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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 5 – Endless Deductions

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Only after he completely refined the 'God Sealing Pagoda' did Qin Yu realize its true power. When the 'God Sealing Pagoda' absorbs its target, it would both attack the target's soul and devour its target.

If one's soul were too weak, one would experience a very miserable state after encountering the God Sealing Pagoda.

"In the Divine Realm, one's strength is directly proportional to one's soul's level. Those Heavenly Deity level experts, each and every one of them possesses souls that have reached the 'Embryo' stage. When attacking with the soul, I am still inadequate by far."

[TL: I have decided to change pre-infant soul stage to Embryo soul stage.]

Qin Yu understood in his heart that the so called soul attack was the same as causing the target to be in a muddle headed state and then devour his opponent.

"Even though I've managed to completely refine it, my soul's level is too weak. If I were to rely only on the God Sealing Pagoda, I suspect that I would only be able to handle High Level Deities." Qin Yu estimated in his heart.

Attacking with the soul was the same as attacking with one's Divine Awareness. Under the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu's Divine Awareness has already reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. He was able to completely subdue a High Level Deity.

"Big brother."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu's voices sounded from outside. Uncle Fu's voice also sounded. "Master, I have already brought Hou Fei and Hei Yu over. The three sets of three thousand six hundred Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones that need to be delivered have also been prepared."

Only then did Qin Yu walk out from his house.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, how is the refinement of your Grandmist Spiritual Treasures going?" Said Qin Yu as he smiled. The current Hou Fei and Hei Yu seemed more confident compared to before.

Hou Fei smiled and said. "Although I have only refined thirty percent of the Divine Craft Flying Yamen, its speed is already extremely fast. In the Jiang Lan's Realm, if we aren't using teleportation or greater teleportation, I am able to throw off Mixed Hair Bird in a blink of an eye."

Hei Yu lightly smiled and said. "Regarding the Snowthread Gloves, I too have refined about thirty percent. However, it has already increased my strength tenfold. Currently, when confronted with me, Monkey is only able to run away."

"That powerful?"

Qin Yu was slightly shocked.

With merely thirty percent refinement, it had actually increased Hei Yu's strength by that much. However, once he thought about it, Qin Yu understood why. The reason why it increased Hei Yu's strength tenfold was because Hei Yu was too weak to begin with. This made it seem as if the amount of strength it had increased with was a lot.

"Mixed Hair Bird is too powerful. Those Snowthread Gloves are too crazy! Not only did they increased his attack power by many times, they can also shoot out transparent threads to attack." Hou Fei sounded helpless.

Hei Yu said confidently. "Not only can it shoot out threads to attack, it can also condense those threads into an inescapable net. These Snowthread Gloves indeed possess an amazing level of offensive power. However, I am still unable to execute the true inescapable net. My level of refinement is still not enough."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu's strength had increased by quite a lot. However, their gap with Qin Yu was still extremely evident.

Even if Qin Yu didn't use his Divine Spear Waning Snow and only used his God Sealing Pagoda, he would still be able to easily seal Hei Yu and Hou Fei, who had just reached the Golden Soul Pellet Stage, into the God Sealing Pagoda. They were simply not at the same level.

"Although Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are very important, one's own cultivation level is even more important. The two of you need to earnestly continue your training." Entrusted Qin Yu. He then smiled. "Well then, let's go and deliver those Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones."

Qin Yu first spread out his Divine Awareness from the Jiang Lan's Realm and inspected the surroundings. Only then did Qin Yu and his brothers appear out from the end of this mine cave.

"Let's go."

Qin Yu and his brothers were all carrying a few Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. They calmly proceeded to walk toward the outside. After all, the three of them couldn't just carry a large number of Low Quality Divine Spirit Stones out with them.

Following the tunnels, Qin Yu continued forward unceasingly. Fortunately, Deities for the most part possessed very good memory. Although they had only been here once, the three of them still remembered the route completely. After passing through a tunnel, Qin Yu noticed a lot of miners.

"Hey, big brother, look over there." Hou Fei said in a low voice. "Each and every one of them has a tool in their hand."

Qin Yu looked over. Sure enough, each and every one of the miners was holding a small pouch. Within the pouch was a tool. Some of the miners were holding that tool. It was a tool with the appearance similar to a shovel.

"Is it for mining?" Qin Yu frowned.

Qin Yu suddenly remembered. When he first came to the Divine Realm, that little squadron captain Huang Xu had said that ascenders are weak and cannot use their hands to split open the stones of the Divine Realm. At that time, Huang Xu had demonstrated that with a battle blade.

"Mining, it cannot be done using hands. There is a need for tools. However, why don't the three of us have tools?" Thought Qin Yu puzzled.

"Big brother, there's a place that we haven't been to yet."

Hou Fei flipped his hand and took out a thing. It was the key that they had been given when they arrived here!

"Hopefully no one noticed that we have never been to our housing location." Qin Yu and his brothers immediately sped up. They quickly passed through the subterranean mine tunnel and arrived above ground. They started to proceed directly toward the location of their housing.

The housing region was extremely vast. Numerous rooms were densely packed and placed in picturesque disorder. There was a number on the door to each room.

Qin Yu and his brothers easily found their rooms. The three of them had rooms right next to each other. In front of their doors was a hexagonal hole. Qin Yu and his brothers all placed their hexagonal keys into their respective hexagonal holes.

With a 'ka!' sound, the three doors were all opened.

In all three rooms was a bed, a praying mat, a large bag, a small pouch and a shovel. Qin Yu and his brothers went into a single room.

"This shovel is a Low Quality Divine Artifact." Qin Yu pointed to the shovel and said. "In the Divine Realm, the status of the Low Quality Divine Artifacts is like that of my hometown Hidden Dragon Continent's extremely ordinary metal weaponries that are present everywhere. As for Mid Quality Divine Artifacts, they possess the same status as those of Metal Essence Weaponries. They are much more precious. As for the High Quality Divine Artifacts, they are comparable to the Mortal Realm's Mystic Metal Weaponries."

Once Qin Yu said those, Hei Yu and Hou Fei managed to easily understand the difference between the three levels of Divine Artifacts.

All of Qin Yu's knowledge regarding the Divine Artifacts was obtained from back when he flipped through some of the golden scrolls that gave a rough summary of refinement knowledge, back in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"Big brother, it would seem that in the Divine Realm, the Low Quality Divine Artifact is the most ordinary one that even ordinary Deities are capable of using. However, in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, they are held in extreme importance." Gasped Hou Fei.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "That's right. In the Divine Realm, if one knows how to create artifacts, then one could casually create Low Quality Divine Artifacts. If one is a bit proficient in the art of creating artifacts, then one would be able to create Mid Quality Divine Artifacts. Those that are more amazing would be able to create High Quality Divine Artifacts. Only a great master would be able to create a Heavenly Divine Artifact."

"Generally, Deities will use Divine Artifacts. The higher the position the person is, the stronger the Divine Artifact he will be using. As for experts of the Heavenly Deity level, they will generally use Heavenly Divine Artifacts. There might be some Heavenly Deities in dire straits that would use High Quality Divine Artifacts instead." Said Qin Yu as he smiled.

There were also differences between Heavenly Deities. Those poor and low status Low Level Heavenly Deities might not particularly be better off than a High Level Deity that possesses both status and background.

For instance, people like Qin Yu. They had only reached the Deity stage but already possessed Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

Qin Yu and his brothers all held mining shovels. After all, they must give off an appearance of doing work. As for that large and small bag, the three of them also knew the reason for those two bags. The small bag was for storing Divine Spiritual Stones when mining and the large bag was used to store the Divine Spiritual Stones when delivering them every year.

"Look, there's a jade slip in this bag." Hou Fei pointed to the inside of the large bag and said with a surprised expression.

Jade slips, they were the major instruments for storing information in lower realms like the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. But in the Divine Realm… jade slips were extremely cheaply-priced goods. As for the golden scrolls that possessed both greater capacity and better construction, they were something that only people with wealth would use.

Qin Yu swept through the jade slip with his Divine Awareness. He soon became aware of the contents within the jade slip.

It turned out that this jade slip had explained in details the things to take note of when mining in the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine. Furthermore, it had especially mentioned that these two bags, the mining shovel and this jade slip were all items that were lended to the miners and must not be damaged. They were items that were meant to be passed on to the next miner.

"Truly frugal." Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Hou Fei also took the jade slip and swept through it with his Divine Awareness. "Hell, they even want us to break up the larger Divine Spiritual Stones into a uniform size. Truly annoying." Hou Fei looked to the Divine Spiritual Stones in his hand. "Fortunately the ones Uncle Fu gave us are of uniform size."

In the Divine Realm, the Divine Spiritual Stones are counted through 'pieces.'

However, there are large 'pieces' and small 'pieces.' This Divine Realm has a very definite size regulation for a Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stone. At the same time as they mined, the miners are to break up the Divine Spiritual Stones into the correct sizing. Fortunately, the Divine Spiritual Stones are not very hard and can be easily cut apart using the mining shovels.

Three thousand six hundred pieces of Divine Spiritual Stones were placed into the large bag. It filled up over half of the bag.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu also returned to their own rooms. They retrieved their large bags and also loaded it with three thousand six hundred pieces of Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. Like this, the three brothers each carried a bag and proceeded to walk toward the 'payment office.'

When they arrived at the payment office, Qin Yu and his brothers encountered some soldiers in charge of this place.

"You're here to deliver the Divine Spiritual Stones? Oh, follow me." Said a captain like ringleader indifferently.

Time passed…

As this was the first time for Qin Yu and his brothers to deliver the Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones, they were a bit interested. However, the times after that were boring like routine business.

Inside the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu had been wholeheartedly studying the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path.' Qin Yu did not casually skim over these nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path.' Instead, he had been carefully studying and comprehending each and every formation array example.

After about sixty thousand years.

Qin Yu had finally finished reading the entire nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' once. He did not read the nine hundred scrolls without thinking. Instead, he had read them and carefully and completely make sure he understood every single formation array example.


Qin Yu put away the final golden scroll. He heaved a long sigh of relief.

Qin Yu felt as if he had wandered about unhurriedly in a boundless ocean. In this boundless ocean, each and every droplet of water within it was a formation array. In this ocean of formation arrays, Qin Yu continued to study each and every droplet without stopping.

However, Qin Yu felt that the numerous examples that were presented in the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' was merely a billionth region of the entire formation array ocean.

The Array Path was truly too complicated, too extensive. To completely control it was truly too difficult.

"Master." Uncle Fu appeared outside Qin Yu's house. "I heard master's voice. I assume master has finished reading the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path?'"

"That's right." Qin Yu's eyes shined. He knew that Uncle Fu had some comprehension regarding the 'Array Path.' Immediately, he asked. "Uncle Fu, is there anything that you can teach me regarding the 'Array Path?'"

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "Master, I'll say some of the stuff that old master told me back then. The 'Array Path' is like an ocean of formation arrays. Each and every formation array is nothing more than a droplet of water within the ocean. As for all those examples of formation arrays that are mentioned in the nine hundred scrolls, with all of them combined, they are no more than a small corner of the formation array ocean. According to the old master, in order to comprehend the 'Formation Array,' one must push forward from the small corner to reach a larger area. After that, one could arrange the gathered information, sum them up and then comprehend the quintessence of the entire formation array ocean."

Qin Yu nodded in approval.

Formation array started from the simple to the complicated.. They become more and more difficult, more and more profound…

As for how profound and complicated the formation arrays would become, Qin Yu was unable to imagine it. It was just like the overlaying formation array, the complication of the formation array could overlay each other infinite times. Of course, this was under the premise that one was able to control all those layers of formation arrays in harmony.

"The old master had once said that all the examples of formation arrays given in the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' are the easiest and most basic formation arrays to the ones that possessed a slight difficulty. In order to comprehend the first stage of the 'Array Path,' one merely needs to use the formation arrays presented by the nine hundred scrolls of 'Array Path,' and then extrapolate into more and more complicated formation arrays. The more formation arrays you can extrapolate, the more accurate the first stage of the 'Array Path' that you comprehended will be." Said Uncle Fu solemnly.

Qin Yu came to remember.

Uncle Fu had once said that the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan had originally spent a million years to comprehend the first stage of the Array Path. He then spent ten million years to comprehend the second stage of the Array Path. However later, he gave up all his knowledge of the array path and began to study it from the beginning again. This time around, he spent a billion years to comprehend the first stage and then merely two hours to comprehend the second stage of the Array Path.

"Perhaps I understand the correct method to study the 'Array Path.'" Qin Yu nodded.

The current him had merely taken the first step. As for his next step, it required him to continue to derive and continue to develop the various branches of formation array…

"Master, I have another thing to tell you. Another hundred years have passed. Master, you need to deliver the Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones." Said Uncle Fu with a smile.

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 6 – Subterranean Cave Dragon

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

On a certain dark and deep corner tunnel located in the underground mine. Qin Yu and his brothers had secretly appeared out of thin air. After that, the three others all held a mining shovel in one hand and a small pouch on the other. They were even dressed like miners.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu both had a confident smile on their faces.

After nearly sixty thousand years, the two of them have completely refined their respective Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Had it not been for the fact that Chehou Yuan left these two Grandmist Spiritual Treasures for his successor so they were relatively easy to refine, then it was likely that even if Hou Fei and Hei Yu spent even more time on them, it would still be very unlikely for them to be able to refine them successfully.

As for Qin Yu, although he had been researching the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' the entire time, a single Dao (Path) was ten thousand Daos. Chehou Yuan had precisely reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level with researching the 'Array Path.'

As for Qin Yu, when he was researching the 'Array Path,' his level had also increased slightly. The current Qin Yu, his soul's level had already completely reached the High Level Deity level. With the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, his comprehension and control of the spatial laws had also reached the general level of Low Level Heavenly Deities.

"The current me is already capable of flying." Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

Flying in the Divine Realm was not merely using one's energy to resist the gravity of the ground. Instead, it was through using the comprehension of the spatial laws to control the space and eliminate the gravity of the ground. Once one started to fly, one would not have to consume any energy to fly.

"This Meteoric Tear is truly peculiar. I am merely at the High Level Deity stage. However, with it, I instead possess the remarkable ability of a Low Level Heavenly Deity." Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from becoming even more curious of the Meteoric Tear. Who was this person called Zuo Qiumei that had left the Meteoric Tear behind?

Qin Yu had also asked Uncle Fu before as to whether he knew of this 'Zuo Qiumei.' However, Uncle Fu's response was instead… "Zuo Qiumei? I've never heard of her. Master, the big shots of the Divine Realm all possess titles. Their true names are something only certain upper tier people know of."

The Divine Realm's Godkings, they mostly possessed some resounding titles.

For example, the Utmost East Sage Emperor of the Eight Great Sage Emperors was only called the Utmost East Sage Emperor. As for his true name, there are not many people that know about it.

As the three brothers chatted, they had casually walked past a couple underground tunnels and made a couple turns. They had encountered quite many miners. The further they go toward the exit, the more miners they encountered.

"Hey, Shi Tian." Hou Fei saw a man afar. His eyes immediately started to shine and he yelled.

Qin Yu also looked over. The man and woman from afar was precisely Shi Tian and Song Hui that had ascended together with them. At this moment, Shi Tian and Song Hui also walked over with smiles on their face.

"Brother Qin Yu, Brother Hou Fei, Brother Hei Yu, it’s been about six hundred years now. We have finally meet each other again." That Shi Tian's speech was extremely etiquette.

To run into each other once in six hundred years, the probability of that was indeed awfully low.

Actually, it wasn't that the probability was low. Instead, it was because Qin Yu and his brothers hardly show themselves inside the mine. Thus, it was naturally hard for people to encounter them.

"Do the three of you know which villages you'll be assigned to in the future?" Song Hui suddenly asked.

"Village? What do you mean?" Hou Fei said with a puzzled expression.

Shi Tian and Song Hui were startled. They then glanced at each other. It seemed that their eyes were filled with shock and confusion.

Shi Tian explained. "Could it be that others have not mentioned it to you when you three were mining? All ascenders, once they finished their thousand years of mining, they would be distributed to villages."

Qin Yu came to a realization.

"However, there are also differences between villages. The closer the village is to the city, the more tranquil the Divine Spiritual Energy surrounding it would be. As for the villages that are further from the city, their Divine Spiritual Energy is even more violent." Shi Tian explained in details. "Thus, for ascenders like us, if we were to be able to be assigned to villages that are closer to the city, then even though the Divine Spiritual Energy is still violent, but their violentness would be relatively low which would allow us to be able to absorb some Divine Spiritual Energy."

Qin Yu and his brothers completely understood now.

There are only twenty million people within the Yuchi City. However, there are two hundred million people outside of the city. Some of the villages are closer to the city whereas some of the villages are further away. Of course, everyone wanted to cram into the closest village.

"You all still didn't know about that? Quickly, go and gift some Divine Elemental Stones to that Lord Yan Yu who assigns people to different villages." Advised Shi Tian with good intentions. "If you were to gift him more Divine Elemental Stones, then Lord Yan Yu would assign you to villages that are closer to the city, Otherwise…. you'll only be assigned to remote villages far from the city. In those remote villages, it would be impossible for you to even absorb the slightest amount of Divine Spiritual Energy."

Qin Yu and his brothers were all unable to refrain their smiles.


They who possessed that many Divine Spiritual Stones, was there a need for them to go through all that trouble?

"Thank you Brother Shi Tian for informing us." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

Suddenly, at this moment…

The ground started to shake. A lot of the Divine Realm's miners started to sway back and forth. With a rumbling sound, an underground tunnel not far away from where Qin Yu and them stood had started caving in.

At the same time, a numerous stones on top of the mine tunnel started falling down. All of the Deities started to rush to dodge the falling rocks. Those that were smashed by the stones, even if they did not die, they would still have to spend a large amount of Divine Energy to restore their bodies.

"Ah~~~~" A miserable scream sounded.

"Roar~~~" A frightening roar was heard. At the same time, another miserable scream was heard. Shi Tian and Song Hui's expression had taken a huge change. Shi Tian said hurriedly. "Brother Qin Yu, you all should leave quickly. There seems to be some sort of danger here."

Qin Yu and his brothers did not move. Seeing that Qin Yu and them did not have any reaction, Shi Tian and Song Hui started running away.

However, at the direction that Shi Tian and Song Hui rushed out to, the wall on top of the tunnel started cracking. Following the unceasingly sound of wall cracking, numerous stones started crashing down. Following a 'boom' sound, this tunnel had also completely caved in.

Shi Tian and Song Hui immediately turned around and started running toward the opposite direction. They ran past Qin Yu and his brothers and started running toward the underground tunnel to their right.

"Everyone, run, quickly! It's a Subterranean Cave Dragon!"

"Ah~~~" The miserable screams continued unceasingly.

The sounds of chaos rose in succession. All of the Deities were rushing toward the safe underground tunnels. A lot of the underground tunnels in their surroundings had already caved in. A lot of the Deities had rushed toward the tunnel to the right of Qin Yu.

"Why aren't you all running? The Subterranean Cave Dragon is an extremely powerful demon beast of the Divine Realm. Even a High Level Deity would find it very hard to deal with it." Said a youth wearing a soldier's armor to Qin Yu and his brothers. Once he finished saying these words, he stopped caring about Qin Yu and them and proceeded to escape for his life at a rapid pace.


The sounds of roars and screams continued to rise and fall in succession. Qin Yu even saw blood splashing in the depths of the tunnel to his left. Qin Yu and his brothers were all looking at that direction. The left tunnel had also started to shake.

"Subterranean Cave Dragon?" A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu also displayed an eager expression. The three of them had all finished refining their Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. They all wanted to test out their Grandmist Spiritual Treasures on this demon beast.

Within the field of vision of Qin Yu and his brothers, several hundred people were frantically running toward the safe tunnel that Qin Yu and his brothers were in. However, right at this moment, the tunnel wall above these people had suddenly split open.

A claw came crashing out from the stone wall.

"Bang!" That claw had instantly caught a middle-aged man. With a pitter-patter sound of bones breaking, that middle aged man's eyes were filled with dismay. However, all the bones in his entire body had been broken apart. In a blink of an eye, that middle-aged man had turned into bits of crushed bones and flesh. His Golden Soul Pellet had also been completely crushed by the claw.

At the moment when that claw crushed a person to death, the stone walls above the tunnel actually started to give birth to one claw after another.

Each and every claw was a greenish black color. They were all two to three meters tall. Each of the claws possessed ten fingers. At the same time, the ten fingers all had numerous, densely packed, short blade-like barbs.

In merely a blink of an eye, seventy to eighty claws had penetrated through the wall and crushed numerous Deities to death. All the people that were captured by the claws and crushed to death have turned into bits of bones and flesh.


The stone wall on top of the tunnel had completely shattered. An enormous monster had appeared.

Subterranean Cave Dragon!

It was several hundred meters long. Its appearance was like an enormous centipede. Merely, it possess a slender tail. This tail that it possessed was at the very least over a hundred meters. The numerous greenish black colored claws underneath its body numbered at least in the several hundreds.

That pair of ice-cold eyes were coldly looking at the group of Deities who were losing their heads out of fear. Its claws were rapidly flying over.

"Ah~~~" Those Deities have all lost themselves with fear. However, there were also many Deities that had grown angry and took out their battle blades or long swords. However, those battle blades and long swords did not manage to do anything when hacking at the Subterranean Cave Dragon.

Just by looking at the Subterranean Cave Dragon's body, its tortoise shell-like carapace, one would be able to know how powerful its defense was.

Although it seemed that a lot of time had passed, the Subterranean Cave Dragon had only just appeared and started attacking. The Deities had also only just started defending themselves. The total amount of time that had passed was merely about ten breath's time.

"Truly powerful enough. Big brother, I'll go first."

Hei Yu's hands started to shine. The Snowthread Gloves had already been worn on his hands. After that, Hei Yu grabbed his Cloud Piercing Spear and rushed toward the Subterranean Cave Dragon. A dark golden colored light was flowing on the surface of the Cloud Piercing Spear.

Hei Yu violently stepped onto the ground. Like a sharp arrow, his body was shot forward.


Hei Yu's gaze was like lightning. The muscles in his arms violently bulged. His pair of hands became completely sparkling, translucent and transparent. That Cloud Piercing Spear that he held in his hands had also started to shine.

Heaven Startling Single Spear Strike!

That black spear silhouette brought with an endless amount of power. It ripped apart the air and produced a sharp whistle as it firmly smashed upon the tortoise shell-like torso. Following a painful roar, that protective carapace had been split open.

That Subterranean Cave Dragon's ice-cold gaze was burning with rage. It stared at Hei Yu. It actually spoke. "You, shall die!"

Qin Yu's expression changed. This Subterranean Cave Dragon's defense was even more powerful than what Qin Yu had anticipated. Hei Yu had currently refined the Snowthread Gloves and even attacked with the Cloud Piercing Spear. However, the Subterranean Cave Dragon was unexpectedly only injured.

Toward the enormous body of the Subterranean Cave Dragon, such a mere amount of injury would only incur its wrath.

"Xiao Hei, retreat."

Qin Yu shouted. At at this moment, the Subterranean Cave Dragon that had its concentration fixed on Hei Yu stopped chasing the other Deities to kill. Those Deities immediately ran for their lives. Not a single one of them remained here to help Qin Yu and his brothers.

"Big brother, this guy's defense is too strong." Hei Yu rapidly retreated back. As for the Subterranean Cave Dragon, with the movement of its several hundred claws, it had instantly reached Qin Yu and his brothers.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

So fast!

At the same time, Qin Yu grabbed Hou Fei and Hei Yu. With a lightning like speed, he flew toward the air.

"Big brother, you can fly?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu with shocked expressions.

"The two of you, step aside first." Qin Yu released his hands. Hou Fei and Hei Yu landed on the ground. As for Qin Yu, he looked to that Subterranean Cave Dragon with a smile on his face. That Subterranean Cave Dragon also stared at Qin Yu.

Divine Realm's demon beast. Although it had yet to undergo the tribulation, it still possessed the soul level of a level nine Demon Emperor. Thus, it naturally also possessed wisdom.

The person before him could fly! He was a Heavenly Deity! Danger!

That was the response from the Subterranean Cave Dragon.

As Qin Yu continued to float, he flipped his hand and took out a miniature stone pagoda. Qin Yu lightly smiled to the Subterranean Cave Dragon. "Subterranean Cave Dragon? You shall be the first servant of the God Sealing Pagoda."

An invisible ripple shot out from the God Sealing Pagoda to the Subterranean Cave Dragon.

"Humph, although this God Sealing Pagoda cannot take care of a Heavenly Deities, but it is extremely easy for it to take care the demon beasts of the Divine Realm that possess extremely low soul level." A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face.

A simple soul attack from the God Sealing Pagoda had instantly brought the Subterranean Cave Dragon to a muddleheaded state. After that, without any resistance, it was easily absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu were dumbstruck as they saw the Subterranean Cave Dragon disappear into thin air before them.

"It's gone?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu with shocked expressions. They then looked at the God Sealing Pagoda in Qin Yu's hand.

Qin Yu landed on the ground. He glanced at the tunnel behind him where majority of the people had fled toward. "They are truly slow in coming." Qin Yu did not wish to create trouble. He directly absorbed the God Sealing Pagoda into his body.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu immediately walked to Qin Yu's side.

"Big brother, did the God Sealing Pagoda absorb it?" Asked Hou Fei excitedly.

"What do you think?" Said Qin Yu as he smiled. "Well then, the army of the mine is coming. Let's leave quickly. Mn…. seems like we can't leave." Qin Yu lightly smiled as he looked to the depths of the tunnel behind him.

A figure had turned into a blur. In an instant, it had passed through a distance of several miles. Like lightning, it had arrived before Qin Yu and his brothers.

Qin Yu and his brothers all managed to recognize the person that appeared before them. It was precisely that Heavenly Deity that they had seen before, the person in charge of the mine…. Heavenly Deity Yuchi Yang.

Yuchi Yang wore a black gown and had a very stern and indifferent appearance.

Yuchi Yang looked at the ground in the distance that was filled with bits of bones and flesh. He then coldly looked at Qin Yu and his brothers. His brows frowned. He said. "Did the three of you manage to see the Subterranean Cave Dragon?"

Qin Yu nodded and said. "Your Lordship, that Subterranean Cave Dragon had massacred along its path. It then ran away with a lightning like speed."

"Oh? Those people that had managed to flee said that there was a person welding a spear fighting with the Subterranean Cave Dragon here. Did you all manage to see it?" Yuchi Yang looked to Qin Yu and his brothers coldly.

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