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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 12 – Identity Inspection

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

Upon seeing Liu Tong's expression, Qin Yu merely smiled and nodded. "Yes, Elder Liu Tong, I shall trouble you with a Stellar Identity Crystal."

"No, no trouble at all." Said Elder Liu Tong as he waved his hand.

Now, Liu Tong was already beginning to imagine the future where when others mention Liu Xing, they would also mention that Lord Liu Xing was from the Deep Mulberry Star. As the Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star, his reputation would also grow.

He had also heard from a lot of his friends, the Elders of other planets, that they have also received Interstellar Cultivators before and given them Stellar Identity Crystals. Never had anticipated that he too would attain such an opportunity.

"Lord Liu Xing, please wait a moment." Liu Tong took out a triangular prism shaped crystal pillar.

"What is that for?" Qin Yu looked at the triangular prism shaped crystal pillar in confusion. He was able to sense a special kind of aura from it.

Elder Liu Tong casually explained. "Lord Liu Xing, this is the first time you've received a Stellar Identity Crystal. Thus, you likely do not know the procedure. This is the rule set by the Sacred Planet…. everyone that is to be granted a Stellar Identity Crystal must be inspected by this crystal pillar first."

"Inspected? What sort of inspection?" Qin Yu had a bad feeling.

Could it be that this mysterious crystal pillar would be able to tell his identity?

Liu Tong smiled and said. "Lord Liu Xing, please don't worry. This triangular prism shaped crystal pillar is used to inspect the person's strength. It could determine whether you're King level or Emperor level! At the same time, it could tell one's energy attribute. I remember that ten million years ago, it even managed to find a Devil Realm's person trying to disguise his way into the Dark Star Realm."

"Oh? A Devil Realm's person was found through the inspection ten million years ago? What did that person from the Devil Realm come to the Dark Star Realm for?" Asked Qin Yu.

Elder Liu Tong casually replied. "I have heard that Devil was a Black Devil Path cultivator. The Black Devil Path also trains one's body. Although their method is somewhat different from ours, the difference was not large. That Devil Realm's expert wanted to enter our Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars and train there. However, in order for one to enter the Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars, one must possess an Stellar Identity Crystal. Thus, that Devil Realm's expert tried to obtain a Stellar Identity Crystal and was found out by this triangular prism shaped crystal pillar."

"This crystal pillar is that amazing?" Qin Yu exclaimed in admiration. However, in his heart, he had became careful.

Qin Yu was very confident about himself. After all, all his energy was stored in the Stellar Space. Furthermore, in order to guard against the unexpected, Qin Yu had also learned the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique and he also has the Gold Force, the characteristic to the Gold Punishment Sect's cultivators.

However… who knows what kind of principle this crystal pillar uses to investigate?

Maybe it might search for the characteristic specific to the people of the Dark Star Realm. As he does not know the principle behind the crystal pillar, Qin Yu had grown a bit worried.

However, having reached this situation, all Qin Yu could do was to brace himself for the inspection.

"Lord Liu Xing, we merely need a short moment. This crystal pillar will be able to determine Your Lordship's type as well as strength." The Gold Force in Elder Liu Tong's hand was poured into the triangular prism shaped crystal pillar. The crystal pillar started to give off a misty radiance.


The misty radiance covered Qin Yu's body. The triangular prism shaped crystal pillar slowly started to shine.

"This sensation feels pretty comfortable." Although Qin Yu was a bit worried in his heart, he was still enjoying the massage-like sensation. Qin Yu spoke and asked. "Elder Liu Tong, do you know how this crystal pillar conduct its inspection?"

"I'm not certain. This triangular prism shaped crystal pillar is given to every Elder's Palace by the Sacred Planet. I don't even know how many years it's been inherited for. However, it has never malfunctioned." Said Liu Tong with absolute certainty.

Never malfunctioned!

Upon hearing those words, Qin Yu's heart grew tense.

"Seems like I might have to use my last resort, if I were to be discovered." Qin Yu didn't want to rely on his last resort. Not only was it extremely sinister, it was also quite risky.

After some time.

"Lord Liu Xing, it is done." Elder Liu Tong held the triangular prism shaped Crystal Pillar in his hand and looked at it. Immediately after, he looked to Qin Yu with a shocked expression.

Seeing Liu Tong's expression, Qin Yu grew nervous. However, he still asked. "Elder Liu Tong, what happened?"

Elder Liu Tong swallowed a gulp of saliva. He stared at Qin Yu and said. "Your Lordship, what star ranked Emperor level expert are you?"

"Why are you asking me that?" Said Qin Yu with a smile.

The expression that Elder Liu Tong looked at Qin Yu with was somewhat passionate. "Lord Liu Xing, granting a Stellar Identity Crystal does not only signify one's status. It also signifies that one has been recognized by an Elder. Only one who has reached a high star King or Emperor level is qualified to receive a Stellar Identity Crystal. This crystal pillar, is precisely the tool used to inspect one's identity and strength."

"What is my strength?" Asked Qin Yu with a smile.

Elder Liu Tong placed the crystal pillar on his hand. "Lord Liu Xing, this crystal pillar's strength inspection is very rough. For King levels, it simply divides them into elementary level, middle level and advanced level. Amongst them, the elementary level represents one to six star King level, middle level, seven to twelve star King level and advanced level, thirteen star to eighteen star. The Emperor levels are also divided into elementary, middle and advanced level! Your Lordship…"

Liu Tong firmly stared at Qin Yu. "Is an advanced level Emperor!"

"Advanced level Emperor is advanced level Emperor, what's so shocking about that?" Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Finding it hard to believe, Liu Tong said. "Lord Liu Xing, could it be that you do not know that ever since the previous Gold Punishment Lord ascended, our Dark Star Realm hasn't had any fifteen star Emperor level experts?"

"Fifteen star Emperor level, why are you mentioning this?" Qin Yu was puzzled.

Liu Tong immediately remembered that Qin Yu was an Interstellar Cultivator. At once, he explained. "Our Dark Star Realm possessed Three Great Sovereigns. In order to become a candidate for the next Sovereign, one must, at the very least, be a fifteen star Emperor level expert. However, our Gold Punishment Sect… for some unknown reason, hasn't had a fifteen star Emperor level expert, even after all these years. Thus, the position of the Gold Punishment Lord has been empty the entire time."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

A fifteen star Emperor was comparable to a level eight Immortal Emperor.

Qin Yu found it a bit hard to believe. In the large Dark Star Realm, how could there not be a fifteen star Emperor level Gold Punishment Sect expert?

"Elder Liu Tong, you said there weren't any fifteen star Emperor level experts? I find that a bit hard to believe." Said Qin Yu as he shook his head.

Elder Liu Tong also had a face filled with helplessness. He nodded and said. "I also do not understand why. Back then, when I was still on the Sacred Planet, I had heard from my teacher that other than His Majesty the Gold Punishment Lord, our Gold Punishment Sect also possessed two other great experts. One was a seventeen star Emperor level expert whereas the other was a fifteen star Emperor level expert. I do not know what happened for there to not be even a single fifteen star Emperor level expert left."

"You're saying… there were many powerful experts in the past?" Qin Yu found this matter to be somewhat fishy.

Elder Liu Tong continued. "Seventeen star Emperor level is at the level where one's about to undergo the Divine Tribulation. It might be possible for that seventeen star Emperor level expert to have ascended to the Divine Realm. But, what about that fifteen star Emperor level expert? I do not believe that it is possible for him to have undergone the Divine Tribulation and ascended to the Divine Realm in such a short period of time."

"Sigh. Forget about it. After all, there are no fifteen star Emperor level experts appearing. This matter is also not something that I, a mere Elder of a planet, could manage." Liu Tong laughed.

Qin Yu nodded.

Who knows what sort of secrets there are in the internal parts of the Dark Star Realm.

Liu Tong looked to Qin Yu with a burning gaze. "Lord Liu Xing, you are an advanced level Emperor expert. That is to say… you are at the very least a thirteen star Emperor level expert. Lord Liu Xing, is it possible for you to tell me whether or not you've reached fifteen star Emperor level?"

Fifteen star Emperor level.

Qin Yu was very clear about his own strength. With merely his body, he possessed the strength of a fifteen star Emperor. However, when adding on his miraculous Life Elemental Energy, it was possible for him to take on a seventeen or eighteen star Emperor.

"Elder Liu Tong, let's just say that I am not a fifteen star Emperor." Said Qin Yu with a mysterious smile.

"Consider…" Liu Tong's eyes were wide open. From Qin Yu's words, he was able to tell… that this Interstellar Cultivator in front of him ought to have reached fifteen star Emperor level.

A fifteen star Emperor level expert. Who amongst them was not someone with a name that spread far and wide?

"Lord Liu Xing, I would not tell anyone." Seeing Qin Yu trusting him like so, Elder Liu Tong also felt a sense of pride. Suddenly, Elder Liu Tong thought of something and said in astonishment. "Lord Liu Xing, you've said that you've never been to the Eighteen Trial Dark Stars?"

"That's right." Qin Yu nodded.

Elder Liu Tong took a deep breath and then looked at Qin Yu. "Lord Liu Xing. In the history of the Dark Star Realm, there has been a Gold Punishment Lord that had originally not entered the Eighteen Trail Dark Stars and had only been drifting about the cosmos while training. It's the same as Lord Liu Xing! That Gold Punishment Lord Majesty had reached the sixteen star Emperor level before reaching a bottleneck. That Majesty had once said before that if he were to not have used the Dark Stars, it was absolutely impossible for him to reach seventeen and eighteen star Emperor level."

Qin Yu thought of what Ye Qu had said.

With the cultivation method of the Gold Punishment Sect, if one were to not use the assistance provided by the gravity of the Dark Stars, sixteen stars would be the peak one could reach. It would appear that what Ye Qu said was correct!

"In the entire history, only that Majesty reached sixteen star Emperor level without using the Dark Stars. The number of Majesties that have managed to reach fifteen star Emperor level, without using the Dark Stars, is also so small that it can be counted on merely one's hands. Never had I, Liu Tong, thought that I too, would be able to meet one such expert." Liu Tong was very excited.

What Qin Yu had accomplished was enough to be recorded in the annals of the Dark Star Realm.

Qin Yu smiled. "Elder Liu Tong, please do not spread this to the others. I do not wish for everyone in the world to know about it." Elder Liu Tong nodded. To be able to obtain the trust of such an expert, Elder Liu Tong was already very moved.

"Elder Liu Tong, what about my Stellar Identity Crystal? Are you not planning to present that to me?" Qin Yu said jokingly.

Elder Liu Tong was unable to refrain from laughing. "My apologies, Lord Liu Xing. While we were talking, I had forgotten to present you with your Stellar Identity Crystal. Please wait a moment…" After he finished, Liu Tong flipped over his hand and took out a three colored stellar crystal. He then inserted it into a hollow space in the bottom of the triangular prism shaped crystal pillar. The three colored stellar crystal fit perfectly into the hollow space..

"Lord Liu Xing, this crystal pillar will record all the information into the Stellar Identity Crystal." Explained Elder Liu Tong. After a short period of time, the Stellar Identity Crysta rolled out from the hollow space.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from gasping in admiration. The Dark Star Realm was truly miraculous.

"Lord Liu Xing, you merely have to place a drop of your blood onto this Stellar Identity Crystal and it will merge into your palm. After it merges into your palm, you will naturally know how to use it." Elder Liu Tong smiled as he handed the Stellar Identity Crystal to Qin Yu.

After Qin Yu received the Stellar Identity Crystal and dripped a drop of his blood onto it to become its master, the Stellar Identity Crystal immediately merged into his body.

"So that's how it works." Qin Yu immediately understood how to use the Stellar Identity Crystal. The method of usage was indeed very simple.

Having obtained the Stellar Identity Crystal, Qin Yu's problem could now be considered as having been solved. Now what he planned to do was to find a Interstellar Map that would record the passage that leads to the Eighteen Emperor Level Trial Dark Stars and the Bewitching God Temple.

The Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars, Qin Yu wanted to go and experience them.

Merely, Qin Yu was currently in no rush to ask for an Interstellar Map from Elder Liu Tong. He thus stayed in the Elder's Palace for two days. In these past two days, he would frequently chat with the Elder. Through the conversations, Qin Yu grew to know a bit about the secrets of the Dark Star Realm.

Three days after Qin Yu's arrival at the Elder's Palace.

Qin Yu and Elder Liu Tong were both in the Elder's Palace. They were waiting for a group of people, a group of people from the Gold Punishment Star Field's Sacred Planet. This group of people were called… the Enforcers.

The Enforcers, originally their duty was to chase and kill the Emperor level Metal Beasts in the Dark Star Realm. Later on, their duty became to not only chase and kill the Emperor level Metal Beasts in the Dark Star Realm but to also chase and kill some of the insane and frenzied cultivators of the Dark Star Realm. After all, amongst the cultivators of the Dark Star Realm, it was unavoidable that some extremely sinister ones would appear. The destruction and harm brought about by those people was sometimes even more terrifying than Emperor level Metal Beasts.

This group of Enforcers had came to the Deep Mulberry Star precisely because of the Emperor level Metal Beast.

"Elder Liu Tong, the news sent by the Enforcers is truly too shocking. Three Emperor level Metal Beasts had arrived on the regions surrounding this planet. We have only killed one, where are the other two?" Gasped Qin Yu.

Elder Liu Tong nodded.

It was indeed extremely shocking. According to the news sent over by the Enforcers, there were three extremely powerful Emperor level Metal Beasts. The weakest amongst the three was a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast. The strongest amongst them had actually reached twelve star Emperor level.

Twelve star Emperor level Metal Beast. In the entire Dark Star Realm, there was not a single Gravity Gather Planet's Elder that would be able to take it on.

Qin Yu also recalled that the moment before that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast was killed by him, it had tried to threaten him saying that its brothers would come for revenge.

"Twelve star? Revenge?" Qin Yu did not care in the slightest. A twelve star Emperor level Metal Beast was something that he could kill with a flip of his hand. Why would he be worried?

"The Enforcers have arrived." Qin Yu suddenly looked to the sky. Elder Liu Tong also raised his head. They saw six figures rapidly flying toward the Elder's Palace. The man leading them was wearing a silver mask. His two eyes were emitting a sharp radiance.

Qin Yu's eyebrows were raised. "Fifteen star Emperor level expert!"

Two days ago, this Elder Liu Tong had even told him that there were no fifteen star Emperor level experts in the Gold Punishment Sect and that the seat of the Gold Punishment Lord had been empty the entire time. However, he instead saw a fifteen star Emperor level expert now. Furthermore, this person was an Enforcer!

This group of Enforcers were very powerful. The leader amongst them was a fifteen star Emperor level expert. The other five all possessed strength no less than ten star Emperor level.

The Enforcer party of six were all wearing black clothes. Other than the leader who wore a silver colored mask, the other five did not wear any masks. Merely, the gaze of all six Enforcers were cold and detached.

The leading male descended onto the Elder's Palace. His gaze was on Qin Yu the entire time. "I am called Wen Feng, who are you?

"Liu Xing." Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 13 – The New Gold Punishment Lord

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and TranslationNations

"You're very strong." The leader of the Enforcers, Wen Feng, looked at Qin Yu and said.

"You're not bad yourself." Qin Yu's swept his gaze at the five people behind Wen Feng and nodded slightly. "The Enforcers truly lived up to their name. No wonder you're capable of causing those sinister people to fear unceasingly."

The five Enforcers behind Wen Feng all looked to Qin Yu. Their gazes were extremely cold.

At this moment, Elder Liu Tong immediately spoke with a light laugh. "I am the Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star, Liu Tong. This person is the Interstellar Cultivator, Lord Liu Xing. Lord Liu Xing is currently also a person of our Deep Mulberry Star."

"Interstellar Cultivator!" Wen Feng repeated the words. He then placed his left fist on his right chest. Respectfully, he said. "Wen Feng thanks Liu Xing for killing the seven star Emperor level Metal Beast." The five other Enforcers behind Wen Feng also saluted to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "It is merely a very slight effort. Oh, that's right. At the moment when I killed that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast, that Metal Beast had sent a voice transmission to threaten me. He was saying that if I killed him, then his brothers would return to avenge him."

Enforcer Wen Feng's lips were slightly raised. It appeared as if he had a slight smile on his face. "That seven star Emperor level Metal Beast must have most likely been mistaken with his plan. I reckon that even if his two brothers were to join hands, they'll still be no match against you, Liu Xing."

[ED: More like joining paws…XD]

Qin Yu merely slightly nod his head.

The reason why he stayed on the Deep Mulberry Star for a couple more days was because he was worried about that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's brothers coming to the Deep Mulberry Star and retaliating against the people of the Deep Mulberry Star. According to Qin Yu's estimation, if those brothers of that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast were to come for revenge, it'll happen in these couple of days.

Now that the Enforcers have arrived. Furthermore, looking at their strength, they are definitely able to take care of the two surviving Metal Beasts. Qin Yu also did not worry about it or staying on the Deep Mulberry Star any longer.

"Lord Enforcer, please come inside and rest." Elder Liu Tong immediately said. Amongst this group of people, he, Elder Liu Tong, was the weakest.

Elder Liu Tong knew very well that the Enforcers were a violent force that chases to kill those sinister people who causes destruction to the Dark Star Realm. Thus, the Enforcers were even more blood-thirsty compared to those sinister and blood-thirsty people!

Inside the inner palace of the Elder's Palace.

"Elder Liu Tong, these three Emperor level Metal Beasts first appeared on the Origin Movement Planet located to the north, the Oh'Esteemed Star. They massacred all of the several tens of thousands of people on the Oh'Esteemed Star. Even the Elder of the Oh'Esteemed Star was killed. Afterwards, we Enforcers were dispatched. We were separated into three squadrons. However, we did not anticipate for the three Emperor level Metal Beasts to be that powerful. When the three Emperor level Metal Beasts destroyed another Origin Movement Planet, one of our small Enforcer Squadron managed to intercept these three Emperor level Metal Beasts."

In the palace, Wen Feng was carefully presenting what had happened. "Merely, at that time, the people that we dispatched were not strong. The strongest amongst that Enforcer Squadron was merely a ten star Emperor. Of that small squadron of six, three were killed and three fled. However, the captain of that squadron, the ten star Emperor, had already deduced that the strongest amongst those three Metal Beasts is around twelve star Emperor level. Of course… that does not eliminate the fact that that Emperor level Metal Beast might be concealing its strength."

When Liu Tong heard all these, his heart was overwhelmed with horror.

Never had he anticipated that two Origin Movement Planets had already been massacred into extinction. Had it not been for Qin Yu, then his Deep Mulberry Star would have became the third.

"It should not be hiding its strength. Otherwise, it wouldn't have let three of your men escape." Qin Yu determined.

Wen Feng who was wearing a silver mask cast his gaze to Qin Yu. He nodded and said. "I also believe that to be the case. Furthermore, we have managed to determine the strength of the other two Metal Beasts. One of them is ten star Emperor level whereas the other is seven star Emperor level. Those are absolutely certain. No matter how powerful the last one might be, it would not be much stronger than those two."

"Liu Xing, you said… that before that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast died, it had once tried to threaten you saying that its brothers would come to avenge him?" Wen Feng looked to Qin Yu and asked.

"That's right." Qin Yu nodded. "Rest assured, had those two Emperor level Metal Beast appeared, then I would have been the first one to discover them."

Currently, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness had covered the entire Deep Mulberry Star. With Qin Yu's current Immortal Awareness, covering the entire Deep Mulberry Star nonstop would not affect him in the slightest.

"You all go rest first." Wen Feng said to his subordinates.

"Yes, Your Lordship." The five Enforcers said as they saluted. Immediately after, they left the main hall of the palace. And at this moment, Wen Feng's gaze was shot toward Elder Liu Tong. Elder Liu Tu also tactfully departed the main hall. Immediately, only Qin Yu and Wen Feng remained in the main hall.

Wen Feng looked to Qin Yu. The mask on his face had instantly disappeared.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from opening his eyes wide.

This Wen Feng's appearance had indeed caused Qin Yu to be shocked. Never had he thought that someone from the Dark Star Realm would have an appearance similar to that of someone from the Demon Realm… A third eye!

To be more exact, there was a closed crack on Wen Feng's forehead. Qin Yu was able to tell with his Immortal Awareness that inside that crack was an eye.

"Liu Xing, your strength is sufficient for me to unmask myself. Let me introduce myself first. I am called Wen Feng, the newly appointed great captain of the Enforcers, a fifteen star Emperor level expert." A hard to come by smile appeared on Wen Feng's face.

Qin Yu was unable to determine what the purpose of this Wen Feng in front of him was.

"I am called Liu Xing, an ordinary Interstellar Cultivator." Qin Yu casually introduced himself.

"Someone that even I, Wen Feng, am unable to see through is an ordinary Interstellar Cultivator? A while back, the Sacred Planet had even called for a summon of all the fifteen star or higher Emperor level experts of the Gold Punishment Sect to assume the position as the leader of our Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns… Gold Punishment Lord. I am confused… with your strength, why have you not gone to the Sacred Planet?" Wen Feng asked straightforwardly.

Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns, it was a position that everyone yearned for. Furthermore, the Gold Punishment Lord is the leader amongst the Three Great Sovereigns. The status of the Gold Punishment Lord is even more reverend!

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Let's not talk about me, what about you then? From the way I see it, you've also reached fifteen star Emperor level. However, why haven't you gone and become the Gold Punishment Lord and instead became the great captain of the Enforcers?"

Regarding this, Qin Yu was incomparably confused.

Wen Feng had a self-mocking smile. "Did you think that I didn't want to become the Gold Punishment Lord? The Gold Punishment Lord, the leader of the Three Great Sovereigns, oh how revered that status was…"

"The Emperor level Metal Beasts have arrived."

Qin Yu suddenly interrupted Wen Feng.

Wen Feng also stopped talking. The two of them took a glance at each other. Almost simultaneously, the two of them disappeared into thin air.

A vicious bird with an entire body composed of blue colored metal was currently circling around the sky. This vicious bird was precisely the Metal Beast that had reached ten star Emperor level. It was currently hesitating… as to whether or not to eliminate the Deep Mulberry Star.

"Second brother, quickly, flee. There's expert here." A voice sounded in this vicious bird's mind.

The vicious bird also felt its heart shaking in fear. "Not good, there's danger here." However, right at the moment when it was prepared to use Greater Teleportation to run away, a hand suddenly appeared in the air and grabbed onto its neck.

"Little bird, you're still trying to flee?" A voice with a trace of mocking tone was heard.

The vicious bird turned it head to the side to look. The person who grabbed his neck was a smiling youth. This youth was standing in the middle of the sky. This vicious bird did not know at all that a couple days ago, its third brother was also caught by the neck by the same person.

At this moment, another figure appeared beside Qin Yu. It was Wen Feng.

"We've let it escape." Wen Feng's expression was a bit ugly. "That twelve star Emperor level Metal Beast is hiding in the cosmic space. It had also set up a formation array around itself causing me to be unable to directly teleport over to it."

"Formation array? Metal Beasts also know formation arrays?" Qin Yu was slightly shocked.

Wen Feng had a self mocking smile. "Who knows, it's also my first time seeing one. However, there had also been powerful Emperor level Metal Beasts setting up formation arrays in the records of history. As they possess the intelligence of humans, it is not impossible for them to set up formation arrays."

"It's best for you all to let me free. Otherwise, my big brother would definitely come and kill you all." That vicious bird actually spoke human language from its mouth.


Qin Yu started laughing. "Hey, little bird, did you know that a couple days ago, that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast was also captured by me like this. When I was about to kill it, he had also threatened me with the same words."

"It's you who've killed my third brother." That vicious bird firmly stared at Qin Yu.

However, the vicious bird discovered that after having its neck grabbed by Qin Yu, the Golden Core within its body had been completely wrapped up by Qin Yu's Gold Force. It was unable to use even the slightest amount of its energy at all.

"Wen Feng, even if that twelve star Emperor level Metal Beast was to be in the formation array, you should also be able to capture it." Said Qin Yu in confusion.

Afterall, Wen Feng was a fifteen star Emperor level expert.

Wen Feng shook his head and said. "As it was in the formation array, I was unable to use Greater Teleportation to teleport to it. In a blink of an eye, that twelve star Emperor level Metal Beast had left the great formation array from the other side and fled."

"How shall we take care of this little bird?" Qin Yu looked to Wen Feng.

"However you want. All's good as long as you killed it. The Golden Core and the corpse is naturally yours." Said Wen Feng casually.

As if it had sensed its doomsday coming, that vicious bird looked to Qin Yu in dismay. "Your Lordship, please spare my life. As long as you spare my life, I would do anything you want me to do."

"It indeed has a human level intelligence." Qin Yu gasped in admiration.


Would he spare it? Qin Yu still remembered that the Enforcer leader Wen Feng had said that these three Metal Beasts had massacred two Origin Movement Planets. Such cruel and savage Metal Beasts, how could he possibly spare their lives?

Qin Yu's fingers slightly squeezed.

A sound like metal breaking sounded. That ten star Emperor level Metal Beast's neck was completely snapped off. Its Golden Core had also been taken out by Qin Yu.

"Wen Feng, what I had asked you earlier, you still haven't given me an answer. Weren't you a fifteen star Emperor level expert? How come you didn't become the next Gold Punishment Lord?" Qin Yu was still concerned about this question.

Wen Feng shook his head and smiled helplessly. "I too had once wanted to become the Gold Punishment Lord. That's why I had tried my best in training myself. Half a year ago, I had finally managed to attain a breakthrough and became a fifteen star Emperor. However, only when I returned to the Sacred Planet did I found out that… a super expert had already returned to the Sacred Planet. That super expert had already been determined to become the new Gold Punishment Lord. After half a year, they would likely make it public. At that time, I felt a bit helpless. Thus, I assumed the position of the great captain of the Enforcers and decided to chase and kill some people to vent my anger."

"Never had I expected that you became the great captain of the Enforcers just to vent your anger. Oh, that's right… you've mentioned that the new Gold Punishment Lord had been decided; how strong is that person?" Qin Yu asked.

Wen Feng clenched his fist tightly. He said. "The new Gold Punishment Lord is extremely strong, frighteningly strong!"

Qin Yu was astonished.

For even Wen Feng to say that the new Gold Punishment Lord's strength is frighteningly strong, exactly how strong was this new Gold Punishment Lord?

"How strong could he get?" Said Qin Yu while smiling. Wen Feng instead replied solemnly. "No, he's truly extremely powerful. Back then, I was also not convinced as to why he's the one who should become the new Gold Punishment Lord. Only later did I found out that he's already an eighteen star Emperor."

"Eighteen star Emperor!"

Qin Yu was stunned.

Seventeen and eighteen star Emperor level experts usually possess souls at the level of level nine Immortal Emperor. They were people that were about to undergo the Divine Tribulation. For an Eighteen star Emperor level expert to appear, the probability was truly low.

"Eighteen star Emperor, then his bones and muscles were all comparable to High Level Divine Artifacts." Qin Yu felt a bit terrified in his heart.

Qin Yu suddenly frowned.

How did such an expert suddenly appear out of nowhere? Qin Yu looked to Wen Feng and asked. "Where is this super expert from? How come he would suddenly appear out of nowhere?"

"Dark Star!"

Wen Feng said solemnly. "The eighteenth Dark Star of the Eighteen Emperor Level Trial Dark Stars."

"Liu Xing, you ought to know that one would be considered as an eighteen star Emperor level expert once one managed to persist on the eighteenth Dark Star for two hours. In all these years, I have never known anyone that would go and train in that eighteenth Dark Star. However… about a year ago, a person suddenly appeared out from the Interstellar Conveying Array that is connected to the eighteenth Dark Star."

Upon saying to this part, Qin Yu also understood it.

The eighteen Dark Stars all possessed Interstellar Conveying Arrays leading to them. For this person to be able to walk out from the Interstellar Conveying Array that was connected to the eighteenth Dark Star, that person was definitely an eighteen star Emperor level expert.

"Sigh. Who would've known that there would be people on the eighteenth Dark Star? Just like that, he suddenly appeared. After he appeared, two months later, another person appeared from the Interstellar Conveying Array that lead to the seventeenth Dark Star."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

"Another one? This one ought to be a seventeen star Emperor. Seemed like it wasn't injustice for that Gold Punishment Lord's position to be taken away from you. That's right, how come these two super experts suddenly appeared?"

Wen Feng smiled wryly. "How would I know? Based on the records of the Interstellar Conveying Arrays, the last time someone had used the seventeenth and eighteenth Dark Stars Interstellar Conveying Array was several hundred years ago. The majority of the people had thought that those people who had entered to those Dark Stars were crushed to pieces by the gravity and died. Who would've known that they'll appear again after all these years."

Qin Yu nodded and said jokingly. "Indeed, it's quite terrifying. If tens or twenty people were to walk out from that eighteenth Dark Star that day, just imagine what sort of scene that would be."

Hearing Qin Yu's words, Wei Feng grew numb from head to toe.

"Rarely does anyone enter the seventeenth and eighteenth Emperor level Dark Stars. Likewise… no one knew whether or not there are any super experts training themselves on those two Dark Stars." Wen Feng sighed.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Mn, it's time for me to go to the eighteen Emperor level Trial Dark Stars." Thought Qin Yu.

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