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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 27 – God-like Battle

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Librophile

Blue Fiery Cloud Inn was filled with people; there were troops from the Immortal Realm, experts from the Devil Realm, and even some characters from the Devil Realm…regardless, it was chaotic scene, the noise level deafening.


The spectators could not be bothered by the deal. The transaction between Emperor Yu's and Blood Devil Emperor's personnel would not take long, who would be curious about that? Instead, everybody was on the edge of their seats…….for a battle.

The battle and resulting slaughter when experts of Lord/Emperor Level face off.

"Brother Qin, don't be anxious." Upon seeing Qin Yu scanning the crowd, Lu Ba laughed aloud, "There is no meaning in acting now, so let's wait patiently. The moment one of them make a move, the entire scene will be in chaos, various experts will follow suit."

After saying this, Lu Ba actually crossed his legs and sat back amongst the clouds.

Even though there were many people, there is unlimited space in the air, so most of the individuals found themselves having a distance of 5 – 6 metres between each other.

"Lu Ba, I shall sit and wait then." Qin Yu smiled and crossed his legs, he had no excuse for his actions earlier.

Qin Yu and Lu Ba sat down, while the dispirited youth and girl with large eyes also crossed their legs and sat down.

"Brother Luo Yu, please don't lose your head this time. There are many dangerous experts in this Blue Fiery Cloud Inn." That girl with large eyes pulled her 'Brother Luo Yu' and pleaded.

This person called Luo Yu was actually handsome, however, there was always melancholy behind his eyes, and it made his entire appearance seem low-spirited.

"Yan'er, you don't have to worry. I know my limits." This 'Luo Yu' had a very gentle voice. Though, after reassuring Yan'er, this 'Luo Yu' looked towards Blue Fiery Cloud Inn again, and his gaze was cold.

Yan'er blinked those large eyes, and sighed helplessly. Suddenly she noticed Qin Yu sitting in front, and, with her eyes shining, she flew over.

"Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Jiang Yan." She blinked her eyes at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

"Brother Qin, you're acquainted with this Miss Jiang Yan?" Lu Ba called out from the side.

"No, it's actually my first time seeing her." Qin Yu replied and looked back towards Yan'er, smiling, "How do you do Miss Jiang, have you….seen me before?"

Jiang Yan giggled, "Not really. I've never seen you before, and this is our first time meeting. I just felt that you were eye-catching, so I came over to talk to you.Why? Am I not welcome?"

Qin Yu subconsciously felt a liking to this 'Jiang Yan' lady; her nature must be straight-forward.

However, he knew that Jiang Yan and her 'Brother Luo Yu' are actually experts of the Immortal Lord Level and were much stronger than him.

"How are you not welcome, Miss Jiang Yan and… that person" Qin Yu pointed towards the despondent youth.

"Ah." Jiang Yan looked back and gave a small cry of alarm. She immediately gave Qin Yu an apologetic look, "Sorry! Brother Luo Yu was drinking again, I have to accompany him. Let's chat next time!"

With this, Jiang Yan flew back to her Brother Luo Yu's side.

"Brother Luo Yu, didn't I tell you not to drink any more, but you just keep drinking all day." Jiang Yan grabbed the wine bottle from Luo Yu's hands, and he only smiled blandly without resisting.

Luo Yu glanced at Qin Yu, then looked back at Jiang Yan before saying with difficulty: "Yan'er, it's rare that you will make a move to greet others. You don't usually pay guys much attention."

Jun Luo Yu had some doubts.

He knew his 'godsister' Jiang Yan treated most guys with disdain, not to mention the general Golden Immortals. Even the few Immortal Lords he knew, Jiang Yan did not care about.

Of course, Jiang Yan had capital. Even though she was only of a Level 1 Mystic Immortal strength, she possessed mysterious powers and was even backed by an extremely powerful master.

Seeing Jiang Yan approach another guy of her own accord today, when she usually does not hold most guys in regard, definitely led Jun Luo Yu to be shocked.

"I don't pay attention to guys? Then how do you explain my following you?" Jiang Yan pouted her cheeks and retorted.

Jun Luo Yu laughed bitterly.

Jiang Yan liked Jun Luo Yu to the point where she intended for Jun Luo Yu to be her husband, something Jun Luo Yu knew all too well. It was just that….Jun Luo Yu's heart already had someone else, and that person was already dead!

Therefore, Jun Luo Yu could on treat Jiang Yan as his godsister.

However, Jiang Yan would not admit herself to be just Jun Luo Yu’s godsister.

“Yan’er, my heart is already long dead, why do you insist on mistreating yourself so….” Jun Luo Yu laughed bitterly. The powerful master behind Jiang Yan was also a Level 1 Mystic Immortal himself, so the number of suitors was definitely not little.

Even if they were Immortal Lords, they wanted to be companions.

“Mistreat….how is this mistreating? As long as I’m by your side, I am happy.” Jiang Yan broke into a sweet smile, seemingly ignoring Jun Luo Yu’s despondent expression.

Jun Luo Yu sighed deeply, and he took out another wine bottle and poured it towards his mouth.

“You still want to drink!” After just drinking one mouth, it was snatched away again by Jiang Yan, and her fierce stare cause Jun Luo Yu to be startled. He could only smile lightly and cross his legs, sitting down quietly on the cloud.

Jiang Yan looked at Qin Yu who was in front and felt like going over to talk to him. However she frowned and continued staying by Jun Luo Yu’s side. Jiang Yan had a good impression of Qin Yu, but she could not leave her ‘Brother Luo Yu’ be.

Time passed, almost every spectating experts were sitting down waiting patiently.

To these experts, waiting a few hours did not count as much, and it could even be considered a form of mental training.

“Lu Ba, when did the previous battle between the Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors last occur?” Qin Yu asked Lu Ba. He noticed the exchange between Jun Luo Yu and Jiang Yan earlier, and he had a rough idea of what was going on.

Lu Ba looked towards the skies and faintly nodded to himself before responding, “Previously, it was around noon, this time, it seems like it’s going to be noon as well. Guess….it’s about time.”

Qin Yu took an upwards glance at the sun and did not say anything else.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he had already noticed the existence of a few more Lord Level experts. Regarding the exact number of experts surrounding Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, Qin Yu did not dare to openly sense.

Those experts were all calmly waiting, without a single sound.

After a while—

“The guests of the first level of the inn, please leave.” A heavens-shaking voice sounded within a distance of a 1000 li in just a short span of time. Over a million noisy spectators disappeared in a flash, and it became peacefully quiet.

“Oh, doesn’t this inn have 3 levels? Previously only the 2nd and 3rd level did not allow any guests, how come this time even the 1st level is off limits?” Lu Ba, who was familiar with the previous proceedings, muttered.

Qin Yu frowned slightly, and looked towards the middle-aged man floating in air a distance away.

Especially after hearing Lu Ba’s mutter, Qin Yu could not help but have a feeling that this time the exchange was special.

“Immortal Lord Ai Xiao, why can’t there be people allowed in the 1st Level? There may be enemies who want to ambush you on the 2nd Level, but the 1st Level is separated from the 2nd Level. There shouldn’t be any problems rights?”

A strong voice resounded from the 1st Level of the inn.

Hearing that, the man floating in the air should be precisely Immortal Lord Ai Xiao.

Immortal Lord Ai Xiao called out indifferently, “Who dares defy? Should you go against Emperor Yu or Blood Devil Emperor, don’t blame me for not warning you beforehand should you die.” After that, he flew to the 3rd Level.

The sounds of discussion started to rise.

The experts in Blue Fiery Cloud Inn came out one by one. Against that blatant threat, they knew their limits and could only back off.

“The exchange is about to start.”

Jun Luo Yu muttered, those desolate eyes of his started to gleam, and that dispirited aura he gave off slowly dissipated. What remain instead was a hint of powerful energy.

With the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn as the epicentre, the surrounding space within a 1000 li was enveloped by a huge pressure, and everyone quietened down at once.

As long as one was not a fool, they could feel the imminent huge change.

“There are many experts, I won’t be that anxious.”

Qin Yu sensed those Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors not so far off, licked his lips lightly, and kept very still.


A wierd sound rang out. Following that….in a flash, with the inn as its centre, the surrounding area started to disappear like a ripple in a lake. Not even air remained!

“No good! Brother Qin, retreat!”

Lu Ba transmitted, and at the same time he pulled Qin Yu and retreated swiftly. Qin Yu quickly followed suit.

It was not just Lu Ba, every expert at the scene swiftly put a distance between the inn and themselves.


A single beam of light shot down from the sky and struck the highest flame atop the inn, and Qin Yu, who was at least a 100 li away, could clearly feel the tingling energy in the air.


“Chi chi~~~~~”

Countless lightning bolt dispersed from the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn and snaked around in the air. Their energy was so strong that any weak people who got too near would be burnt to a crisp.

In just a blink of an eye, over ten thousand spectators died unexpectedly.

“His Majesty has matters, and someone dares to create a ruckus. Whoever did that earlier better show yourself! Hiding like this, do you have any honour?”

6 silhouettes appeared at the roof of the inn, 4 males 2 females. The one who spoke was one of the males.

These 6 people were split into Emperor Yu’s camp and Blood Devil Emperor’s underlings, and they were all Immortal Lord and Devil Emperor levels. The 3 Immortal Lords on Emperor Yu’s side: Zhou Yu, Ai Xiao, Duo Mi. The 3 Devil Emperors on Blood Devil Emperor side: Pian Yi, He Ni, Suo Wo.

Duo Mi and He Ni were female, the rest male.

“Ha ha… what if I appear?” A skinny man clad in black appeared in the sky.

"It's you!" Emperor Yu's team commander Immortal Lord Zhou Yu frowned slightly, "Your top grade divine weapon is already special enough." Green-Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai's hands held a very small black nail. This small black nail seemed common, but when hidden in the lightning strike earlier, its power was enough to break the protection barrier around Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

Blue Fiery Cloud Inn was built jointly by Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor, destroying it was tantamount to disrespecting these 2 powers. Therefore Green-Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai had no choice but to show his move to let the Immortal Lord Wu Ya know that the people hidden in the dark were not necessarily weaker.

With regards to someone like Immortal Lord Wu Ya who did not belong to any side, killing him would not make a difference.

"Someone has made his move." 'White-Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng called out.


Explosions sounded at almost the same time when Xue Yi Leng spoke.

"Ha ha….the items are still not out, and just the few of you want to think of blocking me?" Huge laughter followed by explosion sounds rang non-stop. A tall and skinny silhouette was currently ablaze.

The colour drained from the faces of Immortal Lord Zhou Yu and Devil Emperor Pian Yi's company.

"Devil Emperor Lie Zhao, he's Black Devil Emperor's subordinate, a Level 4 Devil Emperor expert." Devil Emperor Pian Yi transmitted to the other 5.

Devil Emperor Lie Zhao sneered in his heart: "Even if you have your strongest Level 3 Devil Emperors, what will you do about the number of assassins? This time there are so many Lord/Emperor Levels experts, how long do you think you can last?"

This Lie Zhao was very confident.


Devil Emperor Lie Zhao's robe floated up, and surging flames burst forth like a flood gate in all directions, causing countless spectators to flee for their lives while cursing.

Devil Emperor Lie Zhao raised his both hands and lightly pressed.


The surrounding area seemed to quieten down, and Immortal Lord Zhou Yu, Devil Emperor Pian Yi and their company felt trapped, their speed dropping to a frightening low point.

"All those hiding in the shadows, you still won't appear? Let me force you out then." Devil Emperor Lie Zhao's hands suddenly changed into claws. At the same time, red light seemed to ooze on his skin surface, covering his fingers….

[HUGE Translator Note: This chapter serves as a clearer picture of the terms that are used interchangeably:

仙 – Immortal – Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal, Immortal Lord

玄仙 – Mystic Immortal
Generally Mystic Immortal is used as a term describing all those at the pinnacle level. Most of the experts in this chapter are actually of the Devil Emperor and Immortal Lord strength, but the author uses Mystic Immortal interchangeably. We have grown used to translating the 魔帝 as Devil Kings, when in fact they are of the Devil Emperor strength, equivalent to the Immortal Lords.

In the previous few chapters, Qin Yu massacred a lot of Golden Immortals (2nd Stage), but the main bad guys were Immortal Lord strength. Qin Yu brought out many Devil Kings from the Beast Atlas and they were 魔王. This chapter the experts were actually Devil Emperors.

However, while the Immortal Lords can be described as so to avoid confusion from the 3 main Emperors/Sovereign Yu, Qing and Xuan, the Devil and Demon realm are slightly harder.
修罗魔帝 as Asura Devil Emperor, 血魔帝 as Blood Devil Emperor and 黑魔帝 Black Devil Emperor, and their subordinates all have the 魔帝 Devil Emperor suffix to them. I have translated them as Devil Kings for now to avoid confusion, but feel free to revisit the terms in the previous chapter(s).

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