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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 2 – Such is the Divine Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Mine for a thousand years? Furthermore, for free?

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu as well as that male and female, all five of their expressions had changed. However, the five of them did not have any drastic reactions. All of them could still be considered as being calm.

"Very good. These ascenders that have trained bitterly step by step to finally reach the Divine Realm, they are much more calm than those who have grown up in the Divine Realm." Huang Xu smiled and said. "I had thought that I would have to teach you guys a lesson too."

Huang Xu looked to a simple and honest looking soldier behind him. He said. "Third, according to the rules, I will bring four people with me to deliver these people to the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine. You continue to stay here. It might be possible for there to be more ascenders coming later."

"Yes, captain." Nodded that simple and honest looking soldier.

Soon after, Huang Xu selected four soldiers to go with him. Of these four soldiers, two were male and two were female. That most beautiful woman Liu Fei was one of them. This had caused the five that remained to mumble in a low voice.

The five soldiers, with Huang Xu as the leader, led Qin Yu and the other four ascenders to the road to the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine.

The five Divine Realm soldiers and the five ascenders continued to proceed onward.

"Liu Fei, tell them a bit about the basic things of the Divine Realm." Huang Xu casually ordered.

Liu Fei nodded. She then turned to Qin Yu and them and said. "Compared to the Divine Realm, the original cosmic space that you all came from had almost no restrictions. All of you, carefully listen to what I am about to tell you. Otherwise, if you were to make a joke out of yourself in the future, you cannot blame me for that."

The five ascenders nodded.

"The Divine Realm can be considered as an extremely vast land." Said Liu Fei with a smile.

The five ascenders all started to frown. From their memories, regardless of whether it was the Mortal Realm or the higher level cosmic space like the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, they were all boundless outer space. So how come this Divine Realm was a land?

QIn Yu and his brothers were pretending to be confused whereas the other two people were truly confused.

"The reason why I said the Divine Realm could be considered as an extremely vast land, is because surrounding this land is an almost endless ocean. As for exactly how vast this ocean is, not many people know. Perhaps Godkings know about it." Said Liu Fei with a smile.

"Although the ocean is extremely vast, ninety nine percent of the Divine Realm's people live on the land. The ocean can practically be completely neglected. That's why I said that the Divine Realm could be considered an enormous land." Liu Fei continued.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu actually already understood a bit about the general circumstances in the Divine Realm. They were all things that they managed to learn back in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm when Qin Yu asked Uncle Fu.

"The Eight Great Powers of the Divine Realm are also all located on the land of the Divine Realm." Liu Fei spoke frankly with assurance.

Dissatisfied, Huang Xu said. "Liu Fei, they do not need to know about these things. It's better for me explain to them." Huang Xu took a glance at Qin Yu and them. "Listen carefully, the space in the Divine Realm is extremely stable. At the same time, the restriction brought about by its space is extremely large. I suspect you all have managed to feel it too… in here, it's impossible for you all to even fly."

Qin Yu and the other four all nodded.

Even Qin Yu himself was unable to fly.

"I can tell you all. In the Divine Realm, you are only capable of flying after becoming a Low Level Heavenly Deity."

"Senior, how many different levels are the experts in the Divine Realm separated into?" The female ascender from the male and female ascenders not far from away from Qin Yu asked.

Huang Xu said indifferently. "The experts of the Divine Realm are primarily divided into: Low Level Deity, Mid Level Deity, High Level Deity, Low Level Heavenly Deity, Mid Level Heavenly Deity, High Level Heavenly Deity and the even higher level Godkings! Of course… legend has it that above the Godkings, are the Exalted Celestials."

"We are only Low Level Deities right now, when would we be able to achieve a breakthrough?" That female ascender asked again.

Huang Xu shook his head and laughed. "Low Level Deity? Haha… you all cannot even be considered as Low Level Deity right now. At the very most, you are 'in the process of becoming a Deity.'"

"In the process of becoming a Deity, why is that?" Qin Yu and the other four all looked at Huang Xu.

"It's very simple. Low Level Deity, not only must the energy within their body be Divine Energy, their soul must also reach the Golden Soul Pellet stage. As for you all… other than this person, the other four of you, none of your souls have formed a Golden Soul Pellet." Said Huang Xu as he pointed to Qin Yu.

Immediately, that male and female looked to Qin Yu.

"Stop looking at him, even if you possessed a sufficient number of Divine Spiritual Stones, it would still require you at least several tens of millions of years to reach his level." Said Huang Xu coldly. "However, all of your souls are close to the stage of consummation. There is also no need for you  all to worry about your soul forming the Golden Soul Pellet."

Qin Yu listened and nodded in his mind.

The soul's level was the hardest to improve.

"After spending a countless number of years, it is possible for you all to become a High Level Deity. However, to become a Low Level Heavenly Deity from a High Level Deity…that is truly hard. Among millions of Deities, perhaps only one would be able to become a Low Level Heavenly Deity." Sighed Huang Xu.

Qin Yu's pupils shrunk.

There is only a single Heavenly Deity among millions of Deities? It seemed that this Heavenly Deity level was extremely hard to reach.

"After reaching the Low Level Heavenly Deity, each and every step forward becomes extremely hard. As for High Level Heavenly Deities… they can all be considered as people who possess immense power in the Divine Realm. As for the High Level Heavenly Deity to the Godking level, haha, Godking, if anyone of you manages to become a Godking in the future, I, Huang Xu would also be qualified to brag to others about it." Huang Xu started laughing out loud.

Godking? The Divine Realm has already not had a new Godking for a very long time.

"Remember, a Low Level Deity's Divine Awareness is incapable of leaving the body. The Mid Level Deity's Divine Awareness can leave about ten meters distance away from their body. As for High Level Deities, their Divine Awareness can leave about a hundred meters away from their body. The increase is more or less like this. As for the Heavenly Deities, I am not very sure about it myself." Said Huang Xu with a light smile.

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

He had actually tried to spread his Divine Awareness out from his body earlier. However, even with the amplification from the Meteoric Tear, he was only able to spread his Divine Awareness out several hundred meters away from his body.

"The distance that which Divine Awareness leaves your body that I mentioned earlier was merely that of which the Divine Awareness could penetrate through the air. The materials in the Divine Awareness was very strange. It might be related to the Divine Spiritual Energy but even if one were a High Level Deity, his Divine Awareness would still be incapable of penetrating through the land, trees, sea water and other matters of nature." Explained Huang Xu carefully.

Qin Yu and the others all had surprised looks on their faces.

"Indeed." Qin Yu tried to use his Divine Awareness to penetrate through the land. However, even with the assistance from the Meteoric Tear, he was only barely able to penetrate a foot's distance. It must be borne in mind, that due to Qin Yu having the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, his Divine Awareness had already reached the baseline of the Low Level Heavenly Deity Level.

"You all, look at those stones by the roadside. If you all tried to break open those stones, it would simply be impossible. As for me, I would be able to easily cut it open with this battle blade." As Huang Xu said that, he split a stone by the roadside with a single slash of his blade.

Hei Yu suddenly said. "Senior, how powerful is that weapon of yours?"

"This battle blade of mine?" Huang Xu raised the battle blade in his hand. He smiled and said. "Although it is only a Mid Quality Divine Artifact, I am still capable of using it to hack you in two with a single strike."

"Mn?" Qin Yu frowned.

Hei Yu's 'Black Feather Battle Armor' was as tough as a High Quality Divine Artifact.

"I can tell that your body cultivation is pretty good. Unfortunately, in the cosmic spaces below, no matter how hard you trained your body, you can only, at the very most, reach the toughness of a Mid Level Deity." Said Huang Xu with a light smile. "The reason why Divine Artifacts are called Divine Artifacts, is because of the fact that Divine Energy needs to be poured into it to truly display its might."

"Using a Low Quality Divine Artifact that has Divine Energy poured into it can cut through a High Level Divine Artifact that doesn't have Divine Energy poured into it." Huang Xu explained.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all shocked.

Although Uncle Fu had once said that a Divine Artifacts would become even more powerful once Divine Energy was poured into it, Qin Yu did not pay much attention to it. However, who would've thought that once Divine Energy was poured in, the might of the Divine Artifacts would actually increase that much.

As they continued walking, Qin Yu and the other four managed to learn a lot of things.

Flying was the sign of reaching Heavenly Deity level. Teleportation was something that was impossible to be done. As for Divine Awareness… it was truly too hard to spread out one's Divine Awareness. Furthermore, in the Divine Realm, there are no such things as Transmission Spiritual Pearl or similar items at all.

In the Divine Realm, if one wanted to transmit information, it could only be done via man power.

It could be said that a space of extreme stability like the Divine Realm was much like the Hidden Dragon Continent that Qin Yu lived on when he was younger.

"That stone by the side of the road is over a hundred times heavier than a tall mountain in your previous lesser realm's space." Huang Xu pointed to a roadside stone. "In short, all the matter in the Divine Realm: mountains, trees, and even demonic beasts and so on is different from that of the lower realms."

Huang Xu smiled and said. "Well then, I'll have Liu Fei tell you guys about the computation of time in here."

Liu Fei nodded.

"In the Divine Realm, there is day and night. The day time is twelve hours and the night time is also twelve hours. There are twenty four hours in a day. As for a year, there are three hundred and sixty days in a year, which just happens to be the number of days in a Heavenly Cycle."

[TL: 周天 → Heavenly Cycle. It's some sort of time thing in daoism that I have no clue about. You read them pretty often in eastern fantasies and xianxia novels. There's the large heavenly cycle and the small heavenly cycle. They have something to do with chi transferring through the body.]

Once Liu Fei said those words, Qin Yu was unable to refrain from being surprised.

The method which the Divine Realm used to calculate its time was extremely similar to that of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

"How come the Divine Realm possesses day and night?" Qin Yu asked.

Seeing that Qin Yu asked, Liu Fei lightly smiled to Qin Yu. Clearly, Qin Yu's strength had won a favorable impression from Liu Fei.

Liu Fei pointed to the south and then pointed to the north. "There are a total of Eight Great Sage Emperors in the Divine Realm. Of which, the Utmost South Sage Emperor's Light Lens City radiates the 'Light of Daytime' for twelve hours every day. As for the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Floating Snow City, every day it radiates the 'Dark Curtain of Night' for twelve hours. The Light of Daytime and the Dark Curtain of Night just so happens to be on at different times. Once the Light of Daytime is emitted, the entire Divine Realm would be radiated with light. Once the Dark Curtain of Night is emitted, the entire Divine Realm becomes covered with darkness."

Qin Yu lightly nodded. However, he was still pretty surprised in his heart.

"There is another thing that I believe you all have discovered too. The Divine Spiritual Energy of the Divine Realm is extremely violent." Liu Fei said with a smile. "The violent Divine Spiritual Energy is not something that can be absorbed and used to train with."

Qin Yu and the other four were stunned.

Uncle Fu did not mention such a thing to Qin Yu before. That was because Uncle Fu believed that since the Bewitching God Temple possessed a large amount of Divine Spiritual Stones and even Divine Spiritual Crystal Essence, he did not care much about the Divine Spiritual Energy.

"Earlier when I tried to absorb it, I didn't manage to succeed. And here I thought that my cultivation method was incorrect." Said Hou Fei.

Liu Fei shook her head and said while smiling. "In the Divine Realm, only the Divine Spiritual Energy within the cities are tranquil. One can only absorb Divine Spiritual Energy and train when one's in a city. As for outside of the cities, those areas close to the cities are slightly better off. However, the further away from the cities, the more violent the Divine Spiritual Energy becomes. When one reaches a desolate area outside of the cities, it is simply impossible for one to absorb Divine Spiritual Energy."

"Why is the Divine Spiritual Energy within the cities tranquil?" Qin Yu asked.

Liu Fei shook her head and said. "All I know is that the Extreme East Sage Emperor has sixty four cities underneath him. In all these years, there has never been a new city nor has there been a city removed. The Divine Spiritual Energy within those cities is completely tranquil and the Divine Spiritual Energy outside of those cities is slightly worse. However, the further away from those cities, the more violent and chaotic the Divine Spiritual Energy becomes. It might be that these sixty four cities possess some sort of special reason for it to have tranquil Divine Spiritual Energy."

Qin Yu had some speculations in his heart.

Clearly, the constructions of the cities in the Divine Realm were not merely made through using stones. There might be some special methods.

"Thus, when one trains in the Divine Realm, the most important aspect is the Divine Spiritual Stones. The Divine Spiritual Stones are also the currency of the entire Divine Realm. Only through having Divine Spiritual Stones will you be able to train at ease. Of course, the Divine Spiritual Energy within the cities are tranquil and one can absorb them to train. However, in order to enter those cities to train.. sigh…." Liu Fei shook her head and smiled.

At this moment, the little squadron captain Huang Xu turned around. He said to Qin Yu and them. "In the Divine Realm, one must pay in order to enter the cities. Furthermore, once night time arrives, no pedestrians are allowed to be in the cities. Thus, unless you spend Divine Spiritual Stones to live in an inn, you'll be forced to depart from the city."

"The number of people in the Divine Realm is extremely high. However, the number of cities is extremely small. For example, our Yuchi City, there are a total of close to twenty million people in the Yuchi City. However, the number of Deities that live outside the Yuchi City is instead over two hundred million! It is not that they do not wish to enter the city, but rather that they cannot afford to live there because even the cheapest house in the city costs two million Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones!"

Huang Xu shook his head and said. "I have assumed the role of the little squadron captain for all these years, have trained for such a long time and saved my money the entire time. Yet, only recently did I manage to purchase a house in the Yuchi City."

"Sigh, it's hard to purchase a house." Huang Xu sighed.

The other two males and two females, the four soldiers, also nodded in approval.

"A single house costs two million Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. Earning that many Divine Spiritual Stones is truly too hard." Each and every one of those soldiers started to sigh. That Liu Fei also sighed and said. "I suspect It'll take me several millions of years to save up such an amount."

Qin Yu and his brothers looked to each other.

Two million Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones? Was that a lot?

A single Divine Spiritual Crystal Essence equates to a hundred Top Quality Divine Spiritual Stones which equate to ten thousand High Quality Divine Spiritual Stones which in term equate to a million Mid Quality Divine Spiritual Stones which then equate to a hundred million Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones.

As for the Bewitching God Temple, it possessed quite many Divine Spiritual Crystal Essences and a large pile of Top Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. Two million Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones was nothing but mere trifle.

However, Qin Yu and his brothers have forgotten…. What sort of person was the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan?

He was the number one artifact craftsman of the Divine Realm!

Even Godkings have to treat him with courtesy and personally come to ask him to refine or create artifacts for them. He was a super amazing person. In terms of the number of treasures he possessed… he could even purchase the entire Yuchi City and still have money to spare.

For Uncle Fu to not care about these sort of things and not mention them to Qin Yu was also reasonable.

After about sixteen hours of walking, on the second day when the Light of Daytime arrived, Qin Yu and them reached their destination… the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine.

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