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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 22 – A Thousand Years of Bitter Training

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' was divided into nine different stages. They are respectively red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white silver, and dark gold. Once one executes this martial technique, one's entire body's bones would undergo an astonishing change. Following the changes every time, the light that the bones in the body radiates would also change accordingly.

Once the entire body's bone radiating a dark golden glow, it signified that one have successfully mastered the technique,

This 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' mainly cultivate the bones of the body and the muscles as a complement. Qin Yu originally possessed a very tough body so when he started using this martial technique, he immediately reached the third stage. The bones in his body started radiating a golden yellow color. The only reason why Qin Yu's entire body was glowing was because he immediately reached the third stage all of a sudden.

Under normal circumstances, the glow that the bones give off would only be faintly visible on the surface of the bones. It was impossible to be seen from one's body unless the user decided to show it intentionally.

Qin Yu sat by the lake and continued to fish tranquilly.

Inside his body, on each and every one of his bones appeared some talisman seal marks and patterns. It was not only the bones, as when Qin Yu was training in this technique, the dense seals marks and patterns even appeared on his skin.

"So that's the case. Twenty seven thousand talisman seal marks and patterns. One cannot imagine how many experiments the seniors of the Dinosaur Clan had gone through in order to find the optimal combination." Qin Yu was smiling.

If one were to use Immortal Awareness to examine, one could notice that on Qin Yu's bones and skin where the marks and patterns appeared on, were electric snakes. These electric snakes were unceasingly permeating through every part of Qin Yu's body. His entire body's bones and muscles were undergoing a transformation.

Other than these electric snakes, the green glow was also unceasingly permeating into every part of Qin Yu's body.

Bones and muscles were incapable of directly absorbing the energies of heaven and earth to progress and transform. However, the 'electric snakes' that are brought by the transformation brought by the marks and seals were able to assimilate into the bones and muscles. It allowed the insides of the bones and muscles to unceasingly disintegrate and reborn. With three thousand talisman seal marks and patterns as a single group, they are able to cover the entire body. On Qin Yu's body were nine groups of talisman seal marks and patterns. These groups stack atop of each other. It's just that when one trains in the different stages of the martial technique, the usage of these talisman seal marks and patterns were different.

After carefully inspecting his body for a long time, Qin Yu finally understood.

"Even if I don't train, my Life Elemental Energy would still allow my body to become even more valiant." Qin Yu was very clear in his differentiation.

At this moment, countless amount of tiny electric snakes were transforming his body. However, like the transformation, numerous green rays of light were also assimilating into his body. Those green rays of light were precisely the Life Elemental Energy. Without Qin Yu even sensing it, his body was being slowly thoughen unceasingly.

"Haha…" Qin Yu suddenly laughed. "When the Dinosaur Clansmen trains, they feared that they might suck in too many 'electric snakes' causing their bones to be unable to bear them and end up fracturing. Thus, they have to follow the prescribed order and train slowly. However, I possess the Elemental Life Energy and do not have to take that into consideration."

With an intention of his mind, the twenty seven thousand talisman seal marks and patterns started to give off a faint radiance. The amount of electric snakes suddenly increased. A crackle sound can be heard from Qin Yu's body. The muscles on his body had also started to tremble.

Time flows. In a blink of an eye, three hundred years had already passed by.

At this moment, Qin Yu was playing Weiqi with Wu Lan. The rules of Weiqi was even something that Qin Yu taught Wu Lan. Afterall, Wu Lan had never played this game before. Although Qin Yu wasn't skillful in the game, it was still simple for him to bully the beginner Wu Lan. In the past three hundred years, Wu Lan had rarely won against Qin Yu in the game.
[TL: Weiqi, or more famous in the western world by the japanese name, Go.]

"Big brother, big brother." An impatient voice sounded from afar.

"Your third brother is calling you, you should go. As for this match, we'll just end it here." Wu Lan was about to meddle with the game pieces.

"Hey, stop." With an intention of his mind, Qin Yu created an invisible energy and protected the game board. Immediately after, Qin Yu smiled and said. "Big brother Wu Lan, you're about to lose this round and you actually wanted to ruin the game at this moment, that can't do."

"You little rascal." Wu Lan had a helpless smile on his face.

"Big brother." Hei Yu arrived beside Qin Yu. He had a completely emotional expression. "Big brother, Ling'er, Ling'er…" The emotional Hei Yu was unable to finish his sentence.

"What about Ling'er?" Qin Yu looked at Hei Yu with a puzzled expression.

Hei Yu gulped and then said "Ling'er is pregnant!"

"Pregnant!" Both Qin Yu and Wu Lan opened their eyes wide in shock.

"Mixed Hair Bird, what did you say?" A figure came by flying like lightning. Hou Fei had arrived, he was also looking at Hei Yu with eyes wide open in shock.

Hei Yu said loud and emotionally. "That's right, Ling'er is pregnant. I'm about to become a father. Haha, I'm about to become a father!" At this moment, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Wu Lan were all unable to refrain themselves from displaying a cheerful smile on their faces.

Ever since Bai Ling became pregnant, all the people in the Jiang Lan's Realm became excited.

Afterall, cultivation is a very long journey without much things happening. Now that they found out that Bai Ling was pregnant, naturally everyone became excited. Not only Qin Yu and his two brothers, Ye Qu, Wu Lan, Shi Zhan, the four great Demon Emperors and even the ice-cold Ao Wuxu had came over.

"You all are to stay outside, do not come in."

The only female amongst the four great Demon Emperors — Demon Emperor Dong Xue had shut the group of people outside of the main gate. As for herself, she entered the courtyard mansion.

Outside of the main gate.

"Xiao Hei, don't worry, Bai Ling is a level nine Demon King, it wouldn't be a major issue for her to give birth to a child. At the very most, her vitality might get injured, that's all." Consoled Qin Yu. Qin Yu had heard about the birthing of children from the people in the Demon Realm. The stronger the Divine Beast, the harder it is to give birth to a child.

However, death from birthing was something that had never happened before.

"I know." Hei Yu nodded. "Sigh, I wonder what our child's true form would be?"

"Who cares about what rank the child would be, at the very least it's still a Divine Beast." Muttered Hou Fei from aside. "Mixed Hair Bird, you're a High Level or a Super Divine Beast. Bai Ling is also a Low Level Divine Beast. Eight or nine out of ten chances your child would also be a Divine Beast. We just don't know what rank your child would be."

Ao Wuxu who had been cold and silent the entire time also interrupted in. "It'll either be an Eagle or a Skylark."

"That's not necessarily true." Wu Lan smiled and said. "It could also be a Variation Divine Beast. Of course, the probability of that is very low. However, this child's father is a Variation Divine Beast, so I believe it would also not be ordinary." Variation Divine Beasts are rare to begin with; what would the child of a Variation Divine Beast be? Nobody was certain about that. After all, the amount of cases of such incidents were negligible.

These bunch of bored men started guessing outside of the courtyard mansion. Only Hei Yu was worried and would peek into the courtyard every now and then.

"It's born!"

A pleasantly surprised voice sounded from inside the courtyard mansion. Soon after, the slightly pale faced Bai Ling and Dong Xue walked out. At this moment, Bai Ling was holding a little chick in her arms. Immediately, all of the people surrounded her to see what exactly its true form was.

"It appears to be a Skylark, but why is it black?" Said Hou Fei in astonishment.

There are a lot of different categories in the Skylark Clan. There're those with yellow feathers, white feathers and even multicolored feathers. However, there are none with black feathers. Yet, this little chick was black feathered.

"It's good to be black; same as me." Hei Yu was filled with joy. He walked over to Bai Ling. ""Ling'er, thanks for your trouble."

Bai Ling smiled and shook her head. She then lowered her head to look at that cute black chick.

"From the way it looks, it's exactly like when Xiao Hei was younger." Qin Yu said while smiling. He recalled the time in his childhood when he first met Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei truly resembled this black chick. It's just that one was an eagle chick whereas the other was a skylark.

"Big brother." Hearing Qin Yu saying it like this, Hei Yu grew a bit embarrassed.

Qin Yu smiled. "Fine, I won't say anymore. Xiao Hei, have you finished thinking of the name for this child?"

"Yes, if it was to be a boy then the name would be Hei Tong. If it was a girl, then Hei Tong. Said Hei Yu straightforwardly. All the people were startled. Bai Ling looked at Hei Yu with a puzzled expression. "Big Brother Yu, why are the names the same?"

"Oh, the sound is the same but the characters are different." As he said that, Hei Yu wrote the characters out to show everyone. Only then did everyone realize that it was different.
[TL: Hei Tong (boy) → Tong → Child; Hei Tong (girl) → Tong → Red.]

"Hey, little Bai Ling, is it a boy or a girl?" Asked Hou Fei hurriedly. Bai Ling smiled brilliantly "It's a girl."

After little Hei Tong was born, she became the happy child, the beloved daughter, of everyone in the Jiang Lan's Realm. After little Hei Tong passed her Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation, Qin Yu and them found out that Hei Tong did not possess Inherited Memories. Evidently, little Hei Tong was not a High Level Divine Beast or Super Divine Beast.

Actually, ever since they saw that little Hei Tong's true form was that of a Skylark, everyone had already somewhat realized that. That's because the Skylark clan was a weak clan of the Bird Clan. Their strongest Divine Beast was only that of a Mid Level Divine Beast. Although little Hei Tong was a bit special, but as her true form was that of a Skylark, it was destined that she would not be very powerful.

The Elemental Spirit Energy in the Jiang Lan's Realm was abundant. After approximately a hundred years, little Hei Tong passed the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

With her eldest uncle Qin Yu gifting her a Top Quality Defensive Immortal Artifact and a Top Quality Offensive Immortal Artifact, passing the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation was effortless for her. Afterward, little Hei Tong obtained her human form and turned into an adorable young girl.

"What. You've reached the fifth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body?' Merely five hundred years have passed." Ye Qu looked at Qin Yu with an astonished expression. "Training the body requires one to be very careful. Otherwise, if the bones were to break, then it'll require a large amount of energy to repair them."

The harder the bones were, the harder it is to repair them after breaking them. Thus, the Dinosaur Clansmen were all very careful when they trained; they would rather train slowly than let their bones break.

After all, when they reach around a level seven Demon Emperor or so, their bones were comparable to Divine Artifacts. Just by thinking about how hard it was to repair a broken Divine Artifact and one would know how hard it was to repair the broken bones.

"Is that fast?" Qin Yu instead asked. However, he secretly though in his heart. "And here I thought it was slow to only reach the fifth stage after over five hundred years."

"Not fast? I've never seen anyone who trained in the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' faster than you. I've stayed in the seventh stage for all these years and never managed to achieve a breakthrough the entire time. You must know, my Soul Realm's level had already reached level eight Demon Emperor. It's precisely because one must be careful when training the body."

"Eldest uncle, play with me." A cute girl wearing black clothes ran over. "Dad and second uncle are always together fighting each other to train and refuse to play with me."

"Okay, I'll play with you." Qin Yu helplessly smiled.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu and his brothers had already trained for a thousand years in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Bai Ling were current sitting around a table.

"It's truly fast, a thousand years had passed." Gasped Hou Fei. He then looked to Hei Yu. "Mixed Hair Bird, your cultivation speed was truly fast. You've reached level five Demon Emperor from level one Demon Emperor in a thousand year. I am certain now that you're definitely a Variation Super Divine Beast!"

"Fei Fei, why are you so certain about that?" Qin Yu asked in doubt.

Hou Fei replied helplessly. "Big brother, I'm already a level six Demon Emperor. However, even though I'm a level six Demon Emperor, I am still only able to reach a draw with this guy if I used the 'Heaven Startling Eighteen Stick Strikes.' I am only able to win against him through using the Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes that I have yet to completely master."

"Really?" Qin Yu was astonished.

Hou Fei was a Super Divine Beast, even if he was only using the Heaven Startling Eighteen Stick Strikes, it was still very valiant and enough to defeat a level seven Demon Emperor.

"Why would I lie about that?" Sighed Hou Fei. Hei Yu and Bai Ling took a glance at each other and were secretly laughing. Hou Fei said to Qin Yu. "Big brother, you don't know about this but the Super Divine Beast of the Peng Clan are extremely fast. However, their defense were not that great."

Qin Yu nodded. He too knew about that.

Hou Fei then pointed at Hei Yu angrily. "However this abnormal Hei Yu, his speed and martial technique are much faster than me. While that's that, the Black Feather Armor created from his feathers, their defense is now so strong that they're already approaching Divine Armor level. My ordinary attacks are simply unable to break through his defense. Furthermore, his Black Feather Armor is composed of layer upon layer of feathers. Through the layers, they dampen the attack power. His defense is truly abnormal."

Astonished, Qin Yu looked at Hei Yu.

He knew that Hei Yu's martial techniques are extremely fast. Back when they were on the Mortal Realm, Hei Yu knew about all of the martial techniques that Zong Jue knew. Furthermore, Hei Yu's feathers were terrifyingly hard since youth. Who would've expected that they're actually almost as hard as Divine Armors now.

"Abnormal defense, frightening speed. On top of that, he has the Cloud Piercing Spear given to him by Uncle Lan. With all these years of fighting with me, achieving comprehension through battles, his attack power was something that I needn't mention. Simply, he's perfect! He's definitely a Variation Super Divine Beast. He's even more terrifying than normal Super Divine Beasts. He has simply no weakness at all!" Contained in Hou Fei's words that were filled with grief and indignation was also jealousy.

Qin Yu was filled with happiness.

The stronger Xiao Hei was, the happier Qin Yu was.

"Big brother, how did your training go? Your Soul Realm's level had increased to a level where I can't even see through anymore." Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu. Bai Ling also looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "My Soul Realm's level had already reached the third layer of Heavenly Soul. It is very natural for you all to be unable to see through me. As for the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' I've reached the sixth stage over two hundred years ago. And now, I'm not far from the seventh stage." Qin Yu was very confident. Even though he's only at the sixth stage, he was already comparable to the level seven Demon Emperor Ye Qu.

That's because he possessed Life Elemental Energy. Even if his bones were to break, he was still able to rapidly restore them. Furthermore, as the bones in his body were approaching the hardness of Divine Artifacts, it was also not that easy for them to break.

"Big brother, Monkey, does that mean that we can go out now?" Hei Yu said suddenly.

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