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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 62 – The Final Move

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

With a diameter of a thousand meters, the enormous black fireball was tyrannically smashing downwards. When it arrived at Qin Yu and his brothers' heads' height, it appeared to have covered the entire world. The sound of a shockwave was heard.

"Zzzk zzk~~~" This Black Divine Flame fireball of a thousand meters diameter had actually covered Qin Yu and his brothers completely. At the same time, it was burning unceasingly.

Had only one person been undergoing the Divine Tribulation by himself, then the Divine Flames would not have been so extreme and would only burn for a short period of time before dissipating. However, this gigantic Black Divine Flame fireball was continuously burning in unbroken succession.


At this moment, the Divine Tribulation region was like a purgatory. The Black Divine Flames were frantically burning. However, regardless of how frantically the Black Divine Flames were burning, Qin Yu and his brothers were not harmed in the slightest.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu were standing behind Qin Yu. As for Qin Yu, he had his arms spread wide open.

A golden membrane of light had covered an area of roughly three meters, with Qin Yu as the center. Like a semicircle, that membrane of light continued to protect Qin Yu and his brothers. Regardless of how hard the Black Flames burned, they were unable to enter the golden membrane of light in the slightest.

Seeing Qin Yu with his arms spread open maintaining the membrane of light, everyone present felt a burst of oppressiveness.

"So powerful." Xuan Xi's expression changed. "Qin Yu, you're far stronger than I had imagined."

During every single Divine Tribulation in the past, the Second Great Divine Tribulation's Divine Flames would usually last for an extremely short period of time. However, the Black Flames for Qin Yu and his brothers' Divine Tribulation instead lasted for nearly twenty breaths. Being burned by such raging Divine Flames for such a long period of time, it was likely that even a High Quality Divine Artifact would melt under such flames.

"Huff…" Magically, those purgatory-like Black Divine Flames, that had covered the entire area, suddenly turned to nothingness and disappeared.

The Second Great Divine Tribulation had been passed.

"Grandfather, third grandfather is so powerful." Qin Nan stood beside Qin Feng. However, his eyes were fixed upon Qin Yu. His gaze displayed his marveled expression. He was marveled by the astonishing strength that Qin Yu had displayed. Truly, it was too astonishing.

Qin Feng also nodded. His gaze was also filled with excitement.

His own third brother, the Little Yu from back then, had already turned into such an amazing person.

The large number of Qin clansmen, all of them possessed gazes filled with pride. At the same time, they were chatting with one another via Voice Transmission gasping of their admiration for Qin Yu. However, a person standing beside Qin De instead had a slightly unsightly expression.

"Qin Yu, you are even stronger than I had imagined." Seeing Qin Yu, Xuan Xi's eyes were shrinking back unceasingly. "If I weren't going to attack now, then it might really be possible for you to pass the Third Great Divine Tribulation."

Xuan Xi glanced at the three distant level nine Demon Emperors with the corner of her eyes.

She didn't dare to inspect them with her Immortal Awareness at all because she feared that she might be discovered by the three of them. At this moment, on the site of the Divine Tribulation's observation, the only people who caused her fear were these three. As for those eighty plus Consecrated, all of them possessed strength weaker than her. It was simply impossible for them to stop her.

"They are more than a hundred meters from me. If I were to suddenly strike and kill Qin De, it would simply be impossible for them to block me." Xuan Xi glanced at Qin De who stood three to four meters away from her.

Three to four meters, with the attack speed that Xuan Xi possessed, if she were to attack Qin De, those three level nine Demon Emperors definitely wouldn't be able to react in time.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, the Heart's Devils of this Third Great Divine Tribulation are extremely powerful. Furthermore, with the three of us undergoing the Divine Tribulation together, I reckon that those Heart's Devils' strength would increase by a lot. The two of you do not possess high level souls, I will take the initiative and attack those Heart's Devils and exterminate all of them completely. As for the Divine Lightning, I am also confident that I can annihilate that too. The two of you merely need to watch me."

At this moment, Qin Yu was filled with confidence.

"Sigh, I truly feel wronged." Said Hou Fei helplessly. "If I were to take on the Divine Tribulation by myself, I definitely would be able to show off my skills. However, after this Divine Tribulation's power increased by over a dozen times or more, I also do not dare to block this Third Great Divine Tribulation. Sigh, it's all because the Mixed Hair Bird and I want to ascend to the Divine Realm together with you, big brother. We can only let you, big brother, be in the limelight."

Hei Yu also smiled.

Hearing that, Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

He decided to block the Third Great Divine Tribulation, yet Hou Fei said that he was showing off and basking in the limelight. This Hou Fei… Qin Yu didn't know what to say,


Qin Yu felt a burst of palpitation. It was a foreboding sensation.

"What happened?" Qin Yu immediately turned his gaze to the people watching the Divine Tribulation from afar. Almost simultaneously, his Divine Awareness also spread over there. The scene that he saw had caused his complexion to undergo a huge change. A heart shocking scene appeared before him.

Xuan Xi's hand took the form of a claw and was rushing toward Qin De's chest. Qin De's eyes were filled with horror.

With Qin De's strength, it was simply impossible for him to react in time.

As for Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and the rest of them, they had not even notice that this was happening. The Qin clansmen behind them also had not noticed this lightning like claw strike. All of their concentration was fixed on Qin Yu who was undergoing his Divine Tribulation.

Amongst Wu Lan, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu, only Wu Lan seemed to have sensed something and looked toward Xuan Xi. His gaze displayed an expression of overwhelming shock. It was too late for him to react in time.

"Royal Father!" Qin Yu's complexion had instantly turned deathly pale.

Xuan Xi and Qin De were too close to each other. For her to attack all of a sudden, even if a one's speed were ten times as fast as hers, they would still be unable to react in time.

"Haha… Qin De, if you want to blame anyone for your death, then blame your son. But you also don't have to worry. Your son will immediately follow after you, his soul shall also be scattered!" Xuan Xi's grim voice sounded in Qin De's mind. At the same time, her right hand that had turned into a claw had already penetrated into Qin De's chest.

At this moment, Xuan Xi had grew excited. She had even started to recall the scene of Wu Lan killing Emperor Yu with a single fist strike.


"My master has ordered that no one shall be allowed to harm his relatives." An amiable and mellow voice sounded. A benign-faced old man appeared beside Qin De. He had caught Xuan Xi's claw fist with his hand. At the same time, he had also covered Qin De with his body.

Regardless of how hard Xuan Xi tried, her right hand was unable to pierce into Qin De's chest.

",you…" Seeing the old man standing before her, Xuan Xi's complexion had turned pale like white paper. She did not believe at all that there was anyone capable of reacting in such an instant and also be able to instantly appear beside Qin De.

Faced with the old man before her, Xuan Xi felt a type of pressure. The aura that the old man before her emitted was too frightening.

That was the aura of Heavenly Divine Energy.

Only when he saw this scene did Qin Yu let out a sigh of relief. His heart was relaxed. "Uncle Fu, thank you!" Qin Yu can't help but remember the scene of the time when he just came back with Uncle Fu.

When Qin Yu first took over the Bewitching God Temple and returned to the Blazing Sun Galaxy's Virtue Residence Star with Uncle Fu, the two of them had a series of exchanges.

"Uncle Fu, I suspect that Mystic Emperor has a malicious plot. I wish that you protect my relatives. Do you think you can do that?" Asked Qin Yu to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu nodded and said. "Master, I am the former housekeeper of the old master, the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. Regardless of whether it's my speed of my body's toughness, they both surpass that of a High Level Heavenly Deity. Even if I cannot comprehend the laws of nature, my strength is still comparable to a Low Level Heavenly Deity. I am still certain that I can protect master's relatives.

"Uncle Fu, since you don't have a soul, you shouldn't be able to use Divine Awareness to observe the movements of others, so how do you fight?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu said confidently. "Master, on my puppet body, there are numerous formation arrays and barrier attachments. Among them is a 'One Aura Amplification Array.' Based on how much energy I supply the One Aura Amplification Array with, the range of its detection increases accordingly. As long as they're within the range of the One Aura Amplification Array, I am able to sense any movements. Furthermore, with my speed… even if they're ten thousand miles away, I will still be able to instantly appear beside them!"

Uncle Fu who possessed the One Aura Amplification Array was, in terms of close combat, even superior to ordinary Heavenly Deities. For experts at the Heavenly Deity level, they are only able to outmatch Uncle Fu through their comprehension of the spatial laws.

However, Uncle Fu's body was too powerful, his strength was too powerful and his speed was too fast. Even if they were to bind Uncle Fu through using spatial laws, if Low Level Heavenly Deities were to encounter Uncle Fu, they would only be able to bind him and flee for their lives. Only those at the Mid Level Heavenly Deity level or above could actually damage Uncle Fu.

"Uncle Fu, from today till the date of my ascension, the safety of my Royal Father, big brother and everyone else is in your hands." Said Qin Yu solemnly.

"Yes, master. I will definitely not allow anyone to harm master's relatives." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

The number of people watching the Divine Tribulation was only in an area roughly several hundred meters large. Uncle Fu's One Aura Amplification Array had completely covered the area. All of the movements of everyone present in this area was evident to Uncle Fu.

The moment when Xuan Xi had turned her hand to the claw form, Uncle Fu had already noticed it.

With Uncle Fu's speed that was hundreds of thousands times faster than Qin Yu's speed, it was extremely easy for him to block Xuan Xi.


When Uncle Fu captured Xuan Xi's right hand, he casually struck Xuan Xi's abdomen with a palm strike. Following a low vibration noise, Xuan Xi's body had instantly turned into fine powder.

"Pfff, so powerful. I had immediately left my body with my Nascent Soul the moment he caught me. But who would've expect that even with my Nascent Soul out of my body, a single palm strike to my body would cause my Nascent Soul to be seriously injured." Xuan Xi was shocked.

When Xuan Xi's Nascent Soul had left her body, she rushed toward the area of the Divine Tribulation with an astonishing speed.

"Not good." Uncle Fu's expression changed.

Xuan Xi was a level nine Immortal Emperor. Once she entered the area of the Divine Tribulation, the Tribulation Cloud would also send down her Divine Tribulation. This would cause the three-man Divine Tribulation to become a four-man Divine Tribulation. When that happens, who knows how much stronger the Divine Tribulation's might would increase by.

With a movement of his foot.

Uncle Fu's speed was fast to a peak level. Like teleporting, he had arrived beside Xuan Xi's Nascent Soul. Uncle Fu wanted to kill Xuan Xi before her Nascent Soul reached the Divine Tribulation's area.


Instantly, Xuan Xi's Nascent Soul gave off a dazzling brilliance. It was dazzling like the sun. Her speed instantly increased by several ten folds. She managed to escape Uncle Fu's capture. Uncle Fu was prepared to go forward and enter into the Divine Tribulation Area to kill Xuan Xi.

"Uncle Fu, do not come in. If you enter the Divine Tribulation Area, the people from the Divine Realm would definitely discover it." Qin Yu's voice sounded in Uncle Fu's mind.

Uncle Fu's movement immediately stopped.

Although Qin Yu did not know much about people from the Divine Realm observing the Divine Tribulations, Uncle Fu had heard about it before… He knew that those people from the Divine Realm were only able to see the scenario within the Divine Tribulation Area.

If those people from the Divine Realm were to discover that a puppet like him had appeared in the Divine Tribulation Area, then the consequences that, that would bring… Uncle Fu felt a sense of palpitation just thinking about it.


Xuan Xi's Nascent Soul released a large amount of energy. She instantly condensed the energy into a human form. However, the current Xuan Xi's entire body was radiating with shine. It was evident that she had reached the final moment of her life.

At the final moment of her life, Xuan Xi raised her head to look at the sky.

At this moment… that rolling endless number of black clouds actually once again started to give birth to a large blood cloud. The blood cloud that was originally ten thousand miles circumference had actually increased twofold. Its circumference had now reached about twenty thousand miles.

As the the Divine Tribulation area, it had increased by a small amount.

Having seen the changes in the sky, Xuan Xi's sight was shifted to Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, can you see that? The Tribulation Clouds have managed to sense the existence of this level nine Immortal Emperor. The three-man Divine Tribulation is now a four-man Divine Tribulation." Xuan Xi's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

As for Xuan Xi's body, the light radiating from it grew even more dazzling.

"Xuan Xi…" Qin Yu grew silent.

"Even if I have to die… I will still not let you escape my vengeance. Brother Feng Yu's death, how could I not avenge him? The only mistake within my plan was that I did not expect for that old man to be present. I truly didn't expect that there was such an expert in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Today, my plans have failed because the heavens have wanted my death to punish me for my sins. However, Qin Yu, although I will die, you… will soon join me. Look, the unprecedented four people Divine Tribulation is about to descend. Let me see how you are going to block that!"

Following the Immortal Awareness Voice Transmission, Xuan Xi's entire body had turned into an item of extreme shine.

With Xuan Xi as the center, the surging energy was spreading all over. Finally, following an explosion, Xuan Xi had disappeared from the world. Not even a trace of her soul remained.


All of the people that were watching the Divine Tribulation had grown silent. Qin De, Qin Feng and everyone were all feeling a burst of fear. As for Feng Yuzi, he looked coldly to Lian Zhu beside him.

"That vile and hateful Mystic Emperor, she had caused the three-man Divine Tribulation to change into a four-man one. Will third grandfather be able to block it?" Said Qin Nan worriedly in a low voice.

"He will, he most definitely will." Said Qin Feng resolutely.

"That's right, he most definitely will. Yu'er has never disappointed me before. He will only continue to surprise me." Qin De's gaze was completely fixed on Qin Yu within the Divine Tribulation Area.

As for Qin Yu, he merely looked to the location where Xuan Xi exploded. As for the aftermath of the explosion, he didn't care for it in the slightest.

"Xuan Xi, the one who forced me extremely deeply was Emperor Yu. Thus, he died. And you, you're merely his helper. The hatred between us was not great. Originally, I had wanted to spare your life as long as you did not harm my relatives. However you… you wanted to kill even my relatives. Sigh…"

Qin Yu took a long sigh.

It was probably because Xuan Xi's love for Emperor Yu was extremely deep that she had tried to do such a thing.

"Big brother, the Third Great Divine Tribulation is about to descend." Hou Fei's voice sounded.

Qin Yu turned his head around to look at Hou Fei and Hei Yu. He slightly smiled. "Rest assured, even if it is a four people Divine Tribulation, I will still be able to block it." Qin Yu raised his head to look to the Tribulation Cloud in the sky.

Mists started to appear from the twenty thousand miles circumference crimson colored Tribulation Cloud. At the same time, black lightning was twisting and struggling within the cloud like dragons.

"These Divine Lightning Bolts are clearly more powerful than the one from the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation. The Divine Lightning Bolts of the Cyan Emperor and the Gold Punishment Lord's Tribulations were only gray colored. However, this is black. Their Divine Lightning Bolts were thin like hair. However, these ones are like dragons…."

Golden quicksilver-like radiance started to flow around Qin Yu's body's surface. All the muscles within his body violently surged. Even the space surrounding his body started to violently tremble.

Qin Yu faced upward. His gaze was like lightning when he stared at the rolling gray mist and the dragon-like black lightning bolts.

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