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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 33 – The Date of the Groom Search

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

On the date of the groom search, the year round snow of the Floating Snow City actually stopped. A beautiful rainbow streaked across the sky of the Floating Snow City. It was extremely dazzling.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace, that was the location of the groom search. One by one, people entered into the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace.

"The Utmost North Sage Emperor has spent quite a bit of his effort just for this groom search." Qin Yu said to Uncle Fu. He looked to the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace afar. There were over ten times the amount of guards there.

"The Utmost North Sage Emperor had long since announced the groom search. However, the date of the groom search has been delayed all the way till today. Thus, he naturally would have to put some effort into the groom search." Uncle Fu laughed and said.

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

With Uncle Fu following him, Qin Yu walked all the way till the gates of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace. However, when he reached the gates, he was blocked by the guards there.

Only after the guard saw the invitation letter than Qin Yu had did he said to him respectfully. "Lord Qin Yu, your servant is not allowed entrance."


Qin Yu slightly frowned.

"Master, I'll be outside." Uncle Fu immediately bowed and said. Qin Yu could only nod. He then entered into the main palace of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace.

The main palace hall of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace possessed a vast blue roof. The four black pillars caused the entire palace hall to seem a lot more dignified.

In the hall were numerous beautiful Heavenly Deity maids in a light green dresses. Like butterflies, they were walking back and forth bringing over numerous plates of food. Numerous little rectangular jade tables were placed around the palace hall in picturesque disorder.

Right after Qin Yu walked in, a beautiful Heavenly Deity maid immediately said to him. "Lord Qin Yu, your seat is over here. Please follow me." After that, she led Qin Yu toward a seat.

The seats beside the little rectangular jade tables were very peculiar.

"Brother Qin Yu." Right after Qin Yu sat down in a cross-legged position, he heard someone calling him. He turned his head around to look. It was Zhou Xian who was smiling all over.

Qin Yu had arrived rather late. There were many people here already.

"Brother Zhou, you have arrived truly early." Qin Yu lightly smiled. At the same time he said that, Qin Yu also looked to the surroundings. Qin Yu recognized majority of the people that had shown up in the palace hall.

There were thirteen seats located at the upper platform of the hall.

Below the platform were several tens of seats. Qin Yu sat on one of these seats. Qin Yu's seat was located to Zhou Xian's left.

"Brother Qin Yu, to my right is Brother Duanmu. Do you know him?" Zhou Xian smiled as he pointed to the person beside him.

Brother Duanmu? Could it be Duanmu Yu?

Qin Yu looked to the person Zhou Xian pointed to. It was an extremely handsome man. His long silver hair that reached his shoulders gave off a sad and beautiful feeling. His pair of bright stars-like eyes possessed a melancholy sensation.

Duanmu Yu also heard the conversation between Qin Yu and Zhou Xian. He took looked over and gave Qin Yu a friendly smile. "Brother Qin Yu, I am Duanmu Yu. Although I have recently heard of Brother Qin Yu arriving at the Floating Snow City, I have not had the time to go and pay Brother Qin Yu a visit. I wish Brother Qin Yu will forgive me."

"Brother Duanmu, it should be I who should've gone to visit you instead." Qin Yu said modestly.

Qin Yu must admit that Duanmu Yu who looked to be cold and lonely; his poignant and melancholic aura was extremely stunning. However, when Duanmu Yu smiled, he gave off an extremely warm sensation.

"Truly a person who would rarely cause others to feel malice toward him." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

Duanmu Yu was known as someone nearly perfect. Even Uncle Lan praised him highly. There was reason behind that.

"Hello, everyone." Suddenly, a voice sounded beside Qin Yu and them. Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and Duanmu Yu all looked to the source of the voice. The person who spoke was a red haired handsome youngster.

After this red haired handsome youngster greeted Qin Yu and them, he walked to Qin Yu's side and sat down in a cross-legged position.

"Brother Qin Yu, this is the legendary genius youngster of the Divine Realm, Shentu Fan. He has not trained for a long time but has already reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level. Merely, he's an excessively shy person. It was  extremely rare for him to greet us." Duanmu Yu said with a smile. His pair of melancholic eyes currently contained a warm smiling expression as he looked to Shentu Fan.

Qin Yu looked to Shentu Fan beside him.

Under the gaze of the couple people. Shentu Fan's handsome face actually grew slightly red.

"He truly is a bit shy." Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. He also spoke to greet Shentu Fan. "Brother Shentu, I am Qin Yu."

Shentu Fan, with his slightly reddened face, nodded to Qin Yu. "I am Shentu Fan." After he finished saying those words, he became silent again. He lowered his head and looked to the fine liquor and delicious foods placed on the little rectangular jade table before him.

"Haha, Brother Duanmu, Brother Zhou Xian, Brother Qin Yu and Little Brother Shentu; never had I expected that you're all here already. And here I happened to be the last person to arrive." A clear and bright loud laughter echoed.

A youngster with a robust figure but a relatively handsome appearance walked over.

"Brother Kuiyin." Zhou Xian was the first to smile and greet.

[TL: Sorry guys, just found out dude's name is Kuiyin Hou and not Kui Yinhou. : ]

The person who arrived was one of the Three Great Palace Masters of the Floating Snow City, Kuihou Palace's Palace Master Kuiyin Hou. Although he appeared to be an youngster, he had cultivated for an exceedingly long time. Over six quadrillion years ago, Kuiyin Hou was already a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Merely, to reach the Godking level from the High Level Heavenly Deity level was truly too hard.

Even after so long he was still a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Qin Yu also greeted Kuiyin Hou. Not long after Qin Yu arrived at the Floating Snow City, Kuiyin Hou had already paid him a visit. After their short meeting, Qin Yu felt that Kuiyin Hou was an extremely open and honest person.

"Those people ought to also be participants in the groom search, right?" Qin Yu looked to the other group of people in the palace hall seated before other tables at the same row as Qin Yu and them and said while smiling.

Kuiyin Hou nodded and said. "That's right. All of those people are also participants. There are many people in the Floating Snow City who became participants in the groom search. Merely, a lot of them have already resigned themselves as being completely hopeless and left. All those that remained here are people who believe that they still have the hopes to becoming the groom or… those who hold a sense of luck in their heart."

"Humph, this groom search is something that's absolutely impartial. These people still retain the hope of luck, they are truly dreaming." Zhou Xian sneered.

The people at the same row as Qin Yu and them seemed to have heard their conversation. They frowned and looked over. However, all of these people were enduring their anger.

"Everyone possesses the right to pursue their dreams. Even if they were to fail, at the very least they have tried. Thus, they would also not regret." Duanmu Yu lightly smiled and said.

His words have caused those group of people's expressions to be slightly better.

Zhou Xian merely coldly humped.


"His Majesty Sage Emperor has arrive!' A loud and clear voice resounded through the entire palace hall. Immediately, Qin Yu and everyone else stood up. Qin Yu looked over to the entrance of the palace hall.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan and his wife Chunyu Rou walked over while holding hands. Beside them was Li'er who wore a gorgeous red dress.

"Li'er." Qin Yu's eyes shined.

After Jiang Li walked into the palace hall, she glanced to the surroundings. When her gaze landed on Qin Yu, Duanmu Yu, Zhou Xian, Shentu Fan and them, she stopped for a moment. She then followed her Imperial Father and walked up the platform.

Behind the Utmost North Sage Emperor, his wife and Jiang Li was Uncle Lan and a handsome youth.

"That youth was walking alongside Uncle Lan, he is most likely the third Godking of the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City… Heaven's Heart Godking, Jiang Xing." Qin Yu determined the identity of the person.

There were a total of thirteen little rectangular jade tables on the higher platform of the palace hall.

The Utmost Sage Emperor and his wife sat in the most center table. Li'er sat together with Uncle Lan. As for Jiang Xing, he sat on the other side. At this moment, only three tables were seated. There were still ten tables empty.

"Ten empty tables? Could it be…" Qin Yu was startled.

"It would seem that this time around, the other Seven Great Sage Emperors and the people from Mount Blood Demon, Dual Domain Island and the Asura Sea would also be here." Kuiyin Hou laughed in a low voice and said.

Qin Yu was confused.

Asura Sea, Dual Domain Island and Mount Blood Demon were powers that belonged to ascenders. They ought to be hostile against the Eight Great Sage Emperors. Yet, they're actually also showing up today?

"The Southwest Sage Emperor from the Jade Ripple Lake has arrived…" Another voice echoed throughout the palace hall.

Qin Yu and everyone else remained standing. A beautiful dame wearing a smile on her face walked into the palace hall as if she was floating in the air. Behind her were two youths, a male and a female.

This beautiful dame had a head full of ocean blue colored long hair. The blue colored long hair made the beautiful dame extremely attractive.

"The Southwest Sage Emperor is actually a female." Qin Yu slightly startled.

The Southwest Sage Emperor smiled and nodded to the Utmost North Sage Emperor. She then sat down on a table beside Jiang Lan. The two youngsters behind her also sat down cross-legged behind her.

"The Utmost South Sage Emperor from the Light Lens City has arrive…"

A scholarly middle aged man wearing a white emperor's gown walked into the palace hall. There were also two youngsters following behind him.

"The Utmost West Sage Emperor from Mount Blazing Flame has arrived…"

"The Northwest Sage Emperor from the Thunder Punishment City has arrived…"

One by one, Sage Emperors entered into the palace hall. It was as if they had already planned this. Qin Yu and the rest of the participants in the palace hall were all standing respectfully and waiting for them.

"The Utmost East Sage Emperor from Mount Dazzling Gold has arrived…”

After this voice, the Eight Great Sage Emperors had all gathered.

When the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu entered into the palace hall, he immediately saw Qin Yu and even slightly smiled to Qin Yu. Qin Yu could merely smile back at him.

Behind Huangfu Yu was his two daughters, Huangfu Jing and Huangfu Ling.

When the Eight Great Sage Emperors were all seated, everyone in the palace hall started to quietly discuss with one another.

"The Eight Great Sage Emperors have all been seated. However, there are still three tables empty. Truly never had I anticipated that the other three powers have also come this time." Zhou Xian gasped in a low voice.

Qin Yu also lightly nodded.

Duanmu Yu said softly. "Ever since Unfettered Exalted Celestial became the third Exalted Celestial, the ascenders powers have completely consolidated their strength. In these past six quadrillion years, regardless of how much our Eight Great Sacred Lands fought against Mount Blood Demon, Dual Domain Island and the Asura Sea, we would also not fight till the death against them. Although the lower ranks were fighting each other, the Godkings were still very friendly with each other."

After hearing that, Qin Yu also understood it.

Regardless of how bitter the fighting between those underneath were, the Godkings at the top were still extremely friendly with each other.

"Merely, I am truly looking forward to who the representative of the Asura Sea might be." A flash of dazzling light shined past Duanmu Yu's eyes.

"Representative of the Asura Sea?" Qin Yu was slightly confused. Why would Duanmu Yu be looking forward to who the representative of the Asura Sea might be?

The sky youngster Shentu Fan who had been silent the entire time also spoke.  "I am also looking forward to it. I truly hope that the Asura Godking will personally come."

"The Asura Godking, he is the publicly accepted number one Godking of the Divine Realm." Zhou Xian said in a low voice. His eyes were flickering with lightning.

Hearing Zhou Xian's words, Qin Yu was shocked.

The publicly accepted number one Godking?

Qin Yu had also heard before that the leader of the Asura Sea, Asura Godking, was extremely powerful. However, only now did he hear from Zhou Xian that the Asura Godking was the 'publicly accepted number one Godking.'

"Is the Asura Godking truly that powerful?" Qin Yu thought in his heart.

However, merely by looking at the expressions from Duanmu Yu, Shentu Fan, Zhou Xian and the rest, he already received his answer.

"Floating Mist Godking from the Dual Domain Island has arrived…"

Qin Yu's gaze was immediately shifted toward the entrance. The representative from one of the Three Great Ascenders Powers, the Dual Domain Island, has arrived.

Floating Mist Godking was an extremely beautiful long haired and white gowned woman. When the Floating Misty Godking walked in, there were two beautiful maids following behind her.

"Blood Demon King from Mount Blood Demon has arrived…"

Once this sentence landed, all the quiet discussions in the palace hall have stopped. Everyone looked to the entrance of the palace hall. Qin Yu was also startled.

Blood Demon King, he was a Godking that became famous through slaughter. His savageness was something that everyone in the Divine Realm knew about.

"Ah?" Qin Yu was amazed as he looked to the person who walked in from the palace hall entrance.

A pretty and flirtatious looking red gowned woman calmly walked into the palace hall. Behind the red gowned woman were two handsome and bright looking youngsters. The Blood Demon King's lips were scarlet red. She was emitting an extremely fiery amount of sex appeal. She cast her gaze at the people in the palace hall and then slightly smiled.

"The Blood Demon King is a woman?" Qin Yu was surprised.

"The Asura Godking should be arriving soon." Duanmu Yu said quietly.

Qin Yu also calmed his mood down. He continued to look to the entrance of the palace hall. Exactly how would the legendary publicly acknowledged number one Godking, the leader of the Asura Sea, Asura Godking look like?

"Asura Godking from the Asura Sea has arrived…"

The entire palace hall have immediately grew silent. Even all the Godkings sitting above on the platform also grew silent. Even the sound of breathing disappeared.

A scholarly youth wearing a moon-white gown walked in while smiling. If one were to talk about what's special about him, then it would be his tied up red hair.

"This is the Asura Godking?" Qin Yu was amazed.

After the scholarly youth with the moon-white gown walked in, two youngsters, a male and a female, also followed behind him. The two of them were both wearing a golden gown.

After the male youngster walked in, he cast his gaze to the surrounding. After it landed on Qin Yu, he grinned to Qin Yu.

"Fei Fei?"

Qin Yu was startled. He then burst into ecstasy.

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