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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 65 – Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

The Reef Yellow Star was covered in a thick layer of atmosphere. And now, outside of the atmosphere was a layer of net of light enclosing the entire Reef Yellow Star. In the skies surrounding the Reef Yellow Star, there are sixteen Immortal Emperors controlling the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array.

This time around, Emperor Yu had gathered a large amount of Immortal Emperors underneath him. Immortal Emperor Qian Qi, the leader of the Thirty Six Lords, was naturally amongst them. As his strength was considered to be pretty good, he had became one of the sixteen Immortal Emperors formation setters stationed in the Reef Yellow Star that Qin Yu was most likely to appear on.

Immortal Emperor Qian Qi was high up in the skies. He was standing there just like that. In his hand was a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. However, Immortal Emperor Qian Qi had a expression of finding something hard to believe.

"Burn down the entire planet? How is that possible? This is a huge planet and there are over a million Immortals. The amount of cultivators were even over a hundred million. Did Immortal Emperor Mu Yan mistaken the order?"

At this moment, Immortal Emperor Qian Qi did not immediately execute the order. Instead, he send a transmission back to inquire.

Not only Immortal Emperor Qian Qi, all of the sixteen Immortal Emperors in charge of setting up the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array have sent transmission back to Immortal Emperor Mu Yan and Emperor Yu to inquire again. They didn't dare to believe in the original transmission.

Immortal Emperor's Immortal Awareness swept through the contents of the Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan who stood next to him had also received the messages. He looked toward Emperor Yu and said with a slight anticipation. "Your Majesty?" Although Immortal Emperor Mu Yan can also be considered as vicious and merciless, but burning down an entire planet was too truly too ruthless.

"Everyone, start the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array's Refining Flames. Burn down the entire planet. No matter what, we must find Qin Yu." This time, Emperor Yu decided to give the command personally.

"Humph, the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames are immensely powerful; other than Immortal Artifacts, what else can't it burn?" Emperor Yu was filled with confidence. He then turned around and gave the Green Blooded Sword Immortal and the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor beside him orders. "Let's go, we'll leave the range of the Reef Yellow Star first."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Mu Yan and Zhi Bai accepted the order at the same time.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was a bit disappointed and frustrated in his heart. As for Zhi Bai, he didn't really care much about it. Wasn't it merely burning down planet? The boundless Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was filled with a countless amount of planets; so what if one were to be burned down?

When the sixteen great Immortal Emperors received Emperor Yu's personal command, they no longer held any wishful thinking.

Amongst the sixteen great Immortal Emperors, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan who was in charge of the great formation started to spread out his Immortal Awareness. He gave an order to the fifteen other Immortal Emperors. "Start out with the Blue Heavenly Flames, start the Refining Flames Technique."

Once he gave the order, the sixteen Immortal Emperors almost simultaneously executed the seal technique. Every one of the Immortal Emperor started to emit Blue Heavenly Flames from their bodies. They assimilated into the Hand Seal Technique. And, at this moment… the net of light that enclosed the entire Reef Yellow Star began to shine.

At the same time, the Elemental Spirit Energies within the boundless Cosmic Space started the move about frantically. They started to assemble on the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array's net of light. The energy of the entire great formation was increasing greatly. A dim blue flame started to burn atop the net of light that covered the entire Reef Yellow Star. Immediately after, lumps of flames were falling down from the net of light.

Sealing Element Refining Flames Array!

It had two major usages. One was to Seal Elements and the other was to Refine Flames.

Once the Refined Flames were dispatched, everything will become nothingness.

There are three major cities on the Reef Yellow Star. The cities take up an exceedingly vast area. Inside the cities were a large amount of cultivators.

Inside a restaurant.

"Great Martial Uncle, now that the entire Reef Yellow Star was sealed off and even the Interstellar Conveying Arrays are destroyed, we have simply no way to leave the Reef Yellow Star. What exactly should we do?" An elegant youth had an anxious expression on his face.

Majority of the people in this restaurant were looking at this Great Martial Uncle. He was a level eight Golden Immortal. In the Reef Yellow Star, he was already considered as a top-notch character.

"What should we do? We can only wait." This Great Martial Uncle also don't have any solution. "However, everyone should be at ease. This great formation array that sealed off the Reef Yellow Star ought to be the legendary Sealing Element Refining Flames Array. For them to use this formation array, it ought to be that the people who set up this formation array were trying to catch someone. I believe that after they catch that person, they would voluntarily undo the great formation array."

Hearing the words of the Great Martial Uncle, the people of the restaurant all grew a slightly more calm.

"Great Martial Uncle, look —" Suddenly, a youth who was sat near the window was pointing out the window. Astonished, he said. "that is… that is the Blue Heavenly Flames!"

A lump of man sized blue colored fireball fell from the sky. It tumbled onto the street. Soon, it exploded and, in an instant, flames covered the entire circumference of a hundred meters from the explosion. The ground was also immediately burned into ashes.

"Everyone, run." Suddenly someone shouted loudly.

Because even the roof of the restaurant were burning with blue flames, the rocks that the restaurant were composed of and those defensive barriers have absolutely no means of resistance. Easily, the Blue Heavenly Flames have burned everything down.

As if he had gone mad, that Great Martial Uncle rushed out of the restaurant.

What he saw with a single glance.

As far as the eye can see, covering everything, the entire Reef Yellow Star was raining fireballs composed of Blue Heavenly Flames. Boundless amount… densely packed. There was nowhere safe.

Seeing this scene, this 'Great Martial Uncle' stood there expressionlessly. He knew that it was impossible for even experts of the Immortal Emperor level to send out this much Blue Heavenly Flames at once. In fact, even the sixteen Immortal Emperors who set up the great formation array were only able to send out this much Blue Heavenly Flames with the help of the great formation array and after absorbing the Cosmic Energies.

"Blue Heavenly Flames, this much Blue Heavenly Flames. Could it be, could it be that they really used the 'Refining Flames' of the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array?" Great Martial Uncle started to tremble. Within his eyes were surprise and fear.

"Who is it, who is it that's crazy to such extreme, who is it that's so savage? Refining Flames, Refining Flames, are you to refine this entire planet, refine the millions of Immortals, and over a hundred millions of cultivators?" An extremely loud bellow, enough to shout himself hoarse, was being shouted from from this Great Martial Uncle's mouth.

A Blue Heavenly Flame came crashing down directly on this Great Martial Uncle.

An Immortal Sword appeared in the Great Martial Uncle's hand. With a sword strike, he struck back that Blue Heavenly Flame. As a level eight Golden Immortal, even when faced with Blue Heavenly Flames, it was still not that easy for him to die.

"Who is it? Who exactly is it?!" Angry bellows sounded from other areas of the city.

Countless amount of Immortals and countless amount of cultivators were in frantic rage!

The person who set up this large formation array wanted to kill them; and not only them, but rather all of the people in this entire planet. Such viciousness and mercilessness had caused these Immortals who have been overcome with feelings of despair to grow frantically angry!

Angry bellows rose and fell in succession from the entire Reef Yellow Star. The cultivators were unable to resist the Blue Heavenly Flames and died immediately. Even the Heavenly Immortals died on the spot.

Only the Golden Immortals were able to resist for a moment.

However, the Golden Immortals knew that they were only able to resist for a moment and that once the Blue Heavenly Flames surrounded them… they would also undoubtedly die.

Anger! Despair! Hysteria!

"Who is it?! Who exactly is it?!!!!"

The desperate Golden Immortals were roaring in anger. Even the strongest person in the entire Reef Yellow Star was merely a level nine Golden Immortal. (Other than Qin Yu.) Against the endless amount of Blue Heavenly Flames, they were simply unable to resist them.

The roars of the Golden Immortals resounded through heaven and earth. Emperor Yu, Mu Yan and Zhi Bai who are high up in the space above the Reef Yellow Star were also able to hear them clearly.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan had a very complicated expression on his face. As he heard the numerous bellows of despair and the hatred within those voices, his heart also slightly trembled. As for the Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai, he had pulled back his eyes.

As for Emperor Yu…

His face was completely emotionless. However, there was instead a slight excitement in his eyes.

"What a large resentment. You all can resent all you want. Unfortunately, even till death, you still won't know who killed you." Emperor Yu was not swayed in the slightest. "Qin Yu, I have even buried an entire planet with you, you should die happily now."

A speck of sand in the Reef Yellow Star. It was precisely what the Jiang Lan's Realm had turned into.

Within the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu had already taken Little Niu Wa out from the Qingyu Immortal Mansion and into the Jiang Lan's Realm. Little Niu Wa was still unconscious. Qin Yu didn't know how to explain the situation to him after he wake up.

"It's all because of me." Qin Yu was filled with guilt.


"Huh, fire?" Qin Yu sensed that the Jiang Lan's Realm was being burned by the Blue Heavenly Flames. He was unable to refrain from feeling strange.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness started to spread out from the Jiang Lan's Realm. In a short moment, it encompassed half of the Reef Yellow Star. What he saw caused him to shiver and his eyes to redden.

That extremely big Reef Yellow Star was one tenth of its former size. All the other places were burned into nothingness. Under the Blue Heavenly Flames, those rocks and so on were burned so bad that there was not even any ashes left.

"Who is it? Who is it that wanted to kill us?" "Who exactly is it? Who is it?"

The angry roars were still resounding unceasingly in the skies above the Reef Yellow Star. Several hundred Golden Immortals with strong powers were still flying in the skies. Every one of them were filled with a malevolent expression. Their gaze was filled with intention to kill.

Frantic. Hysteria.

The struggle before death!

The angry roars have caused Qin Yu to shiver in his heart.

He have never anticipated for Emperor Yu to be thus ruthless. When he was on the Blue Snow Star, Emperor Yu was unable to find him and ultimately only dispatched people to monitor him. However this time… Emperor Yu actually wanted to burn down the entire planet.

"Emperor Yu, Emperor Yu…" Qin Yu's mind was in a chaos.

The frantic yells of those several hundred Golden Immortals have caused Qin Yu to rage, to surge. He was surging with guilt toward everyone in the planet, extreme hatred toward Emperor Yu and hatred toward himself!

An entire planet, the Reef Yellow Star that was even larger than his own home planet.

How many cultivators, how many Immortals were in there? However… they are all dead or about to die. Furthermore, they were burned into nothingness by the Blue Heavenly Flames; not even their ashes remained.

Under the burning flames of the Blue Heavenly Flames, the remaining couple hundred Golden Immortals all started to fall and die. However, their angry bellows continued to echo in the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array.

The humongous Reef Yellow Star started to grow smaller and smaller. At this moment, it was only as big as a single mountain. However, under the burning flames of the Blue Heavenly Flames, this mountain sized Reef Yellow Star was still growing smaller little by little.

Eight Golden Immortals.

These eight Golden Immortals, seven of them were level nine Golden Immortals and the other one was a level eight Golden Immortal. These eight Golden Immortals were still struggling. They had already flew as close as possible to the net of light.

"Who is it? Who exactly is it that killed us?"

These eight Golden Immortals were shouting furiously toward the net of light.

There was only a final obsession in the hearts of these eight Golden Immortals — to know who the murderer was. They knew that they have no hopes of obtaining revenge. However, they still wanted to know who exactly it was that killed them.

In the sky up atmospheric skies, Emperor Yu's group were looking at these final eight Golden Immortals.

"A bunch of ants." Emperor Yu's voice was ice-cold. He then immediately ordered. "The Reef Yellow Star was surprisingly still this big. Those are mostly top quality ores, it is already very hard to refine them with the Blue Heavenly Flames; execute the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames!"

The sixteen Immortal Emperors all accepted the orders.

Experts at the level of Heavenly Immortals have regular Heavenly Flame as their Nascent Soul's True Flame. And those experts at the level of Golden Immortals, their True Flame was the Blue Heavenly Flame. As for Immortal Emperor level experts, their True Flame was the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame.

Even for Immortal Emperors, they only possessed a small amount of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame within their body.

The sixteen Immortal Emperors was only able to create a large lump of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames with the assistance of the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array that borrowed the power of Cosmic Energies.

The complexion of these sixteen Immortal Emperors all started to turn somewhat reddened. They executed hand seals in succession. Threads of blurry golden flames were being shot out from their palms. At the same time, the entire Sealing Element Refining Flames Array also started to tremble. The Cosmic Energies started to frantically gather toward the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array.

The internal flame was colored gold and the external flame was colored blue.

That was precisely the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

One by one, Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames were shot out from the net of light. Several hundred Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames were shot out in succession from the net of light. At the same time, the net of light was also absorbing Cosmic Energies to brew the next group of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

"It's, it's the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames!" The final eight Golden Immortals were dumbstruck.

"Kill them." Emperor Yu ordered.

The sixteen Immortal Emperors who controlled the great formation array immediately controlled the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames to surround the eight Golden Immortals. Even if the eight Golden Immortals were to once again flee for their lives, they were still unable to run faster than the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames. Their Immortal Swords were burned and melted by the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

With the body of Golden Immortals, when confronted with Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames, they possessed no strength to resist and was immediately burned into nothingness. Even their Nascent Souls were melted into a liquid. After the energy within their Nascent Souls were completely consumed, it was also burned into nothingness.

"Who exactly is it that killed us?"

The final roar sounded. The final Golden Immortal was also killed. Even death… they did not know who the killer was.

And at this moment, several hundred Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames have covered that little mountain from all sides. That little mountain was what remained of the entire Reef Yellow Star after being burned and refined by the Blue Heavenly Flames.

"Chi Chi ——————- with an frightening speed, that little mountain was rapidly reducing in size. After a short moment of time, the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array once again sent out a new round of Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

The volume of the little mountain was rapidly decreasing.

Finally, it turned to the size of a common house. Gradually… this house sized lump continued to grow smaller. At the same time, it also started to turn into a liquid and started to drip in all directions…. after finally refining it completely, the liquid was merely the size of half a house.

"Your Majesty, those liquid are materials that could be refined into Top Quality Immortal Swords. The most we they can be refined to was liquid, it was impossible to completely refine them." Said Mu Yan.

In order to refine a Top Quality Immortal Sword, the flame that was needed was precisely the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

"Where is Qin Yu's Divine Artifact? That Qingyu Immortal Mansion was certainly unable to resist the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames; Qin Yu ought to be dead. However, his Divine Artifacts would not be melted by the flames, where are his Divine Artifacts?" Emperor Yu carefully used his Immortal Awareness to inspect the large chunk of liquid that was being burned by the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames. "The Divine Artifacts did not appear, it signals that Qin Yu still didn't die."

"Could it be that the Qingyu Immortal Mansion was not burned?" A cold smile appeared on Emperor Yu's face. "Even if it didn't manage to get burned, it was still definitely in that lump of liquid."

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