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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 41 – Who is the Little Friend?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

The golden light was dazzling. However, countless people on the Hidden Emperor Star still had their eyes wide open as they looked toward the sky and the words on the sky — 'Little friend, we were waiting for you.'


A strange silence!

Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame Stream, Cauterizing Dark Stream… all kinds of frightening energies were surrounding the Hidden Emperor Star. They densely covered the whole Hidden Emperor Star. No one had expected that finally, they would form a series of words.

The whole Hidden Emperor Star grew silent. Everyone was dumbfounded.

However, after a short period of time had passed… the entire Hidden Emperor Star grew noisy. As though there was an explosion, everyone in the Hidden Emperor Star started making noise. They were all discussing their astonishment.

What exactly was going on?

The frightening Cosmic Energies of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms all had gathered here only to form a series of words?

On the Blue Flame Star.

Emperor Yu was grasping his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. He had just received an information transmission from his subordinate at the Hidden Emperor Star. Emperor Yu was also completely astonished and confused. The series of words not only brought him immense shock, it also brought him something that was a whole lot deeper.

"Controlling all the energies in the entire universe, what kind of remarkable ability is that?" Emperor Yu shivered in his heart.

Emperor Yu clearly understood that the gap between him and the existence that controlled all the energies within the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was like the difference between an ant and a giant. The gap was as wide as Earth was from Heaven.

"Could those people possibly be…. from the Divine Realm?" Emperor Yu guessed to himself. "'Little friend, we were waiting for you.' What exactly is the meaning of this sentence? The person who could cause such a large disturbance, what exactly was he planning?"

Actually, Emperor Yu already had a guess in his heart. However, he didn't dare to accept it.

It wasn't that they didn't have people in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that had ascended to the Divine Realm. However, never had such a large disturbance happened before.

Thus, he didn't believe that ascending to Divine Realm would allow the super experts in the Divine Realm to cause such a large disturbance.

"Could it be that… a certain big shot of the Divine Realm reincarnated, started cultivating, and now that he had cultivated successfully, the super experts of the Divine Realm caused such a big disturbance to congratulate him?"

This guess of Emperor Yu was a bit comical. However, Emperor Yu was unable to think of any other reason than this.

"Little friend, little friend, who exactly is this little friend?"

Emperor Yu walked to the window and looked toward the sky. "Seems like I will have to go to the Hidden Emperor Star."

Not only Emperor Yu; Mystic Emperor, Cyan Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor, Asura Devil Emperor, Ox Demon Emperor of the Beast Clan, Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan… all the big shots of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms had obtained the information. They all started to ponder who exactly was this 'the little friend' referring to.

Who is this little friend?

Not only were these big shots thinking about it. Everyone on the Hidden Emperor Star was thinking about it. And, likewise… Qin Yu, Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and gang were also thinking about it.

In the main hall of Meng Hong's manor, a couple of people were drinking while discussing.

"Strange, so very strange. I, Meng Hong, have lived for so long yet I've have never heard of such a strange occurrence before. To maneuver all the Cosmic Energy and have them assemble here all to form a series of words? And the words even said 'Little friend, we were waiting for you!!'" Said Meng Hong after drinking a large mouthful of wine.

"Not only is it strange, it's also enough to cause one to tremble."

Ao Wuming sighed in awe. "When I saw those words that were formed by countless frightening Cosmic Energies coming together, the feeling of oppression that it brought to my heart was extremely strong."

"That's right, at that time, I had a suffocating sensation." Said Jun Luoyu in approval.

The rest of the people also nodded in succession.

Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame Stream and other energies of those level gathering in one place on the sky forming a dense layer. Who would not be worried or scared when they had seen that? However, all these energies converged into a series of words.

The feeling of oppression was something that needn't be explained.

"Qin Yu, what do you think?" Ao Wuming suddenly looked towards Qin Yu.

"I," Qin Yu nodded. "was shocked as I stood there."

He merely had a shock, Qin Yu did not sense any feeling of oppression in his heart.

Actually, the current Qin Yu was surprised about one thing. Ever since he had reached the Black Hole Realm, the feeling he had in his heart when he looked at Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and rest was completely different.

In the past, when he looked at super experts like Ao Wuming, he naturally had a type of high respect feeling in the deepest parts of his heart.

However now, Qin Yu felt very calm when he looked at the level seven Demon Emperor Ao Wuming. It was as if he was looking at someone from a third person's point of view. He was observing everyone in a detached manner. He no longer had any sense of oppression. It was as if he was the Heavens looking down on everyone.

Qin Yu turned around. His gaze looked past the doors and into the sky.

Even if it was those frightening Cosmic Energies, Qin Yu's heart still didn't have the slightest feeling of fear. It was completely tranquil.

"Qin Yu, you seem somewhat different from before." Said Jiang Yan as she stared at Qin Yu.

"Oh, different? What's different about me?" Said Qin Yu smiling.

Lian Zhu also nodded and said seriously. "You have indeed changed. How should I say it, it's like… you've become a bit more matured."

"Matured?" Qin Yu was amazed, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu, Meng Hong and rest all started laughing.

Ao Wuming laughed and said. "Qin Yu did change slightly. I reckon you've had a breakthrough in your training. Say, Qin Yu, am I right or wrong?"

Qin Yu nodded and said. "I did indeed have a slight breakthrough in my power, I reckon this is precisely the cause."

"Let's not talk about this anymore, instead, what kind of existence do you all think was able to control all the Cosmic Space Energies to form those words?" With a solemn expression, Jun Luoyu looked toward the sky outside the manor. It was covered with a dense layer of frightening energies.

To be confronted with that kind of existence, Jun Luoyu and them were unable to help themselves from admiring it.

Jiang Yan laughed with a hee hee sound. "Who cares about who he is? He's certainly someone that's very powerful. According to what my granny had told, even level nine Immortal Emperor level experts are unable to influence the flow of the Cosmic Energies. To be able to create such a large disturbance, I reckon that he must be someone from the Divine Realm. Furthermore, he must be a high level expert in the Divine Realm."

"Yan'er, be a bit more serious." Ao Wuming's expression was very serious. "The remarkable ability of the Divine Realmers is not something that you can imagine; in the future, you must not make absurd comments about the Divine Realm."

"Oh. I understand." Said Jiang Yan with a sullen expression.

Ao Wuming stood up from his seat and walked out. He walked out to the hall, into the courtyard and looked up toward the sky. In the sky, the dense layer of frightening energies continued to form those words — 'little friend, we were waiting for you."

"Little friend, who exactly is this 'little friend'?" Muttered Ao Wuming in a low voice.

Jun Luoyu and Meng Hong also walked out. When they saw those words, they had the same kind of puzzled expression on their face. Evidently, they were also trying to guess who exactly this 'little friend' was referring to.

"Little friend, who exactly is it referring to?" Qin Yu also started to guess when he saw those words.

Who exactly is this little friend?

No one knows.

Perhaps, only this existence who was surpassing the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and had caused this tremendous disturbance knew of who this little friend was.

However, one thing was mostly certain for — this little friend was surely in the Hidden Emperor Star. Otherwise, why would all these Cosmic Energies gather in the surroundings of the Hidden Emperor Star?

Qin Yu, Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu, Jiang Yan, Lian Zhu and Meng Hong all had their heads raised toward the sky. They were looking at the words and pondering about who this little friend was. At this moment, in the Hidden Emperor Star, countless people were pondering about the same thing. They were guessing about who exactly this 'little friend' was.

Suddenly —


As if the heavens were falling and the earth were cracking, the dense layer of frightening energies on the sky exploded. A rumbling voice echoed through the whole heaven and earth.

"Little friend, train quickly, we are waiting for you, ha ha…"

A clear voice sounded through the whole heaven and earth. For some unknown reason, the voice echoed through every part of the Hidden Emperor Star. It echoed in the ears of everyone. It echoed in the minds of everyone. It echoed in the deepest part of everyone's soul!

Regardless of whether they're infants, mortals, cultivators or even experts of the Hidden Emperor's level.

They were all unable to reject this voice from sounding in their ears, mind and soul.

Everyone was once again stunned.


Two frightening energies of completely different attributes collided into each other and then exploded. Like fireworks, they were gorgeous and brilliant. However, the vibration caused by the explosion had turned into nothingness when it approached the Hidden Emperor Star.

The Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame Stream collided with the Utmost Frozen Cold Stream.

The Cauterizing Dark Stream collided with the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream.

The Sand Flame Stream collided with the Bird Meteor Stream.

All kinds of Cosmic Energies of different attributed collided and exploded. One by one, gorgeous fireworks formed in the skies of the whole Hidden Emperor Star. However, the space fluctuation caused by the explosions were completely unable to penetrate into the grounds of the Hidden Emperor Star.

The Hidden Emperor Star was not damaged in the least.

Everyone, including the Hidden Emperor and the Black and White Dual Emperors, had an astonished expression on their face. Who had ever seen such gorgeous fireworks before?

These countless frightening Cosmic Energies exploded for close to an hour. Finally, they vanished like thin smoke into air. The strange Cosmic Energies that were created from the explosions once again turned into powerful streams and started to flow out in all directions of the universe.

The surroundings of the Hidden Emperor Star finally returned to the tranquility that it had before.

"What is this? Fireworks?" Qin Yu was truly startled.

Back when he was in the Qianlong Continent, there were mortals that had already researched into fireworks created by black gunpowder. However, the 'fireworks' that's created by the collision of frightening Cosmic Energies were even more gorgeous.

All the Cosmic Energies had left the Hidden Emperor Star. The Hidden Emperor Star had became auspicious and peaceful like before. However, in everyone's heart was a single matter.

Other than the Hidden Emperor, there was an even more mysterious 'little friend' on the Hidden Emperor Star.

Within the Hidden Lead of the Hidden Emperor Star.

In a small bamboo forest. Within a bamboo house, a couple stone stools and a couple stone tables, were placed.

The white clothed white haired man and the black clothed black haired man were sitting around a stone table in the bamboo house. Another black bearded middle aged man was holding his teacup as he looked up toward the boundless sky.

Suddenly, a white haired old man walked over. He saw the black bearded middle aged man, cupped his hands in respect and said. "Master…"

"I already know, let Emperor Yu in." The black bearded middle aged man said calmly.

"Yes, master."

The white haired old man didn't say much. His master knowing about the arrival of Emperor Yu was not something for him to be surprised about.

"It's likely that a lot of people would be coming soon. Mystic Emperor, Black Devil Emperor and other people like them. You need not block them, it would suffice if you were to allow them to come in directly." Said the black bearded middle aged man.


The white haired old man accepted the orders, turned around and left. Right after the white haired old man disappeared into the bamboo forest, a man dressed in a purple gown appeared in the middle of the bamboo forest. This man was precisely Emperor Yu.

"Brother Lin, you've truly startled me. The Hidden Emperor Star that you controlled was surprisingly capable of having such a large disturbance occurring." Emperor Yu walked in slowly. He had a faint smile on his face.

Emperor Yu's pace was neither fast nor slow. However, it had a strange rhythm. The whole bamboo forest, as if it was following the rhythm, also started to move up and down….

"Old boy Feng Yu, I suspect you're almost at the level of level nine Immortal Emperor." Said the black bearded middle aged man with a smile.

There weren't many people in the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that dared address Emperor Yu as old boy Feng Yu. However, the Hidden Emperor of the Hidden Emperor Star was one of them.

"Brother Feng Yu."

The Black and White Dual Great Immortal Emperors got up at the same time. They smiled and greeted Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu nodded his head and said. "Brother Lin, I presume that you have experienced the 'great disturbance' that had just occurred in the Hidden Emperor Star? Such a large disturbance was extraordinary."

"It was indeed extraordinary. However, I am still very confused." The Hidden Emperor had a smile mocking smile on his face.

The Black and White Dual Great Immortal Emperors didn't interrupt the conversation. They sat down and started to drink their tea calmly.

Emperor Yu sighed in awe. "Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, Bird Meteor Stream, Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame Stream… the gathering of countless frightening Cosmic Energies from all around the universe around the Hidden Emperor Star. Such a large disturbance was unprecedented in history of the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

"That's right." The Hidden Emperor also sighed in awe.

"The Bewitching God Temple was an extraordinary existence. However, the arrival of the Bewitching God Temple on the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm only caused the Cosmic Energies of two of three Star Fields to fluctuate. However, this time around…. the disturbance was too terrifying." Emperor Yu's eyes were burning with radiance.

"Brother Lin, who exactly is this little friend?" Emperor Yu suddenly asked.

Hidden Emperor shook his head. "I don't know."

"Brother Lin is the master of the Hidden Emperor Star, if such an extraordinary person were to appear in the Hidden Emperor Star, then how could brother Lin not know of it?" Said Emperor Yu while smiling.

Hidden Emperor slightly smiled. He walked to next to the stone table. He added some tea into his teacup and then said tranquilly. "Little friend, it's not that easy finding out who that little friend is. However, he should be someone on the Hidden Emperor Star."

And right at this moment —

Hidden Emperor, Emperor Yu and the Black and White Great Immortal Emperors all looked toward the narrow path in the bamboo forest.

Wearing a cyan garment, a long flute in his hand and an extremely charming smile that was able to cause one to fall in lust.

"There's truly a lot of people arriving at my tiny place today. Emperor Yu had just arrived and now Cyan Emperor has also arrived." Said Hidden Emperor while laughing.

Emperor Yu saw Cyan Emperor and promptly smiled. He said. "Brother Chi Qing."

Cyan Emperor, Chi Qing, had a very special position in the Immortal Realm. Although he was the boss of one of the Three Great Powers, Cyan Emperor, Chi Qing, was different from the bosses of the other two Great Powers. That's because the amount of time the Cyan Emperor, Chi Qing, had spent training was extremely long.

It was so long, long enough to make people shiver.

Even the level nine Immortal Emperor, Hidden Emperor's cultivation time was a magnitude lesser than the Cyan Emperor. Cyan Emperor, Chi Qing, had another nickname, 'Eternal.' This was to represent how long his cultivation time was.

What's the most strange was… this Cyan Emperor had already reached the level eight Immortal Emperor level many tens of thousands of years ago. So many years have passed, the experts of his generation had all either successfully passed their Divine Tribulation and ascended to the Divine Realm or had failed their Divine Tribulation and died.

However, only this Cyan Emperor still remained at level eight Immortal Emperor.

Merely with the length of his cultivation, no one dared to look down on this Cyan Emperor.

"Old boy Feng Yu, not only me, a lot of other people have also arrived." Cyan Emperor walked up to the side of the Hidden Emperor. He said as he turned around and looked toward the narrow path in the bamboo forest. At that moment, two individuals walked out together.

(Who's the little friend? Even Qin Yu doesn't know. Heehee~~~)

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