I wanted to ask. If you were to not obtain even a single one of the three chosen candidate spots, what would you do?" Qin Yu looked to Duanmu Yu.

Duanmu Yu smiled indifferently. "Why did you ask this? If I failed, then I failed, there's nothing more to it. Furthermore, is failure truly a failure? To comprehend some experiences from one's failure could also be considered as a success. Thus, failure and success are not absolutely at all."

Qin Yu cannot refrain himself from shaking his head and smiling helplessly.

"For what reason are you pursuing Li'er?" Qin Yu asked again.

This time around, Duanmu Yu grew silent for a moment before saying. "I suppose it's because I want to attain a breakthrough to reach the Godking level."

Qin Yu felt a burst of depression.

Sure enough…

Sure enough, the participants of the groom search, even this Duanmu Yu who Qin Yu thought to be an extremely good person, were all pursuing Li'er in hopes of becoming a Godking.

"Brother Qin Yu, we've arrived at the Mountain Sea Palace." Duanmu Yu suddenly said.

Qin Yu looked ahead. he saw numerous islands gathered together in picturesque disorder. The amount of islands surrounding the Mountain Sea Palace was extremely numerous. It was known as the 'Thousand Islands' and there was over three thousand islands gathered here.

Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu streaked across the sky leaving behind two red lights as they directly flew toward the center island of the three thousand plus islands. The Mountain Sea Palace was located on this island.

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