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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 14 – Set Off to the Trail Stars!

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Violent gale whistling. The Elder's Palace was located on the summit of the mountain. Above this mountaintop and amongst the whistling gale, Qin Yu was currently bidding his farewell to Elder Liu Tong, Wen Feng and the other five Enforcers.

"Lord Liu Xing, you do not have a Transmission Spiritual Pearl?" Upon hearing Qin Yu's response, Elder Liu Tong was shocked.

Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "Back when I was drifting and training amongst the cosmos, there was no need for a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Thus, I had never gone to purchase one. What? Is that very strange?"

Qin Yu was instead blushing with shame in his heart. Of course he possess a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Merely, the Transmission Spiritual Pearl that he had was created by the people from the Immortal Realm. It was likely that if he were to take it out, then he'll immediately incite the suspicions of others.

"So that's what happened." Elder Liu Tong suddenly understood. Immediately after, Elder Liu Tong said with a straight face. "Lord Liu Xing, it's one thing that you do not possess a Transmission Spiritual Pearl before as you were an Interstellar Cultivator. However now, you are an Emperor level expert from our Deep Mulberry Star. If something were to happen to our Deep Mulberry Star, we might have to ask Lord Liu Xing for help. However, if you do not possess a Transmission Spiritual Pearl, it would become very hard for us to find you. I have a Transmission Spiritual Pearl here. If Lord Liu Xing do not mind about it, then please accept it."

Upon seeing that Transmission Spiritual Pearl in the Elder's hand, Qin Yu was unable to refrain from smiling.

This Elder Liu Tong was indeed someone who knows how to conduct himself.

"Liu Xing, you should accept it. In the future, if I have anything that I need to find you for, I could also contact you through the Transmission Spiritual Pearl." The leader of the Enforcers Wen Feng also said to Qin Yu.

"In that case, I shall accept it."

Qin Yu received the Transmission Spiritual Pearl. He then exchanged soul imprints in the Transmission Spiritual Pearl with Elder Liu Tong and Wen Feng so that they could contact each other.

"Now that I've obtained a Transmission Spiritual Pearl, all that remains is an Interstellar Map." Qin Yu was very satisfied.

It was truly complicated for a foreigner like him to enter the interior sections of the Dark Star Realm. Especially during the moment when he was being inspected before being granted a Stellar Identity Crystal. At that time, Qin Yu was truly worried that he would be discovered. According to Qin Yu's own deduction, the reason why he was not discovered was all because of the 'Stellar Space.'

If it were someone else, it would be absolutely impossible for them to be able to pass the inspection.

"Wen Feng, I have never been to the Trial Dark Stars nor do I know how to get there. Might you have the Interstellar Map with the way to the Trial Dark Stars?" Qin Yu looked to Wen Feng.

The goods that this fifteen star Emperor level expert would take out was most definitely not of inferior quality. Therefore, Qin Yu did not ask Elder Liu Tong but instead asked the leader of the Enforcers, Wen Feng.

Wen Feng's lips were slightly raised. A smiling intent was in his eyes. "Liu Xing, I truly must admire you. To be able to reach such a level without ever setting foot on the Trial Dark Stars. This Interstellar Map is the Map of the entire Dark Star Realm. Each of us Enforcers possesss one." As he said that, Wen Feng handed Qin Yu a jade-slip like crystal.

After receiving the crystal, Qin Yu swept through it with his Soul's Power.

Inside the crystal was an Interstellar Map. This Interstellar Map was extremely large. It actually contained all nine great star fields of the Dark Star Realm and was extremely detailed. Furthermore, it also marked the location of the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu was overjoyed.

With this detailed Interstellar Map, no matter how big the Dark Star Realm might be, he was now able to go wherever he wanted.

"Wen Feng, thank you. As I have never been to the Trial Dark Stars before, I am truly filled with anticipation now." Laughed Qin Yu. Qin Yu had his own determination regarding the Dark Stars.

He had once seen the introductions of the Dark Stars from his master Lei Wei's Science and Technology Universe.

White Dwarf, Neutron Star and other planets like them. The density of their gravity was extremely intense. However, Qin Yu had also discovered something… the planets of the Science and Technology Universe, that his master Lei Wei was from, seemed to not be very big for the most part.

For example, planets like his hometown, the Purple Mystic Star. Super planets like such with diameters over a hundred billion miles were something that had never been discovered before in the Science and Technology Universe. Furthermore, they were determined to be planets that were unlikely to exist.

"The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, as a cosmic space that is a stage higher than the Mortal Realm, how might the Dark Star here be different than the Dark Stars of the Mortal Realm?" Qin Yu started to guess in his heart.

"Qin Yu, as it is your first time going to the Dark Stars. There are a couple things you must take note of." Wen Feng's expression suddenly turned serious as he spoke. "When you are transferred to the Trial Dark Star from the Trial Sacred Planet, it's best for you to put both of your hands and legs on the floor when you're in the Conveying Array. If you were to do that, then it would allow the pressure that your body would bear to become a bit smaller. If you were to rely only on your two legs, then if the gravity were to become too frightening, it is possible for the gravity to crush your bones to powder."

Upon hearing those words, Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

Hands and legs on the ground, what's with that?

"Furthermore, do not overestimate yourself when selecting the Trial Dark Star to enter. You must try to conserve as much as possible. You should only enter the next Trial Dark Star after being able to stand still while holding a 'Dark Star Piece', that weighs twice your weight." Wen Feng continued. Afterwards, he smiled. "I'm going to stop. I had forgotten that these were all things that you'll be taught once you reach the Trial Sacred Planet."

Trial Sacred Planet?

Qin Yu only knew about the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars. He did not know what the Trial Sacred Planet was.

"What is the Trial Sacred Planet?" Qin Yu asked.

Elder Liu Tong who stood to the side sighed and said. "Lord Liu Xing, you don't even know about the Trial Sacred Planet? It would appear that you're truly lacking knowledge in this field. Let me tell you. The Three Great Core Planets of the Dark Star Realm's Three Great Star Fields, are the Three Great Sacred Planets. They are respectively the Gold Punishment Sacred Planet, Black Flame Sacred Planet and the White Profound Sacred Planet. Other than those three Great Sacred Planets, there is another planet called 'Sacred Planet.' That is the Trial Sacred Planet."

Wen Feng continued. "Liu Xing, the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars are respectively the Eighteen Emperor Level Trial Dark Stars and Eighteen King Level Trial Dark Stars. And in order to reach the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars, one must reach the Trial Sacred Planet. This Trial Sacred Planet is the transfer planet that leads to the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars!"

Qin Yu suddenly realized.

Wasn't it just a transferring planet?

However, after carefully thinking about it. Qin Yu came to realize that this 'Trial Sacred Planet' was likely even more bustling than the other three Sacred Planets. After all, more than half of the Dark Star Realm's experts were gathered on the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars. Experts would most certainly frequently appear on this sole transfer planet.

Elder Liu Tong said. "My teacher once said to me, that there are an extremely number of experts on the Trial Sacred Planet. Even Emperor level experts were commonly seen there. Thus, it is better for one to be restrained there."

"Elder Liu Tong, you don't have to say those words to Liu Xing." Said Wen Feng.

"Oh, right, I've forgotten." Elder Liu Tong laughed at himself. "There are not many people in the Dark Star Realm who are stronger than Lord Liu Xing."

Qin Yu slightly arranged the new information he obtained, in his mind. He then said to Elder Liu Tong and Wen Feng. "Elder Liu Tong, Wen Feng, I shall be taking my leave toward the Trial Dark Star."

"Take care, Lord Liu Xing." Said Elder Liu Tong respectfully. As for Wen Feng, he saw Qin Yu off with his gaze.

Qin Yu's figure turned into a ray of light and flew away from the mountaintop. His figure shot into the horizon. Afterwards, it disappeared.

Qin Yu did not use the Interstellar Conveying Array to proceed toward the Trial Sacred Planet. Since he now possessed the Interstellar Map of the Dark Star Realm, he had decided to directly use Greater Teleportation to rapidly proceed toward the Trial Sacred Planet.

Trial Sacred Planet.

It was a planet with a diameter of over a million miles. The Trial Dark Star could be considered as the planet in the Dark Star Realm that contained the most experts. On this Trial Dark Star, there are thirty six extremely tall buildings.

All thirty six of these extremely tall buildings have ninety nine floors. As for the other buildings on this planet, the tallest among them was merely ten floors tall. Naturally, the thirty six ninety nine floor tall buildings were extremely eye-catching. The reason why the constructions on this planet was like so, was because of the rules of the Trial Sacred Planet. The rules were like this because the thirty six, ninety nine floors buildings housed the experts participating in the Trials.

On top of each of the thirty six, ninety nine floor tall buildings were a layer of words. They were respectively 'One Star King Level, Two Star King Level, up to Eighteen Star King Level, One Star Emperor Level, Two Star Emperor Level, up to Eighteen Star Emperor Level.'

Groups of males and females were currently walking about the street.

Almost everyone possessed the same kind of aura. The kind of aura that all cultivators that had trained hard possessed — the tenacious aura. There were also a lot of such people in the stores and restaurants of the Trial Sacred Planet that possessed such aura.

A youth wearing a black gown and possessed long hair that trailed over his shoulders, was walking on the street.

"There are indeed a lot of experts here." Qin Yu looked at his surroundings. "Eh? What's happening?" Qin Yu looked to a tall building not far away with a puzzled expression. This tall building was ninety nine floors tall. Looking from afar, one could clearly see the words on it — 'Eighteen Star Emperor Level.'

"It ought to be that Eighteen Star Emperor level experts are very sparse. But why is it that there are the most people gathered there?" Qin Yu was a bit confused. He started to walk toward the direction of the Eighteen Star Emperor Level building.

According to Qin Yu's understanding.

These thirty six tall buildings were there as the residences of the cultivators undergoing the Trials. The first floor was for drinking and eating whereas the second floor and above were the living spaces. The cultivators were able to eat and drink for free on those buildings.

Upon entering the Eighteen Star Emperor Level building, Qin Yu heard a large clamor.

"Lord Yu Yang, I heard that you've successfully managed to train in the Eight Star Emperor Level Dark Star. I suspect you're about to step into the Nine Star Emperor Level Dark Star soon."

"Most definitely not. Although I have trained on the Eight Star Emperor Level Dark Star for over three thousand years, but I reckon it'll still take me a couple hundred more years before I could step into the Nine Star Emperor Level Dark Star."

"Hey, check please."

"Thirty six Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones."

The noisiness directly entered into Qin Yu's ears. However, with Qin Yu's sharp sense of hearing, he was still able to hear a lot of the dialogues. Qin Yu was unable to refrain from being puzzled. It seemed that these people were not eighteen star Emperor level.

"Why is it this noisy?" Qin Yu was confused and decided to enter into the building through the main entrance.

Right when Qin Yu entered into through the entrance, a triangular prism shaped crystal pillar located on top of the entrance started to emit a misty light that enveloped Qin Yu's entire body. Upon looking at the crystal pillar, Qin Yu noticed that this crystal pillar appeared very similar to the crystal pillar that Elder Liu Tong had used to inspect him.

After entering from the main entrance, Qin Yu reached an enormous lounge with a length and width of several hundred meters. In the middle of the lounge was a Conveying Array. Beside the Conveying Array was a long bearded old man who currently had his eyes closed. This Conveying Array was evidently used to send people to the Eighteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.

This first floor occupied a very large space. Other than this several hundred meters long and wide lounge, there was an even larger restaurant. At this moment, several hundred people were gathered in that restaurant eating and drinking.

The triangular prism shaped crystal pillar located on top of the main entrance stopped radiating the misty light. However, a ray of light was shot out from the peak of the pillar. The ray of light landed on that red sphere on top of the lounge.

"Ding!" A clear ring sound echoed through the entire first floor. Almost instantly, the first floor grew completely quiet, including the several hundred people that were drinking and eating.

"Huff!" In a blink of an eye, those several hundred cultivators had all rushed into the lounge. Almost everyone looked to the entrance… only Qin Yu was standing there.

"Elder, an advanced level Emperor level expert had arrived!" A waiter immediately shouted to the long bearded old man that seemed to have already fallen asleep. "Lord Elder, wake up!"

"Mn?" That long bearded old man who had his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes wide. He looked to that red sphere on top of the lounge. At this moment, that red sphere was radiating a dazzling light. Unable to believe what he saw, that long bearded old man rubbed his eyes.

And at this moment, the several hundred people who had been surrounding Qin Yu started to discuss with each other.

"It's an advanced Emperor level expert. At the very least a twelve star Emperor level expert. He don't have the Black Flame Sect's fiery aura nor do he have the White Profound Sect's cold aura, it's clear that he's from the Gold Punishment Sect. From my recollection, there doesn't seem to be anyone from the Gold Punishment Sect that has reached fifteen star Emperor level!"

"There is! For this Lord to come here, could it be that he's an eighteen star Emperor level expert? I've heard that not long ago there was an eighteen star Emperor level expert who came out from this Conveying Array. At that time, I was also here."

"Quiet!" The long bearded old man seemed to have completely woken up. He suddenly shouted to those group of people.

Those several hundred people immediately grew quiet. At this moment, that long bearded old man slowly walked to Qin Yu. Respectfully, he said. "I am Elder Liu Yu. I have been the supervisor of the Eighteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star's Conveying Array the entire time. May I ask what business Your Lordship has in coming? Is it to enter the Eighteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star?"

Elder Liu Tong carefully looked at the man standing in front of him. He muttered in his heart. "Mn, from his aura, it doesn't look like he's from the Black Flame Sect or the White Profound Sect. I reckon he's from the Gold Punishment Sect. Ah, could it be that someone who's daring to enter the Eighteen Star Emperor Level Trial Dark Star had appeared from the Gold Punishment Sect?"

"No, I have not reached that level yet." Qin Yu immediately said.

Qin Yu was instead shocked greatly. He had just entered but that triangular prism shaped crystal pillar had already displayed his strength and even caused attracted the attention of a great amount of people.

"What is exactly happening here? Is an advanced level Emperor level expert worthy of being shown such a scene?" Qin Yu felt a bit aggrieved.

What Qin Yu didn't know however, was this.

Advanced Emperor level experts were extremely sparse to begin with. Usually, it was hard for people here to even encounter one in several tens of years. The most important matter was… this building is connected to the 'Eighteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star." For someone to come here and also be an advanced level Emperor, it was possible for that person to be an eighteen star Emperor level expert. It was only because of that that a large amount of people became shocked like so.

"Oh. It is our honor for Your Lordship to come here. Over there is the location for you to dine at. Your Lordship is able to enjoy everything at half off here." That Elder Liu Yu hurriedly said. If one was not an advanced level Emperor level expert, one must pay the full price here. Ordinary advanced level Emperor level experts were able to enjoy everything at half price. Only eighteen star Emperor level experts were able to enjoy everything for free.

Qin Yu nodded. "I understand. Farewell." After he finished, Qin Yu directly left here.

"Understand? Understand what?" That Elder Liu Yu was a bit puzzled.

When Qin Yu heard about the 'half price off,' he realized the reason why those people were there eating and drinking. Logically, eighteen star Emperor level experts would be able to enjoy the meals and lounge there for free. Seems like those group of people have to spend money there. No wonder they were able to gather there.

After leaving the 'Eighteen Star Emperor Level Building,' Qin Yu walked toward another tall building… the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Building!

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 15 – Training on the Dark Star

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu walked into the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Building.

Like before, the triangular prism shaped crystal pillar located on top of the entrance of the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Building immediately discovered Qin Yu's strength. The familiar 'ding' sound echoed through the lounge. Even the noise of the people eating had immediately turned into silence.

When that sound rung , it signified that an advanced Emperor level expert had arrived!

In the middle of the lounge was a Conveying Array. Beside that Conveying Array was an Elder. This elder's job was precisely handling all the affairs regarding the 'Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.'

"Quiet." This Elder shouted to the people in the dining area. He then walked to Qin Yu. Respectfully, he said. "Your Lordship, I am the Elder in charge of all affairs regarding the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, Elder Zhi Qiao."

"I am Liu Xing." Qin Yu nodded and said.

"Might Your Lordship want to enjoy a meal and rest here or could it be that Your Lordship wants to enter the Dark Star to train?" Elder Zhi Qiao asked. However, Zhi Qiao was a bit shocked. 'It's another super expert that I've never heard of before. It's already the second one today.'

"I wish to enter the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star and train." Said Qin Yu tranquilly.

Once Qin Yu said those words, many people beside him immediately started to discuss among themselves.

"It's another one going to the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star to train! There had already been one earlier. And now, another one had appeared. How did the Gold Punishment Sect have so many experts?"

"Fourteen star Emperor level. Forget about fourteen star Emperor level, if I were able to reach one star Emperor level, I'd already be thanking the heavens and earth."

Upon hearing what those group of people were saying, Qin Yu was surprised. "Mn? Someone had already entered the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star today?"

"Lord Liu Xing, this is all the key information regarding training in the Dark Star. Your Lordship, please look over it." That Elder Zhi Qiao handed a jade slip over to Qin Yu. Qin Yu received the jade slip and ran his Spiritual Awareness over it.

Although this jade slip was very small, it contained within it a lot of information.

Upon looking through it, Qin Yu learned a lot of the information regarding the Trial.

First of all, in order to enter the Trial Dark Stars, one must use their Stellar Identity Crystal. Earlier, when Qin Yu stepped through the entrance, the reason why the triangular prism shaped crystal pillar shined was that it was inspecting Qin Yu's Stellar Identity Crystal.

Furthermore, in order to enter the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, one must have the proof that one possesses the strength of a thirteen star Emperor.

The proof of this strength is through successfully passing the trial on the Thirteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. Once successful, one would be granted a Thirteen Star Emperor Level Title Plate.

Of course, as Qin Yu was determined to be an advanced level Emperor level expert through the inspection, he was at the very least a thirteen star Emperor. Thus, there was no need for him to have the Thirteen Star Emperor Level Title Plate. Furthermore, if Qin Yu were to successfully train on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, then he would be granted a Fourteen Star Emperor Level Title Plate.

Other than this, the jade slip in Qin Yu's hand also contained some information that one must know when training on the Dark Star Realm. Of course… Qin Yu was also able to eat, drink and rest here for free.

"Elder Zhi Qiao." Qin Yu put away the jade slip. With a smile, he asked. "I've heard that not long ago someone had entered into the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star?"

They're all extraordinary experts.

Elder Zhi Qiao gasped in his heart. He said. "That's right. There had indeed been a person entering the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star not long ago. Haha. I've been here all this time, sometimes, I would not even receive a single visitor proceeding to the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. Yet, today, I received two visitors at once."

"Well then, please start the Conveying Array." Said Qin Yu.

Immediately after, Qin Yu walked into the center of the Conveying Array.

"Please wait a moment." Elder Zhi Qiao walked to the front of Qin Yu. He raised his hand, pointed it toward the Conveying Array and then a white colored energy was shot out from his hand and poured into the Conveying Array. Immediately after, the Conveying Array started to shine.

At this moment, several hundred people had surrounded Qin Yu and were watching him. Within their eyes as… envy and adoration!

"Your Lordship, please be careful." Seeing Qin Yu standing so proudly like that, Elder Zhi Qiao was unable to refrain from reminding him to be more careful.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and shook his head.

Elder Zhi Qiao gasped in his heart. "What a relaxed and careless attitude."

After the radiance of the light covered the entire Conveying Array, it disappeared after a short period of time. Qin Yu had also disappeared with the light. The surrounding cultivators started to grow noisy again. In merely a single day, two people had gone to the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. That was certainly something worthy to be discussed.

Qin Yu knew his own strength very well. With merely his own bones, he was certain that they were definitely able to compare with a fifteen star Emperor level expert. However, if he were to compare his muscles instead, then it was likely that Qin Yu would be inferior to even a fourteen star Emperor level expert.

Qin Yu decided to come to the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star precisely to train his muscles.

Qin Yu saw a flash pass by his eyes. Following the flash, a desolate world appeared before him. However, before he was able to clearly inspect his surroundings, he felt an extremely powerful and terrifying pressure engulfing his entire body.


Qin Yu kneeled onto the ground with a crash. His knee was smashed onto the ground. His hands were also on the ground.

"What's happening?" Qin Yu felt that his entire body's muscles were shivering. Both the muscles inside and outside. It was as if all his cells were being shattered to pieces. The terrifying gravity caused his cells to be unable to maintain their original form and start to collapse.

"Sss sss~~~" Qin Yu's skin started to rupture. The crimson colored veins and arteries were exposed. His crimson colored muscles lumps were clearly visible. However, his muscles were still slowly being ripped apart.

Qin Yu was feeling a pain that penetrated through his soul!

This pain came not from merely the ruptures of skins and muscles. Instead, it was the collapse of the cells that existed in the depths of the skins and muscles. Even his heart, lungs and other organs were starting to slowly collapse. It was the ultimate pain!

"It's someone who had overestimated his abilities. He actually dared to come to the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star without training on the Thirteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star till he reached a sufficient level." A cold voice sounded from nearby.

With great difficulty, Qin Yu turned his head toward that voice.

It was a robust youth whose situation was currently a bit better than him. Compared with Qin Yu… that youth's skin had also ruptured. However, his muscles were still alright. Merely, that youth's entire body was giving off a crackle sound.

This youth was also kneeling on the ground on one knee. His hands were also pushed against the ground.

"You are not much better off than me." Qin Yu tried his hardest to say those words. However, at this moment, the muscles in his throat were causing him immense pain.

Qin Yu knew very well in his heart that there was still some gap between his muscles and the muscles of a fourteen star Emperor. However, the gap shouldn't be large. Had the gap been larger, then it was likely that his entire body's muscles would've been crushed into fine dust instantly.

However, Qin Yu's bones had reached fifteen star Emperor level. On this Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, his bones were still pretty relaxed. However, that youth located not far from him was currently experiencing an immense pressure on his bones, causing his bones to give off a crackle and rattle sound.

"There's Gold Attribute Energy here?" Qin Yu's Soul's Power managed to sense the energy here.

"The seniors of the Dark Star Realm had most definitely prepared these Conversion Arrays for their descendants." Qin Yu understood it clearly in his heart. Immediately, he began to absorb the Gold Attribute Energy.

Qin Yu continued to kneel on one leg. He strived his hardest to crawl three steps forward and out from the range of the Conveying Array. Afterwards, he sat down on the ground cross-legged.

The situation of his muscles was still not too bad. Although the weak muscles like his skin had ruptured, the Life Elemental Energy hidden in every single cell of Qin Yu's body was restoring his body at a terrifying speed.

Skin ruptured, restored!

Slowly, his muscles ripped apart; once again, the Life Elemental Energy restored them!

The Life Elemental Energy was also slowly transforming Qin Yu's muscles. As for Qin Yu, he was currently absorbing the Gold Attribute Energy unceasingly. He was increasing the toughness of his muscles with a frightening speed.

Once Qin Yu sat down, he sat down for an entire year.

A year later, Qin Yu opened his eyes.

"My muscles have reached the fourteen star Emperor level now." With a push from his hands, Qin Yu stood up. At the moment when Qin Yu stood up, a voice sounded…. "Eh? You've succeeded in the training?"

Qin Yu looked to the direction where the voice sounded from. Not far away from Qin Yu, at a location about ten meters away, a naked man sat cross-legged with only his shorts on.

Not only that person, Qin Yu was also only wearing shorts created by the Gold Attribute Energy. His upper body and his thighs were all bare. Even his feet were bare.

After all, in a circumstance where his skin had ruptured and his blood was flowing unceasingly, it was very uncomfortable to wear clothes.

"Didn't you say that I was overestimating my capabilities?" Said Qin Yu while smiling.

That robust man also tried his hardest to stand up. However, his skin would still occasionally burst open a small crack. That robust man laughed to Qin Yu. "In that case, I shall apologize to you. However, you're truly amazing. In merely a single year, you've managed to stand on this Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star without the slightest amount of damage being done to you."

Qin Yu knew very well in his heart that the reason why he was able to succeed so fast was most definitely because of the Life Elemental Energy.

"Let me introduce myself. I am called Meng Long!" Said that robust man with a grin.

"I am Liu Xing." Qin Yu replied.

Meng Long nodded. He then said. "You should continue training. However, this time around, you don't need to be too anxious. A year ago when you first came out of the Conveying Array, I was able to clearly tell that your muscles had not reached a level where you could endure the fourteen star Emperor level. At that time, I thought that you would immediately run back. Who would've expected that you were actually able to persist until today and even succeeded."

"I was not careful enough last time around. This time around, I will pay more attention. Meng Long, I shall go and train first." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Meng Long nodded. He then immediately sat back down in a cross-legged position. Actually, earlier, when he was standing up on his two legs, the pressure on his bones was truly too great…. His bones were currently still unable to bear that terrifying pressure standing up.

As for Qin Yu, he was currently walking at a slow speed like 'taking a stroll.'

"It's been a long time since I've felt such a state of reaching my limits." Qin Yu felt that his entire body seemed to have received an extremely frightening pressure. "According to the descriptions of master's Science and Technology Universe, on Dark Stars like the White Dwarf and Neutron Star, that possess a terrifying level of gravitational force, a matter of a cubic centimeter was comparable in weight to a large mountain. However, this is the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. It is a cosmic space of a higher stage than the Mortal Realm. The Dark Stars here seem to be different from the Dark Stars in the Mortal Realm."

Qin Yu looked at the ground under his foot.

It was indeed different.

According to Qin Yu's understanding. The Dark Stars in the Mortal Realm's Science and Technology Universe ought to be formed by the later stage of a star. Furthermore, a neutron star could even be considered as a complete giant atomic nucleus.

"Science and technology? It seems to be impossible to me." Qin Yu smiled as he walked on this Dark Star.

Of the eighteen Emperor level Dark Stars, this was the fourteenth. Its gravitational force ought to be considered as one of the most terrifying amongst them…. According to Qin Yu's estimation, its gravity ought to be able to be compared with that of the Mortal Realm's neutron star. However, as a living person, he was actually able to walk on it.

Although his cells collapsed earlier, due to the transformation they had underwent. With the help of the meteoric tear, they were now even more powerful. They were now able to completely bear the gravity of the Dark Star that he was stepping on.

Qin Yu started to spread out his Soul's Power.

"Mn? This Dark Star is actually able to attract the Soul's Power?" Qin Yu was shocked to find out that this Dark Star's frightening gravity was actually able to affect the Soul's Power. However, Qin Yu possessed the assistance of the Meteoric Tear. Thus, he was still able to observe the entire Dark Star.

This Dark Star was very small.

To be more exact, Dark Stars are usually extremely small. This Dark Star possessed merely the diameter of around a thousand miles. Had it been a normal Mortal Realm's planet, then Qin Yu would've likely passed through the entire planet in an instant.

However, what about now?

To walk a thousand miles with the speed of taking a stroll, how long would that take? If he were to walk a hundred miles a day, it would still take ten days. Furthermore, that was merely the distance of the diameter. To walk a circle around the Dark Star, the time it would take would be absolutely more than a month.

"Only myself and that Meng Long are on this Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. This is exactly as I had anticipated. However, there's actually liquid on this Dark Star?" Qin Yu was a bit shocked.

Earlier, Qin Yu's Soul's Power had discovered that in a distance greater than three hundred miles away from him, was a small hole with the length of about two meters and width one meter. Inside that small hole was a green colored liquid.

There's liquid on the Dark Star?

According to Qin Yu's understanding of the neutron star, he was completely unable to explain this phenomenon. All he could do was to comfort himself. This was the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. It was a cosmic space at a higher layer than the Mortal Realm.

"Sigh, a distance over three hundred miles. So far." Qin Yu had a long sigh.

Qin Yu was only able to reach the speed of 'taking a stroll' after his muscles' toughness reached their limit. To walk over three hundred miles with that kind of speed… Perhaps only on the Dark Star would Qin Yu feel that a distance of over three hundred miles was extremely far.

What Qin Yu didn't know was Meng Long who found it difficult to even stand up was currently extremely envious of him being able to 'stroll.'

After a day…

"Huff, Huff…." Qin Yu was breathing hard.

Wearing only shorts, Qin Yu's entire body was completely covered in sweat. He immediately collapsed under the frightening gravity. All the muscles on Qin Yu's body were shivering. An entire day. 'Strolling' for an entire day. Qin Yu was using his muscles to their limits.

At this moment, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the aching pain coming from his muscles. Fortunately he possessed the Life Elemental Energy that continuously restored his body.

Otherwise, walking an entire day would be nothing but wishful thinking.

As he walked, Qin Yu raised his head and saw the endless outer space. There were no other planets beside this Dark Star. That was because this Dark Star's gravitational force was too great. Only very far away were there some very small planets.

"What exactly is the liquid on the Dark Star? Mn, continue walking." Qin Yu clenched his teeth and continued to, heavily, walk step by step. The muscles of his body that had reached their limits were being sprained unceasingly…

On this Dark Star with the extremely terrifying gravity, Qin Yu walked step by step like so. Each of his steps were heavier than Mount Tai.

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