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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 32 – Meeting

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Zhou Xian was carefully inspecting the mansion before him. He had no choice but to admit that this Floating Cloud Mansion was indeed better than his Soaring Cloud Mansion. Regardless of whether it was the size of the mansion or the appearance of the mansion, they were all a tier higher than his.

"Don't tell me that in my uncle's eyes, I am inferior to this Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Qin Yu?" Zhou Xian felt a bit of resentment in his heart. The residences of the various participants of the groom search were all arranged by the Imperial City.

Those with lower status, some of the people in charge within the Imperial City would be able to determine their residences.

As for Zhou Xian, Duanmu Yu, Qin Yu and other people of high status, they were all given mansion houses determined personally by the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan. Qin Yu's mansion was a bit better than Zhou Xian's mansion. From this, one could tell that the Utmost North Sage Emperor treated Qin Yu a bit better than Zhou Xian.

"Lord Zhou Xian, My Lord is at the guest room. Please follow me." A beautiful looking Heavenly Deity maid arranged by the Utmost North Sage Emperor to Qin Yu said to Zhou Xian.

Only then did Zhou Xian wake back up. He slightly nodded to the maid.

With two Heavenly Deity servants following behind him, Zhou Xian followed behind the maid. They proceeded toward the guest room of the Floating Cloud Mansion. When they reached the entrance door of the guest room.

"I'm sorry but those two servants will have to wait outside." An indifferent voice sounded.

Zhou Xian turned his head around to look. The person who spoke was Qiuzhong Fu who stood beside the entrance. Zhou Xian commanded. "The two of you stay out here. Do not come in." As he said that, he proceeded to enter into the guest room.

There were only two people in the guest room.

One person was a puppet. Zhou Xian immediately understood that the old man before him ought to be the legendary housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple, Uncle Fu. As for that Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Qin Yu…

Zhou Xian's gaze was cast toward that black gowned youngster who had his back facing him.

"Brother Qin Yu, right? I am Zhou Xian of the Thunder Punishment City!" Zhou Xian displayed a friendly smile on his face.

At this moment, the youngster who had his back facing Zhou Xian the entire time turned around. He had a profound smile on his face. He looked to Zhou Xian. "Brother Zhou Xian, I am very happy to see you!"

Zhou Xian's pupils suddenly shrunk. He started shaking.

Zhou Xian had only heard about the renowned Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Qin Yu. He too doesn't know at all how this Qin Yu looked. However, at the moment when he saw Qin Yu, he was astonished….

Back then, the ordinary immortal cultivator from the Mortal Realm who possessed a pretty decent relationship with Jiang Li was also called Qin Yu.

His appearance; it was exactly the same as the 'Qin Yu' before him!

There were numerous people in the Mortal Realm. It was not strange for there to be people with the same names. However, what about their appearance? No matter how much of a coincidence it was, it couldn't have been coincident enough for both the name and appearance to be the same.

"This Qin Yu, could he possibly be the same Qin Yu from the Mortal Realm?" This question came into Zhou Xian's mind.

However, Zhou Xian didn't dare to directly ask Qin Yu. After all, his relationship with that Qin Yu from the Mortal Realm was especially bad. Thus, his only option was to try to obtain the answers through innuendos.

"Brother Zhou Xian, you have come to my place, so why is it that you're remaining silent?" Qin Yu said with a smile on his face. He then waved and pointed to a chair to the side. "Brother Zhou Xian, let's sit down first. We can chat while we drink tea. What do you think?

Zhou Xian who was thinking about how to obtain Qin Yu's real identity had been woken up by Qin Yu's words. "Oh. Yes. Yes." The current Zhou Xian no longer possessed the free and unconstrained personality that he had before.

Qin Yu also didn't say much. He merely lightly smiled and then went to sit down.

Zhou Xian also sat down. At this moment, Zhou Xian had already calmed himself. He continued to display a friendly smile toward Qin Yu. "Brother Qin Yu, although I have been in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City, I still managed to hear your great name. The new grandmaster artifact craftsman, the new master of the Bewitching God Temple, you truly are extraordinary. I was even thinking about why Brother Qin Yu would be at the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold? If Brother Qin Yu had been at our Thunder Punishment City, then wouldn't that be great? If that was the case, then I would've been able to frequently drink and chat merrily with Brother Qin Yu."

"It's a pity indeed. However, I have already grew accustomed to Mount Dazzling Gold." Qin Yu said with a light smile.

Upon seeing Zhou Xian, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from recalling that scene from back then.

That domineering figure.

Those pitiful mortals that died in desperation through the shattered space. That little child who wanted to eat the sugar-coated hawthorn. That scene was something that Qin Yu could never forget.

In addition to that, Qin Yu was also unable to forget the domineering words left by Zhou Xian… "Qin Yu, the Heaven possesses the Heavenly Laws. You, a mere mortal, how could you possibly know anything about the Heavenly Laws? Killing others? Even if I killed all the people in this continent, the Heavens would still not punish me one bit. Haha… Qin Yu, remember this. I understand the Heavens better than you do!"

Although Qin Yu was recalling those memories, he still displayed a slight smile on his face.

"Brother Zhou Xian, what might be the reason for your coming to my place this time around?" Qin Yu looked to Zhou Xian.

The smiles on Zhou Xian's face started to bloom completely. "Haha, Brother Qin Yu, I have merely come in order to meet the legendary grandmaster artifact craftsman in order to satisfy my curiosity. Ah, Brother Qin Yu, speaking honestly, you look like a old friend of mine. His name is also called Qin Yu." As Zhou Xian said these words, his eyes were flickering with lightning.

"Old friend?" Qin Yu lifted his brows.

Was this Zhou Xian unable to bear it anymore?

"Zhou Xian, you also looked like an old friend of mine. His name is also Zhou Xian." Qin Yu also looked to Zhou Xian. They were looking face to face with one another.

Zhou Xian's expression changed.

At this moment, he had determined that the Qin Yu before him was the same Qin Yu as the Qin Yu from the Mortal Realm.

"Haha. What a coincidence. Merely, I think that old friend of mine, his cultivation strength definitely wouldn't be able to match Brother Qin Yu's. There was no need to mention about him being able to reach the grandmaster level in the artifact craftsmanship." Zhou Xian laughed and said.

Although Zhou Xian had determined that the Qin Yu before him was the same Qin Yu as the Qin Yu from the Mortal Realm.

Merely, Zhou Xian didn't wish to become hostile right away. Thus, he could only act like he didn't know Qin Yu.

"Ah. But that old friend of mine called Zhou Xian, his strength was extremely valiant. He had even told me that he understood the Heavens better than me." Qin Yu said while beaming with smiles.


Absolute provocation.

The smile on Zhou Xian's face had became a bit stiff. He then resumed his smile and said. "Oh? Is that really the case? Brother Qin Yu is also a High Level Heavenly Deity. Furthermore, brother Qin Yu is extremely astonishing in the artifact craftsmanship path. There are very few people that understand the Heavens better than you." Against Qin Yu's provocation, Zhou Xian instead gave Qin Yu some flattery.

"Ah." Zhou Xian suddenly stood up. He then said to Qin Yu helplessly. "Brother Qin Yu, I am truly sorry. I actually have forgotten that I still have an important matter. I shall be taking my leave first. If I have time in the future, I would definitely come and pay Brother Qin Yu a visit again."

Qin Yu also stood up. "Brother Zhou Xian, godspeed. Please forgive me for not sending you off."

Zhou Xian bowed a refined and courteous bow while smiling. He then turned around and started walking toward the entrance. However, at the moment when Zhou Xian reached the entrance, he suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked to Qin Yu. While smiling, he asked. "Brother Qin Yu, you've come this time around for my cousin?"

"That's right. Brother Zhou Xian ought to know of my determination." Qin Yu's gaze was cast directly on Zhou Xian.

"My own determination is also no weaker than Brother Qin Yu's. In that case, we'll have to see what each other can do during the time of the groom search. Farewell." Zhou Xian smiled as he walked out of the guest hall. Bringing his two Heavenly Deity servants, he left.

Qin Yu watched Zhou Xian and his servants leaving. The smile on his face completely disappeared. What replaced it was merely a cold and quiet expression.

"Master?" Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly frowned. "Back then, when I encountered this Zhou Xian in the Mortal Realm, I had thought of him as extremely domineering and arrogant. However, it would appear now that this Zhou Xian is not someone that easy to handle."

Soaring Cloud Mansion.


An extremely cold voice sounded from the main hall. Several Heavenly Deity servants promptly left in fear. At this moment, only Zhou Xian was in the main hall.

The current Zhou Xian no longer possessed the refined and courteous appearance from when he was in Qin Yu's place. His face had turned malevolent. The pupils of his eyes were violently flickering like lighting.

"Qin Yu, it has been less than twenty thousand years. Never would I expect for that little ant to be capable of reaching his current level." Zhou Xian had both of his hands on the table. The veins in his hands were completely bulging. His ten fingers were like ancient tree roots as they firmly gripped onto the table top.

"I truly regret not directly killing you back then, Qin Yu!"

Zhou Xian snorted twice.


Under the fingers that became even more forceful, the table constructed from Divine Realm's ancient wood was instantly turned into fine powder.

Zhou Xian was in deep regret. Back then, in his eyes, Qin Yu who had yet to even reach the Heavenly Immortal level was practically an ant. He was so weak that he was inferior to even the ants of the Divine Realm.

However, Zhou Xian truly never had expected that….

In a short period of less than twenty thousand years.

Twenty thousand years, it was an extremely short period of time to the experts of the Divine Realm. In this short period of time, the nobody from the Mortal Realm that he had trampled upon had actually became a big shot within the Divine Realm.

The Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master. The new grandmaster artifact craftsman.

In terms of status, Qin Yu was definitely not inferior to him, the prince of the Thunder Punishment City.

In terms of the level of welcome he received, a grandmaster artifact craftsman was definitely welcomed by all the major powers. Regardless of which major power it was, they would all not become hostile against a grandmaster artifact craftsman.

"It's not even twenty thousand years!" Zhou Xian felt immense regret.

In merely the blink of an eye, a nobody from the Mortal Realm had became a revered grandmaster artifact craftsman!

"This Qin Yu, he will definitely be using his all to contest for my cousin against me. However, my cousin will definitely be mine in the end. Regardless of who it is, they can forget about snatching her away from me."

Zhou Xian's eyes began to narrow. The lightning flickering in his eyes became even stronger.

"Godking, I have waited so long for it…"

Jiang Li, to many people, she was the opportunity for one to reach the Godking level.

The following days, Qin Yu spent his days extremely comfortably. Numerous people from the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City had built a friendly relationship with Qin Yu.

Under the shine of the Light of Daytime, Qin Yu was lying on a chair in the garden and enjoying the warmth from the Light of Daytime.

"The status of a grandmaster artifact craftsman is truly useful. Had I not been a grandmaster artifact craftsman, then although the identity of Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master might be useful in Mount Dazzling Gold, who would actually care about that in Floating Snow City?"

Qin Yu picked up an exquisite and transparent wine cup from the small table beside his chair. He raised his head and drank a cup of wine.

"However, with the identity of the grandmaster artifact craftsman, I am not required to go and search for those people myself. Instead, they would come and try to befriend me themselves. Strength, it truly is the source of everything." Qin Yu became felt even more strongly about the importance of strength.

Grandmaster artifact craftsman, that too was an aspect of strength.

At this moment, a beautiful Heavenly Deity maid walked over to Qin Yu. She respectfully said. "My Lord, Princess Jiang Yan is requesting attendance."

"Princess Jiang Yan?" Qin Yu was startled.

"Quick, quickly let her in. Just briing her directly over here." Said Qin Yu directly. He didn't like to receive actual friends in the extremely formal guest room because it would be too uncomfortable.

"Yes, My Lord."

That beautiful Heavenly Deity maid immediately sent the order. After merely a moment, Qin Yu saw two familiar figures. At this moment, Jiang Yan walked over with Granny Yin Hua.

Qin Yu's current eyesight was much better.

He was able to instantly tell Granny Yin Hua's strength – High Level Heavenly Deity!

"It seemed that Jiang Yan had been training hard after returning to the Divine Realm. She actually reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

At the same time, Qin Yu stood up and said while smiling. "Little Sister Yan'er, long time no see."

Jiang Yan was as adorable as during the time back in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Jiang Yan took a glance at Qin Yu, her nose slightly wrinkled, she humped lovably and then said. "Big Brother Qin Yu you have come to the Divine Realm for so long but didn't even come to visit me once. Truly…"

"Didn't I come now?" Qin Yu said while smiling.

Jiang Yan immediately started laughing. "Haha, I'm just joking with you. But, Big Brother Qin Yu, you are truly amazing. When I heard about your renowned name, I didn't even dare to imagine that you were the same Qin Yu from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Only when I saw you just now did I manage to be completely certain!"

Jiang Yan pulled her hand back and started counting with her fingers. "The new master of the Bewitching God Temple, grandmaster artifact craftsman, and earlier, granny had told me that you've already reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level. Eh… This, is truly too shocking." Jiang Yan displayed an expression of 'being shocked immensely.'

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

Every single time Qin Yu met Li'er's younger sister Jiang Yan, he would always been in a good mood. This Jiang Yan was truly an adorable girl.

"Palace Master Qin Yu." Granny Yin Hua smiled as she slightly bowed.

"Granny, long time no see." Qin Yu also bowed and said. After chatting with Li'er for so long, Qin Yu knew that Granny Yin Hua was the person who took care of Li'er and her sister. Granny Yin Hua loved the two of them extremely dearly.

"It cannot be considered as being a long time. Merely, Palace Master Qin Yu, your progress, even if this old woman were to see it with her own eyes, she would still find it very unbelievable." Granny Yin Hua gasped in admiration.

Although Granny Yin Hua was a High Level Heavenly Deity, in terms of status in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City, she was inferior to the Palace Masters.

And what about Qin Yu?

Not only was he the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace, he was also the new grandmaster artifact craftsman. Merely in terms of status, Qin Yu was much higher than Granny Yin Hua.

A mere nobody from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was now someone with a status higher than even her. Granny Yin Hua had no choice but to gasp in admiration on how great the change of reality was.

"Master." Uncle Fu suddenly walked over from afar.

"Uncle Fu, is there something?" Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Uncle Fu. Uncle Fu was holding a dark golden colored scroll. "Earlier, the Utmost North Sage Emperor ordered his people to send over the invitation letter. It was the invitation letter regarding the participation of the groom search."

"He had already sent out the invitation letters? Could it be that the groom search is about to begin?" Jiang Yan said in shock.

A ray of light shined through Qin Yu's eyes.

"Has it finally started?" Qin Yu mumbled in his heart.

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