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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 40 – Xuan Xi's Confession

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The arrival of Xuan Xi had caused all of the Qin clansmen within the main hall to become extremely well-behaved. They all stood to the side silently. As for Qin De, he had respectfully walked toward her and said. "Benefactor, you are an acquaintance of my son?"

"Acquaintance? That's right, I have indeed been associated with your son, Qin Yu before." Said Xuan Xi with a smile. Immediately after, her gaze shifted to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu's brows started to crease slightly.

What exactly did this Xuan Xi want to do? From the way it seemed now, this Xuan Xi had long discovered his Royal Father and them. If Xuan Xi wanted to kill them, they she would've already killed them. Why didn't she kill them instead of treating them so nicely?

"Little Yu, you called the benefactor the 'Mystic Emperor' earlier? What's that all about?" Feng Yuzi asked. At this moment, Feng Yuzi's brows were creased together. Clearly, he was in a very distressed state.

Was there anyone who didn't know of the grudges between Qin Yu and Emperor Yu?

As for the Mystic Emperor, she was married to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu had died, yet the Mystic Emperor treated the Qin clan so nicely and even had her beloved disciple marry Feng Yuzi. For anyone with the slightest amount of intelligence, they would all be able to tell that something was amiss.

"Mystic Emperor." A light smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. "Why did you conceal your identity and become my clan's benefactor? Could you perhaps provide an explanation?"

Upon mentioning this, Xuan Xi had a bitter smile on her face. "Qin Yu, the reason why I didn't tell your father and them about my true identity, is because I don't want them to indulge in wild speculations."

Qin De, Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and the rest were all standing to the side, quietly watching the conversation between Qin Yu and Mystic Emperor.

"Wild speculations? Mystic Emperor, you've protected my Qin clan for this many years and are a benefactor to my Qin clan, I must truly thank you for that. However, to be honest, I truly do not understand why you did such a thing." Said Qin Yu calmly.

Mystic Emperor shook her head. In a disappointed and frustrated tone, she said. "If I were to tell you that I have come to my senses and am repenting for my actions, would you believe me?"

Qin Yu was stunned.

Coming to her senses and repenting for her actions? How could Qin Yu possibly believe that?

To experts at the level nine Immortal Emperor level, their understanding of right and wrong and the hatred and desire for revenge were definitely unflinching. If they were to suddenly change and repent their philosophy, if a person had such an irresolute frame of mind, then it would be practically impossible for them to reach level nine Immortal Emperor.

Of course, it wasn't that there was no possibility that the Mystic Emperor had come to her senses and was repenting.

But, who was the Mystic Emperor? She was one of the big shots, one of the leaders amongst the three great powers of the Immortal Realm. If she were in the Mortal Realm, then she would be a dynasty's great Empress!  Would such a person repent?

The Mystic Emperor did not bother to wait for Qin Yu's response. She said. "Qin Yu, I originally did not have any hatred towards you. I only became your enemy because of my husband Feng Yu. That time, when Feng Yu was killed by that expert underneath you, I became furious with rage. At that time, I indeed wanted to kill you for revenge."

Qin Yu did not speak. His gaze was locked on the Mystic Emperor as he continued to listen to her.

"However, you disappeared afterwards. As the time passed, my hatred against you slowly weakened. I, Xuan Xi, am also a level nine Immortal Emperor. I am not someone who would have my eyes blinded by hatred. Only after I completely woke up from my hatred, did I discover a single matter — that from the beginning till the end, it had been Feng Yu who was forcing you as he tried to obtain your Divine Artifacts in vain. That was what led to his death."

Xuan Xi smiled tranquilly. "In fact, Feng Yu's death had instead allowed me to become worry-free. The current me wholeheartedly focuses on the Dao. My soul's level is also progressing very quickly. Against you… I truly do not wish to tangle with you any further. Thus, I could only confer a favor toward you in hopes that we could settle the grudges between us."

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness swept through.

The last time they met, this Mystic Emperor's soul had only reached level nine Immortal Emperor level. However now, her soul had almost consolidated into a Golden Soul Pellet. This sort of speed was indeed considerably fast.

However, even if this was the case, were the Mystic Emperor's words truly real?

"Can I believe her?" Qin Yu asked himself in his heart.

"Yu'er, trust the Mystic Emperor for now." Qin De's Immortal Awareness Voice Transmission suddenly sounded in Qin Yu's mind. After hearing his father's Voice Transmission, Qin Yu's heart was determined.

Although his Royal Father's strength was not powerful, his ability to judge was much better than Qin Yu's. For his Royal Father to decide to trust her for the time being, there must definitely be a reason for that. Thus, Qin Yu sighed at once. "Sigh, Mystic Emperor, had Emperor Yu been as logical as you, back then, then those problems between Emperor Yu and I would've never happened. Emperor Yu would also not have died."

"Feng Yu's death was his own to blame. Actually, he was already completely caught up in his Heart's Devil. No matter who tried to persuade him, it was completely useless. As his wife, at that time, the only thing I could do was to help him." Xuan Xi also sighed.

[TL: I think I forgot to explain what Heart's Devil is. Basically, the 'Heart's Devil' is a form of tribulation or obstacle that some cultivators have to overcome, they can cause a lot of trouble during divine tribulation etc. In Emperor Yu's case, his Heart's Devil was his hatred for Qin Yu.]

Qin De started laughing with a bright and clear voice. "Haha, good, it is good that the grudges between Senior Mystic Emperor and my son have been settled. Senior Mystic Emperor, please stay in the courtyard manor and partake in our banquet tonight."

"Of course." Mystic Emperor nodded while smiling.

With brows like the moon, with limpid autumn water-like eyes, with her white clothes floating, the Mystic Emperor indeed gave off a moving aura.

In the banquet.

Qin De, Yu Fengzi, Qin Feng, Qin Yu… and a large group of Qin clansmen as well as the Mystic Emperor, the Sect Master, the First elder and the Second Elder of the Nine Amplifications Sect and a bunch of others have all arrived for the banquet.

The courtyard manor was extremely lively.

The Sect Master of the Nine Amplifications Sect, the First Elder and the rest of them also came to know that the legendary Qin Yu was actually a Qin clansman.

Although they were confused as to why the Mystic Emperor did not kill the Qin clan and instead treat them so well, they didn't dare offend Qin Yu. Each and every one of them was extremely respectful. The attitude they had toward Qin De had also turned a lot more sincere compared to before.

Qin Yu, Qin De, Feng Yuzi and his wife, Qin Feng, Mystic Emperor, the Nine Amplification Sect's Sect Master as well as the First Elder. These eight individuals were seated at the same table.

Ever since the Mystic Emperor revealed her identity in the main hall, the Qin clansmen have been in a state of nonstop excitement.

At this moment, at the other tables, the Qin clansmen were chatting about the most top-notch existence in the Immortal Realm, the Mystic Emperor, as well as they their prided Utmost Supreme Third Elder, Qin Yu. They were also chatting about some of the achievements that they had accomplished in the Immortal Realm. Only today did the Qin clansmen manage to verify that… Qin Yu was that legendary 'Qin Yu.' This had caused this group of Qin clansmen, who already held Qin Yu as their idol, to become even more excited.

As for the table Qin Yu was at, each and every one of them was drinking and eating. Each and every one of them wore a smile on their faces. However, they were not as excited compared to the other tables.

"Brother Qin Yu, your cultivation speed is the fastest amongst all those people that I've seen and heard about in my entire lifetime… Having not seen you in a bit over three thousand years, Brother Qin Yu's strength has grown even more astonishing. May I know exactly what level Brother Qin Yu is now?" Xuan Xi looked to Qin Yu while smiling.

At this moment, Qin De, Qin Feng and the rest of the people also looked to Qin Yu.

"Me? I reckon I'm not far away from undergoing the Divine Tribulation." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu was able to imagine that his soul's level had already reached a point where he surpassed ordinary Deities. As for his martial prowess and body, it had already reached the ninth stage. They were most definitely fitting the requirements to undergo the Divine Tribulation.

Merely, Qin Yu was still incapable of knowing when the Divine Tribulation would come.

"Don't tell me it's because I'm still in the 'Middle stage Origin Stage' that the Divine Tribulation hasn't come?" Qin Yu guessed in his heart.

"Not far from undergoing the Divine Tribulation. I must truly congratulate Brother Qin Yu." Xuan Xi said at once.

Qin De and the rest of them people instead did not ask anything. Instead, they immediately changed the subject to other things.

After the banquet was over, after the Mystic Emperor left with the people from the Nine Amplifications Sect, Qin Yu, Qin De and Qin Feng went into a room together. Only then did the father and sons start chatting with each other properly.

The three of them sat down around a small table. Each of them poured a cup of tea for themselves.

"Royal Father, earlier, you told me to believe in the Mystic Emperor? Why did you tell me to do that? Could it be that you think what she said was true?" Inside the room, Qin Yu immediately asked the confusion he had in his heart.

Qin De held the teacup with his hands. With a light smile, he said. "No, I do not believe what she said was the truth."

"Then Royal Father…" Qin Yu frowned.

Qin De shook his head and said. "While I did not believe what she said was the truth, I also do not think that what she said was false. Truth or false, there is no need to determine that."

"Little Yu, before this, let me tell you about a matter. Among our Qin descendants, there are twelve who ended up marrying wives in the Immortal Realm. There are also three Qin clan's women who ended up having husbands here. As for their wives and husbands, none of them are unrelated to the Mystic Emperor." Qin De said slowly.

Qin Yu's expression changed.

"Mystic Emperor is truly fierce." Qin Yu sensed that the Mystic Emperor was hard to take care of.

There are not many Qin clansmen in the Immortal Realm to begin with. For there to be fifteen of them' married to the Mystic Emperor's people, this matter had turned troublesome. If they were to take care of the Mystic Emperor, then how shall they deal with the children from those fifteen marriages?

Qin Feng also nodded and said. "My grandson Little Nan had also grew into a good relationship with a girl recently. As far as I know, that girl is from the Nine Amplifications Sect."

"Amazing, amazing." Qin Yu had a trace of anger from the bottom of his heart.

As the Mystic Emperor had used this move, even if Qin Yu wanted to deal with her, he could not do it easily.

"Yu'er, do not think too much about it. If that Mystic Emperor wanted to kill us from the Qin clan, then she would've done so already. There would be no reason for her to drag all the way till now… furthermore, the Mystic Emperor is indeed a benefactor to our Qin clan." Qin De said.

"Benefactor? What did she do?" Qin Yu asked.

Qin Feng spoke. "The clansmen of our Qin clan that have ascended to the Fish Sun Star in the past years have all encountered dangers before. Even I and our Royal Father were like that too. However, every single time, we were saved by the people from the Nine Amplifications Sect. There was one time where the Mystic Emperor personally came to our help. According to what the people from the Nine Amplifications Sect said, the reason why they were so protective of us was precisely because of the Mystic Emperor. Of course, in the past, they had merely said that the Mystic Emperor was an extremely powerful expert of their Nine Amplifications Sect."

"Danger, it's possible that this Mystic Emperor had deliberately created some of those dangers." Qin Yu was completely vigilant against the Mystic Emperor.

If the Mystic Emperor was truly sincere.

Then why would she make a lot of women and men become the life companions of the Qin descendants?

"It is possible. However… I am certain that Mystic Emperor has shown grace upon our Qin clan. Furthermore, it's a very large amount of grace. " Qin De said solemnly. "Yu'er, you'll understand once I finish telling you about this thing."

"Please speak, Royal Father." Said Qin Yu.

Qin De said. "Yu'er, you ought to know that the people from the Mortal Realm's Purple Mystic Star, as long as they're Immortal Cultivators, they would all ascend to the Fish Sun Star. And in every ten cultivators that ascend, roughly half of them would not make it past a hundred years."

"Really?" Qin Yu was shocked. He had never paid attention to stuff like these.

Qin Feng also nodded. He said. "That's right. When we first ascend, we'll be merely level one Heavenly Immortals. On the Fish Sun Star, level one Heavenly Immortals are simply people of the lowest rank. However, because of the fact that those who have ascended are all people of outstanding talents in the Mortal Realm, the majority of them possess treasures and such. Yet, because of the fact that there are too many Heavenly Immortals on the Fish Sun Star, their status is extremely ordinary and the number of treasures they possess is greatly inferior to those that have ascended. Thus, the Immortals that have ascended will usually be killed by those with ulterior motives."

Only then did Qin Yu understand.

"Five deaths among ten people, this was the approximate percentage. The overwhelming majority of them would end up dying like that. However, our Qin clan, in all these years, not a single one of our descendants that have ascended suffered the fate of death!" Said Qin De solemnly. "Why is it that our Qin clan was this special? It was precisely because we were protected by the Nine Amplifications Sect which was commanded by that Mystic Emperor in the shadows."

"Even if our Qin clan were to encounter dangers, and even if some of them were deliberately created by the Mystic Emperor, the others… they are instead ordinary dangers that cultivators who have ascended would encounter. For other sects, such as the Clear Emptiness Monastery and such, half among their disciples that ascend would die. However, none of us are dead. I presume you too understand the great grace that the Mystic Emperor has shown our Qin clan now?" Qin De looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slowly nodded.

Regardless of what that Mystic Emperor was planning to do, from everything that had happened up till now, the Mystic Emperor was still a benefactor to the Qin clan.

After all, if it hadn’t been for the Mystic Emperor's protection, then it would be uncertain whether or not his Royal Father and big brother would still be alive.

"Yu'er, that's why I said that there was no need to differentiate whether the Mystic Emperor was telling the truth or not. When you weren't here, she didn't kill us. And now that you've returned, it's even more unlikely that she'll kill us now. For her to do such a thing, she must definitely have her own reasons. I believe that… we'll naturally find out the truth in the future." Qin De advised.

Qin Yu grew silent. He was pondering in his heart.

Qin De and Qin Feng glanced at each other. They did not disturb Qin Yu.

"If I were to kill the Mystic Emperor now, then I could also be considered as repaying kindness with hostility. Furthermore, my Royal Father and them would definitely not agree to it. However, if I don't kill her… there exists the possibility that she would kill my Royal Father and them. What should I do?"

Qin Yu pondered over it for a short period of time.

"Even if I were to kill the Mystic Emperor, how shall I deal with Uncle Feng's wife? With the fifteen Qin descendants that have married the Mystic Emperor's people?" Qin Yu slowly shook his head. "It would appear that I cannot deal with the Mystic Emperor for now. Mn…. this is the only way for now."

Qin Yu had came to a conclusion.

"Royal Father, I will be leaving for a short period of time and coming back immediately." After Qin Yu finished saying those words, he instantly disappeared. Only Qin De and Qin Feng remained. The two of them looked to each other, they were confused as to what Qin Yu was planning to do.

Nine Amplifications Sect.

Inside a simple yet elegant and unique palace. There was not a single servant here. This was the residence that the Mystic Emperor had on the Nine Amplifications Sect. In normal circumstances, others didn't dare to come into this palace at all. As for now, the Mystic Emperor and the Sect Master of the Nine Amplifications Sect was in this palace.

Inside the palace.

Mystic Emperor had her hands on behind her back. She was facing the Nine Amplifications Sect's Sect Master with her back. No one know what she was thinking.

"Your Majesty." Said the Sect Master of the Nine Amplifications Sect. "Regarding that Qin clan…"

The Mystic Emperor indifferently waved her sleeve and break off the Nine Amplifications Sect's Sect Master's speech. "You can go and relax. You do not have to worry about anything. All you have to do is to carry on my orders."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The Sect Master of the Nine Amplifications Sect didn't dare to say anymore. He immediately withdrew from the Mystic Emperor's residence. As for the Mystic Emperor, a smile suddenly appeared on her face. "Qin Yu oh Qin Yu, let's see how you plan to deal with this mountain pass of mine."

After she finished saying that, the Mystic Emperor flipped her hand and took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. "Brother Zong Yan, Qin Yu has shown himself…"

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