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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 4 – Jade Cloud Star

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Qin Yu continued with his journey incessantly. He was not stingy about the fares on the road. After three days, Qin Yu had arrived on the core planet of the Demon Realm's Beast Clan — Jade Cloud Star.

Jade Cloud Star, as the planet where the Ox Demon Emperor resided in, it held a very high standing in the minds of the people of the Demon Realm. At the same time, there were also many Emperor level experts present on this planet. Of the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars and the Seventy Two Deity Stars under the Ox Demon Emperor, many of them reside in this planet.

There are five great cities on the Jade Green Star. Four of the cities were located in four different directions and the last one was located in the middle of these four great cities. This city is called the Imperial City. Ordinary people are not allowed to step foot into the Imperial City at all.

Within the Imperial City were a great number of experts. Those who lived in it were usually of very high standings. Even those guards, their weakest one was still a level six Demon King. One could casually see level nine Demon Kings there.

Although it is stated that outsiders are not allowed to enter but Qin Yu had already arrived outside the East City Gate of the Imperial City. The two guards of the East City Gate saw Qin Yu coming toward them; one of them shouted. "This is the Imperial City, those without the Imperial City's identity title plate are not allowed entrance."

Imperial City's identity title plate?

Qin Yu was slightly startled. He didn't know about this at all.

Qin Yu didn't want to go through such a troublesome thing and started to spread out his Immortal Awareness directly. And just when his Immortal Awareness permeated into the range of the Imperial City, it was pushed back by more than ten sharp and strong Demon Awareness.

"So many Demon Emperors!" Qin Yu was shocked.

"Is the incoming person Qin Yu?" A voice transmission sounded in Qin Yu's head.

Qin Yu's heart jumped.

How did the opposing party knew that his name?

However after a while Qin Yu understood the reason. He determined that Meng Hong had likely already told about the matter to the experts within the Jade Cloud Star. Qin Yu immediately responded with voice transmission. "I am precisely Qin Yu, I am wondering if you know about my name from brother Meng Hong?"

"Haha, sure enough, it's brother Qin Yu, please wait. Please wait a moment." That voice was somewhat excited.

Those two guards also seemed to have been commanded to not temporary try to forcibly remove Qin Yu from the facility. After a short period of time… three figures came out from the Imperial City. These three people were all extremely robust men.

"Man Qian?" Qin Yu looked at the man leading the other two in astonishment.

The leading man was precisely Man Qian who had previously been dispatched to the Mortal Realm. However, Man Qian's current strength was much weaker than Qin Yu's. He is merely a level six Demon King. However, for him to reach the level of level six Demon King in such a short period of time, his improvement speed was already considered to be extremely fast.

"Haha, it truly is brother Qin Yu." Man Qian walked over while laughing loudly. Once he arrived in front of Qin Yu, he gave him a big hug.

"Young master Man Qian, like I said, an expert that doesn't even know about the Imperial City's identity title plate yet rushed all the way to the Imperial City, how many other people are there? Other than the Qin Yu Meng Hong spoke of, I really can't think of anyone else." Said the red haired burly man next to Man Qian.

The two burly men behind Man Qian were Demon Emperor level experts. Furthermore, they were both experts from the Ox Clan.

"Brother Qin Yu, I really never expected that the legendary Qin Yu who caused Emperor Yu to suffer a disgraceful defeat was actually the brother Qin Yu from back then…. I truly didn't dare to recognize brother Qin Yu for a moment. However, seeing you, I knew it's you." Said Man Qian while laughing happily.

Qin Yu's face was also filled with smiles.

To see Man Qian, it was certainly something that brings him happiness.

As for… Man Qian. He was thoroughly shocked. When he first met Qin Yu in the Mortal Realm, Qin Yu was preparing to take on the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation. At that time, Man Qian was already a level one Demon King.

However, the current Qin Yu was surprisingly an Emperor level expert. He even dared to battle against someone like Emperor Yu.

How could Man Qian not be shocked?

"Come, let's go, come rest at my place first. We can discuss about the matter after we get to my place." Man Qian was very happy. He pulled Qin Yu and started to walk toward the inside of the Imperial City. And at this moment, those guards naturally didn't dare to stand in the path anymore.

Man Qian bringing someone into the Imperial City signals that the person was qualified to enter the Imperial City.

The Imperial City was enormous. On the eastern part of the Imperial City was an extremely luxurious palace. It occupied an extremely large amount of space. There were also a lot of servants and guards. This was Man Qian's residence.

Currently, in the Beast Clan, there were only three Super Divine Beast Purple Eyed Ox Demon Kings. Every Super Divine Beast possessed an extremely revered status. This was also the reason why Man Qian, although he was only a level six Demon King, had two Demon Emperor’s following beside him.

Within a elegant guest room.

Qin Yu was sitting across from Man Qian. On the table between them were some fine food and drinks. The two of them were drinking and eating while chatting enthusiastically.

"Qin Yu, you and that brother of yours are both fucking freaks. That brother Hou Fei of yours, in about a hundred years or so, well, about that period of time, he had already cultivated to the level of a Demon King." Man Qian was drinking while cursing. "Some tens of years ago when I went to see Hou Fei, that Hou Fei had actually reached level five Demon King."

Hearing news about Hou Fei, Qin Yu was very happy.

"Abnormal freak. His cultivation speed is simply frightening. And here I thought that reaching level six Demon Emperor in some three hundred years was very fast. However, when compared to you two… sigh." Man Qian had an expression of grief on his face.

"The most frightening one of them all is you." Man Qian pointed at Qin Yu.

"When we were in the Ni Yang's Realm, Hou Fei and that Hei Yu ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. At that time, you still haven't ascended yet… but now, how long has it been? You surprisingly had already reached the Emperor level." Man Qian looked at Qin Yu with a slanted head. "Emperor level. Qin Yu, how do you train?"

"I," Qin Yu had a face filled with innocence, "just train like I normally do."

"….." Man Qian was speechless.

"Qin Yu, do you know about how many experts were trapped in the level nine Demon King stage and unable to reach the Emperor stage in this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?! Did you know about how hard it is to reach the Emperor level? Look at the guards of the Imperial City. There's a whole bunch of level Nine Demon Kings. However, what about Demon Emperors? How many of them are guards?"

Man Qian had a stomach filled with grievance.

Qin Yu knew that Man Qian was… jealous, grievous. Thus, he could only remain there and let Man Qian vent his anger on him.

However, the amount of level nine Demon King guards in the Imperial City was certainly numerous. As for Demon Emperors, who would go and stand guard atop the city gate towers? It's likely that majority of the Demon Emperors were staying at their own residences enjoying their lives.

"You're not even a regular Emperor level expert right now. According to my informations, that level one Immortal Emperor Sword Immortal under Emperor Yu called Yu Qingzi must've been killed by you right?" Man Qian knew a lot.

Qin Yu nodded.

"A level one Immortal Emperor Sword Immortal, I don't even know when I could actually take on such a person." Man Qian felt very helpless.

"While that's that, you won't even give up unless you scare me to death. You killed twenty six Immortal Emperors under Emperor Yu at once; and amongst them was even that Green Blooded Sword Immortal!" Man Qian opened his eyes wide and looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu could only smile apologetically.

"You sure are capable, killing twenty six by yourself." Man Qian had an oppressive expression.

"Green Blooded Sword Immortal, a level seven Immortal Emperor level Sword Immortal. Ever since Immortal Emperor Ni Yang died, he was the strongest Sword Immortal. He had also been killed by you." Man Qian was filled with grief. "I had been skeptical the whole time of whether or not the Qin Yu from the Mortal Realm and the Qin Yu I heard about are the same person."

Qin Yu finally spoke. "They are the same, most definitely the same person."

"Qin Yu, tell me. I remember that it was Lan Feng who received the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas back then, how did it ended up in your hands? You certainly shouldn't say that you don't have the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, I definitely don't believe that you're not using the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and killed twenty six Immortal Emperors by yourself and even scared Emperor Yu to flee." Said Man Qian with absolute certainty.

Sure enough, Qin Yu have the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas.

As for Lan Feng?

"You're talking about martial uncle Lan Feng? He had given me the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas." This was the only way Qin Yu could explain himself. The existence of the Sword Immortal Puppet was something that was very difficult for even him to explain. It was likely that the people from the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm had never seen such a thing like the Sword Immortal Puppet.

Man Qian sighed and said. "Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Your martial uncle was truly willing to part with it?"

As a Super Divine Beast, Man Qian's status was extremely revered. Thus, he naturally knew about who the powerful people in the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas are.

"Big brother Man Qian, you can let Shi Xin and them in. They ought to have waited enough to grow anxious." Suddenly said Qin Yu.

Man Qian was immediately stunned.

Qin Yu smiled. Shi Xin's soul was controlled by Qin Yu. When Qin Yu entered the Imperial City, he had already knew about the location of Shi Xin. Having chatted till now, Shi Xin and his two brothers have been waiting outside the whole time.

"Ah, I grew too excited while chatting and forgot about it." Man Qian chuckled. He then said loudly. "Shi Xin, you three brothers can come in."

Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan walked in.

"Master." Said Shi Xin respectfully.

"Lord Qin Yu." Said Shi Bing and Shi Zhan respectfully. It's just that Shi Bing and Shi Zhan were the spiritual beasts of Fei Fei and Xiao Hei, thus they are not required to call Qin Yu master.

Qin Yu smiled as he looked at Man Qian. "Brother Man Qian, how did Shi Xin and his brothers arrive at your place?"

"Back then, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan had ascended to the territory of our Beast Clan. Initially, they followed Hou Fei but then Hou Fei threw them to me. When Shi Xin ascended into the Demon Realm, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan were worthy to be called blood brothers, they actually were able to sense the location of Shi Xin. So they went and brought Shi Xin here too." Man Qian explained with great details.

Qin Yu nodded.

Shi Xin and his two brothers were Mystic Ice Lion Beasts and didn't receive much difficulty. However, the current them who had not even reached the level of Demon Kings, were of no use to Qin Yu.

Man Qin forced a laugh and said. "Qin Yu, Hou Fei had surprisingly removed the soul binding so Shi Bing had already recovered his freedom."


Qin Yu looked toward Shi Xin and his brothers. He was able to sense Sh Xin's intention. These Divine Beasts naturally desired freedom. Even if it was the Blood Demon Ao Wuxu, he had also set up an agreement for Qin Yu to return him his freedom when he ascend to the Divine Realm.

"Well then, Shi Xin, from today on, you're also free." With an intention, Qin Yu removed the Spiritual Beast Ring that binded Shi Xin.

Shi Xin was rejoicing.

"Brother Man Qian, the reason I came this time around was to find Fei Fei. Do you know where Fei Fei is current at?" Qin Yu directly asked Man Qian. Qin Yu was able to tell that Man Qian knew a lot about Hou Fei.

Man Qian's brows slightly creased. He muttered to himself for a long time.

"What's wrong?" Qin Yu sensed that something's amiss.

Man Qian looked at Qin Yu and then said apologetically. "Qin Yu, you want to find Hou Fei. As far as I know, currently Hou Fei had entered into a secret place. Even I don't know where that place is."

Secret place? Qin Yu frowned.

"Oh, that's right. His Majesty most certainly knows." Said Man Qian with certainty. "His Majesty had left to handle some matters. However, rest assured, I'll ask him with my Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Please wait a while."

Qin Yu nodded.

Man Qian stood up and walked toward the outside. He turned around and said to Qin Yu. "As for where His Majesty is, I am also not certain. It's hard to tell whether this place is close or far, I will go to the Transmission Secret Array to send him the transmission."

"Brother Man Qian, it's enough if you just ask him about where Fei Fei is located at." Qin Yu's eyes followed Man Qian as he left the guest room.

The Cosmic Space of Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm contained within it an endless amount of dangers.

A several hundred miles wide and thousands of miles long purple colored sand flow was drifting within the cosmic space. Atop these purple colored sand flow were lighting serpents flickering about. At this moment, a gigantic meteorite were flying toward it.

Right when the gigantic meteorite approached this purple colored sand flow, suddenly, several tens of gigantic lightning bolts escaped from the purple colored sand flow and ferociously struck the meteorite. Immediately, the meteorite was turned into fine powder.

That purple colored sand flow was a kind of frightening energy within the cosmic space. However, when this purple colored sand flow was to be compared with the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames Stream, it still fell short.

In the depths of the thousands of miles long sand flow that's drifting in the cosmic space, a figure was sitting cross-legged. To be able to safely sit atop of the purple colored sand flow, there really aren't that many people that's capable of that in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

When the sand flow float up, this figure also float up with it. When the sand flow sink down, this figure also sink down with it.

This man's whole body was covered with rays of purple light. It was hard to clearly see his actual appearance.

"Haha…hahahaha…" A loud laughter suddenly sounded from this figure. Suddenly, the endless purple sand flow started to fluctuate. Soon after, with this figure as the center, a vortex started to spin. This man sat at the utmost point of the purple colored sand flow.

The purple light suddenly dissipated. It turned into a set of clothes and covered this man's body.

This man's eyes blinking were like the shooting of extremely sharp blades.

Imposingly sharp.

Seeing this man's appearance clearly, it was actually Emperor Yu who had disappeared without a trance. Compared to the previously earnest Emperor Yu, the current Emperor Yu was imposing to the extreme. His whole person was like a battle blade!

"Qin Yu, I had been unable to break through and stuck at the level of level eight Immortal Emperor for all these years, but this time, after being defeated by you, I was finally able to sense myself breaking through that layer. Level Nine Immortal Emperor, I had finally reached it."

Emperor Yu's entire appearance seemed to have a slight change. His brows appeared to be a bit less refined and a bit more fierce.

From the Emperor Yu that was able to smile when Mount Tai collapsed in front of him, he had turned into a Killing God that would kill anyone that he doesn't get along with!

"Tactics? The methods of a regent? In front of absolute strength, they are all jokes!" Emperor Yu sneered. "Absolute strength is the most basic. Everything that obeys me is right. Everything that violates my order is wrong."

"What I look forward to was taking the Divine Tribulation and ascending into the Divine Realm. However, before I take on the Divine Tribulation and ascend to the Divine Realm, I shall take care of the devil in my heart. Otherwise, I fear that I cannot pass the Divine Tribulation." With a moment of his figure, Emperor Yu turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the cosmic space.

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