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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 11 – First Battle

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Dark Curtain of Night faded away. The Light of Daytime arrived, covering the entire Divine Realm. Likewise, a new day had arrived in Dazzling Gold City. On this day, the entire Dazzling Gold City was bustling with noise and excitement.

Outside of the Flowing Cloud Mansion. Occasionally, Heavenly Deities would walk by and look toward the Flowing Cloud Mansion. Those Heavenly Deities would even start discussions with one another.

Suddenly, a squadron of Heavenly Deities flew toward the Flowing Cloud Mansion uniformly. They descended outside of the Flowing Cloud Mansion's entrance. The guards of the Flowing Cloud Mansion immediately stepped forward and blocked their path. "This is the Flowing Cloud Mansion, loiters are not allowed to enter."

The leader of this Heavenly Deity squadron directly took out a golden title plate and said. "The Sage Emperor has ordered Mister Qin Yu and co. to proceed towards the Dazzling Gold City's northern district's army barracks' martial practice grounds to participate in the contest for the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master's position. Mister Qin Yu, please promptly proceed to the army barracks' martial practice grounds."

This leader's voice was extremely loud. His voice resounded throughout the entire Flowing Cloud Mansion. Qin Yu and his group of people, who had already made their preparations, heard this man's voice very clearly.

There were many Heavenly Deities outside of the Flowing Cloud Mansion to begin with. Hearing the words spoken by the leader of this Heavenly Deity squadron, those Heavenly Deities immediately started discussing with one another. There were excited Heavenly Deities who immediately started shouting. "The location of the contest is at the northern district's martial practice grounds. Let's go. We should rush over there quickly."

There were also Heavenly Deities that were calm. One of which slightly nodded and said. "Mn, the martial practice grounds are extremely large. On top of that, it possesses the special barrier of the Dazzling Gold City. It is indeed a place where those experts can fight against one another."

All in all, this information was being spread very quickly. Actually, this news was not only being spread from here. It was also being spread from the Hundred Flowers Palace and from Dong Hou's residence. Dazzling Gold City was not enormous and it only possessed so many Heavenly Deities. In no time, this information had been spread through the entire Dazzling Gold City.

Dazzling Gold City. Inside the main hall of the Flowing Cloud Mansion.

After Qin Yu, Uncle Fu, Qiuzhong Fu, Tan Jiu and Sui Fu heard the voice from the outside, they immediately stood up. Because Qin Yu did not plan to have Xiao Hei fight, he did not bother to disturb Xiao Hei's training. Thus, Xiao Hei was still training in the Jiang Lan Realm.

Uncle Fu, Qiuzhong Fu, Tan Jiu and Sui Fu all looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and ordered. "Let's go."

With Qin Yu in the front, Uncle Fu and the other three followed behind him. Just like that, they walked out of the Flowing Cloud Mansion. That Heavenly Deity squadron that had come to transmit the order was still waiting outside. The squadron leader, upon seeing Qin Yu, immediately bowed and said. "Mister Qin Yu, the location of the contest is the martial practice grounds. His Majesty the Sage Emperor has ordered me to inform this to you and also to lead you over to the martial practice grounds."

"Lead the way." Qin Yu spoke extremely bluntly.

"Yes." That Heavenly Deity Imperial Guard from the Imperial City immediately accepted the order. This little Heavenly Deity squadron started flying before Qin Yu. Qin Yu and them also started flying. As for Uncle Fu, this time around, it was Qiuzhong Fu who was using his Spatial Domain to help him fly.

In Dazzling Gold City, there were rarely people flying in the airspace above the city. The little Heavenly Deity squadron only did this because of the order from the Sage Emperor.

With Qin Yu and the group flying in the sky like so, they immediately gathered the attention of many Heavenly Deities who ended up raising their heads up to look.

"It's Mister Qin Yu and them!" Someone immediately recognized Qin Yu and them. Although they might be unfamiliar with Qin Yu, they were familiar with Uncle Fu and Qiuzhong Fu who had shown themselves often in the Flowing Cloud Mansion in the past year.

Qin Yu looked below him. Numerous Heavenly Deities were looking up to him. Their gazes contained adoration, envy, admire, anticipation and so on… Confronted with fixed attention of several thousands pairs of eyes, Qin Yu's mind was instead still rather calm.

In a merely a short moment, Qin Yu and his group of people had arrived at the northern district's army barracks.

Once they entered the army barracks, they felt a very somber and desolate aura. Qin Yu looked at the enormous and completely black colored barracks before him. This army barracks occupied a quarter of the land of the Dazzling Gold City. When standing in front of this barracks, one would feel as if this barracks were an enormous prehistoric creature lying in wait. That sort of somber and desolate aura was something that had accumulated through countless years.

"Uncle Fu, do you know how old this barracks is?" Qin Yu asked Uncle Fu beside him.

Uncle Fu said. "It's been too long. When the Dazzling Gold City was formed, this barracks was also formed. Practically all of the super experts of the eastern region of the Divine Realm have trained in this barracks before."

Qin Yu remembered Huangfu Jing and them.

Huangfu Liehuo, Huangfu Liejun were both from this barracks. Even Huangfu Jing was currently a large squadron captain of this barracks. Even the descendants of the imperial household were required to temper themselves in the Heavenly Deity Army, one could easily imagine how the majority of the elites of the Divine Realm's eastern region had stayed in this barracks before. As for the High Level Heavenly Deities, other than Qiuzhong Fu, practically all of the others had stayed in this barracks before.

Right after stepping into the barracks, Qin Yu saw the great number of people before him and gasped. "There are truly a lot of people here!"

"Mister Qin Yu, the martial practice grounds is a bit further." Said the leader of the small Heavenly Deity squadron respectfully. Qin Yu lightly nodded. They continued onward. Soon, Qin Yu and them arrived at the martial practice grounds.

The martial practice grounds was rectangular. Both its length and width were several thousand meters long.

At this current moment, thousands of Heavenly Deities were gathered all around the martial practice grounds. At the same time, the number of Heavenly Deities which were gathered here was increasing at an astonishing speed. Not long after, more than ten thousand Heavenly Deities were gathered here.

As there were over ten thousand people, it was a huge crowd of people. The entire Dazzling Gold City only possessed a bit more than ten thousand people. And today, at the very least, ninety percent of the population of the Dazzling Gold City was gathered here. As for the people that had not come, the majority of them were delayed as they were in seclusion training.

Currently, only over a dozen women were inside the martial practice grounds. These women were led by Xue Yu.

Qin Yu and his group of five walked over.

"Big sis, that Qin Yu has come." Immediately, a woman said. Xue Yu turned her head around and looked. She then immediately started walking towards Qin Yu.

"Mister Qin Yu, I have been to your mansion to greet you before. Merely, Mister Qin Yu was in seclusion training at the time. Only today do we meet each other again. The contest today is merely a competition. We only need to try our best. There is no need for us to injure the relationship between us." Said Xue Yu with a smile.

Qin Yu nodded and said. "Naturally. Miss Xue Yu, do you know where Lady Hundred Flowers Godking is?"

"Lady Hundred Flowers Godking, she…"

Xue Yu had only said half of her sentence when she stopped. At this moment, she had raised her head. Not only her, Qin Yu and the others had also raised their heads and looked towards the sky. The ten thousand plus people that had come to watch and surrounded the martial practice grounds also looked up towards the sky.

Over a hundred people were majestically flying over. They were led by the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu who wore an emperor's gown. Beside him was his wife. To his right side was the Hundred Flowers Godking who wore a colored clothes. At this moment, the Hundred Flowers Godking only looked like a twenty some year old girl. She was extremely dazzling.

To the left of the Utmost East Sage Emperor was a grim and resolute looking man who carried a golden long sword.

"Gold Sword Godking?" Qin Yu's gaze was focused upon that man with the golden sword. Generally, a Godking's weapon would always be stored within their body. For someone to carry their weapon like the Gold Sword Godking, much less Godkings, this was extremely rare for even Heavenly Deities.

Qiuzhong Fu sent a voice transmission to Qin Yu and said. "Master, of the Three Great Godkings of the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, the person who reached the Godking stage the latest was this Gold Sword Godking. However, this Gold Sword Godking is the elder brother of the Utmost East Sage Emperor and the Hundred Flowers Godking. Although he was the latest to reach the Godking level, his strength might potentially be the strongest among them."

"Oh?" Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from looking at Qiuzhong Fu with a puzzled expression.

How did Qiuzhong Fu know all this?

"Master, I have lived in the Divine Realm for a very long time, much longer than even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. I have even seen this Gold Sword Godking fight before. Although this Gold Sword Godking possesses the strongest strength, the Eight Great Sage Emperors possesses the Eight Clan Protection Treasures. This causes the Eight Great Sage Emperors to be extremely frightening." Gasped Qiuzhong Fu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. With a surprised expression, he looked at Qiuzhong Fu.

Qiuzhong Fu was very well informed.

"Clan Protection Treasures, what are those?" Qin Yu asked.

Qiuzhong Fu said without absolute certainty. "It's only hearsay that I have heard before. Rumor has it that the Eight Clan Protection Treasures are very important to the unending existence of the Eight Great Families. It is said that those Eight Clan Protection Treasures possess extremely frightening power and are likely only second to the legendary Exalted Celestial Spiritual Treasure."

"Oh?" Qin Yu glanced at the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

As if he sensed Qin Yu's gaze, the Utmost East Sage Emperor also looked at Qin Yu and slightly smiled at him. From his gaze, one could see his encouragement implication. Qin Yu immediately smiled back at him.

The Three Great Godkings descended. Behind these Three Great Godkings were the Black Wind Palace's Palace Master, the Heaven Desolate Palace's Palace Master and Liejun's Palace's Palace Master. Behind them were the elites of the Huangfu Clan. Majestically, these hundred plus people descended on the front section of the martial practice grounds. At the front section of the martial practice grounds were chairs that were already prepared.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor and them all sat down in the chairs. The Utmost East Sage Emperor who sat in the middle suddenly stood up. He gazed at the surroundings and then said in a loud voice. "Everyone, the Palace Master position of the Misty Mystic Palace of our Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold has been vacant for a very very long time. Today is the day that we shall determine the new Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master. There are a total of three candidates for the Palace Master position. They are respectively the large squadron captain of the Heavenly Deity Army, High Level Heavenly Deity Dong Hou; disciple of the Hundred Flowers Palace, High Level Heavenly Deity Xue Yu; and the grandmaster of formation arrays that was recently invited to our Mount Dazzling Gold, Qin Yu!"

The Utmost East Sage Emperor glanced at Qin Yu, Xue Yu and Dong Hou. He slightly nodded and then said. "The rules of the contest today are extremely simple. Each party are to send out three members to fight. One is the candidate for the Palace Master. One is a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. The last one is a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Gaining two victories shall be the requirement to win the battle series! First, Xue Yu's group will fight with Qin Yu's group. After that, Qin Yu's group will fight with Dong Hou's group. Finally, Dong Hou's group will fight with Xue Yu's group."

"There are a total of nine battles in three series. As long as anyone obtain victory in two series of battles, they shall be qualified to obtain the position of the Palace Master. If all three parties were to obtain a victory and a defeat, then the strength of the candidates shall be looked into." Said the Utmost East Sage Emperor indifferently.

Saying till here, the Utmost East Sage Emperor looked to Qin Yu with a special intention.

Evidently, this rule was very advantageous to Qin Yu.

With Qin Yu's formation array space, he was definitely capable of defeating Dong Hou and Xue Yu.

Only at this moment did Qin Yu discover Dong Hou and his people on the other side of the marital practice grounds. Dong Hou's party only consisted of three people. Two men and a woman. The leader Dong Hou's eyes were flickering with light as he blinked.

After the Utmost East Sage Emperor finished his introduction, Huangfu Liejun, one of the Three Great Palace Masters, took over to host the contest battles. The first battle was Xue Yu's party against Qin Yu's party.

Huangfu Liejun's voice resounded through the entire martial practice grounds.

"The first battle, the Low Level Heavenly Deity from Xue Yu's party against the Low Level Heavely Deity from Qin Yu's party. Begin battle!"

Right after Huangfu Liejun finished speaking, the over ten thousand Heavenly Deities that surrounded the martial practice ground immediately started shouting noisily. The majority of the Heavenly Deities were shouting in excitement.

As the shouting continued, the Low Level Heavenly Deity from Xue Yu's party, a green clothed woman, walked into the center of the martial practice grounds.

"That green clothed woman, isn't she the woman who was whipped by Huangfu Ling?" Qin Yu clearly remembered that this green clothed woman couldn't be considered extremely strong among Low Level Heavenly Deities.

Why did that Xue Yu have this green clothed woman fight?

"Master, this subordinate shall go and battle now." Said Sui Fu respectfully.

"You can go." Qin Yu was extremely confident of Sui Fu as he had seen the battle between Sui Fu and Kang Qi. Sui Fu possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, it should be very easy for him to take care of a Low Level Heavenly Deity at the same level as him.

Sui Fu resolutely nodded. He then proceeded to walk toward the center of the martial practice grounds with large strides.

With a height of three meters, intertwining muscles and arms as thick as thighs, Sui Fi's entire person was radiating a domineering aura. As for the green clothed woman that was his opponent, she appeared to be extremely delicate and frail.

"Big guy, be careful oh." Said that green clothed woman sweetly with a smile on her face.

Sui Fu's face remained cold and expressionless. With a flip of his hand, he took out a battle axe. The battle axe then started growing bigger. In an instant, it grew to three meters tall and became as tall as Sui Fu.

Holding the battle axe in his hand.

"Little girl, you should admit defeat." Said Sui Fu. Then, without saying any more, he started exhibiting his valiant attack.

Sui Fu's thick and bulky right arm was waving that enormous battle ax. Then, he soared to the sky and smashed downward with that enormous battle ax the size of a small mountain.

Qin Yu had a confident smile on his face.

That green clothed woman's expression changed. She immediately flipped her hand. Three green streams of air appeared in her hand. Those three streams of air started expanding with the wind. Finally, all three of them had become several thousand meters long.

Those three green streams of air were like ropes. They directly bounded the mountain-like battle ax. In an instant, Sui Fu and his enormous battle ax both turned back to their original form.

"You…" Sui Fu stared at that green clothed woman and was frantically struggling. However, regardless of how much he struggled,he was unable to break free from the binding.

Qin Yu was startled.

Sui Fu actually lost?

"Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. A Low Level Heavenly Deity is actually using a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. That Hundred Flowers Godking truly overly favors that Xue Yu." Qin Yu's expression had turned a bit unsightly.

It appeared that the contest for the Palace Master was not as easy as he had imagined.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 12 – The Number One Individual Beneath the Godkings

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The entire martial practice grounds grew silent for a moment.

Earlier, from Sui Fu's grandeur display and his move, other than the Hundred Flowers Palace's people who knew about the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, all of the other people had thought that Sui Fu would win. However now…

Sui Fu, who had been bound and was struggling unceasingly, illustrated everything.

"Qin Yu's party against the Xue Yu's party. First battle, Xue Yu's party is victorious." Huangfu Liejun was merely stunned for a moment before reacting. "The second battle shall begin now. The Mid Level Heavenly Deity from Xue Yu's party against the Mid Level Heavenly Deity from Qin Yu's party."

Right after those words were said, the ten thousand plus people that surrounded the martial practice grounds once again grew noisy.

The first battle from earlier had indeed surprised them.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu smiled as he looked to the Hundred Flowers Godking beside him. He said. "Liuxiang, you have truly exerted yourself. You actually allowed a Low Level Heavenly Deity to use the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Heaven Binding Rope.'"

The Hundred Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxing merely slightly smiled. She indifferently said. "Second brother, it is not strange for me to lend a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to my people. Merely, this Qin Yu, he was surprisingly able to take out a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. That had instead shocked me."

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

They were extremely rare. The expert artifact craftsmen that were able to craft High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were also not many.

Even for High Level Heavenly Deities, only a small section of them possessed High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Many High Level Heavenly Deities still used Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor slightly smiled and said. "He is capable of deploying a formation array space. With such a level of ability in formation arrays, I reckon he must've also have a formation array expert who provided him with guidance. It cannot be regarded as strange for him to possess a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Well, enough about that, the second battle is about to start."

The Utmost East Sage Emperor and the Hundred Flowers Godking both looked to the martial practice grounds. As for the Gold Sword Godking, he had been silent since the beginning. He was merely watching all that was unfolding in the martial practice grounds.

"Master can rest assured. Even if my opponent possess a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, this subordinate will still definitely win! At the very most, it might cost me a couple clones." A faint red light flashed past Tan Jiu's eyes.

Qin Yu lightly nodded. "If you win, then that High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact shall be yours."

Qin Yu possessed four High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. He planned to bestow them to his subordinates to begin with. As Qiuzhong Fu already possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact of his own, bestowing a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact to Tan Jiu was something that Qin Yu had long planned to do.

"Yes, master."

Black Dragon Tan Jiu lightly nodded. He then proceeded to directly walk toward the center of the martial practice grounds. A white clothed woman was already standing in the center of the martial practice ground.

This white clothed woman had a cold and indifferent expression.

The Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu had a head of short scarlet hair and scarlet sword brows. Underneath his eyebrows were a pair of gloomy eyes. Those gloomy eyes were currently emitting a very sharp aura. In terms of gloominess and coldness, that white clothed woman was actually inferior to Tan Jiu.

"This battle, you are definitely going to lose!" Tan Jiu pointed at the white clothed woman and said.

That white clothed woman merely sneered in disdain. With a flip of her hand, she took out a jade green colored sword. Once this jade green colored sword appeared, the attention of everyone in the surrounding of the martial practice grounds were focused on it.

From Xue Yu's party, a mere Low Level Heavenly Deity was capable of taking out a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Then what about this Mid Level Heavenly Deity?

Not only them, even the Utmost East Sage Emperor had taken note of this jade green colored sword. Qin Yu was the same. Merely, that jade green colored sword was too far from Qin Yu. Thus, he was unable to determine exactly what grade it was.

"High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Haha, Liuxiang, why didn't you continue lending Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Said the Utmost East Sage Emperor to the Hundred Flowers Godking.

The Gold Sword Godking who had been silent the entire time spoke. "Liuxiang lending a single Grandmist Spiritual Treasure has already caused the competition to be biased. If she were to lend another one, then it would be too excessive. I believe Liuxing herself only possesses two second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, right?"

"That's right, big brother. I have lent a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to Xue Yu. As for who she lends it to use for the competition, it was a decision that Xue Yu herself made." When the Hundred Flowers Godking talked with the Gold Sword Godking, she did not joke around in the slightest.

The Gold Sword Godking lightly nodded.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor took a glance at Xue Yu in the distant. "This girl Xue Yu was actually a bit scheming. Eh, that Mid Level Heavenly Deity subordinate of Qin Yu, that weapon of his is truly peculiar."

The other two Godkings also looked over.

At this moment, Tan Jiu had taken out the heavy sword that Qin Yu had given him. As Tan Jiu held this enormous heavy sword, it suddenly split into three. As for Tan Jiu, he had also turned into nine people.

The nine clones of Tan Jiu, three of them held the split sections of the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. As for the other six, they held six black sticks.

From different directions, the nine Tan Jiu's speed violently reached the pinnacle. Like nine sharp arrows, the nine Tan Jiu's shot toward the white clothed woman. The white clothed woman's expression changed. She never anticipated that her opponent would have nine clones. It was truly too frightening.


Six black sticks were simultaneously smashed toward the white clothed woman. The white clothed woman waved the sword in her hand. Six sword silhouettes shot out. These sword silhouettes blocked the six stick silhouettes.

"Hooh~~" Tan Jiu's seventh clone held a battle blade shaped High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Ruthlessly, he hacked down.

The white clothed woman grew anxious. She tried to use Spatial Domain. Merely, her opponent's nine clones all used their Spatial Domains at the same time and possessed a big stronger control over the space than her.

Confronted with this incoming blade strike, the white clothed woman did not have enough time to dodge.

"Bang!" The ground underneath the white clothed woman was slightly jolted. The entire surface of the martial practice grounds was slightly trembling. However, the surface of the martial practice grounds was not damaged in the slightest.

The enormous heavy sword was turned into two battle blades and a battle sword.

"Hooh~~!" Tan Jiu's eighth clone followed right behind his seventh clone and also ruthlessly hack down with the battle blade in his hand.

The white clothed woman was unable to recover her Heavenly Divine Energy in time. All she could do was to once again take the attack head on.

"Puchi!" The sharp battle sword directly pierced through the white clothed woman's body.

"If you continue to resist, I'll certainly kill you." Said Tan Jiu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

The white clothed woman looked to the Tan Jiu before her who held a battle sword in his hand. She then looked to the other eight Tan Jiu's who were holding battle blades and black sticks. She then looked to the battle sword that had pierced her chest. Her expression changed several times.

The gap between them were truly too great!

A High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that can split into different parts and a Tan Jiu that could split into nine different Tan Jiu's, they were indeed a perfect match for each other.

"For this round, we admit our defeat!" Suddenly, a voice sounded from the side of the martial practice grounds.

The person who spoke was precisely Xue Yu.

The white clothed woman placed away the heavy sword in her hand. She glanced at Tan Jiu and then walked away silently. When she walked over to Xue Yu's side, this white clothed woman fell forward onto Xue Yu's shoulder and started crying!

"Xue Yi, do not grieve. Your opponent's strength indeed surpassed my anticipation. That High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact of his was also extremely miraculous. You cannot blame yourself for losing." Consoled Xue Yu.

And at this moment, Huangfu Liejun's voice sounded.

"This battle, the victor is Qin Yu's party. Currently, the two parties each achieved a single victory. The upcoming battle is the most important third battle. The two people competing are the two candidates for the Palace Master position… Qin Yu and Xue Yu. Well then, begin battle!"

Everyone in the surroundings of the martial practice grounds held their breaths.

The two candidates for the Palace Master position, Qin Yu and Xue Yu, were both upper echelons of Mount Dazzling Gold. Everyone was carefully watching this battle.

Qin Yu and Xue Yu silently walked toward the center of the martial practice grounds from the two sides.

"Miss Xue Yu." Qin Yu bowed and said.

Xue Yu also lightly smiled. "Mister Qin Yu, it would seem that I will lose to you today. Merely, even though I will be losing, I still want to experience the legendary formation array space."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Xue Yu was about to attack when Qin Yu closed his eyes. A tranquil and peaceful smiling expression appeared on his face. He had entered the profound heaven and earth splitting state of mind.

He gently waved his hand across. Several rays of light flew out from Qin Yu's hand.

Everyone present in the martial practice grounds was watching this scene with their eyes wide open. Even the Three Great Godkings were carefully paying attention to this. Although they had heard about the formation array space, they had never personally seen Qin Yu deploying it before.

Those several rays of lights were incomparably dazzling. Like meteors, they fell on the boundary of the martial practice grounds.

"Formation array 'Universe,' form!"

While smiling, Qin Yu opened his eyes. The smile on his face was a smile of confidence. It was the confidence that Qin Yu had for his own formation array space.

The speed at which Qin Yu deployed the formation array was truly too fast. Before Xue Yu could even attack, she was already caught in Qin Yu's formation array space.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor, Hundred Flowers Godking and Gold Sword Godking's eyes all started shining simultaneously. All three of them were staring at Qin Yu with deep gazes.

"Did you see that clearly?" The Utmost East Sage Emperor said.

The Hundred Flowers Godking and the Gold Sword Godking both nodded. With a gaze filled with surprise, the Hundred Flowers Godking said. "Never had I imagined before that someone would be able to reach such a level in formation arrays. Especially when he was deploying the formation array. The space where the formation array was located at seemed to even have a slight change."

"It's very peculiar. It's completely different from the space that we can create through using the spatial law." The Gold Sword Godking said.

"Perhaps this is the miraculousness of formation arrays." The Utmost East Sage Emperor smiled. "Although this Qin Yu's formation array space is slightly different from our own spaces, its might was not a bit weaker than our spaces."

Whether it was the Utmost East Sage Emperor or the other two Godkings, they all didn't know that… the reason why Qin Yu's formation array space was different from the space that they could create was because Qin Yu's formation array space was created through using the spatial laws of the Universal World.

As the spatial laws of the two worlds were different, there were naturally some differences even though they would both be able to create spaces.

These Three Great Godkings thought that the usual formation array space was exactly like how Qin Yu's formation array space was. After all, since times immemorial, there had yet to be anyone else who was capable of deploying a formation array space. Even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan only managed to reach a level close to deploying a formation array space.

The Gold Sword Godking that seldom spoke actually spoke a couple words today.

"With this formation array space, this Qin Yu, he is the number one individual beneath the Godkings!" After the God Sword Godking finished saying this sentence, he closed his mouth and said no more.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor looked at the Hundred Flowers Godking. The Hundred Flowers Godking slightly smiled and said. "I have no objection to this Qin Yu becoming the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace. I am truly curious, with his level of formation array, if he were to research artifact craftsmanship, would he be able to surpass the Craftsman God in the field of artifact crafting?!"

And at this moment, Xue Yu was caught in the formation array space.

"This is?" Xue Yu looked to her surroundings in shock.

Xue Yu still remembered that back then when the Hundred Flowers Godking gave her guidance, she had once created a space that trapped her. That sort of feeling was exactly the same as now. They were both boundless worlds.

"Qin Yu." Xue Yu looked to her front. At this moment, Qin Yu appeared before her.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Xue Yu, it is impossible for you to break through my formation array space." As Qin Yu smiled, the space surrounding him crumbled and was then instantly restored.

As he was speaking and smiling, the world surrounding him became covered with storms and numerous other disasters

Of course, this was all within the range of the formation array space. Merely, because Xue Yu had been caught in the formation array space, she could only give herself up and allow Qin Yu to trample upon her. It was only possible for her to escape if she were a Godking, then she would be able to break through the formation array space through the use of the spatial law.

"I've lost."

Seeing this scene before her, Xue Yu sighed in her heart. She knew that she would undoubtedly lose.

Xue Yu looked at Qin Yu. Suddenly, she smiled and said. "Mister Qin Yu, I originally thought that I might be able to win. I gave the only Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to my side's Low Level Heavenly Deity to use. With that, I have guaranteed the win for that round. I then borrowed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact for my side's Mid Level Heavenly Deity to use. However, even then, I still lost. Firstly, I have lost to your great formation array. Secondly, I have lost because… you actually possessed two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts?"

In the Hundred Flowers Palace, Xue Yu possessed enough connections to allow her to borrow a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

However, the number of people that Qin Yu knew on Mount Dazzling Gold was truly too small. For him to have his subordinates use two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, this was truly shocking.

"High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts? They were left behind for me by my senior." Qin Yu said directly.

Xue Yu nodded in understanding. "So that was the case. May I ask… might that senior of yours be the person who taught Mister Qin Yu the path of formation arrays?"

"He could be considered as so." Qin Yu nodded.

Xue Yu slightly nodded. "Mister Qin Yu, I admit my defeat. You can let me out."

In an instant, the heaven and earth suddenly started turning. The entire world changed. The originally boundless world had disappeared. What appeared before them was the lively martial practice grounds.

All of the Heavenly Deities in the martial practice grounds looked at Qin Yu and Xue Yu. Seeing Xue Yu and Qin Yu suddenly appear before them, they were unable to determine whether it was Xue Yu who broke through the great formation array or Qin Yu who let her out.

"I concede." Xue Yu's voice sounded through the entire marital practice grounds.

The entire martial practice grounds immediately started becoming noisy. A large number of Heavenly Deities started discussing with one another. Xue Yu had actually admitted defeat. That Mister Qin Yu actually won!

"The first series of contest have concluded. Qin Yu's party has obtained victory. Now, the second series shall begin. Qin Yu's party against Dong Hou's party." Huangfu Liejun's clear voice sounded.

Qin Yu's gaze was turned toward Dong Hou.

The next target was Dong Hou.

Dong Hou suddenly spoke. "There is no need for the second series of competition. Our side admit our defeat. Mister Qin Yu's formation array space has already convinced me. I am afraid there is no one beneath the Godking stage that is capable of breaking this formation array."

All of the people in the martial practice grounds grew silent. All of the Heavenly Deities were looking at Dong Hou. They were thinking that, no matter what, at the very least he should compete first. However, the reality was that Dong Hou had straightforwardly admitted his defeat.

"This Dong Hou knows very well of his own standing." The Utmost East Sage Emperor slightly nodded.

Dong Hou's subordinates did not possess any Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. While he also managed to, with great difficulty, borrow a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact for his Mid Level Heavenly Deity, his Low Level Heavenly Deity only possessed a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. If he were to fight against Qin Yu's party with that level of strength, it was likely that his side would not even be able to win a single round. In that case, he figured it was better to straightforwardly admit his defeat so that he could appear magnanimous.

"I've won?" Hearing Dong Hou's surrender, Qin Yu was also startled.

He had originally thought he would have another series of battles. However, it now appeared that the position of Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace had already fallen on his head.

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