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Book 1, Chapter 5 – Inheritance

It seemed like a single second, but it also seemed like a whole lifetime.

Wu Qi stared at Miao Yuan and Shangguan Ye outside of the Grand Universal Dimensional Portal, then the portal suddenly exploded.

Wu Wang’s left leg had suddenly exploded, and was the reason behind this massive explosion. The explosion had disturbed the Grand Universal Dimensional Portal’s energy path, making the massive amount of energy started clashing into each other. And just like the chain reactions of a nuclear reactor, the terrifying explosion had happened just like that.

In an instant, not even a fraction of a millisecond, the Grand Universal Dimension Portal with its full power teleported Wu Qi, Le Xiaobai and Wu Wang away. The humongous explosion had destroyed a few hundred kilometers of the mountain range surrounding Machu Picchu, but it had never caused any damage to these three men.

At that moment, uncountable lights were blinking in front of Wu Qi’s eyes, as if he had just broken through a thing bubble wall, and then suddenly presented a starry glittering sky. This starry sky was completely different from what he was used to seeing on earth, the stars he was seeing right now were extremely huge, and were immersed in a bright light and were covered in a luxurious golden color. Numerous stars were hanging in the far sky, but it seemed like they were just right in front of his eyes. Extremely massive.

Countless stars turned into streams of light and flew far away, and the humongous pressure of these stars started pushing in like crazy from all direction-

Wu Wang who had died long ago when his left leg exploded into a mess, his body started blinking a few times, then he blew up into a thousand pieces by the pressure. Even Le Xiaobai could only let out a painful cry before his weak body exploded as well. Both of them had become tiny energy particles. Two strange rainbow colored lights shot out from their bodies, but those lights were crushed into ashes by the pressure as well.

When Wu Qi saw the two bright lights, he instinctively knew that these were Wu Wang and Le Xiaobai’s souls.

When their souls were crushed into ashes and turned into countless rainbow colored particles, Wu Qi’s tears started pouring out uncontrollably, then he started screaming out hysterically.

Wu Wang and Le Xiaobai, one is his teacher and the other is his best friend. It was them who brought Wu Qi out from the terrifying parts of Africa, it was them who gave Wi Qi all his skills and abilities, and it was them who provided Wu QI with the strength to survive in this world. Right now, both of them were torn apart right in front of him, and their souls were disintegrated. They died in the most tragic way possible.



The corner of Wu Qi’s eyes were breaking, huge amounts of blood were pouring out.

The humongous pressure crushed Wu Qi’s tears and blood, instantly turning it into ashes, then it continued working on him.

The cloud of death was hovering above him, Wu Qi’s heart suddenly stopped beating. Wu QI opened his mouth, as if he could fell the messenger of death breathing out coldly right in front of him. It seems like he had seen the scene of himself being crushed to ashes just like Wu Wang and Le Xiaobai, even his soul being completely disintegrated.

Followed by a clear cracking sound, Wu Qi’s clothes shattered. Underneath the intense pressure, his skin started tearing apart, and huge amounts of blood flooded out from his body.

Right at this moment, a soft but solid cold breeze suddenly emerged from the bottom of Wu Qi’s feet. The Underhand Sect’s Sect Elder Token that was hidden by Wu Qi underneath his feet came into contact with Wu Qi’s blood, then it suddenly burst out with a bright, water blue amber.

A somewhat soft but solid cold breeze was unleashed from the token itself, and it instantly started circulating around Wu Qi’s body.

The cold breeze soon circulated around every part of Wu Qi’s body and gathered together in both of Wu Qi’s arms. Wu Qi’s arms felt like they were being soaked in freezing water, causing him to started unstoppably start trembling. He was unable to move either of his arms, as they were both frozen by the cold breeze.

The cold breeze continued penetrating into Wu Qi’s arms bit by bit, and finally, the Underhand Sect’s Sect Elder Token quietly shattered into ashes. A bucket sized watery blue light shot out from the token, and without making a single noise, it entered Wu Qi’s body. A sigh of relief sounded out within the thin air, it was hollow like a ghostly sigh.

A powerful suction force emerged from within Wu Qi’s body, the fragments of Wu Wang and Le Xiaobai’s souls were absorbed into Wu Qi’s body.

Suddenly, from Wu Qi’s frozen boot, a bright blue light burst out. He felt a shock in his head, then he lost all consciousness.

In a sober state, Wu Qi could only feel his body floating in a dark space. Right in front of him, a fading human figure stared at him from afar.

A soft sigh, Wu Qi seemed like he was hearing that human figure saying something.

“The Heavens haven’t annihilated my race! Finally I’ve found the ‘Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries’, my way of cultivation has found its successor at last!”

Some crystal clear transparent symbols emitting a beautiful and mysterious rainbow colored light with ancient writing appeared in the middle of the dark space. That human figure was reading the script loudly and clearly. For each word he read, another rainbow colored writing appeared in midair.

The first symbol that appeared in front of Wu Qi was the ‘Scroll of Stealing’.

“The dao can be stolen, but ordinary daos can’t!”

“In my way of life, there’s much in this universe but humans are insufficient by nature, we’ll take the dao of this universe and supply our insufficiency! When someone has too much while we are insufficient, then we will take their excess and supply our own insufficiency!”

“All rivers run into the sea, only with tolerance can one be great; only with the accumulation of sand, there will be a great mountain; gather every single drop of water, then you’ll have a vast ocean!”

“Therefore there is nothing in this world, we cannot take it; we cannot steal it!”

A few hundred thousand symbols, read out word by word by that human figure. The symbols that were presented in midair, although Wu Qi couldn’t see them clearly, he could remember them. Every single symbol had merged with his soul, there was no way he could forget them.

The Great Universal Dimensional Portal was pushing Wu Qi forwards through this void space with great speed. He was traveling an unknown amount of distance with every single moment, breaking through numerous natural or man-made barriers in the void space. The watery blue light was protecting Wu Qi, and the intense cold energy was washing Wu Qi’s body all over. Lots of dirt and waste poured out from every single pore in Wu Qi’s body, then it was crushed and turned into ashes by the surrounding pressure.

With both of Wu Qi’s arms as the core, followed by the reading of that human figure, the cold energy slowly started circulating in his body. The ‘Scroll of Stealing’ begun with a cultivation skill called ‘The Seven Foundation Establishments – Chapter Source of Water’, it slowly begun laying down the foundation within Wu Qi’s body.

Wu Qi was breathing deeply. Followed by the ‘Source of Water’ cultivation skill, it started circulating the blue energy within his body.

As time went by, the cultivation of ‘Source of Water’ entered into its advanced stage. Wu Qi’s body actually produced the same sound as the tidal wave sound of a flowing river.

In Wu Qi’s mind, the once dark and empty Divine Sense had started emitting watery reflections, it seemed like a huge amount of water was raging within his divine sense. The fading human figure was floating on top of the raging water while reading out the complicated and advanced chapters of the ‘Scroll of Stealing’ all together for Wu Qi.

After that came a long silence. The human figure stared at Wu Qi quietly, then he suddenly breathed out a long sigh.

“Entering my sect, this is your fate, but also your misfortune. What happens in the future, you’ll decide for yourself. If it is fortune, don’t thank me; if it is misfortune, don’t blame me!”

“My way of cultivation can only be passed to one person each generation. If you’re safe for the rest of your life, that’ll be good. If you are dying, try your best to pass my way of cultivation away!”

Shaking his head, the human figure suddenly tilted his head upwards and started laughing, then he casually hit Wu Qi’s head with his palm.

While trembling, Wu Qi suddenly woke up and opened his eyes.

The watery blue energy that was protecting his body had been completely absorbed by him, it transformed into an endless tidal wave floating in both his arms. The massive pressure from the surrounding stars were pressing him and making his bones produce cracking sounds. It looks like his body wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure any longer, it was going to be crushed into pieces.

A fading mist emerged from the middle of Wu Qi’s brows, then it turned into that human figure Wu Qi had seen in his Divine Sense.

“What an unlucky kid!”

This fading human figure with an unclear face let out a strangle laugh, then he suddenly exploded.

A large amount of fog then covered Wu Qi’s body and brought him forwards with great speed. The speed he was currently travelling was at least a few thousand times faster than the speed the Great Universal Dimensional Portal had made him travel.

Wu Qi couldn’t withstand this sudden increase of terrifying speed, his skin was breaking off bit by bit. He rolled his eyes and fainted yet again.

The mist was fading and was getting thinner and thinner, it looks like it was going to soon disappear.

Just right before the mist finally disappeared, a dull thunder strike was unleashed from the fading mist; it hit and shattered the void space.

Wu Qi who had wounds all over his body and was continuous bleeding flew into the shattered space in a circular motion.

The mist finally disappeared, and the only thing left in the void space was a soft, long sigh.

“My disciple, keep on living!”

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