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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 29 Troublemaker

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

The Sword Immortal Puppet, was created by Uncle Lan at that time using his extraordinary supernatural skills. Even Qin Yu did not know how it was made, but he knew one thing . . . whenever his soul entered the Immortal Puppet, he could control the body as if it was his own.

The main difference that the Sword Immortal Puppet had from a normal body was . . . it drew its energy from the 9-by-9 Spirit Array.

The Immortal Puppet could be injured, and could bleed!

This was the first time that the Immortal Puppet bled, and it was an unprecedented shock to Qin Yu.

From the Mortal Realm to the Ascendant Realm, the Sword Immortal Puppet's invulnerability had never disappointed Qin Yu. Even during the battle at Amber Moon Star, when he forcefully blocked Immortal Lord Qian Qi's attack, the Immortal Puppet did not suffer a single scratch.

This time . . . the Immortal Puppet was actually injured.

The wind was whistling, as Qin Yu flew like a meteor after receiving that fierce sword energy attack. He broke through many clouds, yet was unconcerned about the distance he was knocked back. Rather, he was worried about the Immortal Puppet.

"'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai is a Level 7 Immortal Lord, his strength is definitely on a higher level compared to Immortal Lord Qian Qi. Even if Qian Qi failed to damage the defence of the Immortal Puppet, it does not mean that Zhi Bai would also fail."

At this, Qin Yu calmed down.

When he had used the 'Soul-Search Art' on the Level 8 Golden Immortal disciple of the Jade Sword School, he had come across information on this 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai.

"My priority now is to fix the body of the Immortal Puppet. Even though the wound does not really affect me, the enemy can make use of this wound to attack me directly."

Qin Yu could not help but use top grade stones to begin the healing process.

Most bodies could heal with energy after receiving damage.

Qin Yu also treated the Immortal Puppet as though it was like a normal body. When bits of energy travelled into the wound, Qin Yu found that the wound was closing slowly, and small strands of muscle fibre was growing.

"It's effective!"

Making use of the energy was definitely of help to heal the wound. However the speed was too slow. When all 9 top grade stones were depleted of the energy, Qin Yu found that the wound only recovered about 10%.

Qin Yu frowned.

If he continued like this, to completely restore the Immortal Puppet would require at least 90 top grade stones! This kind of price was not something Qin Yu could bear.

"Oh yes, there's still a way." Qin Yu suddenly thought of another possibility.

Within the range of a thousand miles of the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, it was deathly quiet. Most of the people present could hear their own nervous heartbeat.

In the skies above Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng's pressure enveloped the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple. Both of them did not dare move, and instead, gathered their energy to prepare for their strongest move.

Jun Luo Yu was just standing still, and staring coldly at Devil Emperor Pian Yi.

Yet, 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai was frowning.

"Zhi Bai, what's wrong?" Xue Yi Leng inquired puzzledly.

Zhi Bai's eyes showed disbelief: "Just now, you were busy stopping the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple, and did not notice. There was someone who actually blocked my attack. Even though it wasn't my full power, it was at least at 80% strength. He actually used only his body to block it."


Xue Yi Leng hesitated. When Qin Yu blocked that sword energy, it happened in a flash. Most of the weak spectators could not see Qin Yu's lightning-like figure even if their eyes were wide open.

"I also thought it was impossible, but the fact is that it happened right in front of my eyes. It was just….too unbelievable. If he had used some form of equipment I wouldn't be so shocked, but he used his own body, and he is not dead yet."

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai's focus switched to that mysterious person.

Xue Yi Leng was also deep in thought.

The Xuan Huang Double Swords couple Bai Yi and Huang Yi. They had a very good relationship, from the early stages of their Yuanyings, they were together for over a million years. They could not bear to separate at this time.

The 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng was very strong.

It was just that there were 2 of them. Their strength was at most equal to the previous Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors that he had killed. However, 'White Hair Blood Devil' was only confident of killing one with his skills; to kill both, he was not so sure.

Therefore…..Xue Yi Leng was waiting for Zhi Bai.

"Wife, you better hurry leave, this Zhi Bai is still in shock. We just have to face Xue Yi Leng. I will use some techniques to block his way, you have to leave then." Huang Yi transmitted to his wife.

Bai Yi looked at her husband: "Yi-Ge*See translation note 2*, don't forget our promise that year."

Huang Yi looked at his wife as well.

Their eyes met, words were not needed.

That year, when they were just in their 20s, they made the promise to be together in life and death. Regardless of any dire situations that they faced, they have never left each other.

So many years……their feelings have really grown too deep.

This time……they did not have any confidence. Both Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai were beyond their abilities, there was no chance of survival!

"I've long heard about these 2 joining hands using their ultimate technique. If they strike desperately, they may even wound me. Sigh, with regards to single attack power, I cannot compare to Zhi Bai." Xue Yi Leng felt helpless, he could only use his holy sense to continue locking down the 2 of them, exuding his breath over a wide area.

As long as they moved, he would attack straightaway.

He was waiting for Zhi Bai.

"Zhi Bai, don't fret about it, let's quickly kill the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple first." Xue Yi Leng was getting more anxious.

Zhi Bai pondered a moment, shook his head and sighed: "I never would have thought that, there is such an expert in our realm, and saved Jade Blade Boy at the risk of my attack. He also disappeared just like that. I can't find him with my sense at all."

Jade Blade Boy teleported immediately after being saved.

As for Qin Yu…..

If Zhi Bai could sense Qin Yu, it would be too horrifying, because as of now, Qin Yu was currently in the Immortal Mansion carefully testing his conjecture.

"Zhi Bai." Xue Yi Leng called out once more with transmission.

Suddenly at this moment—

"Wife, leave now! If you don't, I will never rest in peace!!" That voice full of anguish resounded in Bai Yi's mind, and her husband Huang Yi started to radiate a blinding golden light, rushing towards Xue Yi Leng like the rays of the bright sun.

"Yi-Ge!" Bai Yi's face turned white, upon seeing this scene she knew what her husband was about to do.

Huang Yi, who usually exuded an elegant and carefree aura, had a look of intense madness on his face, his entire body radiating golden light, and the sword in his hands flashed with a piercing light towards Xue Yi Leng.

"Suicide attack?"

Xue Yi Leng looked at the scene and just laughed coldly, a blood red sword with an extremely fine edge appeared in his right hand. At the same time, he transmitted: "Zhi Bai, if you still don't take action, the lady is about to escape."

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai was still very concerned about the mysterious person. However, he still kept a little attention on the battlefield. He was after all someone who had overcome countless battles.

"Relax, she won't escape!"

Zhi Bai's message sounded in Xue Yi Leng's mind. Xue Yi Leng smiled lightly. When did his old partner ever let him down?

Xue Yi Leng was facing Huang Yi.

Zhi Bai faced Bai Yi.

"Pu chi!"

The rusty sword belonging to Jun Luo Yu pierced through Devil Emperor Pian Yi's chest. Jun Luo Yu only glanced at that look of disbelief in Pian Yi's eyes, and laughed lightly, before slowly pulling out his sword.

"How is that….."

Without finishing his sentence, Devil Emperor Pian Yi's entire body fell from the sky. Level 2 Immortal Lord Jun Luo Yu had actually used one strike to kill Level 3 Devil Emperor Pian Yi.

The 3 Devil Emperors on Blood Devil Emperor's side who were acting as bait – Pian Yi, He Ni, and Suo Wo, had all died.

On the other hand, none of Emperor Yu's bait team of 3 Immortal Lords had lost their lives. Zhou Yu, Ai Xiao and Duo Mi – all 3 of them were currently staring at Jun Luo Yu in shock and horror.

Jun Luo Yu was obviously far away earlier. How had he managed to arrive behind Devil Emperor Pian Yi when evidently the surrounding space was being distorted by the energy level and nobody dared to teleport.

These 3 Immortal Lords still drew their weapons as per normal, and surrounded Jun Luo Yu.

Jun Luo Yu had killed Devil Emperor Pian Yi with just a relaxed strike, there was no sound.

Yet as Xue Yi Leng faced Huang Yi, the sounds from battle shook the heavens . . . This was the horrifying sound of Huang Yi self destructing his Yuanying after his failed attempt on Xue Yi Leng.

With Huang Yi at the center, the force of the explosion instantly spread out in all directions.

It was like a stone that had smashed into and disrupted the peaceful water.

The self destruction of a Level 5 Immortal Lord!

Its resulting energy was too terrifying, in just the short time of 2 breaths, the explosive energy had travelled to the spectators at the 100 li distance. All of them were scrambling to avoid that energy.

Those who were weak and only at the Heavenly Immortal Heavenly Devil Level, exploded at the touch of the resulting energy. Fresh blood dyed the entire sky. Low-level Golden Immortals were also heavily injured, only the stronger Golden Immortals were able to block the energy.


Xue Yi Leng, who was closest to the explosion, bore the full brunt of the explosive force. Even with his strength of a Level 7 Devil Emperor, he felt his internal energy shaken to the core, and could not help exclaiming.

"This insane guy actually started detonating his Yuanying as he attacked me. Otherwise he wouldn't have self destructed so fast." Xue Yi Leng felt furious.

It was clear that Huang Yi had attacked with the knowledge and determination of his death.


A hoarse scream of pain resounded through the sky. Xuan Huang Double Swords' other half Bai Yi was quivering from the grief, and the nearby Zhi Bai only sighed: "Bai Yi, since you're suffering, let me give you a painless death."

Actually, when Bai Yi was devastated after witnessing her husband self destructing, Zhi Bai could have easily raised his hand to kill Bai Yi.

However, Zhi Bai did not act.

With his strength, killing Jade Blade Boy of the Level 6 Devil Emperor level was a simple matter. Needless to say, killing Bai Yi of the Level 5 Immortal Level was even easier. However, Zhi Bai was not someone who acted when the opponent was distracted, he wanted to kill on equal grounds and aboveboard.

"Zhi Bai."

Bai Yi's face was white, her entire person seemed bleak, "I cannot win over you. I know I can't escape as well. If you want to kill me, just do it . . . Otherwise, if you don't finish me off today, I will come back seeking revenge. Our enmity, even the waters of the rivers cannot wash it clean. With Yi-Ge's passing, it's already destined….either you guys die, or I perish."

Bai Yi did not bother hiding her intention.


If she could escape, Bai Yi would definitely come back for revenge. However, escape from Zhi Bai was simply wishful thinking.

"Alright, get on your way then."

Zhi Bai sighed and grabbed the sword in his right hand.

The 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' did not realise that at that very moment, a speck of dust was flying at a scary speed towards them . . . That speck was actually the Immortal Mansion. With the barrier that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had erected long time ago, Zhi Bai failed to notice it without careful observation.

A drop of tear rolled down from Bai Yi's eyes.

"Yi-Ge, I'm so sorry."

The spectators at the distance all felt that Bai Yi was most definitely going to die. The Xuan Huang Double Swords who used to roam the Immortal Realm was going to be wiped out.

Zhi Bai's right hand on the hilt of the sword suddenly moved–


Within the space of 10 li, countless sword energy surged. This was the domain of Sword Qi, and there was green light condensing around the Green Blood Sword Immortal's blade, preparing to shoot towards Bai Yi.

"Hi*See translation note 3*, I'm back."

A voice resounded in Zhi Bai's mind. He was startled, and his eyes saw the familiar figure appearing out of thin air.

Directly blocking in front of Bai Yi.

"Bai Yi, hurry leave!" Qin Yu pushed Bai Yi forcefully. This push caused Bai Yi to fly dozens of miles away, and Qin Yu's entire body once again blew away like a meteor.

"It's you again!" Even if he was mild-tempered, being disrupted time and time again, 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' was furious, his facial muscles quivering.

"Don't think of leaving!"

With a roar, Zhi Bai was about to chase. A beam of red light had already shot forward at the same time and simultaneously a message was transmitted: "Zhi Bai, I will chase him. Help me settle Jun Luo Yu. With regards to him, I cannot do it myself."


'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai agreed to his friend's request. However, in that short span of time, Bai Yi had already escaped beyond thousands of li, and had already used Great Teleportation to escape.

Zhi Bai still remembered what Bai Yi said: "If you don't kill me today, I will come back seeking revenge, our enmity, even the waters of the rivers cannot wash it clean. With Yi-Ge's passing, it's already destined….either you guys die, or I perish."

"This is troublesome."

Zhi Bai's heart was consumed with fury, hating the person who interrupted earlier. The trap they set this time, had actually caught Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple.

However, Jade Blade Boy and Bai Yi were actually rescued by this mysterious person. The trap that Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor set was singlehandedly destroyed by this mysterious person.


Translator Note:

1) 九九元灵阵 – 9-by9 spirit array (Translated as Multiplying Elemental Holy Formation Book 10 Chapter 29 – It's the reason why the Puppet can exhibit a Level 9 Golden Immortal strength with 9 stones.) We have referred to it as 9-by-9 Spirit Array sometime in Book 12 Chapter 22 and have decided to stick with it.

2) Yi-Ge (Used by Bai Yi to address Huang Yi) It's a common usage in some Asian countries to address their loved ones by Brother or Sister even when they are married

E.g Jing Ge Ge used by Huang Rong from Legend of Condor Heroes

Oppa used by korean girls to address guys older than them

No incest nor innuendos intended.

3) Qin Yu is such a bad-ass, he literally says hi here HAHAHA. Appearing twice to save people, and being blown away like superman each time.

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