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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 67 – Matchless Great Sword

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Me!!

No matter what disaster falls upon the Jiang Lan's Realm from the outside world, Qin Yu would still not care about it. The current Qin Yu was wholeheartedly training.

Within the third layer space of Qin Yu's soul's Earthly Soul Realm.

Qin Yu's awareness took the shape of a person, it was continuously executing series after series of hand seals. The 'Three Souls Nine Refinements' have a total of a hundred and eight hand seals. There were thirty six hand seals for each the Mortal Soul Realm, Earthly Soul Realm and the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Currently, Qin Yu was practicing the thirty six hand seals of the Earthly Soul Realm. With his current soul's power, Qin Yu was only able to execute twenty four hand seals at a stretch. When Qin Yu become able to execute all thirty six hand seals at a stretch, it would be the time when he successfully completed the entire Earthly Soul Realm.

Time passed by.

The amount of hand seals Qin Yu was able to execute at a single stretch turned from the original twenty four to twenty five and then to twenty six…

Within the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

A robust youngster had turned his whole body into a mirage. He was frantically attacking Kong Lan. Kong Lan, merely using only a single hand, casually and easily stopped all of the robust youngster's attacks.

"Eldest Master, let's rest for a while." The robust youngster kneeled to the ground with a single knee.

"Big brother, let him rest for a bit. He is only at the Kongming stage." A beautiful white clothed woman walked over. It was Tan Meng. At this moment, Tan Meng was holding a plate on her hand. On the plate was a single fruit.

Qingyu Immortal Mansion was originally a place that with a lot of fruit trees; and now, the fruit trees were transported to the surroundings by Tan Meng.

"Second master." The robust youngster's eyes shined as he saw Tan Meng. Rapidly, he ran to her. He picked up that fruit and immediately gnaw down on it.

"Second master, when would master Qin Yu come out?" The robust youth suddenly asked.

"Niu Wa, do not be anxious, master is still cultivating." Said Tan Meng while smiling. This robust youngster was precisely the older Niu Wa. Because the amount of Elemental Spirit Energy within the Jiang Lan's Realm was ten times of the outside world and adding on the fact that Niu Wa was originally a child of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, his aptitude was a lot better than the children of the Mortal Realm. In merely a dozen or so years, he have already reached the Kongming stage.

With Tan Meng, Wan'er, Tu Gang and Kong Lan accompanying and educating him, although Niu Wa still remembered the calamity from his childhood, but he was instead very optimistic. He only remembered that his main enemy was Emperor Yu.


A cyan colored Heavenly Thunder stuck down from the sky. A robust man was holding a battle knife as he ruthlessly hack it toward the thunder. His slash hacked away more than half of the power of the thunder. The rest of the Heavenly Thunder hit his body. This robust man's complexion merely grew a little bit red.

"Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation is only that strong." The robust man laughed.

That Heavenly Thunder from earlier was already the final Heavenly Thunder of the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

"Niu Wa, don't be complacent, this Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation of yours wasn't powerful. The Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulations of Divine Beasts are a lot stronger than yours. Your Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation was merely only at the strength of a regular cultivator's." Kong Lan walked over.

In this year, Qin Yu had already cultivated for thirty years.

Fifty years, eighty years, a hundred years…

Sealing Element Refining Flames Array have been maintained the whole time. Those sixteen Immortal Emperors who set up the array were also sitting around in the skies. Fortunately,not a lot of energy was needed in order to maintain the large formation array. However, these sixteen Immortal Emperors were still very tired.

That's because ten years have already passed.

Inside the Sealing Element Refining Flame Arrays.

A group of Immortal Emperors under Emperor Yu were standing next to that speck of green. All these years, they were unable to do anything to that speck of green. As for Emperor Yu himself, he was instead not present. No one knew where he went go.

Suddenly, two people appeared from the Cosmic Space.

The first person was precisely Emperor Yu donned in a purple gown. As for the second person, it was a white clothed beautiful woman. Between the brows of this girl was a little bit of golden light. She was giving off a kind of repressive feeling.

"Xi'er, it's over there."

Emperor Yu was holding that white clothed woman's hand and flying toward the location of the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array.

"Feng Yu, you truly are ruthless, the entire Reef Yellow Star was burned into nothingness; did you know that… as this matter was spread out and with you all staying here for all these years, I reckon that the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm knew that it was you who who caused this massacre." Said the white clothed woman helplessly.

Emperor Yu smiled indifferently; he said. ""Xi'er, when did you also start to care about those opinions? Wasn't the purpose of our lives to attain power so that we can ascend to the Divine Realm?"

The white clothed woman also smiled indifferently. "Cruelness of the method doesn't matter; however, the way you did it causes too much influence. Back then, Lin Yin went mad and destroyed a planet after his son died. No one say much about it. You, on the other hand, destroyed a planet because you wanted to catch someone."

As the two were speaking, they had already passed through the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array.

Seeing Emperor Yu and the white clothed girl coming over, how would the sixteen Immortal Emperors setting up the formation array dared block their path? They had already created a path for them.

As for the Immortal Emperors that are within the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array, when they saw that Emperor Yu came with the white clothed woman hand in hand, they were unable to refrain their astonishment.

"The Mystic Emperor actually came together with His Majesty?" Zhi Bai sent a voice transmission to Immortal Emperor Mu Yan who was next to him.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan also nodded, he replied via voice transmission. "His Majesty was certainly amazing. He had got into such a huge fight with the Mystic Emperor but now he managed to coax her back again. However, as they are husband and wife, no matter how big of a fight they get into, they would still not reach the stage of separation."

"For the Bewitching God Painting, His Majesty apologized to the Mystic Emperor; what a rare occurrence." Zhi Bai gasped in admiration.

That white clothed woman was precisely one of the three big shots of the Immortal Realm, Mystic Emperor. The Mystic Emperor and Emperor Yu were husband and wife; it's just that the two of them both possessed very strong subordinates and are both very strong-minded. When the two of them started to fight, neither admitted defeat and thus they separated.

This time, in order to obtain the Bewitching God Painting, Emperor Yu actually went and apologized. As for the Mystic Emperor…. having received face and, at the same time, she was also very interested in the Bewitching God Painting, she naturally decided to come with Emperor Yu.

When comparing strength, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor were on par.

Furthermore, the two of them were also companions. When they join hands, their strengths doubles.

"Feng Yu, is this green speck the 'Qingyu Immortal Mansion' that you spoke of?" The Mystic Emperor glanced at that green speck. She pointed at it and asked.

Emperor Yu nodded and said. "That's right, I tried every possible method and was still unable to break through it. The only thing I can do is find your help."

"You would only come find me when you reach such a point; normally, you even refused to look at me." Mystic Emperor gave a cold humph and said. Emperor Yu immediately felt bitter in his heart, he really wanted to slap his own face.

The Immortal Emperors nearby were all snickering in their hearts. However, they didn't dare to display even the slightest smile on their face.

"You all withdraw first." Shouted Emperor Yu to the surrounding Immortal Emperors.

""Yes, Your Majesty." These Immortal Emperors all flew away. Following their departure, Emperor Yu displayed a smile as he looked toward the Mystic Emperor. "Xi'er, is it not enough for me to apologize for my wrongdoings? Let's break apart this Qingyu Immortal Mansion first."

Mystic Emperor started smiling. She nodded and said. "Fine, you best not forget about what you promised me."

Emperor Yu felt bitter in his heart.

In order to ask Xuan Xi to come here, he promised Xuan Xi a thing: This time, the Divine Artifacts on Qin Yu, the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas would be Emperor Yu's. The Divine Armor and the Divine Sword, Sky Piercer, would be the Mystic Emperor's. As for the Bewitching God Painting, the two of them would share it. At the same time… Emperor Yu must also serve the Mystic Emperor for a thousand years.

A thousand years, and Emperor Yu must also serve her personally.

"Let's start then." Urged Emperor Yu.

"Mn." Mystic Emperor nodded. The Great Emperor's Sword appeared in Emperor Yu's hand. As for Xuan Xi, a jade green colored long sword appeared in her hand. This long sword appeared to have water flowing through it; it looked very special. This jade green colored long sword was Mystic Emperor's weapon — Divine Sword, Flowing Great Sword.

Great Emperor's Sword, Flowing Great Sword.

They were Divine Swords the two of them obtained together.

Xuan Xi and Emperor Yu glanced at each other and then they closed their eyes simultaneously.

At the same time, the Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword soared to the sky. The hand seals that Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi were executing with their hands were exactly the same. Finally, they even softly spoke special chants. The Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword started to shine brilliantly.

One was gold and the other was jade green.

Suddenly —

Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi who were standing there non-moving actually started to rotate. As if the space was shifting, the location of the two were constantly switching. At the same time, the Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword combined together. An extremely sharp Sword Aura was soaring in the skies.

The Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword combined into one. They became the High Quality Divine Weapon, 'Matchless Great Sword.'

"Is that the legendary Matchless Great Sword?" Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai who stood outside of the Sealing Soul Refining Flames Arrays watched the scene with a completely astonished expression.

The emission of the sword aura had distorted the entire space. Zhi Bai, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan and the rest were unable to clearly see Xuan Xi and Emperor Yu.


As if simultaneously, the shouts sounded. It was Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi's shouts.

"Space Crack!" Shocked, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan shouted.

A tiny black crack appeared. That misty and indistinct looking sword, the Matchless Great Sword, was thrust directly at that green speck. The entire space started to shake. "Klang!" The Matchless Great sword had once again separated into two long swords — the Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword.

Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor both caught their respective swords. Their complexions were very pale.

"How could this be?" Emperor Yu looked at that still unchanged speck of green. His expression was very unsightly. "Xi'er, with the two of us acting together, our strength was most definitely that of a level nine Immortal Emperor. On top of that, we have the power of the High Quality Divine Weapon, Matchless Great Sword. How can we not break through that?"

Xuan Xi looked at that green speck and started to frown.

"Feng Yu, have you noticed that this speck of green did not even move from from its original position after receiving our attack?" Xuan Xi noticed an area of confusion.

Emperor Yu also noticed this.

Even if its defense was to be very strong, but to receive such a powerful attack, at the very least it should have knocked flying. However, this speck of green did not even move. Unfortunately… how could Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi possibly knew about the powerfulness of the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Their attack?

Even if it was to be ten times stronger, Jiang Lan's Realm could still easily strip away all of the attack power.


Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu was still calmly training. Qin Yu had already trained for close to two hundred years now. Even little Niu Wa had cultivated and trained all the way up to the level four Heavenly Immortal level now. However, Qin Yu was still training.

Inside the third layer of the his soul's Earthly Soul Realm.

Qin Yu was able to execute thirty five Hand Seals at a single stretch now. Every time he tried to execute all thirty six Hand Seals at a single stretch, he would always fail them. However, Qin Yu continued to persevere and train.

Finally, Qin Yu was able to execute all thirty six Hand Seals at a single stretch.

Qin Yu's soul's Earthly Soul Realm's space started to tremble. Qin Yu's awareness directly ascended from the Earthly Soul Realm into the first layer of the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Qin Yu's eyes were suddenly opened.

"I've succeeded." Qin Yu stood up from the green ground. He calculated in his heart and immediately knew the amount of time his training took. "It's been two hundred years, it's true that the further down the training, the longer it would be."

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was spread out from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Sure enough, Emperor Yu and them are still outside." Qin Yu had a cold smile and then stopped caring about those people.

"Your Majesty, it's Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness." All of the Immortal Emperors present sensed Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness. Immediately, they, including Emperor Yu, grew into a burst of restlessness. Afterwards, Qin Yu there was no longer any Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness spreading out.

As for the Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi, after the failure from last time, she had already left. She didn't have the time to waste here.

Within the Jiang Lan's Realm, the Elemental Spirit Energy once again started to fluctuate. A large amount of Elemental Spirit Energy was being absorbed by Qin Yu's body. It was as if Qin Yu was being surrounded by an invisible vortex.

Since his soul realm level had already reached Heavenly Soul Realm, Qin Yu naturally began to absorb a large amount of Elemental Spirit Energy and began to train. An amount of Elemental Spirit Energy so much that it was enough to cover the whole sky were rushing into Qin Yu's Black Hole. They were unceasingly being refined into pure essence.

A whole eighteen hours! After absorbing energies for eighteen hours, Qin Yu's Black Hole finally started to shudder. Qin Yu was also able to sense that… on the other side of the Black Hole Channel, that flour paste space, the energy within the two or three meters wide area that belonged to him started to fluctuate.

After a short period of time.

A Golden Ring of Light that was even bigger than the previous two Golden Rings of Light flew out from the other side of the Black Hole Channel. It flew past the one third distance, the two third distance and all the way to the end of the Black Hole Channel.

The Golden Ring of Light later assimilated with the Black Hole. Like a circular hoop, it binded the Black Hole.

Within the three Golden Rings of Light, golden Black Hole energy was being transmitted through unceasingly. In the process of the transmission, the energy was growing more and more pure. Even the Black Hole itself was absorbing those golden energies. The stability of the Black Hole was also increasing.

After a long period of time…

The three Golden Rings of Light all grew stable. However, they were very dazzling. On the surface of the Golden Rings of Light were even streams of energy moving about. The current power of the Black Hole was certainly ten times stronger than before.

Qin Yu opened his eyes; he had a smile on his face. "I have finally reached the late stage Black Hole Realm."

Sensing the condensed Black Hole energy within his body, the two hundred years of transformation and his even more valiant body, Qin Yu knew that… his current strength was close to that of a level two or three Immortal Emperor.

He flipped his hand and took out the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas.

The extremely condensed Black Hole energy rushed into the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. The hurdle that he was unable to open no matter what had been brazenly opened. After a short period of time…. the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas started to shine. It was indicating that Qin Yu had already successfully opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas.

At the moment when Qin Yu opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, the Demon Emperors within the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas were all woken up.

"Paying our respect to the master." The four great Demon Emperors within it immediately said respectfully.

However, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness did not pay attention to these four great Demon Emperors. Instead, his Immortal Awareness was completely gathered on the other three Demon Emperors.

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