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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 3 – Transmission Secret Array

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Demon Realm, the greatest power in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Within it were the three great ethnic groups: the Beast Clan, the Scaled Clan and the Bird Clan. Any of the three clans were on par with the Immortal Realm and Devil Realm.

The true ruler of the Beast Clan was the Ox Demon Emperor. The ruler of the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Emperor. As for the Bird Clan, it was the Peng Demon Emperor. How high the standings of these three individuals were was something that doesn't need much words.

A bordering planet of the Demon Realm, the Yellow Rock Star.

Qin Yu was currently walking on the streets of the Yellow Rock Star. He had just arrived here by taking the Interstellar Conveying Array of the most western planet of the Immortal Realm, the Giant Tree Star. Having just arrived in the Demon Realm, Qin Yu grew a bit helpless.

"To find Fei Fei, it'll be hard for me to do it alone. Seems like I can only go and ask Meng Hong." Qin Yu was calmly walking on the streets.

Meng Hong was one of the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars of the Ox Demon Emperor and was also on a friendly terms with Qin Yu, asking him about the information of Hou Fei was the most simple and effective method. It's just that… Meng Hong was located far away in the Hidden Emperor Star. For Qin Yu to communicate with him via his Transmission Spiritual Pearl that far away, he would need to enter a Transmission Secret Array in order to reach a connection.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness had already covered the entire Yellow Rock Star to check.

There are five places on this Yellow Rock Star that possessed a Transmission Secret Array. There were a lot of experts in all five of these places. One of the arrays even possessed a level two Demon Emperor. As for the other four, the experts were only at the Demon King level.

"Yellow Rock Palace" is covered as a native power of the Yellow Rock Star. It's just that the amount of experts there were not many. Their strongest expert was merely a level nine Demon King.

This Yellow Rock Palace had been in existence for tens of thousand of years. Inside it were numerous small palaces scattered everywhere. Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness had already discovered that the Yellow Rock Palace possessed a Transmission Secret Array. He wanted to borrow and use it for a moment.

Qin Yu slowly walked to the gates of the Yellow Rock Palace.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was directly locked upon the strongest individual of the Yellow Rock Palace, a robust man. He sent a voice transmission and said. "Friend of the Yellow Rock Palace, I am Liu Xing. I want to borrow and use your Yellow Rock Palace's Transmission Secret Array, I am wondering if that is possible?"

[TL: Liu Xing → Meteor]

The current Qin Yu didn't dare to announce his own name at all.

Qin Yu…. the influence of this name was too great.

"Hey, you with the black hair, this is the entrance gate of the Yellow Rock Palace. Scram aside, do not stroll around here." Loudly shouted a guard of the Yellow Rock Palace to Qin Yu. Qin Yu turned around and looked at him.

"Are you talking to me?" Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Seeing Qin Yu's gaze, that guard was stunned speechless.

"Do not be rude toward the senior, withdraw immediately." Explosively, a blond haired robust man walked out. He immediately reprimanded that guard. That guard immediately gestured respectfully to Qin Yu and withdrew himself.

"Senior Liu Xing, this humble self is Shi Feng, the palace master of the Yellow Rock Palace. For senior to come to such a small place like the Yellow Rock Star, it is truly a great blessing to our Yellow Rock Star. As the palace master of the Yellow Rock Palace, I would definitely be of service to senior." This Shi Feng's face was filled with smiles.

[TL: Shi Feng = Rock Summit]

The Yellow Rock Star was a place with a lot of traffic. Who knows how many people passes through here from the Immortal Realm and Demon Realm everyday. In a major planet like this, there would frequently be Emperor level experts coming. As a level nine Demon King, Shi Feng was able to make the Yellow Rock Star continue to exist all this time, he naturally knew very well about how to behave himself in front of superiors.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "Palace master Shi Feng is being too modest. I merely came here and didn't have a way to communicate with my good friend and thus wanted to borrow your palace's Transmission Secret Array for an usage."

This thing known as the Transmission Secret Array was not something with an extraordinary and secretive construction method.

It's just that, in order to build one, it required a lot of materials and was also complicated. Without a year or so, it was impossible to successfully build one.

"Transmission Secret Array?" Shi Feng's face was filled with smiles. "That's no problem at all. Senior may use it whenever he want. Senior Liu Xing, please come to my Yellow Rock Palace and rest for the night. This humble self had already ordered people to prepare a feast."

This Shi Feng was incomparably enthusiastic.

For an Immortal Awareness to be able to easily send a voice transmission to his mind when he was unable to sense this expert at all, Shi Feng naturally didn't dare to disrespect Qin Yu. With his soul realm's level having reached the first layer Heavenly Soul, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was already at the Emperor level.

Qin Yu felt somewhat helpless. He waved his hand and said. "No need, no need. Palace master Shi Feng, you need not prepare a feast. Please bring me to the Transmission Secret Array's location, is that fine?"

"That's also good." Shi Feng was very straightforward. "Senior, please follow me."

Shi Feng was leading the way from the front. Qin Yu was following next to him. They were going toward the private room with the Transmission Secret Array. As for where the private room with the Transmission Secret Array was located, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness naturally already knew about its location. It's just that… there are many guards on the outside of the private room and there are even barriers. Qin Yu also didn't wish to force his way through.

When Shi Feng arrived, those guards were extremely respectful. The barrier had also been lifted.

This private room with the Transmission Secret Array was located within the center of a mountain. The passage leading to it was directly located behind a waterfall. Seeing the hundred meters tall waterfall pouring down in torrents and rumbling occasionally, Qin Yu's mood had also improved.

"Senior, the passage had been opened. Senior only needs to follow the passage behind the waterfall and enter into the private room located within the mountain to find the Transmission Secret Array." Said Shi Feng extremely respectfully.

Qin Yu nodded. He then swiftly moved, and the waterfall stopped flowing and revealed the passage behind it. He then entered the passage behind the waterfall. Soon after, the waterfall returned to its ordinary state.

"Without a word or movement, the waterfall actually stopped running. So powerful." Shi Feng who saw this scene was gasping with admiration.

This was the 'domain' of Emperor level experts being used. Shi Feng was completely unable to sense any change made to the space of the waterfall earlier.

Inside the private room within the mountain.

The Transmission Secret Array was formed like an eight divinatory trigrams. Every corner was about eight meters long. It was constructed with a special material. Its entire body was black and giving off a exotic radiance. Moreover, there were all kinds of talisman seal symbols carved onto the corners.

In the edge of every corner were three black prisms, forming a triangle. Within the triangle was a block of crystal.


Just the kind of crystal stone was already several tens of kinds. Qin Yu was also only able to understand a portion of those talisman seal carvings; for an overwhelming majority of them, he didn't understand a single bit. There's nothing that can be done. Toward this field, Qin Yu was no expert to begin with.

Qin Yu entered into the middle of the Transmission Secret Array.

Qin Yu took out his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. "Brother Meng Hong." Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness vaguely sensed that the entire Transmission Secret Array had started to change. He determined that it was precisely because of this change that the Transmission Spiritual Pearl could be able to reach a longer distance.

After a short moment, Meng Hong sent a transmission back.

"Brother Qin Yu, you unexpectedly send a transmission to me?" Meng Hong was pleasantly surprised.

Before Qin Yu could respond, Meng Hong's second transmission had already arrived.

"Brother Qin Yu. These days, your great name had started to spread throughout the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Even when I am drinking wine in the restaurants of the Hidden Emperor Star, I would always hear a whole bunch of people in the restaurant discussing about you."

Qin Yu slightly smiled.

He himself had already experienced that kind of situation first handed.

To be honest… to hear others talking about himself. That kind of sensation feels pretty good.

"Brother Meng Hong, I came to you for a very important matter." Qin Yu went straight to the point.

"Brother Qin Yu, go ahead and tell me what I can help you on." Meng Hong also stopped talking about non-important issues.

Qin Yu started to speak about his matter. "Brother Meng Hong, I have already arrived on the Demon Realm. I am currently in the territory of the Beast Clan. I know that Hou Fei is also in the territory of the Beast Clan. I want to see him, do you know which planet Hou Fei is on right now?"

From Qin Yu's point of view, this Meng Hong was one of the thirty six Heavenly Stars underneath the Ox Demon Emperor and ought to know about a lot of stuff.

Meng Hong responded after a while. "Brother Qin Yu, I once heard about that Hou Fei arriving at a certain place a while back, as for what place, I am not certain about that."

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

Wasn't what Meng Hong said useless?

Meng Hong once again transmitted. "However brother Qin Yu, I suggest that you go to a certain place. As long as you go there, you will certainly be able to know where Hou Fei is."

"Where?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

"Jade Cloud Star! it is the place where every successive generations of Ox Demon Emperor lived at." Meng Hong replied vasy fast. "Hou Fei had the Great Ape Emperor looking after him, it's just that the Great Ape Emperor is someone who is all over the place, it is very hard to find him. Thus, finding the His Majesty the Ox Demon Emperor and asking him about it is the easiest method."

Qin Yu nodded to himself.

He had also heard about the Dual Emperors of the Beast Clan — Ox Demon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor. Amongst them, the Great Ape Emperor was someone who doesn't administer anything at all and was all over the place. Trying to find him was indeed very difficult. However, finding the Ox Demon Emperor is equivalent to finding the Great Ape Emperor.

After all, one could ask the Ox Demon Emperor to use his Transmission Spiritual Pearl to ask the Great Ape Emperor about where Hou Fei is.

"Got it, thanks." Qin Yu had resolved to immediately set off.

Jade Cloud Star, it'll be an easy matter to find Hou Fei once he arrived at the Jade Cloud star.

"Brother Qin Yu, with your reputation, it shouldn't be too hard to ask the Ox Demon Emperor to help." Meng Hong sent a transmission again. Qin Yu was unable to refrain his smile when he saw that. Seems like the current Qin Yu's great name was indeed very valuable.

"Oh that's right… brother Wuming just recently set off to return to the Dragon Clan."

Seeing this message, Qin Yu was slightly startled.

Big brother Wuming?

Qin Yu remembered about Ao Wuxu that's currently training within the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"I got it, if I have the opportunity, I would definitely go to the Dragon Clan to see big brother Wuming. Brother Meng Hong, thank you very much for your help. As I have to go find Hou Fei, I would be leaving now. If there are things in the future, we can contact each other again."

After Qin Yu finished his chat with Meng Hong, Qin Yu placed away his Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"The Transmission Secret Array is pretty useful." Qin Yu looked at this complicated Transmission Secret Array and suddenly had an idea. He then turned into a ray of light and disappeared from the private room.

Beside the waterfall, the palace master of the Yellow Rock Palace, Shi Feng, was still waiting quietly.

"Senior Liu Xing, are you finished yet?' Shi Feng's face was filled with smiles.

Qin Yu nodded. He smiled and said. "I must thank palace master Shi Feng for this. However, I still have another matter that I want to ask palace master Shi Feng about."

"Senior Liu Xing please speak." Shi Feng trembled in his heart. Usually when Emperor level experts arrive, his Yellow Rock Palace would never dared to offend them and could only endure it. What he worried about the most was that this senior Liu Feng in front of his eyes might ask for something excessive.

Qin Yu indifferently smiled. He said. "Palace master Shi Feng, I am wondering about how much did it cost for palace master Shi Feng to construct this Transmission Secret Array?"

Shi Feng was shocked.


He took fancy upon my Yellow Rock Palace's Transmission Secret Array.

"Palace master Shi Feng?" Qin Yu once again shouted.

Shi Feng was awaken by Qin Yu's shout. With a bit painful voice, he replied. "Senior Liu Xing, this Transmission Secret Array was something that I and a lot of subordinates from the palace constructed after spending a whole year. We had also spend a lot of precious materials on it."

"How much did you spend?" Qin Yu's brows slightly creased.

He was merely asking about how much it'll cost to build a Transmission Secret Array but this Shi Feng decided to go off shooting his mouth.

"Twenty million." Shi Feng informed the amount.

In actuality, the construction of a Transmission Secret Array, although troublesome, would only cost about ten million for the materials. As for the year that was spent… to cultivators, a year doesn't account for much.

"Twenty million, mn… then, I'll use a Top Quality Immortal Artifact to exchange for your Transmission Secret Array, what do you think?" Said Qin Yu directly.

Top Quality Immortal Artifact. Even the most inferior Top Quality Immortal Artifact cost ten million Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones. Those with some distinguishing feature or quality are worth several tens of millions. The good ones are even worth a hundred million. After all, toward experts, a good Top Quality Immortal Artifact was something that's hard to come by.

"Top Quality Immortal Artifact?" Shi Feng's eyes shined.

Profit. Profit.

A Top Quality Immortal Artifact is a Top Quality Demon Artifact. The people of the Demon Realm were unable to compare with the people of the Immortal Realm in their refinement skills. Furthermore, to refine a Top Quality Immortal Artifact in the Demon Realm, one must be at the very least at the level of an Emperor.

Shi Feng possessed a single Top Quality Demon Artifact. However, it was also something that he had purchased from the weapons store. Usually, weapon stores would not possess a lot of Top Quality Demon Artifacts, they would only at most possess one or two. Thus, Shi Feng naturally did not have much of a selection and could only select a somewhat usable battle blade. That battle knife cost him a whole fifty million.

"Stop being stunned, go ahead, tell me what kind of category of Top Quality Immortal Artifact you'd prefer, I'll see if I have that." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

Shi Feng licked his lips, with his two eyes shining brightly, he said excitingly. "Something like a battle-ax, best if it's a bit heavier and has strong attack."

A battle-ax category Top Quality Immortal Artifact that's big would cost a lot of materials to refine. Usually in weapons store their price would also be extremely high. Furthermore, it was also something that was rarely sold.

"Battle-ax? Let me see…" Qin Yu faked an appearance as if he was checking with his Immortal Awareness.

Shi Feng looked at Qin Yu in hope.

"Mn, I have one. Good, it's yours now." Qin Yu took out a battle-ax Top Quality Immortal Artifact. Those Top Quality Immortal Artifacts from the Ni Yang's Realm, Qin Yu possessed no less than a hundred of them. Qin Yu had nearly never used these Top Quality Immortal Artifacts.

Furthermore, now that he had sufficient wealth; to change a useless Top Quality Immortal Artifact for a Transmission Secret Array that is of use to him, Qin Yu naturally wouldn't mind about it.

"Then that Transmission Secret Array is mine now." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

"Yes, yes." Shi Feng looked at that battle-ax type Top Quality Immortal Artifact. His eyes were shining.

Qin Yu's 'domain' was spread out, and it covered the mountain with the waterfall in front of him. His sharp Black Hole energy was within his domain. With an move of his intention, his Black Hole energy directly covered the entire private room within that mountain.

"Rumble~~~" The private room in the mountain that was covered by the Black Hole energy directly rushed out of the mountain top. It forced its way out and left an extremely vast passage.

Qin Yu that absorbed that private room into his Jiang Lan's Realm. The Transmission Secret Array that's within the private room naturally was also taken into possession. Having finished his business, Qin Yu had a satisfied smile on his face.

"Senior Liu Xing, I am wondering if you need another Transmission Secret Array, I could construct another…"

"No need." Qin Yu cut Shi Feng off.

Seems like this Shi Feng was getting addicted to receiving an advantageous offer. A extremely strong battle-ax type Top Quality Immortal Artifact was worth more than ten times that of a Transmission Secret Array. Shi Feng was naturally very willing to create more Transmission Secret Arrays in exchange for Top Quality Immortal Artifacts.

"Palace master Shi Feng, I still have important matters I have to do. I shall take my leave." Qin Yu slightly cup his hand respectfully and then turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the horizon.

That palace master Shi Feng looked at the passage in the mountain that was directly created by the private room in the mountain when it was taken out by Qin Yu and then looked at the extremely sharp battle-ax type Top Quality Immortal Weapon in his hand. He started giggling excitedly.

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