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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 47 – Divine Flame

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and TranslationNations

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Hei Yu asked in puzzlement. He had noticed that Qin Yu had a somewhat strange expression on his face. Hou Fei also looked over… he too was astonished and puzzled.

Qin Yu's excited and joyous expression was something that was unable to be concealed.

Qin Yu looked to his two brothers and said. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, the two of you knew that I've been stuck on the eighth stage of the Stellar Transformation the entire time right? And now, I'm finally able to enter into the ninth stage."

"Really?" Said Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

Qin Yu nodded repeatedly. He said excitedly. "That's right, I'm going to train right away. Mn, it'll be fine for me to train here. While I train, it would be good if you two were to not disturb me. I've already reached the boundary between the two stages, I believe that I'll soon be able to reach the ninth stage of the Stellar Transformation."

Qin Yu was unable to care for anything else and immediately sat down cross-legged on the meadow. Afterwards, with an intention, he separated the area three meters around him from the rest of the world. Qin Yu was unparalleled in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Even if the Cyan Emperor were to come here, he would also become unable to attack Qin Yu.

"Monkey, we'll just wait by the side." Hei Yu also sat down cross-legged and quietly watched Qin Yu from afar. Hou Fei also nodded and sat down cross-legged. Likewise, he too was looking at his big brother.

Qin Yu appeared to be very tranquil.

Although his appearance was extremely tranquil, his awareness had long since entered into his dantian's Black Hole and through the Black Hole Channel and into the somewhat small 'Stellar Space' in the flour paste space that belonged to him.

The flour paste space was still filled with an endless amount of 'flour paste.' However, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the aged and ancient aura that was pervading from the flour paste space.

"The Stellar Space had became more than ten times larger compared to when I was last here." Qin Yu was inspecting the Stellar Space from up to down.

The more the Stellar Space absorbed the flour paste energy from the outside, the bigger it would naturally become. And now… the Stellar Space possessed a spherical shape with a diameter of nearly a kilometer.

And within this enormous space with a diameter of nearly a kilometer was countless amount of revolving golden specks. The countless amount of golden specks had formed a 'nebula.'

"Every part of my energy had absorbed the 'flour paste' energy and successfully transformed. Now, it's time to proceed onto the next step." For some unknown reason, Qin Yu was filled with confidence.

Following the control of Qin Yu's intention, the countless amount of golden specks started to rotate faster.


The entire Stellar Space started to tremble. It was even giving off a loud noise. It was as if the space was about to collapse. That countless amount of golden specks were rotating with a frightening speed. At the same time, the nebula started to slowly shrink in size.

"This is the time!"

Following Qin Yu's control with his intention, the speed at which the nebula decreases in size suddenly increased by ten thousand folds!

"Pop~~" As if there was a leak in the core of the nebula, all of the rotating golden specks began to gather toward the center of the nebula. It appeared to be in merely a blink of an eye but also appeared to be extremely long and endless.

All of the golden specks had disappeared.

Only that golden sphere remained in the Stellar Space. This golden sphere was extremely small. Observing with Qin Yu's consciousness, it was only as large as a fist. There was only a fist sized golden sphere in the entire Stellar Space with a diameter of a kilometer. When contrasting the two, it appeared even smaller.

That golden sphere was currently spinning around and around. Around the golden sphere were burning black flames.

Black colored flames!

"Black colored flames, Divine Flame!" Qin Yu was unable to refrain his pleasant surprise. It was exactly as he had anticipated. Back then when he had reached the Dark Star Realm, the Stellar True Flame was the Blue Heavenly Flame. When he reached the Black Hole Stage, the Stellar True Flame was the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame. And now, the Stellar True Flame was the black colored Divine Flame!

"According to what Song Shi had said, the true flame of an Emperor level Phoenix was also black colored Divine Flame. Phoenix was able to casually use a large amount of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame in attacking others; would I be able to do that too?" Qin Yu questioned himself.

Unfortunately, Qin Yu wasn't proficient in the usage of flames.

Back then, he was only able to use flames and attack others through the usage of the Black Flame Lord's Ring. And the flames that the Black Flame Lord's Ring was merely the Blue Colored Heavenly Flames. As for the Blue Colored Heavenly Flames, they were not at all threatening to top quality experts like Emperor Yu.

"Seems like I must also learn about how to use flames sometime in the future." Qin Yu understood well in his heart that as his Stellar True Flame was the Divine Flame, then he should logically be able to employ a large amount of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames in his attacks.

That golden sphere was still spinning unceasingly.

"Whirl whirl~~~" A very clear sound was heard. The flour paste energy from all over the flour paste space had turned into strip-like shapes and were permeating into the Stellar Space and gathering toward the golden sphere. The golden sphere was easily absorbing the incoming energies.

Qin Yu looked over and saw millions of gray colored strips gathering toward the golden sphere unceasingly.

"Eh, could it be that I do not need Elemental Spirit Energy now?" Qin Yu tried to absorb Elemental Spirit Energy from the outside world however, his golden sphere did not absorb any of the extremely pure Elemental Spirit Energy.

Qin Yu immediately realized.

It would appear that after reaching the ninth stage, if he wants the golden sphere to transform, he could only do so through absorbing the energy within the 'flour paste space.'

With an intention, Qin Yu withdrew his awareness from the Stellar Space.

After opening his eyes, Qin Yu extended his index finger. A golden finger ray was emitting back and forth from his index finger. Qin Yu was sensing the power of this golden finger ray. "It would appear that it's not really powerful. It's not as powerful as my current body's strength."

"However, it's not too bad. It's about the same as what I had predicted. From the Late Stage Black Hole Realm to the early stage of the ninth stage, the power of the energy had increased by about ten times." Qin Yu was still very satisfied with the amount of increase in the power.

"What should I call the ninth stage?" Qin Yu thought about it for a moment.

Suddenly, Qin Yu remembered the information about the science and technology civilization that was left by his master Lei Wei. He remembered the speculation they had toward the formation of the cosmos — that the cosmos was formed through a singular point.

"Singular point? In that case… I shall temporarily name this as the 'origin'. The ninth stage of the Stellar Transformation… shall be the Origin Realm." Qin Yu had decided in his heart. He didn't really like the sounding of 'singular point' and thus did not use it.

The current Qin Yu was merely at the early stage Origin Realm and his Origin Energy only possessed the attack power of a level five or six Immortal Emperor. The assistance it provides to Qin Yu is not great. Only after he reach the mid stage Origin Realm would it provide a large amount of assistance to him.

"Since I've reached the ninth stage, it essentially means that when conditions are right, success will follow naturally for the future cultivation. Although the Stellar Transformation possesses immense potential, but what truly raises my attack power now is the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body martial technique." Qin Yu understood in his heart.

He reckoned that after a longer period of time had passed or after he ascended to the Divine Realm, what he would they rely the most on would still be the Stellar Transformation.

With an intention, Qin Yu removed the space barrier around him.

"Big brother, how was it?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu asked almost simultaneously.

Qin Yu stood up, took a stretch, smiled and said. "It's not bad. However, as I've only just stepped into the ninth stage, its strength is currently inferior to that of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. For now, I still have to train the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu both nodded.

This was exactly as they had anticipated. The later stage Black Hole Realm possessed merely the strength of a level three Immortal Emperor. Even if Qin Yu managed to break through, it was still impossible for the Stellar Transformation's energy to soar to that of a level eight or nine Immortal Emperor at once.

"Big brother, how far along are you with the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body?" Hou Fei asked.

"I've reached the later stage of the seventh stage. The time before I reach a breakthrough is very close." Said Qin Yu while smiling. The strength of the seventh stage was only comparable to Emperor Yu's strength. If he were to reach the eighth stage, then adding on the recovery power of the Life Elemental Energy, it was completely possible for him to defeat Emperor Yu.

Qin Yu suddenly saw a person. It was Ye Qu. He was standing not far away and looking at Qin Yu.

"You've reached the later stage of the seventh stage?" Ye Qu once again asked Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. He knew that… Ye Qu was about to become depressed again.

Ye Qu held up his fists, he stared at Qin Yu with his tiger eyes. "How many years have I cultivated? Through all those exhausting labor, I've managed to break through the seventh stage and reach the eighth stage. And you, you've only reach the seventh stage several hundred years ago, less than a thousand year's worth of time. Are you to say that you're going to break through the seventh stage and reach the eighth stage in less than a thousand years?"

"Ye Qu, do not despair too much. To be honest, your cultivation speed is actually pretty fast. It's merely a trace bit slower than mine." Said Qin Yu with deadly earnest.

"You…" Ye Qu grew speechless.

However, Hou Fei and Hei Yu both started to laugh.

"You little scoundrel bastard, I'm done, I've had enough." Said Ye Qu grudgingly. As for Qin Yu, he could only smile.

Ever since the Peng Demon Emperor and them saw Qin Yu and his brothers again on the Ridge Peak Star, it had already been a hundred years without any news regarding the three brothers. As the time passed, Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and them grew more and more anxious.

The longer the time, the more frightening Qin Yu and his brothers would become.

In a certain palace in the Black Crow Star's Imperial Palace. The Peng Demon Emperor was currently chatting and drinking with Emperor Yu.

"Back when Qin Yu had only stepped foot on the territory of the Bird Clan, I tried to kill Qin Yu but was obstructed by the Dragon Emperor. The Qin Yu from back then was without any power to defend himself against me. A hundred years later, when Qin Yu showed himself again he was already powerful enough to be able to kill Bai Feng. His strength was around the level of level eight Immortal Emperor."

"And after another hundred years, when Qin Yu appeared once again, his strength was already equally matched with mine. He had attained the strength of a level nine Immortal Emperor." Emperor Yu had a slightly helpless expression. "And now, another hundred years have passed. The current Qin Yu, his strength… might've already surpassed mine."

Peng Demon Emperor who sat to the side lightly laughed and said. "Brother Feng Yu, the further down the road, the harder it is to increase one's strength. While he was able to increase his attack power from that of a level eight Immortal Emperor to that of a level nine Immortal Emperor in a hundred years, but in this hundred years, I reckon there would not be a major increase in strength. The Bewitching God Temple had also been sealed off by us, so it was impossible for him to enter into the Bewitching God Temple. I believe that there shouldn't be anything unexpected."

"All these years, we've been unable to find Qin Yu and his brothers. Could it be that Qin Yu and his brothers had been in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion the entire time?" Emperor Yu shook his head and said helplessly.

Peng Demon Emperor had also grown silent.

Where exactly had they hidden to?

Suddenly, Emperor Yu raised his head. His eyes shined. "Brother Zong Yan, I had discovered that we had a gap in the method that we had been using to chase and kill Qin Yu… I think, it's extremely possible for us to be able to kill Qin Yu this time!"

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