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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 50 – Achieving Success and Departing

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

On the surrounding of the nameless planet that Qin Yu was training on, an invisible vortex was continuously swallowing in the endless Elemental Spirit Energy for already fifteen years.

Within the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu who had been sitting cross-legged in the air the whole time had finally opened his eyes. His gaze was even more profound and tranquil.

His soul energy dissolved into the world.

In a flash, Qin Yu had figured out how long he had been training.

"A hundred fifty years. Last time when I trained from the first layer of the Earthly Soul to the second layer took me a mere fifty years. However, this time when I trained from the second layer of the Earthly Soul to the third layer instead took me a whole hundred fifty years."

Qin Yu gasped in awe.

The time it took for him to train being longer than last time was something that Qin Yu had already anticipated. Afterall, the further one reaches, the longer it'll take to train. This was also the reason why many people reached Golden Immortal level from the Heavenly Immortal level very fast but their speed slows down over ten times when they tried to reach to the Mystic Immortal level from the Golden Immortal level.

[TL: this might be confusing. Mystic Immortal is the same as Immortal Emperor. I don't know why author have to give two terms.]

This hundred fifty years was merely a hundred fifty years within the first layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

In the outside world, only fifteen years had passed.

"My soul had already reached the third layer of the Eathly Soul, it is just a step away from the Heavenly Soul Realm. I should be able to once again absorb energy to train now." Qin yu adjusted his state a bit.

The time it took to train the soul was long whereas the time it takes to train one's power was short.

Especially for Qin Yu who had reached the Black Hole Realm. Regardless of what kind of energy it was, this Black Hole was able to absorb the energy and refine it. In the case where other trains, they would have to have extreme care about the purity of the energy but Qin Yu was different, he didn't have to care at all.

"Never had I attempted to use the Black Hole to its maximum power to train. Let's see how fast that'll be." Qin Yu's face showed a slight excitement.

Ever since the black hole was formed in his dantian, Qin Yu already knew that once the Black Hole tried to absorb energy at maximum power, it is going to be very frightening and fast. However, as to how fast it'll be, Qin Yu was uncertain.

Qin Yu closed his eyes, his awareness had completely entered his dantian's Black Hole.

Within Qin Yu's dantian.

The Black hole that had always been in an immobile state suddenly started to rotate. An astonishing engulfing energy started to fill the air from his dantian…


Qin Yu's whole body seemed to be surrounded by an invisible vortex. Countless Elemental Spirit Energy was being swallowed with an astonishing speed… in merely a moment!


The endless amount of Elemental Spirit Energy in the Jiang Lan's Realm had formed an enormous vortex as they frantically rush forth into Qin Yu's body. Its speed was numerous times faster than how ordinary people trained.

A million times faster? Ten million times faster?

No one knows.

"It's too fast, too fast." Qin Yu was clearly able to sense that his strength was increasing at a rate that's so fast that it would cause people to tremble.

Endless amount of Elemental Spirit Energy was rushing into the Black Hole in Qin Yu's dantian.

Although the amount of Elemental Spirit Energy was great, but after they were absorbed and refined by the Black Hole, they turned into only a small amount of energy as they entered the flour paste space and into that two or three meters wide small space that belonged to Qin Yu.

After a short while.

Qin Yu calmed himself. He carefully sensed his Elemental Spirit Energy absorption speed and suddenly found a very strange thing —

The speed at which his Black Hole swallows energy was precisely ten times the speed at which Jiang Lan's Realm swallows energy from the outside world. Qin Yu was the master of the Jiang Lan's Realm and therefore naturally knew very well about the absorption speed of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"How could there be such a coincidence?" Qin Yu was puzzled.

"Furthermore, how come the Black Hole's absorption speed was even faster than Jiang Lan's Realm that's a spatial pocket?" Qin Yu grew even more puzzled.

Qin Yu thought about it for a long time but still didn't know why.

However, Qin Yu actually felt relieved.

"Last time when I reached the early stage Black Hole Realm from the late stage Dark Star Realm, I had consumed numerous Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls at once. I'm afraid that the energy required for the early stage Black Hole Realm to reach the mid stage Black Hole Realm would require even more energy. If I were to still rely on refining Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls, then I'd reckon that the Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls that's in the Blazing Profound Ring would not be enough."

Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face.

The Black Hole absorbing energy and refining them was something that Qin Yu didn't have to worry about in the slightest. All he needed was to put a little bit of his awareness into it to control it.

Currently, the speed at which the Black Hole absorbs Elemental Spirit Energy was not much slower than the speed at which Qin Yu refines Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls. Although the Elemental Spirit Energy is not as precious as Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls, its amount was enough to make up for the gap.

After approximately six hours.

Qin Yu felt a kind of pressure. The amount of energy within the Black Hole was too much. He was already reaching his limit to control it with his soul energy.

"It seems like the two to three meters area within that flour paste space had some kind of change." Qin Yu was able to sense that the energy on the other side was having a rapid change. After a short period of time —

An extremely large Golden Ring of Light flew out from the other side of the Black Hole Channel. When this Golden Ring of Light flew to a distance of three third of the Black Hole Channel, it stopped. Afterwards, the light of the Golden Ring of Light began to flicker and then mixed together and became one with the Black Hole. Like a circular hoop, it wrapped around the Black Hole.

Last time when Qin Yu reached the early stages of the Black Hole Realm, a Golden Ray of Light flew out to one third of the length of the Black Hole Channel. This time around, the Golden Ray of Light was much bigger and flew to two third of the distance of the Black Hole Channel.

"Two Golden Rings of Light signifies that it's the mid stage of the Black Hole Realm. I'd suspect that three Golden Rings of Light would be the late Black Hole Realm." Guessed Qin Yu in his mind.

Right at this moment, the golden lights from the two Golden Rings of Light started to mutually scatter. As the two Golden Ring of Lights' energies came into each other, their purity continued to increase. At the same time, the Black Hole was also slowly changing…

After a long while.

Everything returned to peace.

Qin Yu grasped his two fists and felt an unprecedented comfort. A hundred fifty years of seclusion training had allowed Qin Yu's body to reach a new level.

Even if Qin Yu didn't train, his Life Elemental Energy was still transforming his body nonstop.

"My body is now comparable to a level eight or nine Golden Immortal. This Life Elemental Energy is strange indeed. Not only does it possessed an endless amount of life force, it was also able to transform my body unceasingly." Qin Yu was puzzled about the Life Elemental Energy in his body.

Back when he was in the Mortal Realm,the 'Life Recovery Pill' he created through putting a slight amount of Life Elemental Energy was so strong that it could recover all the energy of a strong Loose Devil instantly.

After he arrived in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

That time when his Sword immortal Puppet was wounded by Green Blooded Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai, he used nine Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones and was only able to recover ten percent of the injury. However, with merely a slight amount of Life Elemental Energy, the wound was completely recovered.

A slight amount of Life Elemental Energy gave a result that's ten times or more that of nine Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones.

"What a miraculous energy." Qin Yu was very certain.

This Life Elemental Energy was something that surpassed Immortal Elemental Energy, Devil Elemental Energy and other energies at those level. Otherwise, it's effect cannot be as abnormal as it was. As for the Life Elemental Energy, it came from the mysterious Meteoric Tear.

Although he was the master of the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu still only possessed a smattering of knowledge of the Meteoric Tear. Even when using it, Qin Yu only knew of the couple simplest functions.

Qin Yu stopped thinking and continued to control the Black Hole in his dantian to absorb the endless amount of Elemental Spirit Energy. Afterall, he had not yet reached the level that he cannot support.

Qin Yu continued to practice without moving.

Like before, the Jiang Lan's Realm still continued to form the Elemental Spirit Energy tornadu. After six whole hours later, Qin Yu finally felt pressure again. He should have attained the limit of his soul.

The six hours of training had caused the energy of the two Golden Rings of Light to become even more pure.

"I only needed six hours of training to reach the early stage Black Hole Realm to the mid stage Black Hole Realm. And now, I had trained for another six hours but only managed to make the mid stage Black Hole a bit more steady. The further one goes, the more energy is required."

Qin Yu took a stretch.

The twelve hours of Elemental Spirit Energy that he had absorbed was but a drop in the ocean for the Jiang Lan's Realm that had absorbed fifteen years of Elemental Spirit Energy from the outside.

The speed at which one space absorbs the Elemental Spirit Energy from another space was not something and people could compare unless that person also possessed a Black Hole like Qin Yu.

It was currently nighttime on the nameless planet that Qin Yu was on. Cold fog had filled the surface of the entire planet. In this type of environment, ordinary livings things was simply unable to survive. Likewise, this nameless planet also does not possess an Interstellar Conveying Array. Only experts that had reached the level of Golden Immortals could reach this planet.

On the surface that was covered with endless cold fog, a figure suddenly appeared.

His long black hair was fluttering. A youth in black walked out from the cold fog. In his hand was a little green tower. At this moment, the nameless planet's surrounding no longer had an invisible vortex. The Elemental Spirit Energy of the Indigo Bay Star Field had also returned to the chaotic state that it was before.

"Fifteen years."

Qin Yu looked all the enormous celestial bodies that filled the sky and had a slight smile on his face. "Although my current strength is still no match for people like Emperor Yu, it's still no problem if I only want to survive. Now is the time for me to find Xiao Hei and Fei Fei."

Qin Yu had currently reached the mid stage Black Hole Realm. His strength is close to that of a level eight or nine Golden Immortal.

After adding on the Blazing Profound Ring, Divine Sword Sky Piercer, Divine Armor Black Frozen Snow and his valiant body with the Life Elemental Energy, Qin Yu was now able to fight against a low level Immortal Emperor.

It was no longer like before when he fought against level one Immortal Emperor Sword Immortal, Yu Qingzi.

"Before I leave, I'll first go to brother Wuming and bid my farewell." Qin Yu executed the Greater Teleportation and arrived at the Hidden Emperor Star from the nameless planet.

Within the East Star City of the Hidden Emperor Star.

Within Meng Hong's manor. To Ao Wuming who had already reached the level of level seven Demon Emperor, a hundred years was but a flash. Although Ao Wuming might be considered to be a genius, he was nowhere close to a genius within a genius like Jun Luoyu.

The time it took for Ao Wuming to reach level seven Demon Emperor was still extremely long. This time, he came to the Hidden Emperor star to have fun, he would at the very minimum stay a couple hundred years.

Ao Wuming and Meng Hong were sitting in the manor drinking and chatting.

They chatted about a certain expert of the Immortal Realm, a certain woman of the Devil Realm, a certain famous Divine Beast of the Demon Realm. Their endless times had allowed them to waste time to their heart's content.

"Hey, Wuming, how long do you think Qin Yu's seclusion training would be?" Suddenly asked Meng Hong.

In every ten of their conversations, they would at the very least talk about Qin Yu five times. They talked about Qin Yu's mysteriousness, his weapons and so on. Once again, their conversations landed on Qin Yu. That's because, after all, they only have that many subjects to talk about.

"Regarding him, before he entered his seclusion training, he said it would not be over fifty years. It's just that it had only been fifteen years now. I reckon it'll take another dozen or twenty years before he would come out." Laughed Ao Wuming. He then grew puzzled and said. "Now that you mention it, it's strange indeed. The further down the path, the more time it takes to train. So why is it that Qin Yu said that this seclusion training would be shorter than the last?"

"Qin Yu had a special technique or he had already reached a level where he's about to break through last time around. It's not strange if he entered seclusion training this time around just to break through the wall." Meng Hong guessed.

"You're right, come, let's drink."

Ao Wuming's wine cup was toasted with Meng Hong's.

"Big brother Wuming." A clear and cold voice sounded from within the manor. However, this clear and cold voice contained joy within it.

Ao Wuming was stunned and immediately turned around to look.

"Brother Qin Yu." Ao Wuming was filled with shock.

Meng Hong also lifted his head up and looked toward Qin Yu with a astonished expression. "Brother Qin Yu, hasn't it only been fifteen years since you entered seclusion training? How come you're already out?"

Both Ao Wuming and Meng Hong was shocked that Qin Yu only entered seclusion training for fifteen years. How could they have imagined the existence of a type of Divine Artifact where the time flow within it was ten to one compared to the outside world?

"Fifteen years was all that I needed." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"Qin Yu, your technique was most certainly strange. In normal circumstances, even I am unable to see through your strength. Only when you are fighting could I tell your level." Ao Wuming gasped in admiration.

Compared to before Qin Yu entered seclusion training, in normal circumstances, Ao Wuming really was unable to see through Qin Yu's strength unless Qin Yu decided to display it himself.

After all, Qin Yu's soul had assimilated into the Meteoric Tear and his power was within the Black Hole. Who would be able to discover it?

"Haha… big brother Wuming, one of the reason I came today was to see you and the second was to bid my farewell to you." Qin Yu directly said his purpose in coming.

"Farewell?" Ao Wuming was a slightly startled.

"Right, I am going to set off for the Demon Realm. I had already planned to go there since always. As of now, my condition had matured so it's about time for me to set off." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"That's good too." Ao Wuming nodded, he smiled and said. "When you are on your way to the Demon Realm, if anyone were to make things difficult for you, feel free to send me a transmission. Within the Demon Realm, I your big brother still possess some capability."

As one of the Dual Emperors of the Dragon Clan, the Prince of the Dragon Clan, the future Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming's position within the Demon Realm was not something that required much thinking.

By the Interstellar Transformation Array of the Hidden Emperor Star.

Qin Yu, Ao Wuming and the rest were bidding farewell to each other.

Ao Wuming, Lin Zhu and Meng Hong were here to see Qin Yu off. After these couple people said some words of farewell him, only then did Qin Yu bid his farewell to his three close friends and entered the Interstellar Conveying Array.

"Big brother Wuming, sister-in-law Lian Zhu, brother Meng Hong, farewell."

Said Qin Yu while inside the Interstellar Conveying Array.

Soon after, the Interstellar Conveying Array shined with rays of light. As Qin Yu watched these rays of light, he knew that his journey to the Demon Realm had started. Would this journey be safe and sound?

After the rays of light dissipated, the Interstellar Conveying Array returned to its regular appearance. As for Qin Yu, he had already been delivered into the next planet.

"Let's go back." Ao Wuming had a slight disappointment and frustration on his face. Another one of his good brother had departed.

When Ao Wuming, Lian Zhu and Meng Hong left, they did not notice that a couple people of Golden Immortal strength took a couple casual glances at them. These people were precisely Emperor Yu's intelligence personell.

Not only Emperor Yu, at this moment, Blood Devil Emperor who had also been paying attention to Qin Yu and Ao Wuming also received information of Qin Yu's depart and, through the conveying array that Qin Yu entered, also obtained information as to where Qin Yu were sent to.

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