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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 31 – Entering the Floating Snow City

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Right after Qin Yu, Uncle Fu and Qiuzhong Fu walked out of the Conveying Array, they felt burst of chilling sensation on their faces.

When they raised their heads to look, all they saw was a great amount of snow that covered everything. Qiuzhong Fu who stood behind Qin Yu said. "The area surrounding the Floating Snow City snows year round. It is extremely fantastic."

Qin Yu slightly nodded. His gaze was locked onto that enormous floating city in the sky.

The snowflakes were fluttering about. However, that enormous city was still extremely glamorous. That completely black colored city walls as well as that enormous size of the city gave off an extremely oppressive sensation.

"Floating Snow City, this is the Floating Snow City." Qin Yu looked to the Floating Snow City and said in a low voice.

This was the first time that Qin Yu saw the Floating Snow City. Uncle Fu said. "Master, let's fly over to the entrance of the Floating Snow City first."

"Good, let's go." Qin Yu directly spread out his Spatial Domain and brought Uncle Fu flying with him. Qiuzhong Fu followed behind them. Soon, Qin Yu arrived at the gate of the Floating Snow City.

There was a hundred meter circumference platform outside of the gate. Qin Yu and them landed on this platform.

"Who are you all? This is the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. Unless you have duties here, you are not allowed to enter." That high spirited voice sounded from the city gates.

What an attitude.

Qin Yu smiled as he looked to the city gates. There are two Heavenly Deity guards at the city gates and numerous other standing on the city walls.

Qiuzhong Fu immediately stepped forward and said in a cold voice. "My Lord is the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master. You, quickly go and report that."

Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master?

Those two Heavenly Deities glanced at each other. A Palace Master from Mount Dazzling Gold possessed even more revered a status than ordinary High Level Heavenly Deities. The attitude of these two Heavenly Deities immediately changed. They smiled to Qiuzhong Fu. "Please wait a moment, I will promptly go and report that."

Without an invitation letter, regardless of how powerful one was, one would still have to await for the city guards to report back.

In merely a couple breaths worth of time, a person flew down from the city wall with a lightning-like speed. It was a handsome youth wearing a silver battle armor. This handsome youth managed to determine with a single glance that Qin Yu was the leader of the three.

"This one is a mid squadron captain of the city guards. Zhou Jianfei pays his respects to Palace Master Qin Yu." That handsome youth smiled humbly to Qin Yu and said.

"You know me?' Qin Yu was a bit surprised. He remembered that he had not announced his name yet.

That Zhou Jianfei slightly smiled and said. "Anyone in the Divine Realm that is slightly more informed knows of Palace Master Qin Yu's great name and that Palace Master Qin Yu is the new grandmaster artifact craftsman. In terms of strength, Palace Master Qin Yu is even a tier above Grandmaster Ou Yezi."

Upon hearing what this Zhou Jianfei said, Qin Yu managed to make a lot of connections in his heart.

Only how long had it been since he crafted the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts? Never had he expected that even a mid squadron captain from the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City knew of him. It would appear that this matter had spread extremely fast and wide.

"Palace Master Qin Yu, is the reason for your coming in this time around in regards to princess's groom search?" Said that Zhou Jianfei with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu looked to Zhou Jianfei with a shocked expression.

"Palace Master Qin Yu need not be shocked. In these years, of the outstanding talents that have come to our Floating Snow City, the vast majority of them have come for our princess." Zhou Jianfei continued.

Qin Yu lightly nodded his head. He directly said. "That's right. I have come precisely to participate in that groom search."

Zhou Jianfei displayed a cheerful expression. He said. "Palace Master Qin Yu's status is very high. Furthermore, you are also the new grandmaster artifact craftsman. In the entire Divine Realm, there are not many outstanding talents that can match up against Palace Master Qin Yu. This matter of groom search, I believe Palace Master Qin Yu is extremely hopeful. Ah, let me dispatch someone to relay this matter to the Imperial City first."

Zhou Jianfei immediately waved his hand and summoned a person.

"My lord." That Heavenly Deity soldier bowed as he waited for the order.

"The grandmaster artifact craftsman from the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, Palace Master Qin Yu, has come precisely to participate in the princess's groom search. You are to promptly report this matter to the Imperial City." Zhou Jianfei shouted.

"Yes, my lord." That Heavenly Deity soldier, upon hearing the words 'Palace Master' and 'grandmaster artifact craftsman,' immediately started feeling a burst of quiver. He took a peek at Qin Yu and then proceeded to rapidly rush toward the Imperial City.

Had it been an ordinary person coming to participate in the groom search, then Zhou Jianfei would've just casually arrange a residence for them. It was impossible for them to be announced to the Imperial City. Only for the true bigshots, the news of their arrival would immediately be reported back to the Imperial City and the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

"Palace Master Qin Yu, please follow me to the guard's mansion to rest first. In a short moment, His Majesty Sage Emperor will definitely prepare arrangements for Palace Master Qin Yu." That Zhou Fei said polite and modestly to Qin Yu.

"In that case, I will trouble Brother Zhou." Qin Yu lightly smiled to Zhou Jianfei.

Qin Yu had a very good impression of this Zhou Jianfei.

The news of Qin Yu's arrival at the Floating Snow City was passed through numerous people. In the end, it was the Utmost North Sage Emperor's attendant that personally hurried to the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan's resting place to report this matter to him.

Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace. At the shore of a pond at the eastern region of the palace.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan was currently leisurely fishing. A beautiful woman wearing a light blue gauze dress walked over to Jiang Fan rapidly. Without turning his head back, Jiang Fan said. "Yu Shang, what's the matter?"

"Your Majesty, earlier, a news was sent from the city gates. It said that the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master, that is, the new grandmaster artifact craftsman, Qin Yu, has arrived at our city." Yu Shang said respectfully.

Jiang Fan immediately stood up. He turned around and looked to Yu Shang. He had a cheerful expression in his eyes. "Are you talking about that Qin Yu whose artifact craftsmanship was a tier higher than even Ou Yezi?"

"That is correct, Your Majesty." Yu Shang said respectfully.

"Quickly, you are to personally bring people to receive him. As for where to arrange him, mn, arrange him to live in the Floating Cloud Mansion! That's right, Floating Cloud Mansion!" Jiang Fan promptly said.

The Floating Cloud Mansion was a relatively well known mansion in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. The Floating Snow City was also a place without grandmaster artifact craftsman. Sometimes, Jiang Fan would also be vexed because of the matter of Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

To befriend a grandmaster artifact craftsman, that was an extremely important matter.

"Your Majesty, the news sent from the city gates said that Qin Yu had come this time in order to participate in princess's groom search!" Yu Shang added.

Jiang Fan was slightly startled.

"Groom search?" At this moment, Jiang Lan didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

He was both happy and distressed. He was happy that even Qin Yu, a grandmaster artifact craftsman, have come to participate in the groom search. He was distressed because… he has still yet to determine the date for the groom search.

"Oh second brother, you're always so protective of Li'er. How do you want me to face the people of the world?" Jiang Fan also have no way to deal with Jiang Lan. For the matter of the groom search, Jiang Lan had already said that he would even fight his brother with his life on the life. What then could Jiang Fan possibly do?

His second brother's strength was definitely not inferior to him.

Furthermore, even if the groom search was to be cancelled, he still could not fight a battle of life and death against his brother.

However, Qin Yu, the new grandmaster artifact craftsman who was hopeful of becoming the New Craftsman God, coming to participate in the groom search had still brought Jiang Fan immense happiness.

"Yu Shang, you are to prepare the matter of Qin Yu's residence at the Floating Cloud Mansion. Remember, if that Qin Yu has any request, make sure to satisfy them to the best of your ability." Jiang Fan entrusted the task to Yu Shang.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Yu Shang said respectfully.

"Good, you can go." Jiang Fan waved his hand to dismiss Yu Shang. However, at this moment, he started frowning. He was thinking. "Now that even this suddenly emerged Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Qin Yu has come, it would appear that the process of the groom search will be a bit more complicated."

Jiang Fan had a slight smile on his face.

"Trying to obtain my daughter, how could it possibly be okay if each and every one of them doesn't demonstrate their sincerity?" Jiang Fan became even more clear about the plan for the groom search.

"That future father-in-law of mine is truly cordial in his treatment toward me." Qin Yu looked at the elegant mansion before him. Having walked the Floating Snow City, this Floating Cloud Mansion before him was definitely one of the top ten mansions in the Floating Snow City.

He then looked to the team of maids beside him.

"Palace Master Qin Yu, these maids were all arranged by His Majesty. They would be attend to Palace Master Qin Yu's everyday needs. If Palace Master Qin Yu has any requests, please feel free to instruct them. They will transmit the information back into the Imperial City. We would definitely do our best to satisfy your requests." Said Yu Shang while smiling.

Qin Yu slightly bowed. "Thank you Utmost North Sage Emperor and thank you young lady Wu Shang."

"In that case, Palace Master Qin Yu, I shall take my leave."

After seeing Wu Shang leave, Qin Yu said to Qiuzhong Fu. "Qiuzhong, set up the arrangements for these maids. I have some matter to chat with Uncle Fu about."

"Yes, master." Qiuzhong Fu directly proceeded to walk toward those maids.

As for Qin Yu, he entered into the Floating Cloud Mansion with Uncle Fu. After walking for some time, Qin Yu picked a garden in the mansion. Within that garden was a pavilion building.

After entering into the garden.

"Uncle Fu, we have arrived at the Floating Snow City. What do you think I should do now?" Qin Yu asked for Uncle Fu's suggestion.

Uncle Fu smiled an honest and considerate smile. "Master, there is not much use for you to ask me about this matter. The person who you should truly be asking is Lord Jiang Lan."

"Uncle Lan?" Qin Yu was slightly startled. He then smiled as if he had suddenly understood something.

That's right.

Uncle Lan was definitely going to be the one who was most familiar with all the various powers and their relations in the Floating Snow City. Asking Uncle Lan, Uncle Lan would definitely give the most suited suggestion.

"Little Yu."

A familiar voice sounded from nearby. Qin Yu turned his head around to look. He was pleasantly surprised. "Uncle Lan?"

The person who have arrived was precisely Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan wore a dark golden colored gown. He was walking over while smiling. "I had originally thought that it would still take some time for you to come over. I had planned to have the Utmost North Sage Emperor officially start the groom search in ten years. Never had I anticipated that you would've come already."

"Thank you Uncle Lan. I had been thinking about this matter the entire time. Thus, I naturally would want to come as soon as possible." Qin Yu answered.

"In that case, you should quickly send Li'er out. To officially start the groom search, we cannot be lacking Li'er." Jiang Lan scolded Qin Yu while smiling. Qin Yu suddenly came to realize that and immediately have an intention to send Li'er out.

Jiang Li appeared out of thin air beside Qin Yu.

"Big brother Qin Yu." Pleasantly surprised, Li'er said.

The first person Li'er saw was Qin Yu. After that, she saw Uncle Lan. She promptly said to Uncle Lan. "Uncle Lan, you've come?"

"Of course I have to come. When I go to tell your Imperial Father that the groom search could begin, you obviously have to come with me. With you telling him about it yourself, then it will be right and proper." Said Jiang Lan with a light smile.

Li'er slightly nodded.

"Little Yu, then I'll be leaving with Li'er." Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu.

"Please wait a moment." Qin Yu promptly said.

"Little Yu, is there something else?" Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu with confusion. Qin Yu immediately said the matter in his heart. "Uncle Lan, is there anything that I should do after having arrived here? I should at least make good connections with some of the people of the Floating Snow City, right?"

The current Qin Yu knew nothing about the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City.

Jiang Lan immediately started smiling.

"Little Yu, you are overthinking. All you need to do is to remain in the Floating Snow City." Said Uncle Lan with a smile.

"Remain in the Floating Snow City?" Qin Yu was unable to understand it.

Jiang Lan nodded and said with certainty. "That's right, you merely need to remain in the Floating Cloud Mansion. There Is no need for you to go out at all. Just wait… the news of your arrival in the Floating Snow City would soon spread through the entire Floating Snow City. At that time, there are certainly going to be a lot of people coming to pay you a visit. The amount of people that wanted to befriend a grandmaster artifact craftsman is extremely numerous."

"Ha, right…" Qin Yu started laughing.

The person on the spot is baffled whereas the onlooker sees things clearly! As the matter concerned the marriage between Qin Yu and Li'er, Qin Yu's had become unable to think calmly. He had actually forgotten that he was a grandmaster artifact craftsman.

To the experts of the Divine Realm, Heavenly Divine Artifacts were extremely important.

Even if a High Level Heavenly Deity possessed a good Heavenly Divine Artifact, he would still inevitably have friends or relatives. For the friends and relatives, he would still have to become intimate with Qin Yu.

"You merely need to receive those people well." Jiang Lan said while smiling. "Well then, since you've already arrived at the Floating Snow City, in a couple days, I will go see the Utmost North Sage Emperor with Li'er and inform him to prepare the public groom search."

"Okay. I've prepared everything already." Qin Yu nodded and said with certainty.

After that, Qin Yu watched Jiang Lan and Li'er leaving.

The following days was exactly how Uncle Lan had predicted. As Qin Yu, a grandmaster artifact craftsman, had arrived to the Floating Snow City, it had led to many people coming to pay a visit to the Floating Cloud Mansion. The amount of people QIn Yu came to know became more and more numerous.

Of the people that arrived, as long as they had the slightest amount of status and position in the Floating Snow City, Qin Yu would treat them welcomely.

Inside the guest room of the Floating Cloud Mansion.

"Master, the prince of the Thunder Punishment City, Zhou Xian, is outside and seeking for your appearance." Said Uncle Fu to Qin Yu respectfully. This had caused Qin Yu to be slightly startled.

"What did you say? Who was the person outside?" Qin Yu asked.

"The prince of the Thunder Punishment City, Zhou Xian!" Uncle Fu said it again.

Qin Yu involuntarily began to remember the scene from back then. Back then, Zhou Xian destroyed the space with a single wave of his hand. That city from the Mortal Realm was completely destroyed. Even that cute little child that was eating a sugar-coated hawthorn had lost his life.

"I understand the Heavens more than you!" The words left from Zhou Xian to Qin Yu was something that Qin Yu still remembered.

Qin Yu still remembered clearly the expression in the eyes of that cute little child before he died.

"Zhou Xian, was it?" Qin Yu's eyes slightly narrowed. The corner of his mouth then started to rise slightly. "Uncle Fu, you can let that Zhou Xian in. I will properly receive this prince from the Thunder Punishment City."

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