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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 61 – Undergoing the Divine Tribulation Together

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Time flows. In a blink of an eye, forty years had passed.

On a desolate planet not far away from the Virtue Residence Star. The planet was blazing hot. Even the ground had split open from the heat. However, at this moment, over a hundred people were gathered on this planet.

There was a smile on the face of each and every one gathered here. They were chatting with one another with excitement. The blazing hot temperature did not affect them in the slightest.

"Royal Father, this time, Little Yu is going to undergo the Divine Tribulation together with Hou Fei and Hei Yu. Isn't this reckless?" Qin Feng was currently together with Qin De. Even now, Qin Feng still felt a bit nervous about Qin Yu's Divine Tribulation.

Qin De lightly smiled and said. "I am quite confident that Yu'er would not recklessly attempt something beyond his ability, for him to dare do such a thing, he must definitely possess absolute confidence."

"Qin De, you've given birth to a very good son." A clear voice sounded from the side. Xuan Xi who wore a jade green colored gauze jacket walked in.

"Eh?" Qin De and Qin Feng were both puzzled. Over all these years, they had met the Mystic Emperor no less than a hundred times. In all those occasions, she would usually wear pink, purple or white. It was the first time they had ever seen her wear a jade green colored gauze jacket.

Qin De smiled and asked. "Your Majesty Mystic Emperor, this outfit of yours today, we have never seen you wear it before."

Wearing a jade green colored jacket yet still possessing the posture of a woman.

"I've worn this before. Merely, it's been a very long time since I last wore them. Qin De, Brother Qin Yu actually dares to take on the Divine Tribulation with two other people at the same time, this is something that has never happened before in the history of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Said Xuan Xi with a smile.

Qin De shook his head and said with a sigh. "Yu'er insisted on doing that. Even my persuasion was useless."

"Brother Qin, you don't have to worry for Little Yu." Feng Yuzi and his wife Lian Yu also walked in together.

Xuan Xi suddenly frowned as she glanced at the eighty plus people in the distance. She grew puzzled. "Who exactly are those eighty plus people? How is it possible for there to be over eighty Emperor level experts? Furthermore, I am practically unable to recognize their true forms at all!"

Those eighty plus people were precisely the eighty plus Demon Beasts that originated from all different cosmic spaces and were saved by Qin Yu before.

Actually, ever since these eighty plus people willingly became Spiritual Beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, they had never once entered the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. That was because it was too hard to open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Thus, they remained out here, living with the Qin Clan.

It was the same principle as how Immortal Emperor Ni Yang managed to have Ye Qu and Wu Lan be outside of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas after his death.

"Brother Qin, these eighty plus people, it seems that I have never met them before?" Asked Xuan Xi in confusion.

Qin Feng instead replied. "Your Majesty Xuan Xi, they are the Consecrated Guardians of our Qin Clan. They usually live within the Qin Palace. It is also extremely normal for Your Majesty Xuan Xi to not have seen them before."

The Qin Palace, previously known as the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, was indeed a place that the Mystic Emperor had never once been to.

"So that's how it is." Xuan Xi smiled as she nodded. However, she was thinking in her heart: "Who would've thought that the Qin Clan actually possessed this group of experts. Just by comparing the number of Emperor level experts that they have, they actually are on par with me."

"The first step of my plan for revenge was killing Qin De to create chaos in Qin Yu's mindset so that he would be invaded by Heart's Devil and shattered into pieces by the Divine Lighting during the Third Great Divine Tribulation. Although these eighty plus Consecrated possess decent strength, if I were to approach Qin De, these people would still be too weak to obstruct me."

Xuan Xi already had a plan for her revenge.

Her plan for revenge against Qin Yu was composed of two steps.

Back then, when Xuan Xi first discovered the Qin clan, Xuan Xi had originally wanted to directly kill the entire Qin clan. However, she later realized that if she were to kill the entire Qin clan, she'd only anger Qin Yu greatly and make him come to kill her to vent his anger. This would then allow him to not longer have to worry about his relatives, restricting him from his bindings. His cultivation speed would only become even faster. He might even be able to attain even greater accomplishments.

The target of her vengeance was Qin Yu. Xuan Xi did not want Qin Yu to attain even greater accomplishments.

Therefore, she came up with this plan.

"Your strength is indeed powerful. Actually, it is frighteningly powerful!" Xuan Xi stared at Qin Yu who was currently silently training at afar. Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all sitting in a cross-legged position, waiting for the arrival of the Divine Tribulation.

"However, Qin Yu, you are too arrogant. With three people undergoing the Divine Tribulation together, the Divine Tribulation's power won't just triple. Instead, it'll be increased eight to nine fold, or even more! I do not believe that once you become inflicted with the Heart's Devil, you'll still be able to defend against the Third Great Divine Tribulation with over ten times the original power!"

Xuan Xi's heart was boiling with hatred. However, she still displayed a tranquil expression on her face.

If the Heart's Devil manages to successfully infiltrate one's body, it'd be an extremely frightening thing. If Qin Yu were to be infiltrated by the Heart's Devil, then without any awareness left, he might still be able to keep his life with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. However, if Hou Fei and Hei Yu were to lose Qin Yu's assistance, then it'd be extremely dangerous and hard for them to be able to remain alive.

"To have you witness the death of your Royal Father at the time of your Divine Tribulation, I do not believe that your state of mind will not be shaken up!" Xuan Xi smiled grimly. "Once your state of mind is shaken, the Heart's Devil will enter your body and your death will be guaranteed."

This was what Xuan Xi had determined to be the only possible plan that might be able to succeed.

She was unable to think of a better plan.

"It's him!" Xuan Xi's pupils suddenly shrunk back. She noticed a person.

Xuan Xi was forever unable to forget about the man who had killed her husband, Emperor Yu, with a single fist strike. And at this moment, that dark and thin man was with two other men. Xuan Xi was able to sense extremely powerful auras radiating from these three people.

"Three level nine Demon Emperors!" Xuan Xi's heart was suddenly jolted.

Standing at a location not far from Xuan Xi was Wu Lan, Ye Qu and Ao Wuming. The three of them had also came to watch Qin Yu's Divine Tribulation. Not long ago, Wu Lan had finally become a level nine Demon Emperor after training in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Humph, three level nine Demon Emperors are still unable to affect my plan. Even if they were closer to Qin De, Ii reckon that when I attack to kill him, they will still not be able to stop me in time!"

Xuan Xi was extremely confident.

She possessed a Divine Armor. Furthermore, killing Qin De required only a single strike of hers! If she were to stand beside Qin De and suddenly attack him, then even if Qin Yu weren't about to undergo his Divine Tribulation, he would likely still not be able to react in time. It was practically impossible for him to be able to instantly appear between them and block her attack.

"Master, the Divine Tribulation is about to descend. Come over and watch with us." The beautiful married woman Lian Yu said respectfully.

Xuan Xi lightly smiled and said. "Sure." As she said that, she walked over to Qin De.

At this moment, the people who came to watch Qin Yu's Divine Tribulation were separated into three major groups.

The first group of people were the frontmost ones. They consisted of Qin De, Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and his wife, Qin Feng's daughter, Qin Feng's grandson Qin Nan… and other Qin clansmen of relatively high position. Of course, this also included Xuan Xi who stood beside Qin De and Feng Yuzi.

The second group was the rest of the Qin clansmen. They were mostly from the younger generations. This group of people stood behind Qin De and them.

The third group was the eighty plus Consecrated. Ye Qu, Wu Lan and Ao Wuxu were also located at the edge of the location where this group of people was at.

Xuan Xi and Qin De were standing beside each other. The two of them were even chatting and laughing.

"Qin De, there is no need for you to worry about Brother Qin Yu. I believe that he will definitely be able to successfully pass the Divine Tribulation." Said Xuan Xi to Qin De with a smile on her face. Qin De slightly nodded and said. "Thank you Your Majesty Mystic Emperor for your kind words."

And at this moment…

"Rumble~~~" A seemingly unlimited number of black clouds started to roll about. The sky above the entire uninhabited planet was covered with a layer of unceasingly thundering and surging black clouds. Lightning was also rolling about within the black clouds.

"Zzk zzk~~~"

Qin Yu and his brothers were sitting there in a cross legged position, suddenly, the space within a circumference of ten meters around them had become completely distorted.

"Big brother, it's about to begin." Hou Fei was the first to open his eyes.

Hei Yu also opened his eyes and raised his head and looked towards the sky. Qin Yu was the last one to open his eyes. With a slight smile on his face, Qin Yu looked at the raging black clouds that covered the sky. "For the three of us to undergo the Divine Tribulation together, It shall be interesting to see exactly how powerful this Divine Tribulation will be."

Almost simultaneously, the three brothers stood up. Like steel rods, they stood straightly. The gowns that they wore were fluttering with the wind.

"Boom!" Following a lightning strike, immediately, tens of millions of electric snakes started to simultaneously bombard the distorted region of a ten mile circumference. Qin Yu and his brothers were faced with a multifarious number of lightning bolts. However, they were still standing with their hands behind their back. They were still looking to the sky. They did not seem to care for the lightning bolts in the slightest.

At the current moment, the genius of the Qin Clan, Qin Feng's grandson Qin Nan, was unable to take his eyes off the scene unfolding before him. His mouth was slightly opened. Softly, he was gasping.

The figures of Qin Yu and his brothers were like those of gods in his heart.

"There will definitely be a day that I will become like them!" Thought Qin Nan.

Not only Qin Nan, the rest of the Qin Clan, including even those Consecrated, upon seeing the scene before them and the bombardment of the electric snakes as far as the eye can see, covering the entire sky, could not feel anything but shock from this scene.

"For there to be tens of millions of electric snakes surging before the Divine Tribulation even descends, this is something unprecedented." Said Xuan Xi with a seemingly concerned tone. "The Divine Tribulation this time is definitely going to be extremely powerful."

Qin De, Qin Feng and the rest of the people around her had also started to worry.

Xuan Xi's Immortal Awareness was able to clearly see the worried expression on Qin De, Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and the rest. She started laughing in her heart. "Oh Qin Yu, merely by looking at the tens of millions of electric snakes before the descension of the Divine Tribulation, one can tell the power of this Divine Tribulation. Originally, I didn't have absolute certainty as to whether the plan would work. However, it would seem now that… even the heavens are helping me. No one asked you to have three people undergoing the Divine Tribulation together. To create sin for yourself, you'll just end up dying!"

Among the boundless number of rolling black clouds, a drop of blood seemed to suddenly appear from within it. The amount of blood started to gather. A crimson colored enormous blood cloud appeared from within the black clouds. That blood cloud was at the very least ten thousand miles in circumference.

"Huff, huff…"

Heavy breathing started to be heard. Those Qin clansmen who were standing far away watching the Divine Tribulation, merely because of the oppressive might of the Tribulation Clouds, started to feel their souls being constrained.

Following a flickering of lights, the Consecrated of the Qin clan, Wu Lan as well as the Mystic Emperor and the rest all moved to set up an immense barrier protecting the surroundings of everyone.

"An unprecedented Divine Tribulation." Xuan Xi's eyes shined.

Like a sea of blood, the ten thousand mile blood cloud was spinning. Within the blood cloud, a millstone of about ten mile circumference slowly started to appear. Dark blue lightning bolts were flowing in the middle of the millstone.

"Eighty one lightning bolts!" Qin Yu who had his head raised up looking at the sky slightly frowned.

"Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, even during the Cyan Emperor and the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan's First Great Divine Tribulation, there were merely nine dark blue colored lightning bolts. However, the First Great Divine Tribulation of us three instead has eighty one. This amount of power was not only nine times larger, for the quality to become nine times of what it was, and after being amplified in power by the ancient array, its might would be over a dozen times stronger, or even stronger than that." Qin Yu's expression had turned somewhat serious.

It would appear that he had still been a bit careless. The amount of power increase when undergoing the Divine Tribulation with three people together was truly too frightening.

"Big brother, leave the First Great Divine Tribulation to me." Laughed Hou Fei with a gaga noise. "I just recently managed to master the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike, I'll use this to try it out."

Qin Yu slightly frowned. "Fei Fei, this First Great Divine Tribulation's ancient array is composed of eighty one dark blue colored lighting bolts and possesses an extremely powerful amount of power. Even if you manage to block it, you'd likely also sustain injuries."

"I'll take it on together with Monkey." Said Hou Fei who was clothed completely in white. His voice was still cold like before. "As Monkey will be using the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike, I shall be using the Heaven Startling Single Spear Strike. That should be enough to block the lightning bolts."

Qin Yu nodded.


The ancient formation array millstone, created by the eighty one dark blue colored lightning bolts, slowly descended from the sky. That ten mile circumference millstone just happened to be the same size as the region that Qin Yu and his brothers were undergoing the Divine Tribulation at.

As the millstone started to slowly descend, the Divine Tribulation's region also started to vibrate.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!"

Hou Fei and Hei Yu, like flying arrows, both rushed into the sky and shot towards that ancient formation array millstone.

The bystanders, the Qin clansmen, the Mystic Emperor and those eighty plus Consecrated were all carefully watching the scene before them. Suddenly, an enormous stick silhouette and a soaring spear silhouette appeared.

"Bang!" "Bang!"

These two enormous noises sounded following the appearance of the enormous stick silhouette and soaring spear silhouette.

And at the same time…

The enormous spear and stick silhouette pierced through that ancient formation array millstone. That millstone with a circumference of ten miles started to collapse and fall apart. The eighty one dark blue colored lightning bolts were released from their binding and started flying in all directions.

Without the amplification from the ancient formation array, the mere dark blue colored lightning bolts were unable to harm Qin Yu and his brothers.

"Big brother." With a woosh, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had appeared beside Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled as he nodded. "Not bad."

Hou Fei raised his head and looked to the blood cloud of ten thousand miles circumference. "However, that ancient formation array millstone from earlier was truly huge and powerful. Even with Mixed Hair Bird and I joining hands, I was still able to sense that frightening quaking energy."

"I'll take on the Second Great Divine Tribulation." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu did not say anything. It was because they knew of Qin Yu's astonishing strength. The Second Great Divine Tribulation was the 'Divine Flame Tribulation.' Against the Divine Flame Tribulation, Qin Yu actually held absolute certainty.

That was because Qin Yu possessed the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, Refining Flame Wristband. Using the Refining Flame Wristband, he was able to easily absorb the Divine Flames. However, Qin Yu knew that some of the experts in the Divine Realm were capable of checking his Divine Tribulation in the Divine Realm. Thus, it was better for him to not use the Refining Flame Wristband.

It's enough for him to just use the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.'

"Zzk zzk~~" The ten thousand miles circumference blood cloud separated into an inner and outer section. The two sections started to rotate in reverse directions. Traces of black flames appeared within the intersections of the two sections. The amount of Black Divine Flames birthed by the enormous blood cloud was extremely astonishing.

The Black Divine Flames gathered together and formed a…

Black fireball!

That's right, it was a black fireball. This black fireball was around a thousand meters in diameter. At this moment, the entire black fireball came smashing downward with a lightning like speed. As for Qin Yu, he merely had his head raised. A smile was on his face.

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