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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 44 – Angry Humiliation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and TranslationNations


Five fists ruthlessly smashed onto five faces. The sound of noses breaking were heard almost simultaneously. Blood splashed everywhere. Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Ao Ku and Liu Tu were all hit so hard that their faces have turned bloodied.

The nine Cyan Emperors suddenly fused together and turned into a single Cyan Emperor.

The Cyan Emperor looked to the Peng Demon Emperor and the other four with a light smile. "Zong Yan, Feng Yu, Xuan Xi, for you all to stir up troubles here, I'll consider this punch of mine to be your punishment. I hope that you all would know when to advance and when to retreat. Otherwise… I do not mind to make my fist even heavier compared to earlier."

That jade green colored water screen has completely returned back to the Cyan Emperor's body. The binding on the Peng Demon Emperor and the rest were removed. However, none of them doubted that the Cyan Emperor could once again subdue them.

Qin Yu, Immortal Emperor Song Shi as well as the Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming, Great Ape Emperor and a large group of other people that had arrived afterwards all saw the humiliation that the Peng Demon Emperor and the other four received.

In an instant, Peng Demon Emperor and the other four immediately recovered their injured faces. However, the humiliation from earlier was something that they cannot forget in their entire lifetime.


The Peng Demon Emperor's chest was like bellows as he took in a deep breath. His complexion had turned dark reddish purple. His gaze was like that of a beast wanting to eat someone. His immense anger was something that everyone present was able to sense. A never before seen humiliation. The Peng Demon Emperor's anger had reached its peak.

"Cyan Emperor, you're strong indeed." The Peng Demon Emperor slowly exhaled. His dark reddish purple complexion had also turned pale.

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor's expressions were also very unsightly. However, neither of them did anything. That was because they have both sensed the gap between them and the Cyan Emperor earlier. If they were to try to attack him, then they'll only be asking for more humiliation. As for Ao Ku and Liu Tu, they were standing behind the Peng Demon Emperor and not saying a single word.

"Qin Yu." Emperor Yu looked to Qin Yu. "If you have the ability… then I dare you to stay beside the Cyan Emperor for your entire life."

Afterwards, Emperor Yu said coldly. "Brother Chi Qing's countless years of bitter cultivation was truly exceptional. In front of you, I do not even have the capability to move. I, Feng Yu, admit my defeat. After being bestowed the fist by brother Chi Qing, I no longer possess the face to participate in your banquet. Thus, I shall take my leave…."

Before Emperor Yu was even finished, Peng Demon Emperor had already interrupted.

Peng Demon Emperor looked at Cyan Emperor. "Cyan Emperor, after cultivating for all these years, your strength has actually reached such a level. Only now did I find out that… I was mistaken about a matter. Excessively mistaken." The Peng Demon Emperor's eyes were emitting evil intent. He shot a glance toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from narrowing his eyes.

"Zong Yan, what is it that you want to say?" Said the Cyan Emperor indifferently.

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan instead looked to the Dragon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor. "Ao Fang, Sun Yuan, we Three Great Emperors of the Demon Clan had once thought that we would be able to do whatever we wished in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm as with our Inherited Treasures. I had felt that Bewitching God Temple was not something of worth the entire time. However, never would I have expected that the treasure that Chi Qing obtained in the Bewitching God Temple from back then would allow him to power up to such a level. It would appear that us looking down upon the Divine Artifacts of the Bewitching God Temple all these years was a mistake."

Qin Yu, Immortal Emperor Song Shi as well as all the ever increasing number of Emperor level experts gathered here were all surprised.

So it turns out that the Cyan Emperor being this powerful was because of a Divine Artifact from the Bewitching God Temple.

"What? Cyan Emperor had been to the Bewitching God Temple before?" Said Emperor Yu in shock. Mystic Emperor also had an unbelieving expression on her face. In the memories of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor, Cyan Emperor had never once been to the Bewitching God Temple before. Furthermore, he didn't even fight for the Bewitching God Painting.

"That's right, I've been to the Bewitching God Temple. Merely, that's something that happened tens of millions of years ago. At that moment, I went to the Bewitching God Temple with three other Emperor level experts. And at that time, Feng Yu, Xuan Xi, you two were merely nonentities in the Immortal Realm." Said the Cyan Emperor indifferently.

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor took a glance at each other. They were both a bit humiliated and angry in their hearts.

They felt that in front of the Cyan Emperor, they were like infants in front of an adult. Tens of millions of years ago, the gap between them was immensely great… and now, the gap between them was still as great as before even though they were all level nine Immortal Emperors.

"For the Cyan Emperor to have such achievements, it was all because of the Bewitching God Temple. As for the most important treasure for exploring the Bewitching God Temple, the Bewitching God Painting, it is currently precisely with Qin Yu. Qin Yu… I hope that you'll hide that Bewitching God Painting well, I reckon there'll be a whole bunch of people coming to take your Bewitching God Painting." The Peng Demon Emperor had an expression of fake kindness.

Qin Yu's expression turned cold.

"This sinister scoundrel." Qin Yu swept his gaze around his surroundings. Currently, of the over a hundred Emperor level experts gathered here, the overwhelming majority of them had a look of desire as they looked at Qin Yu. "After what the Peng Demon Emperor said, I reckon there'll be even more people wanting the Bewitching God Painting."

And right at this moment…

"Peng Demon Emperor, is that Bewitching God Painting truly on this Qin Yu?" A black clothed old man bystander suddenly spoke out. This black clothed old man had a very indistinct appearance. Chillness was naturally being emitted from his body. The other Emperor level experts were all involuntarily keeping their distances from him. This old man was a hidden expert of the Devil Realm. His level was that of a level nine Devil Emperor! As for how powerful he was, no one was certain. After all, with Granny Yin Hua as an example, these Hidden Experts' strength were extremely hard to tell.

Peng Demon Emperor turned around to look. Upon seeing this black clothed old man, his eyes immediately shined and said. "That's certain. If Qin Yu did not possess the Bewitching God Painting, then why would Emperor Yu spent immense effort in trying to kill him? Brother Feng Yu, don't you agree?"

Emperor Yu and the Peng Demon Emperor exchanged a glance. He then also smiled and said. "Precisely. I will also not conceal this secret any longer. The Bewitching God Painting is indeed on Qin Yu. Furthermore, not only the Bewitching God Painting, even the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas is on him."

Fixed attention!

Over a hundred Emperor level experts simultaneously looked to Qin Yu with passionate eyes.

The Cyan Emperor's strength was already displayed. Even the Peng Demon Emperor, when in front of the Cyan Emperor, had his hands tied. And the source of the Cyan Emperor's strength was precisely the Bewitching God Temple. Not to mention those Immortal Emperors, even the Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming, Ox Demon Emperor and them were unable to refrain themselves from yearning for it. Fortunately, the Dragon Emperor and them each had their own respective things to rely on and did not yearn for the Bewitching God Painting greatly.

"Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, truly treacherous." Qin Yu sensed that the situation had turned somewhat bad. However, there was nothing he can do about it now.

The number of Emperor level experts gathered in the surrounding grew more and more numerous. Many of the people looked to Qin Yu with the intention to kill. This caused Qin Yu to become even more angry. Qin Yu's ice cold gaze was ruthlessly swept to those people. He said in his heart.

"You bunch of greedy bastards, it's best for you to not anger me. If you were to anger me, then I'll go into the Jiang Lan's Realm and train for several thousands of years and reach the ninth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. At that time, whoever dares become my enemy shall be killed with no exception."

Qin Yu's gaze that was filled with killing intent instead caused those Emperor level experts to be shocked.

They have remembered that this Qin Yu fought to a standstill with Emperor Yu. For a level two, three, five or six Immortal Emperor or Demon Emperor, trying to snatch that Bewitching God Painting from Qin Yu was the same as throwing their lives away. Those weaker Emperor level experts immediately concealed the greed of their heart. However, they were nevertheless prepared to attack him the moment he fell from grace.

"Humph." Qin Yu sneered coldly.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, sometimes one must be a bit more forceful. While Qin Yu could forget about others should they not provoke him, but if they were to try to come to kill him and snatch his treasure, then he too cannot be too compassionate and lenient toward them.

"Everyone." Cyan Emperor lightly smiled and said. "For I to attain my current achievement, it is indeed related to that Bewitching God Temple."

Once the Cyan Emperor said those words, everyone immediately looked to him. As for Qin Yu, he started to frown again.

"It's just that the treasure that I've obtained was not really a Divine Artifact. Furthermore, it made me stay at the level eight Immortal Emperor level and bitterly trained for tens of millions of years before attaining success. Had it not been for that treasure, I would've long since ascended to the Divine Realm. For there to be gain, there must be loss."

The Cyan Emperor said with a clear voice. "Well then, everyone, the banquet has already been prepared. Everyone, it's best follow me to the Crescent Moon Bay first."

"Good, everyone, let's attend the banquet." Immortal Emperor Song Shi also said with a face filled with smiles.

"We will not be going, farewell." Emperor Yu suddenly said. The Mystic Emperor also stood beside Emperor Yu.

The Cyan Emperor merely smiled and nodded.

"Chi Qing, I too will take my leave." The Peng Demon Emperor also cupped his hand respectfully. Afterwards, Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and them flew away rapidly.

Crescent Moon Bay. Over a hundred tables were placed in an spacious courtyard mansion. Qin Yu and his two brothers were seated at a table by the corner.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu sat at a table. They were the only ones at that table. A voice restrictive barrier was placed in the surroundings by Qin Yu. Although Hou Fei and Hei Yu were sent into the Jiang Lan's Realm by Qin Yu, but they too have heard about what happened earlier.

"The circumstances are as such. I reckon our following days would be even harder than before. Say, what do you two think we should do?" Qin Yu told what happened earlier clearly. He also explained the current situation they are in.

"So freaking troublesome. Whoever it is that wants to come and steal the Bewitching God Painting, we'll just kill them directly. If we're unable to defeat them, we'll hide. What are we three brothers afraid of?" Hou Fei was filled with anger.

Hei Yu's expression was also gloomy. "Big brother, there is no need to be lenient toward those that want to kill us."

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu understood that ever since the Peng Demon Emperor told everything in front of all those Emperor level experts, it was likely that more than half of the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm's Emperor level experts have knew about it by now. It was very possible for them to be surrounded to kill.

"Haha…" Qin Yu suddenly laughed. He raised his wine cup and drank the wine. "Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, there is no need to care about these. We will properly train and enjoy life at ease. If those people behave themselves, then we can disregard them. However, if they want to kill us and snatch the Bewitching God Painting, we most certainly cannot just stand there and let them kill us."

Qin Yu's intention was very clear.

"Well then, let's leave first." Qin Yu suddenly stood up.

Once the three brothers stood up, the rest of the Emperor level experts that were laughing and chatting all looked to them. Qin Yu took a glance at his surroundings before proceeding to walk toward the frontmost table with his brothers. Seated at that table were the Cyan Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni, Great Ape Emperor and them.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, everyone, we three brothers still have matter to attend to so we'll be taking our leave first." Said Qin Yu as he cupped his hand respectfully.

The Cyan Emperor took a glance at Qin Yu and his brothers. He then smiled and nodded. "In that case, I will not be able to send you off. Qin Yu, I will still be on the Crescent Moon Bay for another half a year. If you want to come, then you can come and find me within this period of time. As for after the half year's time… if you want to see me, then I reckon it'll be in the Divine Realm."

Afterwards, Qin Yu and his brothers left the Crescent Moon Bay under the gaze of numerous Emperor level experts.

On an uninhabited planet. Suddenly, a single figure appeared. It was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was currently using Greater Teleportation by himself and rushing toward the Cyan Flame Star Field's Flowing Mist Star with a rapid speed. If the three brothers were to journey together, it would've been easier for their identity to be leaked as there are three of them. Thus, it was safer for Qin Yu to proceed onward by himself.

In a half month's time, Qin Yu had reached the Cyan Flame Star FIeld's Flowing Mist Star from the Crescent Moon Bay.

Inside the Flowing Mist Star's Five Willows Palace.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Bai Ling and the rest were gathered together.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei." Qin Yu said. "This Flowing Mist Star could still be considered as being safe. For Little Tong and Guo Fan to be here, you all could still feel reassured. I am prepared to enter the Jiang Lan's Realm and start training the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body. What do you all plan to do?"

Qin Yu felt that his strength was still not powerful enough. If he was to be truly powerful, then who would dare provoke him? Instead, they'll likely be afraid that he'll come cause problems for them.

"Big brother, how would we dare be lazy when you're about to start training?" Said Hou Fei while laughing. Hei Yu also nodded and looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from smiling.

"Ling'er, I'm sorry." Hei Yu looked to Bai Ling who stood beside him. Bai Ling merely smiled and shook her head. Bai Ling knew that with her own cultivation speed, it was simply impossible for her to keep up with Hei Yu. It was likely that when Hei Yu ascend to the Divine Realm, Bai Ling would be unable to ascend with him.

Thus, Bai Ling decided to stay with her daughter Hei Tong.

Qin Yu and his brothers once again returned to the Jiang Lan's Realm and started their seclusion training. As for Bai Ling, Hei Tong and the rest, they stayed in the Flowing Mist Star and lived their lives peacefully. As for when Qin Yu and his brothers would once again come out from the Jiang Lan's Realm, at the very least for now they do not know.

The Imperial City of the core planet of the Bird Clan, Black Crow Star.


With a wave of his sleeve, two maids were sent flying. Their blood splashed all over the palace chambers' stairs.

Wearing a golden crown, golden boots and golden clothes, Peng Demon Emperor was still standing in his palace chambers. "Without my command, you all are not allowed back in here again."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The two maids said respectfully while trembling with fear. Soon after, they hurriedly left here. And at this moment, four figures appeared at a distant place by the palace chambers. They were looking at the palace chambers. These four people were Ao Ku, Liu Tu, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor.

"Ao Ku, Liu Tu, what's wrong with brother Zong Yan?" Asked Emperor Yu.

Ao Ku and Liu To smiled helplessly. Soon after, Ao Ku explained. "In all these years, His Majesty has never suffered such a great humiliation before. This time around, after being humiliated like so by the Cyan Emperor, His Majesty has been burning with rage the entire time."

"Brother Feng Yu, if you all want to come in then come in. There is no need to stand outside." Suddenly, Peng Demon Emperor turned around. His ice cold gaze was looking toward where Emperor Yu and them stood.

Emperor Yu and them glanced at each other and then started to walk toward the Peng Demon Emperor's palace chambers.

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