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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 19 – Finally Seeing Each Other

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Jiang Lan looked at Qin Yu. Qin Yu currently looked like he was deep in thought.


Qin Yu continued to be silent. However, he was thinking about all sorts of things in his mind.

"Eight Great Divine Families, what they strive for is superiority over others. To the Eight Great Divine Families, as long as one does not reach the Godking stage, one will not have much influence. Although my formation array space is powerful, the Godkings of the Eight Great Divine Families likely won't think that it is anything amazing." Qin Yu was extremely clear about this in his heart.

He currently did not possess much of a trump card in his hand.

Those four competitors.

Kuo Yinhou, first Palace Master of the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City's Kuihou's Palace. He has attained great contributions for the Floating Snow City, possesses numerous connections and also has a good relationship with the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

Shutu Fan, prince of the Utmost Western Region's Mount Blazing Flame. Without even mentioning how powerful he was, what was most important, was that the Utmost Western Region was the sole aid of the Jiang Clan within the Eight Great Divine Families. They were in the same faction as the Jiang Clan.

Duanmu Yu, a nearly perfect person. He also brought with him a betrothal gift that no one could easily refuse.

Zhou Xian, standing behind him was the Thunder Punishment City and the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial.

"Each and every one of those competitors possess things they can rely on. However, what about my reliance?" Qin Yu frowned. "Strength, sufficient strength!"

The ability to craft artifacts was also a source of strength.

"Once I become a 'Craftsman God,' I should be able to have the qualifications to compete with them." Qin Yu thought in his heart. Actually, Qin Yu always had enough confidence in himself.

That was because… of the 'Stellar Transformation.'

'Stellar Transformation,' the first seven stages could all only be considered as novelty and nothing exceptional.

However, the 'Black Hole Stage' that Qin Yu created managed to connect to the 'flour paste space.' After that, he created the 'Universal World,' an actual separate world. And now… he had created an entire cosmos.

Qin Yu possessed a cosmos.

This sort of accomplishment, oh how exceptional it was.

Merely, this accomplishment of his was too great. It was so great that Qin Yu didn't even dare to tell others about it. Perhaps, he would only stop keeping it a secret when he managed to one day attain strength stronger than even Exalted Celestials.

"Regardless of how the situation will turn out, I will still not allow anyone to break apart Li'er and I. Even if Godkings and Exalted Celestials were to get involved with our love, if worst comes to worst, I'll just bring Li'er and hide in my cosmos with her. After my cosmos develops to a state of perfection, my strength will have increased to its limit. It would not be too late for me to return to the Divine Realm and handle those people who obstructed our love." Qin Yu thought in his mind.

Qin Yu did not fear others coming into his own cosmos.

First of all, Qin Yu's cosmos was an independent cosmos from the cosmos which the Divine Realm, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and numerous other cosmic spaces existed in. He reckoned that even an Exalted Celestial trying to pass through to a different cosmos, would have an extremely hard time.

After all, Qin Yu's cosmos possessed a distinctive set of spatial laws and temporal laws.

"Even if the Exalted Celestials were capable of entering my cosmos, what could they possibly be able to do to me?" Qin Yu was extremely confident.

While the Exalted Celestials were individuals that had managed to comprehend the entirety of the spatial laws and the temporal laws, the spatial laws and temporal laws that they comprehended were merely the ones distinctive to the cosmos which the Divine Realm was in. Once the Three Great Exalted Celestials entered Qin Yu's cosmos, they would become unable to use any attack at all. Thus, they could only let Qin Yu trample upon them.

"Unfortunately, my cosmos is still in its developmental stage. The amount of spatial energy that it can dispatch to the Divine Realm cannot be considered much. Its ability to bind others is too weak." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

Qin Yu's current New Cosmos' Spatial Energy was only capable of binding Mid Level Heavenly Deities and hinder High Level Heavenly Deities for a moment.

As for Godkings and Exalted Celestials.

As long as they were in the cosmos which the Divine Realm was in, it would be impossible for Qin Yu to forcefully absorb them into his own cosmos. Unless, these Godkings and the Three Great Exalted Celestials willingly decided to go to his cosmos.

However, would they be this dumb?

"Little Yu, what are you thinking about?" Jiang Lan asked.

Qin Yu woke back to reality. He smiled to Uncle Lan and said. "I am thinking about how to compete for Li'er against those four competitors. These four competitors are indeed a huge threat."

Jiang Lan also nodded his head slightly.

Qin Yu suddenly started hesitating. This had caused Jiang Lan to be confused. After some time, Qin Yu said. "Uncle Lan, didn't you say that once I opened the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm, you'd set up for me to meet with Li'er?"

"Haha, so that's what you were thinking." Jiang Lan immediately started laughing out loud.

Qin Yu's face had grown a bit red.

Although his true amount of cultivation time was already several hundred thousand of years, in the aspect of love and relationships, Qin Yu was indeed still a little chick. After striving so hard for so many years in order to see Li'er, now that Uncle Lan was before him, Qin Yu felt a bit hard to ask for Uncle Lan's help.

"Well then, let's not make fun of you anymore. The reason I came here this time was also to bring you to Floating Snow City to see Li'er. You don't know this but whenever Li'er sees me, she'll ask me… 'Uncle Lan, how is big brother Qin Yu doing?'"

Hearing what Jiang Lan said, Qin Yu heart was instantly filled with happiness.

What Qin Yu feared the most was that Li'er might've ended up falling in love with someone else as the two of them had not been together for such a long time. Although Qin Yu had never mentioned this thought of his, it still remained deep in his heart and he had been worrying about it the entire time.

After all, they had been separated for too long.

Qin Yu didn't even dare to imagine what he would do if Li'er were to truly be together with someone else.

"Perhaps, I too would become like that Duanmu Yu and stop believing in love." Qin Yu sighed in his heart. "Fortunately, Li'er did not disappoint me."

Qin Yu's affection for Li'er grew a layer deeper.

"Uncle Lan, let's go." Qin Yu took a huge breath and then said to Uncle Lan.

Uncle Lan smiled and nodded. He then grabbed Qin Yu's hand. Just like this, the two of them disappeared from the Misty Mystic Palace. Jiang Lan, as someone who had already completely comprehended the spatial laws, it was extremely easy for him to bring a person with him and teleport.

Qin Yu felt that the scene before him had begun to change and turned into the shore of a pond. At this moment, Jiang Lan was also standing beside Qin Yu.

Right when Qin Yu was about to ask Uncle Lan about where this was, he heard a voice…

"A'lian, Liu Xiang, the two of you, stop joking around." The voice that he had heard in his dreams for thousands and tens of thousands of times had once again been heard by Qin Yu.

Hearing that voice, Qin Yu's tough and durable heart instantly melted.

"Princess, you don't have to be shy. I heard it clearly earlier. You muttered about some Qin Yu. I definitely didn't mishear."

"I also heard that. Princess, you should just admit it. Princess, Princess, what's wrong?"

At this moment, Qin Yu seemed to have entered a crazed state. Step by step, he walked toward the entrance of the courtyard. The Meteoric Tear in his soul was trembling unceasingly.

"Never have I ever been able to sense so clearly that you are right ahead of me." Qin Yu mumbled in a low voice.

At the other side of the courtyard's entrance.

Li'er who wore a white dress was also walking toward the courtyard's entrance. That single teardrop in her soul was also trembling. That sensation was so clear, so soul penetrating!

After returning to the Divine Realm, she had never managed to sense Qin Yu's existence so truly like this.

One step, two steps…

At a certain moment…

Qin Yu and Li'er's gazes both shot through the courtyard. They saw each other. At this moment, uncontrollably, both of their eyes started becoming moist.

Qin Yu opened his mouth. He seemed to want to say something. However, the words that he had kept in his heart for several hundred thousand of words, at this very moment, he was unable to say even a single word out.

Li'er was the same. She moved her lips but didn't end up saying a single word.

The two of them were merely looking at each other.

At this moment…

In their eyes, only the other person remained in the entire world.

At this moment…

The two of them were staring at each other. They were staring at one another without saying a single word.

Unconsciously, Qin Yu and Li'er walked to each other. The urge that seemed to have originated from the soul; just like that, the two of them started embracing each other.

They were hugging each other with a great deal of strength. It was as if they were trying to completely wrap the other person into their bosom to become one with them.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Lan started smiling a joyous smile. Merely, within his eyes, traces of tears were flickering. The two maids, A'lian and Liu Xiang covered their mouths with their hands in shock.

Jiang Lan immediately had the two maids withdraw from here. Quietly, Jiang Lan also left. At the same time, he ordered to not allow anyone to come in and disturb Qin Yu and Li'er.

This period of time belonged to Qin Yu and Li'er.

Qin Yu tightly hugged Li'er. Time and time again, he tried to embrace Li'er into his bosom even more tightly as if he was afraid that Li'er would once again leave him.

After a long period of time, or perhaps it was merely a moment.

Qin Yu and Li'er started to gradually loosen their embrace. Qin Yu lowered his head and looked to Li'er who remained in his bosom. Li'er raised her head and looked to Qin Yu.

Their eyes met.

Qin Yu suddenly slowly lowered his head and kissed the teardrops in the corner of Li'er's eye. However, this caused the number of tears in Li'er's eyes to increase. Li'er's face was filled with smiles of happiness. However, tears were flowing down her face.

Li'er suddenly tip toed and then kissed Qin Yu's lips. Qin Yu was startled. He then also started kissing Li'er. Their lips and tongues intertwined.

After a long long time.

Their lips finally separated.

"Li'er." Qin Yu finally spoke.

"Big brother Qin Yu." On the corners of Li'er's eyes was a small flickering tear. "I had originally thought that I would have to wait tens of millions of years or even billions of years. Never had I expected that big brother Qin Yu, you would…" Li'er's face was filled with happiness.

Qin Yu looked at Li'er.

For some unknown reason, at this very moment, Qin Yu felt that after possessing Li'er, it was the same as possessing the entire world. However, if he lost Li'er, then his entire world would be filled with darkness.

"For you, I am able to give everything. Because if I were to lose you, then I'd also lose everything!" Qin Yu once again started hugging Li'er tightly.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 20 – Choice

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu was nestled against the Ancient Ironwood Tree. As for Li'er, she was laying on Qin Yu's bosom. The two of them had thousands of words to tell each other. Like that, they continued to talk about everything that had happened to the two of them in these years.

Qin Yu's stories were very long and complicated.

Although Li'er did not experience many things after returning to the Divine Realm, she began telling various stories of her childhood.

The two of them chatted for ten entire days. Only then, did they manage to slightly be content.

Qin Yu, when facing Li'er, did not hide anything from her. This included the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique, the Universal World that he had created and the Cosmos that it had then evolved into. Qin Yu had told Li'er about all of that.

Because of this, Li'er started revering and loving Qin Yu even more.

"Ah, it's been ten days." Li'er suddenly cried in shock.

The current Li'er, compared to the Li'er during the time of the Mortal Realm, was a bit less serious and a bit more playful. After all, during the time of the Mortal Realm, she was way stronger than Qin Yu. The two of them were practically not at the same level at all. With such an enormous gap between their strength, it had made it hard for Li'er to act coquettishly in front of Qin Yu.

However, at this moment, Li'er had become free and unconstrained.

"Ten days." Qin Yu was slightly surprised. Although when undergoing seclusion training, time passes by very quickly, Qin Yu hadn't at all realised that they had already chatted for ten days straight.

Uncle Lan is definitely angry now." Li'er's long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled. "We ignored Uncle Lan for ten days straight, isn't this a bit too…"

Qin Yu pulled Li'er. He smiled and said. "Rest assured, Uncle Lan understands us very well"

Li'er grew silent for a moment. She then nodded slightly. "Well then, then in another two, eh, four hours, we'll go and find Uncle Lan." As she said she, Li'er once again placed her head on Qin Yu's chest.

With pampering strokes, Qin Yu stroked Li'er's beautiful hair.

After four hours, Qin Yu and Li'er walked out of the courtyard. At the moment when Qin Yu and Li'er walked out from the courtyard, Jiang Lan also appeared beside the pond.

"The two of you finally remembered this old man." Said Jiang Lan giddily.

Ever since the death of Zuo Qiumei, Jiang Lan only had Qin Yu and Li'er in his heart. Qin Yu and Li'er's happiness also brought Jiang Lan a very happy sensation.

Qin Yu and Li'er glanced at each other.

"Well then, let's go and sit over there first." Jiang Lan pointed to a stone table underneath a willow tree beside the pond. That circular shaped stone table just happened to have three stone benches around it.

Qin Yu, Li'er and Jiang Lan all sat down.

"Although talking about this matter right now brings the atmosphere down, I must still ask the two of you… The matter regarding the groom search, exactly how do you two plan to solve it?" Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu and Li'er.

Qin Yu and Li'er's expressions immediately grew serious.

"There are two methods. The first one, the two of you elope. The second one, Qin Yu participates in the groom search and defeats all the other competitors to openly marry Li'er. Which one do the two of you plan to choose?" Jiang Lan promptly asked.

Li'er bit down on her lip.

Having chatted with Li'er for ten straight days, Qin Yu knew about most of Li'er's childhood. At this moment, Qin Yu knew very well what Li'er was thinking.

Li'er loves her mother very much.

She also loves her blood sister Jiang Yan and Granny Yin Hua who had watched her growing up. She also loves a lot of people that she has known since she was young. The Jiang Clan was Li'er's home!

Qin Yu understood very well.

If they were to elope, then he and Li'er could hide within his Cosmos or in the Jiang Lan Realm. Essentially, eloping was extremely easy for them.

At the very least, it would allow Qin Yu to not have any burdens.

However, to Li'er, eloping was a very painful thing. For her to elope, Li'er would have to leave her relatives, leave her good friends and leave her family. It was even possibly that if they were to meet each other in the future, the relationship between her and her father might become even worse.

"Li'er, don't worry. I will definitely marry you openly." Qin Yu held Li'er's hand. Their ten fingers were locked together. Intimately, Qin Yu smiled as he looked at Li'er.

Li'er felt a burst of emotions in her heart. "Big brother Qin Yu, you don't have to worry about me. I know that those people that want to marry me all possess many things to rely on. I also know very well of what they are thinking in their hearts. Big brother Qin Yu, for you to win against them openly, it is truly, truly hard. Big brother Qin Yu, let's elope… It's okay, my Imperial Father and Imperial Mother have many kids. It is nothing major for them to lose a single child, me." Although Li'er was extremely straightforward in her speech, but her eyes grew red as she continued her speech.

"It's okay. Li'er, trust me. I will definitely be able to succeed." Qin Yu held Li'er's hand tightly. It was as if he wanted Li'er to sense his confidence.

Li'er looked to Qin Yu. In the end, she nodded. "Big brother Qin Yu, you must not force yourself too much."

"I won't." Qin Yu's smile was very brilliant.

Jiang Lan who stood to the side coughed upon seeing Qin Yu acting like this. This caused Qin Yu and Li'er attention to be focused back upon Jiang Lan.

"It isn't that Little Yu has no chance at all. Little Yu possesses the Bewitching God Temple. As the successor of the Bewitching God Temple, Little Yu, you ought to have the artifact crafting techniques of Chehou Yuan, right?" Jiang Lan looked at Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

Jiang Lan continued. "That's right. Continue working hard. Little Yu's achievements in formation arrays are already very high right now. If he were to work hard on artifact crafting, it is not impossible for him to reach Chehou Yuan's level. Once he become the new Craftsman God, then… his possibility of being able to openly marry you would be much higher." As Jiang Lan said that, he turned to Li'er and smiled.

"Craftsman God Chehou Yuan? New Craftsman God?" Li'er said worriedly. "Is this very hard to accomplish?"

"Not hard at all, not hard at all."Qin Yu promptly said.

In front of Li'er, regardless of what he was to do, Qin Yu was always filled with confidence and enthusiasm.

"Uncle Lan, I plan to stay at your place and study the path of artifact craftsmanship for the time being. If something were to happen in the Misty Mystic Palace, my servants would inform me through voice transmission."

Qiuzhong Fu and a large group of other people all had their souls restrained. As Qin Yu was their master, regardless of how far the distance between them was, they would still be capable of sending Mind Voice Transmissions to him.

Mind Voice Transmission.

This was something that only master and servants who had their souls restrained could do.

It was something that others could not accomplish at all.

"It's also good for you to be here. After all, if anything were to happen, I could directly bring you back through teleportation." Jiang Lan was also a very sensible person. He knew that Qin Yu would be reluctant to part with Li'er.

Jiang Lan also didn't worry about Qin Yu being here. Ever since Li'er mentioned to him that the Utmost North Sage Emperor had once come here, Jiang Lan had directly sealed off the entire Wood Mansion with his Spatial Barrier. Other than Exalted Celestials or people that obtained Jiang Lan's permission, no other person would be able to come into the Wood Mansion.

"Uncle Lan, this Jiang Lan Realm, I am returning it to you." With a flip of his hand, Qin Yu took out the Jiang Lan Realm.

Also, with an intention from Qin Yu, Hei Yu appeared beside them. Hei Yu had been training wholeheartedly in the Jiang Lan Realm unceasingly. However, at this moment, Qin Yu had no choice but to disturb him.

Confused, Hei Yu looked at Qin Yu. He then saw Uncle Lan. At this moment, Qin Yu was chatting with Uncle Lan. Thus, Hei Yu could only remain silent.

"I do not need it. You should continue to use it." Jiang Lan promptly said. Jiang Lan had thought that although this Jiang Lan's Realm was an extremely powerful Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, it was also extremely important to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu have no other choice but to say. "Uncle Lan. I actually also managed to create a space. Thus, even without the Jiang Lan Realm, I am still extremely safe.

To say he created a space was truly too astonishing a thing. Even Qin Yu was only speculating about the composition of the cosmos being in three layers.

"Created a space?" Said Jiang Lan with an unbelieving tone. "Is the so called created space of yours a stable space?"

While Godkings were capable of deploying a space through their comprehensions of the spatial laws, the space that they could create was incapable of becoming stable.

Even Jiang Lan only managed to craft the Jiang Lan's Realm and stabilize three spaces through the use of a lot of treasures.

"That's right, it's a stable space." Qin Yu nodded and said.

"Xiao Hei, I have returned the Jiang Lan Realm to Uncle Lan. From today on, you can continue training in the Cosmic Space that I have created." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Hei Yu nodded. He then turned to Jiang Lan and bowed. "Hei Yu paying his respect to Uncle Lan."

"Little Yu, I know that you, that little black eagle, have already taken a wife and have a daughter, right?" Said Jiang Lan as he chuckled. Hei Yu's grave and stern face immediately turned a bit red.

"Well then, let's go and check out the space that Qin Yu has created." Jiang Lan immediately shifted the subject.

Qin Yu slightly nodded. "Uncle Lan, please don't resist." Qin Yu informed. As Jiang Lan trusted Qin Yu completely, he allowed the energy to swallow him.

In an instant.

Qin Yu, Li'er, Uncle Lan and Hei Yu had all arrived in the Cosmos that Qin Yu created.

New Cosmos. On the New Purple Mystis Star.

"Purple Mystic Star, this is the Purple Mystic Star!" Hei Yu was dumbstruck. He then looked at Qin Yu with a shocked expression. "Big brother, how did you do this? How did we arrive on the Purple Mystic Star? Isn't the Purple Mystic Star in the Mortal Realm?"

Jiang Lan who stood to the side have a solemn expression. "No, this is not the Purple Mystic Star."

Jiang Lan looked at Qin Yu with an unbelieving expression. He was unable to say anything for a long time.

"Uncle Lan, what's wrong?" Qin Yu promptly asked.

Jiang Lan gasped and said. "This space that Little Yu has created is extraordinary. In this space, I am incapable of using the spatial laws and the bit of temporal laws that I have comprehended at all. In this place, even flying, I would have to do it through using the energy within body."

Qin Yu was extremely certain about this as he heard it.

This was practically another cosmos. All that Jiang Lan had managed to comprehend in his original cosmos was naturally unusable here.

"With this space of yours, I am also relieved now." Only then did Jiang Lan accepted the Jiang Lan Realm.

Jiang Lan was able to tell that this space that Qin Yu had created was much more stable than the Jiang Lan's Realm. In here, even if Godkings and Exalted Celestials were to come, they would also be incapable of attacking others through using the spatial and temporal laws they had comprehended. All they could do is use the energy within their bodies.

Through merely using their energy, how could they possible be a match against the creator of this space, Qin Yu?

In here, Qin Yu was unequalled.

"Strange, strange." Hei Yu suddenly gasped. "Big brother, this place is very strange. After I came here, I'm actually unable to continue training my Flowing Light Spear Path."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock. "Flowing Light Spear Path, isn't that based on the temporal laws? This place of mine, I am also able to accelerate the time here. Why is it that you cannot?"

"Accelerate the time?" Jiang Lan was once again shocked.

Time Acceleration was the first level of temporal law. Merely, one had to reach the Godking level in order to attain comprehension of the temporal laws.

"I was able to practice the Flowing Light Spear Path in the second layer of the Jiang Lan Realm. However, after coming here, I am unable to even sense that fantastic rule."Hei Yu said helplessly.

Qin Yu pondered for a moment.

"Let's return first. I think I know the reason for this." Qin Yu said.

Jiang Lan and them looked to Qin Yu. They did not know what Qin Yu had realized. However, they still nodded. In a blink of an eye, Qin Yu and them returned back to the Wood Mansion.

Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu. "Xiao Hei, you should be able to use the Flowing Light Spear Path now, right?"

"I can now. I am able to sense that fantastic rule." Hei Yu displayed a smile on his face. He then started brandishing his Cloud Piercing Spear.

Hei Yu's spear technique was extremely strange.

While you might be thinking that his spear would not be able to reach you, however, while you were thinking of that, the spear tip would have already penetrated through your body.

The strange flow of time. In the surrounding of the spear, the flow of time was completely changed.

"Time Acceleration. You truly know Time Acceleration?" Jiang Lan voiced in shock.

Hearing what Uncle Lan said, Qin Yu became certain that Xiao Hei's Flowing Light Spear Path was precisely using the temporal law's first level's Time Acceleration.

"I think that Xiao Hei's Flowing Light Spear Path ought to be related with the Jiang Lan Realm. Uncle Lan, the Jiang Lan's Realm that you crafted possessed a different flow of time from the outside world. Is it because of the temporal law?" Qin Yu smiled and asked.

Jiang Lan nodded and said. "Certainly. The three spaces in the Jiang Lan's Realm all possess different flows of time. Merely, the greater the change in the flow of time, the harder it is to stabilize the space."

"I think that Xiao Hei managed to comprehend the trace of the basic temporal law that the Jiang Lan Realm contained and managed to create the Flowing Light Spear Path through that." Qin Yu voiced his guess.

Jiang Lan shook his head. "No, that's impossible. Unless one reaches the Godking level, it is absolutely impossible for one to study the temporal law."

Although Uncle Lan believed this to be impossible, Qin Yu however knew that this was possible.

That was because the rule that 'one absolutely cannot study the temporal law unless one is a Godking' was a regulation of the cosmos that the Divine Realm was in. However, the Universal World that Qin Yu had created did not have that restriction.

That was what allowed Hei Yu, someone who have not even reached the Heavenly Deity back then, to be able to comprehend the temporal law.

"There must be a reason for its existence. Uncle Lan, don't think too much of it." Qin Yu persuaded.

Qin Yu's Cosmos was a completely separate cosmos from the one that the Divine Realm and Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was located in. This was something that was extremely hard for Qin Yu to explain to Uncle Lan. Furthermore, this was merely Qin Yu's guess.

Hei Yu looked to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, it would appear that I would still have to stay in your Jiang Lan's Realm to train."

"Then you merely need to train." Said Jiang Lan with a smile.

Jiang Lan was the creator of the Jiang Lan Realm. The three spaces were all set up by him. If he were to refine the Jiang Lan's Realm once again, it would be much easier than when Qin Yu did it.

Qin Yu however said. "Xiao Hei, you should continue training in the Jiang Lan Realm. I however, will return to my own cosmos to research the methods of artifact crafting."

Qin Yu have already made his determination.

He was determined to wholeheartedly immerse himself into studying artifact crafting all the way until he reaches the level of the Craftsman God.

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