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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 43 – Killing Someone

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

The sky gradually darkened. However, the people in the restaurant continued to increase.

"Miss, look at that man." The yellow clothed maid, Sisi, slightly pushed her young miss and slightly pointed at Qin Yu.

"What's wrong, Sisi?" Lin Lin looked over in confusion. "Isn't he that person we met several tens of years ago in the Maple Moon Star?" Lin Lin recognized Qin Yu with a glance.

Sisi frowned, she said to Lin Lin in a low voice. "Miss, you know that this man is awfully cold right?"

"Yes, he's a pretty cold person, what about it?" Lin Lin was confused.

Sisi continued slowly. "He had looked at you earlier and the moment when he looked at you… his gaze, mn, how should I say it? It was very melancholic very sentimental. It's like he had seen his lover."

"Lover?" Lin Lin had a stiff expression, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry and gave Sisi a glare. "You crazy girl, don't talk nonsense."

"I'm not talking nonsense." Sisi retorted.

"I said you're talking nonsense yet you still refused to admit, oh you." Lin Lin slightly smiled. Sisi however had a bitter expression. Earlier, she really did see Qin Yu's melancholic and sentimental expression.

"Ah, look at his current expression." Said Sisi hurriedly.

Lin Lin raised her head and looked.

At this moment, Qin Yu had a wine cup in his left hand. His gaze was, however, looking toward the dark sky out the restaurant's banister. He had a very sentimental expression.

"If only Hanshu was still alive…"

Qin Yu had a bitter smile on his face. No matter what, it was impossible.

At this moment, Qin Yu's mind was filled with scenes with Liu Hanshu. From the time when they first met till the time when they became master and disciple. There was also the scene when Liu Hanshu introduced him to the girl he liked as well as the final scene when Liu Hanshu had bled out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth and died.

The reluctant expression that Liu Hanshu had when he died was something that Qin Yu incapable of forgetting.

That reluctant expression. Perhaps what he was reluctant to part with was precisely her!

Qin Yu's gaze turned toward the green clothed girl.

At this moment, Lin Lin was looking at Qin Yu. Seeing Qin Yu turning over, Lin Lin was slightly startled but she quickly reacted. She smiled and nodded. Qin Yu was startled and immediately also smiled and nodded.

After which Qin Yu started to slowly eat and drink.

After a short period of time…

"Miss, would you like to become like companion?!" A deep and low voice sounded in the whole restaurant. When the people in the restaurant heard this voice, they felt a numbing sensation throughout their body. At the same time, there was a trace of bloodthirst in the whole restaurant.

Qin Yu turned around to look.

A youngster with a pale complexion was standing in the middle of the restaurant. This youngster had a head full of crimson colored long hair. That crimson colored long hair was tied with a single golden colored ribbon. On his waist was a blade.

At this moment, this red haired youngster was staring at Lin Lin.

"Impudent." Sisi shouted. She had anger in her eyes.

The red haired youngster ignored Sisi's angry shout. He merely continued to stare at Lin Lin. "Miss, I, Guo Nu, a warrior of the Blood Devil Path, request you to become my companion. I can guarantee that I would only have you as my companion in this life of mine and would certainly not abandon you."

Lin Lin frowned.

"You're crazy." Sisi cursed in rage.

Sisi's curse was nearly what everyone in the restaurant thought. Out of nowhere, this red haired youngster wanted Lin Lin to become his companion. This was most certainly a strange and perverted thing to do.

"You." The red haired youngster stared at Sisi. "Shut up."

While he said those words, the left hand that he had on the top of his blade on his waist waved in a lightning speed. Without any power to resist, Sisi was knocked aside and started to bleed from her mouth.

"I'll ask again, are you going to be my companion?" The red haired youngster stared at Lin Lin very coldly.

Lin Lin didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She was currently a level three Heavenly Immortal. Even Sisi, who was stranger than her, was unable to resist him at all. What could she alone do?

"Guo, Guo Nu, right?" Lin Lin continued to have a smile on her face.

"Mn." Guo Nu nodded. "Warrior of the Blood Devil Path, Guo Nu!"

"Yes, Guo Nu." Lin Lin took a deep breath and said. "To become companions require both sides to agree voluntarily. Right now, I am not willing to do that. You also can not force me to. Understand?"

Guo Nu firmly shook his head. His eyes continued to stare at Lin Lin. With a cold voice, he said. "My level is higher than you. My strength is stronger than you. You cannot refuse."

Lin Lin's expression turned stiff.

"The weak must adhere to the strong. This is our Devil Realm's iron law." Said Guo Nu strongly.

"Brat of the Devil Realm, this is the Hidden Emperor Star, the territory of the Hidden Emperor. You better not act too impudent here." Someone was unable to stand by idly and watch anymore. A middle aged man stood up and shouted in anger.

The red haired youngster shoot a glance toward that man. "Level five Golden immortal, you are not able to match me. If you speak rubbish again, you will be dead."

The middle aged man was stared at by the red haired youngster and felt like he was being locked on by the death god. He was certain without the slightest doubt that if he were to say another word, that red haired youngster's battle blade would leave its sheath.

With merely that one sentence, no one in the restaurant dared to say anything anymore.

Qin Yu was watching.

He was able to tell that this red haired youngster was a Blood Devil Path expert that had been through countless life and death situations. However, regardless of how strong he was, Qin Yu was not willing to let him humiliate this green clothed girl.

Because… the green clothed girl was the treasured woman of his disciple.

It's just that Qin Yu was able to conclude that this red haired youngster had not threatened the green clothed girl. As long as there's no danger, Qin Yu was not going to act. He was only going to act when the green clothed girl was in danger.

"From the way that maid was thrown aside, this red haired youngster measured his strength when he attacked." Qin Yu took a glance at Sisi who had already stood back up and walked back to Lin Lin's side. Sisi only had skin and flesh injuries.

"Miss, this man is too much. Let's go back and get our senior martial brother out to teach him a lesson." Said Sisi to Lin Lin's ears.

"This is the final chance, are you going to become my companion?" Said the red haired youngster with a cold glare.

At this moment, Lin Lin also grew angry. "Guo Nu, you are a Devil Practitioner whereas I am an Immortal Practitioner. While you can force others to become your companion in the Devil Realm, I am of the Immortal Realm and would not accept such a rule."

Lin Lin pointed toward the restaurant staircase. "Get out, I don't wish to see people like you."

The red haired youngster suddenly had a slight smile on his face. He muttered. "Strange, strange. The Immortal Practitioners are indeed like what master had said. So not straightforward and so long-winded."

"Master had said to be a bit more courteous in the Hidden Emperor Star. However, it seems like even being courteous is useless. The ways of the Devil Realm is the most useful after all." After the red haired youngster finished saying those words, his right hand came toward Lin Lin to grab her.

Lin Lin's expression changed.

Qin Yu who had been calmly watching from the side had a cold shine flashing through his eyes,

"Bang!" A sharp and clear sound of a fist landing.

The red haired youngster stepped back a couple steps and then stared at a man in a black gown that had suddenly appeared.


The sky that had been gloomy for a long time had finally given birth to thunder. The wind began to whirl. A storm had arrived. The storm caused the paintings in the restaurant to sway unceasingly. Qin Yu's black gown also started to fly in the wind.


Within the flickering thunder and lightning, the red haired youngster was able to clearly see the grave and stern appearance of that man.

Qin Yu laughed coldly toward Guo Nu.

"Young lady, do you remember a man called Liu Hanshu?" Said Qin Yu suddenly.

"Hanshu, you know Hanshu?" Lin Lin had a surprised expression. "Mister, you know Hanshu? Can you tell me where Hanshu is right now? Please."

Lin Lin's face was filled with anxiety.

"What is your relationship with Hanshu?" Asked Qin Yu softly.

"I, I, don't, don't have any relationship with him." Lin Lin was slightly embarrassed.

Qin Yu had a slight bitter smile on his face.

He was able to tell that this Lin Lin and his disciple Hanshu both had a somewhat hazy affection for each other. Merely, the two of them had not yet developed to the stage where they show each other their feelings yet.

"Oh foolish disciple." Qin Yu felt as if his whole heart was being crushed. It hurts, it really hurts.

Their relationship had yet to bloom, yet Hanshu would forever be unable to let it bloom. Even if this girl also liked him in her heart.

"Mister, can you tell me where Hanshu is right now?" Lin Lin held back her embarrassment and asked hurriedly. At this moment, she completely ignored that red haired youngster. The only thing in her mind was the simple and honest, easily embarrassed boy from the Maple Moon Star.

"Hanshu, he is already dead."

Said Qin Yu ruthlessly.

As if being stuck by lightning, Lin Lin stood there blankly.

"You with the black hair, move away. I do not want to have a completely uncalled battle with you." At this moment, the red haired youngster spoke out. He was able to sense the pressure that this man in front of him had on him.

"Mister, are you lying to me?" Lin Lin forced a smile and looked at Qin Yu with a face filled with hope. "Hanshu was such a good person and wasn't even a Heavenly Immortal, who would want to kill him? He won't even bully those weaker than him. He was that kindhearted. Who would have the heart to kill him? Mister, you're definitely lying to me."

At this moment, Lin Lin was still unable to accept what Qin Yu had just told her.

"I didn't lie to you. I am Hanshu's master. And Hanshu died because of me." Qin Yu said cold and matter-of-factly. However, if one were to listen to him clearly, one would still able to hear the slight trembles within his voice.

Lin Lin had a very pale expression.

However, after a moment, she merely had a bitter smile.

Qin Yu turned around and looked at the red haired youngster. "This young lady is the girl that my disciple liked, I would absolutely not allow anyone to humiliate her."

"Hanshu liked me?" Lin Lin heard what Qin Yu said and her face grew slightly rosy.

The red haired youngster slowly pulled out his battle blade from the scabbard with his right hand. The blade was extremely sharp. However, when he pulled the blade out, a very dense bloody aura came from the blade and filled the air. It was completely unimaginable exactly how many people were killed by this sword in order to give it such a terrifying bloody aura.

"I don't care, I have taken a fancy upon her." The red haired youngster stared at Lin Lin. "Therefore, she is mine. He who obstructs me, die."

Qin Yu stared at Lin Lin, his gaze grew cold.


Qin Yu's long hair was scattering. At this moment, QIn Yu and the red haired youngster nearly struck simultaneously. After having reached the Black Hole Realm, Qin Yu's body does not give out the slightest amount of aura. The Black Hole energy was even more pure and concise than the Dark Star energy.

The red haired youngster, Guo Nu, was a level eight Devil King!

Qin Yu was in the early stages of Black Hole Realm. The attack power that he had in him was about that of a level six Golden Immortal.

A burst of continuous noise was heard.

The two experts were fighting in close combat yet they did not give out any bit of aura. Regular experts of their level, when they fight, they usually destroy the buildings in the surroundings completely. However, in Qin Yu and Guo Nu's battle, the tables and chairs in the restaurant was not a bit damaged at all.

The two of them separated.

"Your speed is very fast." Guo Nu stared at Qin Yu.

"Your reaction was also very fast." Qin Yu was holding a short sword in his hand.

It is a Top Level Immortal Sword. Against the man in front of him, there was no need for him to use his Divine Sword, Sky Piercer.

Qin Yu shot a glance at Guo Nu and then said calmly. "I can tell you clearly that you are no match for me. If you continue to be this unreasonable, then I would show no quarter and kill you."

Qin Yu knew that he had not used a lot of his abilities. Earlier, he had used nothing more than his speed and an Immortal Sword.

"You're boasting." Guo Nu sneered.

After saying those, Guo Nu's eyes suddenly became scarlet red. "Bang!" A fierce and violent aura started to wreak havoc as it rushed out of Guo Nu's body. Immediately, with a 'bang' sound, the whole restaurant had turned into tatters.The customers in the restaurant had already left. As for Lin Lin and Sisi, they had moved far on the street and was looking over.

The floor of the restaurant that Guo Nu stepped on had turned into pieces. However, Guo Nu was still at where he previously stood. He was floating in the air.

Qin Yu was the same.

"You don't know your place." Qin Yu laughed coldly.

Blazing Profound Ring — Gravitational Domain!

Guo Nu who was about to attack suddenly felt an extremely terrifying gravity crushing down on him like an unreachable gigantic mountain. In a flash, his body fell to the ground.


Suddenly, Qin Yu swung his right leg. It turned into an arc and then, like steel, it ruthlessly smashed into Guo Nu's skull. "Bang!" Guo Nu's head was twisted strangely as he was knocked flying.


In the skies of the East Star City, Qin Yu shouted coldly at the distant Guo Nu.

He knew that his simple kick was not capable of killing Guo Nu, he was already being lenient! However…"Hurrr!" Following an angry snarl, as if he went berserk, Guo Nu once again flew back up and toward Qin Yu.

"Gravitational Domain?" Guo Nu wiped the corner of his mouth. Bloodthirst rose in his eyes and his face showned a ruthless expression.

"Not knowing your standing."

Qin Yu started to have a killing intent. He had originally thought that this Guo Nu was only too simple and honest and that he was the kind of person that had experienced massacre since when he was young. Thus, he had acted leniently. However, seeing Guo Nu's expression; Qin Yu knew… that this Guo Nu had completely entered the Devil Path and enjoyed killing for fun.

Guo Nu's eyes were scarlet red. His crimson red long hair started to flutter in the wind..

Holding his battle blade in his hand, Guo Nu appeared next to Qin Yu in a flash.

This time around, Qin Yu did not bother to show mercy anymore.

Blazing Profound Ring — Double Gravitational Domain!

After the Black Flame Lord's Ring and White Profound Lord's Ring combined, the Blazing Profound Ring was able to execute 'Double Gravitational Domain.' Earlier, Qin Yu was being lenient and only used a single Gravitational Domain.

The rapidly arriving Double Gravitational Domain caused Guo Nu's flesh and bones to burst into a crackle.

"How could this be? How could his Gravitational Domain be this powerful?" Right when Guo Nu was unable to believe it, a tranquil and calm voice sounded.


Guo Nu only felt a tremble coming from his soul. Soon after, his consciousness had become fuzzy. During the final moment of his life, he only saw those ice-cold eyes.

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