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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 33: Heaven Shaking Battle

Translated by: Kikutatakeo and Pumpkin

Edited by: New Editor (Haven’t had a chance to ask for their name of choice)

Under the power of the three super experts, the space itself shook and even the shadows became blurred.


Sword energy radiated in and out of Zhi Bai's body, his entire aura was intimidating. He stared at Wuming, "You are the Prince of the Dragon Clan! You should know that your Clan has never gotten involved in our power struggle. If we want to catch someone, who are you to stop us?"

"Don't tell me, you dare to ignore the rules that your own clan has abided by?" Xue Yileng also gazed coldly at Wuming.

At the start, Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng still tried to negotiate, and used various words to try persuade Ao Wuming to leave. However, he would not budge, and insisted on protecting the other two.

"Haha…don't even talk about the Dragon Clan, to protect those two people is my duty. Today, I, Ao Wuming am here representing myself! Or else are you insisting that I, Ao Wuming, cannot even protect my friend?"

Ao Wuming's golden hair fluttered in the air, his tiger like gaze flashing brightly. The golden spear behind his back also dimly glowed with a golden light.

"Representing yourself?" Zhi Bai sneered coldly. "Good! Wuming, you are a Level Seven Demon Emperor and Yileng and myself also happen to be Level Seven Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperors. Even though you are a Super Divine Beast, I don't believe that we two aren't a match for you!"


Ao Wuming stretched out his hand, and the gold colored spear within its sheath let out the sound of a dragon's cry. It flew out of the sheath and right into Ao Wuming's right hand.

His hand grasping the spear, Ao Wuming's aura rose by another level. His tiger like gaze shined at the two opponents "I haven't fought with another expert on the same level for such a long time. You two teaming up can help me practice."

After all, Ao Wuming was a Super Divine Beast. Even though it was one versus two, he was still confident.


'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai and 'White Haired Blood Devil' Xue Yileng laughed out loud. That laugh had a special meaning contained within it.

"Zhi Bai, do you still remember that time in the Devil Realm where we were repeatedly thrown into life-and-death situations? Where we fought together?" A smile flashed on Xue Yileng's face. The fighting aura of his body continuously rose.

Zhi Bai also felt his whole body burning with anger. He felt as if he had returned to the time when he fought together with Xue Yileng. "Of course I remember. So many years have passed, I was almost under the impression that we would no longer have the opportunity to team up and confront an enemy again. Never did I imagine that 'His Highness' from the Dragon Clan would give us the opportunity to fight together like we did back then."

In this life and death battle, astonishing fighting auras were being emitting by Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng.

Their imposing auras were complimenting each other and increasing together.

"Haha, seems like you two are a pretty good match. The attack power of you two joining hands ought to be more than just one plus one…. You're just making it even more worthy for me to fight you two."

Just like caressing a lover, Ao Wuming gently stroked the long spear in his right hand.

His aura continued to rise!

Even Before he attacked, his heaven alarming aura had already shocked the countless experts in the Blue Flame Star. One by one, they started to panic; they became afraid and their hearts started to tremble.

A level seven Super Divine Beast Demon Emperor fighting against a level seven Immortal Emperor and a level seven Devil Emperor.

A battle of this level could destroy the enormous planet called Blue Flame Star entirely. At this moment…

"This battle is too frightening, quickly, flee to nearby planets."

Within the encampment of some major powers within the Blue Flame Star, various commanders began to give order to the experts under them.

Countless experts in the Blue Flame Star began to flee. Those whose power were at the level of Golden Immortals and Devil Kings began to directly go toward areas with stable space and used their Greater Teleportation skills to flee to other planets.

Those who are weaker, such as the Heavenly Immortals and regular cultivators, were running to the Conveying Arrays in order to flee as if their lives depended on it.

"My spear is called 'Absolute Piercer.' There is nothing that it cannot piece through!" At this moment, Ao Wuming was completely surging with bloodlust. Even he was looking forward to the battle that was about to happen!

"My sword is called 'Green Blood.'" said Zhi Bai.

"My sword is called 'Red Snow.'" said Xue Yileng.

At this moment, Qin Yu, Jiang Yan and Jun Luoyu who were nearby, did not flee. Jiang Yan and Jun Luoyu were, after all, Immortal Emperors. Although they were not at the levels of experts like Ao Wuming, Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng, they were still able to withstand the repercussions of the battle.

As for Qin Yu, not mentioning withstanding the repercussions of the battle, his body alone was able to withstand the direct attack from a level seven Immortal Emperor.


The space was vibrating. However, within the surroundings of several tens of thousands of miles was absolute silence. Other than a couple experts at the level of Immortal Emperors, the rest of the people seemed to have all fled far away.

Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan held their breaths, as they carefully watched the battle that was about to unfold.

Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng's gazes seemed to have changed at the same time!

"Woosh!" The White Hared Blood Devil Xue Yileng's long hair suddenly started to increase in length. In a flash, countless white hair silver strands covered the vast space. Within each strand of the long hair was a speck of blood-thrist.

All of a sudden, Ao Wuming found himself in the area where the white hair silver strands covered. If it was a level three or four Immortal Emperor level expert, they would be killed the moment they were bound by the white hair. However, Ao Wuming was an expert that was even stronger than Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng.

Seeing the scene before his eyes, Ao Wuming merely had a trace of smile. He did not mind it in the slightest.

Crimson colored sword rays!

As if the space composed of white hair silver strands were being covered by scarlet vipers, in an instant, thousands of scarlet colored viper like sword shaped light rays were all that one can see. These scarlet colored sword rays came from all sides pointing toward Ao Wuming.

Ao Wuming closed his eyes.

His golden spear, contrary to expectations, thrusted back into the spear sheath.

Just the movement of the spear thrusting back into the spear sheath actually gave birth to a brilliant light with Ao Wuming as the center. A vague golden light cover completely wrapped Ao Wuming.

No matter how many of the scarlet viper sword rays thrust at the golden light cover, Ao Wuming merely smiled with his eyes close. His spear still continued to maintain the movement of thrusting into the spear sheath. It seemed like he could draw the spear at any moment.

Absolute Piercer Spear Technique — Attack Refusal!

The countless scarlet viper swords rays dissipated into thin air, the white hair silver stands domain also collapsed.

Within the endless white snow, a hint of green appeared!

Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai was still united with his sword. He had a frantic and sinistrous expression. As though he would not stop until he killed his enemy. His Divine Sword, Green Blood, was also fast to the extreme.

Green Blood Sword Technique — Endless!

Ao Wuming's eyes shined.


Qin Yu and the others who were watching the fight from afar were unable to see Ao Wuming draw his spear. The only thing they saw was the spear tip of Ao Wuming's golden spear colliding with Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai's Divine Sword's blade.

A tiny space crack appeared in the location where the spear and the sword collided in!


With the location of the collision as the center, a space ripple began to spread in all directions. Wherever it passed, all the buildings were crushed into dust. It continued to spread over to a distance of ten thousand miles.

"Unable to see clearly anymore." Qin Yu had a bitter smile on his face.

At the beginning, using his soul and Meteor Tear and with great difficulty, Qin Yu was able to use his Immortal Awareness to see the profound techniques the two sides unleashed. However, as the battle intensified, even with the assistance of the Meteor Tear, Qin Yu was unable to see them clearly anymore.

That's because the space where the battle occurred at was completely distorted.

"Brother Qin, I am also unable to see clearly." Said Jun Luoyu with a smile. "Big brother Wuming is after all a level seven Demon Emperor level Super Divine Beast. His strength is definitely at the level of Emperor Yu. As for Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng, the two super experts, joining hands; they are definitely enough to match a level eight Immortal Emperor. The battle between these three is definitely the most utmost level battle in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

Qin Yu nodded. Countless violent space vibrations continuously passed through his body. However, Qin Yu's Sword Immortal Puppet body did not receive even the slightest damage. His gaze was still on the battle.

The space was being distorted!

Countless sword rays were flickering!

The location of the battle was like a ruined hell. That fierce aura would from time to time soar into the sky and change into a golden colored long dragon. And other times, it would twist into a long snake or become a golden thunderbolt.

White rays, crimson specks, dark green sword rays!

Frightening energies were continuously being spread out from the twisted space. The whole Blue Flame Star was experiencing an unprecedented destruction. Fortunately, majority of the experts had already fled. Even those who didn't manage to flee had already arrived at the places that were utmost distant from the battlefield.


A frantic snarling sound passed through the whole of Blue Flame Star and into the whole cosmos.

Qin Yu clearly saw an enormous long golden dragon flying out of the distorted space. That long golden dragon was over a thousand miles long. The movement of its thick dragon tail caused the earth to quake and the mountains to shake.

Soon after, a golden ray emerged from within the long golden dragon!

After a short period of time, a man whose whole body was covered with golden dragon scales emerged. The current Ao Wuming hair was radiating golden rays. The golden dragon scales that covered his body were also equally dazzling.

He was holding a golden Divine Spear in his hand.

"To force me to enter my optimal battle mode, you two should be proud." Ao Wuming was laughing loudly in the sky. The weaker Dragon clansmen could increase their strength when they take on their dragon form. However, the Dragon clansmen who have reached an extremely high level, for example Ao Wuming, would feel their enormous dragon form instead as a type of burden. They were able to change their dragon form to a Battle Mode Human Form.

Battle Mode Human Form meant that the body still have the human appearance and limbs but were covered in a layer of dragon scales.

Under this sort of condition, the energy was not one bit lesser when compared to the dragon form but the body was numerous times smaller. The battle power, when compared with the regular human form, was at least two times stronger.

"Super Divine Beasts are worthy of being called Super Divine Beasts."

Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng stood midair. While they could still be considered as looking graceful and confident, they had some helplessness within their hearts.

In the battle before, even though they had not used all of their strength, they had still used ninety percent of their strength. However… even that was to no avail against Ao Wuming. And now that Ao Wuming had taken his Battle Mode Human Form, even if they were to fight him together, they still would likely be defeated.

"Brother Wuming's strength is indeed strong. Now we know that we're inferior." said Zhi Bai.

Ao Wuming's expression changed, he said. "You admitted defeat?"

Xue Yileng said. "We admit defeat. Zhi Bai and I had only heard of your fighting prowess, never had we expected that you would be that strong even while in human form. We admit our defeat."

The two of them joining hands and displaying ninety percent of their strength were unable to defeat Ao Wuming in his human form. If they didn't admit their defeat, then they would be seeking their own death. These two men were able to reign across the Immortal, Devil and Demon realms for all these years, they would naturally know when to advance and when to retreat.

Ao Wuming gave a reluctant smile. "So boring."

He wanted to have a great battle. However, what could he do when the other side had already admitted their defeat? Kill them? Behind Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng were Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Emperor. His Dragon Clan had no plans to provoke both the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm at once.

After all, regardless of whether it's the Immortal Realm or the Devil Realm, if they were to be provoked by the Demon Realm, then the Three Great Powers within the Immortal and Devil Realms would certainly unite against the Demon Realm.

"You're not going to chase and kill them anymore?" Asked Wuming.

Zhi Bai laughed at himself. "We're not even able to match brother Wuming and brother Wuming is also unyielding in his protection for these two individuals, what else can we do? How can those without strength force their way through?"

"Good, since you two are reasonable, then I will not force you two to stay anymore."

Wuming's golden spear was thrusted back into the spear sheath behind him.


Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng cupped their hands in respect and then turned into two rays and disappeared into the horizon.

Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng wanted to kill Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu real badly. A genius Immortal Emperor like Jun Luoyu, although his strength was currently weak, but he was able to reach level two Immortal Emperor in only a couple hundred years, no one would be able to feel relieved to have him as their enemy. As for this mysterious person called Qin Yu, he was an expert who could use his own body to block an attack from a level seven Immortal Emperor, who could feel relieved to have him alive?

However, there was nothing they could do. When faced with Ao Wuming, Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng could only retreat.

"Big brother Wuming, you're super powerful." Seeing Ao Wuming walking toward them, Jiang Yan was the first one to rush over cheerfully as she tried to hug Ao Wuming. Ao Wuming was only able to force a smile.

Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu also walked towards him together.

"Big brother Wuming, thank you for saving us." Jun Luoyu said. "This is brother Qin Yu."

"Qin Yu?" Ao Wuming looked toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu immedaitely responded. "Brother Wuming's grace of saving my life, Qin Yu would definitely remember. " At the same time he said those words, Qin Yu already remembered the grace. After all, Qin Yu didn't like to owe someone a favor.

"Trival matter, trival matter." Ao Wuming waved his hand, he wasn't concerned in the least. "It's been a long time since I have fought so heartily. I need to thank brother Luoyu and brother Qin Yu for that."

"Tsk, you enjoyed yourself, but look… your battle had destroyed over half of the Blue Flame Star." Said Jiang Yan resentfully.

"Haha… regarding that." Ao Wuming gave a wry smile.

The battles of experts in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm does not take into consideration of cities and buildings. That's because just the aura they give off before their battle were enough to scare all the people away. As for destoying cities and buildings, with the methods of experts in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, reconstructing a city was really easy.

Within half a year.

The Blue Flame Star had almost returned to its flourishing past. The Heaven Startling Battle was even causing the reputation of the Blue Flame Star to increase.

"Ah, the most delightful thing to do after a battle is to drink strong alcohol. Brother Luoyu, brother Qin Yu, come. Let's go and drink for three days and three nights."

Ao Wuming went to pull Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu as he said that.

Three days and three nights?

Qin Yu was really startled.

"What? If you two refuse to join me, then you're refusing to give me face and not considering me as a brother." Ao Wuming stared at Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu. Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu forced a bitter smile.

Seems like they could only accompany him.

"Deference is no substitute for obdience." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"Good." Ao Wuming had a face full of smiles. He swept his eyes across the surroundings and then frowned. "They're wrecked pretty clean. There's not even a place to drink." After pondering for a short moment, Ao Wuming's eyes shined. "That's right, I have a great place for us to drink at."

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