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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 23 – The Entrance of the Bewitching God Temple

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu's complexion had turned somewhat pale. Only after a long time did Qin Yu manage to open his mouth and exhale slowly.

"That golden bead is truly dreadful." Qin Yu's heart was filled with a lingering fear. "It actually managed to freeze even my soul. Had it not been the Meteoric Tear helping me out at the final moment, then I'd likely have lost my life just then."

Qin Yu stood in the air. He was staring at the floating golden bead in front of him.

This golden bead had caused Qin Yu to tremble with fear. To not even be able to touch it with his Soul's Power, this was also the first time for Qin Yu to discover such an item… that could pass through his Soul's Power and injure his soul!

Against this sort of problem, Qin Yu remembered Wu Lan.

Soon after, Qin Yu's figure disappeared from the sky. When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm. He had arrived at the location where Wu Lan was training.

Wu Lan was quietly sitting there with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

"Wu Lan." Qin Yu spoke. Wu Lan slowly opened his eyes. Upon seeing Qin Yu, he displayed a smile and asked. "Qin Yu, for you to come here, is there something you need?"

Qin Yu solemnly nodded his head. "Yes, there's a matter. I would like to ask… whether or not there are things that even Soul's Power could not inspect. Upon trying to inspect it, the soul might even be attacked."

"Things?" Wu Lan lightly smiled and said. "As long as the thing does not possess a life, there would be no problem in inspecting it with the Soul's Power. You said that using the Soul's Power to inspect would cause the soul to suffer an attack? I don't think that's likely."

Qin Yu immediately understood it. Likely Wu Lan doesn't know about those sort of things either.

"Oh…" Qin Yu nodded. "Wu Lan, you can continue training. I won't bother you anymore."

With a movement, Qin Yu's body disappeared again.

Wu Lan looked at Qin Yu in confusion. He muttered. "Something that the Soul's Power is unable to inspect? Something that would directly attack the soul through the Soul's Power?" After pondering over it for a long time, Wu Lan gave up and started training again.

Blazing hot surface. Astonishing gravity.

Qin Yu had returned to the surface of the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. As to what exactly that golden bead was, Qin Yu was currently at a loss. After all, even Wu Lan appeared to not have heard about a treasure like it before.

However Qin Yu understood that the small puddle of golden liquid possessed an even more astonishing coldness than the Unitary Heavy Water. That is to say… the golden liquid that surrounded the golden bead was even more precious than the Unitary Heavy Water. As for the golden bead…

Qin Yu estimated that he would only discover what it was after he descended to the Divine Realm.

"Mn, I'll temporarily leave the golden bead here and study it later. For now… I shall go to the Bewitching God Temple." Rapidly, Qin Yu started to proceed toward the Interstellar Conveying Array. In a short moment… Qin Yu had arrived by the Interstellar Conveying Array.

Trial Sacred Planet. On the first floor's lounge of the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Building. The Interstellar Conveying Array started shining and attracted quite a few people. A moment later, Qin Yu appeared from it. This immediately caused all the surrounding people to be confused once again.

Not long ago, Qin Yu, an expert who was awarded the fifteen star Emperor level title plate, had entered into the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star and caused confusion to a lot of people. In merely a short period of time, Qin Yu had came back from the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. The surrounding people were unable to refrain from being confused.

"Lord Liu Xing." Elder Zhi Qiao said respectfully. As for Qin Yu, he merely casually nodded his head and then quickly left while being watched by a bunch of confused people.

After leaving the Trial Sacred Planet, Qin Yu started to rapidly proceed toward the location of the Bewitching God Temple in accordance to the Interstellar Map given to him by Wen Feng. Currently, Qin Yu's Greater Teleportation possessed an even more frightening range. The range was now more than ten times compared to before. It was more than sufficient to pass through an entire star field.

After merely a couple Greater Teleportations.

Qin Yu had arrived near the Bewitching God Temple. When Qin Yu reached a distance of a galaxy away from the Bewitching God Temple, he no longer dared to use Greater Teleportation again. That was because there were a large number of spatial cracks in the nearby vicinity of the Bewitching God Temple. Those spatial cracks of astonishing length had caused the space surrounding the Bewitching God Temple to become unstable.

After spending some Elemental Spirit Stones, Qin Yu was transferred to the planet closest to the Bewitching God Temple.

This planet that was closest to the Bewitching God Temple was called the 'Dragon Arrow Star.'

Upon arriving on the Dragon Arrow Star, Qin Yu was able to sense that the entire space of the Dragon Arrow Star appeared to be be shaking like having an earthquake. Furthermore, Qin Yu discovered something…. there were barely any people on the Dragon Arrow Star, it was a pitiful number of ten people.

That's right, there were only ten people on the entire planet.

Currently, Qin Yu's Soul's Power could be considered as Divine Awareness. Using his Divine Awareness, he searched the entire planet and was unable to help himself from becoming confused. "What's with the experts of the Dark Star Realm? Could it be that none of them want the items in the Bewitching God Temple?"

Qin Yu knew that in the Demon Realm, because of the Bewitching God Temple, it had even caused the planets close to the Bewitching God Temple to be known as the Chaotic Star Field. The reason why it was 'chaotic' was precisely because of the Bewitching God Temple. However, on the Dark Star Realm's side, there appeared to be no one here.

There were only two Interstellar Conveying Arrays on the Dragon Arrow Star. One receiving and one transporting,

"Your Lordship, what brings you to the Dragon Arrow Star?" The person managing the Interstellar Conveying Array looked to Qin Yu and asked,

Qin Yu asked. "Mn, what's happening? There doesn't seem to be a lot of people on the Dragon Arrow Star. Could it be that there are not many people going to the Bewitching God Temple?"

The man in charge of the Interstellar Conveying Array shook his head and laughed. "Your Lordship, why would the experts from our Dark Star Realm want to go to the Bewitching God Temple? Furthermore, how many among us would be able to open the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple?"

"The entrance of the Bewitching God Temple cannot be opened?" Qin Yu was slightly shocked.

The man explained. "Your Lordship, it's not that it's the entrance cannot be opened but rather that there are not many people who are capable of opening it. Thus, over time, the number of people proceeding toward the Bewitching God Temple grew fewer and fewer. However, every hundred thousand years, a large group of experts from all over the Dark Star Realm would all proceed into it together."

Qin Yu understood it now.

"It would seem that the entrance on the side of the Dark Star Realm has also been sealed. Hopefully this seal is not as astonishing as the Eight-Nine Space Sealing Array." Qin Yu's figure turned into a ray of light and shot toward the sky.

Of the two great entrances to the Bewitching God Temple, Qin Yu had already tried the one in the Demon Realm. At that time, he had joined hands with Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Wu Lan, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu, but was still unable to open it. Although his strength had increased greatly, Qin Yu was still not certain of being able to open it.

Qin Yu was rapidly flying in the cosmic space.

Right away, Qin Yu saw a several thousand miles wide and a boundless length enormous spatial tear. That spatial tear was unceasingly restoring and ripping apart…. causing the space to fluctuate the entire time.

Because of this tear, it was very easy for Qin Yu to find the Bewitching God Temple. All he had to do was fly at a parallel line with the spatial tear and find the place where it originated from, in order to find the Bewitching God Temple.

An enormous spheroid was floating in the cosmic space. This spheroid was much greater than ordinary stars. The exterior of the planet was composed of the golden Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and a large amount of a different kind of black speck.

The entrance in the Demon Realm was located on the half with the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream.

As for the entrance in the Dark Star Realm, it was located on the side of the black specks.

"This black speck, it's strength is no weaker than the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream." Qin Yu discovered that when he flew very close to those black specks, his body unexpectedly had a pricking pain.

With how tough and durable Qin Yu's current body was, to be able to sense a pricking pain just from getting closer; the might of these black specks was imaginable.

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness was able to clearly detect that there were human auras on the side of the black specks. The location with human aura was precisely the entrance in the Dark Star Realm. At once, Qin Yu started to rapidly fly over there.

"Stop." The white haired old man beside the entrance shouted at Qin Yu.

Immediately, Qin Yu took out his fifteen star Emperor level title plate. He said. "I am Liu Xing. Let me into the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu knew, that in the Dark Star Realm, one's strength and status was very important.

Upon seeing that Qin Yu was a fifteen star Emperor level expert, that white haired old man immediately said respectfully. "The Elder in charge of the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple, Lian Fan pays his respect to Lord Liu Xing."

"Elder in charge of the entrance?" Qin Yu's brows creased. His gaze was shot toward that circular tunnel entrance with a diameter of around ten meters. At this moment, there was an energy circulating around the entrance that caused Qin Yu to be worried. "Open this entrance for me."

That Elder in charge of the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple, Lian Fan, immediately replied helplessly. "Lord Liu Xing, I am merely here to supervise the entrance. How would I be able to open the entrance? Could it be that Your Lordship doesn't know that it was sealed by the Three Great Sovereigns through using their Inherited Treasures? Only through gaining the consent from the Three Great Sovereigns would one be able to open the entrance."

"Three Great Sovereigns?" Qin Yu was slightly startled.

"It's grown troublesome." Qin Yu frowned. He did not expect for the Bewitching God Temple's entrance on the Dark Star Realm's side to be this troublesome to enter. He had originally thought that he merely needed to become an expert of the Dark Star Realm in order to enter it.

"What if I break through this seal?" Qin Yu asked.

Lian Fan laughed and said. "Lord Liu Xing, the Three Great Sovereigns from back then had once said that… If anyone were to be able to break through the seal, then feel free to break through it. The Three Great Sovereigns would definitely not look into it. Instead, they would reward that person."

Qin Yu nodded. His gaze once again fell on that seal on the entrance.

For the Three Great Sovereigns that set up the seal from back then to be this confident, the seal was obviously very extraordinary. Qin Yu had already sensed the oppressive sensation that the energy from the seal was giving him.

"Move aside." Qin Yu said indifferently to Elder Lian Fan.

"Yes, Lord Liu Xing." Elder Lian Fan happily flew to a far away location. Being in charge of looking after the entrance, Lian Fan would usually only train. It was truly boring. For this Lord Liu Xing in front of him to want to try to break open the seal, he naturally grew cheerful and decided to watch.

The Gold Force on the surface of Qin Yu's body started to fill the air.

Like a water ripple, the space several tens of meters around Qin Yu started to twist. Seeing this scene, that Elder Lian Fan's eyes were wide open. "What kind of technique is this Lord Liu Xing using?"

Qin Yu's stared at that seal in front of him.

The Black Hole in Qin Yu's dantian started to rotate in the opposing direction. A dark golden colored Origin Energy was accelerated by the Black Hole and reached a frightening speed instantly.

Qin Yu extended his index finger. He pointed to the entrance and shouted….


A sharp energy ray was suddenly shot out from the tip of Qin Yu's index finger. Wherever the finger ray passed, faint spatial cracks would appear… with a 'Bang!" the finger ray firmly landed on the seal.

A finger ray containing the strongest spatial comprehension that Qin Yu had, created through the strongest Origin Energy that Qin Yu possessed and sped up to the extreme by Qin Yu's Black Hole!

With this strike, even if what stood in front of it were three Top Quality Divine Artifacts, Qin Yu was confident that he'd be able to penetrate through them.

"Buzz~~" Ripples appeared from the seal. At the same time, a special kind of sound was heard. A soul oppressive feeling was actually spreading about from the seal. It had caused Qin Yu to be stunned for a moment.


"Sure enough, one cannot look down upon the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm." Qin Yu turned around and looked to that Elder Lian Fan. At this moment, Lian Fan was all excited and had flew over. "Lord Liu Xing, you're actually able to shake up the seal and cause it to fluctuate?"

"What, is that strange?" Qin Yu said indifferently.

That Lian Fan promptly said. "Lord Liu Xing, this seal was created by the Three Great Sovereigns through the use of the Three Great Inherited Treasures. Even if one of the Three Great Sovereigns were present, they would at most cause the seal to fluctuate. And without an Inherited Treasure, a seventeen star Emperor level expert from back then, with his strike with all his power, it did not cause the slightest reaction to the seal."

"Lord Liu Xing, may I know how many star Emperor level you are?" Lian Fan was extremely respectful. At this moment, he didn't believe in the fifteen star Emperor level title plate at all. Qin Yu's strike… had already displayed a strength comparable to the Three Great Sovereigns.

However, Lian Fan didn't know that.

There are both strong and weak fluctuations of the seal. Although the Three Great Sovereigns and Qin Yu were all able to make the seal fluctuate, the strength of the Gold Punishment Lord was a bit greater than the Black Flame Lord and the White Profound Lord. Thus, the Gold Punishment Lord was able to make the fluctuation's width to be a bit bigger.  As for comparing the Gold Punishment Lord and Qin Yu, which one of them was stronger? It was very hard to tell without comparison.

"How many star Emperor level I am? I'm about to ascend to the Divine Realm." Qin Yu said indifferently.

Currently, merely by comparing his soul, Qin Yu was already a bit stronger than some of the weaker Deities. Thus, he was qualified to say these words.

Upon hearing those words, Lian Fan immediately understood. To possess such strength without an Inherited Treasure, it was something that no one had heard about before. Thus, it was natural for Qin Yu to be someone who was about to ascend to the Divine Realm.

"Lian Fan, remember, do not spread the news of my strength. Understand?" Qin Yu's voice grew cold.

"Your Lordship, please rest assured. I will definitely not tell others about it." Lian Fan's heart was pounding. How would he dare resist the orders of someone who was as powerful the Three Great Sovereigns?

Qin Yu nodded. He continued to ask. "Lian Fan, do you know what I must do in order to break the seal and enter into the Bewitching God Temple?"

"This Lord Liu Xing ought to be a super expert who's been training for his entire life. He seems to not know about a lot of matters." Lian Fan thought in his heart. He then said respectfully. "Lord Liu Xing, entering the Bewitching God Temple is not a hard matter either. Your Lordship merely needs to go to the Three Great Sovereigns and obtain their permission and the passage title plate refined by the three of them."

"Passage title plate?" The corner of Qin Yu's mouth was slightly raised. "It would seem that I will have to go to that consecration."

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 24 – Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was immensely boundless. Among the powers within it, the most mysterious one, the Dark Star Realm, was divided into three great sects. The three great sects were headed by the Gold Punishment Sect. The Gold Punishment Star was the Sacred Planet of the Gold Punishment Sect. It was also one of the Three Great Sacred Planets of the Dark Star Realm.

Gold Punishment Star.

There was only a single super enormous city on the entire Gold Punishment Star. A large number of experts lived in this city. The main road of the city was enormous and wrapped around the entire city. On the edge of the road were numerous buildings of all sizes and shapes.

There were places where one can spar with others, places to relax, restaurants to dine and drink at… the liveliness of the Gold Punishment Star was comparable to the top notch planets of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Lots of people traveled about the street. Qin Yu, who was dressed in a black gown, was one of them.

Quietly walking on the street, Qin Yu's footsteps appeared to be slow-moving. However, in merely a couple steps, he had reached the end of the street. Immediately after, he turned and continued walking… Qin Yu's target was… the Sacred Mountain.

At the center of this Gold Punishment Star's city, was a mountain of ten thousand fathoms. This enormous mountain stood in the middle of the city. On the summit of the mountain was the location of the headquarters of the Gold Punishment Sect. In there gathered the high level experts of the Gold Punishment Sect, including the leader of the Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns… the Gold Punishment Lord. He too lived there.

This Sacred Mountain of ten thousand fathoms occupied an extremely large area. The cultivators within the city were all very aware of the Sacred Mountain and stayed far from it. The sacred land of the Sacred Mountain, ordinary people were not allowed to enter it.

As for Qin Yu, he had just arrived at the foot of the Sacred Mountain.

"A mountain within the city, imposing indeed." The corners of Qin Yu's mouth were slightly raised. He then proceed to walk toward the path leading to the Sacred Mountain.

The foot of the Sacred Mountain was guarded. When the guards saw Qin Yu, they shouted at him. "This is the Sacred Mountain, outsiders are not allowed entrance."

Qin Yu did not bother to talk rubbish with them. He directly took out his fifteen star Emperor level title plate. Upon seeing the title plate, the guards immediately grew respectful. "Lord Liu Xing. The Great Elder has already given the order to let Lord Liu Xing pass should he come."

"You know that I am Liu Xing?" Qin Yu was slightly puzzled.

That guard said respectfully. "Currently, the only cultivators of the Gold Punishment Sect that have been granted a fifteen star Emperor level title plate are Lord Liu Xing and Lord Wen Feng. I know who Lord Wen Feng is. As Your Lordship was able to take out the fifteen star Emperor level title plate, Your Lordship is naturally Lord Liu Xing."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from laughing.

So it turned out that the experts of the Gold Punishment Sect, only he and Wen Feng were granted a fifteen star Emperor level title plate.

Stepping onto the flight of steps, Qin Yu proceed onward up the mountain.

Qin Yu did not fly or run. Instead, he merely slowly walked up the steps toward the top of the mountain. He was observing the Sacred Mountain as he walked. The mountain road of the Sacred Mountain was very complicated. It shuttled through forests, rivers, and even the mountain itself.

The Sacred Mountain occupied an area of several hundred miles. Many of the ancient trees on the mountain were over a kilometer tall. Their trunks were so wide that it would take several tens of people holding hands in order to hug it. There were also some animals and plants residing in the mountain.  Merely, Qin Yu was unable to tell what sort of animals they were. They were vastly different from the animals of the Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu suddenly saw a ray of light shooting toward him from the sky. Only when this ray of light descended did he manage to see the figure of the person. It was precisely the Great Captain of the Enforcers, Wen Feng. Wen Feng currently had a smile on his face.

"Liu Xing, you're still here? The Great Elder and I received the transmission from the guards down below and have been waiting for you outside the main hall of the sect. However, after a long time of waiting, you still didn't arrive. Even when using the Soul's Power to search, we were unable to find you. Thus, I started flying downwards, following the mountain path. Never would I have expected that you'd only walked such a short distance in such a long period of time." Said Wen Feng in a slightly annoyed tone.

Qin Yu was unable to help himself from smiling. "Wen Feng, I didn't know that you all were waiting for me. Furthermore, when I was walking up the mountain, I've discovered at the scenery of the mountain was pretty good. Thus, I started to appreciate the scenery as I walked. I am truly sorry about that."

"Fortunately I came down to find you. Had we listened to the Great Elder and continued to wait, then with your speed… we'd truly have to wait till the sun sets before you reach the summit." Wen Feng said with a smile. "Come, stop checking out the mountain. You'll have all the time in the future to do it."

Qin Yu nodded. "Then I'll follow you and go up there quickly."

Qin Yu and Wen Feng both turned into two rays of light. They shot over two curves and directly arrived on the top of the mountain.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng descended down on the summit. In front of them was a grassy open area. There were quite many cultivators training on the open area. Below the open area was a majestic palace. That palace gave off a very imposing aura. It was worthy of being the Gold Punishment Sect's headquarters.

"This is the Grass Plain, it is the place where the inner disciples of the Gold Punishment Sect frequently train and spar. The palace in the back is the front palace of the Gold Punishment Sect. The main palace is located behind the front palace." Said Wen Feng as he pointed to the palace.

Qin Yu nodded. However, he was filled with shock in his heart. He had thought that the palace in front of him was the main palace. Never had he expected that it was merely the front palace.

"The scenery of the Sacred Mountain is pretty good. There are seventeen summits with heights about the same level. The buildings on those summits all possess distinguishing features." Qin Yu looked to the surroundings. The summit that the main palace of the Gold Punishment Sect was located on was not the tallest one. Instead, it was one of the shorter ones amongst the eighteen mountains.

Wen Feng also looked to the surrounding seventeen summits. He smiled and said. "Of the seventeen summits in the surroundings, the buildings on seven of them are side palaces. They are all private residences. The other ten buildings are buildings that the Gold Punishment Sect possesses collectively."

Qin Yu nodded.

"Those side palaces on the seven summits were respectively the residences of His Majesty the Gold Punishment Lord, the Three Vice Sect Masters, the Great Elder, the Guard Elder and I, the Great Captain of the Enforcers." Wen Feng's words allowed Qin Yu to come to an understanding.

These seven summits belonged to the seven major big shots of the Gold Punishment Sect.

Wen Feng smiled and said. "Liu Xing, this time, in your consecration, the sect will most definitely also provide you with a side palace. After all, of the ten other summits, only two of the buildings on them are in use. The other eight buildings were all residential side palaces that the former Gold Punishment Lords have left behind. Their purpose was only to commemorate the former Gold Punishment Lords."

Qin Yu shook his head, smiled and said. "There is no need, I am fine with any casual residence."

"That won't do." Wen Feng immediately shook his head and said. "Liu Xing, it would seem that you still do not know of the meaning behind being granted the 'Consecrated' position. Throughout history… all the experts of the Gold Punishment Sect that have reached fifteen star Emperor level were all qualified to compete for the title of the Lord. Likewise, another rule stated that if there were no special position to be granted to the fifteen star Emperor level expert, then he shall be granted the position 'Consecrated.' The status of the 'Consecrated' is the same as that of the vice sect master…. merely, he would not have many things to take care of."

"So that's how it is." Qin Yu asked. "Why is it that there are only vice sect masters in the Gold Punishment Sect and no sect master? Could it be… that the Gold Punishment Lord is the sect master?" This was merely Qin Yu's guess.

After all, the sect master of the Gold Punishment Sect ought to be the position with the utmost supreme position. If such a person were to exist, then what would the position of the Gold Punishment Lord be?

"That's right. Wen Feng nodded and said with a smile. "The Gold Punishment Lord is in fact the sect master. There are three vice sect masters… that was done for the purpose of better administering all of the Origin Movement Planets."

"Wen Feng." A red haired old man walked over from the green lawn in front of them. "Here I stood waiting over there yet you started chatting with Liu Xing."

"Ah, my apologies, Great Elder." Wen Feng said with a smile. Immediately after, he turned to Qin Yu and said. "Liu Xing, this is the Great Elder, Fu Lan. Great Elder Fu Lan is in charge of a lot of things. To simplify it… he's in charge of the information."

Great Elder Fu Lan felt a bit helpless. Promptly, he turned to Qin Yu and said while beaming with smiles. "Liu Xing, I am called Fu Lan. You can call me Fu Lan."
(ED note: And i'm Robin, you can call me Robin.)

"Great Elder Fu Lan, nice to meet you." Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"Consecrated Liu Xing, the fact that you are willing to come to the Sacred Mountain and receive the position of the Consecrated, makes me very happy. However, it would appear that His Majesty would be distressed, because… he would have to arrange the construction of your residence, Consecrated Liu Xing." Great Elder Fu Lan said while laughing.

Qin Yu shook his head. He did not wish to speak about this anymore.

"Great Elder Fu Lan, may I know if it's possible for you to arrange a meeting between His Majesty and I?" Qin Yu directly got to the point. He came to the Sacred Mountain to take upon the position of 'Consecrated?' Of course not. He did all this just for that passage title plate.

Great Elder Fu Lan nodded and said. "Of course, in fact, you'll be able to meet His Majesty right away."

"In that case, please bring me over." Qin Yu did not wish to waste any time.

Great Elder Fu Lian turned to Wen Feng. While smiling and laughing, he said. "Wen Feng, look, Liu Xing is already anxious to meet His Majesty to receive his position as the Consecrated." Wen Feng also nodded and looked to Qin Yu.

In order for Qin Yu to truly receive the position of 'Consecrated,' he must first obtain the official imperial order from the Gold Punishment Lord.

Currently, Qin Yu was still not a Consecrated.

"I want to meet His Majesty because of an important matter." Qin Yu explained. "Great Elder Fu Lian, please help lead the way for me."

Great Elder Fu Lian did not bother to say anymore. He nodded and said. "Follow me, presently, His Majesty is inside the conference hall." As he said those words, Great Elder Fu Lan started walking in the front.

As for Qin Yu, he started following Great Elder Fu Lian with Wen Feng.

"Liu Xing, what exactly do you plan to do?" Wen Feng asked.

In Wen Feng's mind, Qin Yu was an Interstellar Cultivator. Although his strength was extremely deep and unfathomable, he still did not seek for reputation. Thus, he did not believe that Qin Yu came for the position of the Consecrated. There must definitely be another important matter for him to come.

"I wish to enter the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu directly said his reason for coming. "Merely, I do not possess the passage title plate."

"You want to enter the Bewitching God Temple? Now?" Wen Feng opened his eyes wide.

"What? Is there something strange about it?" Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Puzzled, Wen Feng said. "Although there are a lot of Divine Artifacts in the Bewitching God Temple, but with your current prowess, I suspect that only High Quality Divine Artifacts would be of use to you. However, finding a High Quality Divine Artifact in the Bewitching God Temple is an extremely difficult task."

Wen Feng still thougt that Qin Yu was a fifteen star Emperor level expert. He didn't know that Qin Yu's body had reached seventeen star Emperor level now. Even if he managed to obtain a High Quality Divine Artifact, it would also be barely useful. Furthermore, with Qin Yu's current comprehension toward the spatial laws, the High Quality Divine Artifacts have been rendered useless.

"The external barrier of the Bewitching God Temple is the Divine Barrier. It is extremely powerful. Liu Xing, it's better for you to not go in there." Wen Feng advised.

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head.

How could Wen Feng possibly know that Qin Yu possessed the Bewitching God Painting? Furthermore, Qin Yu didn't care for the Divine Artifacts located on the external parts of the Bewitching God Temple. What he truly had his eyes on was the inner palace of the Bewitching God Temple, the true core of the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu had seen the prowess of the Cyan Emperor. The Cyan Emperor was so powerful that even the current Qin Yu does not possess absolute certainty in handling him. After all, even the Peng Demon Emperor could not move in the slightest in front of the Cyan Emperor. The power that the Cyan Emperor possessed was unquestionable. The reason why the Cyan Emperor was so powerful was precisely because of the treasure he obtained in the Bewitching God Temple. According to Qin Yu's estimation… the Cyan Emperor might've luckily obtained a treasure that had been leaked through the inner palace of the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu was determined to possess the inner palace of the Bewitching God Temple.

"Sigh, forget about it. I won't try to urge you to not go anymore. However, entering the Bewitching God Temple is not a simple matter. With merely the passage title plate, one must obtain the permission from all three sovereigns." Said Wen Feng.

Upon hearing 'obtain the permission from all three sovereigns,' Qin Yu's brows started to crease.

This was indeed what caused Qin Yu a headache.

And at this moment, after being led by Great Elder Fu Lan, Qin Yu and Wen Feng had already walked a long distance. The three of them had already passed by the front palace and the main palace. At this moment, the three of them had arrived outside an ordinary courtyard mansion.

"Liu Xing, here is the conference hall. His Majesty and them ought to be inside." Said Great Elder Fu Lan with a smile.

Qin Yu nodded. Just at the moment when Great Elder Fu Lan proceed to open the doors, the doors opened by itself. After the doors opened, a man walked out from inside. It was a plump and short middle aged man. This short middle aged man looked to Qin Yu. "This ought to be Liu Xing right?"

Qin Yu nodded. However, he had instantly spread his Divine Awareness to check the strength of the person in front of him… twelve star Emperor level expert.

Wen Feng said to Qin Yu. "Liu Xing, this is one of our Gold Punishment Sect's three vice sect masters, Vice Sect Master Kou Feng. Vice Sect Master Kou Feng has been a vice sect master for a very long time. Currently, majority of the matters within the sect is under the administration of Vice Sect Master Kou Feng."

"Vice Sect Master Kou Feng." Qin Yu slightly bowed.

"Come, His Majesty is waiting inside." An amiable smile appeared on Kou Feng's fat face. He grabbed Qin Yu's hand and proceed to pull him inside. Qin Yu however slightly frowned. He was not used to being held hand by others. Especially if the person was a man.

Qin Yu slightly moved his hand and pulled it back. This was actually merely a small trick that Qin Yu used through his comprehension of the spatial laws.

"Eh?" Startled, Kou Feng turned around and looked at Qin Yu. He did not sense that Qin Yu had used any strength at all but Qin Yu's hand had already slipped out from his hand. Kou Feng did not believe that he had a loose grip on Qin Yu's hand.

"This Liu Xing is extraordinary! " Thought Kou Feng to himself.

Soon after, Kou Feng continued to proceed while smiling. After crossing through the front courtyard, the four of them stepped into a relatively spacious and empty great hall. At this moment, there were four people inside the great hall. Only one amongst them sat on the master's seat. Without a doubt, this man was definitely the person with the highest status in the entire Dark Star Realm, the leader of the Three Great Sovereigns… Gold Punishment Lord!

Qin Yu entered into the great hall. The four people inside the great hall all looked to Qin Yu.

As for Qin Yu, he also looked to the Gold Punishment Lord. Contained within Qin Yu's eyes was not reverence. Instead, he merely exchanged gazes with the Gold Punishment Lord tranquilly.

"Humph!" A cold humph sounded in the main hall.

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