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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 39 – Benefactor?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin De looked at the black gowned youth in front of him. This youth's appearance was exactly like his own son. However, that astonishing strength… just by looking at the deathly pale complexion of the Nine Amplification Sect's Second Elder, one would already know how powerful he was. However, the sensation that originated from his heart and soul was very clear!

"Yu'er." Qin De finally called out.

"Royal Father, I've finally found you." An emotional smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. Having cultivated to this point, there were very few things that could cause Qin Yu to become this emotional.

Feng Yuzi also gulped down two mouthfuls of saliva. Happily surprised, he said. "Little Yu, could it be that you're really that legendary Qin Yu?"

Seeing Qin Yu's strength, even Feng Yuzi started believing that he might be him.

Qin Yu turned around to look at the people in the restaurant. His brows slightly frowned. He then said to Qin De and Feng Yuzi with an amiable tone. "Royal Father, Uncle Feng, let's leave here first. We can slowly talk about it later."

"Cough, cough, this, Senior Qin Yu, you're truly him?" Although that Nine Amplifications Sect's Second Elder addressed Qin Yu's father as brother and all, when he saw Qin Yu, he instead grew reserved and nervous and referred to Qin Yu as 'Senior Qin Yu.' Truly amusing.

However, time was a thing of barely any significance to cultivators. If one was to train for a hundred million years and still remain a Golden Immortal, then even if he was to encounter a Immortal Emperor who have only cultivated for several hundred years, he would still have to respectfully call that person senior. In here… everything is determined by one's strength.

"Oh, and you are?" Qin Yu looked to the Second Elder of the Nine Amplifications Sect. He had noticed that this man seemed to have a pretty good relationship with his own father.

"This junior is the Second Elder of the Nine Amplifications Sect." Said that Second Elder of the Nine Amplifications Sect.

"From the Nine Amplifications Sect?" Qin Yu frowned.

The Dragon Clan's Interstellar Map Qin Yu received from Ao Wuming, it had given an explanation of all the various powers. Qin Yu knew very well that this Nine Amplifications Sect used to belong to Emperor Yu. And now, it was a sect under the Mystic Emperor.

"No matter what sort of plot one has, in front of an absolute power, they are all child's play." Qin Yu wasn't worried in the slightest. With his current strength… especially after obtaining the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Spear Waning Snow, there is definitely no one in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could take a spear strike from it.

Even if he were to not use his High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, with merely his comprehension of the spatial laws, Qin Yu's strength was already slightly stronger than the Gold Punishment Lord, Black Flame Lord, White Profound Lord and the others.

Immediately after, Qin Yu stopped thinking about it.

"Royal Father, Uncle Feng, let's leave. It's been a long time since I've last seen big brother. Little Lu, Big Mountain and them are they also here?" Said Qin Yu while smiling. In front of his relatives, his smile was always that sincere and amiable.

[TL: Little Lu = Xiao Lu → Little Jade. Big Mountain = Da Shan. They're both Qin Yu's friends from the earlier chapters.]

Qin De nodded and said. "Right, let's return. Your big brother has been reminiscing about you since some time ago."

Qin Yu did not know where his Qin clansmen lived. Thus, he could only follow his Royal Father and Uncle Feng. The three of them flew out from the restaurant together. They rapidly flew toward the residence of the Qin clan. As for that Second Elder of the Nine Amplifications Sect, he instead took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. After he sent the transmission, he also flew out of the restaurant.

Only a long time after Qin Yu and the others left the restaurant, did the people inside the restaurant come back to their senses.

"That man from earlier is so terrifying." An Immortal still had a pale complexion on his face.

That black clothed man who sat on the corner of the restaurant was staring at the location where Qin Yu flew out. He was astonished. "He is even more powerful than my master, much much much more powerful! Could it be that… he really is Senior Qin Yu?"

The conversation that Qin Yu had with Qin De and Feng Yuzi as well as the original conversation that Qin De and Feng Yuzi had, was something that majority of the people in the restaurant had heard. Merely from their dialog and, on top of that, Qin Yu's strength, almost everyone had came to a speculation… 'the black gowned youth from earlier was the legendary Immortal Emperor Qin Yu.'

"We were cursing at Senior Qin Yu's relatives earlier?" The two Immortals that had started the rebuke against Qin De looked to each other. They were sweating cold bullets.

Qin Yu flew behind Qin De and Feng Yuzi for a long time. Finally, they approached a courtyard manor and descended.

This courtyard manor, merely its walls were several kilometers long. Even on the Fish Sun Star, this courtyard manor could be considered one that is quite luxurious and big. This was especially true because the courtyard manor was located within the city. Usually, one would not be able to possess such a courtyard manor unless one possessed enough strength.

Qin Yu, his father and his Uncle Feng descended outside the entrance of the courtyard manor.

The two servants guarding the entrance saw them and immediately said respectfully. "Master!" Qin De immediately pulled Qin Yu while smiling and walked into the enormous courtyard manor.

"Royal Father, is this the place you, big brother and the others live in?" Puzzled, Qin Yu asked.

With the strength of his own father and big brother, how could they possibly be able to attain such a large courtyard manor on a core planet like the Fish Sun Star?

"That's right." Qin De smiled as he nodded. "Actually, this is your Aunt Feng's courtyard manor. However, after your Aunt Feng and your Uncle Feng married each other, we also benefited from association and started living in this courtyard manor."

Qin Yu smiled and looked to Feng Yuzi. "Uncle Feng, congratulations."

Feng Yuzi was unable to refrain from smiling. "This is also fate. All those years I've spent in the Mortal Realm, never had I anticipated that I too would have such a day. I had anticipated even less that I would be able to meet your Aunt Feng. The Heavens were truly good to me."

"Stop showing off your good fortune shamelessly. Come, let's go into the main hall first." Said Qin De while smiling.

The three of them continued to walk into the courtyard manor. Inside the courtyard manor was an enormous pond. An arching bridge crossed over the pond. After passing over the bridge and walking down the winding corridor for a moment, the three of them arrived at the main hall.

"Inform the young master and them to all come to the main hall." Qin De smiled and said to the servant outside the main hall.

"Yes, master." That servant immediately left.

Qin Yu, Qin De and Feng Yuzi all took their seat in the main hall.

"It seems like big brother is not inside the courtyard manor?" With a sweep of his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu discovered that the only person he knew in the courtyard manor was Little Lu. Even Tie Shan wasn't here. Qin Yu did not go and try to greet Little Lu immediately. After all, Little Lu was about to come over anyway so there was no need for him to be impatient.

Qin De was startled. He said. "Not here? That is something that I didn't know about. However, rest assured. If your big brother isn't in the courtyard manor, he is most definitely in somewhere in the city. I have already ordered the servant to inform them. The housekeeper would send a message to them via the Transmission Spiritual Pearl."

Qin Yu nodded.

"Yu'er, how have you been in these past four thousand years? Furthermore… not long after I arrived in the Immortal Realm, I heard about an extremely exceptional expert. That expert is also called Qin Yu. Could it be that he was really you?" Even now, Qin De still found it somewhat hard to believe.

Feng Yuzi also looked to Qin Yu. "Little Yu, I've heard that man had once killed twenty six Immortal Emperors in a single succession. And in the end, even Emperor Yu fled in disgrace. Furthermore, on the planet where the Cyan Emperor underwent his Divine Tribulation, he had also displayed his astonishing strength. It was rumored that he is a level nine Immortal Emperor."

Qin Yu laughed at himself and said. "The rumors gets more and more excessive the more they spread. Although a lot of the things are true, they were not what others have said it to be. Back then, my strength was not that exaggerated."

"You truly are him?" Feng Yuzi and Qin De heard Qin Yu's speech and his tone. It seemed that Qin Yu had admitted that he was that Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. "That's right."

"But, but during that time, you had only ascended for how long?" Feng Yuzi felt fear in his own thinking. At that time, Qin Yu had only ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for how long? However, he actually killed twenty six Immortal Emperors in a single succession?

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. "No. Actually, back then, the one who killed twenty six Immortal Emperors in a single succession wasn't me. Instead, it was someone else."

"Oh. Like I said, although Little Yu is a genius, you had only been in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for a hundred or two hundred years at that time. How is it possible that you'd be able to kill twenty six Immortal Emperors in succession?" Feng Yuzi suddenly realized.

Qin De instead frowned and asked. "Yu'er, back then, who was it that saved you and killed twenty six Immortal Emperors?"

"Saved? I won't consider that to be saving. It was mostly because I possessed the Divine Artifact, Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. The Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas has three layers. The first layer possesses Heavenly Demon level Spiritual Beasts. The second layer possesses Demon King level Spiritual Beasts. The third layer possesses Demon Emperor level Spiritual Beasts. At that time, I had finally reached the Immortal Emperor level and thus managed to open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Afterwards, I ordered an extremely powerful Demon Emperor to kill those people." In front of his relatives, Qin Yu told the truth as it was.

Feng Yuzi opened his eyes wide. He pointed at Qin Yu but was unable to finish his sentence. "You, you…"

"Uncle Feng." Qin Yu looked to Feng Yuzi in confusion.

Only after a long time did Feng Yuzi manage to slowly calm down. He said. "Little Yu, you said you'd reached Immortal Emperor level at that time?"

"That's right. If I hadn't reached the Immortal Emperor level, how would I have been able to open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas at that time?" Said Qin Yu with a slight smile. Only now did he understood the reason why Feng Yuzi was shocked.

It was true that at that time, it had only been a bit more than a hundred years since he ascended to the Immortal Realm. To be able to reach the Immortal Emperor level in a bit more than a hundred years was indeed something that would shock anyone.

"Yu'er, there are rumors that you've encountered Emperor Yu on the planet that the Cyan Emperor was undergoing his tribulation on? And you've even fought him there?" Qin De took a deep breath. With anticipation, he looked to this miraculous son of his.

Qin Yu nodded and said while smiling. "That's right. During the battle on the Reef Yellow Star, I was still no match against Emperor Yu. However, during the time of the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation, although Emperor Yu had reached level nine Immortal Emperor then, I had already reached a level on par with him."

During the time of the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation, it had only been several hundred years, not even a thousand, since Qin Yu ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Feng Yuzi and Qin De looked at each other.

Was this still the same third child that they had considered to be without any future prospects?

And just when Feng Yuzi and Qin De opened their mouths, about to say something, suddenly…

"Big brother Yu." A sharp and clear voice sounded. A gentle beautiful woman ran in happily.

"Little Lu." Upon seeing the person who had arrived, Qin Yu had also grown happy. Little Lu was his childhood playmate.

Right after Little Lu came in, a group of people rushed in one after another. These people, some of them had the appearance of old people, some of them youths, and some of them youngsters. However, with no exception, all of these people's eyes were filled with excitement.

After these people came in, almost simultaneously, their gazes were all cast toward the stranger… Qin Yu.

The person who had caused the sudden emergence of the Qin clan in the cultivation world, the person who had made the Qin clan become a miracle in the history of the Mortal Realm, the Qin descendants who grew up hearing about this Utmost Supreme Third Elder, all of them were filled with idolization toward this Qin Yu. To be able to meet Qin Yu today, each and every one of them was excited.

They all clearly remembered the achievements of Qin Yu…

Incapable of training in the internal martial techniques, this man had instead relied on the external martial techniques to enter the Xiantian stage, becoming the first external Xiantian expert of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

At the age of twenty, he entered into the world of cultivators.

He entered the Seabed Cultivation World and, in merely several years, established the Stellar Pavilion and became one of the overlords of the Seabed Cultivation World. The number of Demon Cultivators underneath him numbered in the hundred thousands.

Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, Chaotic Astral Ocean, Soaring Dragon Continent… the numerous stories of Qin Yu, these descendants all clearly remembered it in their hearts.

"Great grandfather, is he the third grandfather?" A youth said to Qin De in a low voice.

Qin De nodded. He then looked to Qin Yu. "Yu'er, they are the descendants of our Qin clan that have ascended in the past four thousand years. These are merely half of them. There are still many of them that are outside with your big brother."

Qin Yu nodded. He then looked at this group of Qin descendants.

In the skies of the Fish Sun Star, a group of people were flying rapidly. The leader among them was precisely Qin Feng. In the Immortal Realm, amongst the Qin clansmen, Qin Feng possessed prestige second only to Qin De.

"Little Yu, Little Yu has actually come." Qin Feng's eyes possessed an overjoyed expression.

"Everyone, fly faster." Qin Feng turned his head around and shouted.

Immediately, the group of people following him proceeded to try harder and fly faster. At this moment, more than a dozen people flew up from below. They were led by a white clothed youngster. This white clothed youngster brought the people to Qin Feng's side and asked. "Grandfather, why did you send an urgent transmission for me?"

In actuality, that housekeeper merely sent a voice transmission to Qin Feng, Tie Shan and a couple other leaders. As for the other younger generations, Qin Feng and them would naturally inform them.

"Your third grandfather has arrived." Said Qin Feng.

"Grandfather, you mean…" That white clothed youngster was unable to believe what Qin Feng had said.

A woman behind Qin Feng smiled and said. "Little Nan, that's right. Your third grandfather has come. Didn't you frequently tell me about how much you idolize your third grandfather? About how much you want to meet your third grandfather after ascending to the Immortal Realm?"

"Mother, is it truly the Utmost Supreme Third Elder?" Qin Nan asked again.

"Mn, why would your mother lie to you?" Said that woman while smiling.

Qin Nan's eyes immediately burst forth an ecstatic radiance. "Grandfather, quick, let's go. I'm not going to wait for you." After that Qin Nan finished saying those words, he immediately increased his speed and turned into a ray of light. Instantly, he had left Qin Feng far behind.

Qin Feng's grandson, Qin Nan, was currently the strongest among the Qin clan. He could also be considered as an exceptional genius. His cultivation speed was extremely astonishing.

"This child." Qin Feng felt a bit helpless. Immediately after, he was unable to hold back his longing to see his own brother. He turned to Tie Shan beside him and said. "Brother Tie Shan, lead everyone for me, I'll be going back first."

Qin Feng also stopped suppressing his speed. Immediately, he sped up to his maximum speed and proceeded to rapidly fly toward the courtyard manor. Merely, his speed was still a bit slower than that Qin Nan's.

Bustling with activity. Currently, a large number of people were gathered in the main hall of the Qin clan's courtyard manor. Never had the Qin clan's courtyard manor been this lively before. All these people would occasionally look at Qin Yu with curious and idolizing gazes.

Only, many of the people among this large group of people didn't dare to talk with Qin Yu. Only those that were a bit more courageous would go up to him and greet him. As for the rest of them, they would look at those that went up there to talk with Qin Yu with eyes of envy.

The number of people in the main hall grew more and more.

"Brother Yang, is that person truly the Utmost Supreme Third Elder?" Some of the younger generations of the Qin clan were talking to each other on the edges of the main hall.

"That's right, that's the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. Oh how amazing it would be if the Utmost Supreme Third Elder would talk and smile to me." Said that youth beside him.

"Then go up there. There have already been a couple people that have managed to talk with Utmost Supreme Third Elder. It seems that Utmost Supreme Third Elder is an awfully nice person."

"No, I wouldn't dare." At this moment, that youth seemed to be somewhat timid and embarrassed.

"Great Grandfather." A voice loudly sounded in the main hall. A figure immediately rushed into the main hall. It was that Qin Nan who have rushed over rapidly.

Qin Yu had also noticed this youngster who had bursted into the main hall. This youngster's strength had actually reached the level one Golden Immortal level. He was definitely the strongest among the entire Qin clan.

"Oh, Little Nan, this is your Third Grandfather Qin Yu." Qin De stroked Qin Nan's head affectionately. Qin Nan also continued to cleverly stay beside Qin De. He merely secretly glanced toward Qin Yu.

Seeing that Qin Yu was looking at him with a smile, Qin Nan instantly grew red like a child that had been caught stealing.

"Ah, Little Nan, you're blushing?" Qin De was amazed. He then looked to Feng Yuzi beside him. "Brother Feng, Little Nan actually has a moment where he blushes too. Truly the sun has risen from the west."

To suddenly see the idol that he worshipped for several thousand years, being nervous was an extremely regular thing to happen.

"Little Yu, this is your big brother's grandson, Little Nan. He is the one with the best aptitude in our Qin clan. Oh… mistake mistake, he's the second best after you." Said Qin De while laughing. Upon recalling Qin Yu's cultivation speed, even with Qin De's temperament, he still clicked his tongue.

In merely several hundred years, he had attained a level comparable to the level nine Immortal Emperor Emperor Yu? Qin De actually has such a son? Truly the Heavens were extremely generous to Qin De.

"Little Yu." A loud and clear voice sounded in the main hall.

"Big brother." Qin Yu immediately stood up.

A sturdy youth stood by the entrance to the main hall. His appearance possessed a seventy percent resemblance to Qin Yu's. Merely, he appeared a bit more straightforward compared to Qin Yu. The two brothers looked at each other. The blood within their bodies were surging. They were blood brothers!

Qin Yu and Qin Feng immediately hugged each other. After some time, they released their hugs.

"Oh, how many years has it been? After all these years in the Immortal Realm, I've finally managed to see you again. Haha… today is truly a happy day." Qin Feng laughed loudly.

"Big brother, today is also my happiest day in the Immortal Realm." Qin Yu also felt that his heart was heating up.

And at this moment, a beautiful woman walked in. "Brother Feng, I've heard that your nephew Qin Yu has come?"

Feng Yuzi immediately stood up. While smiling all over, he walked to that beautiful woman's side. Pulling that beautiful woman's hand, he brought her to Qin Yu and said. "Little Yu, this is your Aunt Feng, Lian Yu. She is someone that I met in the Immortal Realm."

"Lian Yu? Who is Xuan Xi to you?" Qin Yu looked to this 'Lian Yu.' His gaze had turned cold.

With Qin Yu's strength, he was able to instantly tell that this 'Lian Yu' in front of him trained in the exact same martial techniques as Xuan Xi.

"The Mystic Emperor is precisely this Lian Yu's master." This beautiful woman called Lian Yu said while smiling. "My master knows about the news of, Qin Yu, your arrival. I reckon that she'll soon arrive on the Fish Sun Star."

Confused, Feng Yuzi said. "Lian Yu, your master? Wasn't your master that great benefactor who had saved all of our lives, the senior expert of the Nine Amplifications Sect?"

"Brother Qin Yu, I know of the news of you and your father's reunion. For me to rush over here to congratulate you only now, I am truly sorry." A voice suddenly echoed through the main hall. At the same time, a white clothed woman walked in.

"Master." This Lian Yu immediately said respectfully.

"So it's actually the great benefactor who has come." Qin De immediately got up.

Qin Yu frowned. This white clothed woman was precisely the person who possessed great hatred for him, the Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi!

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