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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 28 : Crisis

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

Devil Emperor Zhao Lie truly deserved his name, it was due to his particular mysterious and sharp claw technique.

"Come meet your death." Devil Emperor Zhao Lie cackled loudly, both hands forming claws, and aimed for the weakest Immortal Lord Duo Mi. However, Immortal Lord Zhuo Yu hurriedly rushed up to meet his attack.

"Brother Pian Yu, let's attack together." The message transmitted directly to Devil Emperor Pian Yi's mind.

With Immortal Lord Zhuo Yu's and Devil Emperor Pian Yi's current capabilities, they might not be able to use their own "Domain" to break the opponent's "Domain". But at the very least, they could counter it, negating its effects as much as possible.

Huge 'pop' sounds started to ring out successively.

The surrounding spectators stood at a distance of 10 li. They were also from the Immortal, Devil and Demon realms, but the difference in power and strength was too huge. They could only diligently observe the ongoing battle.

A battle of Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors; most common people would not be lucky enough to witness one such event in their lifetimes.

"Careful!" Someone exclaimed in terror!


A single claw strike stretched out from the battle in the air. In a few blinks, it had travelled to the spectators, and a huge number of people scattered in terror.

Bursting sounds rang out. Just that one claw strike led to a few people dying instantly. Their bodies split open and exploded, fresh blood dyed the clouds. The remaining spectators could not help but retreat even further.

To watch a battle of this scale, one must be prepared to get caught up in it and die.

"Brother Qin, let us retreat further. It isn't safe here." Lu Ba watched the people on his side die after the claw strike penetrated, and he could not help but call out to Qin Yu worriedly.

Qin Yu transmitted: "Stand behind me, I guarantee that you will be fine."

Lu Ba was startled, and thought to himself, "Don't tell me Brother Qin is actually a top tier expert? Level 8 or Level 9 Golden Immortal?" The dissipating energies from the clash between the Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors were only dangerous to the weaker onlookers. As for those who were above ranked Golden Immortals, it could not do much. Lu Ba silently stood behind Qin Yu.

Around the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, only Devil Emperor Zhao Lie was fighting against two opponents. Devil Emperor Zhao Lie could only just maintain equal grounds, and he was getting impatient: "Damn it boy, you still don't want to attack?"


Devil Emperor Pian Yi and the rest were surprised.

"Ah!" He Ni was the only female amongst the security detail sent by Blood Devil Emperor. She could only stare with her eyes wide open, staring at the jade green-coloured blade in her waist with a face full of disbelief.

"Chi chi…." The blade pulled out slowly from her body, and the sound could send shivers down the spine. When the blade was free, He Ni's body fell.

The blade was in the hands of cool looking teenager.

"Jade Blade Boy!" Immortal Lord Pian Yi exclaimed in shock.

When compared to Devil Emperor Zhao Lie, Jade Blade Boy was even more terrifying. He was the top general directly under one of the 3 Great Emperors of the Devil Realm – Asura Devil Emperor. His strength was around the Level 6 Devil Emperor strength, and this Jade Blade Boy could easily kill everyone present.

Jade Blade Boy held He Ni's spatial ring: "The divine equipment is not in here." He frowned and looked at Devil Emperor Zhao Lie, "Zhao Lie. This is my last warning. I don't like people calling me 'boy'. You may address me as Jade Blade Boy, or Jade Blade Asura."

Jade Blade Boy spoke indifferently to Zhao Lie who battled near him, after which he transformed into a beam of jade green light as he shot towards the other Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors.

"Ha ha…..Jade Blade Boy. Let me assist you."

The sounds of laughter rang out, and another shadow rushed from the skies.

"Hmm, the people from the Devil Realm are really full of bullshit. You want to kill, just kill." Yet another cool looking middle-aged man rushed from the skies, this was an extremely powerful Immortal Lord….

One by one, the experts kept coming.

Qin Yu could not refrain from smiling upon seeing this scene: "Looks like things are getting even more exciting. The number of Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors really did exceed my observations."

From Qin Yu's observations, he discovered only 6 people, including Devil Emperor Zhao Lie, Jade Blade Boy, a lady in white, a man dressed in earthly yellow, plus Jun Luo Yu and Jiang Yan.


A white light enveloped the entire surroundings up to hundred li. At the same time, a yellow radiance shone out. The 2 lights began encircling, and two figures appeared in the air.

It was the lady in white and man dressed in yellow that Qin Yu discovered.

"Xuan Huang Double Swords!"

Sounds of surprise rang out. They were under the command of one of the 3 Immortal Emperors, Emperor Qing. The couple was individually Level 5 Mystic Immortals. However, when they joined forces, they were possessed a might to rival Level 6 Immortal Lords. There was no doubt about their strength.

Emperor Yu's side only had those of Level 3 Mystic Immortal strength: Immortal Lord Zhou Yu, Devil Emperor Pian Yi, and the other 3 slightly weaker Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors.

As for those who came to steal.

Regardless of where they came from, even the weakest at least possessed a Level 3 Immortal Lord's strength. The strongest was Jade Blade Boy who was reaching Level 6 Demon Emperor strength, plus they had at least 8 on their side.

It was obvious who was at a disadvantage.

"Che che, we have a lot of experts today. Brother Zhi Bai, do you think it's enough for us?"

The long white hair flowed as though it was like a waterfall, and with a roll, one of the Level 3 Immortal Lords at the scene died instantly. 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng killed an Immortal Lord within seconds of entering the fray.

"White Hair Blood Devil!"

Jade Blade Boy's face turned a nasty colour.

In the Devil Realm, those who could overcome Jade Blade Boy were few in numbers. On the side of Blood Devil Emperor, only the Blood Devil Emperor himself and 'White Hair Blood Devil' could make him uneasy. Who knew that he would meet 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng today.

"Zhi Bai?" The Xuan Huang Double Swords couple heard the words 'White Hair Blood Devil' and their blood turned cold.

There were many called Zhi Bai. But for 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng to actually refer to this 'Zhi Bai' so affectionately, it could only mean that it was the 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai.

A sudden flash of sword energy.

Devil Emperor Zhao Lie opened his eyes wide, and his body fell right after. As his corpse fell, his entire body exploded with a 'Hong', leaving nothing behind.

"Enough for us? I say, barely."

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai appeared beside 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng.

One Level 7 Immortal Lord, one Level 7 Devil Emperor.

Two similar experts, famous for their methods of killing. Their appearance forced everyone present to come to a standstill. A silent pressure started to spread, and even the million spectators that were miles away all kept quiet.

Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords, 2 Immortal Lords and 1 Devil Emperor stood on the same side.

"Jade Blade Boy, I noticed that you were looking for divine equipment. Let me tell you….the divine equipment is in my spatial ring. If you have the capability, come and get it." 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai called out indifferently.

Jade Blade Boy gripped his blade, remaining silent.

"It was a trap!" The husband of the Xuan Huang Double Swords 'Huang Yi' laughed bitterly, "I didn't expect Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor to be so ruthless. They actually want to kill us all in one fell swoop to warn others."

Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple did not dare act rashly.

There were countless sword energies circulating in the air around the space, this was the effect of 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai's Domain. If they made a sudden move, they would immediately face a deadly blow from the 'Green Blood Sword Immortal'.

In addition to the fearsome 'Green Blood Sword Immortal', there was the equally terrifying 'White Hair Blood Demon' Xue Yi Leng.

"Who do you want to take on, Jade Blade Boy or the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple?" Xue Yi Leng looked coolly at Zhi Bai.

"I want…." 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai answered lightly, "Jade Blade Boy."

"That leaves the couple for me." Xue Yi Leng laughed coldly.

To the two of them, only Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple posed a threat. As for the rest of the riff-raff, killing them was only a simple matter of seconds for them.

"It was a trap." Qin Yu had not made his move, his gaze locked on the 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' and 'White Hair Blood Devil' in the distance. "Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor want to demonstrate their capabilities for deterrence once and for all, to make things easier in the future."

Qin Yu understood their plan after observing the scene.

"Emperor Yu. This deal was helped set up by the Jade Sword Clan's Yu Dian right. Since my silly disciple's death is also linked to this Yu Dian and he helped you forge this relationship, I will destroy it."

Qin Yu's Immortal Puppet was instantly fully recharged with 9 pieces of top grade stones.

Just as 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai and 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng were about to make their move —


A rust edged long sword pierced through one of Blood Devil Emperor's team, Devil Emperor Suo Wo's chest, directly piercing the Yuanying. Hearing his scream of death, everyone could not help but stand in amazement and look towards the scene.

"Jun Luo Yu!" Green Blood Sword Immortal was shocked.

'Genius Immortal Lord' Jun Luo Yu was one of the legends in the Immortal Realm. Jun Luo Yu managed to cultivate from the first Heavenly Immortal level to the 2nd Mystic Immortal level, in less than a 1000 years!

In fact, it was just a period of a number of hundred years, and he managed to attain Level 2 Mystic Immortal strength!

Genius! He was a genius amongst geniuses!

"I will kill those who are dogs of the Blood Devil Emperor." Jun Luo Yu spoke slowly, his gaze locking on to 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng.

Jun Luo Yu was only a Level 2 Immortal Lord, the distance between him and Xue Yi Leng was too huge. However under the strong gaze of Jun Luo Yu, White Hair Blood Devil Xue Yi Leng only had a bitter smile, "Luo Yu, why do you torment yourself so?"

"Go ahead if you want to kill me." Jun Luo Yu called out indifferently, "However, we will have to see if you've got the ability."

Xue Yi Leng shook his head: "Alright, that's enough, can you stop this madness? If you continue like this, no one can protect you at all. I may tolerate this, but His Majesty may kill you in a fit of anger."

"Don't mention him." Jun Luo Yu's eyes flashed coldly, "I won't kill him, but I'll make him regret what he did!"

"Luo Yu…." 'White Hair Blood Devil' just uttered that one phrase.


A violent surge of white waves, with 'White Hair Blood Devil' at the center, swept over the 2 Immortal Lords and 1 Devil Emperor standing beside Jade Blade Boy in an instant, and you could see a streak of blood red rolling in those white waves.

It was just the blink of an eye.

Both the Immortal Lords and the Devil Emperor died on the spot.


Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords were shocked, but they did not dare move, because 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai had used his Holy Sense to complete lock them down, and both parties were not confident of blocking a single sword strike from the 'Green Blood Sword Immortal'.

When comparing single attack power, 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai was stronger than 'White Hair Blood Demon' Xue Yi Leng.

"This area attack, Yi Leng! You are definitely far better than me. 1 Level 4 Immortal Lord, 1 Level 3 Immortal Lord and 1 Level 3 Devil Emperor. If I had to kill them, it will definitely take a longer time."

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai sighed.

"Zhi Bai, don't say that. If we were to exchange blows, I will definitely not be able to win over you, this I know clearly." Xue Yi Leng laughed lightly.

With a single strike, the heavens and earth could be split.

"Jun Luo Yu, 'Genius Immortal Lord'! This is my first time meeting you, I have long heard of your fame." 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai looked towards Jun Luo Yu, his words spoken halfway —

Jade Blade Boy and the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple made their moves at the same time!

One southward, one northward!

They did not teleport, because the surrounding space was permeated with sword Qi, teleporting at this time was looking for death. They waited for a chance, waiting until now before they could make their move to escape.

Zhi Bai's eyes turn cold and while he was still addressing Jun Luo Yu, twisted his hand and grabbed the sword on his back.

Unsheathe sword!

A sword shadow broke through the skies!

A single beam of green-coloured sword energy the width of a finger seemingly flashed in front of Jade Blade Boy's eyes.

'Awuu.' The howling sound resonated. Jade Blade Boy's entire body that was exposed was covered in numerous wounds. His expression grim, his hand gripping his jade blade tightly and blocked with all his might.

"Pu!" Fresh blood spewed from Jade Blade Boy's mouth. At the same time, the wounds on his skin all split open, fresh blood flowing. Regardless, he managed to block this attack.


The same green sword energy once again came towards Jade Blade Boy. 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai had a hint of a cold sneer. Even most Level 7 Immortal Lords who had faced him came off worse. Almost all died. How could Jade Blade Boy even compare?

The fact that Jade Blade Boy could block the first strike should be considered fortunate enough. To block two consecutive strikes?

How was it possible?

Jade Blade Boy felt the desperation from the depths of his heart.

"'Green Blood Sword Immortal' is just too strong." Jade Blade Boy lost hope.

"Hurry. Flee."

Jade Blade Boy suddenly felt the soul transmission, only to see a youth directly blocking the strike in front of Jade Blade Boy with his own body.

"Many thanks senior." Jade Blade Boy replied through the soul transmission with his thanks. At the same time, he quickly fled.

Qin Yu felt his whole body thrown back like a meteor, yet he laughed in his heart: "Senior? This Jade Blade Boy actually referred to me as senior?"

Qin Yu did not use any power from the top grade stones to offset the momentum, he just let himself be sent flying.

"Oh no!" Qin Yu felt his entire body turn numb. This feeling he had never felt before, as he inspected the Immortal Puppet's body closely….

At the back, where he used his back to take that sword energy, there was a huge wound, and fresh blood was flowing.

The Sword Immortal Puppet's internal body was like flesh. Only the Dantian region had the protection of the 9-by-9 Spirit Array. Qin Yu's brain was in a frenzy, "How can the Sword Immortal Puppet be damaged? Did Uncle Lan lie to me?"

[HUGE Translator Note: This chapter serves as a clearer picture of the terms that are used interchangeably:

仙 – Immortal – Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal, Immortal Lord

玄仙 – Mystic Immortal
Generally Mystic Immortal is used as a term describing all those at the pinnacle level. Most of the experts in this chapter are actually of the Devil Emperor and Immortal Lord strength, but the author uses Mystic Immortal interchangeably. We have grown used to translating the 魔帝 as Devil Kings, when in fact they are of the Devil Emperor strength, equivalent to the Immortal Lords.

In the previous few chapters, Qin Yu massacred a lot of Golden Immortals (2nd Stage), but the main bad guys were Immortal Lord strength. Qin Yu brought out many Devil Kings from the Beast Atlas and they were 魔王. This chapter the experts were actually Devil Emperors.

However, while the Immortal Lords can be described as so to avoid confusion from the 3 main Emperors/Sovereign Yu, Qing and Xuan, the Devil and Demon realm are slightly harder.
修罗魔帝 as Asura Devil Emperor, 血魔帝 as Blood Devil Emperor and 黑魔帝 Black Devil Emperor, and their subordinates all have the 魔帝 Devil Emperor suffix to them. I have translated them as Devil Kings for now to avoid confusion, but feel free to revisit the terms in the previous chapter(s).]

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