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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 34: Getting Drunk

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Mcdonald (not the franchise owner at least I think not)

The silk veil was drifting in the midst of the lingering clouds and mist.

Emperor Yu sat crossed legged in the pavilion. In front of him was still a small table. His cup of tea had already become cold.

Seeing the already cold tea, Emperor Yu sighed with a weak laugh. "My heart's at unrest, oh my heart's at unrest."

These past few days, Emperor Yu had been paying extreme attention to the matters regarding that 'Lan Feng.' However, his subordinates were completely unable to find any trace of that 'Lan Feng.' It was as if that 'Lan Feng' had disappeared into thin air from the world.

"It's one thing to be unable to find Lan Feng, however, even his junior, Qin Yu, were unable to be found. I really don't know what my subordinates are doing?" Emperor Yu slowly exhaled.

After sitting there without moving for half a day, Emperor Yu stood up.

"The affair in the Blue Fire Star should've been settled by now, with the Zhi Bai and Blood Devil Emperor level Xue Yileng joining hands, no matter how many experts came, they should all be killed by them. Why is it then that Zhi Bai still haven't transmitted anything to me yet?"

Emperor Yu grew a bit puzzled. According to the timing of things, the Green Blood Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai, should've already transmitted messages to him.


"It's Zhi Bai."

A smile of relief appeared on Emperor Yu's face. He turned his hand and took out the transmission spiritual pearl.

"Your Majesty, the plan this time could be considered a failure." Zhi Bai transmitted.

Emperor Yu slightly frowned. He transmitted back asking. "Failed? Zhi Bai, with you and that Xue Yileng acting together, there shouldn't be many people in the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms that are able to destroy the plan."

Zhi Bai also felt helpless.

"Your Majesty, the plan was at first proceeding extremely well. That Jade Blade Boy and the Mystic Yellow Dual Swords had all appeared. Yileng and I was already about to kill them. But…" Saying to this point, Zhi Bai was holding back his feeling of being wronged.

"Jade Blade Boy and the Profound Yellow Dual Swords. Had you killed them, then it could be considered as being successful; what's the but for? What sort of unforeseen event happened?" Emperor Yu remained not very worried.

"At the moment when I was about to kill the Jade Blade Boy, a mysterious man appeared. He used his body and obstructed my sword and allowed that Jade Blade Boy to escape. Afterwards… when I was about to kill Bai Yi of the Profound Yellow Dual Swords, that mysterious man once again appeared and used his body to obstruct my sword and allowed Bai Yi to escape. This time, the only genuine achievement from our plan was killing a single Huang Yi and nothing more." Explained Zhi Bai.

Emperor Yu grew silent.

After a while, he said. "Zhi Bai, you said that mysterious man used his body to block your sword? Have you manage to determine his power level was?"

"Power level…" Zhi Bai slightly paused, he was dazed. "Your Majesty, I am not certain about the power level of that mysterious man because the person who ended up chasing him was Yileng. However, I felt that his energy wasn't powerful."

Zhi Bai did not speak a sentence that he have in the bottom of his heart.

He felt that the mysterious man's energy was only around the level of a level one Heavenly Immortal.

Level one immortal emperor? Instinctively, Zhi Bai refused this conclusion. He didn't believe that a beginning stage man would be able to block his sword. Even if he possessed a Divine Armor, it's still impossible.

He was, after all, a level seven heavenly sword immortal and possessed a Divine Weapon.

"His energy wasn't strong and was chased by Xue Yileng. However, he was able to withstand your sword strike with his body." Emperor Yu think aloud in a low voice. A smile gradually appeared on his face.

"Zhi Bai, do you still remember the news regarding Maple Moon Star that was transmitted by Qian Qi?" Asked Emperor Yu.

"Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai didn’t know why Emperor Yu said those words. However, he still answered. "Of course I remember, that time, we entered the Maple Moon Star and lost over half of what we had in the Silver Stream Star System."

Emperor Yu continued. "Do you remember the matter regarding 'Lan Feng' that Qian Qi described?"

"Very much so. That Lan Feng's body was able to resist Yu Qingzi's attack. He was even able to take on Qian Qi's continuous attacks…. ah, are you suggesting that…" Zhi Bai finally also realized.

"That's right. Although Qian Qi is weaker than you, he's still a level four Heavenly Immortal. A continuous attack from him, I reckon that even you wouldn't dare take it on with your body." A smile was seen on Emperor Yu's face.

Zhi Bai was astonished. "Of course, I am a sword immortal and I do not possess an immensely refined body like the Black Flame Lord and the White Profound Lord. My body naturally cannot withstand the attack from a level four Heavenly Immortal"

"However, that Lan Feng was able to. I have also dispatched countless men at the Indigo Bay Star Field, all the way to the Demon Realm to search for Lan He but they were unable to find him. I now suspect… that mysterious man is Lan Feng. The whole time, Lan Feng had not left the Indigo Bay Star Field."

Emperor Yu had come to his own conclusion.

"Of course, this was only my suspicion and nothing else. There's another possibility, this Lan Feng is a subordinate of the Black Flame Lord and them." Emperor Yu deduced.


Zhi Bai also agreed with Emperor Yu's conclusions.

The two had never thought that it would be the Black Flame Lord, White Profound Lord and them. That's because if a person at the level of the Black Flame Lord encountered Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng, it's impossible for them to flee from them. A single fist from the Black Flame Lord is likely able to knock Zhi Bai flying."

"Zhi Bai, why didn't you guys catch them afterwards?" Emperor Yu continued to ask. He already knew that they didn't manage to catch them.

"We encountered the Prince of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming." Zhi Bai's words caused Emperor Yu to smile.

"I understand now. With Ao Wuming's strength, even if you and Xue Yileng joined hands, you'll still not be his match. The failure of this plan cannot be blamed on you two." Emperor Yu transmitted over.

Zhi Bai smiled bitterly, he then transmitted back. "His strength was indeed very strong, much stronger than what I had imagined."

"That's of course, Ao Wuming's strength was at the very least three times as strong as yours. If he was in his ordinary form, then you two might possibly be able to fight against him. However, once he turned into his battle form, there would be absolutely no hope for you two."

Zhi Bai was astonished.

The Dragon Clan had always concealed their strength. As the top subordinate under Emperor Yu, Zhi Bai doesn't even in the slightest amount know of Ao Wuming's strength. However, Emperor Yu knew of Ao Wuming's strength extremely well.

"Right now, that 'Lan Feng' should be with Ao Wuming. As long as he's with Ao Wuming, it's impossible for us to take care of him." Emperor Yu pondered for a moment and started to have a plan in his mind.

A day passed.

All of the secret forces of Emperor Yu had moved out, their target was precisely… the Indigo Bay Star Field.

Inside ths Wuming Dragon Mansion.

Qin Yu, Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu were enjoying themselves and drinking for a whole day and night now. The servants continued to bring jars after jars of wine. At the same time, whole roasted lambs, pigs and cows were also being continuously served.

They ate the meat and drank the wine in huge quantities.

They had already agreed before they started drinking that none of them were allowed to use their internal energy to eliminate the drunkenness and were to allow the strong alcohol to intoxicate them. Everything was to be determined by their drinking ability.

"It's the first time I had to use the urinal six times when drinking." Qin Yu's face had a slight drunken red.

Before Qin Yu entered the Wuming Immortal Mansion, he had already returned his soul back into his original corporeal body. He then used his original appearance to express his regards and apology to Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu.

On the contrary, Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu were very happy because they felt that Qin Yu trusted them.

A day and night had passed.

Even if the three of them didn't have to use their internal energy to eliminate their drunkenness, with their valiant bodies, to make them drunk from drinking was also a very difficult matter.

"Haha… it's not that I'm bragging, but a Immortal Mansion at the scope like mine here; there's less than ten in the whole immortal, devil and demon realm." Ao Wuming had been drinking so much that he started bragging. He was grabbing a large wine jar in one hand and a lamb leg on the other.

"Ten? You're bragging." Jun Luoyu also started laughing.

The only time Jun Luoyu would act so carefree was when he's drunk.

"I also don't believe you." At this moment, Qin Yu also lost his cautiousness. Instead, he appeared to be very outspoken and straightforward. He was drinking bowls after bowls of wine.

"Heh, you don't believe me?" Ao Wuming flipped back his head like a golden haired lion.

"Let me tell you all, this whole Immortal Mansion of mine was composed of an enormous Elemental Spirit Core Stone. Look at how big this Immortal Mansion is. Can you imagine how big that Elemental Spirit Core Stone was?" Ao Wuming was filled with pride.

Jun Luoyu also stood up.

"Mm, this Wuming Dragon Mansion was indeed very big. An elemental core stone of this size. Tsk tsk…an elemental core stone this huge."Jun Luoyu held a large jar of wine.

Fortunately Jiang Yan had already been dragged away by Ao Wuming's wife to discuss matters regarding the household. Otherwise, Jiang Yan would most definitely stop Jun Luoyu from drinking like this.

"Is… this big?" Asked Qin Yu whose knowledge of the immortal world was still lacking.

Compared to his own Qingyu Immortal Mansion, this Wuming Immortal Mansion was still slightly smaller. Although the difference wasn't a lot, it was nevertheless smaller than his Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Thus, Qin Yu naturally didn't consider it to be huge.

"Not big?" Ao Wuming's tiger eyes glared. "At that time when we found this extremely large elemental spirit core stone, numerous people in our dragon clan tried fought for it. Finally, it's your big brother, I, who swept across all of them by myself and took it for myself."

So it turns out that this enormous elemental spirit core stone was something that Ao Wuming took by force.



Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu who are both somewhat drunk raised up their thumb. At this moment, they had pretty much abandoned all restraint.

"Humph humph." Receiving the praise from the two, Ao Wuming was pleased. "After obtaining such an enormous elemental spirit core stone, I used a lot of effort in order to refine and make it into such an enormous Immortal Mansion. I even used the Elemental Spirit Essence Soul to directly control it."

"Tsk tsk, controlling it directly with the Elemental Spirit Essence Soul, how convenient. The other people's Immortal Mansion that used the Mansion Suppressing Stele to control was truly inconvenient." Ao Wuming raised his head and drank a couple mouthfuls of wine continuously. He then ate a couple mouthfuls of lamb meat.

"This lamb meat is no ordinary meat. It's from the Black Patterned Lamb that's specific to the Dragon Clan. Its meat is both strong and fragrant. I had brought numerous of them with me from the Dragon Clan to raise in my Wuming Dragon Mansion. Otherwise, how could there be enough for me to eat?"

Ao Wuming once again ate the whole lamb leg in only a couple mouthfuls.

"The Wuming Dragon Mansion is indeed pretty good. With such a vigorous elemental spirit aura, it makes one feel comfortable from head to toe." Jun Luoyu reclined back on the chair and continued to drink. "Such comfort, I remember back in the days when I laid on A'Jiao's legs as I watched the stars was also so comfortable like this."

As Jun Luoyu continued to speak, he suddenly stood up. He raised his head up and a large jar of wine entered his stomach.


Jun Luoyu threw the wine jar aside. The wine jar broke apart. However, Jun Luoyu only grew more excited.

As the three continued to drink and compare their alcohol tolerance, they gradually grew intoxicated.

At the beginning they said they'll drink for three days and three nights. At the end, no one knew how much they actually drank.

Qin Yu was hugging the wine jar as he laid on the ground. He was thoroughly drunk.

"This feeling is so comfortable. It was just as comfortable as the time when I laid down on the grass and talked with Li'er in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion." Qin Yu was also narrowing his eyes as he continued drinking. He had a trace of tranquil smile on his face.

Qin Yu smiled a smile that he would involuntarily smile whenever he saw Li'er.

"Qin Yu Immortal Mansion?" Ao Wuming was drunken red. Somewhat distracted, he heard the Qingyu Immortal Mansion that Qin Yu spoke of as Qin Yu Immortal Mansion. "Brother Qin Yu, is your Immortal Mansion as good as mine?"

"Naturally, it's certainly comparable to yours." Qin Yu said angrily.

"Nonsense, in the whole Dragon Clan, even my old man's Dragon Mansion is unable to be compared with mine." Ao Wuming was also filled with drunkenness. "Luoyu, Luoyu, get up, get up, come, and tell me. This mansion of mine against Qin Yu's Immortal Mansion, which one is better?"

[TL: old man as in father.]

Jun Luoyu was drank so much that he's already muddle headed.

"Oh, whose is better? Oh. Oh….." Jun Luoyu's dangling eyes no longer knew what is what, he was already completely drunk beyond help.


Qin Yu suddenly stood up. "Big brother Wuming. Having seen your Wuming Dragon Mansion, let me take you two and check out my Qin Yu Immortal Palace. It's absolutely not inferior to yours."

"Sure, let's go." Ao Wuming also grabbed Jun Luoyu. "Luoyu, go and judge whose Immortal Mansion is better."

"Oh, oh." Jun Luoyu was still completely muddleheaded.

"Let's go." With a move of his will, Qin Yu brought the two into the Qingyu Immortal Palace.

After a long time, the three came back out.

"What you think, mine is better, no?" Qin Yu walked to the table and picked up a large pig leg and started eating it. The servants on the side didn't dare to say anything.The three had eaten several tens of cows and lamb.

Ao Wuming said drunkenly. "Mn, it's indeed a slightly bigger than mine. Strange. Where you got your Elemental Spirit Core Strone?" Ao Wuming was currently in a state where he was half-drunk half awake. When he entered the Qingyu Immortal Palace, with a single sweep of his Demon Awareness, he was able to determine the size of it.

"Why do you care where I got it from?"

Qin Yu swayed to the chair. He sat down and immediately laid himself back on the chair. "In any case, mine is bigger than yours and that's all that matters."

"Come, drink wine. Your Immortal Mansion actually turned out to be better than mine, you, drink!" Ao Wuming also fell atop of a chair. He was mumbling a pile of words. As for Jun Luoyu… he was already laying on the ground.


Finally, the three were all drunk and asleep. Ever since he began his cultivation… it was the first time that Qin Yu was able to get drunk and forgot all his worries, pressures, the things he had to bear and his schemes.

Without a moment's hesitation, he was drunk like a newborn.

"The three."

Jiang Yan and a beautiful madam walked into the garden where they were drinking. Jiang Yan muttered as she saw the three who were sleeping like dead pigs. She felt completely helpless.

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