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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 20 – The Strongest Killing Array

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Kulops and Robin

"Xiong Hei, three steps in front of you will be the next formation array. If you are able to break through that, then you'll be qualified to experience my strongest Killing Array." Qin Yu's clear and sonorous voice sounded through the Mount Bewitch You.

Xiong Hei turned around and looked to the mountain top of the Mount Bewitch You. He shouted domineeringly. "Qin Yu, you best hide yourself well on top of the mountain. By the time this third great lord here breaks through all your formation arrays, I shall use this Heavenly Divine Spiked Club of mine to crush your skull and destroy your True Spirit!"

After he finished saying that, Xiong Hei proceeded to once again advance in large strides.

Mount Bewitch You was close to two thousand meters tall. Qin Yu was located near the peak of the mountain. Once Xiong Hei entered into the formation array, due to the formation array, he was unable to see Qin Yu. However, because the formation array was set up by Qin Yu, once Xiong Hei stepped into it, Qin Yu was able to see his each and every movement extremely clearly.

"Destroy my True Spirit?" Qin Yu muttered. Qin Yu understood very well that True Spirit was one's consciousness.

Uncle Fu said to Qin Yu respectfully. "Master, to ordinary Deities and people that are weaker, once their soul becomes scattered, their True Spirit would automatically dissipate with it. That is because the True Spirit one possessed at that moment is too weak and is unable to exist by itself. However, once one's soul reach the Embryo Soul stage and one becomes a Heavenly Deity, even if one's soul were to be scattered, the True Spirit can still exist by itself assuming it is not damaged."

"So what if one's True Spirit remained? Could it be that one could still be reborn?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu answered respectfully. "If one's True Spirit remains, although regenerating one's lost body would be very hard, in the Divine Realm, there are most precious medicinal pellets. Those sort of medicinal pellets would allow one to be resurrected."

"Aside from that, those who only have their True Spirit remaining, an expert at the Exalted Celestial level would also be able to resurrect them."

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. "Exalted Celestial? The legendary Exalted Celestials, how many people have actually met one?"

"Actually, it is not just Exalted Celestials who can do that. A long time ago, back when old master was still in the Divine Realm, there was an extremely well-regarded Godking in the Divine Realm. She was called the 'Godking of Life.' This Godking of Life was capable of resurrecting people who possess only a True Spirit!" Replied Uncle Fu respectfully.

"Oh? Godking of Life? She actually possessed the remarkable ability of resurrection. Are you telling me that there were no restrictions to her using this remarkable ability?" Qin Yu asked in surprise.

To be able to resurrect someone who only had a True Spirit remaining, this was something equivalent to going against the Heavens and defying the natural order. To be able to do such a thing, how could there not be any restrictions?

"There shouldn't be any restrictions. My old master said before that in the Divine Realm, amongst all the Godkings, there was no one who could match the Godking of Life in her ability to save someone's life." Said Uncle Fu with a sigh of sorrow. "Unfortunately, the Godking of Life has died."

"How did she die?" Qin Yu asked curiously.

How could an expert at the level of Godking die that easily?

"War!" Said Uncle Fu. "In the Divine Realm, every six billion years, a battle that extends through the entire Divine Realm occurs. Ordinarily, the Godking level experts would rarely die from the battle. However, there are still Godkings that have died throughout history."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"Uncle Fu, how much longer till the next Divine Realm's War?" From Qin Yu's point of view, once the war started, if he were to become an expert artifact craftsman by then, his benefits would be even greater.

Uncle Fu said respectfully. "There ought to be another billion years before the battle."

"Too long." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

"Mn?" Qin Yu's eyes suddenly shined. At this moment, Xiong Hei had already entered the formation array set up in the middle section of the Mount Bewitch You. That formation array was an illusion array. Against the illusion array, Xiong Hei was evidently caught unprepared.

"Haha… this foolish Xiong, to break an illusion array with brute force, that is very hard to do." Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Xiong Hei within the formation array.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu who stood in the sky had also grown confused.

"Why is Xiong Hei running around in a circle around that three step range the entire time? He's even smashing the ground unceasingly. To constantly smash the ground within a range of three steps, how much damage could that possibly cause?" Mei Ji started to frown.

The person who was most proficient in the formation arrays in the entire Black Dragon Pool was Daoist Liu Xu.

Even that Gongsun Jin would frequently ask Daoist Liu Xu for guidance. Daoist Liu Xu's strength in the formation array could already be considered as having reached the pinnacle of level two formation arrays. Merely, researching formation arrays was truly complicated. If one did not have others to provide guidance, it was extremely easy for one to lose his way when analyzing formation arrays in this extremely vast ocean of formation arrays, thus entering a stray path.

Not everyone possessed the careful guidance of the scrolls left behind by the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan.

"Xiong Hei ought to have entered an illusion array. The current him likely still doesn't know that he's been running around in circle, nor does he know that he's been smashing the same area the entire time." Daoist Liu Xu was still staring at Xiong Hei within the formation array.

It was truly as Daoist Liu Xu had guessed, Xiong Hei did not know that he had been smashing the same area the entire time. At this moment, what he saw was a vast piece of land. He did not care for anything else and solely focused on smashing the ground.

The enormous spiked club brought about a huge crater every time it smashed onto the ground. Xiong Hei would run a short distance and then smash another crater.

Just like that, he continued to smash craters… He had smashed over a hundred craters already.

"Huff, huff…" Xiong Hei was gasping. The spiked club was a heavy attack weapon. Furthermore, he instilled a large amount of Heavenly Divine Energy into it every single time he smashed it. If he didn't, how would he be able to smash a large crater out of the stones from the Divine Realm?

To angrily smash the ground for over a hundred times in a row, it have truly consumed a great amount of Xiong Hei's Heavenly Divine Energy.

"What's going on?"

The veins in Xiong Hei's forehead were bulging. His gaze was cast toward the east and then the north. "Formation array, I'm actually still within the formation array! I have smashed several hundred times already. I should've smashed half of the entire Mount Bewitch You by now. Why is it that the formation array is still here?"

Xiong Hei looked to the grassland that covered his entire field of vision. He had grown somewhat angry.

"The most effective method of breaking an illusion barrier is…" Xiong Hei put away his spiked club 'Mountain Crusher.' He started to float in the air. His body was completely covered by jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy.

With Xiong Hei as the center, the space ten meters surrounding him started to distort.

The great grassland that Xiong Hei had originally seen had also started to distort. It turned into mountain stones that had been smashed into powder. In other words, the surrounding ten meters space with Xiong Hei as the center had turned back into the true Mount Bewitch You. As for the larger space, it was still covered by the illusion array.

"Haha… illusion array. Formation arrays are merely minor arts unworthy of a gentleman. In front of the power of space, wouldn't it still only be defeated?" Said Xiong Hei as he laughed heartily. He started flying toward the front. Anywhere he flew past, the area within ten meters from him turned real. The illusion array was no longer able to affect his senses anymore.

Just like that, Xiong Hei casually passed through the illusion array.

After passing the illusion array, Xiong Hei had reached the waist of Mount Bewitch You.

"Qin Yu, you'd best prepare yourself, for I am coming to kill you." Shouted Xiong Hei with a clear voice.

At this moment, Qin Yu was standing on the summit of Mount Bewitch You with hands behind his back. He also said in a clear voice. "Xiong Hei, you being able to break through the Illusion Array is nothing significant. If you are to continue forward, you'll encounter my strongest Killing Array. Let me see how you shall try to break that."

"Killing Array? Haha. Simple, simple!" Xiong Hei was extremely confident.

Although a Killing Array possessed attacking power, it would at the very least not cause him to lose his directions. From Xiong Hei's point of view, he believed that he merely needed to endure the pain for a bit, then smash the mountain apart with his spiked club and destroy the foundations of the formation array to break through it.

"Simple?" A light smile was on Qin Yu's face. "Do not be too confident. Overconfidence could cause you to lose your life."

Qin Yu was extremely confident in this Killing Array. This Killing Array was Qin Yu's strongest achievement in the Killing Arrays. It was a level three formation array. Furthermore, if one were to compare the might, then this Killing Array was stronger than even ordinary level three formation arrays.

That was because this level three formation array was primarily using fire attribute attacks!

Qin Yu possessed the 'Refining Flame Wristband.' The Refining Flame Wristband was composed of nine 'Purple Origin Flame Beads.' With the assistance of the Refining Flame Wristband, Qin Yu's fire attribute Killing Array was his most powerful type of formation array!

"I do not believe that you will still live under the attack from White Pure Flames!" Qin Yu had an extremely confident expression on his face.

White Pure Flame was the True Flame that Heavenly Deities possessed. Qin Yu had perfected layered twenty six layers of formation arrays. Adding on that, he possessed the assistance from the Refining Flame Wristband. It allowed him to be able to use White Pure Flames to attack.

When confronted with White Pure Flames, even if one were a Heavenly Deity, one's body would still be unable to resist it continuously unless one possessed a Heavenly Divine Battle Armor!

It was extremely rare that Xiong Hei possessed a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. How could he possibly possess a defensive Heavenly Divine Battle Armor? Thus, this battle… once Xiong Hei enters the formation array, he'll be burned clean by the White Pure Flames. Even his True Spirit would not be able to remain.

Under the gaze of Daoist Liu Xu, Mei Ji and nearly ten thousand Deities, Xiong Hei walked into Qin Yu's strongest Killing Array.

"Killing Array, break for me!"

In excitement, Xiong Hei extended his large tongue. He licked his thick big lips. He held the spiked club with his two hands and ferociously smashed it on the ground. However, right at this moment…

Lumps of white flame appeared on the ground.

"White." Xiong Hei was startled. He then violently woke back up. "Ahhh, White Pure Flames!" Like a madman, Xiong Hei violently moved back. However, at this moment, a lump of White Pure Flame was flying toward him from the back.

Xiong Hei was dodging unceasingly. He didn't dare to approach the ground at all. That was because lumps of White Pure Flames were being emitted by the ground. Furthermore, there were also lumps of White Pure Flames in the sky.

The sky, the ground, front, back, left and right! There were White Pure Flames in all directions flying toward him. As time passed, the number of White Pure Flames grew more and more. Furthermore, they were turning into a cage as they gathered toward Xiong Hei.

"White Pure Flames, how could there be this many White Pure Flames? Even if he is a Heavenly Deity, it should still be impossible for him to send out so many White Pure Flames." Xiong Hei was about to cry.

One merely had a small number of True Flames in his body.

Who would be able to attack someone with this many White Pure Flames? However, Qin Yu was able to do that. He had relied on the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Refining Flame Wristband' and his strongest Killing Array, to set up this fire attribute Killing Array.

"This formation array's level is still too low. Had it been a level four or level five formation array, I reckon the entire range of the formation array would be covered full with an endless number of White Pure Flames unlike the lumps of White Pure Flames like how it is now."

"My strength right now is also too low. Although I've completely refined the 'Refining Flame Wristband,' the number of White Pure Flames the Refining Flame Wristband emits is too small. If I were stronger, than with merely the Refining Flame Wristband, I'd be able to create an inferno of White Pure Flames!"

Qin Yu was sighing in his heart.

However, Xiong Hei had already given up all hope.

Against the White Pure Flames that had been surrounding him and growing closer from all directions, Xiong Hei was already at a loss as to what to do. He was merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Had he been a Mid Level Heavenly Deity, then with the comprehensions of the spatial laws that Mid Level Heavenly Deities had, he would be able to create an 'absolute domain' and easily escape.

However, he was a Low Level Heavenly Deity. The restriction given by the Divine Realm's space was too great. In the Divine Realm, all he could do was to allow himself the ability to fly and distort the space surrounding him.

"White Pure Flames…"

Xiong Hei looked at the High Quality Divine Battle Armor that he wore and smiled bitterly. Against White Pure Flames, a High Quality Divine Artifact was unable to resist it at all. Xiong Hei had sunk into despair and given up all hope!

The densely packed white pure flames were flying toward Xiong Hei. They were only several meters from him.

However, at this moment, a scene that stupefied everyone present had occured.


As if they had grown confused, the lumps of White Pure Flames seemed to have lost control and started flying in all directions at random. Furthermore, after flying for several meters, all of the flames had extinguished.

"This, this…" Xiong Hei watched this scene with a dumbfounded expression.

There was a large hole on both his thigh and chest. Blood was flowing out from them unceasingly. However, he did not care for them in the slightest.

The White Pure Flames that were flying chaotically earlier, two of them have flown into his body. As for the rest, some of them have extinguished before they touched him. Xiong Hei was at a loss as to what had happened.

"The overlaying of twenty six layers of formation array, according to the conclusions of the deduction, this Xiong Hei ought to have died. However, it appears that the energy from the White Pure Flames was too great. Both the third layer and the eighth layer formation array were affected. The Killing Array that had originally taken shape surprisingly collapsed just like that?"

Qin Yu was found it hard to accept such a result.

Setting up a formation array was an extremely cautious matter. Especially a multilayered formation array like this one. As long as a single formation array layer within it had a problem, the entire formation array would collapse.

"Master, this is the importance of experimenting with formation arrays. Deduction is merely theory. It is merely the most ideal circumstance. However, in reality, the more complicated a formation array, the harder it is to attain the outcome from the deduction." Said Uncle Fu beside Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "I understand this logic. I just didn't expect that… that Xiong Hei actually managed to keep his life from the collapse of the formation array."

In the past, Qin Yu had always been looking forward to testing his formation array and discover the mistakes in his deduction.

However, at the moment when the mistake occurred, Qin Yu had felt a bit of the bitter unwillingness. After all, that Low Level Heavenly Deity Xiong Hei was about to lose his little life in just a little bit longer. However now…

"Huff, huff, the Heavens is helping me, oh the Heavens is helping me!!!" In excitement, Xiong Hei roared twice. His entire forehead, face and even his back was covered with cold sweat.

Xiong Hei recovered his injuries using the remaining Heavenly Divine Energy that he had. To Heavenly Deities, the injuries of their bodies were mere trivial matters. They merely need to use some Heavenly Divine Energy to recover them. As for the Heavenly Divine Energy they used, they could replenish it with Divine Spiritual Stones.

With a flip of his hand, Xiong Hei took out a High Quality Divine Spiritual Stone. In a short amount of time, Xiong Hei had recovered his injuries.

"Xiong Hei, your life is truly huge!"

[TL: this means the same as Xiong Hei, you are truly lucky. I'm assuming having a huge life means it's hard to take.]

Xiong Hei raised his head and looked over. Qin Yu was standing in the sky. At this moment, he was merely two three hundred meters from Xiong Hei.

"Qin Yu, even the Heavens is helping me!" Xiong Hei was filled with confidence. "Even your strongest formation array is done for. What other method do you have to kill me? Haha… prepare to die!"

Xiong Hei started rushing toward Qin Yu with a rapid speed.

Seeing Xiong Hei flying toward him, Qin Yu recalled a speech written in the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path.' "Killing Array, Trapping Array, and Defensive Array. Of the Three Great Formation Arrays, the most powerful among them is the Trapping Array!"

Of the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' over five hundred of them talked about Trapping Arrays. As for the the number of scrolls that talked about the Killing Array and Defensive Array, they only numbered close to four hundred scrolls combined.

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