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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 41 – Breaking Through The Seal

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

On the core planet of the Demon Realm's Bird Clan, Black Crow Star, inside the Imperial Palace.

Ever since the battle with Wu Lan, the Peng Demon Emperor had restrained his flames of anger for many years. During normal occasions, he would wholeheartedly immerse himself in training so that he could reach the level nine Demon Emperor level at an earlier date. In the over three thousand years that Qin Yu had disappeared, the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan had also not been in constant contact with the Mystic Emperor.

Inside a private room within the Imperial Palace.

"What is the Mystic Emperor contacting me for?" Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan flipped his hand around and took out his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Upon sweeping through the Transmission Spiritual Pearl with his Demon Awareness, he immediately started frowning. 'Why is this Mystic Emperor informing me of Qin Yu's appearance?'

"Xuan Xi, for what reason are you telling me this news?" Zong Yan asked via a transmission.

"Brother Zong Yan, back then, you chased to kill Qin Yu and his brothers and even killed Hei Yu's wife's sister-in-law, Bai Xin. Furthermore, there is hatred between you and Hei Yu, as you have killed his parents. Could it be that you believe that Qin Yu and his brothers will not to come find you?" Xuan Xi asked.

Zong Yan's brows slightly creased.

The hatred and vengeance between him and Hei Yu was indeed something that was difficult to eliminate.

"Xuan Xi, this is not something that you should be worried about. It is still hard to say as to whether that Hei Yu has found out who his actual parents are. And the most important thing is… although it is hard for me to kill Hei Yu, it is also impossible for Hei Yu and his brothers to kill me. I, Zong Yan, am still confident in my speed." Transmitted Zong Yan indifferently.

Evidently, Zong Yan didn't want to fight against Qin Yu and them again.

Over three thousand years ago, Zong Yan had joined hands with Emperor Yu and his wife Xuan Xi. In addition to that, his two subordinates also set out together with them. However, the aftermath of all that was a disgraceful escape. And, with Qin Yu and his brothers' cultivation speed, their current strength was most definitely even more terrifying. There was also that Wu Lan, who had brought about fear to him. Zong Yan did not wish to continue to disgrace himself.

"My speed is fast, it is impossible for them to kill me!" ….this was the true notion that Zong Yan had in his heart.

Xuan Xi said via transmission. "Brother Zong Yan, please do not deceive yourself. Back then, Qin Yu and his brothers had only cultivated for several hundred years. Yet, their strength was already that exceptional. And now, over three thousand years have passed. No one knows exactly how strong they are now. Furthermore, not long ago, I met Qin Yu. I feel that… the current Qin Yu is very terrifying."

"You met him yet he didn't kill you?" Zong Yan was astonished.

Xuan Xi laughed lightly. She said via transmission. "I have my own methods. However, what I want to tell you now is that Qin Yu's current strength is extremely astonishing. Merely by sensing the aura he emits, I can tell that… I am likely unable to block a single move from him. The sensation he gives me was very similar to that of the Cyan Emperor from back then, very similar!"

What Xuan Xi didn't know was that the aura that she sensed was the distinctive aura of individuals whose souls have reached the Golden Soul Pellet stage.

The Cyan Emperor had trained for a very long time. Thus, his soul had long since reached the Golden Soul Pellet stage. That was the reason why he had the same sort of aura as Qin Yu. That was also the reason why Qin Yu was unable to tell how strong the Cyan Emperor was, the first time he met him.

"Very similar to the Cyan Emperor?" Zong Yan's expression changed.

Upon thinking of the Cyan Emperor, Zong Yan felt a burst of fear. Back then, when he, Emperor Yu and the others faced the Cyan Emperor, they were unable to even move. The gap between them was truly too great.

"That's why I came to inform you. It's best for you to be careful of Qin Yu and his brothers' revenge. Well then, that's all I have to say. Brother Zong Yan, as to what you plan to do about it, that is not my problem." After Xuan Xi finished transmitting these words, she cut the connection.

Zong Yan was however still holding onto the Transmission Spiritual Pearl. His complexion and expression changed several times. He had turned somewhat gloomy.

"Handle Qin Yu? I'm unable to even win against that subordinate of his, how can I kill him?" Zong Yan slowly shook his head. He had come to a decision.

According to what Xuan Xi had said, the current Qin Yu possessed a very similar aura with the Cyan Emperor.

However, if they were to compare strength, then who would be stronger?

Although the Cyan Emperor had trained for a long time, his soul's level was at the very most approaching that of a Mid Level Deity. However, Qin Yu's soul, with the assistance from his Meteoric Tear, was definitely stronger than the Cyan Emperor's.

The Cyan Emperor was able to instantly and completely restrict the Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and them because of the treasure that he obtained from the Bewitching God Temple, that he spent tens of millions of years to completely bind and understand. Although that treasure he obtained could be considered as being pretty good, when comparing with the Bewitching God Temple's Master's most beloved treasure, the High Level Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Spear 'Waning Snow,' it would be seriously inferior.

If the Cyan Emperor were to fight against the current Qin Yu, then as long as Qin Yu took out his Divine Spear Waning Snow, the Cyan Emperor would be unable to even block a single strike from him!

At the Demon Realm's Entrance to the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu was standing outside the entrance by himself. After Qin Yu bid his farewell to his Royal Father and big brother on the Fish Sun Star, Qin Yu used Greater Teleportation to rapidly rush over here. With Qin Yu's current speed, he was about ten times faster compared to before.

"Eight Nine Space Sealing Array?" Qin Yu laughed indifferently.

"You, the brat standing out there. As per the joint agreement of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm, this entrance is sealed. Regardless of who you are, you are not allowed entrance into it. It's best for you to depart from here right away." A large shout sounded from inside the Bewitching God Temple's entrance.

Qin Yu did not care about it at all. "Joint agreement of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm? You mean the agreement between those several leaders?"

"After obtaining this Divine Spear Waning Snow, I have yet to use it at all. In the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, I reckon only this seal is worthy of me using it." Excitedly, Qin Yu flipped his hand over and took out a spear.

A dark black colored shaft, a snow-like dazzling spearhead, and a blood line coiling around the spearhead, giving it an even more baleful appearance.

"Haha, what is that guy outside trying to do? Could it be that he's planning to break through the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array? He's truly going to make me die from laughter with this joke. Even the Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and them are unable to break through it, who did this guy think he is? A god?"

"Brothers, these thousands of years we've spent here have been extremely boring. Let's enjoy the show. Let's see how this guy will try to break the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array."

Inside the entrance, the seventy two Emperor level experts that have set up the formation array were laughing loudly. They were bored and wanted to see the embarrassment of the guy outside.

Holding the spear one-handed, with the spear pointed downward in a slant, Qin Yu stood there straightly. His long black hair was drifting. His gaze was fixed upon the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array.

"Waning Snow, for your first spear strike, I shall use the idea behind the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike." Qin Yu's wrist lightly trembled. The Divine Spear Waning Snow turned into a roaming dragon instantly. With a slight spin, it shot toward the entrance.

Pressing forward without stopping!


All seventy two Emperor level experts inside the entrance looked at the scene in front of them with wide opened eyes.

A very simple strike.

However, from their point of view, it was as if the space surrounding Qin Yu had instantly grown distorted following his movements. At the same time, a chain of mirages was born from his spear.


Instantly, the numerous mirages combined into one. Like ripping through paper, the spear pierced through the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array. As for the seventy two Emperor level experts, they all spew out a mouthful of blood simultaneously when the great formation array was broken through.

"That move just now…." An Emperor level expert still had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. However, his eyes were wide open. He was still recalling that fearsome spear strike.

All of them managed to clearly see the spear strike.

The spear strike appeared to be very simple. Its speed also seemed pretty average. However, all of them were able to remember that…. when the spear moved earlier, the space was also distorted. Furthermore, the instant the spear left Qin Yu's hand to the instant it pierced through the seal, none of them managed to see it clearly.

It was like the spear had teleported.

"Haha, mistaken, mistaken. The 'domains' of Emperor level experts are truly a joke, a joke. This is domain, the true domain." A youth among the seventy two Emperor level experts suddenly started laughing out loud. "I finally understand now. So this is what controlling the space is. So this is what 'domain' is."

That youth flew to Qin Yu. He bowed extremely respectfully. "Thank you senior, for the spear strike earlier. This junior has been stuck at the sixth Devil Emperor level for many years, however, from your attack, this junior has realized. This junior is confident that he will be able to become a level nine Devil Emperor within a hundred years."

"That guy is dreaming." Immediately, someone mocked the youth. To be certain that he'll reach the ninth Demon Emperor level just by seeing the spear strike?

That youth was still standing in front of Qin Yu respectfully. "Senior's control of space greatly surpasses the Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and them from that day. It also greatly surpasses this junior's master's. May I ask if senior is from the Divine Realm?"

This youth was no ordinary bystander. He was actually the disciple of the Devil Realm's level nine Devil Emperor, Mo Kong.

As this youth was usually under the guidance of Mo Kong, his speed of progress was also amazingly rapid. However, upon seeing Qin Yu's spear strike, he instead discovered that what his master had taught him over the years, was extremely shallow. He had instantly caught a glimpse of the greater Dao and was confident that he would be able to become a level nine Devil Emperor within a hundred years.

"Your comprehension is truly good. However, I am not from the Divine Realm." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"This junior is called 'Wu Long.' May I know who senior might be?…" Said this Devil Realm's youth respectfully.

Qin Yu glanced at Wu Long. He then looked to the other seventy one Emperor level experts. With a light smile, he said. "The reason why I broke the seal today, was because I cannot bear to see the tyranny imposed by some of the leaders of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. From today on, it's best for you to stop sealing this entrance. If I were to discover that this entrance is sealed again, then all those that set up the seal shall be killed."

All of those seventy two Emperor level experts shivered in their hearts.

The spear from earlier had pierced through the seal like piercing through a window. This had caused everyone to know that… even if it the Dragon Emperor and them went up against him, they would still be no match for the mysterious expert before them. If this man before them truly wanted to kill them…

These seventy two Emperor level experts grew fearful.

"I shall excuse you all this time around." Qin Yu's words had let all seventy two Emperor level experts a sigh of relief.

"Return and tell your leaders to stop putting on this seal in the future. I dislike it." Said Qin Yu coldly.

"Yes, senior." How would those seventy two Emperor level experts dare to say anything else?

Qin Yu glanced at the seventy two people. He then flew into the entrance. When he passed through this group of people, Qin Yu's clear voice once again sounded. "You can tell your leaders that my name is… Qin Yu!"

"It's Qin Yu?"

The majority of these Emperor level experts were woken up by that. When they turned around to look, Qin Yu had already disappeared into the foggy Divine Illusion Barrier.

"Senior Qin Yu is truly too amazing. His strength was already comparable to level nine Immortal Emperors back then. Never had I expected that after not seeing him for these years, his strength had actually reached such a state." Many of them were astonished.

As for that Devil Realm's youth called Wu Long, he was looking at that foggy Divine Illusion Barrier and thinking in his heart. "Senior Qin Yu, the grace shown to me by your spear strike is comparable to the grace of being taught by my master. Wu Long will never forget about it."

Soon after, Wu Long was the first one to depart from here. The other seventy one Emperor level experts also followed behind and left from the entrance.

Wu Long had said that he'll be able to reach level nine Devil Emperor level in a hundred years. Today, all these Emperor level experts laughed at him. However, a hundred years later… Wu Long had actually become the number one expert from the Devil Realm in not just name but also in reality. Furthermore, he became most proficient in using the spear!

In the Crescent Moon Bay of the Immortal Realm.

Emperor Liu who had succeeded the Cyan Emperor was currently in a state of shock. In front of him were five Immortal Emperors who had just returned from the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple.

"What did you say earlier?" Emperor Liu asked again.

The leader among the five said respectfully. "Your Majesty, this subordinate of yours said that not long ago, the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array on the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple was broken through by a man using a single spear."

"How is that possible, impossible!" Emperor Liu was unable to believe it.

Back then, after the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array's arrangement was completed, the Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor, Great Ape Emperor and other experts had all tried to attack the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array. Some of the powerful experts had even attacked together. However, none of them were able to do anything to the seal.

"Your Majesty, you can go and look at it yourself. Furthermore, all of the other Emperor level experts that set up the formation array also know of it." Said that Immortal Emperor respectfully.

"Your Majesty, the person who broke the seal also said that he does not allow people to set up the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array in the future. He said that he cannot bear to see this sort of tyrannical behavior and that if he were to discover the seal again, he would kill all those who set up the seal." That Immortal Emperor added.

Emperor Liu grew silent.

After a long silence, Emperor Liu asked. "Who is it that broke the seal?"

"He said he is called Qin Yu!" Said that Immortal Emperor respectfully.

"Qin Yu…." Emperor Liu's brows were raised. He was unable to restrain the shock in his eyes.

The previous Dragon Emperor Ao Fang had already abdicated. The current Dragon Emperor was Ao Wuming.

Only, Ao Wuming does not possess the Inherited Treasure. This was something that Ao Wuming requested himself. He said that he would only accept the Inherited Treasure after his Imperial Father Ao Fang finished using it to pass the Divine Tribulation.

Ao Wuming looked at the fourteen Demon Emperor expert subordinates. These fourteen Demon Emperor level experts were the ones dispatched to set up the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array. Hearing what they had said, Ao Wuming was still unable to believe it.

"Wuming, what happened?" Ao Fang walked into the main hall.

"Imperial Father, an expert broke through the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array. He also said that he does not permit others to seal the entrance in the future and that if he were to discover it again, then he'll kill all those that set up the seal." A smile was instead on Ao Wuming's face.

"Impossible. Both myself and the Great Ape Emperor have tried to break it before. Neither one of us managed to break through it. Who could possibly be capable of breaking through the seal?" Ao Fang found it to be impossible to believe.

"Imperial Father, you can go ask the other people. This is the truth." Said Ao Wuming solemnly.

Seeing Ao Wuming saying it like this, Ao Fang had also accepted it. Only, the fact that there was someone in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that was capable of breaking through the Eight Nine Space Sealing Array had brought an immense shock to the old Dragon Emperor.

"You wouldn't believe who it was that broke the seal." Ao Wuming said with a smile.

"Who? Is it the new Gold Punishment Lord of the Dark Star Realm?" Ao Fang asked. In his heart, he believed only the leader among the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm was able to break through the seal.

Ao Wuming shook his head. He smiled and said. "I do not know of the Gold Punishment Lord. However, I know of the person who broke the seal. His name is…. Qin Yu!"

"Qin Yu?" Ao Fang seemed to have stopped breathing. He was unable to say anything for a long time.

Following the return of the seventy two Emperor level experts, the news of Qin Yu breaking the seal had instantly spread to all the major experts of the Three Realms — the Demon Realm's Peng Demon Emperor, Ox Demon Emperor, Great Ape Emperor and them; the Immortal Realm's Flame Emperor, Mystic Emperor, Emperor Liu and them; the Devil Realm's Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor and them.

In short, Qin Yu's astonishing strength had brought fear to all of the people.

Furthermore, not a single one of them dared to bring up the idea of sealing the Bewitching God Temple's entrance again.

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