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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 45 – Gathering

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations

The palace chambers were desolate. There was not a single maid present. It was giving off a gloomy and cold sensation. And the sole person in the palace chambers… the Peng Demon Emperor, currently had his hands behind his back and standing without moving. Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Ao Ku and Liu Tu walked into the palace chambers with puzzlement in their hearts. They do not know why the Peng Demon Emperor wanted them to come inside.

"Brother Feng Yu, you all must've also felt the pressure Qin Yu and his brothers brought upon you all, right?" The Peng Demon Emperor stood with his back toward Emperor Yu and them. However, he suddenly asking a question.

Emperor Yu suddenly stopped. However, he still responded. "Brother Zong Yan is correct. The speed in which Qin Yu and his brothers power up is truly too frightening. For every additional day that they live, it'll be another day of nervousness for me…. with their cultivation speed, even if I managed to luckily pass the Divine Tribulation and ascend to the Divine Realm, I'm afraid that once I'm in the Divine Realm, I'll still be much inferior to them."

Emperor Yu's wife Xuan Xi also felt a bit helpless in her heart. Following her husband, she also became an enemy of Qin Yu and his brothers. And now, she too was feeling an immense pressure in her heart. Furthermore, currently, she and her husband no longer have the ability to kill Qin Yu at all.

"That's right." Peng Demon Emperor suddenly turned around. He looked to Emperor Yu with his sharp gaze. "Brother Feng Yu, for you to have such a feeling, how would I not have such a feeling too? That third brother of Qin Yu, Hei Yu, was actually a Variation Super Divine Beast. Furthermore, according to my investigation, this Hei Yu's speed is not inferior to the Golden Winged Great Peng Bird, his attack techniques are comparable to those of the Monkey and Ape Clan and his defense is something that no one in the Bird Clan could compare with. One could say that… a Variation Divine Beast like Hei Yu possessed no weak point."

"That powerful?" Emperor Yu was shocked upon hearing that.

"As you wanted to kill Qin Yu, you have not considered about Hei Yu much. Thus, you've naturally not came to realize that." Peng Demon Emperor's eyes narrowed. A cold ray of light was emitting from his eyes. "In merely several hundred years, this Hei Yu has reached level six Demon Emperor level. If we were to allow him to continue his growth, then I'd reckon that he'll be able to reach level nine Demon Emperor level in another ten thousand years. At that time, with merely his defense, I would become unable to break through it."

The Peng Demon Emperor felt helpless.

Although the Inherited Treasure of the Peng Clan was extremely powerful and could increase his speed to a frightening level, but on the aspects of attack power…. although his attack power approaches that of a High Quality Divine Artifact, but when compared to his speed, it was instead a weak point.

"Brother Feng Yu, are you able to continue to bear and allow them to continue increasing their power?" Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan looked to Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu shook his head and replied hurriedly with anger. "I have always wanted to kill Qin Yu, but… currently, we don't even know where he lives. How do we kill him? There's nothing we can do!"


Peng Demon Emperor smiled coldly and shook his head. "Although we are temporarily unable to find where Hei Yu and his brothers are, but we are able to increase the amount of troops and power we spent on searching for them. That way, we can also restrict them from increasing their attack power."

"Restrict?" Mystic Emperor who stood to the side asked in confusion. "How do we stop them from increasing their strength?"

Peng Demon Emperor laughed and said. "The fastest method of increasing one's strength is not increasing one's original strength but instead obtaining a powerful weapon. If that Qin Yu were to possess a treasure that's comparable to my Peng Clan's Inherited Treasure, then at that time… I'm afraid that even I would become unable to kill him."

Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's expression suddenly changed.


The best method of increasing strength was precisely Divine Armors and so on.

"You all have also seen the Cyan Emperor's strength. Back then, he obtained a treasure from the Bewitching God Temple. I believe the name of that treasure was called' Nine Water Elemental Pearl.' It was precisely that treasure that allowed him to reach his current prowess, so much that he's stronger than even me now. As for that Qin Yu, he possessed that Bewitching God Painting. The current Qin Yu's strength was even more powerful than the Cyan Emperor who have explored the Bewitching God Temple back then. On top of that, with his Bewitching God Painting, who knows if he would obtain a treasure comparable to the Nine Water Elemental Pearl." Peng Demon Emperor laughed coldly. "If he were to obtain such a treasure, then we could only have our hands tied and wait for him to capture us and then be killed directly by him!"

Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor took a glance at each other. They both felt that what the Peng Demon Emperor said was right.

"That Qin Yu… could he have already left for the Bewitching God Temple?" Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi's expression suddenly changed.

"Mystic Emperor, rest assured. His Majesty has already anticipated that and already sent a total of seventy two Demon Emperors from the Bird Clan toward the Bewitching God Temple. They have already set up the 'Eight-Nine Space Sealing Array' on the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple. No matter how strong that Qin Yu is, it's impossible for him to enter into the Bewitching God Temple." Said Ao Ku confidently.

"Seventy two Demon Emperors?" Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor both took a cold breath.

To be able to dispatch so many Emperor level experts at once, it's likely that only the Three Great Emperors of the Demon Realm could do such a thing. The amount of Emperor level experts underneath people like the Cyan Emperor, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor was only equal to a third or even a fourth of what Peng Demon Emperor possessed.

Afterwards, Emperor Yu took a breath of relief. He smiled and said. "Brother Zong Yan is truly farseeing. With the Eight-Nine Space Sealing Array being set up and the tunnel to the Bewitching God Temple being only that small, the defense of the formation array at that small space would be extremely powerful. Even if it was me, I'd still be unable to break through it."

"Humph, the two main entrances of the Bewitching God Temple, the one that's in our Demon Realm was only large enough to allow five or six people to enter at the same time. With such a small tunnel entrance, I've had seventy two Demon Emperors join hand and form a formation array. The strength of its defense is so powerful that much less a single you, even if three Emperor Yus were to be present, I reckon that they'll still be impossible to break through it." Said the Peng Demon Emperor confidently.

Peng Demon Emperor laughed and didn't say anything.

Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi smiled and said. "Brother Zong Yan's move is truly amazing. There are a total of only two channels leading to the Bewitching God Temple. One is in the Demon Realm whereas the other is located in the Dark Star Realm. It was impossible for the people of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to be allowed entrance into the Dark Star Realm and use that entrance. And the entrance in the Demon Realm here has been sealed off. Thus, although Qin Yu possesses the Bewitching God Painting, it was all in vain as he cannot get through to the Bewitching God Temple."

Of the two great channels leading to the Bewitching God Temple, the one in the Dark Star Realm was indeed something that people not from the Dark Star Realm can enter.

Even Immortal Emperor Ni Yang who possessed a great relationship with the then Dark Flame Lord and the White Profound Lord of the Dark Star Realm was unable to enter the Bewitching God Temple from their channel. If he were to be able to enter from that side, then how would he be threatened by Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor?

"However, for I to have deployed this formation array, the matter has also became somewhat troublesome." Said the Peng Demon Emperor with a frown.

"That's right, it's indeed a bit troublesome." Emperor Yu also came to realize that. "This Bewitching God Temple is something that's possessed by the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. For Brother Zong Yan to take your own initiative and close off this channel, then the Emperor level experts from the Immortal Realm and Demon Realm and even the ones from the Beast Clan's territory and the Dragon Clan's territory would be enraged."

That was inevitable.

A large treasure deposit but the Peng Demon Emperor dispatched people to seal off the doors to the treasure deposit and not allow anyone to go through, then how would the other powers possibly be able to endure it?

"Therefore, I have prepared to invite all the leaders of the different parties of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm to come to my Black Crow Star and discuss it." Said the Peng Demon Emperor with a light smile.

"Oh?" Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor were instead a little startled.

Of the two great entrances to the Bewitching God Temple, one of them was sealed off by the seventy two Demon Emperors dispatched by the Peng Demon Emperor. This matter currently does not have a lot of affect yet. Afterall, the blockage had only been set less than a hundred years ago. In a hundred years, how many Emperor level experts would go there? Thus, the complaint level was still not large. However, if the blockage was to last for a hundred thousand or a million years, then it was likely that all the powers would come to find trouble for the Bird Clan.

Immortal Realm's Crescent Moon Bay.

The Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming were still in the Crescent Moon Bay. As the time before the Cyan Emperor ascend to the Divine Realm was only several months away, the two of them decided to stay here and return after the Cyan Emperor ascended.

The Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming and the Cyan Emperor were currently drinking tea and chatting. Suddenly, the Dragon Emperor took our his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. He quietly chatted with the other person for a moment. Ao Wuming and the Cyan Emperor both looked to him with puzzlement.

"Imperial Father, who is it?" When the Dragon Emperor placed the Transmission Spiritual Pearl away, Ao Wuming immediately asked.

"It's Zong Yan." Said the Dragon Emperor while smiling.

"Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan? Why is he contacting Imperial Father you? Could it be that this guy is unable to find brother Qin Yu and want our Dragon Clan to help him find and kill brother Qin Yu?" Ao Wuming ridiculed. Because of his relationship with Qin Yu, Ao Wuming found the Peng Demon Emperor very unpleasant to the eye.

"No, that's not it." The Dragon Emperor shook his head and smiled. "It's not regarding this matter but instead about the Bewitching God Temple."

"Bewitching God Temple? I remembered that twenty years ago, a Demon Emperor from our Dragon Clan have reported that the Peng Demon Emperor had dispatched seventy two Demon Emperors and set up the Eight-Nine Space Sealing Array there. We have still not gone to him to inquire about that, yet he came to us to talk about this Bewitching God Temple. Imperial Father, what did he say?" Asked Ao Wuming.

"It's all because of Brother Chi Qing." The Dragon Emperor shot a glance at the Cyan Emperor.

"What does this have to do with me?" Said the Cyan Emperor indifferently. The current Cyan Emperor who had already successfully passed his Divine Tribulation was very relaxed. As he is now a person who was waiting to be ascended to the Divine Realm, he no longer cared much about the affairs of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

The Dragon Emperor said. "Zong Yan said that the strength Brother Chi Qing displayed this time was enough to threaten us Three Great Emperors of the Demon Realm. He said that the source of your strength is precisely the Bewitching God Temple's treasured Divine Artifact. Thus, he wanted us Three Great Emperors of the Demon Realm to cooperate and eliminate this hidden danger."

"What the Peng Demon Emperor said is indeed somewhat reasonable. We cannot let such a matter occur again." Said Ao Wuming as he nodded. Suddenly, Ao Wuming came to a realization. He turned to the Cyan Emperor beside him and said. "Senior Cyan Emperor…"

"There's no need for you to say anymore. I am a person who's about to ascend to the Divine Realm, the matters of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is of no concern to me. There is no need to concern me regarding the matters of you all." Said the Cyan Emperor with an indifferent smile. As a man who's about to ascend, there was not many things that concerned him.

Ao Wuming looked to the Dragon Emperor. "Imperial Father, he said to eliminate this hidden danger, how do he suggest we do that?"

As the future Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming also didn't want for another person that could threaten the Three Great Emperors of the Demon Realm to appear.

"Sealing off the channel toward the Bewitching God Temple. As for when to reopen it, it shall be determined by us. If others do not even have the opportunity to enter the Bewitching God Temple, how would they be able to attain a powerful treasure?" The Dragon Emperor lightly smiled and said. "What the Peng Demon Emperor suggested was indeed a bit reasonable."

The Cyan Emperor suddenly said. "Ao Fang, the matter regarding sealing off the Bewitching God Temple cannot be only decided upon by your three powers of the Demon Realm. My Immortal Realm as well as that Devil Realm would also have to be included."

What the Cyan Emperor said instead startled the Dragon Emperor Ao Fang.

"If the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm were to join hands, then they would be able to match up against your Demon Realm. If you all were to really contest over this matter… then your Demon Realm would also not be able to live in peace." Said the Cyan Emperor with a smile.

The Dragon Emperor also nodded.

Indeed, if the three big shots of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm were to join hands and seal off the Bewitching God Temple, the Immortal Realm and Devil Realm would definitely be discontent with it. It was even possible for war to happen. If the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm were to join hands, then their strength was not much weaker than that of the Demon Realm. Furthermore, who knows how strong the hidden experts of the Immortal Realm and Devil Realm are?

The Cyan Emperor's suggestion was very effective. The matter regarding the sealing of the entrance to the Bewitching God Temple was rapidly spread to all the big shots of the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm. The Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor, Asura Devil Emperor, Flame Emperor… and all the other big shots all started to proceed toward the Bird Clan's Black Crow Star. However, the Dragon Emperor and them still continued to stay on the Crescent Moon Bay.

That was because the time of the gathering was scheduled to be a month or so after the Cyan Emperor ascends.

Crescent Moon Bay.

A whole bunch of people were gathered by the coast of the Crescent Moon Bay. They were here to see the Cyan Emperor off as he was about to ascend now!

Granny Yin Hua who had mysteriously departed from the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation had also came to the Crescent Moon Bay. Along with her were the Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni, Emperor Liu and a whole bunch of people. This Emperor Liu was precisely the newly appointed successor to the Cyan Emperor.

"Big brother." Emperor Liu looked to the Cyan Emperor. His eyes were filled with reluctance to part.

The Cyan Emperor smiled and said. "Second brother, I will be ascending to the Divine Realm. Everything here would be under your care now…. haha, actually in the past tens of millions of years, it has always been you who had been looking over my areas."

Emperor Liu nodded.

"Carefully train, I will wait for you in the Divine Realm." Said the Cyan Emperor with a smile. Immediately after, he looked to Emperor Ni, the Dragon Emperor and them. "Sister Ni Xue, Ao Fang, you're both now level nine Demon Emperors now. Quickly have your Divine Tribulations, I'll be waiting for you two to reunite with us."

The Dragon Emperor and Emperor Ni both laughed.

They and the Cyan Emperor as well as the then Gold Punishment Lord of the Dark Star Realm were extremely good friends. The Gold Punishment Lord had ascended and now the Cyan Emperor was also going to ascend. Emperor Ni and the Dragon Emperor are now both level nine Demon Emperors, they too would be ascending soon.

The time for the four of them to reunite again in the Divine Realm is not far away.

"Big sister Yin Hua." The Cyan Emperor looked to Granny Yin Hua. At this moment, the Cyan Emperor's expression was very strange. It was as if he was grimacing. "When would you ascend? When would we be able to meet in the Divine Realm?"

Granny Yin Hua smiled. "Little brat. We'll soon be meeting each other in the Divine Realm. Crafty little boy, make sure to continue to train in the Divine Realm. If you don't, then don't blame me when I punish you."

"Yes, yes."

The Cyan Emperor started to laugh. He then looked to his wife, the woman who had stayed with him close to a hundred million years. The final moment before his ascension was precisely the time for them to be with each other.

After a long time…

"My wife, it's time." The Cyan Emperor said softly. He then slowly removed his hands from his wife that's in his bosom.

The Cyan Emperor's wife lightly nodded.

"Everyone, we'll meet again in the Divine Realm." The Cyan Emperor's body started to slowly fly toward the sky without control. At the same time, his body was radiating a misty light. As the misty light disappeared, the Cyan Emperor had also disappeared.

Down below, the Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni and the rest of them were all looking upwards.

"Wuming, there would also be a day for you to ascend to the Divine Realm. Don't continue to stand there and let your imagination run wild. We currently still have important matters to attend to." The Dragon Emperor said to Ao Wuming. And at this moment, Emperor Liu and said. "Brother Ao Fang, I shall accompany you all."

The Dragon Emperor and them were about to proceed toward the Black Crow Star and attend the gathering of the big shots of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm. The meeting this time was regarding the matter of sealing off the Bewitching God Temple.

However, the source of this matter, Qin Yu, was still training in the Jiang Lan's Realm…

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