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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 19 – Her Name is Zuo Qiumei

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Meteoric Tear that was radiating an endless amount of green light in Qin Yu's mind was extremely dazzling. The green light had covered everything. The Meteoric Tear was currently emitting a seven colored brilliance into Qin Yu's golden soul pellet.

As the seven colored brilliance entered into Qin Yu's golden soul pellet, the Meteoric Tear started to reduce in size with a speed visible to the naked eye!

When Qin Yu's golden soul pellet was absorbing the seven colored brilliance, Qin Yu's Awareness had entered into a particular setting.

A boundless amount of seawater.

At this moment, Qin Yu appeared to have turned into a drop of seawater. He was connected with the boundless amount of seawater and experiencing the extensiveness of the peacefulness of the ocean, the ire during the time when enormous waves surged in the ocean and the boundless depths of the ocean.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Yu had even come to believe that he was indeed a droplet of water.

Suddenly, the ocean disappeared.

Qin Yu had entered into a vegetative state. He was surrounded by all kinds of flowers and plants. They were many and varied. So many and varied that Qin Yu was unable to even count them. As for Qin Yu, this time around, he was merely regular grass among them.

He grew and then withered. Soon, once again, he revived and germinated. Again he grew, he again withered….

A cycle, a continuous cycle.

As he was undergoing the cycle, Qin Yu suddenly sensed that his surroundings were once again undergoing a change. His surroundings had turned into nothingness. It was the outer space! Qin Yu was able to see the celestial bodies far away; the blazing sun, the uninhabited planets.

All of these celestial bodies were eternally floating in the cosmic space. It was as if they would never change.

Occasionally, Qin Yu would become one amongst countless weapons. Occasionally, Qin Yu would become a speck of dust in the air. Occasionally, Qin Yu would enter into an endless void. Occasionally, Qin Yu would enter a boundless sea of flames….

As he went through the mysterious experiences one after another, Qin Yu did not know how much time had passed.

After seemingly a countless number of years had passed, a voice sounded.

"Child, this is what I left behind before my death. Contained within it is my comprehension toward the cosmic space. Try your best to comprehend as much as you can. I, Zuo Qiumei, have never accepted a disciple in my life. You could be considered as my sole disciple. However, you must remember, before you are able to comprehend everything that I have passed onto you, do not speak of my name to others. Disciple of mine, I hope that you'll be able to enjoy a more relaxed and more happy life than mine…."

That gentle and soft voice had caused Qin Yu's mind to enter a state of hypnosis.


In his fuzziness, Qin Yu appeared to have heard the voice of his mother. That sort of tranquility was extremely comfortable to him. He wished that voice would never stop. However, that voice disappeared after merely a moment.

As the voice disappeared, Qin Yu became sober headed again in a short period of time.

"Was it this Zuo Qiumei who passed on the Meteoric Tear to me?" Qin Yu grew somewhat understanding of what have happened. "Based on what that Zuo Qiumei had said, she appears to have already died."

For an unknown reason, upon knowing that this Zuo Qiumei had died, Qin Yu unexpectedly had a painful feeling in his heart.

Qin Yu still clearly remembered the final voice of that Zuo Qiumei. Qin Yu was unable to understand at all. She who possessed such a voice that could allow even one's soul to enter a state of tranquility, who would be willing to kill her?

"The comprehension toward the cosmic space?"

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that within his soul were some things that are similar to the most ancient and origin of the universe. They were the things that this woman called Zuo Qiumei left behind for him.

"I shall allow my body to naturally continue its training with the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body and the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique." Qin Yu's Awareness entered into the dazzling seven colored radiance within his soul.

In Qin Yu's mind, the Meteoric Tear had stopped shooting out the seven colored radiance. The current Meteoric Tear, when compared the before, was an entire size smaller. Earlier, when Qin Yu experienced all those scenes, the time seemed to be very long… however, only a couple days had actually passed.

The Meteoric Tear that had become a size smaller once again fused with Qin Yu's golden soul pellet.

As for Qin Yu, he was currently submerging his awareness into the depths of that seven colored radiance. He was appreciating the comprehensions that Zuo Qiumei left for him.

These were the most precious things that Zuo Qiumei had left behind with the assistance of the Meteoric Tear. It was unknown how long it would take for Qin Yu to comprehend these things…. Just like that, Qin Yu's Awareness entered a state of comprehension, training at the depths of the seven colored radiance.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged on the Dark Star. The twenty seven thousand seals and patterns merged with the depths of Qin Yu's bones and muscles. They were unceasingly absorbing Elemental Spirit Energy and tempering Qin Yu's bones and muscles. As for the martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect, it too was being used constantly and absorbed an endless amount of Gold Attribute Energy into Qin Yu's body.

Time passed. Qin Yu, in the depths of his training, did not know how much time had passed at all.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

On a snow peaked mountain. Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Wu Lan were currently together. Hou Fei was donned in golden clothes. His fiery eyes were flickering with a sense of helplessness. Standing beside Hou Fei was Hei Yu who was dressed in all white with a grave and stern expression.

As for Wu Lan, he was sitting on the side and drinking wine.

"Monkey, what's with big brother this time around? Even with using Mind Voice Transmission, big brother still did not respond." Hei Yu's brows were creased. Qin Yu's training this time around was truly too long. It was so long that even Hou Fei and Hei Yu grew worried.

Hei Yu and Qin Yu were brothers who grew up together. Thus, there was a special kind of connection between them. Between Hei Yu and Qin Yu, they do not even need to use Soul's Power to send voice transmissions. Instead, with merely a mind's intention, they were able to communicate with each other.

Wu Lan lightly smiled and said. "The Mind Voice Transmission would only sound in one's True Spirit."

"True Spirit, what is that?" Hou Fei looked to Wu Lan in confusion.

Wu Lan explained while smiling. "Oh, I've forgotten about it. This 'True Spirit' is the same as the 'Awareness' that you all know. Usually, one's Awareness would be able to receive communications coming to it. Since even your Awareness Voice Transmission was not received by him, it would seem that Qin Yu has entered a deep level training where even his Awareness is immersed."

"Deep level training?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu glanced at each other.

How deep must it be for even Mind Voice Transmission to not work? This was truly too astonishing.

"What's the most important is that big brother had already trained for twenty thousand years. No, only two thousand years have passed outside! However, training for two thousand years, isn't that a bit too long?" Said Hou Fei anxiously.

Wu Lan laughed as he scolded. "What would a brat like you know? This sort of deep level training is something that can be discovered but not sought! Usually, when one trains, one would train one's body of the power of one's Nascent Soul. Much less Awareness Voice Transmission, even a Voice Transmission through the Demon Awareness would be able to wake him up."

"This sort of deep level training is not a training of the body or one's energy. Instead… it's the training of the state of being. It's the achieving of comprehension regarding the cosmic space! That is both the most basic and the most deep level training. It is something that would not come even if I sought for it. It's best for the two of you to not be bored and randomly send Mind Voice Transmission to your big brother. I wish for your big brother to continue training like this for several tens of thousands of years more."

Hearing what Wu Lan had said, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were only able to smile.

"For big brother to possess such good luck, we are naturally happy for him. It's just that both Monkey's and my soul have reached level nine Demon Emperor level. Our power had also reached the limit of level eight Demon Emperor. Had it not been for us restricting ourselves, we would've already reached level nine Demon Emperor level." Said Hei Yu helplessly.

Training for twenty thousand years, Hou Fei and Hei Yu's souls have both reached level nine Demon Emperor level. In terms of strength, had they not been suppressing themselves, they too would have reached level nine Demon Emperor level.

Hou Fei muck up his lips and said. "Once one enters the level nine Demon Emperor, it's very possible for him to encounter the Divine Tribulation. Although it is very hard to say when the Divine Tribulation would arrive, in order to not ascend to the Divine Realm too early, the two of us could only suppress our powers."

Hei Yu also nodded.

Wu Lan who stood to the side said helplessly. "You two brats, your cultivation speed is so fast. I, on the other hand, wished to reach level nine Demon Emperor level earlier but was unable to do that. That holds true for Ye Qu and Wuxu too. They have been working very hard on their training these past years."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu both smiled apologetically.

The speed in which the two of them progressed caused an immense shock to Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu. The cold and detached Ao Wuxu did not bother to say anything, he merely frantically trained by himself. As for Ye Qu, he was also training with great effort.

"Sigh, we'll just have to continue waiting. Who knows when big brother will finish his training." Said Hou Fei helplessly.

Hei Yu smiled. "In these past years, I have also not spent time with Ling'er. Now, I shall go and spend some time with Ling'er and give some guidance to Little Tong and Guo Fan."

Currently, Qin Yu's awareness was completely submerged and unceasingly absorbing comprehensions. Like an extremely hungry traveler, he frantically absorbed the comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei.

Qin Yu's body was faintly radiating a golden light. Even the bones within his body were faintly radiating a dark gold light. Evidently, this was the sign that Qin Yu had reached the ninth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.'

Before Qin Yu submerged his awareness into a deep level training, he had already reached the eighth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. In the following two thousand years, even though he did not proactively trained in it, the long period of time still allowed him to reach the ninth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.

After a long long time!

Qin Yu who had been sitting cross-legged the entire time suddenly opened his eyes. Two essence-like lights were being emitted from his eyes.

"It's already been, it's already been three thousand years." Qin Yu calculated the amount of time in his heart and was shocked to discover that he had trained for three thousand years. The deep level training of his awareness, now that he recalled it, it appeared to have only taken a blink of an eye.

In a flash, three thousand years have passed.

"Who exactly is this Zuo Qiumei? The comprehension of the cosmic space that she left behind is so astonishing. In these three thousand years, I merely managed to comprehend ten or twenty percent of it. However, with barely this ten or twenty percent, it allowed me to become ten to a hundred times stronger than before."

Qin Yu stood up.

"Dark Star's Gravity? Even if this gravity were to increase by ten times, it would still not affect me in the slightest." Suddenly, Gold Force were emitted from Qin Yu's body. The Gold Force was drifting through the surrounding of Qin Yu's body. Like a lump of golden rings, it covered Qin Yu.

Qin Yu started to float.

That's right, he was floating.

He was floating on the Dark Star!

A Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. Even if one was a sixteen star Emperor level expert, one would only be able to, at the most, jump on the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. Floating was practically impossible. It was only possible if one was an eighteen star Emperor level expert.

However, Qin Yu's current strength was still not at the eighteen star Emperor level. He had merely just reached seventeen star Emperor level.

However, through his comprehension of the cosmic space, Qin Yu had easily transformed the space surrounding him and decreased the Dark Star's gravity in the space surrounding him by several tens times.

"Laws, that is the most basic and most powerful force." Qin Yu had already understood this.

However, he also understood, that when two people with the same level of comprehension fight each other, they would still have to resort back to using their most primitive strength. Nevertheless, the comprehensions regarding the 'Laws' is still very important.

"Laughable, truly laughable. The Meteor Finger Technique, that Ten Thousand Weighty Fingers, Thousand Illusion Fingers, Ten Termination Fingers and that Sky Piercing Finger, they are truly laughable, laughable!" Qin Yu laughed at himself.

When viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, one would not know how the sky is. However, once one exited the well, one would be able to see that the sky was boundless.

Qin Yu was precisely feeling like this.

The comprehension he had toward the cosmic space from before was merely that of an Emperor level expert from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. He merely had an experience of sensing the cosmic space yet though himself to be extraordinary already. Furthermore, coming up with the 'domain,' truly ignorant and narrow-minded.

Qin Yu was certain that even if the Peng Demon Emperor dared to come and fight him again; then, with merely his comprehension toward the space, he would be able to greatly decrease the Peng Demon Emperor's speed and make the fastest person in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to become the slowest amongst the Demon Realm's Three Great Emperors.

"Never mind the Meteor Finger Technique, all I need to know is the Sky Piercing Finger." Qin Yu extended the index finger of his right hand.

A ray of Gold Force was shot out from Qin Yu's finger.


As if passing through the layer of space, that golden finger ray was shot directly on the ground of the Dark Star. Even though the Dark Star was extremely tough and durable, a half meter deep hole was still created by the finger ray.

"Haha…." Qin Yu started laughing. "Back when I was on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, through great efforts, I merely managed to cut a small stick's worth of Dark Star substance with my Divine Sword Sky Piercer. However now, with merely a simple finger ray, its power is more than ten times greater than the Divine Sword."

Qin Yu had not used his black hole to increase the speed of his finger ray.

This finger ray was shot through utilizing the comprehension Qin Yu had toward the cosmic space. He caused the surrounding space of the finger ray to disintegrate. Thus, even the Dark Star substance was shot through half a meter by the finger ray. Merely, Qin Yu's comprehension level was still not enough… had it been that Zuo Qiumei, then Qin Yu reckoned that with a wave of her hand, she would be able to turn the entire Dark Star into dust.

"I'm still very weak."

Qin Yu sighed in his heart.


Was Qin Yu really weak? With merely his body that was comparable to that of a High Quality Divine Artifact, there are already not many people that could defeat him. However, the strongest thing that Qin Yu possessed was instead the comprehension toward the space. Although he merely managed to comprehend ten to twenty percent of what Zuo Qiumei had left for him.

In the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, perhaps only people like the Dragon Emperor who possessed an Inherited Treasure could be able to resist his attack through his turtle-like defense.

"I reckon my body has now reached seventeen star Emperor level. I should not be far away from eighteen star Emperor level. There is no need for me to rush training myself anymore." Qin Yu had prepared to leave this Dark Star. However, right after walking two steps, Qin Yu opened his eyes wide. "It's been three thousand years! Fei Fei and them had already trained for thirty thousand years in the Jiang Lan's Realm! Don't tell me that the two of them have already undergone the Divine Tribulation!"

Qin Yu disappeared from the Dark Star Realm. He had entered the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 20 – Stick Technique Walkthrough

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Hei Yu, Bai Ling, their daughter Hei Tong and their son-in-law Guo Fan were currently having a meal together. Other than their family, Guo Fan's master Wu Lan was also present. Of course, Hou Fei was certainly to be there too.

This large group of people were happily drinking and eating. As for Hou Fei, he was currently boasting to Hei Tong.

"Little Tong, let your Second Uncle tell you; in the Immortal Realm, the Devil Realm and the Demon Realm combined, there are not many people who could match against your Second Uncle. With my Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes, who would dare to take it on?" Hou Fei blinked his eyes complacently.

Hou Fei's Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes was indeed very powerful. This held especially true with the assistance of the Black Stick that Uncle Lan gifted him. Its attack power was so strong that even Hei Yu didn't dare to take it on with his defensive scaled feathers. Thus, one could easily imagine how strong it was.

"You have the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes, my father also has it." Said Hei Tong.

"Your father? Your father had learned it from me." Said Hou Fei with his head raised up.

Sitting on the side, Hei Yu merely smiled. At this moment, he did not dare to say anything. Indeed, more than eighty percent of his spear technique was learned through Hou Fei's stick technique. The other twenty percent was created by himself.

Hei Tong smiled and laughed. She said. "Second Uncle is amazing. However, is it possible for you to teach my Big Brother Guo Fan that Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes of yours?"

"Little Tong." Bai Ling uttered a voice of rebuke.

Whenever Hei Tong sees someone powerful, she would ask that person to teach their techniques to her husband. Guo Fan smiled and said. "Little Tong, my comprehension is insufficient. Moreover, I think that it would be sufficient as long as I can master the fist technique that master taught me."

"It is good to specialize in one thing. Little Tong, you need to learn more from Guo Fan." Lectured Wu Fan.

At the beginning, Wu Lan merely gave Guo Fan some guidance. However, as time passed, Wu Lan discovered that Guo Fan who appeared to be very simple and honest was actually extremely meticulous. His comprehension of things was also extremely high. The speed at which he learned the fist technique that was taught to him was also extremely fast.

"Where's uncle Ye Qu? Is he not coming today?" Hou Tong said with a frown.

Wu Lan smiled and said. "Regarding Ye Qu, your father and your Second Uncle are now able to become level nine Demon Emperors any time they want and have controlled their power in order to wait for your Eldest Uncle; your uncle Ye Qu, on the other hand, is still at the level eight Demon Emperor level. Thus, he naturally has to try his hardest."

"Haha… even if he has to try harder, there is no need for him to concern about such a small bit of time." A thick voice sounded. With a mountain-like figure and heavy steps, Ye Qu walked over. He then directly sat down. "Little Tong is the best after all, she still thinks of me even now."

Cleverly, Hei Tong nodded her head. Soon after, she looked to her surroundings. "It's one thing for master to not come because she had entered seclusion training, but didn't uncle Wuxu reach level nine Demon Emperor level not too many years ago? Why didn't he come?"

"He's not used to places with a lot of people." Ye Qu explained.

"Oh, that's right, uncle Wuxu doesn't like lively places." Hei Tong nodded. Suddenly, she looked to a distant place with excitement. "Ah, Eldest Uncle came!"

"How could that be? I am certain that I know about Wuxu's personality." Said Ye Qu confidently.

Hei Yu, Hou Fei and them also looked over. "Big brother, you've finally returned."

"[TL: okay, this might be confusing. the reason why Ye Qu thought Hei Tong was referring to Wuxu is because she calls them all with '(eldest) uncle.' However, Qin Yu was the only one referred to her with only '(eldest) uncle.' Since technically, they are related, and Hou Fei is the second uncle, I have translated Qin Yu as the eldest uncle.]

Shocked, Ye Qu also turned around to look. "Qin Yu?"

Indeed, the person who came was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu walked over. He said. "I'm sorry about the fact that I ended up training three thousand years at once and caused you all to wait for a long time." He then looked to Hou Fei and Hei Yu. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, both of your souls have reached the level nine Demon Emperor level. Mn, not bad. Even your strength has reached the limit of level eight Demon Emperor. Fortunately, you two still haven't gone through the Divine Tribulation and ascended."

Hou Fei stood up, with a slanted mouth, he said. "What's so fortunate? Mixed Hair Bird and I have reached our current level a long time ago. Had it not been for the fact that we have been suppressing our power, we would've long since reached level nine Demon Emperor and likely be in the Divine Realm by now."

"Monkey." Hei Yu frowned. He did not like what Hou Fei had said. "The reason why we were able to cultivate so fast was because big brother allowed us to be in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Had we been outside, then I suspect we wouldn't have reached our current level yet."

Hou Fei immediately smiled apologetically. He said. "Mixed Hair Bird, I'm merely joking."

"Enough now, stop fooling around." Qin Yu smiled and put a stop to the two. "The two of your souls have reached level nine Demon Emperor level for quite some time now. Seems like the speed at which the two of you progressed is pretty fast. However, I am unsure about what your actual strength might be."

Hou Fei said confidently. "Strength? I have completely comprehended the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes now. My current strength is definitely no weaker than the Great Ape Emperor. You asked about how my strength is? Big brother, are you feeling inferior now?"

Qin Yu smiled. He then looked to Hei Yu.

Hei Yu had instead grew confident. "The Black Feathered Armor formed by my feathers ought to possess a defense close to that of a High Quality Divine Armor. With my speed and the Cloud Piercing Spear; big brother… I think that there are not many people in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could surpass me." Although Hei Yu did not say it, the meaning behind his words were very clear. He was also confident in beating Qin Yu in a fight.

"Seems like you're all very confident." Qin Yu was smiling.

"Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle and father had been in the Jiang Lan's Realm the entire time. They have trained many times longer than you have. It's not unreasonable if you were to lose." Hei Tong comforted Qin Yu out of kindness.

Qin Yu merely smiled helplessly.

"Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, let me know of the progress you've made in this period of time. Come, attack at me." Said Qin Yu.

"Big brother, you want the two of us to fight against you?" Hou Fei's eyes were wide open. Hei Yu also looked to Qin Yu in shock. The two of them were both extremely powerful. It would have already been pretty amazing if Qin Yu managed to defeat one of them. Yet, he wanted to fight against two?

"Qin Yu, Fei Fei's Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes possesses an extremely powerful might. Even a High Quality Divine Artifact would be unable to resist it. This was precisely the reason why the Great Ape Emperor was able to match up against the Peng Demon Emperor and the Dragon Emperor." Wu Lan reminded Qin Yu.

Wu Lan knew that Qin Yu had received comprehension. However, he did not believe that Qin Yu would be able to increase his power by much in a mere three thousand years.

That was because in the Divine Realm, experts would spend tens of thousands of years every time they entered seclusion training to achieve comprehension.

However, Wu Lan did not know at all that Qin Yu had not been trying to attain comprehensions with no direction. Instead, he had directly comprehended the achievements that Zuo Qiumei have toward the laws of the cosmic space.

This was comparable to collecting diamonds. Others have gone through the entire world to collect them one by one. However, for Qin Yu, a large amount of diamonds were displayed in front of him. He merely need to reach out his hand to grab them and they would've been his. The speed in which Qin Yu had achieved comprehension was at a level of its own.

Although he merely trained for three thousand years, Qin Yu's achievements were likely better than the three million years long training of some the experts in the Divine Realm.

"Don't worry about it, just come at me." A faint golden light was emitted from Qin Yu's body. "I have already reached the ninth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. My entire body could be comparable to a High Quality Divine Artifact. It would be hard for you two to injure me."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other. Immediately after, they nodded.

"Big brother, in that case, please excuse us!" Excited, Hou Fei licked his lips.

It wasn't that Hou Fei had never fought against Qin Yu before. Merely, almost every single time he fought against Qin Yu, he would end up being trampled upon by Qin Yu. Thus, Hou Fei currently wanted to turn the table around and devastate Qin Yu instead.

"Big brother, you're seeking to be trampled upon, you cannot blame me for it." Hou Fei was smiling excitedly. As for Hei Yu, he was also holding onto his Cloud Piercer Spear with a single hand. His gaze directed at Qin Yu. In his eyes were a trace of excitement.

This was the first time the three brothers fought each other after three thousand years.

Was this the time for Hou Fei and Hei Yu to bring about change and ravage Qin Yu or would they be oppressed by Qin Yu again?

"Eldest Uncle, add oil, Eldest Uncle, add oil, I believe in you!" Hei Tong started clapping to encourage Qin Yu. At the same time, she comforted. "Eldest Uncle, it's fine if you lose too. They're two against one."
[TL: add oil = chinese word meaning to try harder. Encouragement.]

Qin Yu could only smile.

Soon after, with a movement of his figure, Qin Yu had reached the sky. Hou Fei and Hei Yu had also teleported into the air.

"Let's start." Qin Yu said.

"Stop!" Hou Fei suddenly yelled.

"What's wrong?" Qin Yu looked to Hou Fei. Hou Fei said. "Big brother, this is the Jiang Lan's Realm, your territory. You are able to completely control everything that happens in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Thus, I demand that you must not use the Jiang Lan's Realm to fight against us and could only use your own strength."

Hei Yu also looked to Qin Yu. The two of them had realized this.

"Sure, I guarantee you that I would not control the Jiang Lan's Realm." Qin Yu agreed. He however felt helpless in his heart.

Not control the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Even if Qin Yu did not control the Jiang Lan's Realm, but once he start using the comprehension he had toward the laws of the space and create space distortions and the like, it was likely that his two brothers would think that he was controlling the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Big brother, eat my stick!" Hou Fei roared.

A black stick silhouette merely flashed before passing through space and arriving in front of Qin Yu. Against this incoming stick strike, Qin Yu merely slightly moved and easily dodged it.

"Mn? Impossible." Hou Fei's expression changed. He was very confident in his own stick techniques. It was one thing if Qin Yu used his body to resist it. However, Qin Yu actually managed to easily dodged it.


A black spearhead had arrived in front of Qin Yu in an instant.

"This spear strike's comprehension toward the laws of the space is also pretty good. However, from the looks of it, Xiao Hei also merely knows of its existence but doesn't know what it is yet." Qin Yu's body moved once again. He had dodged the incoming spear.

The comprehension toward the space was something that Qin Yu was able to use on any technique that he possessed.

Movement technique, spear technique, finger technique, leg technique, fist technique… over ten thousand of them. Hou Fei and Hei Yu had merely achieved the comprehension of spear and stick techniques. Although they knew that if they were to attack using the spear or stick technique one way, it would allow for an immense attack power. However, they do not know the reason why it would display such an immense attack power!

"Impossible!" Hou Fei's eyes were filled with shock. Hei Yu was also staring at Qin Yu in shock.

Soon after, Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other and nodded slightly.

The Black Stick and the Cloud Piercing Spear almost came attacking at Qin Yu simultaneously. Stick and spear silhouettes were flying toward Qin Yu unceasingly. However, as if it was a child's play, Qin Yu was easily evading all of them.

Wu Lan, Hei Tong and the rest of the people down below were filled with shock upon seeing the scene.

"Impossible. Big brother, did you control the Jiang Lan's Realm and change your body's location?" Hou Fei grabbed onto his Black Stick and stood up in the air. He looked to Qin Yu and said. "Big brother, it is wrong for you to do that."

Hei Yu also grabbed his spear and looked to Qin Yu.

"I have said that I would not use the Jiang Lan's Realm, so I would definitely not use it." Qin Yu sighed in his mind.

Sure enough, it was exactly as he anticipated. Hou Fei and Hei Yu guessed that he was using the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"However your… your ability to dodge is too abnormal." Hou Fei found it somewhat hard to accept.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "It is not my dodging ability that is abnormal. Instead, your stick technique could only be considered as being ordinary. Back in the Inherited Prohibited Area, I have already seen and understood the Heaven Startling Seventy Two Stick Strikes, Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes, Heaven Startling Eighteen Stick Strikes, Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes, Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes and the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike."

Qin Yu extended his hand. An ordinary metal stick appeared in his hand.

The amount of spatial laws that the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike contained was still an extremely sparse amount. Compared to Qin Yu's current comprehension, it was much less. In the past he did not understand the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. However now that he had managed to comprehend part of the spatial laws, he managed to understand the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike completely upon remembering it.

"Big brother, what are you planning to do?" Hou Fei looked to the stick in Qin Yu's hand. He started to have a guess in his heart. However, that guess of his, even he himself thought it to be extremely crazy.

Qin Yu held the long stick with a single hand. Immediately after, the long stick in his hand started to shake.

"This is the Heaven Startling Seventy Two Stick Strikes!"

Qin Yu's figure flashed at a lightning speed. Countless stick silhouettes covered the entire sky. Qin Yu had executed the Heaven Startling Seventy Two Stick Strikes extremely naturally. Although Qin Yu's execution of the Heaven Startling Seventy Two Stick Strikes did not contain the grandeur of Hou Fei's, yet Hou Fei knew that… this was because Qin Yu had managed to achieve complete comprehension of the stick technique and have polished it to its true brightness.

"This is the Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes!"

Qin Yu executed every single move from the Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes. The final move, the Thirty Six Overlapping Waves, had even bursted forth an amazing power.

Hou Fei mumbled. "That's too crazy. Don't continue anymore. I don't even dare to continue watching it anymore."

"This is the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes!"

This was already the fifth set of stick technique that Qin Yu executed. When executing the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes, Qin Yu used his Gold Force to protect the metal stick. That was because no ordinary metal sticks would be able to bear such a stick technique.

Three explosions were heard. Cracks have appeared in the space.

"Monkey, big brother executed the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes even more effortlessly than you did. Furthermore, its power was much stronger than yours." Hei Yu looked to Hou Fei. Hou Fei was however staring at Qin Yu. "Please don't tell me you even know the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike."

After Qin Yu finished executing the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes, he took a glance at Hou Fei and Hei Yu. With a smile, he said. ""This is the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike!"
Qin Yu held the long stick in his right hand. He then directly thrust it forward!

When Qin Yu thrust the long stick forward, everyone who were watching him saw that his figure had turned blurry. Even the long stick had turned blurry. It was as if there were seven or eight blurs.

When the blurs united with each other, Qin Yu's long stick had also stopped.


The space that the long stick struck started to shake. Unceasingly, the vibration was being sent forward unceasingly all the way till it reached a large mountain located far away. That large mountain slightly vibrated for merely a moment before turning into fine powder.

Everything that the long stick pointed to had turned into fine dust!

"Did you manage to see that clearly?" The metal stick in Qin Yu's hand disappeared. Qin Yu looked to his two brothers while smiling.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other. They both saw the unbelieving expression in each other's eyes.

What an abnormal big brother. Hou Fei felt a bitter pain in his heart. He raised his head to Qin Yu and said helplessly. "Big brother, I have trained here for thirty thousand years and only managed to learn the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes. You, on the other hand, did not train like I did and have only stayed outside for three thousand years. Yet, you've mastered even the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike."

Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu's figure. He thought to himself. "Big brother is still that strong. It appears that I have to try harder."

"Actually, the stick technique of your Monkey and Ape Clan has already entered the Dao. However, a Dao is the same as Ten Thousand Daos. As long as you possess enough comprehension toward the cosmic space, then stick techniques, spear techniques, fist techniques, you'll know them all. The movement techniques that I displayed earlier were through the use of merely my comprehension toward the space. When I reach a sufficient amount of spatial comprehension, I am even able to cause the space in a certain place to disintegrate. The people that exist in that space would also naturally be disintegrated. This is the power of the greater Dao." Qin Yu explained.

[TL: Dao = Daoism/Taoism = Path/Way. Hard to explain…. Basically… kinda like All Might's One For All… wait no… argh… (from wikipedia: The term Tao means “way”, “path”, or “principle”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism. In Taoism, however, Tao denotes something that is both the source of, and the force behind, everything that exists.)]
[ED: Just go check out DE or ISSTH or something(which you guys probably have)]

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