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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 1 – The First Overlook of the Divine Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Divine Realm was an extremely boundless world. Since the birth of the Divine Realm, about a hundred million and two quadrillion years have passed. Since the birth of the Divine Realm till now, there have been many rich and powerful powers existing at a period of time. However, following the passage of time, those powers have mostly collapsed.

[TL: 1.000000002*10^24 years]

Thrive, then decay, that was the law of nature. However, eight powers managed to escape this law of nature. Since the birth till now, a period of a hundred million and two quadrillion years, these eight powers were still in eternal existence.

These eight powers were ancient inherited and never decaying powers.

And the leaders of these eight powers were called the Sage Emperors!

The Eight Great Sage Emperors, they were the people with the highest status in the Divine Realm. In terms of strength, all these Eight Great Sage Emperors possessed strength of Godkings. They are second to only the legendary Exalted Celestials. In terms of power, there was no one that could match these Eight Great Sage Emperors. In terms of weapons, the Eight Great Sage Emperors possessed the Inherited Grandmist Spiritual Treasures that had existed since the appearance of the Divine Realm.

All eight of these Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were first rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Perhaps only the legendary 'Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure' that Exalted Celestials possessed would be able to surpass those eight Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

Strength, power, weapons, they possessed dominance in all of them.

There was no need to mention how revered these Eight Great Sage Emperors were. The Eight Great Sage Emperors each occupied a territory. Of the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the 'Utmost East Sage Emperor' occupied a territory of the eastern region of the Divine Realm.

The Ascension Pond, that was the place where those from the lower realm appear after ascending to the Divine Realm. The number of Ascension Ponds in the entire Divine Realm was fixed. There were a total of approximately eight hundred Ascension Ponds. These Ascension Ponds have existed since the time of the creation of the Divine Realm. They cannot be destroyed and were everlasting.

The story happened at an Ascension Pond on a region in the eastern part of the Divine Realm.

At a certain Ascension Pond of the eastern region of the Divine Realm were ten battle armored soldiers. It just so happened to be the time for this squadron to guard the Ascension Pond. Therefore, they had to stay beside the Ascension Pond for a thousand years. A thousand years later, another squadron would come to take their shift.

And at this moment, these ten soldiers were chatting with each other in boredom.

"You only meet someone who ascends to the Divine Realm once in countless years. And here we are, we must continue to wait here. Days like this are truly boring. Sigh. Captain, I've heard that you're about to get a promotion and become a mid captain?" Said a thin and frail looking youth to a middle aged man beside him.

"I've heard of it too. Last time, when one of our brigades were outside hunting a powerful demon beast, they instead ran into a frightening 'Ant Swarm.' The entire brigade of a thousand people was completely wiped out. Truly miserable." Lamented another middle aged robust fellow. "This time around, the city was focused on getting new people to join the army and our captain was going to be promoted to become a mid captain within the new brigade."

"Don't talk about the Ant Swarm. Sigh… Unless one has reached the Heavenly Deity level, going against those earth-shattering Ant Swarms is practically suicide." Said that captain as he shook his head.

"Captain, after you become the mid captain, your salary should increase, right? Your salary of a thousand years ought to be double now, right?" The most beautiful woman within this little squadron asked.

When the armies in the Divine Realm recruit their soldiers, they do not care about the sex of their soldiers at all. All they cared was the recruit's strength. As for this ten people squadron, there are four females.

"Double, haha, that's right." Upon mentioning this, this squadron captain also displayed a smile on his face.

However, right at this moment, the mists of the Ascension Pond beside them suddenly started to roll about. The white mists were unceasingly rising. Immediately, this squadron had stopped their idle chat.

"Someone is ascending." The brown long haired female soldier was a bit excited.

The range of the white mists rolling about grew larger and larger. It was like there was a dragon rolling about within the Ascension Pond. The Ascension Pond possessed a circumference of close to a hundred meters. However, that rolling mist actually spread to the entire Ascension Pond.

"The number of people who are ascending is actually greater than one or two… there's many of them." The eyes of that Divine Realm's little squadron captain who possessed experience on these sort of things suddenly started to shine.

Immediately, all ten of these soldiers were excited. To be able to receive this many people ascending was extremely rare. Usually, only after many years would there be a single person ascending from the Ascension Pond. For there to be many people ascending at the same time, the possibility of that was so low that one could easily imagine it. It was likely that such a thing would not even happen once in ten million years.

For this little squadron, to be able to receive so many people ascending at once was a glorious deed that's worthy of being a lifetime achievement.

As the white mists continued to roll about, several figures suddenly appeared within the mists.

"Tsk tsk~~~"

Clearly visible dark golden energy burst forth from within the Ascension Pond. Each of the people that had ascended, had the dark gold energy go directly into their bodies. There were a total of five rays of dark gold energy.

"Five people who have ascended. Truly a rare occasion." Gasped that little squadron captain of the Divine Realm.

The most beautiful woman also nodded. "These Ascension Ponds of our Yuchi City only corresponds to about a hundred cosmic spaces. For there to be five people ascending at the same time from the same cosmic space, these five of them are truly people brought together with fate."

"It appears that only one is a female. The other four are all males."

That group of Divine Realm soldiers started to discuss with each other. And while they were discussing…

"Ah~~~" Numerous painful voices sounded from within that Ascension Pond. Hearing those painful voices, these soldiers were instead not concerned in the slightest. They were still discussing with one another.

"The Divine Energy piercing through their bodies, each and every person that ascends to the Divine Realm has to go through this mountain pass. Back then, even I tasted that sort of suffering. Truly…" That little squadron captain smacked his lips as he sighed. He then glanced at the most beautiful woman of the squad. "Liu Fei, you've grown up in the Divine Realm, right? For you all, the Divine Energy would immediately pierce through your bodies right after passing the Divine Tribulation, right?"

The woman called Liu Fei nodded her head. "Right after passing the Divine Tribulation, the Tribulation Clouds would directly shoot out the Divine Energy into our bodies. That sort of feeling, I truly do not wish to experience it again."

"I reckon it'll take about an hour for the Divine Energy to finish passing through their bodies." The little squadron captain looked to the sky to inspect the time of the day. "It's still very early now. I suspect it'll take four more hours till the dusk."

Time passed.

After an hour, four rays of Divine Energy were severed. Those four figures were shot out from the white mist of the Ascension Pond out to the side of Ascension Pond. The ten soldiers immediately rushed to assist these four people.

"Eh, how come only four finished? Why is the other one still continuing?" Said the Divine Realm's little squadron captain in confusion.

The other nine soldiers were also puzzled.

This was something that was predetermined. The amount of Divine Energy that the bodies of those who have just ascended could contain was limited. The amount of Divine Energy one could contain was mostly based on two aspects. The first was one's body's cultivation whereas the second was one's soul's cultivation.

The higher the level the soul was, the more Divine Energy one could absorb without them revolting.

The body was the vessel of the Divine Energy. The stronger the body, the more Divine Energy it could support.

"This, is this the Divine Realm?" A very painful voice sounded. The little squadron captain in the Divine Realm, Huang Xu, looked over. "That's right, this is the Divine Realm. Don't ask too much, first stabilize your body. Eh?"

Among the four that have ascended and were sent to the shore of the Ascension Pond, a male and a female kneeled down to the ground. Their expression was that of extreme pain. The Divine Energy within their bodies was fluctuating unceasingly.

As for the other two people that have ascended, they were instead standing there with composed expressions. It seemed like they were very undisturbed, as if they were not suffering at all. Merely, these two people's gazes were fixed on that figure still within the Ascension Pond.

These two people were precisely Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

"Monkey, that sensation from earlier was truly unpleasant. Big brother should be fine, right?" Said Hei Yu to Hou Fei in a low voice. Having just arrived to the Divine Realm, they discovered that the Divine Realm was substantially different from their expectations.

In the Divine Realm, with their soul's level, they were unable to spread their soul's power out from their body at all.

"This Divine Realm is a bit strange. I feel that I am unable to even fly here." Hou Fei nodded. "However, with big brother's strength, there is definitely not going to be any problem."

"The two of you." The little squadron captain from the Divine Realm, Huang Xu, lightly smiled as he looked to Hou Fei and Hei Yu. "Stop muttering over there. Let me ask you, were the two of you body cultivators in the lower realm?"

"Body cultivators?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu were slightly startled.

"You can say that." Laughed Hou Fei.

As a 'Fiery Eyed Water Ape,' his body was extremely valiant to begin with. Although he did not especially train his body, Hou Fei's current body was still comparable to that of the eighth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. As for Hei Yu… in terms of his body's toughness, he was equally matched with Qin Yu.

"It's good to be body cultivators. You'll be able to take the first mountain pass of the Divine Realm, the piercing through of the Divine Energy, a lot easier." Laughed Huang Xu.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to Huang Xu before them. They both felt that the person standing in front of them was too powerful. He was so powerful that the two of them were unable to resist him at all. The two of them believed that if the man before them wanted to kill them, he would be able to do that easily.

"The sensation this man gives me is more or less like the one that big brother gives me." Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu had this feeling in their heart.

"Since the two of you have ascended to the Divine Realm, you naturally will have to abide by the rules of our Divine Realm. However, the two of you don't need to worry yourselves. These two male and female ascenders, still have to stabilize their bodies. As for the two of you, your bodies were strong enough to begin with, so there is no need for you to spend this effort." Said Huang Xu while smiling.

That beautiful female soldier Liu Fei frowned as she looked to the man within the Ascension Pond that was still receiving the piercing of the Divine Energy. "The two of you, do you know that man?" Asked the beautiful female soldier to Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

Hou Fei nodded. "That is our big brother."

"Big brother? The three of you are brothers?" A pleasant smile appeared on Liu Fei's face. "Truly rare. Three brothers actually ascended to the Divine Realm together. It would seem that you are brought brother together by fate."

"Is my big brother going to be okay?" Hei Yu asked.

A soldier that seemed to be thin and weak said while beaming with smiles. "He's fine…. I have never heard of people ascending to the Divine Realm and dying in the Ascension Pond."

Only then did Hou Fei and Hei Yu heave a sigh of relief.

"Divine Energy piercing through the body?"

Qin Yu was able to clearly hear the conversation of the people not far away from him. This Divine Energy piercing through the body actually did not affect him at all. The reason why others were in pain was because of the struggle between their body's original energy with the Divine Energy.

Once the Divine Energy entered into the body, it would exterminate all of the previous energy within the body and then reside within the body and gather within the dantian area.

However, what about Qin Yu?

He had directly hidden the Nine Steps Force and the Gold Force inside his Stellar Space. Without any energy obstructing the Divine Energy, it effortlessly flowed through Qin Yu's body. Thus, Qin Yu naturally would not be in pain.

Others had spent an hour. However, Qin Yu had spent six entire hours now accepting the Divine Energy into his body. Yet, Qin Yu was still absorbing even more Divine Energy into his body….


At a certain moment, Qin Yu suddenly sensed that the Divine Energy that was flowing within his body actually brought about a very large repressive sensation. Qin Yu had a feeling that if he were to continue to absorb Divine Energy, his body would break apart.

"Huff!" The ray of Divine Energy that had been unceasingly piercing into Qin Yu's body had voluntarily severed itself.

Qin Yu's body was also pushed away by the Ascension Pond. Involuntarily, he had arrived on the shore beside the Ascension Pond.

"This Divine Realm is truly unusual." Once he reached the shore, Qin Yu sensed a binding from the Divine Realm. This extremely steady space had brought Qin Yu a lot of suppression.

"Big brother." Hou Fei and Hei Yu both walked over to Qin Yu.

"It's actually hard to teleport." Qin Yu muttered and gasped.

"Haha, teleport?" That little squadron captain Huang Xu started to laugh out loud. "Ascender, although teleportation might be extremely common in the lower realms, in the Divine Realm… even the high and above High Level Heavenly Deities can forget about even imagining being able to teleport."

Upon hearing the words that Huang Xu had said, Qin Yu was unable to conceal his surprise and looked at him.

At this moment, the ten soldiers, including that little squadron captain Huang Xu, all stared at Qin Yu.

"You are the most powerful among the five that have ascended today. Furthermore, you're so powerful that even we were surprised…. if my guess is correct. Your body is extremely valiant. Furthermore, your soul is also extremely high level, it has reached the Mid Level Deity stage, right?" That Huang Xu smiled as he looked to Qin Yu.

However, Huang Xu was thinking in his heart. "That much Divine Energy. If one were to absorb them with Divine Spiritual Stones, then how many Divine Spiritual Stones would that take? That kid is truly lucky. He managed to absorb that much Divine Energy for free."

Qin Yu was puzzled.

Mid Level Deity? Last time when he was with Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan's soul was at the peak High Level Deity level whereas Qin Yu's soul was at the Peak Mid Level Deity Level. Merely, through the assistance of his Meteoric Tear, he managed to barely reach the baseline of the Low Level Heavenly Deity Level.

"Truly rare. For one to be able to cultivate one's soul to this level, it is truly rare." Said Huang Xu while smiling. "If one were to train in the Divine Realm, even if one does not have any other misgivings and wholeheartedly trained… it would still require several tens of years at the minimum to reach the Mid Level Deity level soul. You've already reached the Deity level the moment you entered the Divine Realm, amazing."

To have a Mid Level Deity level soul the moment one ascended to the Divine Realm, this was something that was extremely rare in the history of the Divine Realm.

Huang Xu suddenly glanced at the man and female, the two of them had finally managed to stabilize their bodies and stood up. Huang Xu nodded and said. "Good, since all of you have accepted the Divine Energy piercing through your bodies and have also stabilized your bodies, then, as the person in charge of you all after you've ascended to the Divine Realm, I shall tell you all some of the basic information regarding the Divine Realm."

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, as well as that man and woman, the five ascenders all looked to Huang Xu.

"According to the convention of the Divine Realm, all those that have just ascended to the Divine Realm are obligated to go to the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine and mine for His Majesty the Sage Emperor free of charge for a thousand years. During these thousand years, you all must not resist, try to flee and so on… Anyone who resists will be chased and killed by the entire Divine Realm."

That squadron captain Huang Xu had an extremely serious expression. "As for the basic information regarding the Divine Realm, I will let you all know about them en route to the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine. Well then, let's set off now!"

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