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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 49 – Within the Jiang Lan's Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

Lin Yin nodded while smiling. "If little brother Qin Yu has time in the future, feel free to come check out the Hidden Lead."

"Certainly." Said Qin Yu very respectfully.

At this moment, Jun Luoyu spoke. "Qin Yu, I will go home together with you." He then turned toward Hidden Emperor and the rest. "Seniors, this junior will be leaving first with brother Qin Yu."

"I'm going too." Jiang Yan didn't bother to pay any respect to anyone and directly followed Jun Luoyu.

As for Ao Wuming, it was hard for him to casually leave. After all, he was an individual at the same level as Hidden Emperor and them. Furthermore, he also had some things he wanted to discuss with the Hidden Emperor.

"Brother Lin, this girl Yan'er doesn't know etiquette, please don't mind her too much." Laughed Ao Wuming.

"That girl is called Jiang Yan, correct? I had heard about her from Granny Yin Hua." As Hidden Emperor looked at the Jiang Yan's distant figure, he had a slight smile on his face. "Before I met Granny Yin Hua, I really had never imagined that there are experts like her in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms."

[TL: Yin Hua → Silver Flower. Not sure if it's her name or a title yet.]

Ao Wuming gasped in admiration and said. "That's right, Granny Yin Hua's power is deep and unmeasurable. Merely, I do not know whether she had passed the Divine Tribulation or not."

"That's hard to say. I also cannot see through Granny Yin Hua. Regardless, her strength was at least that of a level nine Immortal Emperor." Said Hidden Emperor with absolute certainty.

"Brother Xue, what say you?" Ao Wuming suddenly looked toward Xue Tianya.

This time around, Xue Tianya had suffered a huge loss. However, this Xue Tianya still had his grand and imposing air. "Granny Yin Hua is indeed a super expert. We unexpectedly never knew of a expert like her all these years; to be honest, I really am a bit afraid. Exactly how many experts like Granny Yin Hua was there in this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?"

"It's impossible for there to be a lot." Laughed Ao Wuming.

Xue Tianya slightly shook his head and smiled tranquilly. "I would not talk about this matter anymore. Brother Lin, I still have an important matter to attend to so I would be unable to have a get-together with brother Lin and would be taking my leave first."

"Don't bother to see me out." Said Lin Yin as he nodded.

Xue Tianya looked toward Xue Yi who was at the side. The father and son soon turned into two rays of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Blue Flame Star.

In a certain back living room of a luxurious manor.

Blood Devil Emperor Xue Tianya had a gloomy expression. His son, Xue Yi, also had an ugly expression.

This time around, both father and son had suffered a major loss.

"Xue Yi, you were hit with that Lin Yin's prohibition energy; that Lin Yin is too vicious, he directly inserted that prohibition energy into the interior of your Nascent Soul. Even if I were to obtain the strength of a level nine Devil Emperor, I would still not dare to insert my energy into your Nascent Soul to break that prohibition energy. You could only rely on yourself." Comforted Xue Tianya.

The Nascent Soul of a Devil Emperor was created through countless years of cultivation. It is extremely important. It is not a place where others could casually enter their energy into.

That Lin Yin completely didn't care about what the consequences might be. That's why he directly used that move on Xue Yi.

"I'm fine." Xue Yi said indifferently. However, his eyes possessed an overcasting fierceness. "I am only a level six Devil Emperor right now, it requires me half of my energy in order to suppress that prohibition. However, once I reached level seven Devil Emperor, ten or twenty percent of my power would be all it takes. This prohibition would not affect me much in the future."

Xue Tianya nodded.

"Xue Yi, you have done very well this time around, did you know that?" Xue Tianya looked at Xue Yi.

Xue Tianya had instructed his son for very many years.

When he first started, Xue Yi was exactly like Guo Nu. He didn't know how to be flexible or act. All he had in his heart was the law of the forest. After all these years had passed, Xue Yi was merely a little bit better than before. He was still very far away from the goal that Xue Tianya had.

"I know." Xue Yi nodded indifferently. "I shouldn't have allowed Nu to go to the Hidden Emperor Star to begin with. That was a total mistake. He was too unyielding and don't know how to endure silently at all."

Xue Tianya had a slight smile on his face.

His own son was criticizing Guo Nu. As a matter of fact, back then Xue Yi was about the same as Guo Nu. Even now, he was only merely a little bit better.

"I also know that I had made a mistake. You had taught me that I need to judge the hour and size up the situation. When I had encountered Jiang Yan, I should've calmed myself. Behind Jiang Yan was that Granny Yin Hua. There's also Qin Yu. Qin Yu possessed an Immortal Sword, two Immortal Armors and a Immortal Mansion. The sect that stood behind him was certainly extraordinary." Said Xue Yi sincerely.


Xue Tianya started to laugh out loud. "Xue Yi, you're mistaken here. Jiang Yan does indeed have Granny Yin Hua standing behind her but that Qin Yu, contrary to your expectations, you need not worry too much."

"But he possessed two Divine Armors." Xue Yi emphasized.


Xue Tianya sneered. "Let me tell you, the Immortal Mansion that this Qin Yu possessed should be the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. The Divine Sword that he possessed should be the Divine Sword, Sky Piercer. As for his Divine Armor, it should be the Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow."

"Father, are you talking about the things that Emperor Ni Yang possessed?" Xue Yi came to some sort of understanding.

Xue Tianya had not told his son about the information that Blood Devil Du Zhongjun sent over from the Mortal Realm. That's because Xue Tianya knew that his son's ability to analyze stuff wasn’t that good.

"Right, if I am correct, then this Qin Yu's real name ought to be Lan Feng. If he really was Qin Yu, then this Qin Yu was a bit too much of a genius. In a mere two hundred years, he was able to reach his strength of Dacheng from the Mortal Realm to his current level?" Xue Tianya laughed insipidly.
[TL: debating about whether to translate Dacheng as Great Success. Guess not lol.]

"Father, what are you talking about?" Xue Yi was confused.

Xue Tianya stood up. "You need not concern yourself with this, all you have to know is that… this Qin Yu, he won't be able to live much longer."

"Of course he won't. He killed Nu, I would certainly kill him." Said Xue Yi coldly.

Xue Tianya shook his head and said. "You are to immediately return to the Devil Realm. If you were to continue to stay in the Blue Flame Star, then Lin Yin would certainly pick a quarrel and might even kill you. As for killing Qin Yu, it's better that your father, I, do it personally."

"Bewitching God Painting, Ten Thousand Beast Atlas, they ought to be mine this time." Said Xue Tianya in his heart.

At the moment when Xue Tianya just returned to the Blue Flame Star, Xue Tianya's subordinates had already started to monitor Qin Yu from the shadows. In fact, not only were Xue Tianya doing that, Emperor Yu's troops were also monitoring Qin Yu.

Xue Tianya did not uncover Qin Yu's identity when he was in front of Qin Yu because he wanted to have an even more relaxed time seizing his treasures. He didn't want other experts to know of this information.

Although Hidden Emperor's strength was very strong and he also knew that the big shots of all sides had previously dispatched people down to the Mortal Realm, he didn't know what had happened to the emissaries when they were in the Mortal Realm. Thus, he naturally didn't know of the existence of Qin Yu.

In merely a couple days, the Hidden Emperor Star had experienced a Cosmic Energies gathering in the surroundings of the planet and then strangely formed words. Afterwards, in the East Star City, a great battle between experts of the Emperor level occurred.

Regardless of whether it's the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm or the Demon Realm, they all had several hundreds troops located within the Hidden Emperor Star. The great powers had all even increased the amount of troops in the Hidden Emperor Star.

Within Demon Emperor Meng Hong's mansion.

Qin Yu had spent the past couple days pretty relaxedly. However, there was one thing that caused Qin Yu to feel somewhat unwell. It was that Jun Luoyu was about to depart from the Hidden Emperor Star. Jiang Yan, still as before, was also planning to follow Jun Luoyu.

After a short period of joyous time, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan still planned to separate from everyone.

At the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Hidden Emperor Star.

"Brother Qin Yu, big brother Wuming." Jun Luoyu squeezed out a smile. "The battle with Xue Yi had cleared my head. I would no longer think about other stuff. All I want to do now was to set my mind to training. I planned to return to my hometown, Blue Water Star, and return to the peaceful small island where I had previously trained at. The next time us brothers meet again, I would be at the very least a level six Immortal Emperor and might even be stronger than that."

Qin Yu was very much in approval of Jun Luoyu's decision.

Rather than wandering, it's better to stay in one place and practice quietly.

Qin Yu had once thought of telling Jun Luoyu to enter the Jiang Lan's Realm and train there. However, he knew of one thing. He needed to proceed toward the Demon Realm. From here to the Demon Realm, he would certainly have to pass through the territory of Emperor Yu.

This journey would be filled with danger and he didn't want Jun Luoyu to be worried about him.

Ao Wuming started to chuckle. "Luoyu, you said that the next time we meet, you'd be at the very least a level six Immortal Emperor and might even be stronger than that; you better not let us discover that you were bragging."

"Wuming, Genius Immortal Emperor is not someone who jokes around." Lian Zhu who stood at the side laughed.

"How talented my big brother Luoyu is, do we even need to discuss that?" Said Jiang Yan proudly.

Qin Yu patted Jun Luoyu's shoulder. "Luoyu, I don't know when we’ll meet again. However, I wish that you don't go find that Xue Yi for revenge before you get strong enough."

"I know." Jun Luoyu nodded.

Finally, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan had departed. As for Qin Yu and Ao Wuming, they continued to stay on the Hidden Emperor Star.

Within the Wuming Dragon Mansion.

"What?! You say you're planning to enter seclusion training in the middle of the Cosmic Space?" Ao Wuming's face was filled with difficulty to believe. "Brother Qin Yu, this Wuming Dragon Mansion of mine was extremely safe. To enter seclusion training in the middle of the Cosmic Space is extremely dangerous."

Qin Yu slightly smiled. "Big brother Wuming, I have my own consideration. You don't have to be worried about that. Furthermore, I also have my own Immortal Mansion, you know that too."

"Right." Remembering Qin Yu's Immortal Mansion, Ao Wuming laughed. "You have that Immortal Mansion, you indeed don't have to worry about any danger. However, why must you enter into the Cosmic Space?" Ao Wuming was still a little puzzled.

Qin Yu felt helpless.

He was unable to tell Ao Wuming that he was going to absorb the Elemental Spirit Energy of the universe and enter into the Jiang Lan's Realm. With the absorption speed of Jiang Lan's Realm, if he were to use it in the Hidden Emperor Star, he would definitely be found out. The time rate and the amount of Elemental Spirit Energy within the Jiang Lan's Realm was really too astonishing.

"It's the difference between the training methods. When I train within the Cosmic Space, my speed is even faster." Qin Yu smiled and said. "Brother Wuming, the amount of time I would be spending in seclusion training this time around would not be long. It would absolutely not be longer than the fifty years from last time."

With the scale of ten to one, Qin Yu believed that in order to cultivate his soul from the second layer of the Earthly Realm to the third layer shouldn't take a long time.

"Fine, I am unable to persuade you." Ao Wuming smiled helplessly.

"Big brother Wuming, please tell sister-in-law Lian Zhu for me. I would now go do my seclusion training." After Qin Yu finished saying his farewell to Ao Wuming, he immediately left Wuming Dragon Mansion.

After leaving the Wuming Dragon Mansion, Qin Yu took a deep breath.

"It's about time for me to start. I cannot waste my time anymore. After this seclusion training is completed, my strength should be approaching the level of Immortal Emperors. The stability of the Black Hole could also be increased to the next level. At that time, even if I were to encounter a level seven Immortal Emperor, I should still be able to take them on."

Qin Yu looked toward the west.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, we will meet again very soon." Said Qin Yu in his heart.

Greater Teleportation!

Not far away from the Hidden Emperor Star was a uncultivated and uninhabited planet. The morning of this uninhabited planet was hot enough to cause stones to split open. At night, it was cold air was like fog as it floated on the entire planet.

The fluctuations in the temperature have no effect to Qin Yu.

"Inhabited planets usually have a thick protection layer, it was almost impossible to clearly see the cosmic stars in the daytime. On the contrary, on these uninhabited planets, one could clearly see the cosmic stars."

Qin Yu gasped with admiration as he saw all those enormous celestial bodies that seemed as if he could grab them with outstretched hands.

He took out the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Small, small, small!" Following Qin Yu's intention, that little green tower grew several million times smaller. As it was a Divine Artifact, changing its appearance was no difficulty. Qin Yu turned the Jiang Lan's realm into a little green speck.

Afterwards, the Jiang Lan Realm was placed into the deepest part of the planet.

With an intention, Qin Yu was in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Within the first layer world of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu was standing high up in the air of the Jiang Lan's Realm's first layer world as he looked at the endless space.

"The Elemental Spirit Energy of this Jiang Lan's Realm needs to be taken from the outside world. That's a bit troublesome. However, I currently do not need to absorb Elemental Spirit Energy and only need to cultivate my soul." Qin Yu started to control the Jiang Lan's Realm to absorb Elemental Spirit Energy.
[TL: yes, I'm as confused as you are. He said he didn't need to absorb Elemental Spirit Energy and then started absorbing it…]

Right when Qin Yu just took control of the Jiang Lan's Realm…


A strange sound came from all over the uninhabited planet that Qin Yu was on. The sound sounded like a water bottle being placed into the river and bubbling. Afterwards, on the surroundings of this uninhabited planet appeared something like an invisible vortex. All the Elemental Spirit Energy of the universe started getting absorbed by that invisible vortex.

The circulation of Elemental Spirit Energy in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was also very mixed up and chaotic.

However, from the moment when Qin Yu started to control the Jiang Lan's Realm, all the endless Elemental Spirit Energy of the Indigo Bay Star Field started to slowly flow toward the planet where Qin Yu was having his seclusion training at.

Water flows to lower places.

The interior of the Jiang Lan's Realm was hollow whereas the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms was packed with Elemental Spirit Energy.

Therefore, Elemental Spirit Energy were constantly flowing into the Jiang Lan's Realm.
[TL: I'm pretty sure the water flows to lower places was not a good reference. It's more like the osmosis principle and not a higher or lower matter.]

"What's with this speed?" Feeling the absorption speed of the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu was overwhelmed with shock.

If the Elemental Spirit Energy absorption speed of a person cultivating is one.

Then the absorption speed of this Jiang Lan's Realm was over a hundred million by far!

Qin Yu forgot about one point.

Jiang Lan's Realm was considered to be a space. The speed of a space absorbing the Elemental Spirit Energy from another space; how could it be comparable with the Elemental Spirit Energy absorption speed of regular cultivators?

"Let's continue on like this."

Qin Yu sat cross-legged in the middle of the air and started to set his mind to begin training the . As for the Jiang Lan's Realm, it had been continuously absorbing the endless Elemental Spirit Energy of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Time slowly passed, the amount of Elemental Spirit Energy in the Jiang Lan's Realm continued to grow. As for Qin Yu, he was still cross-legged and motionless in the air…

[TL: I decided to change the name 3-in-9 Soul Refinement (三魂九炼) to Three Souls Nine Refinements because that's the direct translation and I also used baike to check if there's a next stage to 三魂九炼 and found out that's it's a stand-alone technique. There is no 6-in-9 Soul Refinement nor is there a 9-in-9 Soul Refinement. So there you go, I feel that Three Souls Nine Refinements would be better even though it sounds weirder. Anyways, also found a picture of Qin Yu and Li'er. ]

Tens years in the Jiang Lan's Realm's first layer was a year in the outside world.

As Qin Yu continued to train without moving, time continued to slowly pass…

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